The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1940 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 17, 1940
Page 2
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PAGE~,TWOY-: - ; NEWJ3";; EKINEUT1III IS EXPENSIVE III Neutral-Bill Always On Guard At Peace But Mobilized Liule Nations Borne Down•-By Taxes By MILTON NBA Service Staff Correspondent LONDON, Jan 16 — Belgium, Holland an'd Switzeilaud are suffeiing from a crushing burden of taxation due to the European wnr and th6 sinister shadow it casts across their territories. These three little countries, llv. ing lii dea'dly fear that 'Gorminy may crash its ftrmies across their soil In a desperate effort to but- flank France's'mighty Maginot lino, are themselves on a virtual war footing. And their peoples are footing the bill. Tiie Belgians have erected their own Majjbiot 'line.- Since the outbreak of the present war, they have mobilized 600,000 men. The ordinary peace-time iirniy Is ft'utiut 45,000. It Is estimated such a mobilization will cost about $320,- UUU.UW) a year. Calling up Belgium's reserves means civil life has lost many skilled technicians arid engineers., this has hampered many. Indus- [ tucs, increased unemploj nient flhd added to the burden of the I unemployment Insurance funds. The British blockade of the sea-' ways lias paralyzed the great port of -Antwerp, which in ordinary times handles, from 12 to 16 million tons of German imports and exports. Speaking of the tragic position of the cciintiy the oti'er day, M Pierlot, the Belgian premier, said: "By,the end ol 1940 we .will need eight or nine billions of francs for our military necessities To bor-! row abroad uould be to alienate our independence. So we must raise taxes' and issue Joans in the countiy itself or resort to inflation which \ve absolutely refuse to do" FoUdwIng him, M. Goutt, Mlti- is>tei of Finance, told Ihc Belgian • Parliament the government would attssnpt to riie'et the extraordinary military expense? by means of various taxes He pointed out thai in the last world war, .with nil its horrors for Belgium, there were at least t\vo financial consolations—elthei Belgium would be given icpara tlons, by the contiueied Germans m .financial help, by the AIIte$ But 'today Belgium has no eneiny and no allies She is standing by herself, maintaining her neutrality T)ie mosl Interesting and novel of fhe new taxes he proposed to impose \\as the military ta\ It would be a tax on all males who were not serving with the army, ho ; matter what'the reason, because men 'exempted have a material advantage over young men i called to the colors. I HOLLAND ! IS WORRIED Little Holland recently had a bad war srare. As a result 300,000 men were called to the colors. In some places the canals were .opened and the land flooded. It is estimated the mobilization is . costing the sLlte 1,250,000 guilders per day. Mobilization hns upset business and 'industry. The sea blockade has interfered with the great carrying • trade of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Many Dutch ships have been sunk by Nazi mines.: Taxation is, as a' result, nearly ns high as in England thanks lo Ihe state tax and to the big municipal taxes. But : .the Dutch homeland is nol the only source of worry. Japan has often cast longing eyes at Holland's tremendously, rich empire in the East Indies—Java, Sumatra, etc. Out there now Holland has two 6000-ton cruisers, a 3000-ton flotilla leader and several smaller ships. Two more Inrge cruisers, armed with ten six-inch guns and another flotilla leader arc ao\v be- Mob'ilircri,- 600.000 Cos!. 5320,000,000 wo of the parly were missing. They rcxle due south lo , vlu IB Spanish -Mcilcan border with E how iclr. loot, and ,tl-,e men themselves ns 7, J040 -- Red river was explored awl mppert later by a 'party under onitrKmtl of Capt. Randolph