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The Larimer County Independent from Fort Collins, Colorado • 3

Fort Collins, Colorado
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fmday Jiw 28 ml THE WEEKLY COURIER FORT COLLINS COLORADO Page 3 Power CverMmh) a URGE DR OF V1SII0RS TAKEN UP TO THE TUNNEL CITY III FILE Oil RESERVOIR SHE AT OIIGE most glorious endowmet Is die power to awaken end bold the pure end hoaeat love oi worthy man When ahe loaea it and (till lovea on jo one in the wide world can know the heart tgony the endurea The woman who suffers from weak-nesa and derangement of her special womanly organism soon loaea the power to away the heart of a man Her general health Buffer and (he loaea her good looks her attractiveness her amiability and her power and prestige as a woman Dr RV Pierce of Buffalo NY with the assistance of his staff of able physicians baa prescribed for end cured mure thousands of women He has devised a successful remedy for ailments It is known as Dr Favorite Prescription It is a positive specific for the weaknesses and disorderuieculiar to women It purifies regulates strengthens and heels Medicine dealers sell It No hontst dealer will advise you to accept substitute in order to make a little larger profit IT MAKES WEAK WOMEN STRONG SICK WOMEN WELL Dr Plrmint Ptlletm ragulata mad ttnogthma Stomach Lhar aad Bowmla Contractor McDweo Celebrates the Completion of the Tunnel With the Assistance of Noted Personages GOVERNOR 8HAFROTH GOES CP WITH THE PARTY finally the interior decorations all go to make the New Empress one of the prettiest play houses In the state and In every way can he seen the finishing touches that Fairchild Kohn always put on whatever proposition they handle It Is that thoroughly up to date management that has brought them the splendid business they enjoy With them nothing Is too good for Fort Collins and the manner in which they have prepared this new play house for the people demonstrates the fact Carlta Lay In her nifty steps and catchy melodies made big hit and "The Musical intertained their audience to perfection finishing np with "The Village Smith which is a big novelty in itself The setting and electrical affects together with the good music are above the average show Mention must be made of the motion pictures The toy land picture la probably one ef the most interesting pictures ever put on in Fort Collins showing pictures of an fret put on entirely with mechanic toys There are 133000 motions made by the toya and It took the' photographer three months to produce the film The motor races excited much interest and If you want to see what a real race Is like you must see this picture A large number of prominent citizens of this city county and State are at the Laramle-Poudre tunnel this afternoon assisting In the celebration of the completion of that project As has been announced In these columns the celebration was scheduled for this afternoon and this evening Early this morning a number of autos left here for the tunnel and carried Governor Shaf-roth Judge Garrlgues Senator Car-ator Carpenter Dr Lory Senator VanTllborg Mayor Harris officials of the irrigation company building the tunnel newspaper men and many others They arrived at the tunnel at 3 and were at once taken through the tunnel The wedding In the tunnel is to be celebrated and Aen the party wil go to the Zimmerman resort where a banquet will be served this evening In talking with Mcllwee this Sernoon It was learned that the shing touches in the center of tunnel were completeed at 8:25 last night This news was immediately telephoned to this city and the men at the council meeting were given the information an hour later There was applause when Mayor Harris made the announcement Mr Mcllwee stated to the Courier that as soon as the work was completed tracks were laid and the tunnel workers went through the west portion on a car That was the real celebration The men were very happy and gave evidence of their joy by loud and frequent shouts The wedding of the electrical engineer Alexander to Miss Della Stevenson Is the feature of today's celebration The couple are to be presented with a purse made np by the contractor the fellow workmen and the guests Among those from this city who are In the party are Dr Lory Taylor Ansel Watrous Manager Ed- J'ards of the company Mayor Haris Moore Vandewark Jesse Wood A Drake A Webb A Greenacre A Ank-ney I Bennett George Clammer RE A McAnelly Dr kcHugh Foster McCormick Win-ton Ault Stockman and A I Akin The out of town guests arrived here last night and remained over night Gov Shafroth said he would not miss this celebration for a great deal as the feat of building this tunnel was one the entire state should be proud of company has a by-pass they sould be compelled to put a meter on it also The result was that the company will be allowed to have the present meter remain where Is but another meter will have to be put on the emergency pipe The Union Pacific and the will be allowed to Install a transfer track but there will be no record of It from the council The state board of charities and correction asked the city to place a ventilator In the city prison The asked for $1162 to pay for a mistake in the charge of castings which were billed as iron instead of brass Ed Liggett