The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 9, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 9, 1952
Page 10
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J2L BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW! •ATURDAY, AUGUST 9, 1952 WSB Approves Shorter Work Week Contracts fl>—Labor contact* calling for n shorter work m«k with no loss in pay had the •eneral approval today of the Wage SUblllzaUon Board. TSe agency, which hns a number at petitions seeking this provision, •told It* 14 regional boards yesterday to go ahead and approve them if certain conditions were met. T^iese provisions include: 1. Evidence that the scheduled work w«ek Jibes with practtco within the .industry, area or comparable industry. 2. A statement that the actual number of hours to be worked fltsj ttie shorter week, although some re-1 pllshed in stcpe. ducUont might have to be gradual. 3. A list of anticipated changes in operations, such as hiring or reassignment of employct. 4. A reccordlng to show the pay increase, resulting from a shorter week with no wago cut, \nifi charged against wage regulation six and eteht. These allow a 10 per cent pay raise- over January. 1050. plus cost of llvliit' increases. 5. An examination of the requested pay rates upon other industries and areas. 6. Where a substantial reduction In hours Li called for. such a<l from o 40 hours, a reduction accom- Mystery St/7/ Surrounds Fate Of American In Czech Escape By JOHN M. IIIGIITOWKIl WASHINGTON WI — An International mystery today ehroucJcd Die *»te at John Hvastn, n nnluralizcd EISENHOWER from Page 15 eartously. "Th« Russian leaders have been picking off the Jree world piece by piec* and if this process goes on, there will b« u balance of power •gat oat us so great that I do not think that general war can be •voided because the Communist leadws will then have a good hope at victory.. "I »en RbBolutelr convinced that Oec. Eisenhower, by reason of his •cperlence, stature and prestige throughout the world — nnd polt- etea I feel confident ho will pursue y- wtB check timt trend. I believe a* alone can check that trend." then said he hns R high y*g»rd for Stevenson, but the Democratic nominee isn't for the White Can't Decide" A Mporter noted that Dulles said ewiMOti kicks foe power of dc- eWoo. It perhaps would have been , D«U#i said, to have put K 2.f TRESS OF THE NORTH COUNTRY—Berlt Arvldsson, nine- year-old Stockholm achoolfjfr], proudly displays the three-fcet- long braids that won her first place in a contest. Braids have recently become very popular In Swedish girls' schools. Obituaries "Mb OOB, irtkhovt past experience |p making grave decisions, c«u nil dt a luMen be qualified to make M» typ* of gravfi decision* fchat arc polng to b* required while we are In fee twilight xmc between war A merle nn cUl7,cn who report edly escaped from Communist Czechoslovakia's grim Leopoldov Prison Jan. '2. The United States government is try hit; through both diplomatic nnd Intelligence sources to find out what hns happened to the Hillside, N. J,. maa whose escape was announced yesterday, over seven months after it was supposed (.o have occured. But nl the moment officials have no Idea whether ho is dead or olive urn! still In hiding cither behind the Iron Curtain or outside the Communist bloc. Hva.stn'B fnther and brother said in Hillside last night they felt •otifirient he wax safe, wherever 10 wns, but his mother took a grimmer view, "K ray son had escaped from lail In New York, would It take ilm Boven montlis to cross the Hudson River?" Mrs. Michael iivnsta asked, pointing out that Vienna and safety In the American zone were thnt close to him across ,he Danube. She expressed four the escape wns "some trick of the Reds." American officials arc hopeful :tmt Hvnsta's reported dash for ircodom will not upset tho long negotiations for the release of Associated Press Correspondent William Oatls, held by the Communists In Czechoslovakia on an espionage conviction for Mic past year. Hvasln. nnd been sentenced to three years — later raised to K years — on espionage charges In May. 1940. The United States hnri .t Former Resident Dies in Memphis CHERRY (Continued from Page 1) endorsed McMath were "looking after their own deals" rather than representing rank nnd file laborers A question was asked as to wheth- | or Cherry favored legislation fin - Scn'ices for J, F. Living ton of ! thnr rest r if 'ting labor unions, He Memphis, formerly nt Hlyttievilte, | answered: "I thought labor union.