The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 16, 1940
Page 6
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PAGE six JTiTTramLT-,15, 7'AHK.V COTJBTER ' HEWS To Competition From Below • Has Best Chance Split Combination KY GKOKGK KIIIKSF.V United Press Sjlalf Correspondent 'NEW YORK, Jnn, 1C (UP)—The old American League war cry of "break up the Yankees" may be heard from a new quarter this spring at St. Petersburg, Fiji.. training base of fho world champions. Instead of. ihe other clubs leading -the ehnut iigivinst Ihe Yankees, it'll be tiie Yankee Kook- leslhemselves yelling for a chance to break into the lineup. Surveying (he New York roster for .1940, Mnrse.' Joe Mcpardty, only pilot ever lo win four consecutive world championships, opined today there wouldn't be any rlmgea in the Yankee lineup for ihe coming season; '•There are no jobs open on (he Yanks," said McCarlhy, here (o confer with President Eel Barrow about Yankee plans, "but. of course, ycu never .can (ell what'll happen to a ball player during the winter. Prom present indications Hie Yankees u-lll start tiie .season wilh (he same club that we used against Cincinnati in (lie world series." Asked if he thought the Yankees would be stronger in IB-id than 7726 Dope Bucket ttf 1. f. KKIKND Tnc fnsdi.uUon vntrr, pretty foiph KClioJnsUcnlly, loo ... Mrs. 7 r !oru McCulclieu has bowled more Hum fl.OCO exhibition games llii'ounliout the U. fj. with an average of jr.oj", lltan 200*. . . If (he oilier MX! dubs could hold down Joe Di.MW!-, glo iit the pinto as well us n.'-lioii : pilehers did last year they miidil' him; a cliaiicc at slopplm- tin:' Yiiiikw.v. The'C'alifoivihi kid b.-u-, led only .207 against ihe Tlseis. Oicveland were cllnk'd DU01> SHOTS IN TIIE SPORTS PIELD-Weisht Is no absolule requirement for collegiate football, llelnie lirock made Ihe University o! Mimic-sola team and weighed !°'\ >a! .. only in pounds. Now lie j< '-n undw ' ""•' - 300 " 1!lrk • ramie Ice skater nnd i,ns perform-j l^!" s Br1owils , 1vf:ro sai ' ..:in.i-vory stale 1,,,ho union ex-i-X,: '^'UaS « *\. t LI u i iu i,iiuijrti;i>> vi'ij L tJiim 1 n f . , for .201, Ihe ,mly other lo wind up De.lroil iVei's' DoWnhll under tin-..w> mnrt- TI,,. M i .. .. b . ^uwniilll ci-pl l/mlslnna and Maine. . . in I Tin fo iuni-f pro typ-- coll-.--cl.-il •Jiie play dining iho Colorado Col-1,,, - . , .... .- . | ]ot. ol em. IC'gc-Hrigham University . i only one home run oil (lie <-nliii- ' May Mean Basebal Conlraci Changes HV l.KSME AVE11Y M .Ml (Ml: >:ijii.t i foolbill!'" 1 ' cl ' c ' m - • • Mil-blast! 1 .-,- all- 1 ' America Tom Harmon has lime l-"i'fu l'«'ss Staff Cam-siionilcnt 1 NKW YOHK, Jan. i(j cup)-'jii,- :iei-lcan f.caguc clu\> will pnino five playm e.irrio,! (he tell! . /mc . Hltl r ° m Hft '™°» "«» tlm V N-w vn on a series of lalerals . . Ll»h-- molh ' l '-'l' * el nolie "U™"o<t Midii-l /; W VO heavywelshl champion Billy Conn Bfl " b , tfo ', (! or " llcr hln <- liar())l1 ,1,1., , never participated In an aiiuUfiin """, 1 ' <Hlls I'" 1 *'" 1 '«<-*'»'jaH at >' > ,,„" T° V . C1 ' /Hit HAD rr ornrnm-'n'" 1 " 11 "'- Ei'Bciie c-aplnliii'd Tiihini- l " UKlls liouseclcnnmg TO YOU:'TI,at T,,s«.s A ,t M sl' ! " f!( ' I ' s - ' ' EARI ' Y AMKRfUAN.S: ?WK PWjleamcnl h one of Ihe largest, if not'the la',.- ! 5 . <)I ' b i'.. N . t| B | '! >0 V t! . of «"••. 1 '» lls '""M"" .