The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 17, 1940
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT, BLYTHEV1LLE '(ARK,}- COURIER. NEWS WoiiklfDo 'Tiring Girls Who Work Command Real Respccl Says One 1 Graduate By RUTH .MFl.l.KTT NBA Sotvice Slst! Writer COLUMBIA, Mo.~Tiie college girl, who is a product of t!ie "«lii- calipii-for-llfe" system wants a lob —and she Is confident tlwl slie can get one. After a few years of proving she can earn a living, .she wants (o trade tiic job in on n lioinc, n liusbjind. and "til least three" children. If America should yet into the European war, she would rather > see her boy friend find a safe job on this side of tlip orean llinn get into a uniform nnd go ninrching off to "glory." lint If he can't land the safe job by luck or pull or ftet feet, she won't be a hysterical war bride. Not even If "he" is not Imaginary, but u her fiance right this mlmile BE wirry BEFORE PBE'm- I In after-hour campus bull KOS- ' sions, when it's lime to cut the chocolate cake from home, pour the cider, nnd light into iiieu, morals, war and her own mnbi- tions and dreams, what eise Is she saying—this modem college girl who is an odd mixture of intelligent cynicism nnd «-lde-e.ved fnUh In her •ability to skip other people's mistakes. About men she says: "College boys look down tliolr noses at girls who don't know how to do things. If you want them to respect you, you'd better not say you're going to sit around home nnd live off your Dad when you're through school." Also, "It's more Important to be peppy than to be pretty. College boys don't go for this glamor stuff. They'll take pep over sophistication any time. Just try looking bored—If you" want to have your 'jelly date' wander over to another booth." About morals: "College girls are smart enough to know they don't have to pet unless they want to. Of course, If they like a boy a lot, they is-anl to. Pact Is, Cat 1 Nap De Luxe ,JAN.UA.Tj Y 17, .,.194 Whole Structure Revision, Says President lo j (Hli> is (ho person who- robbed, -Mi Bessie May Hemvfgan --of liei 1 '' lo braids of hair while she asleep, Her husband reported to poll (hat some one broke Into the house, stole $2 and ellp|>cd off th long braids of Mi's. Kennegaii hair, which had extended bolo her knees. He said he thong they had been drugged and that was someone "wlio had it In ft us." . Head Courier News want ads. WASHINGTON. <UP)of A'.iiiciiKltre Ifcnry A lm« K-potk'd to President Rot»v- vrlt Ui.-ii the (jiTOciit lax system is "an obvious injustice to farw- us" anil has urged n "redistribution" <if farm taxes, 'Ihrae injustices, he said in ;• sjii'clal report nil "shortcomings i" i farm-tax inctliorts," arc "an o! I • story." Tnr farm real estate taxi 'S^S^-rV^wss Ihe who!,, question oim™' n-v!!| !;"Uvv "JT" 0 ""^ C0 "* t " mo lion "needs lo be gone over (her- L,.,ie,," i,), i,,5' cuehly ami comprehensively." Tin-.-' ' al<1 " Is urgent need, lie sni ( | p «f ol . ( , t .|,. oral stale lax revision nnd I'd ^improved lax ridmlntslr.ilio:]." There are more than IGO.UCO ow " PMvate bc(lil ° om wlt " pionship Cat Sliow In New York, Farm Windmill Devised To Give Steady Current "College boys look down tDPlr nowv; nt girls who don't know how to do things." be apart for yonre, nnd it wmHcn'l be right for cither of us. Even if lie cnmc back whole,. a man ts bound to be changed by war. How do I knoiv he would come hack feeling the stune about me?" About the future: "I want n job for two reasons. First, because t don't wtml (o live off my family when I'm through school. Anrt secondly, because f wnnt to know that I can take care of myself. If she illdn't know Hint, how could a woman ever have any spunk or spirit? '•But I'm not sure that I'd keep my job after marriage-even If not working meant that marriage most gtrls are so afraid of getting a reputation for being easy that there seems 'to be an unwritten rule: '-No good night kiss on the first date.' "Of course we aren't nil Innocents. But the pcreecnUige thai Isn't ceitftiniy .Isn't, unylhlng like what the writers of magazine articles claim, older people' seem to-gel n kick out of thinking we are worse than we are. Sometime* it i ^ ?o"w, r « !fT», almost seems that they are urging ? y . t0 m! " rj lf yo " us on. "In .all fairness, though, maybe we do give a bad impression. We make a lot of noise and do a/jlot of talking. An outsider wouldn't know, that it Is "mostly noise.'"'. CRITICAL OF OLDER FOLKS i About war: "I don't think it would be any disgrace at all for n boy to pull every wire he can to get out of being sent to the front, in case we', should go lo war. , ^ 'What Is. worrying all ihe.eollei IfkVC T bllrv.