The Knoxville Journal from Knoxville, Tennessee on November 13, 1955 · 1
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The Knoxville Journal from Knoxville, Tennessee · 1

Knoxville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 13, 1955
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Prizes In The' Weather Knoxville and metropolitan area— Inereuinr clttOiictt this Btralai ketimlni partly elaoEy this afternaoa Warmer Hih 74 Law tanlfht 66 Bi(h yesterday 74 Law this msrninc 67 - ' NORTH CAROLINA— Taday and Manday fair ‘ ta partly elaady aad mild KENTUCKY— Claady and warm VIRGINIA— Pair and mild Weather Details Pass 1C- B ' 117TH YEAR It A Tale " — I SWEAT AtLtGIAKCE TO THE “REPUBLICAN TAKT V State Workers ‘Ordered To Produce Dempster Win Between 75 and 100 state employes have been threatened with the loss of their jobs unless they produce votes and elect Mayor George Dempster in Thursday’s city runoff it was reported yester- The threats were made by three of Gov Frank Clements’ lieutenants after the employes had been herded together in the Volunteer Room of Hotel Farragut at 7:30 pm Thursday Delivering the ultimatum to the employes who were chiefly from the Finance and Taxation Depart- ment and the State Highway Ga-' rage were Charles Lockett lawyer and Clements’ district director of Civil Defense Johnny Gilbertson lawyer and a member of Clements’ Civil Service Review board and Gordon Sams supervisor of the local office Department of Finance and Taxation The employes present were not covered by Civil Service NEWMAN CONSULTED Several of the employes expressed displeasure at the tactics to H Wallace Newman a former state employe who resigned his job to support Robert L Broome in the primary election who was in the lobby of the hotel before during and after the meeting Newman said Newman left Broome’s camp after Broome was defeated in the primary and enlisted ' in Dempster’s campaign “It seemed like I was the most popular man in the hotel” Newman said “Several of the employes came up to shake my hand for opposing these tactics Many of them called me later at home “Many of them I guess about half were made after the meeting was over and seemed proud that I would champion the cause of free elections for all government employes” he said The workers were not invited to attend it was reported They were told to be there They were told that a roll call would be taken and any man not there would be fired Lockett Gilbertson and Sams were the only speakers They told the employes that Continued on Page 2 Col 5 Three Plan Air Appeals Two City Council nominees and the co-manager of Jack Dance’s campaign will take to the airways Mon- f???? day in appeals -to voters in the Thursday city runoff Maj R F Crosby Democrat manager of Dance’s campaign for mayor will 6: radio WKGN Roy Bass Jr nominee for a City Council seat from the Sixth pistrict will appear on WTSK-TV at 7 p m Monday He also has a TV appearance scheduled for 6:15 p m Wednesday over the same station Hobart Carey council nominee from the Second District will be on WKGN Monday at a time to be set sv -10': - wm CAREY Journal Puzzle : Of Two Elections Slick-T alking Kentuckians ‘Dognap’ UT’s Mascot By ED MILLER University of Kentucky students in a highly-planned well-executed bold daylight raid yesterday “dognaped” the University of Tennessee mascot Smoky The blue tic hound was taken to Lexington from his pen at the home of Willie Brooks "on Rutledge Pike about 9 am yesterday - Brooks said he was phoned early yesterday by a boy who said he was a “university” student and V ictorious Vols Given Big Cheers Almost 1000 cheering handclapping victory-filled Vol fans turned out at McGhee Tyson Airport last night to welcome the victorious Tennessee footballers as they arrived from Gainesville by chartered plane It was a crowd reminisent of “old time” Vol arrivals one “old timer” said remembering the years when the Vols returned victorious as the No 1 team in the nation Bowden Wyatt first to leave the plane was greeted with wild cheers and a roar of applause as he descended the steps from the giant plane “It was certainly nice of all these people to come to welcome us” Wyatt said “it makes us feel very good” SHOUT FOR TEAM Then the team appeared from the inside of the plane The spirit of the crowd seemed to reach the fever pitch Team members also seemed to sense the excitement as they came off shouting and waving to the rooters Lamar Leachman the only injured Vol in yesterday’s 20-0 triumph over the Florida Gators was gleefully chided about his apparent bashfulness at having his picture taken “Come on Leachman you love it boy!” his teammates chorused Although Leachman was the only known injury Wyatt said that after a tough game like yesterday’s several more minor pulled muscles and “Charley horses” probably will be found tomorrow Vol Capt Jim Beutel said the game was a “sweet one” “I only hope we can keep up the pace through the next two weeks” he said Although he was confident of a victory over Kentucky and Vanderbilt Beutel said they were two teams you always could depend on to give their best against the Vols SURPRISED BY THEFT All of the Vols were surprised to learn that Smoky the UT mascot had been “dognaped” while they were away A tremor of high pitched excitement went through the large crowd gathered about the Vols gate as the big plane rolled in Everyone wanted to get just a little closer to the gate “Well” said one excited fan as a harassed late arriving newspaper photographer struggled to get Continued on Page 2 CoL 3 KNOXVILLE PLEASE HELP ME! ‘VE ALWAYS BEEN A LOYAL DEMOCRAT had received permission from Richard Warters who is in charge of Smoky for the Adawayhi Club to get some publicity pictures of the animal “This is not unusual” Brooks said “so I told them to come on out and get him” They arrived at the Brooks farm near John Sevier railroad yards in about 25 minutes Brooks gave the dog to UT after the first Smoky which he had also given them was killed last spring Brooks said he had feared an attempt such as this and had been taking extra percautions with the dog “These fellows had an answer for everything I asked though” Brooks explained “so I let them take the dog with the promise they would have him back by 10:30 They seemed to know exactly what they w-ere doing “I was worried about the dog when they hadn’t brought it back by then (10:30 am) but I didn’t know it was stolen until called by newsmen about 2 pm” Brooks said The “dognaping” was first reported in Corbin Ky where the raiders stopped for gas Associated Press reported The students said the move was in retal iation to a raid staged by Tennessee students on the UK campus in 1953 During that raid UT students took the Beer Barrel symbol of football rivalry between the schools from its resting place in Memorial Coliseum on the UK campus The barrel was later returned to Lexington Apparently the Lexington raiders had been well briefed on the Continued on Page 2 CoL 1 f If ‘DOGNAPED’— S m o k y the University of Tennessee mascot was “dognaped” yesterday from his pen at the home of Willie Brooks on Rutledge Pike by some three carloads of University of Kentucky students Contests TENNESSEE Ike Gets Practice At Golf By MARVIN L ARROWSMITH WASHINGTON Nov 12 (A) — President Eisenhower got in a little putting on a White House green today for the first time since his Sept 24 heart attack And he made plans to open an office next week in downtown Gettysburg Pa near his farm He went out onto the green on the south lawn of the mansion shortly after aides reported him “feeling fine’’ on this first full day back at the White House SETS IN SUN The aides said he putted only a couple of times then sat in a chair in the yard for more than an hour soaking up the warm autumn sun He had basked in the sun almost daily for the last three weeks or so on the eighth floor terrace of Fitzsimons Army Hospital in Denver But so far as is known today was the first time he had a golf club in his hands since Sept 23 Convalescing Ike Still Must Face Strain of Job Page 10-C Ike Likes to Stir Up Stew For 60 Persons Page 10-C Picture on Page 14-A the day before his attack He played 27 holes in Denver that day Eisenhower was out on the White House green with his son Army Maj John S Eisenhower who also got in a bit of golf practice After trying a couple of strokes the President sat and watched John PICTURES TAKEN Long-range photographs taken during the afternoon showed the President with a club cocked over his right shoulder But presidential associates said the President apparently was just getting the “feel” of the club — that he actually hit no long or middle-range shots Press secretary James C Hager-ty announced today that the President and Mrs Eisenhower will drive on Monday to their country home on the edge of Gettysburg where there will be a quiet observance of the First Lady’s 59th birthday Eisenhower who checked out of a Denver hospital yesterday after seven weeks of convalescence from a heart attack plans to spend about six weeks building up his strength at his farm TO INCREASE WORK But the White House made it clear that at Gettysburg the doctors plan to permit a steady but gradual increase in