The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 17, 1940
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) ft ffiflVS Bouncing It Off Question Presented By His Vigorous Move To Protect Players By GEORGE KIKKSEV NEW YORK, Jan. 17. - with Commissioner K. M. Landls indicating by recoil edicts that he'll use the offices of liasetall's highest tribunal to protect Ihe ball player to Ihe hilt, the question arose today whether any diamond slave might have the audacity ( 0 carry a salary argument to the "Ol 1 Jedge." No major league player lias ever appealed fo Commissioner i/mdk to settle a salary dispute with n club owner, fearing boycott by all clubs In case he lost his case and was turned tack on (lie mercy of the hard-hearted magnate. But Landls' momentous rulings this wee); slioiit out loud Hint the commissioner Is campaigning to see that the ball player geU nn nil- round square deal. The major league agreement under which Commissioner Landis' of- Ilce .was created has n clause In it giving-'n ball player a right to appeal any dispute to which Hie player is a part. Probably the majoritv of the tall players in the majors have never resd Hie baseball blue book . and never knew such n rule was In existence. But Landls' ukase In the Detroit case and his seven-point , bulletin regarding the manipulation of players focuses attention on the wide authority he has as commissioner, nnd is likely to encourage any ball player with n grievance to write the "OV Jedge" a letter Early Indication-; ore that there will be plenty of dissatisfied ball Players during the next Sew weeks Paul (Dizzy) Tiout, the Detroit pitcher who vlsloned sclltn» his services for $20.000 until Landls revoked his free agency, may seek' some extra balm from the Tigers for his shattered nerves. Everyone agrees that Trout was the goat of the Landis ruling in the Detroit case. Zoke Bonura, the misunderstood New Orleans Latin, and the New York Giants are working Dicmselvos up to a bitter battle ot words For B fellow who led the Giants In hitting and mns batted In, Bomira has been forced to take a lot of Insults, but the one that hurt most Dropping UClcanly- [njiyp njnw US GIG PiT IN filETBIllL 1 WElWIjlStUY, JANUARY 1?, As il would be done wilhout backboard. Cl Maying the ball off the backboard. . . f" -• Today's Soort Parade By I1EN1 V MrtliMOKE LOS ANGELES, Jan. 17. (UP)— , .... —,,^ v .,, uk , Muil mitoi. Liua mxvjciijE^, dan. n. (Ur)— nrv, „ u, » Glants 1 ™ U '««1 K- Hearing that Harry Stuhdreher was UMl off his $15,000. Zeke Is mighty In town, and remembering tint he burnt up about the whole sllua- was. 0110,0! the "Pour Horsemen," "on, especially the.methods used I naturally went out to the Santa , . uc ,^, u t,y LJ1U 1IILU10O5 m trying to ship him rtoivn the river to the Phillies . . Dizzy. Dean, whose contracfim --- j. ~ vltlj| Miluit; Contract was slashed from $20,0000 to $10.000 by i Diking about c s n " shown Anita: track to look for him. I found 'him there, in a huddle, what do you suppose he was in the huddle? He - --- „, ,,„„ ui^uj'A MIUWII COJU feet .where Landis' office was concerned but he might take It Into Ms head to air his case before the commissioner. He's defied everyone else : In baseball, including President Sl < m PriCk ' - so another one-man rebellion couldn't harm him . ; .The- Yankees .nre likely to have several severe holdout cases or, their hands. Red Rolfe, who was a hold- S * f^ a , r ' 'already has Indicated that anything less s :han 518,000 will be ; dislasteful ' to him even before nes had; a look nt his contract. The Yanks aren't due to send out their contracts until later this vveek Thc unlucky Tigers may experience more grief when they try to sign Hank Greenbersr, whose salary . was close to $30,OOD last season. At the close of last season .Greenbcrg was n the bad graces of both oraer Walter 0. Brlggs and Manager Del Baker Bna u llkcly (o , me ^ jj operation performed on his contract. Greenberg is known to be '° sla >' a 6 racc to DlMasr- r ere, U , GChrig a ? Baseball's hi?h- » d .I*Wr. ra&ftjgto drew last season and Is due for hta ov " Golden Gloves Event Slated For February P! ,' I i he ,, Northeiut Arknnsas-South- £! '^?.