- <£ k .Vmi..' It. '* _l:\. i" 1 "; Nazi Advance Gives Canada Crack Golfer VANCOUVER, B. C. (UP)—When the Nazis inarched into Austria they shoved Hans Swinton on to llm cairmiis cf UK University of British Columbia. The university's golf team Is pleased about the whole thing because Hans Is an excellent golfer. Like Ills fellow countryman Hans Schneider, Ihe famous skier, Sivlii- tou and his wealthy parents wore forced to leave Austria shortly before the anschluss. semi-Independent local Jurisdictions Imposing (nx levies on farmers,. Wallace ssild. He pointed 011; ihat there is no uniform tax )ini- tern; that rates are frequently not justified by services to farmers. Hnslc Sedijt Criticized In many places, he said, tonal and cultural advantages and aids to production could be provided ai much ICES Ihnn the present cost. Frequently, he added, local governments do not have the necessary fiscal and social vision to make the most of tax revenues,. "Not only is there undue reliance on the general-property tax, which in most rural localitijs is virtually a real-estate (ax, but. types far real estate used do not i ATLANTA, Ga. (UP)—William n. 300 net- Scotl -' "• ra ' tio operator at the At- Although ian(a n »iwl. has obtained a pat- B tim rin *™ °" a windmill device that will Farm taxes between IBM ,ui<| 1029 Increased more than 300 pet tent, the report said. Although there vros a decline during the cle- , prosslon, the tax burden continued lc farmers to enjoy modern to increase in relation lo /arm real clccl '' lcal conveniences at a total estate value, Wallace said A hu»e increase in tax-delinciuent farm l vary in n sufficiently brond way to ' (iroperty resulted. "There Is urgent "need for redistribution of the farm-tax burden," Wallace said, "it should be redistributed, not only among different parcels of land more nearly in harmony with their relative earning power, but as between agriculture and other sources of nubile revenue. "Considering the extent nf intangible values and non-property incomes, the persistent overemphasis on farm real estate as a source of revenue is an obvious injustice." He suggested that lands "liope- lessly In* delinquent" should be turned 'to other uses through land would have to "wait two or three' Swlnton's golf record Includes I years. I don't want to start out lll(i Viennese Club championship, a handicapped. And I've seen too llllnl l ]!nco '" the Austrian Ama- I many unsatisfactory marriages teuv nn(1 ninner-up in the Czccho- whcrc the woman had a full time slovi >klan championship, all rtur- job. ,inj the season of 1937. In 1U38. he "I know l would never work venc! >ed the semi-finals of the alter I had children—unless other- 'l ll "Sarian Amateur. In all, the wise they couldn't eat. Of course. y°' m S. unassuming Austrian has I'm going to have children. It's IV011 45 ct| P s in golf tournaments. , to maiTj' If j'oii don't intend i A friend of Henry Cotton, the to have a family. And the more' E »B»sh professional, Hans still children we, who arc being «lu- hol(ls a membership In the famous cated, have the better. "' — ' " "No, I don't question the wisdom of bringing children into 'this kind of world.' It ts up to us, among whom will tic some future leaders to make it better. And it will be up lo our children to make (he best of what they find MEED OUTSIDE INTERESTS "My Idea of a successful woman . e.colego boys I know iSUiow they''cm Iceep. out of the fighting lines. I haven't" heard a single one talk about wanting to lick Hitler. "And i don't blnme tlie'm for feeling that way. It's too bad that what they say isn't the whole say^ It's too easy for old people to feel patriotic. In Canada last summer I'.saw a lot of propaganda movie shorts, and it was only the old people who got excited and cheered. "Another thing, the old people seem more worried about the political and economic effect oJ a possible war • than about- the young men who would be killed "I wouldn't marry suddenly if the boy I'm dating bad to go even though we're planning to be', married in a few years. We mlgiit ; St. Andrew's club In. Scotland. The university's golf team looking forward (o Ihe aid that Swlnton's powerful long game will give in intercolleyiale competition •"'th American universities. Hunter Wins limply Victory COLUMBIA, S. C. (UP) — Dr. James Watson been hunting (lccr for three or four years with- is one who is married to a inan[ oiu gelling n slict at. one. Return- loves, has a family, and sonic! ln B from a duc-k Ininl this winter Interests—like doing '»« B"t his buck. He ran into it with his car as Ihe deer jumped across the road. , worthwhile — something for the poor in her own town. And I don't mean merely playing Lady Bountiful al Christmas time. "I've noticed my own mother is more interesting, more fun. since she started leaching a course in citizenship to immigrants, ilaybc you think she hasn't had to study licrselfl Even Dad discusses thing's with her more than he ucwl to. "I'm going to remember that, and not wait until my children are grown to get interested in something outside my family. "But why are i>cople interested in what we