The Lake Geneva Herald from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin on March 11, 1892 · 4
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The Lake Geneva Herald from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin · 4

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1892
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sssr HEG & iSEiilERCUT, Proprietors James E. II bo, - 4, K. Nbtheucut, Edi r Business Manager. LAKE GENEVA, MARCH 11, 1S92. Just at present .Mr. Clevt kind, and Mr. Hill are rerdeiing greater assist ance to the Republican jarty than any two men in the country. The nearer protueer and consumer are brought to aether the more the profit to the producer, the h s the cnst to the consumer, and the less the profit of the middl man.' ' Pope Leo has absolved; Roman Catholics from abstinence during Lent. The Papal dispensation has been pro--, mui gated in consequence of the almost universal prevalence' of influenza and I kindled ailments, and extends to all 1 parts Of the "world. " 7 j , It is possible that George B. Shaw, of Eau Claire, will be the Republican candidate for Congress from the Seventh Congressional District. Gen. Griffin, of EauClaire says he will not be a candidate and states that he will give Jiis support to Mr. Shaw at the coming convention. Gov. Peck, who is in the east, has been interviewed o i national and local politics. - Speaking of Hill he said: tHe cannot break into the white house with a jimmy. He will find out between now and election day that he. and Other political burglars wifi come to grief before that time. I regard his capture of the Xew York delegation as a piece of political burglary, and so do thousands of others in this country. There has never been any such thing as a billion dollar Congress. Democratic falsehood is the only ground on which that charge can rest. But it can be demonstrated with mathematical accuracy that there is a five-cent Democratic House now insession one that while running at an expense of over $7,000 a day puts iu such costly time debating propositions to reduce the appropriation for soap and saddle blankets for the cadets at West Point. The American . Protective Tariff League has just issued a new campaign Text Book for 1892. It -is entitled American Tariffs . from Plymouth Rock to McKinley. Thu little. book of one hundred pages is perhaps the most complete brief presentation Df the benefits of protection and reciprocity yet printed and will be sent to any address for ten cents. -In ordering please say, Send me No 52. This is the catalogue number of the document. Address Wilbur P. Wakeman,. Genl. Secy. No. 135 West 23rd St. New York. If there are still auy .persons among us who are unconvinced of the great vaiue to this country of .Republican reciprocity, let them ponder over the statement made in the British House of Commons by Mr. Lowther, Under Foreign Secretary, who admitted that because of our reciprocity treaties with Brazil and San Doming?. British goods "entering those countries are placed at a disadvantage as compared with goods from the United States. Remember that it is Republican reciprocity which, against democratic free trade opposition, has accomplished such splendid results. . . The ignorant Democratic papers ask ' for the repeal of the tin-plate duties, and talk as if there never bad been a tariff on tin plate until the present law. Under the Republican policy the tin plate duties have simply been increased from a rate which was so low that it was merely a tax on the consumer that is, it was not sufficient to cover the margin between the labor cost of production here and the labor cost in Wales. Hence, under the old rates, no one would invest m tin-plate making, and the foreigners had the field to tbem-selyes. Now Americans . are turning out tin plate every day. - - The Elkhorn Independent brings out7 the name of W. E. Clough of Darien as . a candidate for county treasurer. We have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Clough for some years hnd know that be is a first class man in every way. Darien is entitled to consideration in the coming convention as it has not bad a county office for many years Mr. Clough is a strong and reliable Republican. He is an old resident, capable and well fitted for the position. For somejears bis health has not been of the best and diis election to the office of county treasurer would be very acceptable for this reason. J A Racine telegram says that a suit has been commenced against ex-County Judge E. O. Hand, by the heirs of , the late John Vaughan. In the seventies Mr. Hand was county judge of Racine county. When, the Vaughan estate was being settled it became necessary