B. fnrcy. Marcy's 'diary and notes of ho trip were published recently inder.thc title Of "Adventure ori Red ttlrer" by Q'rant Foreman and he University of ~ ing built and will soon be ready for service In the East Indies. Bui just the other flay Finance Minister tie Gecr announced a $160,000,000 foiir per cent loan for the purpose three b, each am! Army Records of 1820 Si ill Lisl Trio for Treachery and Desciiioti |alumni of the University 6t Call-1 nt . ....... o , ferula giaduated from 1923 to 1935 "MCKSmiin, OJ, Has FrOOl Bhow that 90 jx?r 'cent 'of thr- men U-J. p . « -i. 'cent t the men or arc studvinu for u show also/ 1 pproul said, He's Expert Quilter STHASBUKO. O. (Ul')-Oeorgc :«!fer, 83-year-olrl blacksmith of Sutler, O.. exhibited a quilt of 25,- fill A nf MA... .'i , . - ' , v ...,j v » ^^* i6 , . -»iu iip.d been ex- busy us Wring south o(ta«rs terriloiy, •They n , luw aiso- aurow sniu ~-- "„.<,««, a qu.n Z/X a "f ie '-, >>«'»"?>'>* r , !vel n!lat ° f a!uil >» 1 to'bt ySouTof °°° " lec « *»'» . store here held ?-^iT </,??',"••"" pr ,'' ved """Be '°"V 1,6 per cent of Ihe ltr> om)u <" <l''"t ^ir. t-ot Smith Just four days after men and 3.8 per cent of the wo ! TK^e's no reason in ell to find that he had ben ox- m'»n ™.-, i^L^. ," :'.:"..... I can't -riiiiii lorltie ,thc Canadian river instead Ihe Red river "hs he hnd hcped. those by women past 70 who are still living, The oldest quilt on display was made 145 years ago, and was exhibited by Mrs. Charles Gibbs, of Dover, O. un;ii oiju j.o per cent Of (lie wo-1 v^va "" it-uson ive ineji men were looking for 'employment ""' l t" 11 ! J" st »'« well as a'nv of ilii'd 'coftld ivbt find' U. i womenfolk," he said, 'fingering "Rcccn'l records Of the bureau , lvork Proiidly.. "Bean quillin 1 of occiipaliciis of Iho university show _ that Ihcri are more calls for accountants iha'n vve have graduates to answer iliem. 'Oiir rriedfcbl school informs me that .we lire .selecting 'the best men In advance, training them well and "~~n'i but to make good Educator Says Degreei Do Win Jobs For Many , 7 Cill. (Op) — Dr. -tolicrl 'Oordou Sproiil, president of Vie University of California, has prepared statistics to challenge, 'the •issrrtlon jliiVl imh;eVslly degrees ire no longer helpful In getting obs. . "Statistical^ bobki published by he Federal gpvei'nm'e'nt as (veil as tors do not show, 1 '' lie salt], "that accouh'lanfs are « dime d dozen i(!d nobotiy wants a half ti dczeri,' ir 'flint, doctors are as 'thick as If as 1 and 'that openings In the (IcUis of clcntisWy. teaching, eiigi- iccrlng, . faitnihg aiid so forth arc lon-bxJsloiH'." Byroul's own statistics o'f 46,000 (livings. ""Almost from the first year they have incomes abbul the average o'f the entire population and by Ihe end of the fifth year, on the aver- abe, they arc lii 'the exclusive Income class." Coyotes have spe.cinl places to meet and sing tlielr wlcrd songs after nightfall, bii't they never use the same meeting ground two nights In succession. Try One 'of Our Delicious PIG SANDWICHES 0!e Hickory Inn Across From Illgh School quillin you proudly., „ for 40 years now. anrl , , utM , mtBhl ; call this ,ny iuasterpiece.' r Kccfei-'s quill 'was one of lit colorful pieces displayed, The qi]llLs,.liuiii from the ceiling of tlie iloie, were made by men, women and children, anil were admired by crowds from all pJvts of Ohio and adjoining states. Entries were divided into several classes. Pieced quilts, antiques, (ip- """"- J , embroidered, and group those made by men, and nullUs Au excellent laxative in colds, relieves biliousness, sour stomach, bilious indigestion, flatulence anil headaciic, J due to constipation. lOc and 25c at dealers GOOD DEMAliD FOR GOVERNMENT LOAN COTTON I'honfc or Write Us Now (ieo. ti. McFadden & Bro's Agency E. C. PATTON, A«ent P.O. Kox 218 Gra'nd leader