Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 27, 1895 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 27, 1895
Page 6
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?fpSft^*f!|jR^^ "In the Sprlne a youif man's fancy, m to Hjoujjhw of love." But not if be i* sick <>r even <f o-t of son?." Sicl*. ness checks the s-entimeutp, thiBS the blood, sh|-r:ens| the life and kills all hsppi Unfortunate!T, this is the 3ea j oa when the pores of •ihe efein opeo, then close and all the poisons are sent [back—whe.'e? T" the kii neys Nowhere C'FB That •iis the seat of war; the source of danger There has never been but one remedy for ki 'ney -.troubles "f every kind whether men or women, and that is Warner's Safe 'Oure It acts directly »p i>n the kid.-.eys anu drives all uric acid ar:d oth< r poisons from the bod". It is pre-eminently «, -Spr-Kg jmedicme ; a bJood purifier. Doctors, ministers, priests •and prominent men and •women all over the worjd endorse it Oa^ you -.fiord to'be-without it? SPANISH MINISTER ARRIVES. IMnnr. Dupny do Loiw'Spenlc* Lightly ot tlio Cnlmn Kobtilllon. NEW YOUK,.April 25.—Tho now Spanish .minister to tlio United States, Senor Dupuy do Lome, arrived hero Thursday morning- on tho steamer Palamii from Havana. Tho new minister, said- that the excitement iu Cuba was quieting 1 down, and that Cape. Ooii. Martinoz Campos, v/bo is MOW visiting uiluctod districts, would •in all likulihood succeed in quelling- what-. littlu trouble there was left :ln tlio handful of insurrection- fists, lie spoko lightly of the rebellion and said that tho neprrocs wore almost alona.in their desiro for free Cubx When asked if ho had any communication for the povcrnment regarding- the stei. .icr Allianca affair, he said he would say nothing further than that •ihe matter had.bt-en settled. THE TUHP. The Blemton stable filly Tiara. t>1 Imp. Aerolite—Queen L.. that haa recovered from the optratio* of removing a cancer from her mouth, -was purchased recently by V,'. H. Minster. Dangerous will make his maiden start this season. He was highly tried as a. yearling, but grew too fast as a two-year-old. He now stands 16.3 hands and Is proportioned in accordance. The difference between animals of the same family is noted In cases of Henry of Navarre and Trump, both by Knight of Ellerslle. The former won S37.C50 last season, while the latter captured $35—place money—in nine starts. Jockey Leiffh, always a careless, insolent and wantonly aggressive rider, fouled Uncle Luke with Thorpe up in the Klrkman handicap at Nashville, but the judges failed to allow Jockey Thorpe's claim and gave the race to Leigh's mount, Amelia May. St. Louis is to be congratulated. The proposed hippie farce between Dr. Rice and Simmons will not take place for several months at last. The Turf Congress has wisely questioned the standing o'. Fred Foster's former animal and Simmons is temporarily an outlaw. "Lucky" Baldwin's names for his animals are continually causing trouble. He had difllculty in starting Chiquita at Memphis In a race for maidens. The officials sprung a faulty guide upon Baldwin and referred to Chiquita that hac! raced and won In California. The matter was soon settled, however. "Snapper" Garrison and Snip Donovon, the latter pardoned for the murder oC John Chew, stopped at Lexington to agree with Johnny Payne to ride the Joke Le Banjo in the Latonla Derby; for half the value of the stake, estimated to be worth nearly $10,000 in full, If he won It. The Snapper Is irrepressible. Ho now weighs 134 pounds stripped: 122 pounds would stop Lo Banjo in a four furlong dash. How to i:uy » Sjiraylns rnmp. If you have an orchard, you can keep tho apples from being- wormy "by spraying with paris srcen. A pump for this purpose costs about fifteen dollars, and you think that you can't afford it. Well, how about your neighbor? If he has an orchard, it may bo that ho thinks about as you do. So how about getting a pump between you? Then you can both have the use of It, and when you come to dissolve partnership, let the one have tho pump who is willing- to pay the most.