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Tuesday, December 29, 1936
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOP/tilEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOI.. XXXIII— NO. 243 Blylhevllle Courier Blylhevlltc Herald Blylhevllle Dally News Mississippi Valley Lender BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, DKCKMRUK 2!), 103G SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ' ROOSEVELT MAY ASK EMBARGO ON ARMS 'Great War Chief! Seriously 111 Business Will Advance in 1937 Despite War and Labor Threats New life was brealhed into American business in 193G. Will Uiesc sainu forces—and nciv fore r PS—LL I at work (o continue the y forward iiiovciiient throughout 1 3937? Read (below) the lasl of three iniporluiit articles which John T. Fl>iiii, noted econohiist anil juurnnllst, has written for .Courier News. " »' * » By JOHN T. FI.YNN (Copyright, 1936, NBA Service, Inc.} NEW YORK.—And now for a twelve-month 1 o o k—\v h n t lies ahead? '.-;.. Last year at this time we ventured a forecast for 1930. It was that the business lift which got : under way in 1035 would continue, that production In all - consumers - goods industries would increase, employment increase, that security - markets would relied this activity - and stage 'w desperate effort lo re• ! vive speculation; lhat the capital .. ; goods industry would improve but f not sufficiently to permit the government to withdraw from' spend- We suggested also that the year would reveal that: there was no slralghtjackel on business, which : would demonstrate this by mov- - ing inlo a strong recovery movement. This, of course, has been completely borne out by events. Now for 1937. Barring the im pact of foreign war, the effect, of which lie- one can predict because we do not know how It will come about, the business curve .should, rise throughout the year.' There will, of course, be occasional ad- i^ justments'in the'. curve, but the Irj- jeir should push furttier aheid tlie "**J ' lecoveiy \nioiunent now (loving " ' slrougly Joraard The capital goods industry' should pick up well during itlie ycir— heavy machinery and construction marking their first real important upward surge. "As the year develops,- the , appearance oj a boom should be more and more evident. Bank credit_.will-probably be greatly 'loosened up, mortgage money will become more/hospitable and interest rates should remain low. Prices will continue to rise, but there will be plenty of resistance lo this and a ilo't of talk about It. Profits will-Increase and the slock market, after a kick-back or two should, on the whole, forge ahead. Manying lliemsclvcs mm Arkansas W i 11 Receive $3,518,705 for High- Ways,' Grade Crossings. WASHINGTON, Dec. 29 (UP) — Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace loday apportioned $200,000,000 In federal grants In aid to slates for, road improvements and elimination of grade crossings. Tlie appbrllonmcnts will become available . for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1937. They consist of $125,000,000 for a federal aid highway system; $25,000,000 for farm-to-market roads .and 550,000,000 for elimination of grade crossings. Wallace also apportioned $2,500,000 for 'construction of main roads Uirougli public Inmfc, non tax. able Indian lands or other reservations other than nallonal forests. He previously had apportioned $15,000,000 for this work begun in 1930. The states will be required to Seriously ill in Budapest, Arch- "? lc * ll ' rd J 1 "", 15 f ,°, r ""Pavement . duke Frederick of Hapsburg was " " «•--•—-> -<•> .given little hope for recovery, •'Ills family being called lo his : bedside. The archduke is shown .in one of his latest pictures, ; taken: in full uniform on his, '.80th birthday. : He was commander-In-chief of the Austro- of the federal .aid for farm-to-nmrkiet Hungarian' forces during ihe : World War, and is an uncle at ex-KinE Alfonso of Spain. Pontiff's -Condition Now Admitted al Vatican to Be Giave. Skilled Labor Shortage Luonis Employment will increase. The *< year will probably see what has the appearance of' a shortage in the skilled trades. This will bj more apparent than real. Up to now large numbers, of skilled workers .on WPA jobs hesitate to leave for jobs In private Industry, enough liiey pay better wages, because they have felt no assurance of permanence about these jobs. The WPA authorities can do something to relieve this situation, by setting uu nn efficient employment ina oVl in- ery and obtaining for Workers the necessary imormauon the permanence oi Ihe jobs offer- j.