Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 10, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 10, 1891
Page 5
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We are Headquarters for A DREADFUL TBAGEDT. Jlarthi Griner SliootN and liiMlantlv KlIlM Mrs. Anna SPORTING GOODS. Our Line of Fishing Tackle is Unsurpassed, and at Prices that will Astonish You The Grand Bazaar. Then Send.-* a Bullet Tlirousli Hii. O\vu Mend. Hi* Victim Lying at tlic iTIorji'uc and He Ri-calhlii- Ills JLast at Uin Home on tne Point. Crazed by LOME Debauchery ftrfiicr ruts an JJnd to HI« irilNtres* and Attempts "His Own Life. PATRONIZE TAILORS' UNION LABEL. Tlie JDrcadftil Scene Knactcd In Bark Tenement oil Canal Street. XIic Instrument a 3S-CalIbre "Bull I)oe"-TJic CiuiNC, WhlNky. A Previous At cmpt UnsuccCNHfnl Bullets More Certain Tlian Chloro- form-Tlie Tragedy «f a Day. MONEY TO LOAN, a any «nm at the LOWEST roien. Pnva:« ruuci 3alj, Mon«r always In Sand. S'o ro 1 «>te 01 \>«!»y. Ictereut and prlnolpsl pnynble In Lof|iuu> port, $p«oial arraiiRdxiieiitp a* to payin^i n' principal and Interest, made to unit t*ie wtflhen '•( borrower. For further particulars apply «> Fred W. Munstm, On Mondays, Fridays or Saturdays. 214 Fourtfi street, opposite Court House. Dr. COR^ETT, V. V. S. A veterinary surgeon of many years experience Is now permanently located at Diehls Livery Stable 209 Market street, Logansport, Ind, Dr. Corbettwlllbe pleased to waltupon all -who may favor -him with a call. DR. E. M. HATCH, — HOMCEOFAT.HI'ST — Physician anfl Surgeon. Office, McCaffrey. Block Broadway Cor. Sixth St. Residence, 1122.High Street, Logansport, Ind. aprld&wSm Pianos Tuned, $1.50 For the purpose of Introducing my work to the musical people ol Logansport I bave reduced my price lor tuning Pianos, $2.50 to SI.50. I also keep on hand a full suppl> of repairing material. Pianos repolished, restrung, new Hammers, tone regulated, action rewalted, the touch changed heavy or light. First-class work. S3 years experience. Orders by mall or left at Allen Slchard- son.s, 414, Fourth. Street-,. Organs as above. marlldSm W. D. CAPKON. MONEY, a»n»ral Inenrimot and Lo»ns. All Hudp of •inrsnoe plAOAd in Urst olasg oompanlee. End -3»nt pollolei pnrciiBfod, Bond* of nnrutya. written tor psrtles holding poBlltoDB or (MI vh«r« & bond 10 required. 319 PEAKJL ST. S. M. C loss on MONEY TO LOAN! And Notes Bought in any sum overt25atleweBt rates. Large amounts^ percent. GBO. B. FORGY. F. M..BOZER,D1D, S. DENTIST. > '. ~ • • ~••' . OfQce Over J.Herz' Tailoring £»tab- llMliiuenc, 4O9 ITIarket Street. aprlldctwtf Daily Journal. SUNDAY MORNING. MAY 10. Silk mitts and gloves, at the Bee Hive. The beautiful'Manettia vine, atKidd & Sons, n r~l Go to P. W. Moore's and get Lansdowne in all shades at $1 per yard. Lost, 2 fire alarm keys, two pound keys, one door key and-watch key. Finder please return to Officer Klecker or police room. " " .; "• TheQbig bluffer of Philadelphia and his little dry ; goodsjpets, cannot stop P. W. Moore, of Logansport, from selling Land owne at ^1; South Bend.Post: Yesterday afternoon Mr. and Mrs. 'A. S. Kern left for Logansport to'.help celebrate the 77th birthday of the venerable mother of Mr. Kern v .who resides in that city. The combination 'people: are ', still after us for selling Lansdowne for^l, but as we do not belong'to the^ clique we use good judgment and sell at Farmers' Alliances prices. Lansdowne, f 1.—P. W. Moore's new store.- Hunting-ton Herald: ' Pro/. - W, T. Giffe, well known -to' musicians.in this city, has.organized a firm kbbwn as the Home Music' Company, and will publish a."-musical Journal, and all kinds of. inusic,books and sheet music. The new feompany 1 will' nave the re-fu- AC'CEPTS ELAINE'S" PROPOSAL. Lord Salisbury WilllnR: to Arrange for » Closed Seal Season. WASHINGTON, May 9.—The answer of Lord Salisbury to Secretary Elaine's proposal for a closed season in Behring sea has been received. The reply intimates a willingness to accept the proposal for a closed season, but suggests certain conditions which, our government is n«t yet willing to accept. What these conditions are will be made known at the first meeting of the cabinet after the president's return. While they may be regarded as embarrassing they probably will not stand in the way of a final agreement. LONDON. JJay !).