The Lake Geneva Regional News from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin on June 15, 1916 · 1
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The Lake Geneva Regional News from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin · 1

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 15, 1916
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As -', 1 A --- . ' :v t r ;7 V THIRTY-FOURTH YEAR LAKE GENEVA, WISCONSIN, THURSDAY, JUNE 15, 1916. VOL. XXXIV--NO. 2 4 m SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED. v .. 7 A A- ; ' -5 '' ' Interesting Exercises- flark Graduation of Class of i. A The school year of th Lake Geneva schools closed -last Friday with the Commencement Exercises in Associa-. tion Auditorium., -"'N . Dr. McLauren gave a very strong jaddress-on Americanism and .offered Asome sound advice to the. young men ; and women of (the fclass. An orchestra " under the direction of Mrs. -Harry .Mac-"donald tendered -several enjoyable - pieces and Prof. Beck presented the diplomas. y' The Alumni. Banquet oh night qty Hotjef Geneva was success, many. formePgMoua out of town being pnzsent Monday i grand from Pre Nuptial Event. Among the pleasant social events this week .was a dinner given by Miss Ijenevieve E)elworthat Hotel Geneva in. honor of Miss Mabel Best.' The table decorations vyerd especially beautiful. .A large basket of roses and - . gwet peas graced the center , . v s tettfe and with places cards and a. rose j Association is planningTor a game of breach guest and' a large, belf of j baseball each day for the fouFdays and" simtax and ' sweet : peas underneath there will be tennis games going in the Which a small cupid doll attired in a dai costumes was arranged for .the ide to be. The party was a. very- delightful affair and was attended by ' twelve guests. ' 0, - DIAMOND VETERANS , Aleqibers of Old Lewis Nine s td Play at Delavan Home-Coming. (From Delavan Republican.). We are pleased to present herewith a picture of the Old Champion Linn team and the former Richmond .Blues who will play at Delavan on the second day of the Home Cfoming, Wednesday, June 21st. - The Lake Geneva Steamboat Line resumes operjhdons today under the new management of John S. Allen. , , The growth of the line has beep ill befcalled at one-thirty : steady under the efficient management The game oclock and vTjd be' preliminary to the ame. Frank Walsh regular.afternd of Linn, a well known member of ihe team, was in the city jaturuay Amd made this pffice a short visit. He says that down his way the boys? are af interested in this game and ? that Keenan, Bogarty and Ingalls, the great triumvirate who deal the old Walworth -bunty Leagurers so many crushing blows will the time comes, Old by the eternal nder swears I cross the home plate once more, while on second base, S tiS said, the Loud Mans sweet voice will be heard. . Larry Rosenthal, now the faithful apCefficient Assistant Postmaster at BVipit, whose prownejs in former years on the diarqond is well known throughout this section of. Walworth County, f has been invited to assist Clarence Beaumont of HoneyCreek, to umpire the game and keep peace and quiet. We respectfully suggest to Larry that he bring alonga detail from tYi e Beloit police and fire departm mts as protection in. case of trouble. While in the city, Mr. Walsh met Andy Campbell, manager of the old Richmond Blues. Andy told Walsh plainly that the Richmond team had already gone into training and was out to win. Walshs eyes flashed as he ! j0hn s. Allen Present Owner and Man-snapped back Come on, were ready, j ager 6f the Lake Geneva Steame Line and the reporter quietly but swiftly re-! . ' . tired for more peaceful parts j ; j Mrs. W. E. Wood entertained a par- Nevertheless, tis sure to be ..some ty of. friends a3 a farewell to Mrs. game. ' 7 x ! Herbert Bossier. 7 ri V t: 7 IK 7' JULY 4th AT LAKE MVA Entertainment for Everybody ' will be Provided. Golf Base-j ball. Tennis and Many r Forms, of Amuse ment. 1 MT COMMITTEES ALL WORK. Preparations are now in full swing for the celebratioQ of t the Fourth of July which will be held Here. Many of the committees have been appointed and are at work and the details of the plans will be published as the preparations progress. The Finance Committee consisting of Ira Flack, H Griswold Jr., and Edw. Jenkins are doing the soliciting and it is hoped that every business man will respond generously so thaw the celebration may be made what it shouid be. ' A fourjiay open golf tournament beginning Saturday, July 1st and closing on the fourth with a blind bogey com-petifciqhf will be one of the attractions Maple Park courts all the time. The golf tournament is in chargeof the following committe: L C. Kohn, O'. Livie, H-Hammersldy, H, A. -Bur-dic and Edw. Arnold. 