-? will be comiuuU'd at 2 p.m. Monday I nnd been restricted enough iili'c 1 t the Trewolla Funs-rat Hume in \ —T don't see how they could be Vlnona, Mi*s., with burial in Wi- j restricted any further." mim. I The candidate from Jonesnoro Mr. Livings ton came to Blylhe- ille from Columbus. Miss. While icre he established a wholesale nnd fitnll grocery busings, iftter pur- j ? land near here. I'e moved MUllnglon. Trim., in 194G, Inter "O«n. Etoenhower, through his •Bperlence, has developed .. and demonstrated Hint capacity. It is at least highly problematical that Oov. Bt evens on haa it." In TepYy to a question, Dulles •aid there are two major difference* between administration foreign policy and the c our so Eisenhower advocates. "First," nald Dulles, "we Republicans advocate* & global, balanced policy which will treat tho people erf the Fat East. Middle East, find Africa AS equals and first clnss mem her i of the free world, nncl not M second class expendibles, whlcfa li Ihe administration's pon- cy. "Trje second difference Is that WB will abandon the policy of mere containment (of communism) and will actively develop n resistance spirit within (he captive peoples, v.'hich — In my opinion — is the only alternative to n general war. "I believe thl3 type of aggressive despotism (communism), unless stopped from within, will keep on going until It has to be'stopped from without," Instead of a policy of containment, Dulles said, the Republicans would "assume the psychological offensive nnd not be satisfied by [ mere defensive policy that doesn't work." denounced tho charges both Hvasta and Oatls ns false. American officials hnve not be permitted to see Hvnsta since 1SSO, despite re- McMATH (Continued from Page 1) that Judge Cherry has been Intlm ating thiit, my personal life couldn" stand talking about. Hint even h couldn't si nnd talking about It. Bu he did In5k about It: he took th most vicious nnd insinuating way o all to lalk about, it." AlrMath "Has Truth McMath declared be hud "tin? unassailable truth thnt all of my who broadcast Ills talkathons from steaming hot buildings noted that McMath had been telling (lie people that no one kttov/s Francis Cherry New 'Nerve Gases Can Kill In an Instant IjONDON (>P> — Effects of new "nerve Rases" v-hYch give no warning of their presence and can kilt almost instantly have been described by Britain's Ministry of Supply. The ministry did not say, however, whether use o( the gases In modern warfare was practical, It also Rave no Indication of what nation or nations might have them. An article, prepared by the ministry's chief chemist, Sir Harry Garner, at the request ol Britain's Chemical Defense Advisory Board, said: These gases are rapidly absorbed by inhaaltlon of the vapor, absor- tion of the liquid through the .skin and mucous membrane, or by in- KGAtion (consumption) of contaminated food and water. "A drop of the liquid in the eye or the inhalation of a high concentration of the vapor for a few seconds may cause incapacity or death within a fev; seconds." Bronnan Doubts ; Drought to Cause Shortage of Food WASHINGTON fyp>—Secretary of Agriculture Brannun says he does not believe the widespread drought will cause either a food shortage or a material rise In food prices. Brannan said In a radio (CBS) interview last night losses caused hy the drought in the Southeast and New England would, be offset by farm production In other areas. Price stabilizer Ellis Arnall recently predicted Just the opposite: that food prices were going higher. Brannan, asked about this, said: "Mr. Arnnll is entitled to his owr opinion 1 it. Deserter Makes Startling Haul in 2 Brides, Rings, Watches LITTLE BOCK f/P) — A young man, whom federal authorities say Is a dlserUr from Camp Chaffee, Ark., madi a startling haul In a quick trip through liltl* Hock recently. Detective Capt. A. M. Haynie fiaid (he man picked up two brides, two wedding ring sets, two watches and some clothing before he left town, deserting one bride here, and the other In Michigan. He was picked up in Springfield. III., by federal officers on charges of impersonating an officer, illegally wearing a uniform and desertion. but that he disagreed with Capt, Haynie said yesterday that 29-year-old Clayton D. Cooper married a co-worker at a Little Rock JUSTICE ohig to Memphis. Survivors include hts wife, Mrs, Villte Lou Livingston; a daughter. Urs. Eslra Livingston Bennett of Garden City, Ki\n.; n brother, W, C. Livingston of Macon, Ga,; and hrcc sisters, Mrs. G. M. Patterson >t Birmingham. Mrs. T. W. CJegg if Mathison. Miss., and Mrs. E. L. Sdwnrds of Fort Worth. Rites Tomorrow For Mrs* Sawyers Services for Mrs. Elizabeth Sawyers, 85. of iilO South Lake, who died at her home yesterday, will he conducted at 2 p.m. tomorrow. Cobb Funeral Home Chapel by the Rev. David McPeak, assisted