—The Times, in an editorial on the Bearing se-a correspondence, says: "Secretary Maine's important concessions make possible arbitration. The award was given long before the Hay-ward case was decided, therefore it is scarcely necessary to discuss his last arguments. In the meantime the question of the close time for'seals is most pressing-, and Mr. Blaine's delay causes daily increased surprise/' Why Big Men Ilnve Uttle Wives. There is a very general and ancient impression that big men, in choosing wives, prefer small women. At first glance this would appear to be true, because the number of big men with little wives is certainly in an overwhelming majority as we see them. In the five years I have held my office I have learned a thing or two through the medium of the marriage license, office, and it is my impression that it is not that big men prefer little w-omen, but that little womerj prefer big men, and it is the experience of the world-wise that whal a woman wants she generally captures. —St. Louis Globe-Democrat. Mm'ei Blavat»!<y Dead. LONDON, May 9.—Mme. Blavatsky, the noted co-founder of the Theosopk- ical society, died at 10 Avenue road, Regent's park, three weeks ago. The fact has only now become publicly known. Mme. Blavatsky was CO years of age. fhe cause of death was influenza, aggravated by kidney trouble. The deceased was cremated at Woking, according to her desire. His Life Crushed Out. ASHLAND, Ky., May 9.—While workmen were engaged in dismantling the Methodist Episcopal church south, preparatory to rebuilding, the ceiling and timbers fell precipitating the manager, J, B. Stephenson, aged 65, killing him instantly, and fatally injuring the three Cum bo brothers. He Knew the'Ol'd Jlan. Brobson—Miss Filkins—Pauline, will you be my wife? Miss Filkins—Oh, really, Mr. Brob- BOri, ask papal Brobson (firmly)—Pauline, I cannot do it. I know he would never consent to be mine!—Jury. A'Went Virginia Murder. _WESTON,. W. .Va., May 9.—Friday night at 11 o'clock Solomon Etaw set fire to Mr. B. B. Bennett's residence. Bennett extinguished the fire. An hour later Etaw returned and shot Bennett dead in his bedchamber. Etaw is under arrest. A Horrible Deed. The dark tenement abode at 413 Canal street, next door to the old Canal school building was the scene of a dreadful double tragedy yesterday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. Martin Griner crazed by a long- course of debauchery sent a bullet crashing through the brain of his mistress, Mrs. Anna Keister and finishes his fearful deed by placing the muzzle of the revolver in his mouth and pulling the trigger. The force of the leaden missile was such that it crashed through the top of his head and through the ceiling. Notwithstanding- his fearful woundgGriner is still living and may live several days. At 3:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon the residents of that locality were startled by the dire sound of two pistol shots issuing from the second story of the old tenement and were so filled with fear that instead of immediately investigating the matter they dispatched for the police. Officers Owston, Murphy and Kieckner soon arrived at the house and on entering the upstairs rooms a fearful scene met their gaze. In a little room at the head of the dark stairway, her head resting on a' pile of old bed clothes, her hands folded peacefully on her breast and her form stretched its Ml length, a ghastly' hole in the right temple, from which had flow a great pool of blood, lay Anna Keister, stone dead, the ragged wound telling the story of her death. In anoth'er room, a small room, a mere alcove just large enough to contain a bed, a sight none the less ghastly met the gaze of the officers. On the edge of the bed, bleeding from the mouth and from a bullet hole in the top of his head, sat Martin Griner, gasping and struggling- and choking- with the clot of blood which filled his mouth, a horrible sight. On the floor of a middle and larger room lay a 38-calibre English "Bull Dog" revolver and near by another pool of blood, while a bullet hole through the ceiling all told of Griner's attempt at self destruction. Coroner Ballard was notified and on his arrival directed the removal of the body of the Keister woman to Woll & Parkers • undertaking establishment. He also gave what aid was sal of all of, 'Mr. ..Giffe's sitions which are quite .have a wide sale. own,, compo- popular and Good Look*. Goods looks are more than skin deep, depending upon a healthy condition of all the vital organs. If the liver be inactive, you have a bilious look, if your stomach_be disordered you have a dyspeptic 'look, and if your kidneys be affected you have a pinched look. Secure good health and you will have good looks.. Electric Bitters is the great alterative and tonic acts directly on these yital organs. Cures pimples, blotches, boils and gives a good complexion. Sold at B. F. Keesling's drug-store, 50c. per bottle. 