^''i'!. "S. " s . .. hoiiscclcnning, but th Today's Sport Parade HKNT.V M I .OS ANGELES, .Ian. irj. (OP)~ This is a .slory of a modem David mm Hie Goliallis. The David Ls Davey OTJrlen (he Texas boy who plays professional loottall lot Die P)iil:idcl|)lilH r;a«Ic> und tin- Ooliaths are the "big brawny and tough men he plays' with aii'j against in the National TUESDA.Y, JA 194« H2e on (hi? off the field. High .salaried mid tremendously publlcl/crt, he shunned the .spotlight. Quiet, retiring, and Mlti a shy little smile. He has become almost ihe pel, not only of his own team, but of Hi? rival Ic.-mw nnd owners. As n passer, he Is vulnerable to the most terrific punishment, it Mighty Indian PiVogue Racer Waits Chance LAPITTB, La. (OP) — Training for the annual pirogue races on is n rule in pro . Uttle Davey slays the Gollalhs with his great forward passing and they bear no grudge against him in fuel, he Ls (he favorite of Uie league and Ilic-rc Is an unwritten lone of Ihe largest, if not llic laig- jrst military schools In Ihe United .Stales. They liuve C.-JOO cuilcls. was all right in the nnd from the way against the Heels was nothing (o . There's nolhlng wrong with Lefty Gomez's arm and «t times last year he had i AMERICAN j WHISKEY 100 PROOF 1- BOTTLED " IN BONO Rich Mellow Flagrant Kentucky Straight Bourbon they've ever been, McCarthy said: "We won 100 games last yeai- and had a pretty good club. Ami we were good iu 1938, (oo. If we can have ft dub In IIMO as slrotift us these two years I'D be satisfied." McCarthy iloes not agree with sonic Yankee critics that some of Iheir vet<-i-aii players may lie wear- Ins out and getllni; ready lo so down Ihc hill. 'Red ruining had a fore arm parl of last year." said McCarthy, "but he's had that before. Ills arm world series he pi lolled Hobby Neighbor.. _ £Inl Quick, Washington, bolh :(lioi-t-f !isl ,"/'; slops, are part liiilliiii ' „ has Iwo sel« of thro;' brothers who ai'c active In Ihe isriint mill groan game. . Most well much today the decision en Ihc very Kamft „- win mi- ">>s">: «>iu uu-iu K tin unwritten not wony- law fimoiiB the 220, a:)0 and 250- Mtlli- sympalhy is being \vnsii-il - ,>.-.., B .>.,. t . . ...u.-,,. ,VL-,. °" ilir ' "I'll'oH club, or its ycnial knort'ji lire Ihe Daseka who cnilJ K01 "' ral I'laiiager, Jack Zeller who Utllc Rock home, They are niuiy," 1 "'"""""' '"" " ~Ernie and Emll. Then there are (he Casey boyii, Steve, Tom :uxl .Jim The Chicago White Sox 'd say worry about. much stun" as ever. It's Just a question of Lefty Belling oir lo a good strut If he does he'll have a big year. "Bill Dickey isn't wearing out. 1 think lie has Ihc build lo last a Mine because he's big and j. I don't catch him very much in the spi'lnc nml as a result, lie isn't worn out at the end of the season. Last year after we had clinched the, peminnt I wanted to take Dickey out of Ihc lineup but he wanted lo keep on calch- ing." Improvement in harlie Keller, DfstrlliiKcil UNITED UQUOIt. Wholesalers 'l.lUle Kotli, Vdrl fimilli Ihe Yanks' sensfttloiml rookie of last year, and Mnrlus Russo, young sculhpaw who Joined the club In mid-season, Is cxpeclcd by Mc- Cnrlhy this season. "Keller has everything lo become a great player," said llic Yankee boss, "and it's up to me lo bring It out In him. He can run, Ihrow and hit but he still needs IP lie more nlei-t. He should Improve along lhat line. Russo Is another youngster who only nceils a little more experience and time to learn Ihc hitlers to arrive ns a slarJ' I McCarthy saitl he didn't know what to expect from lefty Lee Orlssom, the Cinchuiall pi teller I Ihe Yanks obtained In an lulcr- league <lcal recently. "We are taking a flyer on Grls- soin," he