The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1930
Page 4
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PAGE FOITC »[;Y|!IBVILLR.JAUK.) COURIKU-NEWS THE KLYTHEVILLB COUK'IKU NKWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., I'UBLISUDIJS C. R. UALSCOCK. Editor H. W. KA1NES, Advertising Manager Sole Notional Advertising Representatives: The Bcckvfltn Special Agency, inc.. New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, Kansas Oily, Atlanta, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Ar.scics. ' Published Kvcry Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered as second class matter at ll;e post office at BIytheville, Arkansas, under ac'. ol October 0, 1917. Served by the United Presr UA.TI:S By carrier In the clly of Blytlicirillo. 15: per week or $0.50 per year Ir. advance •' By mall within a mdlus of 60 miles, $3.00 per year, ?1.CO for six months, 85c for tlirec monllis; by mall In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, SO.50 per year. In rones seven and debt, 510.00 per year, payable In advance. We. Approve Decision of T. ,1. Mnli:tn not to oppose W, \\'. Hollipetev in (he race for uotm- ty treasurer will bu receive:! with tlu; general approval'of Mississippi county citizEKs including, hcyinul doubt, tb:il of many who would have ra^i, their billlots for Air. Mnhitn. When two men, both of Uicin loved and respected by their fellow citi/en.-, seek the same office, n ilil'i'ictilt situation is created not only for th;ir mutual friends and acquaintances, but for all wlio are interested in obtaining the right kind of men for public office. It is true that with T. J. Ulahan and , \V. \V. Ilollipcter in tliu race ample assurance was given tli? public against the possibility of a wrong choice. We believe the same holds true with Mr. Hollipctcr reninining as a candidate, and it would be c<l llft My li'iio were Iho situation revcr.scd. Mr. Italian bus well earned any honor within the gift of his fellow citizens. M'c hope ami arc confident that his retirement from the' present race does not mean that there will be no future opportunity for TilyllieviUo and Mississippi county to grant him public recognition and to gain further benefit from his services. leave a .surplus, aUcnlion will naturally bo turned to .-ucuiulary and county highways, in the m::.nlimo our own and cvevy other ivinUy will have to make its rc:;d improvement program balance its means. A large part of Hie smsUi iwl of Mississippi county has recently Immk'd itself in lui'KO sums for a fairly lumprehensiv? system of jrr.ivil hiirr.ils—properly called J'arm-l')-ir.;r/li«'l vnads. We need a similar piMj;r<un in I In; north part of the county, but uni!^ HICK- i* no doubt it Would be a rood investm;nt in the long run we wuiild like to .sec one or two good crop years before Hit! burden is assumed. SiDE GLANCES By George Clark We have a l;.il::i IlllCC (ICl'iilll- 1-1 .1!: .'.. I ' thin;; Hint h aclu.illv ic f'< Tnc recent ili-riiii- i:l : i.i no ickilion lo ij.31. 1 .:-'^ : :ll .> llU) 1:1' fcswa 1 -!. I'. C:l!!'.<- hii'iwli'Uyi 1 i)t ;'.-:l'.i:d fac-i. Tliu v.'orlil i'..i-ii!,i|::i:-u 1.-.- the In.,! !is in;ntlii '.'.; ':etion .-:iii!h uf attributing r. ihinij except the :: ;'!)!.• Kir it. mil n pound had i.:i:y sakl in pre;llc- i!U.jii: through the Dt Aii'.i.-ilcau cotlon :. :i;iiii"jxlnntely half months' of tv c'yupullcil to run iv i.!' uiii.COO during tlio County Highways "It is now time,'! says the Hope Star find Daily Press, "to think about,, a new highwayjaw that will dojforlht futilities VI i at, the Jlarlinoau.program is doing for the state." Nobody is going to iniarrel with the idea that county roads are needed, and certainly it will do no harm to think about means of-getting them, but the state highway department has already made committments that make" substantial slate aid for county highway development impossible for some time to come. Roads cost money and money does not come out of thin air, although some times the folks entrusted with spending it seem to think so. When (he primary system of state highways has been completed and the consequent indebtedness reduced to a point where gasoline tax and license fee revenues a million b.Oi bit ft;:sun. Dcmcstlc figure; aEnlnn; a montuly Ettcond half