4 The -'Mother's Friend" Not only shortens labor and lessens pain attending it, hut greatly diminishes the danger to life of both mother and child ii used a few months before confinement. Write to the Bradfield Eegulator Co., Atlanta, Ga., for further particulars. Sold by Ben. fisher. • to9 Notice—Alumni. There will be a meeting of the L. H.S..Alumni,. Monday; May 11, 1891, 4 o'clock p. m. at High School building, for the transaction of important business and election of officers. COTNER BAKNETT, Pres't. possible in Griner's case, but from the nature of the wound it was evident that the man was in his death throes. The body of Mrs. Keister was removed to the undertaking establishment of Woll & Parker where it was viewed by hundreds of persoos last evening. When the blood was washed away, a face still retainiu^ traces of a former beauty was disclosed. The right side of the face, the side in which the bullet entered was blackened by the powder indicating that the revolver had been held close to her headl Martin Griner was removed to his residence No. 2 Canal street and physicians did all that lay in their power to do for him. While unable to speak, the man, at times, appears conscious of those about him, and a time or two indicated thai, he understood what was going on. The bullet entered the roof of his mouth, ranged to the left, passing through the left lobe of the cerebrum and came out at the top of his head. As it is a. physiological fact that a person may live with a hole in the cerebrum, the doctors say . that Griner's condition while exceedingly critical is not necessarily fatal and that he may pull through on the last chance. ' The immediate cause of the tragedy may never 'be known, as there was- no eye witness'td the dreadful scene. It is sure however, that Martin' Griner has been half crazed by protracted dissipation for some weeks and that he has threatened to destroy himself on several occasions. Several months ago he deserted his family and took up'with the Keister woman, renting the tenement on'Canal street and furnishing the same for her. Lately, however, he must have sought to throw her over, as he has been attempt- ing to get the furniture away from her. On Thursday while wrangling with her ovei' the furniture Grioer naised such a row that the neighbors interfered and Officer Manders was 'called in to quiet the pair. On Friday night as stated in. the Journal yesterday morning, Griner took a dose of chloroform, from the effects of which he was saved only by the heroic exertions of his physicians. He took the drug in the house of his mistress, and, as she declared yesterday, also endeavored to persuade her to-take some of the deadly stun" with him. It is clear thai he took the stuff with suicidal intent, and it is probable that on brooding over the matter yesterday he determined to prepare himself and do the job up to a finish. How long he had been with the Woman in the afternoon is not known, nor whether they had a violent quarrel preceeding the tragedy. Neighbors heard no indications of a row or a struggle and it is likely that Griner went about his horrible business quietly and premeditatedly. From theQ trail of blood through the rooms it looks as though he shot Mrs. Keister, then dragged her into the small room and laid her out on the floor is above described. His pipe, charged with tobacco was lying- near her body. Was he cooly smoking while engaged in bis ghastly work? He then must have entered the middle room, placed the revolver in his mouth, fired the shot, then staggered to the bed on which he was found. Martin Griner is na old and well- known citizen, having been a barber here for many years. He was at one time possessed of considerable property, but was one of the unfortunates caught as bondsmen of Oscar Goodwin. This transaction took a large slice of his property, since which time he has been on the downward track. From being 1 a respected citizen his debauchery cast him down to a position little above that of a street "bum. He has been the city scavenger for the past year. He is 54 years of age and has an estimable wife and two sons, Will, a popular barber at Kraut's shop and George. He has a brother John Griner of Winamac, who was telegraphed for last night. Martin Griner is a member of the Knights of Honor and is being taken care of by that body. Mrs. Keister, his victim, was about 45 years of age, and was once a