by the Rev. J. C. Davidson. Mrs. Sawyers was born in Alabama. She hod lived here most of \er life. Survivors Include two sons, Frank Sawyers nnd W. A. Sawyers of Memphis; and three daughters, Mrs. Freeman Barger, Mrs. Mattle Hopkins and Mrs. Hoyt Green of Memphis. Burial wtt1 be In Maple Grove Cemetery, (Continued from Page 1) President Truman announced three new major appointments in the Justice Department., on McGrtin- cry's recommendations. They are: Ross L. Mr. lone, 42, Roswell, N. M., attorney never before ns- Bnmnan snid food prices in areas hit, directly by the drought might go up, but this was a local effect. Elsewhere, he said, effect wo'ild bo rather than real." manufacturing plant a lev,* days , .. .„ after he started working for the he believed the firm. He said Cooper then bought "psychological i two wedding ring sets, two watches, 1 and a man's diamond ring for $!,• "McMath and T went to lav, .school together at the Univrrslty n Arkansas. He knows me and what's sociated with government, as de- more you know him.' I puty attorney general. No. 2 post the department. He succeeds Dcvitt Vanech, who resigned Billy Rose Tells How Wife Lived In 'Poverty' of Money and Fine Art NEW YORK '.« — Billy Rose has ratty -look ing fur coats. . . . fired another verbal salvo at hi.s [ "When it came to Jewelry, it was estranged wife. Eleanor Holm f all last season's stuff — 92 dif- ilosR. who accused him ot bch\g a tightwad. The thorny las been see-sawing back and orth ever since Mrs. Rose, the for- 1 * a ner star, sued for a separation. Rose launched a counter suit for divorce. Adultery is the only j f event pieces which contained I somewhat less than 200 carats of Tn Cherry Is Democrat reply to another question. WAR' Cherry .said be Is going to support (he? Stevenson-Spftrkmnn presidential ticket because, "I'm a Democrat," "I don't have a great deal of admiration for Truman, but 1 think | .he Democrats can do a better job; ;han the Republicans," Cherry was asked why he crUl- cl/.ed President Truman in ns much as Truman hadn't criticized him. !» answered: "Trumnn came down her a and said the other candidates were no id: that the people ought to vote for McMath. I resented that very much." This remark was met with cheers by thn throng of people who greeted Cherry nt the airport and accompanied him to the talkathon In a blocks-long motorcade. Another listener called tn to say thnt the governor of Oklahoma endorsed McMath and Cherry commented: "A lot of people out of Arkansas seem to think the people of this .state need help in picking their governor. I think they are goin& to choose their own." Municipal Judtje Lloyd Dajnell described Cherry's reception In McMath's hometown R.I "the biggest thai has ever been given anyone In Hot Springs." Cherry carried both Hot Springs and Garland County In the preferential primary. last week to seek a U. S. Senate seat in Connecticut, bis home slate. Rotvlimd F, Kirks, 37. former clean of the National University school of law here, ns assistant attorney general for alien property, succeeding Hnrold I. Baynton. whose resignation was accepted in June. Assistant for D. C. Charles B. Murray. 52, assistant district attorney for the District, of Columbia for 25 years, as assistant attorney general for the criminal division. McGrnnery said he had asked James M. Mclncrney, assistant attorney general in charge of crim inal prosecutions since 1950. to shift over to the lop post in the lands division. Until recently, this division was headed by William Amory Underbill, resigned. Of the top bracket staff which McGranery Inherited from Clark and J. Howard McGrath, the only ones remaining are Mclnerney Holmes Baldridge of the claims division and Joseph c. Duggan, in charge of executive affairs. battle of the Roses I blue-white diamonds. 11.50 at a LUlle Rock Jewelry stor* | On the same day, officers said, hi ; >awned alt but one wedding ring seb for $200 and left, his wife the lot lowing day. i Haynie said twenty-four houril I ater, Cooper offered to marry anj 1 girl at his rooming house whc wanted the ring. He found a wife '" ave the Jewelers a worthless $250! ! check In payment for the Jewelry i | lough t $30 worth of clothing and left town with the second bride. ' The second Mrs, Cooper pawned the rings in Michigan when she wai'. deserted by the young man. The detective said no charges bigamy have been filed agains! Cooper. NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 . When we split up. sbe virtually destitute — 5163,000 in cash and government bonds. SATURDAY ground lot divorce In New York. The divorce case is scheduled to be heard next month. Mrs. Rose has been getting $700 a week temporary alimony. Thursday. Eleanor said the )int-sized Broadway producer was j New Food Costs 'Canceled Out' stingy with his money. WASHINGTON (/Pi—Lower prices ; for fresh fiuits and vegetables more | than offset a slight rise in the cast of other foods, causing the govern! merit's index of retail food prices to Last niglrt^Rofic.'iii a statement j drop 5 i x -t«nths of one per cent dur- .