asked the city I wagon scales on Laporte Granted The books of the city are to be audited for two years Bids were received from a number of Denver and local people and the council took up tbe discussion After the city attorney had given the information that all councils violate the laws In spending money the ocuc-cllmen saw that to trv to hold former councils would be an open accusation on the work being done by the present body In order to transact business it is often naces-Bary to transfer funds contrary to law While some of these expenditures are Illegal they are asked for by the txpayers and must be granted The finance committee was then Instructed to have the work done although Salladln and Sperr voted against the two year audit An appeal was made to the council to grade Whedbee street from Plum south hut the council heard not Bids were received for laying crosswalks and referred to the street committee Peter Lind Kirkpatrick Son and Henry Fry were the bidders with Fry apparently low man A sfdewalk was ordered In on Magnolia street between Howes and Meldrum City officials made reports on their work The city clerk reported on automobile licenses and he was instructed to get the money from those who had not paid At 11 the council adjourned but with the understanding that all members attend the Empress theatre this evening as guests of the management Work-seekers read every "help wanted a-d Your ad will get you applications from the best of the eli-gibles I SESSION OF TOE COUNCIL IS HELD Building of An Elevator and Union Pacific Water Connections Develop a Great Deal of Eloquence MANY MATTERS ARE DISPOSED OF AT LENGTHY MEETING Councilman Brunton undoubtedly will regret the fact that he was 111 and could not attend the meeting of the city council on Monday evening The other nine members were present and they listened to and Indulged in eloquence for several hours The session started out with a whoop and for a few minutes there were indications that there would be something doing which would add unusual Interest to the meeting There were many Interesting things In connection with the business of the evening but none more Interesting than the speech made In sections by Councilman Quinn The gentleman from the first ward under the title of James Quinn had applied to the council for a permit to construct an elevator near the said building to be not in accord with the city ordinance The matter went to a committee and Chairman McIntosh reported for the committee that the request could not be granted as It was contrary to the regulations That started the fireworks Mr Quinn Jumped to his feet thrust his hands Into his pockets and proceeded to address Mr McIntosh "I thought so! You let Jackson Ankney build an elevator in the street But I build one on my own property This personality has got to be stopped I pay as much taxes here as anybody but you turn me down while you let a foreign corporation come In here and build tanks in the fire limits They are non-taxpayers and put up tanks to store explosives 6 00 O'! gallons cf gasoline explosive I tell you It means that I have got to move out of my home or be carted to the cemetery TJe councilman wad angry and so much so that he could scarcely talk Mr Sperr tried to smooth matters over by saying that the ordinance had to he followed and the committee conld not grant the permit However this only caused a fresh outbreak want a permit I take It If it was offered to me 1 would vote against it I have to put up any building You know that "a brick building stand for an elevator and yet you allow anybody except me to put up a frame building The cost of this building would cost as much as a brick But I knew It would never pass the council I was perfectly satisfied on Mayor Harris told the gentletaan that the members of the council all felt kindly toward him that there was no personal feeling but tha the council must be governed by the ordinances out your ordinances then" was the rejoinder To this the mayor replied that all are acting In good faith and Mr Quinn ended the first chapter by saying all However he had no sooner taken his seat than he was np again and addressed Mr McIntosh He said: "How about the dirty old ice box that you moved for Johnson? Who gave you a permit to move that old dirty thing alongside of that nice new building? You hauled It yourself for a few paltry dollars" There was a reply to this that the box had been moved to help ut while some machinery was being repaired There were other spurts during the evening The Union Pacific was reported to have violated the order of the council to the laying of water main connections at its round house The council had ordered that the meter should be placed at the end of the city main instead of at the property line of the company and that there should be no by-pass The statement was made that the c'ty officials had been Informed that the meter would be placed where originally intended and no one would stop it Mr Cummings then made a speech In which he said corporations would take anything they could get their hands on He said the" city had given the Union Pacific about all they had asked for' However he wanted everybody tp pay for the city water they use In this statement he was ably supported by Mr Kneemeyer who said that If the 1 Council