The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 30, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 30, 1936
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BTYTHEVILLE COURIER THE DOMINANT. NEWSPAPER OF. NORTHKAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXXIII—NO. 2<M •J0**!.ievllle Courier Blythevllle Dally News - , Hlythevllle Herald Mississippi Vnl!eyLoadcr l BLA"t'lIKVlLl,K, ARKANSAS, \VICDNKSDAY, DttCRMBKH 30, I'JM SINGM3 COPIES F1VR CENTS 4 MONEY READY FOR TACO T h o u s a n cl s Reported Ready to Sail When Fuehrer Gives Word HOME, Dec. 30 (UP) — Italy. and Germany reportedly will atjies to proposals, for non-in- kVvciitiun in the Spanish rev.- ohjtion oh condition that ail , fririgii volunteers are wilh- . drawn from Spain, a reliable ,-fouJce averted tcday, '.BERLIN, -Dec. 30 , (UP)—Group"! "Volunteers" In various parts of of Germany — in some districts numbering se'ycrM -.thousands—are being held up from going to Spain • temporarily pending Adolf Hitler's decHcin-, on •-Germany's future course on -non-intervention. o.uali- ficd foreign sources said today. An unofficial'but. reliable Ger'. man .source admitted .that the • number of German volunteers now in Spain is about 10.000. He added that-he estimated Ihe number of Italians as - "somewhat - fewer" and that the combined RUsstafi and .French are perhaps 40'(H)0 T to 50000.' Points to. U. S: Action Hitler has not yet announced his'decision but - was expected ' to do'so promptly. Tlie official German attitude . meanwhile contin tied to be..'that-.the government has -no direct control over volunteers to Spun either icgardlng then dispatch there or withdraw- il A spokesman for/.the propaganda mlnlstrj derided a leport that Pieimer Benito Mussolini had urged Hitler to withdraw from &p*Un Littlo Rock Girl'*;, ; Condition Is'Worse '•.LITTLE ROCK,'Dec. 30 (UP)— Kirs. J. P. Easley,',' mother' of Miss Jaybee Easley; ; 28-year-oid artist, sulferinif. wlth\ streptococcus infection: 6( the I heart,*', this afternoon reported '('hit her daughter's condition Vcm'iiln'etl • critical. : . "My daughter's eyes have been swollen shut for the past 24 hours and her physicians have cut down the Vincent's' serum treatments' from 150 cc. a day to 100 cc. daily," Mrs, Easlcy said. The mother explained that her daughter's condition, was so much improved after Christmas VJtal she liad been removed • to' the family home. . V Mrs. Easlcy said 'that 'enough of the scrum remained on hand to give her daughter two more treatments but that a new : supply ordered from Montreal,' Canada, was expected to reach the city by the last of this week 'or : about the time the. present supply is exhausted. Tacoma Lvl ITekl For $28,000 Ransom Dictates Letter to Sisters of C o-n veh t iheresc of St.! p( «ta, Mfljil u-» yosMUIC f 's-f* 'Germany does not_jjeed» ifor* cign Adviie the'spoWSirmn slid ' A foreign office spokesman said such i thine is entirely out of the .question." adding' 'that the Italian standpoint is opposed to U S Assiues Foieign Na-, tions of Desue to Keep Hands Off Spam WASHINGTON,: Dec. 30 (UP) —President Roosevelt called 111 his-. congressional and exer.utlvc aides tuday ; to discuss immediate action to strengthen : American neutrality legislation. WASHING'TONj Dec. 30 (UP)— The state department assured foreign nations .today, that it acted against ili will when it granted permission to Robeit Guse >tew Jersey exportei to" ship $2 such a recommendation. Berlin newspapers devoted attention to the munitions sale by a .United States Him to the Valencia Madrid Spanish government The pipers also printed charges that/25 .Rv^-.ian submarines, and a large contingent of British volunteers had gone to the aid- of the -Spanish- Socialists. London Is Worried .LpNDON.^-Pears. that the American government's action in U censing the export of airplanes intended for thb : Spanish Socialist government may- Influence. Hitler's decision on, intervention in Spain were expressed here'. . The U. S.