The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 17, 1940
Page 3
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, ANUARY 17; 19/10 Here's Pudding You'll Get Steam Up Over On Cold Days BLYTHEVIILF (ARK.)' COTJTMEB NEWS Decade Of '30's Worst In Hislory Of U. S. Agriculture Uy AlltS. GAYNOU MADHOX NEA Service Staff Writer A cold night makes a hot |jud- ding seem only welcome. WASHINGTON. — Fnnners an Icoldng tack on the must, eventful decade, in the history of American agriculture — nuri forward toward -.vlint economists believe will be an era of increasing prosperity. If a traction of the action, suf- j feiing rutuiftl . Uy floods and drouths, tlie human emotion of ht))e and despair as farmers raw their liome.s lost by absurdly lo\v pi'ices, could be picked into a book or motion picture it would make an American epic. A. B. Genus of the Agriculture Department bureau of agricultural economic.';, in rcvlewlti" Die pasl 10 years, said: "In 1930, agriculture was on the way down. As we enter 1910, it is en tlie way up. Between these milenosts lies an historic pffort nt'i, , , , , , , readjustment to the economic H ° l slc . am(lrt fh ^°^ I""l«"i>B forces generated by one of the greatest of mi wars as well as to longer liine forces wliose imijact has been heavy In these years." Worst Farm Depression The "dark '30s" Old not ccme without forewarning. Almost 10 years of post-war deflation nnd increasing distress preceded the 1030 farm crash that sent agriculture into the deepest depression it lias ever known and from which it has not yei, iuiiy recovered. An atmosphere of approaching crisis marked the beginning of 1930. The stcck market had crashed. Grain nnd cotton markets dropped to ruinously low levels. Tlie Federal- Putin Bonrd bought surpluses, but still prices plunged downward. Armed deputies rode convoy through bitter milk strikes, martial law was declared in Iowa, the (arm "holiday" movement, lokcd liked a farm "revclt." Desperation drove men to desperate acts. Congress passed "farm aid" legislation and the cisis eased. But it was not over. Like a storm cloud that it, seemed must strike at. almost any moment, the threat of national disaster hung over the land. Only an occasional rift in the dark clouds gave farmers hope; the.'crisis seeind always mere, tq.have ,b,een postponed than M cup sugar, 1-1 Iraspoon salt. 1 teaspoon rhiimmon, :i CIM» tnit J I--' teaspoons tnrir,u ( . iniking npplos, finely c \ mmwA <.„„ """•"- 1 cup flour, t . 4 n|1 , Uft . i,, wil M , l!n1 .; ,-iiiiiamon 'and nul- ., ter, molted, 1 egrj. 1-2 cup milk: Mix and sift together the first Head Courier News want nns ->«saBK^UfflS^, '•.y x nilh nioclia sauce is u illnner Ihouglit to warm the lienrl of any linstess. IVHb Chocolate Steamed Stocha Sanee (Serves o One packaue cliocolate pudding, *<lr more pleasure al Ihe moviej see Parornoum's Feature Allroclion THE GREAT VICTOR HERBERT slor/ing AltAN JONES and MARY MARTlfJ For more imoking pleasure enfoy •:HfSTERf|{tD'S Feolure AHroaions . REAL MltOMfSS end BETTtR TASTE. .. 'Casij :-lii\ iri Ifijqmg <lrot)pcd : frori; St2,09{lr9flQ^w0^1n 3; t^9" to' less' thaii' S5,>0,000' in 1932. Foreclosures I reached a peak in 1333.' Mortgage moratoriums were declared in state | after state. Deflation and debt I plagued the land. And at the darkest hour banks failed in almost every community. Crisis Met in 103X Congress was called into special session in 1933 to meet a crisis that endangered the nation. From it came a "planned agriculture" involving billions of dollars in Federal subsidies and a decree of government management of 8.000,000,000 