™j" ed. In some lines the shortage w r ill be real because unions and mills have discontinued during the de- ; pression their apprentice-recruiting ! lor displacements. There will be plenty of unskilled labor available. Tiie rolls of the WPA ought to be reduced substantially during the year. But there is little prospect of much reduction in pure relief rolls, since they are now made np largely of line m ployables. Several Threats To Boom Appear . There arc some dangers, some . threats ahead. One of these is rising prices. These are making themselves felt now in the commodity industries. They will, if not checked, halt the whole recovery movement and ultimately send us into n reverse. But this will not happen this year, though it may well slacken the pace of recovery in the construction Industry. Tlie other menace is labor troubles, it is difficult lo believe that there will not be a steel strike nnd, perhaps, a soft coal strike. Tills will be a titanic struggle if it develops. There may be trouble in the automobile industry. Labor troubles will probably make their appearance in other mass production industries. This will be fostered by rising retail prices, by the drive of Ihe C. I. O. to organize the' mass production industries and the appearance of skilled labor shortages. » These labor troubles ought nol . lo halt the recovery movement, but VATICAN . - CITY, Dec. . 2!) CU P)— The pope,, who Is now ad mittedly gravely ill, is suffering .excruciating : pain, semi-officia sources revealed today Tlie latest semi-official Information tonight was that the pope's left log had become worse during the afternoon arid early evening. While there was no inlimalion that his- doctor, Prof.' Amant Milani, feels that the pontiff in danger of imminent death Vatican circles are depressed and worried. A .trustworthy source said the pope has resigned himself to invalidism for months if not for the remainder of his life. his the Vat- system roads. The states are not required to natch the grade crossing funds Tlie new apportionments for arm-lo-market roads and elim- natlon of grade crossings are the first to be made ns^a part of Ihe egular federal program inlllatec as an emergency-measure lo, re- Icve unemployment: Projects' for Improvement will be. selected by, slate highway, departments which also will also prepare, plans, let contracts and supervise construction,' subject to 'ederal approval. Allotments by. states included: Arkansas, $3,518,705; Florida, $2. 758,534; Georgia, $5,103.034; Kentucky, $3,138,353; Louisiana,, .$2,994614 Mississippi f3 503 957 N Carolina -'j4 J 8te'T07,- S ^Carolina •$28195'il Tennessee, $4,176,015; Virginia $373 093 [Company Agrees To Plan To End Sit Down Strike R[LEuS[ OF Only n few-days after" two .New-Yorkers were married. by conlnict. Stockton White Woodruff and ;Miss Nancy Irvln McAfeg escaped the usual nuptial pomp by marrving Ihemselies. without aid nt a minister in the old Quaker tiadltlorj at Purchase, N Y The biidcgioom is shown placing the ring on his bride's finger during the simple ceremony, at which each said the marriage \o» In the presence of 'our official witnesses, just as Miss McAfee's great-grandmother had done more .than 100 years ago. Steele Man Hurt When Truck Hits Culvert STEELE f,fo Dec 29 —Carl Hailey, 30, local trucker, sustained lacerations about'tile face nnd head and Winford ; Carver. 