The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 16, 1940
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 16, 1940 PAGE F1V1 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line for consecu- Uoro, Arkansas. Complete homo. Plioiie 804 or 710. live insertions. One time per line lOc Vwo times per line jier day....08c three times per line per clay...06c Blx times per line per day 05o MonOi rate per line,... 60c Cards of Thanks 50o & 15c Minimum chnrge 50c Ads ordered for three or six times and stopped before ' expiration will be charged for the number of times the add appeared and Adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outride ot the city must be acconi- Vanled by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table. I"""'Tj Advertising ordered tot Irregular Registered For Sale For Rent Forty ^Vcxcellem .ami no,, j 3 f "™ t 1 Monctle, Arkansas; all in cult.- 1 f j ™ c e al vatlcn, lour room house, large barn. CIIN fiirance and give imincdlaic , Large room mid kilchem'lle Fur- nishcd armrlmonl. V eMt, which lin.s Front and back . W7-W. lli-rt-15 SINOAI'OKK. (UP) - The 111m | over Great Hiilnln has'bcfii = "•'"'•" • L-anwd by tjie Mnlnyan film ecu- i;ni* mi ...... ..„,- «_ _i. i ,».i-_ sllovvn "" sor ' no rcuson beliiu given. The , cm liosscsslon. Write Box 818, Jonra- nishotl. 526 Cliloknsuwb.-i 16-ck-23l — ...... ------ • i 2 room furnished apnrtmciit furnishings of 5 room W. Kentucky. Plione C83. 15- Mrs. Bessie Sternuerp,, low 13-ck-zb 2 room unfurnished npardnmt with bath. Phono 125 or MO. Mrs. —-i»hnrlc.s Dunn. 13-nk-20 At. Walker and Harris Sawmill.! East Main St. 13-pkH-13! Comfortable bedroom convenient lo - balli. 1017 VValmil. Phone 102. —"" - J UULJI. I IIUIH Dry Cypress wood. Sl.CO per ftlck.) c;harlc.s Dunn. Now l.ora(ed at 101 North Srfond ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON fc'DWAKDS, l'ro|irtelor All Maltw of Rebuilt Typewriters, Aiiiltiif Machln*. Calculator*—Kep«lrlnf—VarU—KlM>eiu Brriulifu) lot for inveidiient — home on Missouri street. Cash or terms. Moore's Hotel. RoHison, phone 759. 13-ck-U Nice room. Hleam heal, close In. 1 S-p!c-lfi' 619 VVnlnul. Phone 292. 13-cktf I still make and sell Dr. Phillips' 3 room furnished nparlnienl. (SOU; Anallxi Liniment. Mr.s. O. D. No. Ml) SI. Mrs. Crowtler. 12cktl| Phillips, 216 No. Franklin. 0-p'.:-2-'J ~~ - , _'J !„. .. . 4 ''coin modern cotdigc. insertions takes the one time rate. No. responsibility will he taken lor more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Notice Bargains In USED TIRES AND RADIOS Some Repossessed, Good as New. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. PHONE 33 Poland China piijs. months old. J. U Pinkston. Holland. ..„-. 513 Lll- mei-ate. E. D. Ferguson, phone' ICO. ia-ck-161 8-nk-31 Two room furnished apartment, Extension gate leg table with two witl1 garage. HOD \v. Ash. extrn leaves. Solid mahOKanyj 12-pk-lV Wp^Pnce $20. I'hone 930. 3-D1I Ullft ,,. njshc( | . >pnnmciai ~ \ ,. oom . s Good blnck land, corn & cotton with 1)ilth - & 0* W. Chicknsiuvbo. fill-in. Write P. O. liox '345, New Phone 728. 