cf thi- jiar. Indle.itions p:-ir.l to a i".:isIi!i'Ml>lc Increase In the cauycvcr command v.nh n iear ngu. Curtailment is atlii in t:i:ci' ainonij American mills. The export movcim-nt lositlimes to run behind last season. These fads make It imperative that the subject ct (he uf land D.VI-II '.o collon shoitld receive Ihe aur.cst cn!isi<k'iaUun of every coltcn lii'o«":r iii the south. Prices declined It) era'.', a pound under the recoil acicaec of 40,CCO.flM. and the reccrd pro- diictlr.n nf 13.CCO,CCO bales in 1'JJG. The fellcwhii: t\mnz pl-.:nlers reduced their ncrcttgc 10 lo 15 per in.;. It. resulted In n smaller yii'ld and n profitable readjustment of pries level. H brought returns to t'"> producer. During Uie ncxi two years'eaKO was Increased. Last year the neri'iije ivaj bacic almost to the In'ah water marl, uf 1020. Reduction ol P.LU\UU Is Imperative. Co opeuilion U e^cuUM. Keducticn hi acreage by iiicnibcr.s of co-oy- eiative iissoclalions will not, be Mifflclent to iv- store prices to a prolitablc level. The man uf Independent, growers must b= impressed v.-:i:i the importance of aerearic cuitrol. They are Ihe run's who can exwvise u ilefinlte influence c-n (he lulal ontpii:. We iimsl toauim- the HBltnlton for i;rcaler \Vc intiit. begin to look facts Miu.irely in the [ace iiml a::\i nilvib-jtlnn to subic:'ui'o.', the ilif- ' ficiilty invited Ihroif/h fully oj overproduction. —Memphis Commercial Ap;ieal. "I wanted to slart a honk shop, but I've decided (here's more chance for self-expression in a tea room." Tactless Texan" Has Plans to Make New York Real Town Wo know a confirmed trans who says that the Indies nowadays have too many I win '.n the Ihv and not cnongli on the ii-oiiing b^ircl. to'.a bushes In Amarillo anil now they call it the City of Roses. But he wouldn't worry alxmt bcaullfy- | Ing New York; he rather likes It tlic way It Is. Speakeasies and all. Gene llov.'p speaking now: 'Everywhere l go people aro drinking. Prices are higher; the riuality Is lower; otherwise condl- :l?iis are much the same. We don't have speakeasies In the Southwest, and the Southwest would, If referendum were laken, vole dry by at least 60-40. I3ut that doesn't change the habits ol Individuals." "Out in Hie Southwest, we hear about the greed and heartlessness of Wall Street. It's no more "rapacious thnn many ancther organ- i/alion. I'm for it. 100 per cent; it never has done anything to n\c beycnd taking my money. N'o I'rojrcss ju Protecting Fools "No progress has been made In protecting fcols iron) themselves There are a thousand ways of separating iwople from their money And there to swing back to Erasmus Ho^ TncU, is why the Kernal would like to go Into business in New York. lie would like lo organize (he Bnob Investmem Trust company -anil prove tha 1 Uoiham Is a mcocn for suckers Five years a«;o there was an oil bcom In Texas. Wild-cat concerns v.'Ci-c thrivins. Hundreds of per- tcns wero pouring tl)eir savings into chviously unsound investments, despite ail :hc viewing with- alarm that the Kernal could do In tv.elve daily newspaper coluams. Suddenly he decided to find out just how far human nature could be balled. So Old Tack began lo talk about the Docb OH Company, a new con- coin vMiior. he declared, contrary ought to IK the worst choice any t)rcst>ec'.!ve investor could make. Everlhinp would' be strictly legal, he said, but there wasn't a chance In a mlllicn that the concern ever would make n penny of profit. Day after day he planned the project, at the same time promol- jng it to the extent of having it duly incorporated and having printed slock certificates embellished wit)) gold seals and a -picture of Den Turpfn. Vi'hen the suckers finally were turned away, S30.000 worth of Boob Oil Company stock had been purchased. During a subsequent boom, the sleek actually rose from i 13 to 94. The company Is still In j existence. Just now, according to Old Tack, it Is boycotting Standard Oil. So "Old Tack" isn't downhearted at- having to go home. He's doing pretty swell down there, The Independent Merchant I FKU1T BUSINESS BOOMS I LANSING. Mich., (UP)—A Imsl- i nc^s cmbrauing fi^-c states anrl ap- i preaching $3.000.000 in annual turn- lover is the 19M record lor the Benton Harbor fruit market, the laigcst, cash fruit, mart, in the world, according 10 Peter B. Dukc- Shercr, head of the bureau of feeds and standards in the state department of agriculture. In the old clays, they (ell us tha; ciwemeu sc'.llcd disputes with their (;lrl Iriemls by rc.icli- inj for their club. Tlie tncdcm way Is to move t.