The Troy Record from Troy, New York on June 25, 1970 · Page 10
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The Troy Record from Troy, New York · Page 10

Troy, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1970
Page 10
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10 THE TROY RECORD, TROY, N. Y., THURSDAY MORNING, JUNE 25, 1970 Defoliants May Cripple Vietnam . SXN FRANCISCO ( A P ) - A Stanford University biological team says U.S. bombing and use ot defoliants may leave Vielnam crippled (or years. "When Ihc fighting has linally ended," said a report on a slutfy made by the biologists, "(he suffering aiut hardship will have only begun.' Results of the study, by graduate students and teachers of the university's Department of Biological Sciences, were published today by California Tomorrow, a magazine dealing \vilh environmental problems. It said defoliants used to deprive the enemy of cover have reduced rubber production up to 23 per cent per acre in Vietnam and up to 40 per cent in part of Cambodia. Among points raised in the report: -·The use of herbicides-- Goodell Won't Ask Nixon's Election Aid WASHINGTON ( A P ) -- Sen. Charles E. Goodell, R-N.Y., said Wednesday he will conduct an independent c a m p a i g n (or re-e lection asking little if any help from Nixon administration forces in the While House. In his race against challengers Hichard L. Otlinger. Democrat, and James L. Buckley, ; Conservative Goodell said he wil run on his record and would welcome television debates. The senator told a news conlcrcnce lie will endorse Gov Nelson A. Rockefeller for re-e lection and will campaign for him. He said however, he not campaign against the Demo cratic nominee, A r t h u r J. Gold berg. floodell and Goldberg both lave the nominations of the Ub ·ral party in New York. Rockefeller and Goodell both arc Republican nominees. He said he expects to hav plant-killers--lo destroy rice crops in areas controlled by (he Viet Cong is filling the soil'with not break flow into streams wilh unknown effects on fish and other aquatic life. chemicals that do down and which FOR TRAVEL SK COPELAND 4i «Hi St.. Tioy 271 -734J help from the Senate republiea Campaign Committee, from Re publican senators and from majority o( the members of the House delegation. Republiea New Yor FOR ' CARPETS sit HAVIQ FLO °* UHVI9 COVERING » Kuio, St., Tray--AS 2-34T2 'Civil Death' Thwar Crime In Gabon LIBREVILLE, Gabon (AP) -!To combat a growing crim wave, this West African countr has announced a new penalt called "civil death" which ca be imposed only by the pres dent when commuting a dca sentence. Under it the prison is officially declared dead, h property is divided and he banished for life lo a seer prison where he communicat with no one except his guards. WINS FELLOWSHIP -- Donald G. Young, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Young, 24 N. Colonial Heights, has been awarded a . U.S. Government research fellowship and will spend two months in Be] grade, Yugoslavia, for a sludy of stroke rehabilitation. Aflcr completing this study, he \vill travel through Italy and Switzerland to Gottingen, Germany, where he will visit his host family wilh whom he lived in Ihe summer of 1063 through the American Field Service. Mr. Young, who will enter his third year at th* University ol Rochester Medical School in September, was previously educated at School 16, Troy; Columbia High School, Class of 1961, and Brown University, Providence, R. I. CourtRiiles On Watson Extradition AUSTIN, Tex. ( A P ) - The 'cxas Court of Criminal Ap- J«a)s refused Wednesday to re- onsider its ruling thai Chares Watson must be extradited o California to stand trial in he Sharon Talc murder case. The decision by Texas' courl of last resort in criminal cases means that \Vntson has exhausted all state possibilities of avoid ng a trip back to California. However, his lawyer, Hill Boyd of McXinney, said last week that he was considering an appeal to Federal Courts if the Texas appeals court turned i down. Pope Says Church Must Be Arid Appear Poor Courl Clerk Glenn Hayncs mailed the court's mandate to