20. of Micoia, Hailey's nephew, suffered slight cuts on one hind when their truck swerved off Highway 61 and struck a culvert, late last night. The ac- cldent •'occurred,, Switch. ' • - : The pope's Insomnia and constant pain are among chief sources of worry to ican officials. A trustworthy Vatican source said several varicose veins in his (eg had burst, but that the pressure of pain was not relieved. Tlie wounds from the ruptured veins were said to have spread into a deep purplish New York Cotton NEW YORK, Dec. 29. (UP)— Cotton closed steady. open high low • close Jan. ; 1252 1252 123G 123G Mar 1251 1251 1234 1235 May 1240 1241 1225 1225 July 1235 1236 1218 1218 Oct. 1203 1204 1179 1179 Dec. ..... 1208 1208 1183 1183 Spots closed quiet at 1235 oft IB. - . •,- . Spot Average Is 12.73 Tlie average' price of 7-8 Incl middling 'cotton'; oil the 10 ties gnated spot markets today was 12.73, tho Blytheville Board o Trade reports. . ', . New Orleans 'Cottoj NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 29. (UP —Cotlon closed steady. open ; high low close Jan 1242 1242 1225 1233 Mar 1244 1244 1228 123: May 1236 1236 1222 122' July '. 1228 1229 1213 1215 Oct 1198 1198 1180 118 Dec 1203 1203 1189 1190 Spots closed quiet at 1284 o 12. Chicago Wheat open high low close merely slow it up. They will make (May 135 7-8 136 1-8 134 3-8 134 1 (Continued on Page 3) Jul; 1185-8 119 1-8 117 5-8 in 5 n e a r Canada • Carver, who was driving e truck, said that "fog and the ghts of an approaching car con- set! him so that, he drove off the ghwa'y. Hailey was removed lo the Bly- leville hospital, his Injuries firs etng described as critical. At the ospital examination revealed tha he injuries were of a minor na ire and the attending physiciai fiid he would probably be dismissei 'day. Palos -Incident Not Yet Closed, However, Berlin Report Says. ' TIEHI..IN.' Dec. 20 (UP)—The German steamship Palos, .seized by Spanish loyalists 'off . Itllbao, ha.s been released on demand of Ihe German cruiser KoenlBsberg. ll was announced officially lo day. , it was the second announce| Incut to that clfcct A picUoiu announcement was auado and theii withdrawn for some unox plained reason. 'Aw second announcement said a Spanish clll/.ca aboard (he steamer hail not been released and that part of Hie . cargo wa. sllll held so that Ihc Incident was not yet settled. The official announcement explained that Ihe presence of a Spaniard aboard Ihe Palos "mean;] that he wns In Gcrmnn terrl- toi> " rnrpcilo Moats us G'otivnvs Gci'imm torpedo bouts wilt meet German freighters heading foi Sun Sebastian In Ihc timer bay, and escort them into port, to avoid any future Palos incident. Reinforcements \ v lll be sent from Cleinmnj for llils {impose, German v.nislUps now In Spanish waters are on patrol duty In the Mediterranean. German merchant shipping was niuncd loday lo liilg Ihe French coast of tin; Bay of Biscay and avoid "the Reds around Bilbao. ' CLEVELAND, Dee. SO.- (Ul>> — Fisher llody company olllclnls to- dny agictd to a plnn foi settling Ihe Ml-ilown sli-lkc "I their vast 'lie?plan 'was offered by;Mayor void; 'II.: Burton in ; a 'conler- :e ; with company and union officers' ami culls for the imui- mienl'.s opening negotiation 1 ! wltli.lliii union while slrlkers resumed woik, leaders of Hie- Untied Aolcmo- bile Woikcih of Ameilca, spon- t o> Ing tho Ml-down stilkc, wcic not 10 glui ilieli IUMCI lo tne mivjoi'i moposal until 6 pin. •"teliminaiy Heaimg in Pemiscot Death Case Sel foi Ihmsday CARUTHEnSVILLB, Mo. —Preliminary .hearing for Howard Slg- ert, C. A. Jollff and Isom Baxter, arrested in connection with the death of Leroy Johnson, , 21, of Dcerlng, who died -following-, infliction of 21:. knife wounds in < n fight in Joliffs dance ,lmll Christmas eve night, will be held Thursday before Justice L. O. White at Braggadocio. SIgert and Baxter were denied bond, now being held here in tlie :o«nty jail, while Joliff was granted bond in the sum of $5,000. Sigert is accused of the actiia. knife wielding, while Baxter was irrcsfed for holding Johnson while Sigert stabbed him. Joliff wns arrested, officers said, because he timed out the Hghta In the dance 'nail 'on. Johnson was stabbed and cu while the fracas was going Goveinor-Elect lo Leave Capital lo Woik on In- auguial Addicss. LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 20 (UP)— Gov.