said, "f HUV him when he had plenty of stuff ami he looked BOOI] for an Inning and a third In Hie world series but I don't know sluff Sign the New Register attheRitz TUESDAY — PAL 2 lulmtffcd for price ot 1 "tanw Tlere's mm.. .wn Find W. ~ NDA MARSHALL ]ESPMM«flOE . Also Selected Shorts WED. - THUR. TECHNJCQLQP AMDHEA. AL AMECHE-LEEDS • JOLSON rELIXBBESSART CHICK C1UNDUER RUSSELL HICKS GEOBGE REED HALL IOHNSON CHOIR Paramount News * Cvmcrlv are all pepped uu over Vullle Fnvcs. a young pitcher wlio served purl of thi> 193S campnlgn at Shrevepoit In the Texus lea«ii',' anil wound up with Hie Pule Hose. The youngsler pitched II full games and gave more Ihnu five hits in none Hobby f-Yllcr. . . . . Clci'eliind's farm boy pitelier, has already started south. He iiullcd out from Van Meter. In., his home, yesterday. Ills first stop Is Jackson, Miss., where he will serve ^ns n member of the n«y Doan baseball school faculty. . . Ditkey Kerr will also be t,liero. But. contrary to u previous announcement, Hei.sehcJl Bobo will not l>e nbl" to assumed lull responsibility' 101- handlin;; of the minor league nfmi- adon.s, which Landis charged\M-VI' used for "wliole.wle covcrlm; im' 01 playct-s. I,o»s of 91 players, v,)»> were made lice agents liy u'ltuli-, was (he penally for alleged violation ol an ugi-ecim-nt subscvltied to by Iho club and Us officials. The sweeping blow probably iv- moveil uctrolt as a sc-vlous ];oiuulers Dial i, e , l!l]sl ul )t" | )f . bniliilly hiuuiled or banged about Deoause of his s ke. O'Biicn looks like a mascot, not a star performer, when lip Uols out among his fellow pros. .Scarcely five feet seven In hefelit, and wclghln^ just a shade under 150 pounds, be is lltlle more than half as big as the linemen and hacks he opposes in Iho toughest football league in the country. Yet Davey had t c (aKe but one lime-out .i-u-ing last year's season. and except for ;l twisted unkle. lias suffered no injury. He averaged -15 minutes of piny per game against, trams loaded with savage Mockers >•" ">-n«ii .is u sc-viotis peiiniiin i """ l; > •unucu witn savage mocker ihrent. for the next several years. " lld laeklers. The National Pr leaving rmlv Iho nnct^i, ii,,,. ,.,.. l^?a**ne line h*i^i .^^..^ »\—, _ ... ._. -..,. ,.^.^ v .n.»*.-|(ll Vf.ll.-'. leaving only Ihe Boston IJcd' iw: with Ihe financial and farm facilities lo keep Ihe New York Yankee from making a one horse race out of Ihp American League. The decision was estimated lias had more thim a score of players as small as O'Drien but none ever received ihe treatment lie nets. And the answer lies in the hltle Texan's personality and willingness lo stand the gaff if ihe ..... ........... „ ,„ nave cost the Tigers almost 5500- 1 ""inls want to pour It on. COO in baseball talent as well as tlie ' He niad j- " Plain, when he came 547,500 Landi.-, ordered paid to U oilier players In lieu of IMioil, make It. Boss Bill Terry hiis~hi-| lncm fl ' cc agents. formed the Skipper lhat he Is "" l "-' ( '' needed n week earlier at the Gl- ruil (raining catnp in Winter Hn- tl , c towns in the country, still is rea]i- i»!i some of the benefits from its 1934 and 1935 championship Leajns. ven, Fla, . . Detroit's loss in Judge Landis' bombshell which intuit! 