The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 17, 1940
Page 7
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iVEDNESDAAV.-J ANUAR V -.17, -1940 - - BlATHEVibLH (AUK) COUHIFR CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line tor consecu- (ive insertions: Olio time per line,,-. )0c V>6 times per line per aa)'....08e niree (lines per line per day.,.CGe Blx Units per lliie per day.....05c Mouth rate tier line.... ..OOc Cards of Thanks 5pc & 15c Minimum charge SOo AciS ordered for Uiroe or six Limes and stopped before expiration will be charged for tlic number of times the add appeared and kdjustmeiu of bill made. All Classified Artvertisiug copy i'lbmlUed by persons residing oul- <jde of tlie city must be accom- iVanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from .above table. Advertising ordered far Irregular Iriseriions takes the one time raie. No rtsjioWslliiUty will be token lor more tfihii one incorrect inser- Don of any clas'sified ad. For Sale OPPORTUM1TY 5 building lots near High School.! Price S100 to $25Q. Thomas l.anrt'i Co. _ 17-ck-lM WcstliiBhotisc ransje. Cost ,$209.50. Need cash; make me iin olfci', Cnll M. 13. Tullos at 07. 17-ck-20, SPMAlOfflL with'tke pi/tf/fase of a Land For Sale Forty acres of excellent land near Monelte, Arkansas; .all in cultivation, four room house, large barn.' Can finance and give immediate possession. Write BOX 818, Jpni's- boi'O, Arkansas. 16-ek-23 Complete furnishings of 5 room house. Mrs. Bessie Phone 801 or .710. Slernuerj;, j 13-ek-80 Notice Bargains In USED TIRES AND RADIOS Some Repossessed, Good as New. SHOUSE^HENRY HARDWARE CO. I'll ONE 55 Dry Cypress wood. 51.00 per nick. , At Walker and Harris Sawmill. East Mnfii St. 13-1*2-13 1 Mill make and sell Dr. Phillips' Armlba Liniment. Mrs. O. R. Phillips, 210 No. Franklin. g-pic-2-9 Registered Poland China .pijjs. mouths old. J. L. Pinkston. Holland. 8-nk-ai Extension gale leg table with iiyo extra leaves, fiolid mahogany top. Price S20. Phone !)30. 3-DH Good black land, corn id, cotton farm. Write P. O. Box 345, New Madrid, Mo. 22-nk-W For Real Clerk. poslimister. ls ,„..!'I'XJR^dnys In the courl nnfnecl In the DfSTHICT cnptlun liewof fit'jrt ntiSwer the MISSOURI l,AM>_Sl>~ acre-Tc^ JJ^fflBBim cfayHTY. A" " IC over oil Hljlnvay 02, SI per aeie i^uls w 'iii>iii» i»,i,n,r cash, balance over ik-rl6,l of six , „. N O im ' "" n ii •• j Pftli'icia uo rjabbs, befcndfliit, tonway & Houchihs ,,,,, w«rain» or*i- riljlhovlllc. Ark. l,,,^ js Sntrio- ^STln 111.- - , -- ,nl ~ _. ' , " " ' ! ^""^"^trt^oV MLsfeXul°C»«'>-l 3-10-11-24 ''oslnmster, ClonciiU jimics A..Fnr- J OrSOIlal | ly. ArkniiMis. wrthln ll.iit.v dhys't, ...; . >>~~~rt , niw nnswer Ihe complaint of the rOStOlllCCS m Laplta $ nlftliitm. txinls W. linbUs. «-. V. , •• Witness ,ny hniul, ns clcik 'of «« Autograph Man driving 1910 nottijc- wl'th he'at- cr lo California wants 6 pnssen- BCTS to share csi'wses Cnll BiiFI), A roust Sluggish i,!vpr, wu7lT~uil' .