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Wayne County Journal from Greenville, Missouri • Page 1

Wayne County Journal from Greenville, Missouri • Page 1

Greenville, Missouri
Issue Date:

212 etv (IF ,14,.. 17-7 IT iii ol i 4, 4IJ 1 1 1 et 1) 0. kpl (i 11 A .41 0 4, (. iltt. 4itr? Live Paper for the People Now on Larth." r4 li i AEA No Home Is Complete Nk'ithout It. ORECNVILLI1, MISSOURI, THURSDAY, SITTEMHER 28, 1905. 23 XXN'IX. IIARIZY ft IINNVES' A Correction. List of New Subscribers and Renewals for the Month of September. W. Latham I. B. Hopkins Carter Bennett C. F. McLane Carrie McGee C. M. Itevier Jas. F. Fox Dr.B.A.Wilson W. T. Feith Dr.R.J.Owens J. P. Dees. Jennie Conner. Lee R. Gill. S. A. Harris. John Wagner, Walton Regan. Rev.C.WWallis. W.R. Penington. R. T. Bone. A. L. Hughes. 'he following is a short sketeh of In the article iu the Journal of Mr. Hawes' Confederate rttitttlotiz Aug. 31, under the caption of Text Smith N. Hawes, Rooks. "Contributor" asks "Is the enlisted iu Company 1', First 1issour1, agent of Ginn Co. in any way mat the age of 17, with the rank of First label to the board?" As I have been Lieutenant, and vas alletwatds pro- asked frequently if I mu n. brother-inmuted to the rank of Captain. Ills law of Prof. Tankersley, I suppose nude, Doctor Carey Hawes, Vas Ittathl that illittsti011 was meant for me. I a Brigade Surgeon, Another uncle, ill say that the report that I am a Geueral Niorriion Hawes, commanded nlative ef Prof. Tankersley is a gross the Texas Division of the Confederate falsehood and I do not understand by forces, Ilis grandfather, the lien. the representative of the American Richard Hawes, was the Confederate lieu'. Co. caused such a report to be Provisional Governor of Kentucky. circulated. What I did as a member 'Iwo of his uncles on his father's of the County Board I did honestly side were killed in the army. (th his and conscientiously, and that as long Mother's side two brothers served in as I am a member of this board I will the Confederate Army, and she her- do nty duty at all times as nearly as I self nursed in Confederate hospitals. know how. Greenville Public School Enrollment. Tly following is the number of pupils enrolled in the different grades of our public school; 1st Grade 60 2nd Grade 30 3rd Grade 47 4th Grade. 45 5th Grade 20 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade 1st Year High School 15 2nd Year High School 6 Total '271 The above figures show an increase over last week's enrollment. The school is progressing nicely, and everyone is highly pleased with the quality of school work being done this year. I Damon vs. Piedmont. The Piedmont ball balm (with the best players town) came Out Sunday, Sept. 25, and tried another fall with the Damon. They came with their best, with the intention of shutting us out completely, but went back considerably crestfallen and broken. The Damons easily defeated them by a score of 14 to 8. The two umpires (Bell and Long) were excellent. Some disputes arose once or twice, but were generally satisfactory. The following was the line-up of the two teams: DAMON. PIEDMONT. Henson geeves Dunegan Bundy Cline Lutes Wilkinson Lee Rhodes Clark Myers Brewer Taylor Daffron Hixson Rhodes Hixson Ketchem Batteries: Damon, Dunegan and Henson: Piedmont, Lee and Reeves. Yours, JOHN CANTLON, Sec'y Co. Doard of Education. Brooks-Cline. Wednesday evening of last week William Brooks and Miss Ada Cline, of Patterson, drove int) town and were united in the holy bonds of matrimony by Rey: John Collins, at the home of Mr: and Mrs. Sam Freeman. The young couple are well respected young people and have many friends who wish them much joy in their new adventure. Mr'. Brooks is a blacksmith and a member of the firm of Croy, and the bride is a young lady of good parentage, well respected and industrious. The young couple starts out in life with bright and the good will of all who know them. We join in congratulations, and wish for the happy young couple many prosperous and happy days along the journey of life. The first battle of Bull Hun was fought on the plantation of his Ivitc's father, Major Samuel Robinson. also it Confederate officer. It is also interesting to know that Mr. Hawes' grandfather, George Nieholas, attorney-general of Kentucky, was the author of the State Rights doctrine. The belection of Mr. Hawes, therefore, on the part of Commatider-inchief 'Fistful of the United Sons of Confederate Veterans, is appropriate. Every thing is in the name when it comes to Witch Hazel Salve, E. C. DeWitt and of Chicago, discovered some years ago how to make a salve from Witch Hazel that is a specific for Pik. For blind, bleeding, itching and protruding Piles, Eczema, cuts, burns bruises and all skin diseases DeWitt's Salve has no equal. This has given rise to numerous worthless counterfeits. Sold by Greenville Drug Greenville, Mo. Dr. J. L. Horn, Willimsville CONTRIBUTED. It is easy to relieve a cough or cure a cold after a copious evacuation of the bowels. Kennedy's Lexative Honey and Tar ate the original Laxative Cough Syrup. It acts on the bowelsexpels all cold from the system, and