Compliments City Engineer On His Work and Instructs Him to Prepare and Record Plat FALL OP 425 FEET WILL SUPPLY 8000 HORSE POWER City Engineer Lamb has good cause to feel good today Hs was liberally patted on the back last evening by the members of the city council for his work In connection with the-Burvey for a reservoir up the Poudre He made a statement of what he had found and gave his ideas In connection with the work The council was highly pleased and Instructed him to proceed to get out a map of the work he had done and file on the proposed site Mr Lamb made his report in connection with a blackboard illustration of the situation He started work at the big narrows Just below one of proposed reservoirs He found a dam aite there which would allow the construction of a dam 425 feet high His survey went to the south leaving the river and avoiding the survey of The reservoir Is to he fed by ditch and pipe line from the river above creek He said a pipe line would greatly reduce the distance between the reservoir and the head of the supply The Little South will supply some of the water but at some seasons of the year there would not he sufficient water to answer the purpose of a power plant One tunnel he said would be 613 feet long Another one of 150 feet would be necessary If a pipe line were Installed This pipe line would shorten the distance about one-third His bill for $52868 was passed and Mr Hedke made the statement that the work which had been done was worth from $1500 to $20'0 He further stated that it Is not an easy matter to get men to work for the same wages they receive In the city and at the same time put up with the discomforts which go with the work these men have been engaged in He said the work of Mb Lamb looks good to him A filing should be made at once so that the city will he on record A future survey would probably bring out more detailed information but that will come when needed The city now has a foothold on what will prove many times more valuable than the cost This reservoir he stated should 'develop at least 3000 horse power and would answer the needs for many years to come The work can be done in two stages One with the Installation of the plant and then complete development as the power Is needed Mayor Harris said he was pleased with the report and was also pleased that the counctlmen considered the expenditure worth the while The report on the probably amount of money received monthly by the Northern Colorado Power company was then taken up Acton had been engaged in this work and he had listed all houses where current was used or where connections were made A few individuals and the board of education had not stated the amount of current used or bills paid out but his report showed that the $139985 per month reported paid to the power company will easily reach 34500 per month or $55000 per year The canvas cost the city $60 and it was considered a good expenditure The report will be filed for future asa EMPRESS THEATRE OPENS WITH CROWDED HOUSES With the members of the city band playing on College avenue last evening In front of the 'Empress theatre one of the most brilliant affairs of the city was started The new play house had Its Initial open-lng It would be safe to say that 1800 people came down town last Bight to see the new play house and Ita opening attraction The first show was a capacity bouse and the second almost as large and everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed the performance However the new appearance of the old Orpheum drew as much praise and appreciation aa anything else The new gallery rearrangement of the first floor seats the lighting and ventilation and II TERRIBLE DEATH Earl Klsor Victim of Sad Fatal Accident The following account of the accident which resulted In the horrible death of Earl Klsor a former well known citizen and business man of Fort Collins Is taken from the New Sharon la Star of July 19th Mr Klsor was a brother of Mrs Elmer Gorshuch and had many warm personal friends In this city who were shocked to hear of his untimely death: Earl Klsor thirty-one years of age son of Carey Klsor of Montezuma Texas died at noon Tuesday July 18 as' the result of being scalded while pinned between a threshing machine engine and separator in an accident which occurred two hours previous The deceased was running the engine for Joe Shaw and Cfcet Van-Cleave at the Leonard Roovaart home near Taintor He was backing the engine to couple onto the separator when he lost control of the machine and it crashed Into the separator breaking off the throttle levers and steam pipe and left him pinned aginst the boiler The escaping steam burned his body terribly and he was literally scalded to death although surviving for two hours All the men present worked with might and main to release the unfortunate man but three pairs of double trees were broken In attempts to move the separator and finally a horse was hitched onto the front end and It was pulled aside just enough to allow Mr Klsor to be lifted from his position The services of a physician were secured Immediately and every possible meanB applied to relieve his suffering He remained conscious to the last and bade his friends good bye as he passed away The body was removed to the home of his aunt Mrs John Bond In this city