7 Thetennis play will be arranged for ; by Maurice. Durkee, Dr. R. C. Halsey RETURN d Dr. C. A. Kaye The will be persohel of the other committees i announc d next week. - 1 r TT THE ALLEN STEAHER LINE Schedule Bogts Started on Regular Friday. Runs & of Capt. W. N. Johnson during more than twenty years of ownership, and Mr. Allens success as a business - man. in other lines, insures a continuation of this development. Mr. Allen, plans to run spacial excursion trips with or$ie-, stra music and to do everything possible to entertain the patron? of the line and to make boat rides popular. , - 1 THE FORMER LINN CHAMPIONS r mbW sf V' i S. 4 AUTO RUN TO DELAY AN Large Number of Cars to flake Wednesday June 21 Trip The Committee composed of, S. T. Hutchinson, Ira Flack, and Alfred Gill appointed to arrange for an automobile run on June 21st, has all arrangements made, and the advertising ban-hers ready. All of those are going are requested to call at either of these garages and get their banners on Monday June 19th. Delavan, Wisconsins big Home Coming is scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, June 20, 21, and 22. . The twelve committees in charge have left nothing undone that will make this big southern Wisconsin event an affair that will long be remembered by the thousands who are expected in attendance. A big three days program has been prepared, consisting of speaking, home coming reunions, musical programs, band concerts, interesting and exciting free street shows, and gorgeous display of fireworks in the evenings. t Hon. Henry Alien Cooper, Representative in Congress of the First Congressional District, Judge E. B. Belden bf Racine, and Hon. Walter C. Owen, Attorney General, are the three prinbix pal speakers. In Addition there will be numerous other addresses, by well known Wisconsin men, including Dean Geo. L. Collie of Beloit College. The citv and all business places and most ofthe residences will be gaily and appropriately decorated for the occasion. Music will be furnished by the Elk-horn, Delavan, and Burlington bands. Sharon and Darien, ! Lake Geneva and Delavan, Whitewater and East Troy, will' play ball on the different days for I the sacks, substantial cash purses. In addition there will also be a game between the Old Richmond Blues and the former Linn Champions. , Hundreds of responses baye been received by the Invitation Committee from former residents of Delavan, re- i t siding in all parts of the country, stat- ing that they will: be preaent for the iuj another Home Coming. sured! Everyone should plan on attending this big affair at least one day. Lake Geneva Garden; Club The Lake Geneva Garden Club waS organized primaiilly for the purpose pf encouraging greater interest in the 1 eautificatiion of home grounds. The production of better vegetables, and promotion of general education in the cultivation of plants; expert gardeners will be invited to give lectures on the Uwork and competetive exhibitions wiil be staged in which special prizes will be given to stimulate interest in the work, and all of the citizens of Lake Geneva and vicinity are urged to take Part. . , , The membership fee isv$5:00 per' family, and the News would urge the strong cooperation among the citizens to promote the organization. Parents cm leave no better heritage than a love of flowers, and a desire to beautify the home surroundings. ' . - Mrs. F. S. Moore Dead Mrs. Mary fMoore, wife of F. S. Moore of this fcitv, died at her home on Wisconsin St!,- Monday, June 12, at 11:30 a. m., after a long illness. The funeral was held from the residence on Wednesday afternoop, OBituary next week. ; - - A ) v x SS 3Sk -. Sm ATHLETICS BEAT DEL AVAN Both Teams Play Fast Ball Visitors Fail to Find Crodan Final Count 3 to 0. MUKWAN AGOJ COMING NEXT. Crodans remarkable pitching and timely batting won the game. last Sunday with Delavan at the city ball park, before a record crowd of' enthusiastic' fans. Fifteen Delavan batters were vanquished by the strikeout route by Crodans benders and only one single by Thorpe was the-hit record. He hit one batter and issued one pass to first. ONeil, who performed ,on the mbund for, the visitors, pitched a good game, bur was wild hitting one batter, walking .six and striking out six and allowing four hits. " Both , teams gave the players gilt etjge support, only one error being recorded for each team. Blodgett jnis-qued in an attempted peg to first and Scharf let ; Grants high throw get away. Three of the visitors got as far as second base through an error, hit tatter and a walk. Up to the sixth inning no scores were made. The Athletics threatened to score in the second when they filled the sacks with no outs, on an error, a walk and a fielders , choice. But a caught fly and - two strikeouts put ONeil out of danger. The Athletics opened tip the sixth by scoring the three'runs and winning the game. Scharf, first up, stopped one of ONeills curves with his chest and went to first. Grant flied out to Blodgett. Brady got a walk, putting charf on second. Folman was called out on strikes. Willitz got a wafk fill-Crodan singled to right, scoring Scharf and Brady, Willitz landing on second, and later stealing thirc by a close decision. Wilson singled to (eft scoring Willitz, Martin ending he rally by hitting to Blodgett- anc as out at first. ' Those two teams wiil play at Dela an on thelst a the Home Coming grent game will be as S Gfodans record for the last games gives him 30 strikeouts and hlk made off his delivery. Next Sunday Mukwonagos famous team will be here and a battle roya will result. Mukwonago defeated the Athletics in two games last season. The first game by a score of 5 to 3 and and the second by a score of 9 to 5. Swan and Kingston or Brophy will be the battery for the visitors. O 0 x 3 Delvan.. 