-_ ~, the bile to rid yourself of consll- U J' KH'/nbcll) Dlylhc, D. C uation, cas 'jains, and that sour, ' l '. v "'• Crawford. Ally for Pllf. punk fcelini;. Take one box of l '"? rc >' A - WrlRlil, Ally, nrt Utcm. KIltHY'S ' '^^ah •! m 11 o ACTIVE I.IVKH I'H.I.S i!5o nt pll Klrby stores and the seal thereof, s HIP ;inl rlay of Jaiulaiv. HAltVKY MORRIS, Clerk. COLUMllUS, O. iUP>-rostiims- t'er Nathini' NlcCoy lias rtlsravcVed fl new mellicrt of nblnlnl'hg iiiito- frnplis. . 3-10-11-1H ' II'AKMNU OltDKU IN -" T1IK CHANOERY COURT OK OII >OKASAWUA oiST«icT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, All- Fafiii Loans Large or Sma31 At Low interest Rates. We are equipped to handle larae or srtiall loans on any. sized .tract of farm,land, hi Iq'vv cost, arid ut a low interest rate* ! ~ ' • * ; TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 2J3 Walnut St.. Blj'theville, Ai'k. Welding #- EXPER'T ELECTRIC AND ACiSTYL'EiNE WELOIHG Drag liii'e and heavy ircMing a specialty. Furnished bedroom adjoining talh. 2 beds. 700 W. Walnut, nck-tf ?, room unfurnished apartment. r-rivale bath. Front and back entrance. Call 027-W. 16-ck-19 Large room and kitchenette. Furnished. S25 Chlckasawba. i JANUARY and PEERUARY ONLY j'39 I-'b'rrt Tmliir s'lus ''30 Buick Coach 521)5 '37 Oit-r. Sjiorl Sedan S375 _________ _ __ Export emi repaMni.." sr-e ETl „ Damon nt (he niytlicvlllc Arm- R ' , ory on Wednesdays and Thursdays. „ , , J s - No ' 71l(i ......... - ......... ------- : ___ _ Hcssk- R. nidor, Delcndnut. «" i r>, w I, Tllp "^'"flniit, Iteslc B. jllrtcr. ^ ;il)i( v f' In liTlV , v ' 1 """ 1 lo nppenr within tlilrl.y dayi: In Ihe court unmet) lu the Wanted to buy Government rot- ctl l >lltm ll(l vcol and ansvv'cr the ™ 1 " p ' 1 " 1 " nf *'« lllnlntir, n. F. 2 room furnished apartment. 108 W. Kentucky. Phone G83. 15-pk-22 2 room jmfurnished apartment with bath. Phone 125 or 540. Mrs. Charles Dunn. 13-pk-20 Nice room. Steam heat. Close in. Iil9 Walnut. P)io;ie 232. 13-cktf 3 room furnished apartment. OOS No. 5th St. Mrs. Croivder. IScktt i room modern cottage, 513 Lu- merate, E. D. Ferguson, phone 100. 12-ck-lG Unfurnished apnrtmenl. -1 rooms with bath., 50a w. Ciiickasawba. Phone 728. 12-ck-it Desirable bedroom in private home, with heat and private bath. 1031 W. Walnut street, phone 884. 'M i-'onl "(ii)" Tuilor S340 'S7 Ford "85" Coupe ?:^5 '.18 Chevrolet Coach S10S SI'ECIAI, BARGAINS TODAY '32 Chevrolet 'Coupe '34 i-'br'd Tudor .... '30 Fcnl Tudor .... '33 Peril,- Tudor $32.51 '3« Iiilfriiatioiial I'ick-Up ...S151 '33 Forrt rick-Up ...........SIM u, .u-^ L j- ; ,t.-;ijf.i.-iT-:^»iai".