Bldg. Phoiic 24K MID lour per ceiu loan lor TULSA, Okla. (UP)—Thc federal Hell's pnrty reached the conliu rposc of building possibly eoveriimcnt sought unsuccessfully dice of the Clmarroii-'rlvev at tn< Mltleships of 26,000 tons !0f >' ral '. s lo "'"' Ihrcc nivny ;le- site of modern keystone, on Aug ^,. itl armed with nine 11-inch Briers who stole the first 'army 21. They camped Ihe next night guns. They would be destined for survey of the Arkansas river, a Aug. 22, nlong Ihc river, 10 m'i'.c the Enst indies;, study of old court documents here lo the east. Justly proud of theh ''BACK-LOVING I reveals. detailed notes, Bell ami Say-had SWISS AHE ALERT | The roubeiy occurred en the kept close watch over them But a Switzerland, almost a natural ' »'eht of Aug, 22, 18'20, us » patty they neared their Journey's end fortress, thanks to her mountains, of six enlisted men and a natural- ihclr vigilance relaxed except where her frontier marches is! under Cnpt. John H. Dell Before dmvn f'lnl with part of Germany, has mobil- camped ncnr what Is present-day ( ,, lpfl ,.. ilh , ',„',' A ', Ized 300,000 of her hardy sons. It Tuba after exploring and mapping ..,„..,, £,.„•'''*;: ,L • - ~r is cstimnted this is costing 4,COO,000 the Arkansas from its source. The Ilo v,' c -r' ... 1^,1 nrni-hi i Sivlss francs per day. • i three men deserted, Hiklny with , L , ntrv fa i»d to -imwJr tlu Swlterland ordi'nnrily Is thought them horses, money, food and the. answer ins ol ; us a country where butter and precious saddlebags containing the cheese nrg tlio main articles pre- notes taken on the arduous trip. ' pnred for?ExpArl, 'But hi n'dditiqn,' never were traced.' it Ihe country inakcs some of the was indicated by the reccrds, »1- finesl rnaohiiiM, engines, dyes, though reward notices were posted clicnitcals mid drugs lu tHc world, by the army for years afterward. ! as well as its fnr-fnmcd wniclies. Spain, in t)»? treaty of J8J3, Sisd This export business has been abandoned its former claim to all grc'aily crippled by the wnr, Innds drained by the Arkans-is ft Is hnrd to give nny idea of river and had agreed upon the Red taxes because each Swiss cnnton river as n part of (lie southern has Its own llnancial autonomy, boundary of (he United Stales' But In some of the bigger ones the Louisiana Prtrclmse. year'Is over"eTjht per"'cenT "" | sJplL,TonT'"^'^^,^'a'ild map only last year an interim) lonn HID river mid ills expedition «:t of 230,000,000 francs wns raised out early in 1020. llicy reaohed for purchase of modem armu- the source of n sizeable river which incnls, parUciilarly nrtillery for they guessed correctly lo be the tlic mountain posts, and niiplancs. j Arkansas, Mnjor Long detailed ' I Capt. Bell and the naturalist, Thoma's Say, lo make a complete ClippcH Dog Seen as Lion Thomas Say, lo make a complete T. JOHN, N B (UP)-brlvcrs ' s " lvey of the rivcr ' Tllc surv *J T wns ' CO dist . . reported Ihc presence ol a lion tushihg out on the roads during Ihe evenings. The "lion" never was reported in broad daylight, however, for It turned out to be it licavy-coatcd sheep dog which a fanner had clipped for the hot weather. REMEMBER : LEFTY'S Service Station for ST. JOHN, N B (UP)-brlvcrs ' s " lvey of the rivcr ' Tllc surv *J T wns amliig In from Nauwidgewauk a P nl » st « kl »gly. and accurately 'mnrfc • Istrlcl H miles from here, have '" Uvo molltll!i of -work. ' ^ 21101'teri llir» tii-^^piirf, ^r o HH». ' . . ^~..'.. . / . . — -;?— n ----- Mobiloil and Mobilgas Now Managed by Walter Cox, Jr. ninl R. M. Murray See Us For Anti-Freeze! FREE DELIVERY 109 W. Slxln SI., 1'IlOH- 15 LOW INTEREST RATES EASY PAYMENTS -LONG TERMS • t i. of im - v ""'flSiiKC Insm company doing business in this state. Life Insurance Fire Insurance Investment Securities . Osceola, Ark. 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