> it. Children .^htinlil bo titught not lo £)'.!irl. Hut some of tlu'm nrc bound lo grow up huo t'.ie.itev boxoiiice men, This bank is whole hcartcdly in accord with the movement to patronize and support home- owned industries. We have only to refer to our own dcppsit ledgers to ascertain just how little the foreign owned industries benefit local banks. When we go back over our experiences of many years in civic activities, wo recall that it was Uic men and corporations with heavy investments here who supported local institutions. The local independent business man carries all his surplus funds i'ti his local bank. The deposit of the chain store does not pay for the service rendered. It is M loss to the bank. Also, the. independent bank has the fame sort of competition from the group or chain bank systems. The more objectionable group system we have had in increasing importance for several years. The chain system of banking will come to meet the competition of the group system. The two will remove the old unit system of banks owned and controlled by local business men who are closely in touch with.,- and responsive to, local ueads and conditions. It is the independent unit bank that is today standing between the people of smaller communities 1 and the foreign control and domination of group and chain banks with directing heads in larger financial centers. , As an independent unit bank we are fighting the same battles that arc being fought by tlie independent merchant. The independent merchant and the independent bank must survive or perish together. It is but natural, therefore, that this bank should be vitally interested in the fight for existance being made by the independent merchant. The First National Bank Gene Howr. Mmini llircii.-.liimt t hr country as "Old Tack," nolcil eclumiusl, is liivtuvcd at ri?;bt as he upv c areil on his visit lo New Yoik, Al left, h an aiti<\ i -since lUiin ut "Old Tack" on a busy day of dog- milling. i(y NK.V Servici- | "Hie Tack," as Gene Howe chore NEW YOIiK—It's just no well! to style himself, took a personal I for tills hustliiiQ vi!hi:;e that| intercut in problems closo to thej Kernal Erasmus Koukus Tack,! family fireside. We just saw a picture of N'ick Lcmgwerlh, sricalu-r of the Ilourc. cnga^iuij In pistol practice. (.100(1 \vorl:. Nick. Anie]ic.!ii M^iiers tcnk ihc> po'.aio biL: to I'';ru)ce. say.-; au agricultural jouinat. ihu thai i;ii'l Ltiiyiiiiiij compared to the varieties they bvoujh", b:i':!•:. DOC MA'.<vl? tvlie"TAVviEl MOW AM "MARK" -TV-U'C otherwise Cicue Hcnu. tin- big column anil type man fvoin the West, has ilccliii'd to liuiry back ID the lest doija. -stray ra;_< and kindiL-d pjoblcrus uf his Uome town—Amarillo. Texas. For In the fc«- days siuc.' he ciiint 1 bwin;;ins into a V ir.'aaltan l\.^iel lobby, «\ilh cerui'.i-'ir.o.-; ol Boob Oil clock projcciir..; (ruin his iwkcts and the mud o: l:i.- Big Bull ranch slill upon his boots, ho has fairly bristled «:h ideas Fcr civic improveir.cHs. The Ksinal believcj. to. in- ilauce. that I; the \V.:o!worth Biiiirtinij anil Giant's!) were moved soiiicvi'hcrc nc;i: Chicago U wcHlrt maSc i'. passibl. 1 f«v most icurisls lo behold prai-lU\'.r.y al! tlvi-y s ec uf New York nmvay. am !-t!iiij relieve the nietropiiliiai 1 . con- If you observe a ciir.;ai".u o 111); nature In the Kci'nM* col 1:11111' (iuthiM tl'.c next semeilcr— dou'l be mrprited. \VauiIcriii-: Cats I Tvo in; 1 n po.viv wasted by liv ' cried gouts win) oppii laxic.)' •liiui.-.. i: .ippll'.-ti trv, pur Texas ni'p. he rb.-..--!-;!'.'^ Hi- Ins FKiii- 1 :!;i-jlit!y i:'.:cniou and inventive ideas for dlrcrt ele vatur coniiccMon 1 : bolwocn suV •.vr.ys and skycraptcr?. the problrm of the v ancicrin cats of Grcer.wich -Vlll.v:f i=. )• admits. sltgV.Viy !v,m. Bi If all the fi.-!>rcis In thv K thste: murder wore i>iaccd etui to cud— Oh. but why co on! The "Old Tack' fairlv si;cti si:rii Irier.s as i.-.r.ii-.- 1-i' f, j i-ious from the oil JirV.- :o 11 tantiar;! Oil Uuil<ii:is '•:: low (Tlrcadway. i Bii: (he home liros ir.i: • ..: i !