—Southern Cultivator. I! DELICATE WOMEN ^ sh,,id u,, BRKDFIEtO'S H -J Female Regulator! It la 11 Muperb Tonic and o*ert« a won- tlcrfu! Inlliiuncu In »troiiBUienj«KliBray»toni byilrlvlni: tliroiiKli tUe proper channel nil 1m- purlilcu. llunltli jiiifl su-Jiik'tb uro KUiiruutoeu to result from Its use. My \vltv \viin biHlrltldon tor clfflitcori tnontnv, ' - I'tj wiii" ivitn umu ilium* »«< i.in"*^" 1 j, attur UHlru: IJrixKli'Ul'n Fciiiiilo »^._.«^1 tor Tor two liionlhs. 1« cuttlnir wull. J. jl. JOHNSON, Mftlvorn.Art. IIUADKIEL!) RBOOLATOR'CO., ATLANTA, OA. Solil liy nil Pruggl.-HB iv'-tl.OO pur iKittlu. almost Bicycling for Physicians recommend bicycling. Dame \^^f Fashion says it is "good form." Two 1^"^. new models for women's use in— |@8< Columbia Bicycles j®*£ Model 42 COLUMBIA has been especially designed for the many ladies who prefer to wear knickerbockers rather than cumbersome skirts. Ladies' wheels also in HARTFORD Bicycles at lower prices—*SO, »60, *50. BRA5CH STORES: Boston A"ew Tort Chicago San .Francisco Providence Buffalo Catalofae. Free at nay Colombia JLftaey, or Ity mail for two i-caut stamps. Six haadsomi paptr dolls, sho^-inff ladies' bicycle costumes by- noted dcsign'-rs, will be mailed for five r-ceat stamps. T&ILBY ON THE STAG^ Scmd iff TWO I ML' THE PLAY ENJOYING GREAT ! THE GRIP ALMOST WON WHERE THE SUCCESS. ! j BUUET FAILED. I faal Potter and A. M. Palmer Rt nponnlblc lor Itn Prodac-Jon—A. tow and Actre»»e» Who Are Portraying the Different Rolla. EFORE THE Trilby mania, spread with such remarkable rapid; Ity throughout the country; before Trilby's feet and Trilby's morality became Important subjects of discussion; before Trilby teas and Trilby tableaux were the vofi-ue, and" before Trilby bonnets, Trilby gowns and Trilby ice-cream molds had become necessaries of life, it was a foregone con- 1 elusion that the heroine of Du Mau- rler's famous novel would eventually follow the example of all the celebrated and notorious women of the present generation and take to the stage. How many aspiring dramatists pondered over the story and weighed the slim chances of evolving a drama with any sustained Interest from Du Maurier's delightfully chatty narrative will never be known. One seasoned veteran of the play-house, however, determined to make tlie venture, and In December last it was announced that Paul M. Potter was adapting 1 "Trilby" for A. M. Palmer, having- secured the necessary permission of Harper & Bros., the publishers, who own the copyright of the novel and control the rights to dramatization. The play was written In a very short time, a company select' A. M. PALMER. ed and rehearsed, and On March 11 last "Trilby" in dramatic form was produced at the Park theater, Boston, where Its success was Instantaneous and complete. The cast was as follows: Taffy, Mr. Burr Mclntosh; The Laird, Mr. John Glendlnnlng", Little Billie, Mr. Alfred Hickman: SvengaJi, Mr. Wilton Lackaye; Gecko, Mr.. Robert Pftton Qlbbs; Zou Zou, Mr. Leo Dietrlchstein; Dodor, Mi-. Herbert Ayllng; Antony, Mr. V. M. de Sllke; Lorlmer, Mr. Edwin Brandt; Rev. Thomas Bagot, Mr. Edward L. Walton; Col. Kaw, Mr. Reuben Fax; Phillippe, Mr. Moral Bean; Trilby, Miss Virginia Harned; Mrs. Bagot, Miss Bertha Welby; Mme. Vlnard, Mme. Mathllde Cottrelly; Aneele, Miss Grace Plerrepont; Honorlne, Miss Lucille Nelson; Mirr.i, Miss Montu Elmo; Musette, Miss Josephine Bennett. This phiy is produced under the stage direction of Mr. E. W. Presbrey. "Trilby" has since been playing in Boston to a business averaging nearly $10,000 a week. Each night's audieno* follows the development of the play with the same sustained and eager Interest that characterized the cultured and critical assemblage at the Initial performance. Six more "Trilby" companies are now organizing, one golns to Boston to replace the original company. In his dramatization of the popular novel Mr. Potter had many difficulties to encounter, not the