The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 17, 1940
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TUB DOMINANT NEWSPAPER LE COURIER NEWS PER OF NORTORA8T AKKANSAS Awn cr,r™n,»oM, ,.,»„ * •*-* T " K-J VOLUME XXXVf—NO. 256. Bitter Cold Disrupts All Fighting Along Finnish-Soviet Front Mississippi Valley Leader filytlievlile Dully News ~ ~ """"""»»"" ' °Z£ JJMTHHVIU.M, AUKANSAS, SOUTHEAST MISSOURI PILES IIP E liy Diilleil I'rrss cold, with tcmriei'aUii-e.s ranging J'roni i, 'ill but paralyzed action on the Wounded men froze to death, reports said, unless they were taken to shelter promptly and antl-nir- craft and machine eim crews had to Are occasionally to keep their weapons from freezing-. Hot oil was used to start airplane motors and the, motors ot automobiles were kept running nt all times. Reports from the front were that because of the cold llie Riisstans engaged in only minor operations and thai Ihese met with no suc- bess. Over most of northern Europe ,„.„ swpnt „,„ the bitter cold slowed .railroads mstrTafhome sju-M =. .SSSSKTS-S It was 4 [ Auspicious Plans Made For Fight Paralysis Fund Drive • A^^*^re^^^^ <»<* >•«... -ftM »£'«'''»- "r•r'^^w ,,,!v cs , d*^jaaK^vSSl^^S ~ y* To Fo, c ^^^^ S WSS?«S*S SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Four Die In Fire, 12 Hurt HOUSTON, Jan. n. (UP)—Four men were killed and 13 other persons were injured early today when fire swept (he Salvation Army in- 17 ' Oltf.l-ANS. Jan. (lll')-Oni'. K. i MHg have to carry tin- fl^m („ .«,,.„ the dynasty fmiiulfil by his brother Hury i>. i. 0 ,, g , n(o u run-off primary, iiiroiniilcfr returns from 539 uf Louisiana's l.iO-l iirccinets indicati-il loduy 1-ong had n total of 85.09 j si/Whist Die combined (olat of 103.031 of the four iinl!-,,,| m |,,. islratlon camliilatPs early this alteiuoun. H.v T .H. MALOV United I'rcss stair Corrcsjxmileut NEW ORLEANS, La.. Jnu n >»u,eo r«••ciwiVo'w'htei,'mei'iurt W'K^-.I^"?; vrvT "iRlil «t the Hotel Noble. i , s i, t , L . , 1S ', ' ' "' " 0!le " Entliiislnstlf over |I, P ,, h (m par-' \ UUs chnl '™ n » of I' 1 »>»ly '»««te and \ho |±Si S;:i;,'±!t,r"T "I!', Biven by J«e N Mnilln nr Trains , " lrc "'"" Mia. Still .serving will boro. dlslria ci,,,Irmn? I u l Tho fc^ M'!" "jf"'«'"»'><"" '"- "* served us Cralghead Comity chair l ." 1 ' Mlss Nnmilc Chirk Smltl man last year, the committee mem- LI, M,!!"",',,, '"„ 'l^ 1 collm " Uc< bers complied plans which include F, ,•„,,,- is, f ^'''l, " 1Kl Ml ' 8 (ilioiisorinu the htrtlulay greetln« bn" L "* J " lml n!i °' J >«( cnrd.'i for llie March cf Dimes, coin M™ ,,„,., boxes for public rslabllshmenls. a dmirmn, Ir ., ^ , „ <!'»• «nlP, a banquet, twc, sports v I'M, w "^ '\ OX ; S "' C "•••"'" and a dance i,V ' "' v w - •'• I'ollnrd and Mrs P ' - "•"rnsworih muck as ollin- iwm- . Jnmes Hill Jr.. Mississippi COim- ami Mr. Mar,,,, chalrman with Iforner serving with her ». McClmkln. who vvus of the Riga, Latvia , reported that it ivas 47 below zero, the lowest temperature In 10 years. Copenhagen reported serious disruption of communications and, some deaths. j The German radio reported that! the mechanism' in the chimes of St. 