^ • • ROOMS.' furnished -'or .inifiirnisliert, I'hohVl!) or Res. loio "~ i One bedroom. 914 £!earn. 3pk2-3 j Room for .employee; woman. 1023 i W. Main. Phone 239. 30-ck-tf , | Nice bedroom convenient to bath. Highest prices pairt for all kinds oi" Steam heat. Phone 2BO 21cktf . Poultry. Fisher ami Worthy, — - - Stceie, Mo. 12-plv-2-i'2 77 e 1 T> 1 ['or Sate or.Trade This is the time of times to buy a late mode! used Ford V-8 — tremendous choice of unmatched values — priced way down for quick safe. Many ore rare bargains extra good trade allowance —terms that don't pinch yoar purse. We'll mdka you o deal you can't refuse. Come in — .let's folk it over, .: AUTHORIZED FORD DEALER Baby Chicks Cnsloni Hatching Marilyn Hatchery Klytlievillc Iliwy. Cl Nnrih MULES For Sale or Trade S'ce Floyd Simpson at Uclta Ii'n- , jllimieiits, Inc. 8-c-tf: f CREATURE WITH SNAKY LOCKS HORIZONTAL Answer to PrevipiB Puzzle plant. 1 My'thical creature with snaky locks. 1 i3h"e was brie of three sister s. 12 Burden. 13 Grinding tooth. 16 Jar. HGolf device. 18 Saline solui:on. IS Fish. 20 To occupy a place. 2.1 Testified. 23 To marry. 25 Musical note. 26 Fairy. 27 Entrance. 29 Sun god. 30 Stomach. 31 Nothing. 33 Blow on the head. 35 Passage. 37 Rigid. 39 To dangle. 41 Marked with spots. 13 Potpourri. •as or killed by a trick. ton Loniis. Blylhcvtllc Giu Co. HltsinosR Dir. bbirnnro BRUSHES Din Mrt.ran. [.| 10 , lp t o s!) I this 2nd "day of January, . I . oat lm l IMUVKV MOllllIB, Clerk. Hy l ' :li ' nl «th lllythe, D. o. at is. ccok Atty. tor put Keill Uocd Atty.' Ait I.Heni , Fountl ! . ™ THE CHANCERY COURT Ol^ Key lo Willys Overland imlomn-1 CHIOKASAWUA DISTRICT OF bile. Owner may hnve same by MISSISSIPPI COUNTV An- paylng cost of Ihls a< |. courier KANSAS. Office. Dertlc Madge Wilson, I'liiln'tltV, 1 vs. No. J. i, GUARD Only Cir.iilunlii Ojilorhc- t'rlst In liljlhevllle. tilawcs i'ttlcfl C'd'rfftlly I Weft Optometrist "UK MAKKS 'Kflj SEK" Ovpr _Joc Isaacs' Slari Phone 510 TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS. Now lowers! it idl N(ii(h BcciHid ADDING MACHINE & f YPEWRITER SERViGE BUREAU I>ON E!>WAKi)S. (Vopftcim H»kn4 n( HrtiilH • l^jiVitrlim, AeMfnfc M«chm« f»lriHnt<irii—l(eit»lrhijr—i'»ri»—K HEMORRHOIDS C.nrcfl Withnut Siirjjor.V, i»hil A itrj siife iii'Vd hormless method; wllli'otit conhricrii'inl to bi'rt. Inss oi time from work nnrt wllh very m He discomfort All types of piles, tlssuros, llstnlns. elc.. trcnU-il hv (inr ofllce methods. . Our Service IS VOUK Assurance OK Safe Driving! Sate motoring Is the aim of every driver. Then, why not assure yourself of llih safetj as fur as your liiilonioblle Is concerned, Drlv* in and let. bur mechanics put yotir car In shape for any driving, The cost ,1s I'cn.TOimble ii nd the work guaranteed. EXPERT MECHANICS EQUIPMENT AlTwORK GUARANTEED PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. rubber. 