least of which -was the seeming impossibility of giving dramatic expression to a story greatly lacking 'in dramatic elements, and •whose chief attraction was the untranslatable charm of its telling. Perhaps It was because he was sustained in the work by the implicit confluence reposed in his ability by Manager Palmer, Studying the story carefully Potter realized that the possibility of building' a substantial dramatic structure lay In the enlargement of the- hypnotic idea, and on these lines he planned his play. He has sacrificed none of the essential characters In the novel except Svengali's sister, and In her stead has elaborated that of Mme. Vinard, the concierge, a much more wholesome and enjoyable personage. Svengall Is easily the dominating in- iluence in the play. Mr. Potter has drawn the Hungarian musician a wlerd, fascinating repulsive character. He is brilliant, vindictive, malicious, selfish, sarcastic, wholly detestable, and yet claiming your atetntlon always. The action of "Trilby" in Mr. Potter's play is worked out in four act« in this wise: Act 1. Studio of the three musketeers of the Brush, Taffy and the Liard confess their love for Trilby to Mrae Vinard and to themselves. Little Billie rushes in -wildly indignant with the news that Trilby has been posing- for the "all together." To break with her he starts for Florence to join his mother and uncle. Trilby, unconscious that she has done wrong, comes to the studio to chatter with the artists, Sven- gall and Gecko, and music at the piano and violin follows. L. W. PILLING, AgentSfor Columbia and Hartford Bicycles, Logansport, ind. MERCURIAL POISON results JTOIQ tbe usual trcatment9f blood tronbles by which the system is filled with mercury and potash mixtures—more to be dreaded than the disease—and in a short while is in a wotse condition thnn before. RHEUMATISM!!! ) and aching Joints mato life miserable. S.S.S. fr j a reliable cure for mercurial rheumatism, an • affords relief even alter — ' —all else lias failed. Itis guaranteed purely vege- Mble, and absolutely harmless;- take no sub| Etitutc. Send for our treatise on blood and skin diseases, mailed Iree to any address. _ SWIFT SPECIFIC COMPANY, Atlanta, Ga. i Our Sympathies AJw»j-« EnUited In Uw j IiillrmlUn of tlio Tcternn. I (Fromihc Seraid, Woodstock, Vo.) There is an old soldier in Woodstock, V»., who served in the war with Mexico and it the war of the rebellion, Mr. Levi Mclnturff. He passed through both these wars without a serioui wound. The hardships, however. veteran without a feeling of tbe deepest sympathy? His townspeople saw him confined to his house so prostrated with greal nervousness that he could not hold a knife and fork at the table, scarcely able to walk too, and as he attempted it, he often stumbled and fell. Theysnwhim treated by the best taient to be had—but still he suffered on for four years, and gave up finally in despair. One day, however, he wss struck by th« account of a cure which had been effected by the use of Dr. Williams' Pink PiJLi. Ha immediately ordered a box and commenced ! inking them. He says he was greatly re- : li.'red within three days time. The blood found its way to his fingers and his hands which had been palsied assumed a natural color, ami he was soon enabled to use his knife and fork at the table. He has recovered hii strength to such an extent that he is able to chop'wood, shock corn and do his regular worK about his home. He now says be can not onlv walk to Woodstock, but can walk across the mountains. He is able to lift up a fifty-two pouud weight with one hand and says he does not know what Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have done for others, but knows . that they have done a great work for him. ^ He wns in town last ifondav, court day, and was loiicl in his praises of the medicine that liail given him so great relief. He purchased auotlier box and took it home with him. Mr. Melnturffis willing to moke affidavit to these facts. The proprietors of Dr.Williams' Pink Pills