-state department, yes- ievrlov unproved ' : shipment of 'planes and parls by a New Jer- ;sey firm to BMb'ao, :Spain, on the .'ground that 'the - : neutrality act - clbes ; not bar'such shipments In cose -of civil war. .The British government studied all Information bearing 'on the po'slbllity that' President Roosevelt will, act to tighten the neu- tvalily law and align the United States with efforts of European iwwers to keep anus out of Spain. VATICAN CITY, Dec.. 30 (UP) —Pope Plus, wracked by continuous pain, dictated from , his sick bed in the Vatican today a letter to the sisters' of the convent, of'St. Tlieresc at Lisleux, Prance, asking them to pray'God to grant him' courage'. and' strength to conduct the remainder of his life In a manner .befitiIn;' a poiw. ' It was understood • that the Poue's illness .was .taking a course which .indicated that a crisis might be : .expected soon. Lights' burned In his 'apartment almost all through the 'night in token' of his Intense suffering. I The pop«'asked the sisters to I liray ardently for him, not for} nls health.or his life but to permit him to hear and to conquer his pain .In a manner that! would be pleasing to God. It was understood, however, that he did not: reveal to; them his suffering v nor. did he - mention Ills illness. The convent is particularly.dear to the "pope because St. Theresc was 'canonized in 1925, soon af- ler his election to the papal :hrone. 717,000 - anplanes and , j^ vmtlon engines, to loyalist Spain • Fearful that European governments might construe,, the action as indicating: the United States iinci token sides in the Span ish civil war .the state department explained thut it had no choice but to grant the * export license, under terms 'of existing neutrality legislation. At the same time administration officials -laid, plate to' strengthen the present neutrality law throng) two channels: •1.— To give the president Immediate executive power to embargo c hipmcnt of arms to belligerents in civil wars. 2— To enact permanent more stringent legislation to keel this, nation free of foreign -conflicts.'. '•••:•- It! TENITID Bill went to Fmafjce" PaT-' chases of ,-Larid'. ^ WASHINGTON,'Dec Ifl' (UP)— Senator Tom Conmlly (Demi Tex) announced today that he would seek passage of a farm tenant land ownership bill in the coming session of congress ''Farrii tenancy, has increased to an alarming ipiopoihon" said Connally. "I wbiild'have the government, sell... to successful, thrift tj tenants land sufficiently large to produce,' .llyeUhodd : for tlie family and - 'meet amortisation payments. It ought to be sold on \ery low interest rales pel haps Iwo per cent; This Is one of the biggest problems before ..the country -and -I shall urge-It-with all my strength. .Connally also announced that he would introduce a j;int resolution extending thej', Connally hot oil act. New York Cotton NF.W YQRK, Dec. 30 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. •'.''• open high low close Jon 1242 1249 1239 1247 Mar '..... 1240 1248 1235 1244 May ...... 1230 1237 J226 1233 Jill '.'. 1223 1228''1218 1225 Cct 1185 1192 1181 1190 Dec 1187 1198 1185 1194 Spots closed steady at 1304, up New Orleans Cotton NEWi ORLEANS, Dec. 30 (UP) —Cotton gained seven to 10 points today in a renewal of domestic trade and foreign buying. Steadiness of foreign markets was another factor and there was little offering except by satisfied long taking profits so contracts wen Jan Mar May Jul Oct Dec open high low close 1235 .12£0 12.14 12401 1235 1225 1218 1181. 