The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1930
Page 8
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I'AGfi IC1GHT (AKK.) COUKIKU-NKWS Admiralty's Die - Had; Have no Enthusiasm for Arms Reduction. Jly M1I/TOX niiOS'NEK NKA Service Writer LONDON'—The Navul Conference may be n Great success to some people, hut so far as Ihi old Entrlish sea doss are cou reined It Is just a biic mistake Hardlv had the various delegate fettled down in their new nunrtro when there broke out a \valllni chorus of from the Ad mlrals. And. listening to Ihi chorus, one realize^ that Premie Ramsay MacDonald h not havlm easv EHilintr in his own crmnlrj The Enelish leaders will hiv the opposition of his country's (He liards—admirals, politicians am . >iewFinuers slikn. And li» «'H have the opposition of Lord Bridce- man whose stubbornness whci head or the Annirally. wrechec the Geneva Naval canfc-mire. It was a sullen lot of old ?ea- rlops who. titling In their Pnll Mall clubs some months nso, rend of how MacDonald and President Hor.ver had agreed that the Lon• tlon Naval. conference. Insofar as America and Great- Britain were concerned, should be conducted by v civilian statesmen and not liy pro- i feVstonnl sailors. : Tlie silence of the Pall Mall ' clubs was broken finally hy a IcU . of humnhs and a lot of sniffs. ' Then all wns qnlet again on the - London front and optimists thought it would remain so. Tho wallers, however, were merely biding their lime. Lord Beallv TYoalcstcd Admiral Lord Beally, who com mended the batle cruisers hi the Rattle of Jutland and was afterwards First taiA of the Adinlrnltv, led off in the House of Lords. Ho viewed with alarm the KOveru- menl's pronosal In cut down crul?- Scrambled Legs Incs and trade routes ot the Em- ilrc, Great Britain should be free o fix her own standards of naval lecds, and (hat In the five power naval conference no reduction In •hlps tonnage or personnel should be agreed to, which, In any way, would lower the standard ot Imperial safely. The sen-dogs having . hail (heir wall, (he Morning Post, Tory organ which Is the favorite reading matter of retired sea-dogs In llieir clubs, took up (he sad story in Its editorial columns. Commenting upon ihc fact thai In deciding up on SO cruisers, the Admiralty was asked to lake inlo account Midi comllUons as ihc Kellogg Pact which did not exist In 1027, It .•aid contemptuously: "If lhat pact and all the other contraptions of World Courts am Peace Agreements, regional and iinlvrs-il, really worked— such ivc gather, was the hypothesis which the Board of Admiralty was nskcil to consider. And, ,1! Ihc' really did work Inevitably and unl versally. posslly the 'British Em plre could do with 60 Instead o 70 cruisers, But on such a rjues n I'hlladcluhln, they Magccl a wrestling malcli between Joe and Val- |}[."" t "'J^ 0 h^fothesc^ ^The Vc] iiitln ICarrey. a ccuple of limber lirott'.cr athletes from San Sebastian,! | 0 gg pact Is! after Spain. It became a knotty problem for the referee, who was all run {pious aspiration dwn at Ihe wind-up, which Is pictured here. Finally Ihe entangle- thcvclote.. our naval ncnl wiis called a draw, while an osteopath was summoned to separate the con'.estnnts. That's Joe's (ace at the left; maybe you can! find the rest ot him. all, a mere - To 1 found estimate tlie Kellosg Pact Is as If we wer to found our domestic calculation on lhat other hypothescls—'if a the world was apple-pie'." 1 absence of Brillsh naval exports nud asked whether thin mluhl not be a sign that, the government's, policy was not one which naval experts might, fliul difficult to swallow. Admiral Didn't Agrrc Vlcq Admiral E. A. Taylor, addressing a Tory political meeting, snld the Kellogg Pact was no gunranlce whatever that war was a tiling of the past. II It was so certain «v> assurance <yl Culucc lieace. why was not It* chief author (United States) not giving up (he execution of her latest naval program?" The speaker did not believe Ihc Admiralty had agreed to,60 cruisers. He was certain tlmt not a single admiral would say he was prepared tn t;o to war wllh 60 cruisers as n maximum. Britain could not go o» reducing her forces without sacrlliclng her national security. They were constantly war was impossible between EL DORADO—An addition to he sewer system 1,000 feet In I ermth, will be built along Union I venue by (lie city at a cost o( »3,-' 75, FIU1UY, KErmUAKY 7, in:50 Best Purgative for Relieves [he congeition, reduce* complications, haiteiu recovery. er strcnelli-nic very .strength | Britain and America. MncDonald Great Britain needed to protest ,, ml Hoover had said BO, but they her sea-borne traffic anil keep open the paths to her dominions and colonies. Then Lord Brlrlqeninn to"k up the. sad SOUR at a meeting. Every- bodv. he said, was anxious fnr the conference must (o succeed, but there were mere pawns to be swept off the hoimls when the time came. It war between the countries was 1m- iwssllile. why all this anxiety on tlie wart, of America to achieve equality with the British Empire? Then Admiral O. R. I,. Nte:iol- provlsn that nothing | sm delivered himself nf a letter ' should bo done which would 1m- • pair Britain's foeling of security and the posvcr of the navy to protect the Brillsh Isles, the empire and its trade. The