respectable woman, the - wife of Dr. _\Velty. of Jefferson township, now living at Norway, White county, and had five children, who are scattered, some living in White county, and some in this county,- She was also the step mother of Mrs. Morris Cohee of this city. Dr. Welty was divorced from her ten of fifteen years ago, after which she married John Keister of Jefferson township, who died some years ago. She has lived in this city for the past four or five years. Her remains are lying at Woll & Parker's, where Coroner Ballard will conduct an autopsy this morning. No one called last night to claim the remains or to make arrangments for their disposal. The dreadful tragedy was the all absorbing topic of conversation last evening and the remains of the murdered woman were viewed by hundreds of morbidly curious people, among whom were many women and children. KRAFS, OF COURSE. A BANK'S COLLAPSE Reasons for the Failure of a Philadelphia Institution. Too Many Depositors Withdraw Their Funds—A Big Tea Company Assigns-Other Failures. ol the firm's capital. The" been doing a business of about 51,500.000 a year. It has been in ex--; istence more than ten years. At the/ office of the company on Water street one of the four brothers who compose the £rm said the company was solvent ' and only wanted an extension. It would, he said, pay .100 cents on the dollar. The business was too complicated for him to give a definite statement of the assets and liabilities. POLICE INTERFERED. Tlie Wliile-Slddonw Fight at Fort Wayne Stopped by the Polioc In the IDUi Round. A Chicago JBetTer Grown SiddonH, Said to Have Put the of Special to the Journal. o'Ft. Wayne, May 9.. and White fight which the Princess rink witnessed by seven' —The Siddons took place at to-night was hundred people. Tne fight was a splendid exhibition of scientific sparring and lasted three hours and ten minutes. At the end of the 49th round the police stopped the fight and . it was made a draw. SWAIN. 'Another report says that the police were "put on." by a Chicago man who 'had heavy bets on Siddons and^jjrdw •'leery" of his man toward the close of the contest. Commendable. All claims not consistent with . the high character of Syrup of Figs are purposely avoided by ; the-..California Fig Syrup. Company. It acts gently on the kidneys, liver and bowels cleansing 1 the .system effectually, but it.is not a cure-all and makes no pretensions that every bottle will not substantiate. 1VHY ITS DOOP.S WEJiE CLOSED. PHILADELPHIA, May 9.—The Spring Garden national bank which closed its doors Friday has been taken charge of by Bank Examiner Drew. The failure of the bank was due to its connection with the Keystone national bank, which closed its doors about two months ago. The Spring Garden attempted to carry some of the Keystone's paper, hut other demands upon its resources forced it to the wall. The principal depositors were small tradesmen acd laboring people. It is impossible to obtain any information as to the condition of the bank's affairs, although it is currently reported that the assets will pretty nearly equal its liabilities. The bank had a capital stock of $750,000 and a surplus of 8137,000. The bank is a large depository for the city's money. According to the statement of City Treasurer Bardsley he had §144,000 on deposit in the institution. According to the statement of the bank made to the clearing house on Monday last its assets exceeded its liabilities by SI, 875,000. Among the items credited to its resources was 32,427,000 worth of loans and discounts. That these loans and discounts are not of a gilt-edge character is practically admitted by President Kennedy in a written statement to the reporters in which he cited some of the reasons for the closing of the bank. The Penn Trust Company, an adjunct of the bank, also made an assignment. The bank failure is not a heavy one but will be far-reaching in its character owing to the '-fact that so many small traders kept accounts there. The primary cause of the failure of the bank lay in the fact that so many depositors drew out their money to join the Earnest Workers and other short term societies. This t»ok at least 8100,000 OUT of the bank that it had for use at all times. President Kennedy was interested in the glass jar trade at East Liverpool, 0. It is believed there will be some crashes in that line. There are .rumors of reckless speculation, but no large institution will be hurt by the collapse. The outlook at this time is that the depositors will finally be paid 75 per cent FAILURE IN SOUTH DAKOTA. ABERDEEN, S. D., May 9.