91 players free ageuls Ls estimated at a half a million. That's not hay, ~ *- o........ or is H? . . . Ursimw College won But even more Important ihau two games this year without scur- any calamities to the Detroit club. up from Texas Clirisllan University anil started pro ball, lhat he expected no consideration because of Iiis size, He was willing to take the punishment or get out. Hard as nails, and blessed with a flnmhi" competitive spirit, he lore inlo the ing a point IJclaware was beaten, 3-0, on a field goal, while two safeties gave the team n 4-0 verdict over Penn. Military College. That ought to hold this corner for today! COURTS A. L. Chltmnn ha.s filed suit in chancery court for divorce from Mrs. Annie Chilman, charging indignities. B. E. Alexander U his attorney. Mrs. Bess Stcrnberg has filed suit against Mlllon Steinberg seeking a divorce on flic liiounrt of indignities. Reid and Evrard ai'c her al- lorneys. Vlrgic Kcilh hns filed suil against Roxlc Keilh, alleging desertion. Howard Alnyes of Lenchville is attorney for the plniiillff. ... , - - The storks of Bagdad bullii their whether he can keep his ucs t s on the domes null mlnarcU over a nine-Inning game. I of mosques. Since the roofs are vcver If hn shows us .something quite sloping, they ham; the nests I won t hesitate to keep him nloim from the three balls on lop and with our oilier two lefthanders, here the glutinous saliva they Gome-/, and Russo. I'll lake six secrete Ls used to cause the- nest lefllimulcrs if (hey can win." • to stick to the gln/ed tiles R O X8Y TUE..WED.-THUR. Watch For &•>*• M «sSL,_ Also Selected shorts ON THE STAGE IN PERSON ALL WKKK 'KIRMA' »r°wm'* 1 i' SC ? S A " * Tclls A " He ^111 Answer your Questions • IISTEN TO KI.CN I U!W *.m,~vt:t5 p.m. —j;3Q p . m , Fh*nt^KUt 2M .rhoiie ROXT 333 ECONOMY RUN SURPRISING EVERYBODY TEST CAR HERE Thursday, Jan, 18th, 4:20 P.M. AT CITY HALL WK INVITE YOUR INSPECTION' , ».v- •" "'' " •"• ' • '" '•'" ' ., - . ,*&•''..:•'.'.' *'*'- '"---.. i O^V^~TV\ a^:-< ^i^v l\\ >s««fflM Phillips Motor Co. CAL GOSSETT; Salcsmnn but without, a contender for* ihe I c>lnuts witl1 cver .v ounce of his next several seasons, attendance I 5lt>en ° tll > throwing blocks and tack- !ss on men big and strong- enough 10 pick him up by the scruff of UK neck and shake him. The Giants marvelled at his cour- , ls alm «»t sure to sii/fer. e ero clu the American League, or baseball' is the focusing of national allen- tion again on (lie structure of the player ccntract which sends a player into virtual .serfdom, as far »s his body is concerned, from the time he enters organized baseball until retirement. Once n player's name Is on a one-year's contract, his body is owned by that club, whether it be ,'"'' the lowliest minor or a top rank-' passers be given Ihe works by the men who rush in, And all the passers, except O'Brien get a full going over. IJui Hie Giants handle him with care. Instead uf lunging .savagely inlo Davey, llic-y sweep him up in their arms and hold him until tlio whistle blows. When lie- carries the bsll nicy iry to keep from plijt,^ onto him, and a score or more of the all-stars who were here to play ngahii-l the Green Hay Packers in the pro bowl game (old me that any player who deliberate-It- tried lo hurt. O'Brlen would be chased out of the league. Mel Heln, J 0 e jstydnliar, Turk Edwards, llaby Hay. Julmny Drake Ernie Smith, ji m 1'oole, and <u».ons of others of the. biggest and harci- esl hitting jilayer.s- In football all were high In Iheii- praise of O'Brien. "He's a whale of u football player, nnd gnnicr thnn n rooster-." (hey said. "And liierc never mis a nicer, quieter, or more gentlemanly toy. We don't mind piling on Ihc punishment on fellows our own size, but damn if anyone is going (o rough Davey up just because he is