1188 1242 1233 1223 1190 1198 1233 1222 1214 1179 1187 1241 1231 1223 1190 1197 Spots closed steady at 1291, u 7. Chicago Wheat Sruce Ivy and Deputies Discuss Law Enforcement TO FfiTHrlS STUFF on May Serve as President's Political Liaison Officer WASHINGTON, Dec., 30 (UP)'— amcs Roosevelt, eldest son of-the resident, will quit the insurance usiness lo become his father's idc. The president described' "Jim- ly's" task as looking out after odds and ends" but beyond thai iffered 'ho 'explanation. White louse attaches shied ' from''dis- usslug the ' matter, considering it a personal concern of the Roose- relt family. :"- "• --'••• It" was believed that yount ovcr 'he • district, ioosevelt,' who has" had ; considerable political experience 'In spite onus-years, might be called on to net as liaison officer between Cap ttol Hill and the White House working will) Charles West, un dersecretary of the Interior, wh has served in that capacity fo many months. He might also help the Whit House secretariat with Its heav burden, Increased by the'death of I Louis Mcllenry Howe, senior secretary and political mentor of Mr. Roosevelt for a quarter' cen- lury. Howe was not replaced. Pick As History ' Maker of 1936 Ni;\V YORK, Deo .10 <UP1 — 'J'tin'p '•MngiUInc' lins. chosen /Mrs. Wallls Waifleld Simpson ; ns tho most significant historical figure of 1030 i because she ' raised Issues of "profound world Import 1 ' : and represented the "culmination of a ,:tlde of events sweeping tho United Kingdom out of Its cony past iiml Into' « more or Jess hectic find 'American 1 future. Tin' weekly inacuylni} will say In Its Issue of .hnumiy 4 that the woman for whose ,lovc •', Edwaft! VIII. Rnye up the British throne set In motion events of < "greater skinlflcniico" than President Roose- \elt, Pi line Minister Stanley Baldwin, Premier Mussolini, Fuehrer l!tt>ei, Ocn Chiang KfU-shek Stalin and other world; leaders. Held prlsonei by a kidnaper Mho demanded $23,000 ransom, olmilc<i Mnttson, 10, is -shown licrej \vltl his pony hi a plcluie taken on Christmas Diy, two dajs before, the lad was seized In his Tacon Wnsh, home as a brother and sister looked helplessly on Police 'imrt to give the father a chance to deal directly with the abductor suspended tliclf, acthltlc' Approximately"' 25 deputies who vlll serve under. Bruce Ivy, district prosecuting .attorney elect and various other law enforcement officers of the several coun- ies In . the district attended a meeting at Osceola yesterday afternoon which was followed by a ' turkey .dinner. The meeting was held in the club rooms al tho county court- iiouse at Osceola with Prosecutor-elect Ivy and several others making talks about different pha- POTER Death Ends Years of Illness; Funeial Sei vices Tomoi row .COOTER, Mo—Mrs. Ada Alice Jones, 62,: died at her home here last night at 11:30 after a long illness of a complication of ills- cases. ' She had. been in bad health for three years nnd licd- fast for ten mouths,- but be- Net Spread For Abductors Gels Slot MaeHine Bandits canie critically ago. only a week Mrs, Jones was born In Indiana. She was married to Charlie Trlpp when she was 16 years and to this . union .were born three children, Henry, ence, all , of After- the death ol Mr. Tripp, Harry and Plor- wliom nrto dead. ses of law enforcement. After thej general i meeting Mr. Ivy con- "' ferred ; Individually .with attorneys who will serve as his deputies she was married to k Jones Closing 'Stock Prices NEW YORK, Dec. 30 (UPf-e Prcssure of year end' selling lifted on the slock exchange today n 1322. To this union were x>m six children; all of whom urvivc. ''Mr:'".Jpnes':dlcd in 1925 Funeral services will be held at the Cooler Baptist church lo- and the whole list moved up cue to more thanj^ three points In fairly active trading. A T and T Livestock May Jul open 134 117 high low close 1351-2 1337-8 1358-8 1181-2 117 118 3-8 Chicafio Corn open high low close May 1001-2 1077-8 1063-8 1075-8 Jul 1031-8 104 103 : 1(H , EAST ST. LOUIS, 111,, Dee. (UP)—Hogs: receipts 3,000 Top 10.10 ; ; 170-230 Ibs 10.40-10,50 140-lCO Ibs 7.25-9.90 Bulk sows 9.25-9.60 • Cattle: receipts 3,000 . Steers 17.00-10.00 ' . . Slaughter steers 5.50-12.00 Mixed - yearlings and heifers - 5.50-9.50 ,. • Slaughter .heifers 4.75-il.OO Beef, cows .4.25-5.25 . ; " cutters and loi?. cutters 3,00-4,00 American Waterworks •• 25 3-8 Anaconda Copper .;.... 