arc thinking? What we want to know Is, 'How (ire you who are out. going to receive us?" Head courier News vomt ads • assure' the necessary stability of revenue from property tnvc.'" Wallace reported to the P He made the following objections I" 1 '"' " uly e »^\^ wise anci (ns- to th e general-property .tax setup: i C °" mi!e mw!se !am! " se practte ' 1. In addition, to the permaneiii. clement of the land, the tax covers improvements and also perishable land dementi that require upkeep. j 2.'It is haphazard; assessment is 'often nearly a blind guess of the value. a. It is regressive; in other words, blind guessing at the value tends to overrate land of tow values and 15 EPILEPSY INHERITED? cost of less than §200. Scott says his machine will turn nt it constant rate of speed regardless of the velocity of the wind, generating the standard 110-volt alternating current. Basle features of the invention are a variable pitch propellor that Ls adjusted to lower the speed of the windmill during a high wind the 110-volt alternating- em-rent and a lower voltage direct current. The direct current will keep a battery charged and also act as a motor to keep the speed of the windmill constant during low wind velocities. '"Hie system is completely automatic," scott stiicl. -and when once Installed, a standard electric supply is available from the wind without attention and at little cost. The first cost is estimated lo be no greater than any other farm power unit." Burglar Clips Tresses Of Sleeping Woman -- - = - — 0 - CHARLESTON. W. Va. (UP)—A and a generator that will produce contender for the "meanest thief" PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock 'Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Store 1 fETTzl Sign the New Register at the Ritz WED. - THUR. ..IN TECHNICOLOR SWANEEfiMR DON ANDREA AMECHE-LEEDS JOLSON [HOHE HOW use planning under government supervision. Differential taxes, lie ;J£aIcl. may encourage wise and dis- Gorarnors Speedy With Pen COLUMBIA, S. C. tUP)—Gov. Burnel II. Maybauk claims a new sliced record in name signing. By signing. 700 highway bonds in one hour he bested the record of 500 held by E. P. Miller, state treasurer. to underrate high values. CAN IT BE CURED? 4. It varies greatly in the J8 in-] dependent state systems, which m-J iVKiokitt >«nv«iiiinf t\ t opinion, of elude more than 160,000 scini- 1 ;' amou " *«!«• on thii iiu»»ii nl . u i> FELIX BRESSAST CHICK CHANDLER RUSSELL KICKS OEOHGERtED H»IL IOHNSON CKOrR Paramount News & Comedy ROXY WED. &THUR. independent local jurisdictions. 4 >lolor Taxes Called High Taxes on nutomobllcs and motor fuels total about 40 per cent us much as the farm real estate tax, AT ONCE CASH For 1938-1939 Government Loan Cotton See . : I Louis Applebaum 107 Sn. 2ml. 1'HONE 167 niylhevillc, Arifsj L.D. 19.' !Jicl will bt ,(n( FREE, while they !««.' lo »ny rt.dtr wrlllnr lo Ihe Eduotioni! Di»i«ion. 535 Filth Avenue. ;W VorL N. V.. Uepl. JO B ,'• EYE* $7 GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. C7 ^ Phorve 76 V *T* . ON THE STAGE IN? PERSON ALL WEEK 'KIRMA' Knows AH, Sees All & Tells All He Will An-iifer your Questions I LISTEN TO KLCN 11:00 a.m. — 1Z-AS p.m. —4:30 p.w Phone Ritx.224., AND GMCs COST NO MORE THAN OTHER LIGHT-DUTY TRUCKS SYKCRO-MESH T r TICK-FREE Steering are •ny Prt«. Come in and 305 E. Main LEE MOTOR SALES. Inc. I'honc 329 ENTER •'THE CONOMY CONTEST Enjoy the Ride of Your Life Friday, Jan. 19 Friday, Jan. 26, Inclusive VALUABLE PRIZES * PRACTICAL SOUVENIRS EVERYONE IS ELIGIBLE NO OBLIGATION Here's your chance lo prove those statements you've In addition, every contestant will receive a handsome L«„— J _ 1 iil • r.i ••¥ •«•!&_?_ i.. . \t fi/H*ni.«B heard about the amazing economy of the new Mercury 8. Enter our big Economy Contest today and drive one of these new cars, equipped with a special gasoline meter, as far as you can on one-tenth gallon of gasoline. PRIZES FOR THE BEST MILEAGE. miniature Mercury 8 Coin Bank that's sure to make a hit with the kiddies. This faithful reproduction of the 1940 Mercury 8 Town-Sedan is both a practical bank and an entertaining toy. So, don't delay. Come in Friday! You might win a valuable prize and you're bound to have a lot of fun! — FREE PRIZES — 1st Prize—50 Gallons of Esso Gasoline 2nd Prize—Set of Fog Lights 3rd Prize—5 Chassis Lubricatiotis YOU ARE INVITED TO SEE THE MERCURY ECONOMY TEST RUN CAR AT OUR SHOWROOMS, THURSDAY, JAN. 18TH, FROM 5 P. M. TO-10P.M. See the car that's setting records at every turn un at 4:20 P. M., Thursday, Jan. 18. Be sure to del-all driving; and weather conditions. Be at the look over the official, notarized Log Book of the City Hall when the Mercury Test Run Car arrives run that gives the cold facts of Mercury operation. RCO. 5TH & WALNUT Ford and Mercury Sales and Service CALGOSSETT, Salesman TELEPHONE 810

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