12-ck-ll Madrid, Mo. 2;3-pk-30 IT , r~. ;r "; .!... i Desirable bedroom in private home, I f c; i i w '"' ^ e ^ and private bath 10'J7 1 Ol v j'dlG ! W. VVnlnut street, phone 684. C-ck-lt MISSOURI acres LAND—80 ;2, over iM^riorl isf over on Highway 62^ SI per acrei ROOMS. furnished or unfurnished. Farm Loans Large or Small At Low Interest Unit's. We are equipped to handle large or small loans on any sized tr.icl of farm land, at low cost, and at a iow interest rate TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut St. Blythcville, Ark Welding EXPERT ELECTRIC AND ACETYLKNE WELDING I) r a K line and heavy welding Barksdale Mfg. Co. cash, Imlancc years. Conway & Houchins lilyfhcvillc, Ark. rj-ck-ti One bedroom. 814 Hearn. 3pk2-3 Room for cn>))loye(! woman. 1023 W. Main. Phone 239. 30-ck-U Nice bedroom convenient to hath. Steam heat. Phone 2SO. 2tcktl For Quick Sale \ve offer SO acres fine loam soil, 45 acres in crop, 1 house and barn, located on road G miles Southwest of Decring, Mo. S30 per acre, $800 cash, balance terms. W. M. Burns, Glencoe Bldg. Phone 243. 12-pk-l'i Personal 0 room house or part of house. On Chiekasnwba near High School. Inquire 128 E. Main, phone 110. 15-pk-l-15 Repairing Expert 51111 repairing. See E. M. Man driving 1940 Dodge with heater to California wants 5 passengers to share expenses. Call <WF3, Steele, Mo. IG-ck-ll! Arouse Slugelsii Live r, ivorli off the bile to rid yourself of constipation, gas uahis. and lhat sour, punk feeling. Take one bos of KIKBY'S ACTIVE UVEU V1U.S 25c at all Kfrby Stores Damon at the Blythcville Armory on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Wanted 2 or 3 room unfurnished house or apartment. Phone 42G. 5-pk-12 Him was culled "U-IJoot Mnlnyn and In Cunada. Ihc nmiicroiw stones carried In thcjUcLs stomnch h thnt ho In grinding and his meals The most pliiusllilr ri'iismi (or uSf/ei7fr'o.n FARMERS WE CAN ARRANGE Repair & Remodel LOANS ON YEARLY PAYMENTS I'or Additions and Impnm'jiicnlx On Your I'nrm PaymcnLs art- to be nmdo in f;ill w |,en vouc are galliorcd. crops 2'1-irOUR.SEHVICE EAST ARKANSAS BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. mi No. 2nd ,, h()|u , Our Service IS YOUU Assurance 01'' Safe Driving! Safe motorlnu Is the aim of every driver. Then, why not us- sure yourself of this safety as fur as your nulomoblle Is concerned. Drive In and let our mechanics put your cur In shape for nny driving. Tlip cost Is vensontiblc and the work tfliiir- antced. EXPERT MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT ALL WORK GUARANTEED PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. I'lionc RIO We are forced *o move our very large stock of late model Ford V-8's —got to do it at once. Our prices "talk turkey" —our allowances are "tops" — our terms so liberal. We'll make you a deal you can't refuse. You'll save money by seeing us at once. Buy now for a better buy. AUTHORIZED FORD DEALER LOOKING PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Phone SMI Wanted To Bu Wanted lo buy Government (Vot- ton ^ Loans. Blythcville Gin Co. Poultry For Sale or Trade Highest prices paid for ail kinds of . l '°, U Dclco System, for rale or Poultry. Fisher and Worthv, l , ra ' New battc »fs. 2 motors, ?teele v Mo. 12-ok-2-ia ' 0| P1 """ ! 2H - 8-ck-15 Phone 19 or Res. 1019 Business Directory ~~ FULLER "BRUSHES' " Call Dan nielx^an, rhonc lOSfl Founa Key lo Willys Overland aulomo- Baby Chicks f.'tisfnni HiUching Marilyn Hatchery Wyllicvillc Hivvy. 61 iVnr 12-pk-2-12 Auto Pain ling bile, owner may have same by'kins' Garase paying cost of this ad. Courier so. 2nd St ° News Office. Special paint, job. $12.50. Offer Good until January 15th. Joe At- STONE CARVER . HORIZONTAL ], 7 Famous artist pictured here. 12 Mexican dollars. 