53 i-j Bethlehem Steel 77 3.4 Chrysler 117 .' Cities Service .......... * • 4 ]1, Coca Cold General American Tank 72 3-4 General Electric ....... S4 7 T i General Motors 64 3 T < International Han-ester 104 3!] McKesson-Robblns 13 3-! Montgomery Ward Now York .Central ....; 41 1-2 Phillips Petroleum .... 52 3-: Radio Corp 113. St. Louis-San Francisco 3 Simmons Bed 457.; Standard of N J ...... 69 7- Texas Corp: .-. 54 i-2,Louls, and two brothers. U S Smelting 85 Three - young inch from Mlchl-^nnd inn, California bound by motor, last lalted theii journey .at', Portage ville, Mo:, yesterday'.'afternoon to liolcl .up the cafe,of Gladys New- Lon, where they took three • slot machines, and then fell ' into a police net spread for auto bandits, who earlier.had kidnaped n honeymooning- couple from Ohio nnd fled in their automobile. The Michigan boys, 'ranging in aqe from 18 to 24, were arrested at Osccoln as they fled southward after . the Portagcvlllc robbery. They soon convinced officers that they were not the ' kidnapers but were relumed to New Madrid county -to. face highway robbery charges in connection with Ihe slot slot machine thefts, machines taken Tlie three from the Portageville cafe were, found in their .car. unopened. In their car also was a sledge hlunmer and in their pockets were "quantities .'of five-cent pieces, indicating that Portageville was no^ the scene 'of their first slot machine robbery.' .The kidnaping' 1 of which '.the were . taken night, where ,to Porlagcvil Mr. and M Ayers iaid-,'that they had noil Ing to do'wllh Ihclr abduction an the theft 'of their, car. /• The Michigan -youths gave the names as"Klrmnii P. Smith, 1 and Lee Arwlne,'24, of Royal Oa and Thomas , 0. Moorehouse, ' of Detroit. They, said that tin were on their.way to California Arwlne's car but. rah out of moi cy, due to poor success in ptayli slot machines. They then dete mined on Ihe' Porlagevllle ro bery,- they' said, and : their arre followed. The boys .were unarmc but, C. R. La FoiH, Portagevil police ; chief, said that . th threatened , the proprietress of t cafe tlicre when they seized, t! slot machines.' '. hicc Batllc California Drifts to Appeal fo Help • LOS ANOELES, Dec; 30 (UP) — 'lirce men battled IhroiiKh deci now dilfts' today to ask hel: or 14 pcrsoni, including un 18 lonlhs-okl baby mul Gene Ross Jiious silhouette artist, critical '.Uli who.are snowbound In tin an Bernardino inounlalm will ood supplies lunnlng low. Hoiace, Hill. Identified as th randson''of tho, late United Sta benatoi Joiles, hrnugh' snow bonked three fpc '.cep on mountain roads to Valy m6 Rnd'_telophonW-'f6i hclp.._ Ills wife, Miss Ross, is strani cl at Icy Springs, two miles noit lho_fllin, ncloi Noah Bciry .,.\f farm,' pile Is thrcntcnc vilh pii'euinonia, lie said. Also . s renchlmj Ihe hamlet wer O. -Hen' Bu.rnhaVt and O." W. Cobb rom Ihe Big .Horn ranch. They plowed, through deep drifts for right •hours .before reaching J J Brandenburg's store, bilnglng void 'of 12^"j>crsons being snowed n nt a mine high In the moim- alns; Remains at Home. \Vith ".- ,| Money lo Meet Abductor's Demand , .. 1')—Two Attempts by Dr. W.' W. Malison to establish contacts ulth (he kidnaper of Ills' 16- son, Clurl«s, lirue fall- Mrs. Charles trnimltuotlier of the ucy, rcteuled Codas. »*• J : TACOMA, Wash , Dec. 30 ,.