^ ^^ ^ <o weeks ended July 28. The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced yesterday its index now stands at 233.7 per cent of the 193539 average, a slight decline from the all-time peak two weeks earlier. teeming with sarcasm, said in part: "I see by the papers that Eleanor is accusing me of being a tightwad, she's absolutely right Compared to me, Scrooge was philanthropist. 'For instance, throughout our marriage we lived in a five-story town house on Beekman Place with only one lousy elevator. The furniture was seconrt-liand stuff designed by Chippendale and other IGth Century English carpenters." "The pictures on the walls were horrors — the works of hacks like Rembrandt, Hals, Velasquez and Renoir. . . . During the summer I made her rought it in a 30-room shack in ML Kisco. , . . "Her clothes were mostly rags stitched together by cut-rale seam Negro Deaths Sloanie Sutler Funeral services for Sloanie Butler. 52, will be conducted at 2 p.m. Monday in Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church by Rev- W. M. Alexander, pastor. Burial will be in Mt. Zion Cemetery with Caston Funeral Home in charge. She died at her home in the Pride Addition late yesterday. Surviving 'GOLD RAIDERS \ Geprge O'Brien 3 Stooges SAT. OWL SHOW "YOUNG MAN WITH IDEAS" Glenn Ford • Ruth Romai SUNDAY & MONDAY 'GIRL IN WHITE June AHyson Gary Merrill stresses like Hattie Carnegie and [ nre her husband. Mark Butler of I Valentina. . . . She only hud 113: Elytheville. and one sister, Fannie! pairs of shoes, 41 sweaters and 11 I Eu-ins. of New York City. TUESDAY "GUILTY BYSTANDER" All Star Cast Quebec supplies two thirds o( the world's asbestos. (Continued from Page 1) It had been determined tlmt "one F86 Sabre jet was lost in air to nlr encounter during the previous weekly period." This was a delayed report. It was another day of f t n e ijfight.. wenlher nnd the wnrplanes of operation. w.&rj;- out tn force. There was no report of Allied 'On the ground, the Army today casualties and the Army made no disclosed n bold foray which n [ report as to whether all tankr : If. S. Eighth Army tank and In fan- \ returned, try tfjim made inlo enemy territory on the Central Front — an Inv;:< -on which was met by a IP- charges nKfilnst, Francis Cherry and 1 '"avknble 3,000 rounds of the corrupt nnd pt?Ifi=h interests who have joined uith him . . . T\T? true." McMfith's evidence turned out to nist tnortnr nnri artillery fire. The Eighth Army raiders struck n Red position southeast of Pyongyang early yesterday nnd a bloody be tin cxeliniiRc of letters between ' b!lt:!c raged fot ' (o " r hours and 15 John F. Wells, ptiblxher ol the Ar- '^invites. knmas Recorder mid no admirer of McMnth. nnrt J. Alvin Kugelmass. whom McMnth refrrert to as n tionnlly known writer." Seventy-nine enemy were killed >r wounded, 11 biniKcfs were "na-! blown clenn of Reds, six communication trenches were knocked out Fire Halts Phone Service CLEHMONT, Fin. l/P) — A fire broke out here that was dilficult to report—it was in the city's telephone exchangp. The whole town was without service 30 hours while damage was: being repaired. 1 ••••••••^•••••^•'••••••* | RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. SATURDAY "SUNSET PASS" James Warren Jane Grccr SAT. OWL SHOW 'I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE' Tom Comvny, Frances Dee & James Ellison SUN.-MON.-TUES. "DISTANT DRUMS" with Gary Cooper AIR COND1TIONKD HY KEFR1GEKATION SATURDAY! 2 HITS! YOUR rRHENDLY TKIATRI —_ OSCEOLA AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION S.Yi .'ilDAY. ATG. 'I SAT. MiDNrn; snow "S].e Vv'olf c? London" Wild! Wciril! Shxuldcrv Thrills'.! The Gay flanchero Also 2 Cartoons SAT. LATK SHOW 11 :: I'lUDAY & SATUHl) SUNDAY & MONDAY, AUGUST 10-11 SUN.-A10N. 2 HITS! Also tavloon & Shorts You Are Invited to Meet Martin Robertson Special Representative of the Kahn Tailoring Co. of Indianapolis He Will Be at Our Store Monday and Tuesday August 11th & 12th He is bringing with him the latest Fash- ions and Fabrics for men and women. Let him help you make your selections and take your measurements now for delivery later. Every Garment Individually Tailored to Measure/ R. D. HUGHES CO.

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