to sell some of the property to pay the debts. A; piece located on College avenue was offered for sale. It was bid in by by Mr. Hand, who confirmed bis f own sale. The price paid was $800. Mr . Hand held the property until a short time ago. He then sold it" to a couple of young men for $2000 and. gave them a deed. The heirs, or minor children, through their attorneys, Quarles, Spence & Quarles, of Milwaukee, demanded a settlement for the property, claiming that the sale of years ago was illegal. They wanted $300, but Mr. Hand offer d $50. The theory of the case is that Mr. Hand purchased the property illegally, when lie was holding the office of county judge; that it was a breach of his official duty to buy and confirm his own sale. The Iowa prohibition law waspraeti cally wiped.out of existence Tuesday The state senate by a vote of 27 to adopted the Gatcli bill, which allows county options, each-community being given . the right to settle the liquor question for itself, by elections to take place not oftener than every five years The matter can be brought up on peti tion of one fifth of the legal voters. Two Republican senators sided, with the Democrats in passing the bill. There is little doubt that, the measure will receive the approval of Gov. Boies and become "a statute. An acrimonious debate preceded the final roll call. The question - at issue being as to where rested the political responsibility for the bill. 7 . . More Or Le BoliticaJ. In a few.years democratic papers will have the lottery on the list of industries that have been ruined by the McKinley bill.' Ironwood Record. ... And now it is reported that Senator Hill is to be married during the coming summer. Whom the "gods would destroy they first" make mad. John Nagle, old bachelor Editor, r -. . Gov. Feck said in his remarkable New York interview that the. people of Wisconsin want no free coinage. Gov. Feck was right in that declaiation because the state of Wisconsin is -a republican state. The freev coinage sentiment in Wisconsin is among the democrat i.--State Journal. . . at The Bennett law threatens to be as persists it an issue in Wisconsin as the war of the rebellion was in National politics. To have supported that measure is spoken of as a crime. t And yet its aim was tj tecure to. every child the rudiments of an. English education. Oli Politics, what crimes are done in thy name. Manitowoc Pilot (Dem.j , Not Political. Editors Herald' The following local item taken from last weeks issue of your paper, whether intentional or accidental, is so" unfair ifi its inference that it should, in the common interests Of truth and justice to -the Young Mens Christian Association, be corrected: We wonder if the Y. M. C. -A. authorities would let Henry Payne, of the Republican Central Committee or Ed. Wall of the Democratic committee use their rooms some Sunday afternoon for a presentation of the- issues of their respective parties? If not, wherefore Dickey? The inference is that Mr. Dickey presented the, issues of the political party that he represents at the gospel meeting led by him at the Y. M, a A. rooms on Sabbath afternoon while the fact is. There was not a shadow of reference made to politics of any kind at that meeting.;. The members of the Young Mens Christian Association of -Lake Geneva are -many of them members of the various political parties as are also, the authorities of the association called properly the Executive Board. The Association has for several months held a gospel meeting for men each Sabbath afternoon at half past three oclock which seine Christian gentleman regardless of politics has been invited to lead.- The association would -not only be glad, but is anxious to secure the services of any prominent Christian gentlemen who may visit our city for the leadership of that meeting any Sabbath afternoon and if the two gentlemen named are of that class we would thank any one to notify the Y. M. C. A. authorities when they may be expected in our city and extend to them a cordial invitation to lead our gospel meeting some Sunday afternoon but to no one do we extend an invitation, to discuss politics in our rooms at any time. ' Sincerely Yours .. "L Fkank Johnson, Pres.'- Mardi Qrag Rates. On account' of -the Mardi Gras celebration, the Chicago & North-Western Ry. Co. will, from February 22d to 28th -ipplusive, sell excursion tickets to New Orleans and return at very low -rates; tickets good for return passage until March 22. For tiekets and full infor-mation apply to agents C. & N. W. Ry. BEFOET OP THE CONDITION OF LAKE GENEVA, WIS. at Lake Geneva, in the State of Wisconsin, at " r the close of business. March 2. 