state that they are not a patent medicine but a prescription used for many years by an eminent practitioner who produced the most wonderful results with them, curing all forms of weakness arising from a watery condition of the blood or shattered nerves, two fruitful causes of almost every ill to which flesh is heir. The pills are also a specific for the troubles peculiar to females, such as suppressions, all forms of weakness, chronic con- Etipation, bearing down pains, etc., and in the case of men will give speedy relief and effect a permanent cure in all cases arising from mental worry, overwork, or excesses of whatever nature. They are entirely harmless and can be given to weak and sickly children with the greatest good and without the slightest danger. Pink Pills are sold by all dealers, or will be sent post paid on receipt of price, (50 cents a box or six boxes for $2.60— they are never »old in bulk or by the 100) by addressing Dr. Williams' Medicine Company,. Schenectady, N. Y. * Trliby complains of a headach* and Is cured by Svenjjn.ll. who throws her into a hypnotic trance and otherwise exerts mysterious power over the girl. Trilby discovers why Little Billie has left, and in her shame and confusion she also departs. Svengall expounds to Gecko his scheme for making millions out- of Trilby's voice, which he proposes to train hypnotically. Little Billie gives up his intention of going away. Trilby also returns and their betrothal is arranged. Act 2. Still the studio oh Christmas Eve. Mrs. Bapot and her brother arrive to prevent the marriage, but Taffy and the Laird refuse assistance. The mother and uncle sec-king- legal advice. Merry-making in the studio to celebrate the approaching marriage. The Laird, Taffy, Svengali, Gecko, Zou Zou and Dodor, with several grissettes, indulge in a can-can, which is startlingly interrupted by the arrival of Mrs. Bagot. The mother's pleadings ha\'e persuaded Trilby to g-ive up her lover, when Taffy interferes and an elopement is plrftned. While plans are being perfected Sven- gali puts Trilby under hypnotic Influence, causes her to write a letter of farewell to Little Billie, and then takes her away to carry out his great project. PAUL M. POTTER. Act 3. Foyer of the Cirque des Bashi- bazoucks, Eve years later. La Svengali is to sing at the night's concert. The three Englishmen, visiting- Paris again together, meet several old friends. In the great singer they recog-nire Trilby, who smubs them, beine under Svengali's Ir.duence. Taffy has a violent altercation with Sveng-all, wbo dies of heart disease during- the riot in the concert hall, caused by Trilby's inability to sing •without him. Trilby is taken away by Taffy as the spectators hide the corpse of Svengali from her sight. Act 4. Hotel Bristol, one week later. Trilby i» at the point of death from the shock of Sveneali's death, the reaction alter years of dominion under his influence. She is surrounded by comforts and the loving attention of friends, comrades and her lover. When alone she discovers a photograph of Sven- gall, and the horrors of all she haa undergone asserts itself and she dies. LILLIAN" DEABB. Ttxcy Never Get Discouraged. Picking- pennant winners is the usual futile March and April task of club presidents, managers ajid dyed-in-the- wool base ball cranks. No matter how often the prophesies fail, the prophets never grow fewer in numbers »r -weary in guessing-, notwithstanding the fact that the man who triss to pick a pennant winner in March should be classed with the philosopher who tries to locate the pea under o,ne of ihree shells.