(U ! ')—While jjollce sought a for- ' :lgnei whom they suspect of kid-', j uiplng Charles Matlson from his'j- lomo Sunday night, tlie father, ; Di. W, W. Malison stayed,'"At '- lomo today -with 428,000 in worlvt bills, leady to pay the abductor.? Dm Ing the l!D, hours slpeo tho f 10-jCKr-old toy was scted,. at ' .ho Mattson home by a bearded j HIM canning a pistol, Dr. Matt- t >on has followed every Instruc- ' :Ion conlalned in Hie crudely I ininlcil and Worn ransom note, <* slune<l "Tim. 1 ' , > -, Inserts N«w»p»i«r "Ail" A i»llco offlclnl, who refused' lo be quoted, said that Ihe fa- , r (her had obejed llio directions lo | (he letter, that he had inserted a \iimt nd In the Seattle Times i asklnsr further dlrecllons, and had- i obtained tho money in used bills i of Hinnll dGnoinlnnttom, ' , f C C. S|»ars, in charge of fed-' J cial bureau of Investigation agents, '! would not comment on these de-^ volopmenls. ,? I It was learned from « reliable 1 source that Ihe personal olosil- f fled advertisement In the Seatllo ! Times yesterday was«tho one spei- j inert by the abductor,' The ad t read.'' Mabel—glease gl\c us yout* addrcss-i-Aiin." ExcepL^Jpr Ihe signature, which orlglnrdly vus' "llm," the lext- of the nd",w»i IclPiiUcnl with Ihat written in'tho ransom note, the Injbimanl said. No Police Uuard ' , Ilio puysiuluu and his wife," hose composure broke today, re-' ' V II. Ult; VjV/ULt;i jDtVLJLl^l. IU- I L- i-; ^1 . • ' *" morrow afternoon at one o'clock ?°f . we .', c " l ^ (SU ?P«' C<> ' by Rev. . Cecil', Meadows, pastor of the Armorer Baptist church, assisted by RcvV J. fl. Copeland, rclired Biptisl minister of Cooler. Interment will be \\i. Number Eight cemetery near cooler. : Honorary pallbearers will be Lee Clifton, Cluster Taylor, John Tucker, D. B. Holly, J J. M. McClure and A. R. Beckham. ,' Active pallbearers will be Charlie Frank Brooks, Ted .• MCCIurc, LL E. Cooper jr. i .Ralph Barnett, Byron Holly and Jake - Halstcafl. Flower girls will be .Elizabeth Huey, Margarete McClure, Frankle Ashcraft, Ethel Cooper, O\-clia Chandlier and Mrs. H. L. Casey. Surviving ore one son, Charlie Jones, live daughters, Mrs. Clyde Cramiuond, Putnam Station, N. Y,; Mrs. Cecil Bailey, Blythe- vllle; Mrs. Lydia Slllcs, Mrs. Nellie McClure and Mrs. Annie Evans of Cooler; 10 grandchildren, one. sister, Mrs. Essie Lumlcy, of St U S Steel 70 1-2 Warner Bros Zonite 177-8 7 3-4 • Rust and corrosion cause an annual direct loss exceeding that Monday: night. A Mr. nnd : Mrs. Ayers, traveling south on n loneymoon trip, we're stopped icar Evadale by two young men vho forced them to turn their car around and drive back Into Missouri. They were forced out of the car on a country' road eight miles east of Portageville, their abdiic- lors fleeing 'with their autom'o- bHc, ' personal' befongtngs and Miejr moncv, amounting'to about »95. An effort Is \jplns> made to trace the idehtlty of tlie kidnapers through a '1937 model Kird V r 8, which they abandonca near, the spot where they stopped (he Ohio couple. ' '••"', Tlie car taken : from Mr. and Mrs. Ayers was a Terraplano' and the fact'-'that the young Michigan slot machine bandits were traveling in a machine' of the same make led-to the belief that they were' involved In tile kidnaping. Following their arrest by Chief Dcnuly Hale J'ackson and olher officers at Osceola, Missouri 'officers and an P. B. I. agent hastened there. Tlie' boys finally consented to waive extradition- to Poll Tax Sale Will Open on January 1 Nine thousand, blank poll tax receipt- books have been received at the sheriff's office here from , Charley t Parker^.-slRte • "au^i- 'tot, au'd clerks at the' sheriff's pfTjces here and at Osceola will lie ready to begin 'issuance of the 'receipts -on Friday, Jan. 1.' ' In view of the fact that .1937 is R year .when no. major, primaries or county, or state-wide elections .will be held the number of : x>II tax receipts issued . probably will not be large.' " ., , caused by fire and flood combined:. Missouri 1 , on the robbery, 'charge Fog Delays Plane Shipment for Young Mihne- apolis Woman MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Dec. 30 (UP)—Mary Peterson, comely 29- year-old stenographer, was near death In Northwestern hospita today while fog prevented nrrlva of n plane bearing life saving serum from Kansas City. Also critically ill from a mysterious food .'poisoning, was S. B Vohcman, 33, assistant sales manager of the Montana-Dakota