little. He could take It. nnd would, but anyone who Iricd it would get bow, "(tat Indian" will ho in'Ki a coui'F.e of study, with a list racing rules as his text. old mossy Hayou liaralaria is a year-roumt Job, and already a prominent, "dark liojic" Is practlc- tlnt tlip-' nB lo wrcsl llic champion's crown ' '"-(from the Cajiin brow of Adam Billiol, The cnly reason llic "dark hojie" didn't enler tills spring's race was lhat he didn't understnnd the rules. He's an Indian from the outlying parishes, and his name is a conundrum even to n CaJim's I T practiced longuc. They refer lo|( him merely as "dat Indian"—but I i (In an admiring voice, for word has spread through the bayous thai he can wicljl a- paddle so fast lhat his pirogue lilerally planes over the water. That is important news, for even Adam Bllliol. (he champion whose blade cleave.s the water around 05 tunes n minute, can't do that. And, too. the word has gone around that "dat Indian's" 18-foot pirogue sometimes is lifted half out of the wilier by (he sheer pull of the Indian's biceps. This is Important news, loo. to Adam Billiot. Especially to Adam Billiot. Willie ihe present champion js I practicing -over the 4'.i-mile Bar- I alaria course — once traveled by ' the pirates—in his 18-foot long, 13 inches wide hollow cypress log with Ihc alarm clock timer in the 'The word "beefsteak," as to-l. rowed by the Spanish, become? "bceslay, 1 .' spelled "bLsle." — PRESCRIPTIONS^ Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main & First I'hone 141,5 the full complete treatment from everybody else in the league." Club Organizes To Hold Field Trial At a meeting in Jonesboro Sunday afternoon. January 14th. a club was organized, lo be called the "Northeast Arkansas Field Trial Association." Sportsmen from Blv- theville, Walnut Kidge, Paragould and Jonesboro were present. The club plans to hole! an annual field liial. The first one will be held n February of this year. This will be the first event of (s kind ever held in Northeast Arkansas and much interest is being taken In it. The field trial , , ., „ wi " be °!>en to members only. The fore ineligible to play in organ- (dials will be run under the rules ized baseball. He Is afraid to go to laid domi by (he '-American Field" a civil court, because even if he j A puppy s'take and a members' should win he knows that base- | shooting dog slake will be run PRINCE ALBERT r MAKES THE FASTEST/ ^SLICKEST CIGARETTES, I EVER ROLLED— AND THEY'RE COOLER-SMOKING, TOO.' ~ «..."..j L.H.L, unoi.- |u»uuLiu£ iiujj ^liiNe win rjp run liall Is such a tight knit fraternity.' The club expects to lease several t)c_would bo blacklisted forever. thousand acres of land, close to Of course, as the blue book says, a uniform contract Is necessary to Jonesboro, on which to hold ils trial. Qimi! will be propagated on ..^i. .., tii,v,i.«.*iui j i\j >.» *HL. ufiiuii will uc ptOnilljliiCtl Oil "preserve morale and to produce (this tract and no huntintt will be thn <:ii<ii]ai-Hy o f conditions neccs- allowed. until he is sold, traded or drafted orsanizect club seiwis to ..,...„quarters a "reserve list," and the law governing It reads: "Thereafter no player on any . . of Jonesboro and Fred Sliauver of ,*.., in. u-, .ivtu, uuiieci or iiraitcil .,- ' — w.