^ Golto O'oves elimi- in en oves eli nation tournament, conducted cooperation with the mlv 3 1 X* heW ln early In February, joe Crate announced this morning. B "" The veteran fight manager and instructor said he would name t?e exact dates within a fewd-^ well* I", rCP ° rt Ir0m E ^ *™' U. crZm P , ro , motio " <«rm°r of 'h Commercial Appeal which is talking about how much football would benefit, both ns something to piny and something to watch, if the huddle were abolished. ' Stuhldreher, whose record at Notre Dame in the early ttventlcj establlshcd him as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all lims. nnd who now coaches at Wisconsin, believes the huddle has no more place In the modern game than the flying wedge and tackles with moustaches and chrysanthemum haircuts. "Coaches who argue lor the luid- rtle system ot cnilinq; signals will toll'you that the huddle simplifies away from the quarterback. He Is j-Hock, here; Jan. 27, Little Rock, not so much a leader as chairman | hero; Jan. 30, Jonesboro. there; of a round table discussion." | Feb. 2, Osccola, here; Feb. 0, Steele', The horses came Into the stretch nl this time and the huddle against the huddle broke up. Jonesboro Cage Team To Oppose Chicks Thursday here; Feb. 13, Manila, here: Feb. 1C, Shawnee of Joiner, here; Feb. 20, Osceola, there. Sherman Will Join The Citadel Staff GURDON, Ark., Jan. 17—Eugene "Bo" Scrman, Nashville, Ark., high aims Removal Would Slow Up And Ruin Spectacular- Game DV JERRY 1IKONDFIEM) NBA Service Sports WiJIer COLUMBUS, O., Jan. IB.—Paul Mooncy is (nullified to form opln- lidtis on basketball, but when the 'Columbia University coach recommends that backboards be dispensed with it appears as though lie Is Ucliig a little wishful thln,-- li«: Mooney's biggest plnlnt Is that I uklioiivils spawn outslml giants «o popular today on courts. Without lhe boards the Lion tutor contends the game could be returned to quick, skillful and sharp-eyed iio.'jnnl-sked athletes. All this, perhaps, b'ecause Mister Money doesn't have ii slx-foot- M*cr (o drop In 10 or 12 points a game. FANTASTIC ENOUGH TO HE IMPOSSIBLE On the heels of his suggestion comes much comment with most coaches and officials bluntly referring to It as sheer nonsense. 'I'm not attempting to speak for others," says Harcld O. Olson, O.'iio State mentor, "but the game would turn into a miserable flop if the rules committee took the backboards away. It's fnnlnslic enough to be impossible." Mooney claims that giving players nothing more than the basket itself to slicot at would require a greater degree of skill. As it is, mobile giants nre able to capitalize too greatly on (heir height by playing the backboard to cage short rebounds. Tills is referred lo in some quarters as a sloppy basket, and iwsslbly wouldn't have been made il the scorer wasn't six cr seven 'Inches taller than those trying to oiit.seramble him. i SKILL NEEDED TO I'l.AV BACKflOARD CORKECTLY With the backboard six by four feel, the shooter has n pretty fail- target location and mnny is the shot that caroms off the wood into the meshes. Most cbservers figure it would