his governmental activity Elsenhower’s Gettysburg office Continued on Page 2 Col 4 Inside Tips Mrs Tipton’s Secret — one every woman should know Cavalcade cover Health officials alarmed at reluctance of parents to permit children to take polio shots Page 15-A German immigrant who dislikes his country’s socialized medicine interns here Page 3-A Oriental note shows up in resort fashions Page 7-C Window gardening delights and challenges writes Irma Witt Page 10-C Brazil returns to normal Page 11-A Molotov to meet Dulles today Page 1-B Roosevelt cancelled plans for restoration of Germany Chicago Tribune reports Page 4-A SECTION A (News) Builders Pare 6 Farmers Talk Recession 7 Obituaries 10 No Crime In D-Y it Hnntlnr Flshinr 16 SECTION B (News and Sports) Prlseword Contest t From Up Close 4 Vols 4 Top of Mornin 5 AH Stars 8 Outdoors Markets Classified 14 14 15 17 18 19 SECTION C (Society) From Me To Tou t Encasements - 46 Personal Mention 6 Fashion 7 Weddincs 8 Gardening 10 SECTION D (Calracade) Books Old Timer Editorial! Mystery Radio And TV Homo Folks Mories Cross Word Punic t 8 4 I 7 8 8 10 Climb SUNDAY NOVEMBER 13 1955 k i - - - BEAR HUNTER — Mrs Eddy George Wimpole Street holds a revolver ready as she searches around her home where her husband Friday night saw a snarling animal bigger than a dog and believed to be a bear She checks to see that the creature did not hole up under the house With her is their cocker spaniel dog Dan which spotted the creature and awoke the couple with its barking SnarlingfF urryA nimal ‘Larger Than A Dog Seen By Knoxvillian By BART PITTMAN A snarling furry animal bigger than a dog aroused a family from sleep in Biddle Heights late Friday night raising speculation that a bear might have wandered to Knoxville from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park The creature seen by Eddy George at his home off Wimpole Street was very much like the animal reported lurking in the Bluegrass section on several nights It was last seen there Tuesday night “I am not positive but I could almost swear the animal I saw last night was a bear" declared George hunting equipment salesman at the Athletic House “About 11:30 pm” George said 1 was awakened by the loud barking of my cocker spaniel Dan I ran to the door and in the near-darkness of the front yard saw the dark form running alongside the house “It was snarling viciously and Thief Grabs TY Famed Brief Case One of the nation’s most publicized brief cases has fallen into the hands of a thief its owner Atty Bob McClure reported yesterday Millions of television viewers for days during the McCarthy hearings saw Atty Ray Jenkins pull bulky documents from this battered brown case which according to his assistant at the time Atty Charles Maner rarely left his side The brief case started its illustrious career several years ago when it was given to McClure when he became Maner’s partner When Jenkins went to Washington taking Maner along with him he borrowed the brief case which became as a familiar part of the towering Knoxville attorney on Capitol Hill as his red suspenders country wit and now nationally famous oratory Upon returning from the Washington limelight the brief case retired to comparative obscurity in the corner of McClure’s office until a young law clerk Bobby Willson asked if he could borrow it Willson McClure said left it in his car parked in front of the Parkmore Restaurant at 1716 East Magnolia Avenue while he was in the eating establishment It was then that the brief case disappeared 4 : Obituaries Fred W Bod Repaia Odes Rebinette Mrs Zennie Lewis Mrs Tennie Bailey Shepherd Mrs Sara Jane Tindell Mrs Bertha Lee Needham Leonard G Sloan Albert Ernest Mett Lewis Lonegro Rey Herd Haworth Leonard G Sloan Lee C Monday Mrs Nola Hill Dayls ' Mrs Louise Guyas Mersereau Joseph Bernard Lonf LOUDON — Charles J Leffew Jr LAKE CITY— Lloyd Quinton Rigfs ROGERSVILLE— Arthur Geuldy ROGER8YILLE — John W A Bell MADISONVILLE — Jodie E Brewer ETOWAH— Charlie L Baker SFVIERVILLE — Linda Faye Owens BENHAM KY— Andrew J McCarty MASCOT — Sterling Barnard LAFOLLETTE— Riley W Lindsay LAFOLLETTE — Joseph Ross Parrott BRISTOL TENN— Mrs Bessie Kegley Baumgardner COLORED Hattie Mae Johnion A J Rice Berry Coiper OBITUARIES ON PAGE 10-A To $2200-— See m Li KtexS Fiscal V was much larger than a dog 1 thought Dan had treed him so I ran and got my gun but when I returned the big animal was scurrying off into the brush in the front of my house I don’t know what it could have been if it wasn’t a bear” " I It’s entirely possible- said Prof James T Tanner of the University of Tennessee Zoology