The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1930
Page 3
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.FRIDAY, FF.BRUAKY 7, 193Q_ Coach of Two Napoleons ; Finds No Buyer at $4,750 BT.YTIIRVILLR, (ARK.) COUHlEU-NEWfl ALONG MAIN STREET By K, L. H. s . v UNUSUAL \*JBRIDGr A local grouch would have you lo understand that the weather Is responsible for hlii grouchlncss.! There is nothing to It. A grouch : Is llial way In any kind of weather, j "y WM. E. McKENSEY Tournament Mmiairr, American I'.rhljr [,cafue Many people ore obsessed with Die idea Hint nn honor should nl- ways be covered with an honor. It Another thing that seems Impos- ls '"I" V 1111 i:> lhc nm ' olit >' ot sible is for • the government cen- ea£C , s . ", Uocs > >a >' lo Kmfr °1'1»- sus enumerators lo gather nil the ".-'"'' 110 " or Ultn ul1 1'Onor, but information they nre asked to get[ ll . iere nro ' lu! »«ous limes when llils from citizens with nobody at liomci" 185 ' 5 "°' ll<l m( >* miltlf -. lo fliiiwcr questions. j KOKIH I Dress eccds on display In lily- 1 (hcvllle show windows indicate that; the spring (ribrics are 80in<j tn be | louder and blighter (hail ever, j A business man will now be able | to know u'lielhrr his wife is romlng ' flown (own by merely looking out, c( hU \vlmlu\v. ! VJtST S-2 H--9-IM 0-<).7.r, 2 C— X-9-7. 5.4 S-K-J.IO-9JJ H-5-2 D-.M-3 C-Q-I-IO EAST S-Q-8-7' 6-4 H-0-8-7 U— MO-4 SOUTH— OF.M.CR C— G-2 ll-A-K-l-10-3 D-K-Q-6 It Is said that the fire at the ] nntional cnpital was caused by ai man who had been drinking. In] ether words, il wasn't the heat, | The huncl was pl.ived at auction, It wa? the humidity. ; nml S'-uth. the denier, bid one I heart. \VeFl |);i!sc<l, and North bid Hill Shiftless opines: "My oldjono spacle. Kasl passed and South went lo two henrts. Although lidding til e:ice nnd cue of his partner's suit, the lienrt suit is M> strain, that it should be re-bid. West trick In iniinp. west did not like to rpcn :,iv a> . r r( , m tnQ y. lnK of clubs, and considered the dlnmond suit loo «c;ik, bul Hie diamond deuce opening would have been uuicli liottcr. North ihii dummy, now played Ihc J:irk n! spades, and Enst. who wns one o! (he players wlio believe' thai nn honor should alwnys be covered ulil, lm honor, pul up Ihe. picen. uhh'h derlarer won with the ' nee. Enst should huvc been nble to .end llir band veiy clearly. The • euce of spades could not !» a : ourtli Ix-s; lond. because he could , (•count (or ten spades lusher ihnn ; he diure. ihwefoie it wns ensy lol ee Hint tin 1 declarer held the nco ind live nf spades, ajid by .slaying olf \\lih tlu- <|itcen. South, Uic ile- clmci. could oiilv i>ray mule used lo have his faults, but 11 was never necessary to jack him up and equip him with chains so he could get out, of a six-inch snow bank." A story comes (rom Russia thai an elderly lady recently died after Nobrdy wants N'npoleoilV; royal i nidi—at least not Americans. An- tiqurs are all rijlil In thc-ir way, even at S)75U each, bul a bulky ul'J llrhUa like the one pictured abiv,- would be luo much in tils"way. Note the fcldinq steps—an aniaiiiiiig Innovallon in thai day-— with which (lie cone :i is equipped. ir.aiket. Some museum or motor passed and Ncnlh went lo two no trump. The no trump bid is no any too string, as the Dlnmom ult 1: o:ily slopped once. Kas cathiR her favorite dish which! pars-.ct. and Scnlh now hid llird consisted of dried herrine dunked | hcails. which closed the auction a In colTcr-. To my mind. Ihe Good l nil passed. Lord matin nn error in lurnlng outi The 1'lay peciMe wlih that sort of nn up-1 West opened his singleton dene petite without equipping them with n qalvhilzed stomach lo go with il. of spades, a very i>oor opening whei the liand does not contain n ti Abolishes County Agricultural and Public Health Departments. * CAJtUTIIIvHSVILLE, MO.