1891. ' RESOURCES. - ' . f . Loans ana discounts... v jxgg Overdrafts, secured and unsecured..., 4'g,j4 g4 U. S. Bonds to 'secure circulation...... 12,500 00 Due from approved reserve agents. Furniture and Fixtures..,. Current expenses anc taxes paid.. Checks and other Cash Items Bills of other Banks... ............ Fractional paper currency nickels and cents.... ......... Specie. ... ........ .... .............. Legal Tender Notes .... . Redemption Fund with U. S Treas (5J6 Circulation).,; .. . .. . ....... . Total,.. . . ......... -.. ., . . , - . - LIABILITIES. a - Capital Stock Paidin..... $50,000.00 'ii'" ----.-'- 7,000.00 Undivided Profits..-.;, ................ 714.07 National Bank notes outstanding Si. ... 11250 00 Individual deposits subject to check.. 7kl85 21 Demand certificates of deposit. 4.779 87 Time certificates of deposit. f 39 459 59 Total S1S9 3S9.67 State of Wisconsin, County of Walworth, ss. I, Josiah Barfield,1 Cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. - 0 JOSIAH BARFIELD, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 9th day of March 1892. . t H. S. Cobb. , , - Notary Public Correct Attest: ALVAN E. TYLER. - B. O. REYNOLDS, EOBT. COBB. Directors, Arriving Daily at CL: S. ROSENBERG'S. ; -Yew dress goods, dress trimmings, whtte goods, cross-barred muslin, India linens, plain, and striped muslins, b lack v; or get n dine, black satin es9 embroideries laces, black laceflouncing, narrow black laces, embroidered skirtings, white black and all colors. V-. ' - . v . Wew slyles and nets patterns in ' J CABPEMand LAGEiCUETAIKS; 5 - KST -T-V -7 1" r ' A nets stock of ladies9, gents9 and children s hosiery in blacks and colors, also a large stock of all kinds of goods. : J ; EVER YBOEY is invited to inspect our goods. ' ' . ".' KlUMi II M K.UWW !- S- ''--4 ' THOROUGHLY EQUIPPED. BEST EQUIPPED STORE. To supply your spring needs, P everon the watch for your interests, we want to show, you the money savers, through--out the stock, these items are a few t of .similar- hundreds: Kid Gloves. . Newly made prime fresh, . perfect Kid Gloves value i more. -Ladies Grenoble Kid button or hook Gloves, $1.00. - Gents dent cut Dogskin Gloves, $1.00 r Hosfe. ; i Ladies seamless,' regular made fast black Hermsdorf dye, extra, at 25c, this week, 19c. . . , 2Teixr Hia.ces etxid. DRESS SILKS Superb quality of Gold Medal Black Silks, in Royal Armure, Luxor, Peau de Soi, Alma Regence, Faille and Gros Grain warranted lo wear -at $1.25 a yard. delavan W. Bradioy & Co. bavan THE HORTHYESTERU - s Z 1 -r Investment So. 5 I" J - Offer the Following Described Property . For Sale Upon Easy Terms: The whole or any part of the Curtis Farm of 640 acres, bordering on Duck lake. JS The upper Coob Farm of 165 acres situated on the Elkborn road, adjoining the city limits, - first-class improveme'its. . . 55 acres, situated on Section 24, add adjoining the City Cemetery. 47J4 acres situated on Section S3, 2i and 25 and lying between the Elkhorn road and City . Cemetery. - , . - The Sherman Farm of 80 acres adjoining the - Race Track. Has fine large dwelling and barn. ; . 24 acres, situated on Williams St , adjoining Walkers Vineyard. Lake Geneva. - a - Lots 9, 10, 11 and 13, block 30, adjoining the Whiting House.; . w The Florence-Factory Buildings with the machinery, etc. . , House and lot situated on lot 1, block 2, Phillips sub division. Main street, opposite O&kwood Retreat. Price 550. All of the above property is offered at . f very low values, and upon . easy terms. . : x . " A -" V .. . -' For Terms, Etc.VApply to : T s' iF. TER, - lLAKE GENEVA, WISCONSIN.' ' ; H. DURKEE. J FRANK. DURKEE DURKEE & SON, : - DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF " C 2 Brick; Lime. Cement. Plastering s Hair. Wood. Etc , ; . v Ail baggage orders left at the Whiting -House, will receive prompt Attention. ? - Office on Broad Stj Opposite Depot ' DUKICEE & SON Kot Storm Sash R jQM- F:ij-lr.Xorfe He,vo Tlicm. t-3 , . Hankerchiefs. . Ladies fancy embroidered and drawn work, sheer lawn value 35c, at 25c. Childrens flue all linen with colored border, 4c. . Gents fancy hemsticlied, colored borders, value 153, at 10. Neckwear. Featherine Rucbing, Chiffon Fancies, - 40c . 