'Clemen's church at Solingeii 1 were frozen. The temperature couid Steele Woman Injured In Traffic Accident The case of R. s. Harris against Frank Hall was underway in Cir-.cult Court this afternoon. The ;^_john Th^Ts P^,,. ^^^°^^: of the Parks Chcv- chased. W. Leon Smith is club will sponsor e ilanpc. to be given nl the Cit on Jim. 30 but ivlll O f thr »r the newspapers with Mr. n nd precincts gave-. Jones, 8,512; Long 4674- Noc L ; «°"^: Mokd ^ 822: ,"mfaid4t»e'™lctaJ iU '^Ylri cent w m B o to o national fund n , , yl ° r> lhc Rev ' Jlimcs A which creates and niaSn h"! clcl 'tie ^d'^T T P" 1 ?*" 1 ' Pltnls and otlirr n,-ni,,M, i,. »„„ "V 1 b »<»iq . nvid J. Louis cherry , , " — "' l MI iv.i -OIHT^ - LimbUU. \\. LiGOll SmiLn i*; nrtm-rmii ' • «"", it^waciuv 0^4 .. rolet company at Steele, received for Mr. Harris and Ed B Co oh"n id ,° n tllat tasft> . Jo »« w«s «„-,*"'.' .. . „ a brain concussion and body bruls- Zal B. Harrison represent Ihe de " ° Approximately onc-lo-lwo be- U ls ""'"^tood thai, nn advisory ' ,, 0 , U( ,,, co ,,,,„,,„.,- cs when h.r ,.,„• „„,„„„ .-,„.,..., "'present the de- hmd^Lons l.Mhe city and tsvo-to- 1°™™, W1 J! ,** ^'"'iied hmncdintely (he county gcncrn" cs when her car collided 'with ir tendant. ' Standard Coffee com-[ A jin-y awarded W M Kcru au s " " '" L1It: ^-u'liury, e intersection of Main,'judgment of $8922 m \,< s Jf.% wllos c votes are always late to lie .— Highway 61 at Steele. against B. B. Llcvd in which he l ' CI)orted ^"L 0 ..^, 10 ^ 1 ^ nWt. Isought $3W.22 nlletd due „„ a laugston wns np- .uxorn for mlltee lo ilments made pub- vtilX "fc'i 1 *~™ •^~ 1 ""™, .-,'f :"<]':•••> "uiurei, -in lavor ot the de- Mrs.- parte vas making a Ic-ft.jfendant was rendered in the ctf=e Jr^m? H Ma S! » re ^ * Ken her orxb - B ' Mnrtln «» d Ho « n=»r- car collided with the truck which ance Company vs B I, Kins- cf was traveling on the highway. Leachville, which involved . dam- New York Cotton prev. open high low close close Jan. 1087 1110 .1087 Mar. 1094 1104 .1094. May 1070 1082 1070 July 1037 1094 1032 Oct. - 974. 985 924 Dec. 870 077 067 1110 1103 1078 1040-41 983 077 and like several of Us pn>deccsso°r<£ I '«rdiS-in--faW,-f the- ^ !L~™f« ffi iilS ! " ney's office promised Noc that It I l°ok into some of his coin- \Y/« 1 I Tl of fraud today. Would Jhwart , P " accident. Ed B. Cook represented Martin and Mr. Cooper was King's attorney. I - fn the' one, nt 3:20 ajn. "Goon" squnds-pliig-iiglics from I Couilt y wasset- LONDO^f, Jan. Govoininenl's Vig o r o ti s Objections Overruled In Norman Baker Trial M'lTM-; HOCK, Jnn. 11 (Ul>)Over Ihe vigorous objections or ;«vcmmt-nt ultMiiey.s the driciise n Ilia Irlnl of Norm'nn linker niitl • our nssoflates chnrued with mull rum) In lulcrrtlshiB „ ennccr cure won llie iljjht (winy (o cn || (t , (| wltne.% IDr, Edward M. Porduo or Kaiisns City. U. 55. Attorney Smn Uorex, in illomjitlni; lo prevent Dr. perdue r™» teslliylnij, cl.nrged Ihnt lie mil HO i-fUHinr niedlcnl license lo mictlcc In i.|ti lcl . Mi ssom .| or Ar . innsiw mid Hint he was prohlbttci. rom iisliiK the minis by n frniul order Issued by the poslotncc de- inrtinent In Pelminry, 19:18. Jiidue Tliomns o. Trimble held, lowcvcr, thai luck of i lid not bar him from s nn cxircil nnd further ic would not allow the BU , V ..,it to Introduce us nil oxlilbll n opy of the postal fraud order. After leiiBlhy iirBuments Dr. Perdue testified O n Iho nature nnd nines of cnncer. He snld during his testimony hat he wns a former director ol Fear Sabotage May Be Back Of Blast In Powder Factory I D ... In Brazil! 1MO OK JANEIRO. n raz i| J«n. 17.—intense lieiil. cawed discomfort and some deaths to- ctay. The temperature readied n '•';!