—The I'emlsrol county court has decreed thai bo'.h Ihe county health unit and Hie agricultural agent's olflcc- must go In ihu interest of economy 'the tunn -ABCIU. M. D. Ambuc'gcy will leave nt once, while the health, olllcer, will cense to function njtei March l Uinlei- the lerms of n contrncl with Die shite licultli department Illf couhty hits paid $3.000 ot tin. for Oils annual budget of 19,300 , hnillh unit. The contract with the . mnke. two spade -stale health department runs unti neks as there was only one entry I j, mc 30. ID'J2. but Mr. Ogllvle n dummy, soiilli, lhc dcclnrcr, | b i n t«i dint If the court decided U icw plays the live of diamonds nnd | discontinue the office altoijcther In. kis in (lie diuinny with Ihe | would Kindly reslun from, his iwsi occ. lie iiien lends a small hcnrt ii cn . The Women's Club nnd Ro (mil dun.iny, AncsMuc the Jnck inry club of Ibis city and other or wblcli holds Hie Irlck. : Kaul/jitlons in Ibe county will eal Sonlti, ihe declnrer. now picks UIHJII the court at Its next incethm i|> Mu: mmiiiiinc liump tn the Iwo :uinds o[ the opjioncnls and thCJi icncls the live of spades, overtaking in the dummy wllh the king, and liLcatds his two lasing clubs on tile '.en and nine of spades, making a Umnd slam, scoring 50 for tricks, 30 (or hc-iurs. I0a ): r a grand slam, ind 125 (or game, lor a lotal of 301 ;>olnls. Jt East had refused lo cover the luck cf spades wilh the queen, the declarer would have been held to' v imall tlain. February 11, In an effort lo get tli court" to rescind Its order. It I thought by the bureau that th Mate might be able to meet nior of he expenses of Oils office s thai, 11 mny continue Us work li Ihls county. The county court hn» been pay Ing $2,000 a year for the fnrm ex iiavo'a c-llc'ction of vehicles of various psricds. Hence ilic nd: 'NAPOLEON'S COACH — World famed historical coach; icmaikiibly fine pre^ervalion. e:nbossed royal crest, complete he'd. licttllllons scat, shaft; S4750." 3ul thus far there have been no .-.iTers. Fashion Temple ' "\ , By MILTON RRONNLIl NKA Service Writer .LONDON—In a dustry barn in the East End of London stands a coach of old-fashioned design which recently .was offered (or sale, in the classified columns of n New York newspaper for the modest sum of S47SO. Sounds like a lot of money for a second-hand vehicle when for that pi ice one can buy a fc\v up-to-date automobiles. But if inanimate objects could talk, the old coacli pio bably would deliver this sad monoicgue: "How the mighty have fallen! Once upon u time I was cherished; new I stand In this eld barn. Once many servants kept me si>otles.s; m,\v.I am I'.eyleclecl nnd clnsty. Once my sides were glossy with bright r' yal blue paint and there one saw n brlllianl red 'N' and an equally brilliant red crowp. "Oh, I was the coach of coaches all right. Two splendid horses black ac coal, pulled me along. A driver in splendid livery sat in front scat and ynthered up the reigns. A p"slillion sat in the seat behind. Crack went the driver's whip, and "we"drove out of the stable and up to a fine palace. Other lackies opened ttie door, pulled down my lotuing sleps nTitJ b'wed respcciully as a fat little man wilh raven black hair r-.nd pallid skin and pieicing eyes stepped in lo sit comfortably on my gray brocaded seat Napclcon Was Oivner '•He was not dressed as gorge-1 cusly as his ladies. He usually; wore an old green coat with a! white vest and n black cocked hat.' Oh yes, the year was 18H nnd U\& t man, as you have guessed, was the, great Napoleon. When the Emperor took the air, while rcstins in Paris ficm his tar.\pai:4»s. it v.'as 1> that lock him riding. i "But he hadn't many more days cf such pleasures. Cair.e. defeals' and exile lo Elba. Came his escape nnd his trlnmplml march' across to France, Tiis marvelous entry into Paris, and In's campaign! which ended In Waterloo, his sur-l render to the English and then his life-long captivity on the island j of St. Helena. He fell. £0 have I." But the eld coach only told part of its romantic story. The Mmce de Voitures of Prance advises that 1 , 11 may not be the tallest Or the (or n long lime alter Napoleon's 1 ""Bgcst skyscraper in the world, exile, lhc eld c-sich remained im- biu - "' s ,?,. Earc hrt thal (lhls 6 °noticed and unused by the Bour-1 £lor i' building, to be erected soon b=n kings who had been restored'!", New Yor*. will bo the to the throne. Afterward, when : ^hlonoble;• Tor it will be of light Napoleon III. nephew rf the great '; V - m P°"^ 1Cfi "jncks with gold ,! green and purple trimmings, and .mage of a young lady ; Style will be s«t in niche at the top. The colorful The manlier In which automobiles ... . . , , manufnctu.