—.The Western Farm Mortgage Company, .one of the oldest loaning companies in this vicinity, assigned Friday. The authorized capital was '8350,000, over 8236,000 of which was paid in. The stockholders reside largely in New York and Michigan. J. C. Wilson, Flint, Mich., is president, and James A. Blanchard, Mew York, counselor. President Wilson says the assets exceed the liabilities, and every dollar will be paid if the country comes out right. THOUSANDS US-ACCOUNTED FOE. NASHUA, N. H., May 9.—The Bay State. Shoe Fastening Company has been wrecked. The treasury of the company is depleted, and SW7.000 is unaccounted for. .For three years past the company has -been paying a 10 per cent, dividend, : but investigation shows that, every cent of ^itcame out of the capital stock. • , , THE WEEK'S FAILURE SECOBD. THE MARKETS. (Ji-nins, Provisions.. Etc. CHICAGO, May 9. FLOUR—Steady. Spring Whffat patentb.jfs 2! @0.00; bakers', S4.7Kff6.00: Winter Wheai Flour, $3.15@5.23 for patents and S4.75@5.0Q (bi straights. WHEAT—Ruled firm, with good trade No. 5 cash, S].01©1.0S«; Ju)y,07*i@Sl.oo; August, 95y CORN— Lower. No. 2 quoted 62i4<aG3',$c; No. 2 Yellow, 03g631(c; No, 3 -62}i@a3i»,c, No. J, Vellow, 6S@63J£c; May. S2@63&; July, 58®59J,. " OATS— Unsettled and easier. No. 2, SOfisOtfc; May, 850@50','ic; July, 45?,;i$46c. Samples lower. No. 3, 4S@50c; No. 3 White, 60@32Hc; No, 2, 50}5@5Ic; Xo. S Willie, 51@53c. RYE— Quiei ami steady. ,No.- 2 cash, vS5c;-~ May, 87c; Samples, 86c tor No. 2 and S0@83c foi No. 3. • BARLEY— Salable and steady; scarce Good,, , malting, 73@T5c; common to fair light weiriit " 70@72c. •;. .-; ' ' i i MESS PORK— Trading moderately active and, prices ruled lower. Prices ranged at $11.6(10 11.65 for cash; $11.00@I1.65.for; May; StKSM}_f 12.02& for July, and *12.07^@ 12.30 for Septern ber. ' '• ' LARD— Moderately active and priaes lower., Quotations ranged at $0.60@6.55 for cash ; $6.50 @6.55 for May; $8.67>4®6.72ii for 'July, and $fl.92«@7.00 for September. BUTTER— Creamery, 23@27c; Dairy, 16@2io; Packing Stock. 6@1S(V POULTRY— Live Chickens, 9tf@IOc per Ih,, Live Turkeys, 7@9o per Ib. ; Live Ducka, 9Q 9Ko per Ib. ; Live Geese, $3.00@4.00>per dozf OILS— Wisconsin Prime White, 8c; Wktei White; Stfc; Michigan Prime- White, We; Water White, JO&c; Indiana Prime White, fliic; Water White, lOc; Headlight, 175 test, c; Gasoline, 87 deg's, Me; 74 deg's, 9c, Napi tha, 63 fleg's, 7!4c. .- .-, . n , LiQtrpRS— Distilled Spirits ruled firm at SM7* per gaK for finished goods. • .-.•.•.':. J \>i *i a • - '- NEW WHEAT— Dull, Jfe lower, weak; May,,,» Ulfcr June, 81.03!*; July," M.06)j®1.07; ' August, $1.03?i@l.<H; September,- 8l.02ft@l 04; ' December, $1.08&(s)l.U4l4 ; May ('921 $1 03® • V •,cj 'V 5 1 -! . CORN— Fairly active, !^®3 o- lower, ,oasy; 5, 82@S2I4c; steamer mixed, none here. Notice—F. M. B. A. -There will be a public meetiag' at Center sohool-houae, Noble township, Thursday, May 14, at 8 o'clock p. m., to be addressed by G. W. Burkhart and others in the interest of the F. M. B A.; Come everyone. A. M. ROOF, Sec'y. :E£IVJOYS Both the method and results..:..-^ r . Syrnp of Pigs is taken; it ispleasart and refreshing to the taste, and acU gently yet promptly on the Kidneys,, Liver and Bowels, cleanses tne- sys- 1 '" tern effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs - is tl*> only remedy of its kind .ever .pro duced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the 'stomach, prompt m its action and truly beneficial in its'" effects, prepared only from the mo«t heal thy-and. agreeable substances, its many excellent Dualities commend it . ... ( to all and. have,made it the most NEW YORK, . May 9.—The business i popular remedy known, failures occurring- throughout the coun- " — . . try during the last seven days number 343, as compared with a total of 355 last week. For.the corresponding- week of last year the figures were 209. A TEA COMPANY FAILS. NEW YOKK, May. 9.—The Union Pacific Tea Company, of this city, with ninety-five, branches in this ;and many other cities, has assigned without preferences. The assignee, George Macy, attributes the assignment to the '1 In 50e and $1 bottles by all leading druggists. Any < reliable druggist -who may not have it on hand : will procure it promptly for :any: one "wto wishes to try it. Dp.-not.accept-any,, substitute.. ...'. ; ..... :-v.,; r . ..; -••_, ] - r CALIFORNIA FIG '$]$UfiM. '. SAH FRANCISCO, CAi. LOUISV1UB, KY. HFW IQ/f '„ H I For sale bj B. V. KeesUn( and all

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