28 Related. M Boundary 32 yVriling "fluid. 34 True- trunk. 36 Heavy volume. looked at her 37 Storm. turned to - . 38 Typesetter's 45 Mother. 46 .Ream. •17 Eoch. -(8 Musical note. VERTICAL 40 Tc^Tumn. 49 Policeman. 1 Volume. 42 Circle near 50 Want. 2 Beings. the Equator 52 Father. 3 Song for l\vo. 44 Banishes. 5;I Back of. neck. 4 To consume. 4B Genus of 55 Part of mouth. 5 Yellow resin. frogs. 57 Operation oC G Hodgepodge. 49 Box. 'Cupidity. 51I-'iHh. 8 Fabulous 53 Land measure bird. 54 Wool fiber 9 To flame. knots. 10 More ancient. 56 Professional 11 North athlete.' Africa. 53 Botic. M Live-forever CO Upon. intelligence on| }'59 Mistake-. 61 She was a creature of. terrible or looks. 62 All who DiiS, N1ES Some Slioolliiir HY;fRKl)'-HAKM A N A Bits VAK1CV -ft TWVT ' \-6N<?wiKTHE~F~l'NDs'6UT HE'S VAIflE-D FbR . BUY "(Ou'UE SUORH SHOOfls)' 80CKAROO • On<? (Side, Folks ,1.5V.,V. 'I. UAlMJ,ti\ PO vou MEAKJ,"NOT BA.D? MV STARS, ALLEY DO YOU THINK YOU COULD V PRACTICF BRIN&.POWN A BIRD FLVIM&7 LATELV SO HIGH it WAS A WELL.POC.JCOURSE -- HERE COMES \ —--. FLOCK OF HI6H-FLYING BIRDS" J NOW, fc VO'ITRE so ALL-FIRED S'00'R, SUPPOSE VOU GIVE US A, SAMPLE OF YOUR STUFF TAMO BACK ?.py ROOM' I AIN'T HAP.M'UCH A KIP,. BACK IN I USED t'PO PRETT WELL BOOTS AND HER HUDDIKS With ;i Gtinranlcii that Counts Town Sedan. I!M!V Chevrolet A beauty Font Dclux Tudnr. Slice. S3JIS Sedan 1SJ8 Chevrolet Town Deluxe Model Chrvrolcl Town ijriia C' oil pp. 1937 I'nuliai- Coiqie. A Reality ?2<1J WASH TUBlBS No Help Wanlctl TIJBJE MUST 19.1S Hiirfsfii 'i'Mrtor, Riiilt-in trunk, nitlin and healer. f.'fiw mileage. A Veal l>nv. Onl 325 UY UOY CUANK IAS. WtJDLASS, HA5 6EEH KILVst) 1H ^M AUTO AtClDEMT. 1 CAttE TO .BRtAK THE TO HIS WIFE WEIL, MISTER, I WOULDN'T , STBAUGER. IF 1 WAS YOU IRE tHEV (<IH RUM . SHS'P ARRIVED. UlR. THERE'S HE VV^> CiZOSi- NOviOW |h)& TME STREET I BEEV! in TO IAEET HER nHIS HOTEt WHEN IT HAPPEWEP . wose w OTHER PEOPLE'S AFFAIRS . HOUT _THE HELP Of ' Several Clirvrolels LC.SS Ihau Chevrolet l!i-Tnn Truth. Duals 19:t'S Chevrolet 1!4 Ton Triirk. 1931 Diamond T— 1 !(. l on . I,. VV.15. Truck, Dnals ..... S21S !):)( Chfvrolrt riek-uji Truck. Only ................... $033 in:i7 l-'onl r'ick-up Truck. Spec. 'Irack. FKECKLKS AND TJ.JS 19.3S !>otisr f'ick-iip Kcal hny TVIAT WILL MAKE THf AUDIENCE WONDER HOW THE BLOOD GOT THERE, AND WHO OWWS THE GUN f You OIDMT POOL. , AS B\R AS IM CONCERNED i THEY'RE ON. we cumNQ - ROOM HOOR. RIGHT NOW ' PERSONALLY , THINK WE otlQKTA A WHIZ-BANG STORY .' WE SHOULD OPEN.ON A POOL OF BLOOO, WITH A 1 . 5WMN6 REVOLVER LYING IN THE. MIDDLE OF IT/ 50 Ollicrj. In Clioosc from. WK TRADK Kas.v O. M. \. C. raymciit 1'Ian Ojif" Ni?hts iinrl LITTLE CHE!fiOLiT CO.

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