Funeral services will bo conducted Friday afternoon at 2:30 at the Union Mills Christian church The accident is one of the saddest that has occurred In this vicinity for a long time and the entire community mourns the loss of an excellent young man and extends sym- pathy to the bereaved relatives Advertise In the Me a THE BUNK CONSOLIDATION After the Courier had gone to press last evening the directors of the First National bank and the Fort Collins Bank Trust company gave out the results of the meeting which was held during the afternoon to complete the details of the consolidation with the Fort Collins Bank Trust company The meeting was a very harmonious one and the directors agreed that a wise move was being made in taking over the business of the younger institution The bank is strengthened by the consolidation and It brings into the National bank a large sum of money which was divided between the two institutions before In the directorate Ed Wright resigned to give way to Welch and Mr Drake president of the First National resigned so that Mr Welch could be chosen for that position Mr Drake continues as a director but will devote bis time to his own Interests which call him away from home frequently Cashier Hupp has resigned and Jones Is now the new cashier i The Fort Collins Bank Trust company will probably remain open nntil the first of the month when tUe business will be liquidated The officers of the First National bank now are: Welch president A Drake 1st vice president A Kluver 2nd vice president Cashier Jones A social meeting of the stockholders of the two banks was held last evening: In the First National hank building The stockholders shook hands and smiled and seemed to be very happy Light refreshments were served by Misses Pauline Avery and Melissa Giffdings PROF WORKING IN DENVER Prof Working who was Btatloned at the college here a number of years ago Is now located In Denver having charge of the office farm management fer the government for the states of Colorado Wyoming and Utah He aids the farmers In making farming an up-to-date business proposition FOSSIL CREEK from our special correspondent July 17 Things are looking fine In this section Most of the farmers have had a fair supply of water which with the recent rains have caused the fields of grain alfalfa and beets to put on the appearances of a bountiful prop Mr Henri McClelland with the assistance of Ellis Moore shipped a car of cherries to DenVer last week He will-ship another this week Mr Evans furnishing a part of it The Denver Preserving Co gets them It sems that they are preserved in barrels and eventually go to Armour Swift Co Chicago The Missionary meeting met with Mrs Carlson on Wednesday afternoon There was good attendance with some visitors Refreshments consisting of Ice cream and raspberies with cake were served Anyone having trouble with our carrier boys riding across the lawns will do us a great favor by notifying the circulation department of ihe Courier Sherwood 10 To writ a property-selling aAJ simply to write th truth about and print It more than once neoeeeary False Economy TOWN OF scon PUTTED The Denver-Laramie Real Estate company today filed a plat of the new town of Scott It abutts the Denver Laramie Northwestern railroad and lies in section 15 township 10 north range 69 Provisions are made for parks and public square and the streets for the business district are 80 feet wide Along the range of foothills a drive is planned which is called Prospect Drive The real estate agents are expected to get busy at once BERTHOUD BOYS FIGHT ONE TAKEN TO COUNTY COURT Henry Schlager was brought into county court this morning on the charge of juvenile delinquency He 13 years old and had a row with Lee McClung aged nine who lives near his home in Berthoud Schlager Is white headed but does not like to be reminded of It When McCIung called hhn a "white headed he resented the Insult by administering a drubbing to the little fellow Judge Stover gave the boy a lecture and sent him home MESSENGER BOY FINED $5 Korle Coulsen the boy arrested for speeding while delivering a death message had a hearing last night before Judge Brewster and was fined $5 and costs The policeman who made the arrest stated that the Boy evidently had to make three trips to deliver the message He had gone the route twice when the attention was called to the speeder He patched for him the third trip and said the boy needed a block to com to a stop In view of this fact the court assessed the fine YT One day Simmons saw a pin and remem-Mi bered the old adage a pin pick it up and all day long have good He stooped to get the pin his hat tumbled off and rolled into the gutter his eyeglasses fell on the pavement and broke his suspenders gave way behind and he burst the buttonhole on the back of his BUT HE GOT THE TIN CSome merchants who have their printing done out of town or where they can get their order filled the cheapest find it about as profitable as pin They save a few cents on their printing bills and damage their own business because of the poor appearance of the work We keep the quality up maximum satisfaction is assured and that adds to the drawing power of your printing COURIER JOB ROOMS Phone Sherwood 10 SUBSCRIBEFOn THE COURIER.

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