> of 101 degrees. Far Relm-clecl from Early World War I-ONDON, Jan. 17. (UPl-eicr- ninny Is suffering severely as result - "•••• " J.UIIH.-1 imcciur 01 ' ° n "'<-'<l conlrabniKl control oliiisoii Cnnccr Institute ut Ran- Minister ot Kconomio Warln'ro Ron- ns City and that during 'id yearsl" 1 ' 1 Oros s 'old the House of Com* s a pliyslelnu he hud observed '"""" '"''"" 0,000 cases of cancer In an clfort 0 Ilucl the cause mid the reason or Its development. He read lo the Jury a long ikt 1 articles on cniicer which hu (iald c had written ami translated, aci ..„ , ,, tsplayecl n mcilnl which ho sahl! <-oiKH"oiis of life in Germany •ns pre.sciilcd to him by the. Util- " lc ''-''""iwl," he said. eislly of Uncnos Aires In 1C25 for], Ol ' os . s . sl>il1 tlmt Ocrmnny did not is cancer work nnd a decoration c stlmo resources of gold -om tlic University of Home ."'" foi'c'Bn currencies which she wnrdecl lo him In I02fl for cnnecr. . . "" ycnrs "t'° nll(1 "'"*• '"or + Hie plant Is one of Ih 0 units'.U which the company posted 27 additional guards two weeks ago' to guard ngnlnsl possible sabotage' fhc same plant was wrecked by three cxplcslons in January, May and October of 1016-n World wSr J'Mir H'ltli a deiith toll of 18. The explosion was so terrlda thai, it shook n 50 mile nrca "in souUiern New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania.and bolnware. Windows of stores and houses''lii the 50 mile area were broken by Several hundred men nrc employed normally at thn chemical works but high loss of life - and great property damage was averted because of Ihe peculiar construction of the plant units wlilch are placed In Isolated tpot?. Tlie huge plant sprawls over about two square miles. Hi Wnshlgton It was' announced that federal ngciits alieady had been dispatched to the plant to Investigate the explosion Blame Broken Rail For Wreck Of Train . wnrdecl lo him In 1020 for cnucur escnrcli. The only olhcr witness this lonilng wns J. T. McElroy of LIl- c tlack, a former patient al the akcr hospital In Eureka Springs, re testified (hat the treatment icrc had cured an ailment from hich he suffered. t'qollilgc Foe Tunis'Aliuut OimiAMlTpN," Mikl- - (UP) — Vhcn the Into I'rcsiilcnt' Onlvln • • ••*,>• k-liu 1EVIU L i V04LIU1I V V*HI> 111 Committee Invites Him TojS^wIm"^ke"'"' tat ^ Explain Possible Effect Of Finnish Loan . were bitter political foes. Now I'elkcr Is rcpcrted to be wrltlnu a life story of Mr. coolldgc liectnise of his dislike of u "critical book oil him by William Allen White." ' IMl Sloan, of Jonesboro, for the tie- So 1 i fendnnt. 915 New Orleans Cotton open high Jan. 1102 1121 Mar. 1106 1114 prev. low close close May July Ocl. Dec. 1082 1046 980 972 1108 1092 1084 1117 1087 Cases of Mark ! ra-aiS£"5-? ! ='?5i..aat- £° nr " Babe in Anns , arisliain vs.' S..^^^ %™&$ ^ . ^ rort,r,ent,onr'ur^stoo,i lo Western Union Telegraph Com- was to drive voters to noil, S imvc , bccn slnr '"> »»"' the dis- s^^r^i^ s sia^r^«S9 iF? =t -^"— V.O. ™,ai,d et. ,, were -,^-g^^^v ^t=the=y^h^ Dieted for tomorrow are these ' %^&&g>£ ^^^SWJfi ».: Bob snmme, vs.^c ^^"^ffi.'SS^ !5^-- ^—^o llll). 