cures coughs by removing the cause. This remedy clears the phlegm and strengthens the mucous membranes of the throat chest and lungs, and bronchial tubes. The Honey bee and red clover blossom is on every bottle of Kennedy's Laxative Honey and Tar, the original Laxative Cough Syrup. Sold by Greenville Drug Co. Greenville Isla Dr. J. L. Mo. 0-11-0 Marriage Licenses. The chances are that the condi)! Congress has been framed up by the Re ublic mi leaders so that it will be Wayne County Horticultural practically a do nothing Congress, and Society's Picnic. if anybody thinks that the new and The Wayne County Horticuladded prestige of the President is go. tural Society's tenth annual pie- nic ing to move the stand-patters in the was held Sept. 16th. There was a good crowd present. There Republican party on the tariff glues- WaS a song and prayer by Rev. Lion to do anything looking toward Jimerson at 11 A. m. Dinner was tariff revision, then he does not know then served, with an abundance the temper of the aforesaid Repub 1 of good grub. In the afternoon there was a good talk by Dr. O. lican stand-palters. The patroname holZ on fruit-growing, also a for the new administration has about talk by Rev. Beaty. The disall been parceled out and many of the play of fruit and other farm pro-leaders of tke Republican party do not ducts was good. A cash prize of care a rap what the President thinks of 50 cents for best on all exhibits, them or their attitude. They are going and 25 cents second, was offered, to refuse to make a river and harbor and it would take too much space bill and many other big appropriation to name the parties winning the bilis ill the hope that it will h2lp to prizes. The judges were: Ben cut down the delleit in the Treasury, Stephens. Thos. Evans and E. L. thereby hurting the internal improve- Serey Wayne County Horticultural Society's Picnic. The Wayne County Horticultural Society's tenth annual picnic was held Sept. 16th. There was a good crowd present. There was a song and prayer by Rev. Jimerson at U. A. M. Dinner was then served, with an abundance of good grub. In the afternoon there was a good talk by Dr. O. W. Holz On fruit-Towing, also a talk by Rev. Beaty. The display of fruit and other farm products was good. A cash prize of 50 cents for best on all exhibits, and 25 cents second, was offered, and it would take too much space to name the parties winning the prizes. The judges were: Ben thereby hurting the internal improve- r7lerey ghook. Greenville: Hiram. Bounds. Brunot Leeper. Coldwater. 66 Patterson. Il Spring Shook. 66 Ellsinore. Greenville. Lowndes. Ntterson. 66 Chas. H. Clayton Lizzie Sweet John F. Ward Martha Huggins T. L. Barnes Cora Phelps Samuel Lizzie Cooper W. M. Annie Moss H. L. Whitner Debby Robinson R. J. Wttson Angie Eaton G. W. Wills Icy Underwood William Brogks Ada Cline Words of the Wise. Early and provident fear is the mother of safety.Burke. Ridicule is the first and last argument of fools.C. Simmons. Scruples too rigid are nothing else but concealed pride.Goethe. If a man could have half his wishes he would double his trouble.Foor Richard. ViJience in the voice is often only the death rattle of reason in the throat. --Boyes. Among the sons of men bow few known who 4are be just to merit not their own Ica that reigns within himself, and rules his passions, desires and fears, is more than a king.Milton. Bashfulness may Sometimes exclude pleasure, but seldom opens any avenue to sorrow or The measure of a man's sin is the difference between what he is and what he might Starr Jordan. Never trust anybody not of sound religion. for he that is false to God can never be true to Burleigh. False delicacy is real indelicacy. Halfeducated men employ the most frequent cireumlocutions and ambiguit les.Landor. Never yet were the feelings and instincts of our nature violated with impunity, never yet was the voice of conscience silenced without retribution. Anna Jameson. St. Peter Refunds. A great American financier and went to heaven, or tried to. At the door St. Peter asked him what claims be had for admittance. "I am from New Yolk; I made several millions by judicious investment and the market rate of interest on good sccurit3-11 but It boa did you do for your fellowmen?" "Oh, ah, hewonce I did not wait for the change when I bouglit a penny paper." ''Very tvell. Tkat's the kind, what else?" ''Weil, let me think, oh yes, a workinz, man died in the next block. His wife had supported the family of seven by washing. A subscription list was taken up to bury him. I subscribed 50 cents." "Well, tell more of that sort," said St. Peter. Long pause. "I thinkI think that's all." St. Peter turned to his bookkeeper, and said: him back his 50 cents and tell him to go to James C. Hudson Williamsville Bertha E. Hooper 4 4 W. C. Lock Chaonia. Sophronia P. Caldwell Kodol Dyspepsia Cure is certainly a wonderful remedy for Indigestion, Dyspepsia and weak stomachs. They say it never fails to cure the digestive gam and makes the stomach and breath sweet as a rose. Sold by Greenville Drug Greenville, Mo. Dr. J. L. Horn, Williamsville, Mo. When indigestion becomes chronic it is