-cleot Cm I E lialtey \\\\\ . leave this city tonight for an | unannounced . 'destination to work on his Inaugural speech and com- ilelc his selection of dcpaitmcnlal leads. Accoullnif lo employ ra of Ihc wcrnor-clc.ut's office he wilt re- naln nway from Hie slate- house .mill aflei Hie (list of tho jcai. From authoritative somccs It ivns learned tlmt dining the- time lie Is a\\ay the gavcnioi-elect expects to decide upon the third Govenmient Now Lacks Authority to • Prevent Munitions Expoits, y WASHINGTON, Die. 20 (UP)— President Hooscvclt may ask con- gicss nc\t week to rush through a bill ginntlng him special > au- llioilty'lo pioclalm/an embargo on sale or shipment of arms aiid munitions to any faction In Spain, It \\iis Indicated loday. ^ * Admtntslratlon officials fvcro . aroused lo the necessity for immediate legislation by the action ot Robcit CUEO, Jcibey City, >tf, J, exporter, in obtaining" Ikensoh fiom the state department tU> ship $2,777,000 ivorlh of all planes, motois and spare parls to Bll- Spnln, Gianting, of such licenses was in dlicct violation ,oC the Bovcinmonl's ileclared ncu- Irallly policy but the slate dc- 50-Passengei Plane's Will fly Ocean in Houis, E\- peits Piedict. ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., Dec. 29 (UP)-rOver-nIght trans-Atlantic airplane crossings in air-conditioned flying: boats'-accommodating 50 passengers within ten'.years were predicted today before the American- Association for the Advancement of Science. The, forecasts were made by two of America's outstanding aviation experts, Igor I. Sikorsky, designer of the Clipper ships that now fly the Pacific, and T. P. Wright, engineering director of the Curtiss- Wright corporation. Sikorsky said it was now .possible to build flying boats -weighing from 40 to SO tons or anproxtnmte- ly twjce the .size of the present Pacific Clippers. Such planes,' he said, would be equipped with elaborate staterooms, a small dining room and smoking lounges comparable to those on the most clab- KOIIHV Ikrlln Draft,Note ROME Dec 20 (UP) — Ilaly, Germany and Portugal aie ready to inform Ihc powers that they me prepared lo slop the shipment of men and munitions" to iSpaln if other nations dq^ likewise, " titplohfallo tftmrtcrs,'undet- stood lunlghl. , These quarters heard tlmt ' lluce counlrles (notiJU chart*' a conciliatory reply lo uje Pianco- Brlllsh communications) regarding the bhlpmuit of votiinlqcrsl Jo Spain, sliesslng lhat Italy j ant Germany from the hcglnning'fuiYc advocated the rigid prohibition o: volunteer enlistments and Hit supply of materials lo either sid< in Spain. Jfciicc If the situation h» changed,-; the reply would say, L it is because other counlrles, meaning leftist Russia and France, are actively furnishing the loyalists with men and materials which must first be halted If Italy, Germany and Portugal, fascist nations, are (o desert the rebels. Closing Stock Prices A T and T 184 3-4 American -Waterworks .. 25 1-8 Anaconda Copper 53 7-8 Bethlehem Steel 75 1-4 Chrysler 116 1-4 Cities Service .... 41-8 Coca Cola 123 General American Tank 72 1-4 General EJeclric ...:... 53 General Molors .'....'.. Gt 3-4 International ,Harvester 100 1-4 McKesson-Robbins 12 7-8 Montgomery Ward ..... 54 1-2 New York Central 40 1-2 Packard 10 5-8 Phillips. Petroleum ! 511-4 Radio Corp ' 107-8 St. Louis-San Francisco 2 7-f j.l least 21 limes, according• : -H.l orate ,.niociern .steamers: •3. Smith, local undertaker who The'.engines to power this fly- 'iad charge of the body. He said' 'ns boat would have a total ca- hc mortal wounds, three of them, •verc lung punctures under the left shoulder blade, evidently in- licted from behind. Sigbert was first arrested, tlie irrest of the other two coming ifcr Johnson's father had sworn member of commission, appointment to be ; inudi!. Iho public iilllilles tlie icmalnluir big Museum Exhibits Cake , Baked Prior To 1776 ROOIIDSTHR, N V. (UP)—A blnckbciry cake baked by an lio- ciuols snuaw during pie-Revolu- llonnry