fanns; The'Agricultural Adjustment Administration was. created to control production through the offering cf benefit payments to farmers. The dollar was devalued. Deflation abruptly eased. Commodity prices began to rise. Again the crisis eased, but did, not pass. It struck again in the blighting 1934 drouth. The nation's granary, the overflow from which had swamped markets a year or two earlier, was almost scraped clean. Prices rose, but farmers had little to sell. Then in 1936 another terrible drouth struck. Literally millions of farmers, 1m- lioverished by lean years, abandoned their farms and began the greatest mass migration in the history of the nation. In old cars, trucks, in wagons and even on foot they sought new frontier in the west. The next year, 1937, saw farm prosperity rise to the highest point In seven years on good crops and higher prices. There was a relapse in 1038, but 1939 ended on an upgrade that economists believe will continue at least through 1940. xr-st^RsKSsF^.E milk. Add IDU to dry Inumlleilt ••' - • ' """ • s|>lu; " and mix thoroughly. Put into small well-sreiised molds; covei Ub'litly and steiiin for I hour; or sicuin In i Ifirfjo mold, coverci tightly, for 2 hour.s. .Serve will 1 mocha sauce, .llni'ha S'auco Two cue yolks, 1-4 cup BIW few grains salt, 1-2 cup strong coffer, 1 ciiu cream, whipped. Hoat \olks slightly. Add salt nnd coirce, Cook In double hoilor until it thickens enough lo coal the spoon, strain urn! oool. Fold In whipped crcmn just before- M'rviny. Aiirilo llriitvii Hi-liy (Serves 4) , And there's always u plain »Aple Drown Deity with u welcome lasle. One cup dried bread crumbs 'roiled), 1-1 clip melted butter, WAKEUPYOUR LIVER BILE- Without C«lomtl-AnJ You'll Jump Out ol Btil in Hie Morning R,iiu' |o G» The liver ehouU pour oul iwo vtnla of liquid bile lino your Umvlj .Inllj-. If (Ms bile , uol lluwlni: trccly. your food nuy nol ,1 Itnl. It may juit drear In Ihe bowcli, (.M Monti mi your ttoriwli. You s cl consll- looks imnV '°" r ' 8U " k ° ni1 ll ' e ™' IJ nimhi •''/'«'° *** ( *"° l "° I'lou'of'Ule liS^-l^^^wTwi!' 1 Value of 5-Cent Cigar Rises to $65 by Luck HRNilY, 111. (UP>~Tlie viilit,. • r i-ceili C'luar can run ns Ini'.h of being illiitrlbulctl to nil ii'lio attended, : A liinni>r named need scoffed nt HIP procedure nnd ottered to'trade Ibis diiinco on the calf to his l He sale burn here. •As u lecture (,[ (|]l! Sll | 0| ,j ns| , |]h \l. UmilHM' olfr-red a su-er ,enlf to ')) nwny ID • « druwini:, . be Aiiclloncer Myrle Davis offerwl Untold $«o fcr the calf and It was iieci'jileil. Davis then entered UIG calf in the niu'llon and sold It to the hll|lie,st bidder—for $OS. Head Cairlcr News ivhnl ads. THREE! ,': jiione arc Iwok Growers af I/»idon librmles to using strips of bacon as bookmarks; that ' 1500 anmially arc withdrawn fioin library shelves becaiue they have become hopelessly greasy. — PRESCRIPTIONS-Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main '& first Phone HI WARDS FEBRUARY -At The Hospitals Avails hospital L. a. Kemvright. city, admitted. T. M. Bailey, Promised Land, dismissed. Lloyd Clicnnoweth, city, dismiss- ctl. Jfrs. J. H. Slaughter, Norplilct, 'Ark., di.<mi«eci. James Curtis I'eunington. Barfield, dismissed. Mrs. Ed Essig, Manila, dismissed. Born to Sir. and Mrs. WlllartJ D^tts, Half Moon, a son yesterday afternoon. Blythcville hospiinl Mrs. G. T. Colioon, Holland,- admitted Mrs. John Parks Jr., Stecle, admitted. Mrs. Don Lutes nncl baby, city, dismissed. H. G. McHalTey, city, dismissed W. D. Hudgens. Stcelc, dismissed. 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