-cr might Uke to | have been wnbbllni! ab.iut the! K€CcOr Independents Win Over Puzzlers streets for the past two of thrcce; ! weeks would lead one to believe,! '•the alcohol in the radiator is tal-.-i • o etTcct. That tlih Is not, true; CARDWELL, Mo.-On the eve- is evidenced by the fad that they i ninn of Wednesday, February 5, do not pan- up and sin?. "No- the Cardwell Puzzlers, an tndepend- b-dy knows how dry I am." I ent team, lest to the Independent of Rector, Ark A woman In Kansas City has ask- 30. The game, i"J t'T court to nwarr] h»r damages In to the amount of S5.000 because a preacher kliEcd her. In these day's of promiscious kissing it will be hard for most wnnen lo understand ho\v one litttlc khs.5 from a minister could do that amount of damage. by a score of 35- which was played the Cardwell high school gym, was Ihe second Rector, the It j -inc' has ibeen .some time Harrv Thaw was sued for spanking n youmt lady with a hair has no doubt milt Ku-h. He the practice or else Ihe girls he Puzzlers losing both of them. The janio was reasonably fast, and as MI,. Ec ore indicales, was rather close. . . Eight Schools in Tnurnamen* /Veto York Cotton N Y COT NFAV YOIilC, l-'cl). 1 (UP)-Collon futures closed weak at a decline of 33 lo M polnU. Open High Low Close Jan 1(H7 1047 1005 1CU7 Mar 1512 1574 1505 1T,08 May .... 1598 HiOO 1534 1S35-M July .... 1C15 1015 1553 1554-55 Oct IU3G 1K17 151!) 1580-32 Dec 1G45 1C50 10(W IMS Is spanking now are of Ihe sort that 1 coutin't collect damage if they ! c-uld prove it. I T^i" Kim- nt Rumania will soon I be nine years old and it is prnb- | •.•-!-. tiip! li!:< 'rrandmother vflth, l r$er eye nut ns usual for the main. eliance will be In the market'for jclparette endorsements from the i youn? gentleman by th,at time. Up dale the Kim» is about Ihe onlv member of the Royal family hat has not been able to pick up a little Eomelhlng on the side. From a fashion nole; 'There is no attempt to make davlieht 'ilrts the cmnUEVance, t' J >ilins garments of the past. They are o be longer, however, terminating the freedom of the knees." Those of us who are merely observers can take It for granted :hat the new styles will also "ler- minale" the freedom of Ihe hipbone lhat ha? bren in evidence for somo years. H will be. a long time, however, before daughter will over learn how to pick up her skirt when she wants to run. is. taking it for granted, that there might be, occasions when the mcdcrn daughter would want to run. What has become of the old fashioned farmer who stacked his hay near the railroad track so that a spark from a passing engine would Ignite it and he could collect more money from the railroad company lhan the hay wa. worth? Napdeon, mounted Ihe throne by a coup d'etat, the eld Briska was once more brought out. Its b i B |Sjm ''N" and it crown would do aa wr-11 for. Napoleon the Little as It did [or Napole-n Ihe Great. The Firsl "Sedan" So once mnrc the coacli played its part in history, for after th! disastrous battle of Sedan in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870. the tragic emperor traveled in this coach to surrender to the vict-ri- cus Priitsinn trcops. Hence it got Its name of "Sedan Carriage." In the latter part of 1371. an entorprlslng tradesman of Paris c-ntcivcd Ihc idea of forming a collection of relics of the Franco- Prusslnn War, tli2 French Revolution and the dr.ys of Napoleon the First and cf making an exhibition of them. He opened the exhibition in London in the autumn of 1872. But the show did not prosper and the exhibits were sold by aucli-n. Madame Tussaud has opened her *orld-fnmous exhibition of wax works in Baker street and, In addition to the wax figures of wcrlrt celebrities, also wanl-d a collection ol genuine relics connected wilh great historical events. So the bought the old coach, it was put on show in the great central hall of the building.! she occupied. In 1925 a great fire completely gulfed ir.e Tussaud museum and the old coach was one of the few things re.-cued. Tiissaiid's sold il lo the motor engineering firm of G. Bcammel and Nephew in ' Fashion street. London. They, in turn, figured that America would be the best structure, seen here in an architect's drawing, will house fashion shops and couturiers' of(ices, according to plans. OARDWELL, Mo.