dangerous, Kodol DyspEpsia Cure will cure indigestion and all troubles resulting therefrom, thus preventing Catarrh of the Stomach. Sold by Greenville Drug Greenville, Mo. Dr. J. L. Horn, Williamsville, Mo. 41111. ments of the country needed to facili- L. R. UNDERWOOD, tate the commerce of the country, in- Secretary. stead of making the necessary appro- priations and cutting down the tariff Pointed Paragraphs. nutlet', on many articles therebv let- Every time a man's neig4bors kick ting in more importatiuns and getting it makes him sore. the necessary revenue to till the hole TO find work, go to vork and look ill the Treasury. It looks as though for it. they are also going to stick another its easy to win a smile from a tax on beer and coffee to imp in the woman if she has pretty teeth. tilling process. That looks now to In the unifts of men the tide Int13' be nti he the reactionary and stand-pat pro- untied by a divorce judge. gram of the Republican Joiners. If a patient has lots of money any Teddy is going to have his hands full. doctor can relieve hini--of his coin. Am A vellum would rather have a hat n'ith One wing than be an angel and have two. When a man looks at his own faults he never has occasion to use a micro-through seoPe But the more a man talks about the financial situation the less money he usually has. Occasionally a man carries the hod for himself while laying the founds-pleasant lion for a fortune. It is almost as easy to pick the wrong woman for a wit as it is to pick the wrong horse in a race.Chi- cago News. School Report. Report of Liberty Hill school for the month ending Sept. 20, 1905: Enrollment: Male, 33: female, 17; total, 50. No. days attended by all, 820. Average daily attendance, 41. No. attending every tiny, 17. No. absent five or more tiny', 2. Corporal punishment, 4. Volumes in library, 60. No, pupils using same, 20. Those attending every 'day are: "A cold or cough nearly ahvays produces constipationthe water nearly all runs to the eyes, nose and throat instead of passing out of the system through the liver and kidnqys. For the the want of moisture the bowels become dry and hard." Kennedy's Laxative Honey and Tar is the oriKinal Laxative Cough Syrup, It meets and corrects the above conditions. by acting as a pleasant cathartic on the bowelsexpels all colas from thq system and cures all coughs, croup, whooping cough, La Grippe, bronchitis, etc. Sold by Green ville Drug Greenville, Mo. Dr. J. L. Horn, Williamsville Mo. "A cold or cough nearly ahvays pro- duces constipationthe water nearly all runs to the eyes, nose and throat in- stead of passing out of the system the liver and kidnqys. For the the want of moisture the bowels become dry and hard." Kennedy's Laxative Honey and Tar is the original Laxative Gough Syrup, It meets and corrects the above condiions. by acting as a cathartic on the bowelsex- pets all colds from the system and cures all coughs, croup, whooping cough, La Grippe, bronchitis, etc. Sold by Green ville Drug Greenville, Mo. Dr. J. L. Horn, Williamsville Mo. A lomi01 01 A'04 mi 1,1 i.4 Pwl r.71 4 1..4 mg r.71 P11 ro. 4 AA( 0 El 1101 ri P-9 F-1 5 4-11 We clip the following from the Marble Hill Press, communication by Stephen rumor is sometimes untrue, I failed to mention the sad accident that happened to Uncle Abraham Sitze last week. I understand that Mr. Sitze had been visiting his stepdaughter, Mrs. Vance, who resides in Wayne county at a distance of about thirty miles, On his return home he was accompanied by his young daughter, Cora, and Mrs. Vance; having some furniture in his wagon, he was compeled to drive at a moderate gait, night overtook them before they reached home, and at a very rough place in the toad the team became frightened and on making a short turn upset the wagon. Mr Sitze was seriously Injured. His younger daughter's arm was broken and an infant child of Mrs. Vince's was unconscious for some time. But they are slowly recoverire; frori their serious CI Robert, Hattie and Nora Duncan, Mattie, Nellie and Bryan Lane, Ernest, Jett, Cosy, June and Arthur Hughes, Zilla and Albert Sheets, 'dolls and Millard Dickerson, Thomas Green and Clinton Hicks. W. hi. LANK, 'leacher. FdR SALE. Owing to bad health I have decided to sell my entire stock of shoes. notions and intact every thing I have in stock at cost to any one man who wishes to buy the entire stock. A bargain in these goods. Coma or wtite at If you want to make an all-around good for nothing tough out of your boy, just butt in and take his bide on erery question which comes up between him and the teacher, end if you want him to have a good statt to the penitentiary be sure and let hitu know that he an always depend upon your aii3iganee, in whatever trouble he may get into, right nr Ivyv.Poplar itla Citizen. commosarmonol.11111..... If you ever took tieWit.t's Little garly billousOmis or eonstiNttion you know was pill pleafifre is. These famous little pills cleanse the livir and rid th'e sifitem of all bile without producing affects. Sold Greenville Drug Greenville, Me Dr, Dorn, Williamsillei cnce. II. A01

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