lake a lot more skill to put the ,„„„, » _ „_., _, ^^ son next Tuesday nljiu when land nt The Citadel, 'mllttary"coi Joncsboro will Invade the Chlckn- lege. KTW nniri Olsen. , t|i<; «f the slickest nnd more c,i f spectacular play is on rebound Sherman succeeded Rowland at work Henderson, producing plonshlp teams before awaited gymnasium would be completed In time for the home games ' but the first of these will hnvo to ™ <£—« ™ •' '. ?, P coaches at Ourdon High School SCORES WOTJin DROV WITH His entire /l«t lost by cll-31- and another, Jell, Is assistant coach HOOP ALONE A? ?\nrir bilily since seniors participated in nl Pine Bluff High School. ' i*ui»ti. the post season shrlners' football game In Memphis. Conch Joe Dllrf*- and his assistants, Mitchell Best and John Ed James, have been crowd,' 'Stuhldreher says. "But that ' ' pl^af'TV 0 ^" CSt Ul ^ ^to^tl* ^rant 18615 - was bothered in any way." Stuhldreher LS convinced that the tremendous improvement In defen- 3'ear thttt e mark, the third successi sive sive football play in the past ten years will force coaches to return to the barking of signals by the "Teams use five, six. seven and eljht deferuive formations in a single game these days." the old horseman said, "and this makes it Imperative that the quarterback stand Dp and call the signal*, in that way he can see the various changes In the defensive set-up and capitalize on them, with (he > huddle, a play Is chosen and then the team comes out and finds that the defensive set-up is such (hat It makes the piny decided on useles'; The proof of this lies In the "fact that huddle teams return to fo''nu- tlon and call another play scvcntv- five per cent of the time." In line with this Stuhldreher cite:! the Green Bay Packers in their game with the all-stars here last Sunday as an example. '"lire Packers huddled, yes but fully Jialf of the time they'checked |) on the ive home. The schedule f< of the season f Joncsboro, here; signals when they came — ..... **" • a awh, ™ A B0t a lc <c « stajed here (1 ^ been formation of the all-stars" Applications are being received in ™M tU n ld)re , hl!r ; who rctllscs to ad - Memphls and the list will be a n ? * a . 1 u' C b blns - (l on lhc «'"• nounced after the ctosL a£ ' ^ " 5t , bCCtlVlse ho was ^and-up Coach Craig 'said S date - *!!"»' caller at Notra D.ime. say, The Blythevillc team which ha,' hv i{ «" , pu ^! lc woultt bc l llras ^ made a creditable showing e «ry ^-JJl l ± ^ ° f " le hu<ldlc ' year, wUl be built around two nov Mm, \ ^ t;lltcs " p to ° mu ='< ice champions. They are A«on Sf T n " k ,' s tlle B3mc » S"^ Byrd.weiteroelghUndHueh-TS" ? h ° WCr ' he alw( *' "Besides, Hartert, middleVe ght cr E , on l clhing dramnUc '» » 212? torn .nd t!lc much of the Is taken r the remainder illows: Jan. 23, Jan. 20, Little STANDARD TIKES -rhnri. i ' S Nashville high iYninutc or so, .it's the wild, drlv- ™.°' "I,;rf'., ling recovery play oil the back- The Citadels new assistant j beards that has the crowd sland- "Removing the backboards would •OTHER SIZES >ROPORTIONATEiy ^, v AT TODAY'S LOW PRICES! As Low As Cftc Per Week On Our MOTOR CO. MEN'S CLOTHING MANHATTAN SHIRTS All Colors Except While S2.50 Shirts for $1.85 $2.00 Shirts lor $1.65 * $1.65 Marlboro SHIRTS 2 for $165 1 Group S1.05 Hanover SHIRTS 2 for $!,95 AH Colors Kxccpt White PORTIS HATS $5.00 Hats 82.95 $3.85 Hats §2.50 20 MEN'S ALL WOOL $22.50 SUITS —NOW (Sizes 33 (o -11) ANOTHKR RACK MEN'S $22 lo $35 SUITS .. $15.00 $17.50 HUDSON Cleaner - Clothier - Tailor . PHONE 53 tend lo slow up the game tremendously and lower the scoring drasltcaUy. "There would be nothing to pre- 'cnl the ball from going out of bounds