Dist. Judge David Brown of Sherman, whose district includes McKinncy, where Watson is jailed. Watson's parents live in Copeville, which is near Me Kinncy. Jury selection is underway now now in the Los Angeles t r i a l of four hippie-lypcs charge! wilh Watson in the bizarre slaying of the blonde actress and six others. VATICAN CITY (AP) - Pop«| Paul VI said Wednesday thitj the Roman Catholic Church's "fabulous riches which from ime to time certain public opin- on attrubufes" are "often not ?nough to meet the modest and egilimate needs of its ordinary life." Saying that "we are already working on gradual but not timid reforms," hq told a general audience at St. Peter's Basilica: 'The Church must be poor. Not only this, the Church must appear poor." Not Economic Power The Pope declared the Church 'should show itself as it must be, certainly not an economic power, not cloaked wilh the appearance of w e a l t h , not devoted to financial speculations, not insensible to the needs of people, of classes of'nations in poverty." His words evidently were intended to meet critical articles, books and slogans about Vatican wealth. "Down wilh the rich Vatican/' says one slogan .scribbled onVwall near the Vatican. Nino lo Belly, an American living in Vienna, and Corrado Pallenburg, an Italian, have each publisher books on Vatican finance. · Lo Bello estimated the Vati can's portfolio of stocks at $5.6 billion. The Vatican's treasures of Renaissance art. masterpieces housed in St. Peter's and the Vatican Museum are virtually priceless. But they arc mosaics and frescoes that 'are unsalable. . . . Very Wealthy Beyond the Vatican, ol course, are the Independent fi Report Supports Military WASHINGTON ( A P ) -- A taRon should complete the origi Each day, 175 billion gallons of sewage and waste flow into I American waters. Coroner Says Alien Di] Of Alcoholism SA.V FRANCJSCO ( A P ) The Rev. Asa A. Allen, noted evangelist who was found dead in his San Francisco hotel room J u n e 11, died from acute Alcoholism, Coroner Henry W. Turkel's office said Wednesday. "He was drinking heavily when he died," Tiirkel's assistant reported. "The cause ol death was acute alcoholism and f a t t y infiltration of Ihe liver." At first, the coroner's office said it appeared Allen had diec of a heart attack. louse report sure to spark nevy ·ontroversy over the costly 'C5 giant transport supports the nililary's bid for 120 of the planes lo provide airlift capabil- ty for "one and a half wars." A House Armed Services bmtnitlce report says Ihe Pen- t\Tool\vortl\ 1 THE FUN PLACE TO SHOP FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Seek Ferry Service BE1HUT, Lebanon (AP) -Newspapers in Saudi Arabia reported that country and Bahrein were negotiating a joinl ferry boat service for an 18-mile Per sian Gulf route from the Saudi port of D a m r h a m to M a n a m a the main potin the British pro lectorale. nal purchase order of 120 planes or devise a plan to achieve thi same airlift capability with 8 C5s and smaller, supplementary aircraft. Secretary of Defense Melvi U. Laird cut back the origina lurchase order lo 81 transport in the face of congressional crit icism over the spiraling cost. The. report, drafted by a sub committee after exlensiv closed.door hearings on miliUr airlift needs for the ncxl dec adc. was expected to be re leased today. Gen. John R y a n , Air Fore Chief of Staff, told the subcon mittee the joinl chiefs are sli unanimously recommending 12 C Ss --s i x squadrons--eve though they support Laird's c to 81 for budgetary reasons. ancizl operations of the orld's a r c h d i o c e s e s and ocescs, some, such as that of ew York, very wealthy. No one has even attempted to uess a total figure for all Rolan Catholic holdings. The best stimatcs in Vatican circles a,re hat not even Pope Paul has any lea of their extent. On May 30 the pontiff granted r agc increases up lo 10 per cent or most of theVatican's4,000 mployes. The Vatican announced that in order to make ie raises possible, it had to sell ome property and stock. At the same time Ihe Vatican isclosed that cardinals are taid $1,440 