days,, Is being exhibited hyMhe'Rochestei 'Municipal Mi" ."Ihe cake-,'now delerioiated lo a mass of beny 'seeds but still holding its original shape, was taken from thc'gin)o of an Iroquols brave," according lo Ihe museum's Assistant -.archc'olpglst,. William A The cake was discovered In a closed copper kettle, which Ritchie bald explained Its long pieserva- lion Its age was determined by while-man'.trinkets found 1 In the same grave. pailment Imd no legal author,- ' ity to icfuso the export peimlls, Olllclnls Indicated they \\eto conromecl less with the serious- , ot thli i datively lingo shipment of airplanes nnd engines' to Spain than they were by Jhe of government dlinp- uf all salt's and shipments of MBI materials to the factions In Simln ^ "_l It \\ns Indicated that other rc'^ o,ucsts foi cx|X>rl licCnsesi Kor ahlpuicnl of war supplies may-be Thq next may be for n llreiise to export ilfles, pjs- lols, machine guns and ammunition. Chairmen of the house anil senate foreign affairs commltte,es nt the same time, nthocaled drastic imnlshmcnt for American'! joining foielgii wars Rep. Sam D, McReynoldSi call- , ed attention ot the department of : : | iusticc to an almost forgotten _| neutrality law of 20 years ago It prohibits the cnllstmenl-of 'American , citizens In foreign conflicts and provides a , t yeai. In prison 01 $3,000 fine for comlctlonl • Hawaii To I.osc Submarines HONOLULU. tUP) —Navnl defense forces here temporarily will be decreased by one submarine squadron with transfer of Squadron S'x to San Diego. The squadron includes the U. S. S. Dolphin, Nautilus, Narwhal, Cachelot nml the tender Holland. Convicted Drivers Lose Low-Numbered Plates here BOSTON (UP) — Drivers cannot have low-numbered t'Tition plates if they have been convicted of drunkenness. These plates, which the motor vehicles registry has declined to re-Issue to previous holders be. cause of conviction on drimkcn driving charges, will be assigned to now applicants by Public Works Commissioner William P. Callahan, Registrar Frank Goodwin announced. flTTlPTJOB ^ *"*'.]"" h Mattson Abductor Believi- ecl lo Have' Tried _to Seize Another Child: Livestock lit warrants. Funeral services for Johnson were held Sunday aflcrnoon at 1:30 al tlie Steele Baptist church, 'he Rev. J. w. Cunningham conducting the service, and interment wns in Maple cemelery, this city. Surviving, are his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Johnson of Dcer- iug. and two' sisters, Christine Johnson of Decring, and Mrs. Hartley .Limbaugh, of Wilson, Ark. FAST ST. LOUIS, III., Dee. 29 UP)—Hogs: receipts 11,500 Top 10.C5 170-230 Ibs 10.50-10.60 140-160 Ibs 7.50-10.50 Bulk sows 9.25-9.60 Cattle: receipts 4,000 Steers 8.15-9.25 Slaughter steers 5.50-12.00 Mixed yearlings and heifers C.00-8.00 Slaughter heifers 4.75-11.00 Beef cows 4.'25-5.23 Cutters and low cutters 3.00-4.00 Chicago Corn open high low closo (new) May 1063-8 107 3-8 100 1-8 106 1-1 (old) May 105 1-4 100 (new) 104 1-8 104 1-8 Burglar Flees When Officers. Approach Police Chief Ed Rice cxpVssed confidence today that a negro who was frightened by the approach of police and fled after forcing entrance to Tim's grocery, oh East Main street Sunday night, would be arrested.In the next day or two. The negro brot«> .Into H blacksmith's shop In the Galnes quarters, slole a hacksaw and other tools and then forced his way Into tlie grocery slore. He hnd carried a number ot articles to the back door, preparatory to removing them, when he was frightened and ran away. "Kicity of approximately 6,000 lorscpower in cither four or six units. Tlie speed of Hie . planes would be 225 miles per hour. Normal cruising speed ^uld be 180 m. p. h. Wright,, however, said Ihat within the next decade such ships could attain a cruising speed of 3(10 m. p. h. and thus make possible the London-to-New York flight in 18 hours. Because of a five-hour time differential the crossing could be made from dusk lo dawn on the westward route but would require almost from snsct to sini-set for -Ihe eastern crossing. These mammoth airplanes would cost approximately a : million dollars cacti, Sikorsky estimated. What Social Security Plan Will Pay Yon After Age of 65 Masons Install Officers These officers of the chlcka- sawba lodge of'the Masonic order for 937 were Installed in a meeting last night: Raleigh Sylvester worshipful master; S. K. Vail senior warden; L. E. Baker, junior warden; W. J. Pollard, treasurer; Robert Blayiock, secretary Jack Finley Robinson, senior deacon; Harold Sternbcrg, junior deacon; A.'