^st-o^ \ji oumjauuiu uuii ricti anaiivei At Uie end of each season every n ' 0! _5' rusl '" since Lanrils struck. | Nettleton were appointed as held s " rsl " Icw ' 1l cllai " ', lc ?,,'lbBll by llberuliiiE inor list shall lie eligible to nlav 'for B( '"" y McC °^'- l ' aok '^ InfieWer, or negoiinte ivllli »ny other cfub ^ypeA into the shoes of the until his contract has been as- brilli!ult Charley Oehringer at' signed or he has been released" ' ^ c °"'' sn last yei "'- nud oul - i That means that no playei-' for f' <U>r Roy Culle " bin e nre the my reason ivhatauwr i, n u ' n,. Payers major league managers are i any reason whatsoever, be it financial or personal, can sever relations with lhat club and go out ancl peddle his services lo the highest, bidder. All he can do is hold out feebly v.'lien contract r<;- ncwnl tlmi! comes around, and hope that his cflort will gain him a few extra dollars. Cut, In case the club owner docs not see cyc-lo-eye with him on a salary increase, tin., player is licked before he starts. If he refuses to play, lie is suspended and (here- H APPY GRO.& I'llKK DKUVEUY 109 \V. ^lain St.. J'hoiie is most interested in, and both admitted receiving several offers be- iore Lanilis ordered no negotiating for 15 days. A proposed deal' that would have sent McCoy lo 1 Philadelphia for outfielder Wally .Moses was killed by the ruling, i much lo the satisfaction of McCoy, j ivho now should be able to get from S10.0QO to S20.000 for his serv- ' ices to some other major lea»uc club. Zeller- relieved Detroit owner Walter O. Briggs from nil rospon-! Jlbllity in the alleged misdeeds. "Tiie decision handed down by Commissioner Landis is In no way aimed at President Briggs," Zeller said. -Tiie handling of all minor league affiliations was my Job nnd | iie <lid not attempt to familiarize ' nimself In any manner with Ihose operations until after commissioner Landis started his investigation." •fi i*» STANDARD TIRES ANDYODB OlD TtlSE 4.40-21 *,50-2i •OTHER S17.ES ?ROPORTIONATFIV \ O\r " AT TODAY'S " LOW PRICES! Aj CAc Per Week Low As On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR GO, rhain store base„ liian 100 St. Louis Card controlled players in March, 1938. Benny McCoy, rookie Infietder grounds committee by the newly- elected president. AT ORCE CASH For 1938-1939 Government toan Cotton CREAM? —ioj'.s- the majority! This "DOUBLE-HIGH" whiskey is the largest selling straight Bourbon whiskey in (he world. See Louis Applebaum 107 So. 2nd. Blythcvillc, Ark. PHONE 167 L.D. 19 IHOHE HOW Freshest Stock Guaranteed Hest Prices Kirby Drug Stores laundry-Cleaners 180 I r "f Pron>p( Laundry nmi Clcaniiin; Service ROiuoy- SMOKES QUICKER! I T'S A cinch to roll up these neat, easy-handling "makin's" smokes! Prince Albert's famous "crimp cut" pours right, lays right, and shapes up fast, without spilling. And P.A. is the cool-burning tobacco, too, for MILDER smokes! Ripe taste, full body, and mellow aroma of P.A.'s choice tobaccos come through without harshness. Step up to ali-'round "mak- in's" pleasure with Prince Albert/odny.(Playamatch over a load of P.A. for real pipe pleasure, too.) In recent laboratory' "smoking bowj; 1 tests, Prince Albert burned than the average of the 30 other of the largest-selling brands tested .. . coolest of alff $7 GftY & BILLINGS, Inc. <C7 ^ Phone 76 Y* fin* roll- your - own cigarettes In every handy tin of Prince For Prices Before Selling Your eans Lee Wilson & Co. Wilson, Ark. Low Rates Long Terms Prompt Inspections Prepayment Privileges Fiitbnttai FAEM LOANS Wilson and Worthington First iN'ational Bank B)dg. Blytheville, Ark. Authorized Mort|r»ce Loan Solicitors tin '' Ihe Prudential Insurance Company of CLARENCE H. WILSON RAY WORTHINGTON

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