1113'cases: Bob Summers vs. 108D Railway Company; Mrs. A. B 5 i-siFSlr^S aa-aisr ^ : - ys, tvn sil srtj-jmHS 2«?S5=«s 989 976 980 S72 985 977 Stock Prices A- T. & T 170 1-2 Am. Tobacco 883-8 Anaconda Copper 27 3r4 Beth. Steel 73 5-8 Hucy fiSlfe "I was' Ironlll - r . « was s ^.i,. «i., IAJUIH nuugner vs V (Holland et. nl.; \v. L, David vs $ 10 P 01 " "goon," plus Si"for William Borowsky ct, al.; A. L. Policc Superintendent Ford vs. H. O. Boggs ol. al.; Will H** 61 ". a carry-over from nuey Berry vs. Federal Compress and ^ n S's time, ordered all out-ot-town Mutt TI,-,, Warehouse Company. .photographers arrested He said U!>1 lur " _: I members of tho mnchine-controlled i (election arbitration committee had' -I 6 . 1 ;?.. 1 ™-! C1 "'clana Watch recommended the arrests because mrorrM , ' I •""""" "'« "ecu anxious to ob- BEELIN, Jan. 17. t UP)—'Hie ceo- tflln nnns or credits for war male- nmir* in1nie+*-.t ,inn^^~,i t_j »i._>. vtnir. !.-. n^t_ i. Over To Reichstag aid to Flnlmid might atfecl United Stales neulmlity. Federal.Loan Administrator Jesse Jones told the committee today lhat the amount of nny lonn lo Pinland Is a question for congress to decide. He said the $10,000,000 credit nl- rendy arranged by the Export- Import bank was "a good loan." Committee members Indicator! they felt that there was no need for haste In consideration of the Finnish problem. One member snld —Of the Law . lie hati been informed by former President Herbert Hoover who Is directing a civilian Finnish relief cmnnnlai tint the Finns Imvc i>»i pic food supplies to last them ;m- lil April. Finland has been anxious to ob- 10 o-o ---o-- ---~~. ~.^n_iuiiu »HIIL'M I^CUJIJUK-HUL'U U1C arrests bCCIUSO n 1 "*""iu im:, UI:LH I 83 ( CONWAY, S. c. (UP) — Uncle an out-of-town v>hoto»r«nhpr u-mt DE HLIN, Jan. 17. (UP)_'Hie ceo- tnln nnns or credits 4 1-2! Bill McCray, B4-year-oW Horn- ^ for Jones, had had lik hw Cm "S mic nllnlstr 5' decreed today that rials in this country. 38 n'county Negro, has a watch he ken in a poll booth brawl ", p c " nnn citizens who before tho I Cities Service Gen'l: Elect. ...' '.'..'.". 38 l-l ; county Negro, has a watch""he ken in a poirbooth"brawl"" "'"' "" p crmnn citizens who before Iho I Gen'l. Motors 52 1-4 wouldn't swap for love or mcney i '— ' ' , " lc E'^openn war were real- Int. Harvester 55 5-8 K was a sift from the late Presi- < ririlish IWr Wpikr.r Mont. Ward 51 3.3 dent Graver Cleveland. Uncle Bill LONDON (UPi-neer f, nni m-, ' "'"* "^\ plncc thelr fortuncs m N' Y. Central « l-i was President Cleveland's favorite ing to be rauSwi tal t wv be SPV^n? T"^ nt thc (lis|>0sal North Am. Aviation 24 1-8 «><* when the chief executive visit- produced in wVaker for, l^ the n" " dchbank »y March 1. Packard 31-4.<«i the Santee HuntliiE Club for Lt u-nr "Jl° C» r . L?™'... 1 . 1 ?,..'. 1 ?!: . 1"= decree spccined that rcjls- Art Junk Into Displays Phlilips Rndio „ Republic Steel 20 Socony Vacuum 117 7M> the Santee- Hun»,in E chib'for nst ' . '^HEr ^'p^ulSS l^tT" ^^ "'"' "^ ™™™"^™*. («P»„ 5-8 d^shooting^ _ due ta „' ^^ ™f«" ^JF^™^ "^ C ° n - ?""".'?»». »«L««™ ^ •» *- Studebaker Std. of N. J Texas Corp U. S. steel 93-8 44 ! 441-4 59 due to a shcrt^g^iier^c^dTr Uie^me Td,!^ Mine Tragedy's Grim Finale Livestock EAST ST. LOOTS, nl, Jan 17 (UP)—Hogs: 14,500 Top, 5.75 MU-230 Ibs., 5.GO-5.75 140-160 Ibs., 3.75-4.75 Bulk sows, 4.S5-4.8S Cattle: 3^00 fleers, 8.40-10.15 Slaughter steers, 6.75-11.50 Mixed yearlings, heifers. 