on shots and the referee would be continually Wowing his whistle to stop while retrieving the ball from the crowd. "That, was one of (he big reasons why backboards were put up in lhe firsl place. They nol only served the purpose but provided Die game ivlth • cue of Its exciting phases - rshoiu'iii work." . It might also be pointed out lo proponents of the backboard-less idea that the big boys today uren'l as clumsy and slnijle-lalenied ns many believe. The modern court giant Is a rap- Idly moving one. Abbott Oldlmin McGliec G MeLflOd G Richardson G Nichols Yarbro—Fowler, f. •' BOYS Lone Oak (2.0) 1'cs, J. Austin -1 H. Walters C E, Austin 4 Mulllns Bunch C P P C G O Hubbard (21) WnrrlJigtoii 0 C Harbcrt a I3!irnha)n G Substitutions: Lone Oak — If Wakeflcld, E. Walters, Referee—Mar!In Griffin. • THE PAYOFF Crack Girls Cage Wins Easy Victory Over Hubbard Yarbro's crack quintet continued heir march toward.'; the Mississippi County Amateur Basketball Jsneuc title in the girls' division by swamping Hubbard Hardware «-5, Monday niglit at the Na- icnal Guard armory. In the second • game Lone Oak with a ubbarcl had no trouble at all HY JKHRY HHONDFIKLI) NBA Service Spcrts Writer COLUMBUS, O,, Jan, 10.—Francis A. Schmidt estimates he faces the biggest Job jn his football career next fall. The addition of Texas A. & M. to Die schedule gives Ohio Slate jhe most difficult program ever tackled by the Buckeyes or their The game, carded for Oct. 5, will mark the firsl northern appearance of Jan-l.r John Kim- braugli, whcm many critics are calling Hie greatest' back- of all lime. Schmidt indicates he'll be spending all his spare moments trying to figure out n plan lo stop the 210-pound fullback. "klmbrough and the rest of the I schedule will be a of Ills when lie coached Texas Christian cagers for five years. "Soulhwest basketball Is sprouting fasl, jusl like Us foolbail," Schmidt explains. "Some have i»e;j saying It doesn't compare with that of other parts cf the country. They might bill that was before [he .schools started hiring specialized coaches who are real students of the game. '."Eastern critics said Texas ranked with the best when Jack Gray's boys played in Madison Square Garden. "Well. Ihe Arkansas kids are . just about Iheir equal. Either one is a good bot for national honors. "Keep an eye on this 'Jack Gray, though. He's only 27 years old and he's right up there with the lopnotcliers already." Francis A. Schmidt suspects that southwest basketball soon \vl]| tic an a par with its football. They know how to handle the ball down there. Stomach Ache Defrays Boy Gang of Robbers NEW UR1TAIN, Conn. (UP)-An •nlert bus station clerk and a stomach ache helped solve a robbery. Four b:ys. one of them grasping i his stomach in pain, bought tlck- ' ets from Hie clerk for New York. The clerk, suspicious, notified police. They learned the boys hail (stolen $40, part of which they [spent lavishly for candy and banana sundaes. «**• leave us re- leaves boys pretty well battered v.vs "We'll have to do a- lot more fo nvarrt nnH « , giant the national coaches' meeting that, tantamount Yarbro (43) M. L.Whittle 10 C. Whittle 20 Ohapmnn 13 of athletics, 'switches ithont where two of my boys UtiM*n»l rc\ """ """' 5 r ' ellt WCU "' " le BOUtll- ~. Hubbard (5) west basketball race," lie smiles. P o " u ? y Z He sons on to explain that Glen *, „, orlmes R°se, Arkansas mentor, and Buster F Thompson Brannon, Rice tutor, were proteges for RICHER BODY and FLAVOR 100 PROOF THE K, TAYLOR BLYTHEVILIE BEAUTIFUL CHRYSLERS NOW AVAILABLE AT YOUR NEAREST CHRYSLER DEALER'S 121 W. Ash SEAY MOTOR CO. 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