• O. Hudson, chaplain; E. J. Hcaton and Jack Marsh, masters of ceremonies; Archie Brown, tyler. 1'ink Slips Warn Pupils REDWOOD CITY, Cal. (UP)— City schools have adopted pink as a sign of danger. Pink slips are 1 sent In advance to every pupil who PRESENT AGE OF WORKER - W ' . 20- 25 30 35 •JO 45 ,50 • 55 . ' .; GO AV. WEEKLY WAGE FROM NOW UNTIL AGE 65 Not counting wages In excess of $3000 in any one yr.) $10 $32.00 2D.83 27.67 25.50 23.33 21.17 19.00 16.83 13.00 $15 MONT $41.67 38.49 35.21 32,00 29.17 25.50 22.23 19.00 15.75 $20 HLV 1 550.75 47.1? 42.83 38.50 31.17 29.83 25.50 ,21.17 16.83 $25 SENEF $55.01 52.91 50.21 45.00 39.58 34.17 28.75 23.33 17,92 $30 ITS A! SG0.50 57.24 51.49 50.75 45.00 38.50 31.99 25.30 19.00 $40 TER $70.42 65.91 61.57 57.25 52.92 47.17 38.49 29.83 21.15 $50 |$5769< VGE 6 $80.00 74.58 69.16 63.75 58.33 52.92 45.00 34.17 23.33 $85.00 81.25 75.00 68.75 62.50 56.25 50.00 37.50 25.00 • 'Figures in last column represent maximum benefits. Federal laxv^disregards wages in excess ot $3000 a year (557.69 a week). TACOMA, Wash, Dec. 29 (Uf! —A man answciing -the description of Ihe kidnaper of Charles Mattson, 10, attempted to break Into the palatial home of Mr. and Mrs. George P. Franklin of ^| Taconin last week, a friend" "ot Dr. W W. Malison said todajv • The Franklins arc parents of a, 3-ycar-old son The family,immediately moved to. CallforntaT,*, Tlie Franklins i lived : In, a house., which had been the residence* ot' tlie lale J P Weyerhaeuser ^sr,, timber millionaire. The. house'ls tocalcd less limn two blocks from the Mattson home, where Charles was kidnaped Sunday night. *'£ A maid In the Franklin home frightened the man away and gax e ' police a description which tallle<i: with that- furnished by "Charles Mattson's brother and sister. - . The man was described, ^as swarthy, bearded, and stocky. -.« Tlie elder Wejerhaeuser was ,0, grandfather of George Hunt Wcyr orhaeiiscr who was kidnaped front his parents' home a. few hundred feet from the Mattson . homeViri May, 1035. Young Weyerhaes'uer was released after the payment! of a $200,000 ransom' to it; gang of three which was'captured. S&fe Cracker Seeking Money To Join Bride NMAHA, Neb., Dec. 29 (UP)— Captured trying to crack, a safe, Roy Case, 24, Sloux^City, la., tolct. iwllce lip was seeking money to finance a trip to Little Rock, Ark, to rejoin his bride of six • weeks." WEATHER COLUMBIA, Mo. (UP) ^Students f Missouri University have formed a "Thank-God-lt's-Friday Club" to promote week-end relaxation. Msm- bers said they will drink nothing stronger than beer at the meetings jul. 1033-8 103 5-8 102 3-1 103 3.4! is O n the danger line In his studies, slon." and engage hi'"scholarly discus- Old age Annuities provided by the federal Social Security law now being placed In operation may be determined for Individual cases 'by a glance at the table above. First find, In exlreme left column, the number nearest your present age. Then, in topmost row, flnd the. figure which will approximate your average weekly wage .until you are 05. By following these rows to their intersection, you will find the monthly benefit you will receive after the age of 65. ARKANSAS—Probably occasiori- nl rains tonight and Wednesday, Colder Wednesday. Memphis nnd Vicinity^-Occas- lonal rains tonight and probably Wednesday morning. Somewhat';} wanner tonight with lo.west Iciix4 peralurc 52 to 56. Tlie maximum temperature hero ' yesterday was 59, minimum 46,'J cloudy with .01 of an inch rainfall, according to Samuel P. Norris, official wtfttlier observer.

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