-,c kept suioaWciu'.c. A-..,, si he seen be back al hi- c : o: lies Cankcd an.iin by thi- «:•••::. tto Uen Tiirphi anil mrri':ir:!i-.l by I ^olicction of w'ild i\'.:i:\: ;:ictur< IGlXC of llh first 8;i:ii ii ..!, i;p: jr.nivins home wiU b. 1 a i ntin [iliun nf his campal :v. ;-i ,'.,.•,!• ;hal I p'airie doia m:'.kc . ,: catlnj;. , The Kernal IMS st>'.ni:v insisted I lhal the prairie dr.: '.: .* |, : obably appeared on more , .10 menu ' ns "o.'.iall on lo.ut." iuis tievcr ceased to balance] ctlessness with an ctiual icunt of tactfulness — setting :iKb'.ic prcb'.cms. looking after ippicd children and orphans, uriny philosophical lotions on e heai (aches, taking a parental tercst in the troubles of his adcrs, and directhia his pieas- u trclishncfs at most of the civic-1 id state |>rob'.cms. Wo he lias taken on n national .anci:iu; as "Old Tack", the col- nmist. awl in so doing has M '.it smotticrcil Gene Howe, the cd- >v ami iv.iblisiicr. In the event that his exploits lay be new to you—here is a bit I personal data: Gene Howe as "Kernal Tack." ii ijoint of im'icps performed. [;.nx-r ipace consmnrd and cttors received, is or.e of the most clcbiatcd ot olumnisL<:. Kernal 'J'ai-k has a wife whom ic calls O. W. io!d woman) ami •ii!li! children. So well known is .ellapalco/.e. (he favorite daiish- er, that several Amarilla children lave been ' named after her ThrciK-h ills daily column In UK Glebe-News, which really is frcm i {o twelve columns in length. | hclds the interiir-l of a wide, iiidlencc. | Son of I'd TIcivc ' Gene Howe is the son ol Ed- Howe. P!li;or-au!hrr - philosopher of Atchison. Kan. But Gene's fame ; is not inhciilcd, any more than it due to his recent criticism of, Cclcnel I,inducrc,h and Mary Gar- 1 den whic'i attracted such wide at-. trillion. Howe really regrets the publicity tliat attended tht Garden and Lindbergh mronntcrs: Ihey are n:: typical of the writings ol I-rrasnr.'i Tack. i Fcr the Kernal is an easy-gulp.? [«n-r-?W!K Iwmjnist who figures that folks arc just about alike whoever you find them. Thai's w'.iy he winiirl like lo .May in New York, aiui jirnve some of Ihe he ha;. riYavdini bis and li'.llr ri;!tf. r;;.s: and wesl. lci r rcsiwc'.- ive puilibililics, prculiarilles and foibir?. Hr fnirly beams at the thoush! of fiiKlh'.e' a hundred lest dogs in Gctham fnr every nuc that now rcpnu 1 -. But don't gat ll'.at tlm wide |"tncl!cs? TCXJH" v.:.~ ly on whini-ical ..:i u!ca?. Tho dopAnr..''. cdidncts In his r«:i frequently dirccte.i '• .inv.isiug and ssf.:U~. hearts of '.!« fs^c causes clhidish grief in Amarllio. Sure It would be a bit; job. bin. a" thi?.' Riven inoush newspaper space, he tit llic'c'Uiid d-^ it. PC: squirrels that rr.ilre- j slraycd mv;iu be a bigger prob- foniaitlcl ICIK. "It riiiin't take us ITU to ::i. h lie' find cur iiawn linmc the other r. while day," lie said. "But. you, (hire :i; the-arc mi^ity few trees In that cou;;- •••c:i Ihe try." because - The Kernal gave away 20,000 A la mode PARIS sets the styles in women's dress for the world. London is the arbiter in matters of dress for men. But, New 'York and Chicago, Boston and San Francisco and hundreds of smaller cities and towns throughout the United States may know what are tlie latest styles even before they are shown in Pa-ris. A seeming paradox, but true. Merchants maintain representatives in Paris, London, Vienna and other European style centers who cable the latest news of the modes, and ship samples long before they arc sold abroad. In America, the news is translated into advertisements and printed by local newspapers throughout the United States. And so, American women are able to dress in the hvtest styles in dress .more accurately than the women of any other country on the face of the globe. Advertising keeps you abreast of the times in other ways. It tells you of the newest and best in every line of merchandise. It keeps you posted on what other people ivre doing and wearing and using. Read the advertisements. They are truthful and helpful. You can depend on their accuracy, for the reputations of the merchants sponsoring them guarantee their integrity. Read the advertisements to know what is yoinf} on in the world of merchandise.

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