Pow cr Co. Hanford air .line officials re ported the celling here "near zero 1 and said commercial planes ,ln th area iverc grounded. Physicians said hope of saving Miss Peterson's life rested will Immediate administration* of serun Ordered nishcd by ; plane from th Jcnson-Salsbery laboratory, Kan sas City. The young woman Is nearly exhausted by ravages of the vtru lent poison, apparently Incurrc In Hie Christmas djnner she pre pared for. herself and Vonemai For 48 hours she has been de lirious. Voncman .was conceded belter .chance for recovery al though his condition was crltica Scrum Eh Route by Train KANSAS CITY, Mo., .Dec. »* i x- hi mined at their home, They sat esfde five open telephones, anx- ously awaiting any direction from lie kidnaper. l There was no ngTL' ce guard around the house nncl very avenue foi'contact was lefb such as , un censored "idp-> Ivcry of the mall., • ' - ''1 Police snlrt that they dennjtblyl t" uspected a man who has becTisT \ nisslng from his liome since Sun- lay. Tlie man was descrlbcd : 'as foreigner. 3elay in Delivery of - ^>New Auto Tags Likeljr' Ira Hall, head of the regional, ; office of the sUilc revenue J dj£ •- larlmciiL heie, said today tliat .937 motor vehicle, licenses will, go"^ • on sale here Satuiday hut that t ^ ;he dcllveiy^f tags would proba-, '>", lily be delayed n;few days. •-.-** ' Fttllure.of a r st. Louis firm to. ; deliver envelopes n which the'tag.?' must be. placed has caused -!tlfa» department's delay in having Hho" lags available, It is said [ >, Under/the law, all motorist's. ."must secure tags by Jan. 11 .-but" an extension Is regarded as cer.j.< ^ tain because of the physical lri\-,' | po.s!:lbillly of handling the deman(I. % I ° for licenses In a 10-day, periwl. *" 3 Snakc : Likc 'Monster' Only Practical Joke MANHATTAN. Kas. (UP) — A 'monsier" which frightened Rus T sell and Osborne county communities several years ago was the creation of two Kanssis State- Cot- Ifge. students playing a. practical Joke, It was revealed here. (UP)—A' shipment of serum requested . by Minneapolis, Minn., physicians to-save the life of Mary Peterson,. 29-year-old stenographer,, near death of food poisoning, was entente by train today. Baptist Church Will : ^ Observe "Family Night'.'* Member: of the ,!First Bap^. tlst church will observe "Eaniily, Night" tonight in a program which. Is expected to create much, attention These sgiecial meetings- are held four times annually •on the fifth Wednesday njght *o£ each month. Tonight, members are asked to bring their families, 'whether' or; not they ore affiliated with this church.. The Rev. Alfred Carpenter, pastor, will speak on "Cuba For Christ" and will also • show moving- pictures of Istar/ds of Cuba and some of the newest' developments tlicre. Last Quadruplet Dies MEMPHIS, Dec. 30 (UP)—Lee Earl Bridges, only surviving meiu- Leslle Doane of Russell, Kas., ber of the.. quadruplets uorn to said he and n companion painted a canvas snake, stuffed 'it with excelsior and placed it at widely separated points In the two counties. • On several occasions," they joined parlies to-track the 1'mon- sler" to, Us lair. -. ' ••'} Mr. and Mrs. James Bridges near Senathy, .Mo,, last November 2, died • at Baptist; hospital today. Death came at 8.30 A M, a WEATHER Arkansas — Parity cloudy and much colder. Freezing •• In,'north;west and extreme north , portions ^ tonight. Thursday fair,;jcolder In.'' south and east portions Memphis ;'aVid vicinity — Mostly cloudy and colder tonight. LOW.T est temperature 46 to 50. Tliurs-' day fair and colder. ^ Tlie maximum temperature here. • jcsterday was 60, minimum 43, , . , v — , ---- , — , — ..... ......„»,. ™, . short, time before attending phy- cloudy, with 11 of an Inch raln-J. I slciaa< I Child .<; had ho,icd to dismiss the. fall, according io §a'muel F. Nor-,to the parents. Iris, official weathcr^obscner., '--•

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