—Ex. B»ieb*n In This will be a preat season for baseball In Michigan. In addition to ha.ving two cities, Detroit and Grand Rapids In the western league, there will bo a Michigan leagrue, made up of Kalnma zoo. Port Huron, Adrian, Owosso, Jackson and Saginaw. There will also be a northern league, with such cities as Muskeron, Big: Rapids. Traverse City Cadillac, .Petoskey and Charlevoix on the list. The upper peninsula will hnve a four or six city leag-ue, including Marquette, Houghton, and IspheminR The Interest aroused in the game lasi season gives fairly good assurance that baseball will be sufficiently popular this stason to make all the leagues profitable financially. American O»rnmen Will Compoto. Among the foreigners who have been enured for the Henley regatta in England this year are the Cornell crew, who will compete for the championship cup; the Argonauts, of Toronto, who will compete *or the steward's cup, and E. A. Thompson, of the Argonauts, who will contest for the diamond sculls. Cram De»td the Enfflldh Champion John V. Crum, the champion amateur sprinter of Iowa, raced against James Collins, the champion amateur of England, over a 100-yard course at Iowa city last week, and beat him J. V. CRUM. about two feet, making the distance In ten seconds fiat. Crum has held the state record for two years at 10 1-5 seconds. He is a member of the senior law class in the Iowa State university and took first place in the Intercollegiate field meet in Chicago lost fall. He will run in the coming intercollegiate meet in New York, and If he wins there he will be sent to England by tho colleges In the United States association. WeitBrti I-onitne Sennon. The regular season of the Western Baseball League will be opened May 1, with Grand Rapids at Indianapolis, Toledo at Detroit, Kansas City at St. Paul, and Minneapolis at Milwaukee. The league is the same as last year, with the exception that St. Paul takes the place of Sioux City, and the success that attended the league last year in spite of the financial depression is a pretty good guaranty that it will be a winner this year. The various clubs are rapidly reporting for duty, and the players are In hard and earnest training, preliminary to the 100-gama spurt for the pennant. Many of the old players of last year have been resigned, yet there will be many new faces on the diamond, and doubtless much weeding out will be necessary before the season Is far advanced. PLUG TOBACCO. ^*MR4C). 'FLAVOR^ Consumers of chewinjtokoawlio are willing to pay a lililemoretk dieprice dialed for tie ordinan) trade tokccos. willjindte Irand superior to all oltara BEWARE - Indapo ^ Mado a well Man of INDA TUS CBU1 - HINDOO REMEDY _ RESULT* U 8O DAT*. Oires al tervoDi UlMttMt FaHlnr Memory, esi»,Sl«pl»»ncM, Mgntlr Emi»i etc.. closed br p«»t »ba.«o». toibrunkMionriuui. md quicklr _^. »nij tlze .mrelj restores . oryounff. t — ^IjcArrfedln TAlt li lor »5 — Sli lor »5«M> with . ryrefiiii<lrd. DOD I ' rrltt«n m«.. man *m«o«ombq5 insist on havmp IMIAI'O. IJ rouTdrngirl«thn«notpot It, we will »end ItpreptltL IrlcntaJModUalCa^mt"., CWtato, I1L, ormiuMf. SOLD by Ben Fisher, Wbolesale Druaiisi, ;n Fourth St.. Sole ARcnt for sale o! INDAPO ID . l.ND. P Cklchenler'. EncUik V\sur.jr.-l Ttrmad. ENHYROYAL PILLS _yrr~v Orlctnnl «a<l Only Ccnoloc. A - ^"t**v SAKE, iJ»>j.^ ri^I^iit. I^MCU »*t £ jA Dnwrirt tor CkK-aeow* y.npfth ltl *&™& ma** Srmd In KrA u»I (MJ a««JUs\\g' . «««Jal »Hh NO" rll,l»«>. Tnke VBT Ckt^- Rrfiatda^enuMaitMlnt- -f [iotu <Mt uaH/aim^ AiDr«tl«»,«!-"»4*e- 1& vuatp* T-K T«rtleQUn. unUiaonials ud "R«brf for Lxflt*." to taitf, \tj ntlin The Spine is one of the most tender parts of the body. Inflammation there results in weak nerves everywhere. Allcock's Porous Plaster will be found to have a beneficial effect in allaying the inflammation and restoring strength. It is invaluable in all sorts of lameness and congestion. Xercr put up wlth " J»t a* good u AU^ COCK'S." Iniiifupon hivinjj lh« genuine. Allcock's Corn Shields, Allcock's Bunion Shields. Have no equal a* a relief and cure for corn* and bunions. Brandreth's Pills not only cleanse, but tone up the sy». tern. They can b» depended upon. 1st Day. THE GREAT sotl'i »ny. REVIVO RESTORES VITALITY. Made a Well Man of Me. produces the above rexulls (n SO day*. It actt po\vorf»]ly and <;uicl;ly. Curort \vbc» r.ll otln-rt: Call. i'otiEK mou will regain tlicir lo^t ruauhood, and old ineu will rocovor