— Eight schools have entered their basketball teams j in the Dunklln county high scliool , tournament to be held at Camp- 1 bell on February 28 and March l.i Every high school in Ihe county' has entered bolh (heir bays and girls teams, except Kennett, T\'liich does not have basketball. The drawings for the tournament for preliminaries arc: Girls, Cardwell vs. Clarkton; Arbyrd vs. Campbell; Senath vs. Holcomb; Afaldcn vs. Hornersvllle. Boys: Hornersvillc vs. Cardwell; Maiden vs. Clarkton; Arbyrd vs. ANTPKNDCK At Magnolia Stations and Dealers ampbell; Senath vs. Holcomb. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Feb. 1 IUI'1- Cctton fn'.nres closed barely Elcjily at a decline of SO lo 55 polnls. Open Hleh Ix>w Clow Mar 1510 1550 1487 MM May .... 1579 157D 1MB 1515-17 July .... IGOO 1GOO 1531 1S3B-4H Ocl 101D 1C20 1558 1550 Dec 1C31 1631 157a 1S74 COI,n KILLS LIVESTOCK LAWTON, Okb. (UPl-ConUniicd cold here lias lahcn n heavy loll of livestock. One farmer reporled 22 heat}-of cattle lost. BENTONVILLB—Benton County !-H 'chib members will be assemb- Kl.-herc Febrnnry 27, 2S and March 1 for their annual shirt course. NIGHT COUCH IStop kin One Minute With One Swallow Hight BAKING POWDER Same Price for over nslon service and the balance of c expense of this office was pnld the stale through the Missouri extension board. PAGE-THjirCR CONWAY— Improvements cost- Ing 110.000 will be made on Ihc Hotel Hsvlto, recently purchased by George L. Bachelor of Little Rock. ounces forlS centt Guaranteed Pure and Healthful Millions of pounds used by the Government HALL Koosters for Blythevillc Interests Railroad and Cherry Streets SATURDAY SPECIALS Vie Deli, er Phone 977 Lettuce Icy California, larjjc heads each 8c Strawberries Icy Florida I'int 36c Icy California Jumbo Celery Mustard Greens Stalk 7c 5c Ice • California Per Bunch Turnip Greens Icy California I'er Hunch 5c Potatoes No. 1 Keil Triumph Pk. 45c Butter Swift's Brookfield (1-4-I-b. Sticks) ib. 3Sc Syrup Sugar Bill 2 1-2-IA Can 22c 5-Lb. Can Corn Flakes Crispy Standard Size 2 Packages Rolled Oats Checker 20-0?:. 3 1'kgs. 'honsands Testify Thnt It Is,°" lcr remedies without result and l''nsv l» <lnn Hiich ! It U aiimstng how many nre re• •' -- 1 ' r " lcn i porting wonderful- relief. Lln-o- ' Nine isn't so well known here but HM11 \vilinw\xiuatvt! - ln nltlny sccllo "s where winter \V.\i>, I'lVh »AiS 'roughs and colds are common as in YiHO COlKillKl) NIGHTS Norihern states It Is a household • • i word and doctors prescribe it tr-o. "1 suffered with llronclilal Iron-! Mshcrinen actually engaged in le and cuteliliu; cold very easy .catching codfish o(( the bank's o( n ^account ol It I dcmienlly Mnsrnclnisells swear by It In preference lo Cod Liver preparations nnd they have real colds In winter. If the reader would like lo try tlilr. pleasant lasllnj, harmless, snowy 'while emulsion o( I'laxsccd, Eucalyptus. Dolul.i, Cns- sln. Irish Moss nnd Glycerine they should usk druggist to gel a botih U he hasn't It already, or. send yourseK to the (amoM Kcrr C'ICIH- Icnl Co., Brentwood, Md.., and --.hey will a;nd botlle return mall. They (•uarnntee results or money bad: without qucstloii. The price Is 5D cctils (or a 1-oiincc bottle and $1 •oulil cciiiijh so bad night nfter IS'it. I i-uulrt rtsl. l nnliirnlly tied liic tUl time itmnltrs ami; oiiKh syrups but wltlinul I'ellof. 'hen one nlulu I nollcfd :in nd- erlb.cmfnl In my farm paper bont t-ln-O-Nlne and r.ciu for wo bottles nnil iliat was all I icedcd. U (save me relief right roin the very stnrt so I know It vlll hrlp oilier people Hie cnnic as I did me nnd gladly say ,',n In vrllliiK." declines Amelia Heclit, •ell known fnrnier of Troy, III. l^riiiiglKtis hen> nre rapidly ob- alnlng Llii-O-Nhie (roin Ihelr Jub- )er, for customers who have liied Iposla (or 15-o/.. largt, sl/.c. tTlicy p:iy Adv. Triangle Store A Hotne Owned Institution 303 W. M;xin Specials Bananas Fancy Yflltw 4c New Texas So Coffee Dean , ;«• II & K 1'ound 35c r Pure Cane 10 I'ounds 3-Minute lOc Si/e 2 Pkgs. Milk I'age lirand .') Large' or fi Small Cans 25c Corn3£2for25c Beans Rlytheville Crecn, No. 2 Cans 2 For Sausage Pure I'ork I'oinid Roast Stcvr IJrisket or Plate Pound 17Jc Roast Beef Chuck Rahy liccf Pound 22c Bacon Fancy Sliced Pound 22)c Lard Pure Hog Pound 12c Salt Meat s 16c

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