cruiser problem was the difficulty in 1027 and it remained the difficulty today. The First Lord of the Admiralty (his Labor successor, A. V. Alexander) had Bald recently that Britain was willing tn reduce lier cruiser strength to 50, but his reason for this proposal wns most unconvincing. II was that the Uswl Tints—Results Were Very Disappointing. Then Used Lea's anil Now Hair Js Beautiful and No Gray NO DANDRUFF NOW SINCE USING LEA'S to the Times, as nil good Britons do when they "view with alarm.' EIo sHokc of Britain's present unhappy position. • , "We seem to have given up our sovereign right to decide what Is necessary for national security and to have referred the strength of the Hoynl Navy to nn International conference." Admiral Percy Grant was equally low In hl.s mind, because lie sat himself down nt (he United Serv- ecs club and wrote a letter lo the "1 thlnlc most everyone Is eni- barrsissci more or less about Ihelr gray hair— especially If It Is dry uncl sort of dull and Ucait looking like mine used to be. Every lime I combed my hair It would comb out In handfuls and dandruff was always bothering me. When 1 came out of. the hospital after be- Ing there two and one-hnH weeks my hair was a sight, so I began usliic Lea's Hair Tonic ami Its fplendlu. It's the only preparation I know ot or ever saw that will bring back your natural hair color. My hair Is Identically the same shade as of old nnd full of life and lustre, thanks to Mrs. Lea's Tonic. Ko person with dandruff ailing hair, or turning gray should esltate a moment. Lea's does Its •ork beautifully." writes Mrs. Hen- . Kellogg Pact had made all the j rest In which he 'said ho viewed difference between 1027, when Bri-j w ith alarm the fact that no Brittain wanted 70 cruisers, nnd the I i n n Admlrnl had been named as i> position nmv. But Ihe danger of! fun delegate to the Naval Confer- wa r in 1927 was no prcntcr t'.ian | c nce. An Admlrnl. by his train- at the present time. The Kellossr ing and long experience, would be Pact only embodied .in documentary j better able to crnuple with the form the desire of nations not lo : many points raised tn discussion, enter war. And If the Kellc?g! H O W as • very sure the country Ptct. wns (he only difference, why . should it have such curiously different clfccls on different countries? The effect of It was Ihnt Britain wns to rcrluee lier claims by 20 cruisers, whereas other caun- would have fell far more confident in any decision arrived at if an Admiral were a full delegate. Hdil indignation Meeting The- British Navy League liclrt an indignation meeting and atlopt- trles were preparing to increase cd u resolution which said in pan: their cruiser slrenelli enormous- : "That In order lo ensure the lyl. He viewed with alarm Ihc defense and security nf the coast phone HOME THEATRE Friday and Saturday Montana Bill in a UivillinK western "Secrets of the Range" Also Serial nnd Comedy Matinee nnd Evening lOc nnd 25c ry Behrens, of Shannock, 'R. I. whose picture appears, above.': "Thousands of men ftnd use Len's for their hair. .It lances one's appearance so much There is utterly no . excuse an; nore for looking old or being txit'i ercd with dandruff. Lea's docs .m. j (feet your lialr If it Isn't gray. It is Inexpensive for only a few drops rhassaged into the scalp each night docs the work. Then when in beautiful youthful condition and color an application twice a month keeps the scalp and hair In handsome condition. Obtain of your druggist. If out he will get U of his Jobber for you, or send dollar bill, check or money order to Lea Tonic Co.. Brentwood. Md Results satisfactory to antoed in six weeks cheerfully refunded. RITZ THEATRE Friday and Saturday ,' Evolyn Brent —with— Neil Hamilton David Newell and Doris Hill 'Darkened Dooms' All Talking Also Serial "Voice of the Sky" Matinee lOe and 30c Evening lOc and 35c "Strength and Ability- Plus the Willingness to Serve" Founded on Security Built by Service If the busy Housewife could be assured of first quality meats, vegetables and groceries site would be only too glad to shop by phone . . . \ve not only offer the very finest moats and i;ro- ceries obtainable but guarantee our prices lo be as low as you'll find anywhere. 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The Oldest Bank in Rlytheville Under State and Federal Supervision PIGGLY WIGGLY lilytheville String Beans No. 2 Can Del Monte Sardines In Tomato Sauce, 2 For 21c Macaroni Spaghetti, Noodles Gooche's Itest ,'J For 21c Syrup No. 2 1-2 Can Krer Babbit 22c Butter I'ure Creamery Krookficld Pound 38c Pickles lobby's Sweet Sliced Dills, Pints 25c Jam Welch's, .1-Pound Jar 90c Toilet Paper Waldorf 7c Apples Fancy York's, Pound Ba iiaiias Nice Yellow Pound ^ 7c Spinach Ib. IQc Lettuce Large Head 8c Coffee Famous St. Charles, Pound 35c Celery , Per Stalk .,. 8c . Lemons 300 Size, Dozen 36c Oleo Purity Nut, Pound lb.21c 2,vPound Cloth Sack $1.45 Lard Compound, 8-Pound Pail $1.15 Bacon Genuine, Sliced Black Hawk Ib. 25c Pure Lard 10-Pound Limit Pound lOc Salt Meat Best Bellies Pound 15c Cheese Daisy Cream Ib. 29c Mix Sausage Ib. Kraut Bulk Ib. 7Jc Bacon Strips Sugar Cured Pound 15c Hams Picnic's Ib. 23c Hens Full Dressed Ib. 35c Beef Roast "- Ib. 28c I

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