7.25-9.25 Slaughter heifers, 6.50-10.75 Beef cows, 6.25-S.25 Cutters and low cutters, 4.00-5.00 Chicago Wheat open high low close May 891-4 1011-2 99 101 July 9G1-2 985-8 D61-2 983-8 Chicago Corn open high low close May 577-8 581-4 573-4 581-8 July 581-8 581-S 58 533-81 - ing used by Slate Teachers' College students here to -provide window displays for local stores. Tlie work Is part of the art appreciation course nnd Die displays are offered free 'to nny storekeeper iwho wants them. One of the window displays consisted of old soup cans, which were dissected nnd (hen put toKetlier ncnin In the form of two flsurcs sipping snip from a bowl. The backdrop for the cccnc wns a Venetian blind, rescued from nil nttlc and painted green nnd silver. Texas Ranchers Can Use Same Brand Differently AUSTIN, Tex. (UP) — A brand 1 marking a steer with a "Lazy S," a "Bar X" or other well known rflnihcr's brand no longer Is proof positive that thc branded nniaial i belongs to a particular owner. A ruling of Ins stale legal dc- , of Industrial raw nmtci-lals such as ijasollnc, Iron nnd wool arc far smaller. "We have been Informed, 1 ' he snld, "that Important steel works may suspend operation tor lack, of raw materials." We Must Not Sleep" General Muti Warns Fascists ROME, Jan. 17. (Ul'(—Italy may ivllii Injury/to seven Five cars of the all-steel' flow. York to Miami chair-car train left the track Inst night n nillc north of hero. Injured Included Mrs. Lambln B Irvine of Philadelphia; Alfoid B' Undy of Cape Meade, N. j • j' Molliihll lot Evansburg, p n 'and two negro train employes. Atn Wajcioss hospital where llie Injured were taken it wns reported none was seriously hurt P. B. Lnngley, transportation superintendent at Jacksonville, Pla said 11 \vns believed a broken rail caused the wreck. .The track was quickly cleared "ffl S - 11 3S,.train .continued toward New York v,flh relief cars replacing those- whlci) hntt been derailed. Banks To Observe Birthday Of Lee The tsvo Jocnl bunte will observe the blrlhdny Friday of Genera! Robert E. Lee. B oth the Farmers Bank and Tmal company nnd the First National Bank will be closed "viviii, ,11.11. M. lyi'j—iiniy may • •••"• •«»«UHUI UUUK win uc closed at nny time bo /need with the iie-| nl1 (in J'- ™s will mark the first ccsslly of taking up arms, Cleiiernl, atm ^ observance here of this holl- Mnii ton.-nin,.., r.»,. n ^ A i _r n.~ ,..„.. day since it was made a legal lioll- dny by the stale legislature. - '" Thc liglldny will give members"of • the two .local-.Institutions" an op- imriiniU i> t-n «*t_.,j _' i. ' _ Mull, secretary scncrnl of the Fascist parly, wnmccl thc world toiluy. .Addressing n gathering of Fascist secretaries, Mutll snld ini. nui;it:LHIlus, ftlulll Saul; *• v " ¥< .lutwt- .111^111111.10115 nil Op"Wc must not sleep In the Illu- I^WmHy to attend meetinj of we musi, not sleep In the Illu- !"'"•»""* iu auena meetinj of slon that Italy's present stand re-; Orol il> One, Arkansas Bankers-As- enrdlng the conflict will be per- socl «tton, to be held at Wynne Iietual. Fascist Italy mljlil find Sam n - Willlmas, vice president Ilsclf nl nny moment faced with cn * lcr of Iho First National Bank, +i.~ « A —~_u.. —, ....... ...,,. will attend the meeting ns wilt 13. A. Lynsh, president of the Farmers Bank, F. E, Warren, cashier, llsclf nl nny ,.