a month and mus 1 ay the upkeep of their car anc ticir chauffeur's salary. Living Quarters The Vatican docs, however rovide spacious, pleasant bu far from luxurious living craar- ers for Vatican-based cardinals. Beside; salaries to employes, he Vatican must meet hijK Housekeeping expenses, such at light and heat bills for SI. Peter's and dozens of buildings both in and outside the Vatican walls. According to Lo Bello's book, the total expenses for running : the Vatican comes to $20 million a year. · The Most Rev. .Paul C. JIar- " cinkus. of Cicero, IU., functions ' in effect as the Vatican's treasury minister. It is he who buyi . and sells large blocks of stocks . and generally oversees Vatican .investments. " ' B u t Bishop 'Mardnkus, tightlipped on most inntrcircle Vatican events, is impenetrable M f the finance question. : NEW "ASPIRIN-SLEEP" COMPOUND WORKS WONDERS: STARTS YOU TOWARD SAFE SOUND SLEEP IN 15 MINUTES Now, there's an "aspirin-sleep" mpound that t r u l y works w o n - . ders. It acts so f a f t , so 'safely, it starts you toward the healthy feeing of n R t u r a t sleep in just 15 minute,". Tests by three American Doctors have already shown how people can S et to sleep fast w i t h a remarkable iBredient in this compound. The n a m e of this compound is Asper- Sleep and it often helps you fall asleep within minutes where- simple sleeping tablets you can buy may not work at all. Relaxes Both Mind ind Body to Help You Get the Sleep Nature InUndid. Asrter-Slcep does what no ordinary sleeping tablet can Ho to relax your tense body and invite mental calm. Because of it* thre« inyredi- tntH, Asper-Sle«p helps calm every- dar mental tensions f a i t , relax - ' K tr c. Un»k* /«( calming d i s c o m f o r t s , m i n o r p qinrkly bring on the natural feeling of d r o w s i n e s s a n d *!e«p. WHriiB minutes, your mind and body ifart* to relax. A natural peaceful feeHn| flows through your 'entire being. You feel calm and. comfortable Within nunutei, you begin to enjoy thf healthy feeling of safe, nituraj * ]ff(! ' Wake Up RejuvenaUd With No Drug Han|ovtf. Asper-Sleep helps Rive you nft, Eound sleep with fill its rejuvenating benefit*. That's became Asper- Sleep contains (1) a sleep-in due ing a n t i - h i s t a m i n e (2) a m e d proved, mild sedative (3) p » i n re-. Henng U.S.F. A s p i r i n . Obviously, A s p e r - S l e e p c o n l a i n i forming drugs. · Help solve y o u r jleep problems, tonight. Take Asper-Sle«p, -without fear. H works wonders: SUrts yot toward Aifa, Muod alMp U jtut II minoUo. SKI. DISCOUNT DEPARTMENT STORES tore ··rtryii, ri toney. BROADLOOM CARPET CLEARANCE soi »' i*,U CUMULOFT :i«v 3 VISIT OU« FLOOR COVERINB DEPT. , by leading minuficturcrt. Congolemn Cumuloft® 100% continuous filament nylon pile. An attractive sheared textured, carpet available in 9 decorator colors. upont 501® eonrin- ...» uous filament nylon pile. This hi-low textured carpet was designed for performance and beauty. Available in 7 great colors. , Vf/ , inuou , figment nylon pile. Classic lightly sheared textured carpet. Available In 10 stunning colors. .o£I_ Q£^_ Dupont 501® contin- ^af**n ^spam. uou , fj| orne nt nylon pile. A rich looking tweed textured carpet. Available in 8 tweed tones. Your selection available in 12' and 15' widths. 66 SQ.YD. PROFESSIONALLY INSTALLED OVER OUR OWN WHITE SPONGE RUBBER CUSHION Convenient Terms To Fit Your Budget Stevens Gulistan.Carpct Uzite FROM THESE FAMOUS MANUFACTURERS INDOOR-OUTDOOR KITCHEN CARPET Decorttor pattern*. Moit id«al for kite hers, rfeni, porches, patios. Inrfoori ·rywheit you MVt anrf in color* you'll flip over. Available In 6* width for caiy do-it-youri«lf iniTollation. INDOOR-OUTDOOR CARPET ROOM SIZE RUGS MARVESS OLEFIN CG FIBER Available in a rainbow of colors. 6x9 »44 9x12 24.88 ea. 100% CONTINUOUS FILAMENT SPACE DYED TWEED NYLON RUG WITH DURAT1TE CUSHION BACK CoTori: Avocado Tweed · Gold Tortei · Blue Green · Red Tonci · Pumpkin · Pronic Tones. 9 x 1 2 DEPT. "NIAGARA" 12"xl2" CARPET TILE Reg 69e ca. *^_^r 'Piit «f Ma.vcss® Ok HP. CG fibtr. 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