13 Farewell! 15 Containing boron. 17.Sooner than. 18 Pertaining to the shoulder., 2\ One in cards. 22 Nickel. 23 House canaries. 24 Valise. 26 Ell. 27 To leave. 29 Dazzling sunlight. 31 Gaelic. 32 Pitcher lug. 33 Cotton 34 Close. 35 Sloths. 37 Wayside hotel. 38 Ancient Answer (o Previous Pimle 41 Animal. GO His native 43 Electric unit. land. 44 Snake-like fish. 46 Slipped. 43 Affirmative vote, •19 Myself. 51 Red flowers. 53 Oil (suffix). 54 Size of type. oS Plants o£ a region. 57 To move fish fashion. 59 He was a — of massive VERTJCAI, 1 Eagle's nest. 2 To employ. 3 To be spent. 4 Theater guides 5 Eercts. G Mother nf mankind. 8 To „, accommodate. 55 Indian S To avail. mulberry. 10 God of war. 57 South 11 More America his lifetime. 19 To remark. 20 Measure of area. 23 Parted. 25 Schemed. 28 Punitive. 30 Amphitheater center. 36 To percolate. 37 Wading bird. 39 Pertaining to osmium. 40 Adhered closely. •12 Code ot laws. 45 Song for one. 46 Courtesy title. 47 Book part. MSm.ill shield. 52 Neither. 53 To possess. 54 Postscript. fastidious. 58 Form of "1." fTOU'RE OKAY OOTA HOS5ES- FOLKILU MY GOMERMrAEWT MULES For Sale or Sec Floyd Simpson at T>M;i implements, Inc. 8-fi-ti i M WOT eoiMe TO ATTEMPT TO DUPLICATE THAT, ALLEV, BUT I WILL MATCH YOU FOR ACCURAcy 'OLI MEAM TO. DOWN ONE OF — V.1H05E WITH AM ARROW THATFLoClA IMPOSSIBLE/ THEy'RE Soap never should be used on white silk unless it hist is dissolved ») >raler IT'S UM- ( MOT BAD, BELIEVABLE.' -SKIPPER. |TLL GOOO TRICK, IF YOU CAM DO IT. Only GruluAle 0|ilomc- frisl In Jllythcvillc. Cilnsscs Fitted Correctly RECONDITIONED CARS IJOOTS AND HER HUDDfKS Wi\"t {~£Je\\ "W i'«- f'l.'t \ «.'.— "^^- '• - -• - • - -—i _—„ ., ^_ Guarantee That Counls 1MB Chevrolet A beauty 1939 l-'ord Drlii.v Tmlor. spec. Sedan I03S Chevrolet Town Deluxe Model . . I.'I.'IS lord License . S128 19.17 Clicirolet Toun Sedan .. S3K5 C o u p c. New Ift37 Clirvrolct paint . WASH TUniiS I!Y ROY CRANK We. WIMDLAS^.THE OTHER HOTEL SHUT WORD THAT VOUR WIFE HW ARRIVED j FOR Ca'M \ CEB SA.KES! WHAT 5 \TAWLV, POIH6 (H TOWN? VOU'll PL&ViE EXCUSE , CAPTA1W EASV HW! I WOMOER IF HE 15 A 6tOL06ftT AVJD OMTHE LEVEL? FOR ALL I KVJOW THIS Oil. TALK KW BE A SLICK •SCHEME 10 UULOAP A LOT op WORTHLESS LAND AWyVJM, ff •aOUWPED SORT a FKHV fcgour HIS LIFE SEIMG W\H6ER,AWD llmlson Tudor, liuilt-in Irimk. r.nlio ;l ii t | healer. Low niilcajc. A real buy. Only ................. .'..s:V!o JUST A-i THAT uML06IST BETWEEH TWO TRUCKS PARKED AT THE CURB, OH'i OF TOEW BACKED UP, AUO HE WAS CAU6HT 1M SETWEEH f:cvrr;il Chcvrolcts I rss limn Chevrolet l\t. Ton Truck. "'"Is • - $513 1933 Chevrolet I'/, Ton Truck. finals 1937 Diamond T— \\t. [ orlp IV.». Truck, Duals .'. ins; C lirvrolel rick-up Truck. Only ................... £20.3 orcl I'ick-up Truck. Spec. $285 'ruck. Is No! Impressed BY MERRILL BLOSSBK 1!)3G IloilRC I'ick-up Heal I)lly HOW DOES THIS SOUWO?- HAROLD COMCS IM i WALKS OVER.,TO TR'JOY AMD W?SF^ HER - SHE PRETENDS Tb RE 'ASLEEP"/ tr^^ ' Me KISSES HHR AQAIM ,' SHE WAKES up. THEM HE SITS DOWN AMD PRtTfNOS Tb FALL ASLEEP . SHE KISSES HIM 'IO WAKE * IT SEEWS ux6 A NICE WAY 15 WAKE PEOPLE UP, BUT WHO WILL. WE GET TO KISS THE AUDIENCE?- _ - HAPPENS, THEN SHE KISSES HIM AeAiw . FINALLY, AFTFR ABOUT BGtlT KISSES, HE WAKES UP*/ Otlicrs to Choose From. \VK TUADK . _. _ HA DECIDED 10 STAY !M M. A. (.:. Vaymcnl i'laii Xighls and

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