„ ,....., the necessity and duty of taking up arms. We must therefore be ready wltii arms nnd In spirit." Troop Rehabilitation Organized for Canada ' -• •"' »r«iii,ii, (,«iltitff, nodncy Banister and Max B Logan assistant cashiers. ' ST. JOHN, N. B. (UP)—The Canadian LcBlou Wnr Services, Inc., lins made thorough provision for rehnbllllntlon of troops after the Cola un war. service clubs here have been told. Lleut-Ccl. Ralph H. Webb, D.S.O., M.G.. declared Canada was not 0olng lo mnlTe llie same mistake she did nftcr thc World Wnr, and that returning fighters, able , Lions See Movie Of Beverage Production growth of Caen tn n moving picture exhibited at the weekly luncheon of the Lions club nt the Stable yesterday H H rooks showed the film. Jim J. -....„. .. v ., lvl j, Mississippi county s;?,;vr,,5r»« ir '- Mr ar-vs Young People Found , , Weslbrooke Sr., and E L West- brookc Jr., of Joncsboro, were guests. To Lack Vote Interest Missouri Plan Is Approved ANN ARBOR. Mich. (UP) — A lack of citizenship Interest omong young ]>cople is pointed out by Dr. uno,,™^™ James K. Pollock, University of WASHINGTON, Jan. 13. (UP)- Michlgan political scientist, who , J"' erslate Commerce Commls- hns completed n slticly of 2GOOO n y oPPWcd a plan of re- voting records covcrliw 24 dec- Or 8" n ization for the Missouri Pa- voting records covering 24 tlons in Ann Arbor. . cin ° railroad system which would In a case study of voting be- l ' cd " CG l( s capitalization from $671,- avlor Pollock found Hint women EOa ' CM lo 5560,478,900. > liavlor women ' ,,. young people and negroes had >1 ? lc C0lnm ission found that 'the poorest voting records, In an 8- C( l u '" cs of the holders of the pro- ear eriod men h - ferreti a «d common stocks of the , year period men had a voting per- ccntagc nearly o per cent higher MissQ l'rl Pacinc railroad company than woman nnd an average par- had l10 valuc ailt] 'ho holders of tlpicntlon of voters classified ac- lhose stccks were given no partici- cording to race or nationality re- P atlon '» the allotment of securl- corded only 21 per cent for t!es of t!ie new company. partment has held tlwt one or The law finally caught up lllCrr* nnfenttc miv rf.n\*t*r Ilin •..._ _.. . . . ' y tuu B"v up with were persons m.y register the twoWa-'hai.VaT^'ld Bruce same brand, provided the second carl, abovo, and it was his teSfer sii^T-a U", 1 , 1 o, ss ^^y^- the animal. his young 'on tih a 1 ,„ the explosion at a Bar t ,,y, w . Va , , nlnc of (hc pond Crefik u ^'o^ s no Ur1 d 0 er nl o n(K o; S "sle 1) e r r a ma1 iTboV "£ kl^H^ ^ ™ •i«. borne on -Mrctehen to « )iwr«., n, e country - s worst nltne dlsastcr slncc ^^ mean it belongs to cue ranch. Tho Jersey. Now nSrSwUiS? iSS? T 92 lives. Forty..wven miners escaped. ,?"""; bralld °» '"e side mlglil des- tell N« ff ark, N. J., court why she in l'« natc another. i should have cwkdy of tlic child., ncgrots. "The voting frequency U lowest In the youngest age "group naid rises with each age group up to GO; until 10 the highest frequency . , * malntMn<!d ''' WEATHER .-- —. , Arkansas—Increasing cloudiness, Pollock reported.' snow beginning tn northwest por- of only 22 per cent of. lion late tonight or Thursday ai ' voters between the, in northeast and central portion t ",!Jl 3 ? vo ' ed '" 10 elec " I TI>ursday. Colder In north portion, from S28 to 1932. | temperature below freezing, severe figures should make, freeze in northwest portion tonight, very inadequate and un- j colder Thursday, job which Is done by Memphis and vicinity—Increasing system In developing cloudings, followed by light snow a strong citizenship _ i s te tonight or: Tnursrlay, consld: ' erably colder,' .'• v;'.

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