0 0 0 070 0 0 OU 00 Hit by pitched ball filodgett, Scharf. Stolen basest Willitz, Flek. Double play, Thorpe unassisted fo Keller. Left on'bases Athletics 6, D3ltvan 2.! Um-Foster and Miller. Utter-Horn. - ' , Miss Sadieytter of this city and Mr. Geo. Horn of Chicago, wei married in ChicagoWednesday, yurie14L of thebfid pCH 4 A t 7 r t rt 7Vy United States Mail Boat used in Delivc:ring Mail to Shore Residents Aroiind the : Lake, Owned and Operated by Geo. T. Goodman niLWAUKEE VISITORS HEIIE Advisory Board of Merchants) Manufacturers Entertained Hotel Geneva, and Upon the invitation of Messrs. Their-bach and Nussbaum of Hotel Geneva, of the membersof the Advisory Board the Merchants arid Manufactur ers Association came here Wednesday yid spent a very delightful day; dining at lotel Geneva and then taking a boat -ride. They came to Burlington in a special car provided by the M. E. R. & L. rail- Capt. W. N. Johnson Former Owner of Lake Geneva Steamer Line, Operating for Over Twenty Years way atfd'were met" there 'by 5 automobile the use of which were donated by Messrs. S. T. Hutchinson, Jensen and Flack, E. F. Durin, and H: W." Sherman. '"Mayor Ford in a few well -chosen words .welcomed thdvisitors and at the close of the meal, the president of the association gave a talk on the val ue of trips of this kind, wherein the people of different localities become better acquainted and especially that the business 'men of Milwaukee, and ' Lake ed to the end that a broader business U-The guests were then taken for a ride on thelake, but engine trouble on Be boat delayed the trip so that they went only half way round. -In the dicussions of business affairs j among the men it was 7 suggestedthat a delegation of Lake Geneva biriiess t men call upon the officers of the pi. E. R. L. company and, urge the ex tension of that road from Burlington to Lake Geneva and that the .mer chants and .manufacturers association be invited to visit us ih the pear future' These matters.,will be taken up in due time. The visitors returned ' fol-. Milwaukee , ' - in the evening, well pleased with theft reception. 7 "s -J. A Thesgentlemen in7the party repre sented the leading industries of Milwaukee and are among the leading Ttitizs of that city. x-- " Charles Basw of this, city. af Bessie Davis of telleri, . Wi si Were married Wedjtesday. June 14 attfeeL ( V fv? j Y AwS-i 6 flfftttrtt im ik&aig&m , N vjr Northwestern Military and Naval Academy. Y. j The Northwestern Military and Naval Academy dedicated their hundred-foot A lump i flag pole on Wednesday, June 14th; Flag Day. This flag pole was presented to the academy by the Alumni. Association, some years ago ' and was hauled from Highland Park and re-ercted at jthe academys new! home. It stands directly in front of the north entrance of tfcemain building and betweefi the two bonze cannon re- r . - cently dedicated by the Grand Army Posts of Walworth County. -V Saturday Evening First Excursiofixof the Steamer Harvard. . ' . e RJusic wiU be furnished on this trip, also on Sunday afternoon by Oakleys 5-piece orchestra, of Chicago; This orchestra has furnished music for some of the most prominent clubs aid important affairsat Chicago and is wel worth hearing Te management of the Steamer Line doing alPin their power to give the passengers the most courteous and efficient service possible and to make the trips on the lake this summer ; more enjoyable than ever before. ; . . Farm Barn Burned , The large barn on E. G, Prices farnC in Bloomfield was struck b lightning Wednesday mornig and totally des-stroyed by the fire which followed. Mr. Price was milking in the barn when the bolt struck, but did not kneiw fhat the barn vvas on fire for some mir - : utes later, and 'then it was too late to save it. The cattle were got out, but the chickens were burned. By strenti- ; j - a ous work the other farm buildings' were saved.. 7 r Y - JThtbss is a severe one for Mr. ice as he.,earYiedniy JJ700 insurance ard ' thriioss is rore than double 'That amount, - . Ij r Playing at Genoa. m- Mildred, Jones accepted an en- gagement as violinist, underthe ma the Star Fjred Stahl at Junction. gement of hejaJtre in Genoa She will la-two nights a . we4ilhfe theatre ja new one andjvas bpehed td7 the 7, public for : the first fime last-irSatUFfluy- A . 1 w ' NP- 57 Y C- W x. fUt'. T- k 2 '' v n s:;: V - 7., .T ; h 4 .1 Jrg f" ..-er A 'sAa s rm .s ; .. "t- , t 7. '5 ' ' a H . i - , -sf 'L V - 2 J'i.k53r: v & xr

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