35c IDress Irim.xxxlzigrs. DR. HILTONS .1. Famous - SPECIFIC NO. 3 for the Cure of . Colds '' and the -- iu y Prevention ; : Of Pneumonia. FOR SALE "i.Tx-'by W: W. HAMMERSLEY. W. T. : BARNES, . ' - i ? -PBOPanSTOB OF THK - , . ' , . L : " LAKiiS GEN13VA X : - - V - STEAM BOILER WORKS. All Repairs done in a Thorough and Workman - like Manner. Tube Setting a rpeclolty. BOILERS MADE TO ORDER. Inspect! ; and Tests .Made on Boilers. Tanks ..Made to Order. - i , r . AH E2ais cf Sheet Iron Work Done. & .? T - "l, j. fr r v 1 ' - - OF ICS AS9 SHOPS ' ? OPPOSITE C. A N. W Ry DEPOT. J 4-j- Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. . ; WM, J. KAYE, DEALER IN . .L' Bard and Soft Goal, ;Ud, Sdl, Osset JricV Lins, ill Pksfein? lair. LAKE GENEVA, VlCCOrJBin. Having Signed a Contract to sell our Entire Stock of Merchan-dise to Messrs Swan Bros., of Chicago, we shall offer lor r:W O. W EEKS ON LY, - - .. . . r ; . - - The Greatest Bargains ever offered in Lake 'Geneva, Pillsburys Best Flour, White Loaf Flour, ' - Choice Family Flour, s Gold Dust Wash Powder, Gloss Starch, .. - " ' 1-enox Soap, - - ' V All the Package & Canned Goods .rr-iadr-, ocbisir. 1 5,000 BOLIiS OF 1 " ; AT LESS THAX Wlitte Blanks, cnit, - Borders, Dry Goods, Notions, . Boots & Shoes, At S5 fo 50 per cent Less Than ItcgiiUtf irlce. The Store. Furniture will be offered at: TTnif Its Heal Value. ! Sale begins March io and will positively close March 2 5, as all the remaining stock shipped before April I. -TERMS STRICTLY CASH, LAKE GENEVA, WIS., MARCH 10, 1892 . - 1 For Sale by Donglass Bros. & o. -AT- $1.50 A SACK. CojlB Gpioding a Sp ciallj. FEEB. EHAII. DATS and COM ' ' always on hand at : nEAGOIlADLE PRICES. i Lake Geneya, Wisconsin. City TJeat Llarket : ? ,T . s Main Street; . Durkee Sc Hagan, Props r ' ; - X'-J; The Best Assortment of ; ' V Fresh, Salt, and Smoked Heats, t ' 6--r8R or 1 ' , Fish,Oysters, Game, HAMS, B AC01T and LARD. "6i " j Always in Stock at the Lowest '' T .'Living Price. Try us.; - - -- t:GO,TO - 1. t . BAUER & DUFF :L Ths :' Esclttuve T Merchant -Tailors, ; for : SUXTSrVoVEECOATS TEOUSIES . Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. fifty .Tears. : .0- 18 43 1893. . Having survived the attack of f foreign tree canvassers, suppose we all help to celebrate, this spring, F. K. F eenix Golden Wedding in the Nursery biz begun right here in the old Delavan Nursery in the spring of 42. - - Yes, fifty years ago this spring, and now we propose on th's occasion to make it very interesting for every one who wants things in our line Fruit Trees, Trees for Ornament or Shade, Small Fruits, Grape Vines. Shrubs, etc , all of the best quality and at the most reasonable rates. Pa ti-culars in spring price list, ready March 10th, and free to every app leant. - P. K. PIiCDnis D Con Delavan Wisconsin, Fab. 21, 1C7.2. - 81.S5 - QliOO lOo i 3o , So WALLPAPER ' -t ' ' j - HALF PRICE. j J 5e nnd Co Oe to ia l-ao Go to 8o per y- rd i d u 1 13 1. 1 1. 1 ,m il d i'cngo: Snrseries. STOCK GKOWK ESPECIALLY POE '' , ' TEE -KOETHWEST. ' ' We make a specialty of growing the hardy varieties of apple -and other fruits especially adapted to the cold belt of the Northwest. Over Thirty Years in the Business In Marengo where all. classes of fruits were put to the most severe test daring onr extreme cold winters, we should know what stock is most de- -tdrable to plant within the line of this cold belt. There are varieties of apple and other fruit hearing trees which, if propogated and wisely grown here becoming acclimated to our peculiar soil and climate, may be transplanted in the poorest frnit growing sections and with proper management be successfully grown into orchard beating trees, and some varieties of most every class of small fruits that It wisely managed, are aa sure as our field crops or garden product. - - We sell the best frnit and ornamental trees ' also flowering shrubs and planta at as low prices ns can be afforded for good etock. ' - We want more good, reliable agents both local and traveling to sell onr stock. We give good commissions, furnish good outfits, etc., and give every possible encouragement. - : Commission Given Patrons. In localities where we have no agent parties . ordering stock direct from the nnrsery will be allowed commission on all orders placed with ns before one is secured. Write for list prices on what yon wish. Place your order at once and we will deliver it in season for planting at yonr ' B. R station less agents commission. Where onr advice la wished In the selection of varieties, state soil, etc , where stock is to be planted. Printed instructions for the planting and earing for. trees, etc., will be , sent each patron. - . X . ; Dr. D. E. PECK, : Marengo. McHenry Co., Ilf, For Sale Cheap V 7170 TOr.'O as: " This wire has beea in use so that all the stretch has been, taken out. It is neatly rolled on' barrels and is offered at a bargain. , . - rA k "K " ' Jcrr.33 ITJhyte. jer Wto 6 's a !"' 7. j y w ? ' Hi ta Os TTr rs.rci'r ' i v-r -i f-r 1 r Tif- ts t . t m'" ti -11-11 7 tln i rt 5'ri, ar .u or Tat.. - ' tsj. 1 c on:' si i on t T . ir o I r V J I , r 5 i - i i .4 V ! k 4 x $ 9 4 i t 1

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