tb,\ir'youthful vicor by iibinf KHV1VO. It quickly nad surely restores Norvou*' nesa. Lobt Vitality, IiUDOioncy. Xltblly KmiKSioDfc , Lofit Pow«r, FuiliWK Slwaiory, M'astiUK Diseases, and ell effects ot Kiilf-abujte or eicomand Sudiscretton. which unats ono lomuily, business or m"- ri««o. It not only cures by Nt£rtin£ at tbfl scat ot <H«eatio, but is a Rrcat ncrvu toixio uid blood b^Udcr. bricx* iuic back tlio pink fejo«- to pali> check* and restoring tbe flr-n of youth. It v rt.rdn off JDNa&it^ f and Consumption, luei.vv on hnvinc KKV1VO, no other. It can bo cant«l in vent jiockct. By mail, Vl.OO per ttcltafc.or pi\ lor J55.OO, with l tlvo written ciiitrnntec to cure or tbe n>ouoy. Ciiv^Jar Jrt^c. Addrosi _ ROYAL MEDICINE CO., C3 River SI.. CHICAGO, IU. FOB SALE nY B. F. KeeBlInu, DrugRtet, togansport. OR RODRICUi.' SPANISH TRfiTMtM LOST" MANHOOD Dd all »tt<™Jlnir ijlmonl*, »oth of yvvna and mliliU»- aeoA rarn wm women. Too awful cffucU of 1'OUTllFUT. KltKORS, producing »o«k- IHT, nuffltly EmlMilonH, ConmraiiUoli, liiwuiity Evlimmtrau dralmmidlowof nowcrof UioOen- crutivc Orpinii uiinuinc ono forKtvidy, bunlnem and mtr- rIiiCTi«Quick)yctirodbyl>i-. Ro*rl™»«Hp«iil»ii >{!"•• Craln.. They I " >t< J 1tly jJ'J.7 ( ^;' l 5!j l S l {5 t ^£Sffijau£ mTiLUEIcl 1 SrintnnK biclc tho t>lnkj|l« w l « "* u • fk. and nmtoniiK lie KIltE OF V«l lent KynuJI, *i.o» iiorboiord for #^ miarHiitpo u» cure or reftind Ihr m«n«y. B »ol<1 by Ben Flatter. J>raitKl«H. Fonrtti Htrcoi. FEMALE PILLS. HtW WSCBVtllr^ 'liftbio a HEVtR F ptnitton. Kov uwd by over BO,009 Iwllci monthly. InrieoraU* «iM» orKnn. Bew»rcof Imlt»t1on«. Kama nap«*i*. $2. per box. or trial box II. DCDI foaled In plain wrapper H«nd to la mp , for partloi..^.?.!^ Uo«.J Hff£« ]>rurcfiit«. AddrvW: "Iff ASSOCIATION, CliicoffO, Sold by B. F. Keesling and Ben Fisher. The Ponnsylvnnls Station. BnnsylvaniaLJnBS. Trains Exm by Centra); Ttn« AH rOLLOWC; Daily. ( Daily, excopt Sunday. Leave, AiflTe. Bradford and Columbus _.*12.« n m • 2.« a m Philadelphia,!: N Y '1'2 40 a in « 2.*5»tu Slchinondi: Cincinnati • J Wam » 250am rndlanapoUs & Louisville »iafiO a ro * 2 15 sjS! Elinor <Jt I'oorla (new train)...* 2.56 a m *12 K !*3| Crown Point >t Chlcwo * S.lo a m «12.<W a VsS Klchmon<l & Cincinnati ,t 5.45 a m tll.OO p m Crown Point i Chto«o f 0.00 a m ••..2o p m Montlcello & KUntr t 7.J5 a m H2.« p m Bradford ac Columbus t f-50 a m- 6 - ao P m Effnsr local Irolebt .T 8.SO a m tll.sn P "» Indianapolis & loulsvllle 'J2.45 p in • !..« P m. Richmond & Cincinnati.:...-..* 1.55 p m » LJ5 p m Bradford & Colnmbos 1.50 p m • I 25 p m Philadelphia & New York * 1.50 p m * l.i> p m Jlontlccllo & Edner t 2.20 p m t 7.45 a ID -Ihlcaco , * 1.30 p ill » 1.45 p ra v;iilcafto * Intermediate -• L66 p m *12.30 p m Kokomo 4 Richmond _....t S.m p m fll.QO a m Wlnamnc *ccomodatlon t 4.00 p m t 6.45 p m Mailon Aeomodatlon T 5.50pm t 9.40am J. A.. McCOLLOUGH, A«ent, EAST BOBJfD. New York Express. dalU ..... _ ....... ---- 2.41am t Wajne Accm.. except Snndaf --------- - 8.SO a m fan. Cltr * Toledo Kx., except San<ta7...U-06 a m Atlantic Express, dally ...... ----- ...... ----- J-fI pln Aocommodatlon lor East .......... » ....... — Llo p m WEST BOBM>. PacUlc Exprew, dallj- ---------------------- 10.2T a m Accomodatlon for West- ................ --- 12.00 m Canaas City Ex., except Sunday ...... - ....... 8.48 p m ^afajette Accra., except Souday ........... 6,05 p m St LonlB Xx, daiJj ........... - --- ...... .....10.82 p m Eel River Dlv« Logansport. "West Side, Between Logansport and Chtll- E18T BOCSII. LccommodatloD, leave except Sonday__...9.55 a m Accoromodat!oii, arrive except tinndaj- — 8.00 a BI '• • ...... 4.00am C, G. STEWELI,. Agent. VAN DAL! A LINE. Trains Leave Vo. 23 For St. Joseph— to. H For St. Joaepb — FOB THE:S< So. 51 Tor Terre Bant* No. 53 For Terre Baaie •Dally, except Sunday, For complete tlroe card. glvln« all train*'and Utlona, and tor foil Information: a* Jio rew» hroo«M cars; etc., •ddran.

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