Department that the animal may have drifted to Knox County from his home in the park Professor Tanner said if he did the principal reason--would be hunger caused by a shortage of acorns on the oak trees in the Smokies He added that bears have been killed in the Chilhowee Mountains near Sevierville several miles from the park boundary Bears have visited the Knoxville area In February of 1950 a big black bear roamed from the woods near Dixie-Lee Junction broke into a chickenhouse on the farm of Rev Earl Ivie on Highway 70 and clawed 104 chickens to death The roaming bruin overturned a brooder-house lamp and set fire to the building but the fire died out because the new structure was built of green lumber On a ladder to the roost the bear left prints the entire distance as he climbed up to feast on the chickens Ivie a faith-healing evangelist later left the state ' Reports ' indicate that the animal seen in Bluegrass and Biddle Heights is a nocturnal prowler but the “coal-black” creature in Bluegrass has been seen at times about 8 am Wins Prize Of $50000 NEW YORK Nov 12 W— A York Pa 'housewife who once battled the Germans at Stalingrad as a second lieutenant in the Soviet infantry tonight won $50-000 on a television quiz program by identifying correctly five American rifles Mrs Kyra Petrovskaya Shirk answered all questions about the rifles’ history She then selected the right kind of ammunition loaded it into a Springfield rifle and fired a blank cartridge above the heads of the studio audience Next Saturday she may try for the $100000 jackpot of the program NBC’s “Big Surprise” Wife Rushes To Mate—Botli Fined By JP DECATUR 111 Nov 12 UPi — “Honey” telephoned Gerald Sims 34 today from the Justice of the Peace Court” come and bring some money I’m in trouble" -He was charged by Decatur police before Justice Harry Sackriter with going 60 miles an hour in a 30-mile zone His fine was $40 and costs When his wife Shirley 28 arrived she paid an additional $20 and costs to cover her arrest en route for speeding 40 miles an hour in a 25-mile-limit area Both pleade’d guilty T oday’s Chuckle The dentist married the manicurist They’ve been fighting tooth-and-nail ever since Copyricht General Featurei Cons 16 13 112 Pages Six Sections State Of Business Will Determine Amount Of Saving ' By FELIX COTTEN WASHINGTON Nov 12 (INS— Administration sources said today that if things go well President Eisenhower may ask Congress in 1956 to cut taxes as much as three billion dollars Officials close to the situation explained however that there are several “ifs” in the way of a tax cut recommendation Such questions as these are involved: ' Will business continue to rise and thus keep on pushing revenue up as it it doing now?f -Can government spending be cut further? Will the Democratic-con trolled Congress hold the economy line in an election year? Officials declared that if these questions are answered in the affirmative there is a good chance that present taxes would yield an appreciable revenue surplus in the 1957 fiscal year" beginning next July 1 In line with administration policy they said this would justify the President in asking that the anticipated surplus be returned to taxpayers in the form of a tax cut ' ONE-TO-THREE BILLION However they said speculation about a possible four billion dollar tax cut is rather high They thought that if Mr Eisenhower proposes a cut at all it probably would be for between one and three billion dollars depending on the overall picture Meanwhile Democratic leaders in Congress are reported to be leaning to an increase in the $600 exemption for each taxpayer spouse and dependent instead of their former proposal of a straight $20 tax cut for each This raises the prospect that the Democrats will wage a drive to force the administration to accept a boost in the exemption to $700 or higher A $100 increase in the exemption would cost an estimated $2500000000 in yearly revenue The Democrats are not entirely in agreement on tax-cutting Chairman Harry F Byrd (D-Va) of the powerful Senate Finance Committee has opposed any reductions so long as the budget remains unbalanced Administration officials said a much clearer picture of what the government can afford will be presented by the time the President submits his budget message and economic report to Congress in January They indicated that Mr Eisenhower may give some inkling of his stand in these documents However they said there is no likelihood that the President will propose a tax cut out of borrowed Continued on Page 2 Col 1 Mild Weather To Linger For Another Day (Weather Details Page 16-B The mild weather here is expected to linger at least for today the Weatherman said with a high reading reaching into the middle 70s Increasing cloudiness this morning partly cloudy in the afternoon and warmer is the official forecast High will be 74 up four degrees from yesterday Low tonight will be 56 while this morning’s low was 52 MIDDLE EAST TENNESSEE — In-creating cloadinets tbit morning becoming partly cloudy tbit afternoon Warmer High 74 Low tonight 56 TRI-CITIES — Increasing cloudiness this morning becoming partly cloudy this afternoon Warmer High 70 Low tonight 52 CROSS VILLE-LAFOLLETTE — Increasing cloudiness this morning becoming partly cloudy this afternoon High 70 Low tonight 55 LOWER EAST TENNESSEE— -Increasing cloudiness this morning becoming partly cloudy this afternoon High 76 Low tonight 68 ‘Why Not Finish Job? Mother Asks Of Killers CHICAGO Nov 12 (INS)— Once happily married with two sons Mrs Eleanor Schuessler dared a phantom killer Saturday to end her anguish Her husband died of a heart ailment Friday — only weeks after both sons were murdered with a playmate in an unsolved triple slaying that has shaken Chicago The 37-year-old Mrs Schues-ser left vwith only her dog ‘‘Penny” sobbed that a broken heart killed her husband Anton She moaned: “They can come and get me next” The Chicago American published an open letter which she addressed to the elusive slayer of her sons It said in part: “You have ruined my life I hope you are satisfied Everything I ever had you have taken Vanderbilt Tulane 20 7 2-B t 4 Classified Ads See Section B Pages 16 17 18 19 i i PRICE 15 CENTS Crisis Rocks Argentine Government BUENOS AIRES Nov 12-(INS) (by telephone) — The fall of the young new Argentine Government appears imminent tonight A powerful liberal coalition is expected to force the new regime of Gen Eduardo Lonardi to quit or rid itself of reactionary elements Outwardly Buenos Aires is quiet There are no troop movements (9:15 pm EST) and there has been no sign of force The pressure to overthrow the government is expected after adjournment of a meeting now in progress of the National Consultative Committee The group representing all sections of public opinion probably will call on General Lonardi and advise him to oust the reactionaries in his government If he refuses to do this or does not want to the group will seek Lonardi’s resignation If the provisional president resigns a triumvirate of three military men is expected to assume control The unrest in Argentina was first publicly noted earlier tonight when provisional Vice President Admiral Isaac Rojas received a report of a rebellion at the De Mayo Army Garrison outside Buenos Aires One unconfirmed report said the cabinet already has resigned en masse The new political crisis in the South American republic comes less than two months after dictator Juan Peron was ousted r Lonardi a 59-year-old general announced on Sept 20 that he would head the provisional government Subsequently Peron took refuge and still later was allowed to leave the country Political Index Runoff election expected to draw 25000 to polls Page 8-A Where to ballot Page 20-A Ray urges bigger vote in School Board race Page 11-B - t Dance wiil not use office of mayor for personal gain Ambrose predicts Page 11-B ' Preacher praises Dance’s position on liquor law enforcement Page 8-A Carey outlines program to cut expenses Page 4-A Dempster said on the day of the primary election he would support Dance if he lost to Broome Mann charges Page 4-A Pleas of Dempster for partisan support are hollow W D Hicks says Page 4-A - Dempster has been focal point of every political storm in Knoxville former Broome manager declares Page 4-A away from me The 19 years of happy family life we' had have been burned out in 25 days “My husband and I would have celebrated our 20th anniversary next May 9 but we weren’t even allowed that bit of happiness “You’ve already broken my heart into little pieces Why not finish the job?” Neighbors feel that events leading to the 42-year-old Schues-sler‘s death began Oct 18 when Anton Jr 11 John 13 and their 14-year-old buddy Robert Peterson were found slain The bodies savagely clubbed and stripped nude were dumped in picnic woods just west of the city limits Veteran policemen muttered they had known nothing as horrible since the 1924 kidnap-slaying of Bobby Franks Continued on Page 2 CoL 2 Illinois Wisconsin 17 14 Pittsburgh 26 Maryland West Virginia 7 Clemson 25 Michigan State 42 Texas A&M 20 12 Minnesota 14 Rice 12 Ohio State Iowa 20 Auburn 10 Georgia

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