The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 16, 1940
Page 3
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ANUARY 16, 1940 rtaunhlor, Mrs. R. R. wtlmti Jr., ., mid .sm.'ill son. Snow Wilson ill; as used. Tlie guosts were niul Mrs. Bclvn MfUtin of Kwnrtt, Osceo'la Personal , Mo. They will lie at home al ihc Sivin Coble, Mrs. .Jnraraittla Hotel in Avon Park for . . Mr.s. Chni'livi SiiUengM- nml six weeks, Ollim who are in Miami. Ha,. for u vuriulon niul iO£l ;tn> Vuucc IVnnkliii Robinson -. and Mr. and Mrs. Gu E. S. Oliver (J Thhty-eiglit n-j 0 ii<| s of E. S. Driver were invited to 1112 fpt supper giro,,-, t, y Mrs orivc-i- In special compliment to him on ' .-.-. night at their hoin- ... the west aid of town, Ei.skiM.s of pink gindioH vfiv used in the Uvlns- room;; where ( . . . Bryant. Judge S. 1,. Ohullsh » ni | Mrs. GhdLsli, ami Mr. and Mr.s. L. \V. WiUlors linve returned (mm :i Ui|> (o Miami. t . * Mrs. UVUy I'uuiig Mrs. O. K. MassPnglll and Mrs. |TI. C. Diivklson were siia-ossHil u «l tlie meeting of the Pitch games wrVp?nyedTuer''"up-' Sal "" la l' Afternoon Bridge club Per, and a mixture of percnnlnls '" 'I 10 home . of Mrs - Wl ' )b >' Vw»K Used In an old-fashioned bouquet. °" ''• nsl lll)lc fin the dining table. Mif. Driver was assisted In receiving by Mrr.. Cliarics Sullenu'er, Mrs. W C. Mason, Mrs. W. W. PrcwIU.'aurt Miss Flavin Driver, daughter of Mi-, niul Airs. trj S Driver. Kolmul Cireeu was nn ont-of- lown enest. 4 » * VVinlerinj; In Florida. A second . of Osccolnns dragg llonarcA. . ., . of Mr. nnd MV.s. i-Y.-uik tlio past week. Memphis visitors Saturday Mrs, W. J. Driver and 'gram cliui'ihti'r. 1'ejgy June. Mr. ami Mi Ham Coble were ulso down Siiiul lo see lilnckstone nt ihe Orphfu Ilir-iiter. Mrs, R 8. Drive!- nccompank lier daughter, Flavin Driver, Memphis Saturday 'where s pbyed In the plnno reclUU gtv at the Memphis College of Mu: Miss Kiithlcen Johnson. MI — ...... *""*fi itvtKimi. ny !virsa x^Huiiceii jontison. Ml Mr.s. Hraxlon Brngg was hoslrss. Driver is n student at the scho n .small rou o °f music. .. . tn n .small group ol friends for a f|iinil supper in her home Saturday night in Fppflai honor of llii- 1-irtlv.lf.y ol Mr. Hrngg. Tlie table, covered with :\ linen tioili, linn -:i lo«' bowl of sii'all yollnw a'urt purple (hr.v.s.inthcmums ivilh yellow candles on either side.) An (uicnnal evening of nniswj t.i.-t.uiiu giuup 01 uscc'omns "" uuvinnu evening oi mus'.e foi- the rcnmtucter of the winter I W(ls '"Jo.ved by the giicsls Inrlud- left the Ifltlei- part of Ihc week I'"8 Ms 1 . i:nd htrs. Charles Low- In Florida, in the party were Mr. ! mll « ami Mrs. ,). ],. Williams, (heir n ' im " . liiUlcr WHY For quick relief from coltl symptoms take SGS LKiutd - TaWets - Salve suffer from (.'i>ld.t? Ji.. Mr. and Mrs. rvr.n'it -s. Mr. nnd Mrs. Ijcn P. ai.d Mr.s. Margaret Dye.*;. Wilson Society—Persona! Ha-) Skating Party Sklppy Wilson, son of Mr. in Mr.s. W. V. Wilson, entertained of his Friends of the Intermedia grades with a .skating party al II nlrrl.-iiiis IVilli I.IIIK ln'on. Mr.s. Bo Cronif-r was hosiers to FiijjJi school gymnnsliuii" Sa'tiu-di .•six guests for a luncheon at her. night. The talloon contest was \vo country home on Carson I.-jk-. by Clifford Billiard, ami other orly. _ Monday in i l( i,or of Mrs. W. J. went'to June Turner for the f;is innvci, wlio leaves for Washington. esl girl on .sknles. Noi'ina Nose Drops the ijitter par', of the week, p;^ Rn fa, KC roses cen t crwl HEMORRHOIDS Cured Without Surgery, and Guaranteed A very safe and harmless method; without conflncm-tit lo ' fr ° work ana with vef r < DRS. NIES ^ NIES »nl= «U Main GOOD GEMAKD FOR GWEHENT LOAN COTTON Phone or Write Us Now Geo. H. FtfcFaddeti & Bro's Ayency E. C. PflTTON, flgent . Y 25S (inin(! , Rldfj. 1'honc 2-1 X . Berry. Dorothy Medllu, Charl Gentry and James Hawk In II other contests, nefreshmeiits sandwiches and drinks were serve Mr. and Mrs. John Spires Marlon, III., were weekend guests the home ol Mr. and Mrs. Benlo Garretl. Hr. and Mrs. Hugh Mobley ni small daughter, Beth, iiecompanie by the latter's mother, Mrs Ga brailh of Little Rock, left Wilso Friday for Marvell, Ark., where D Mobley will open an office. Read Courier News want ads George No Longer Drinks WJiiske White RiBbon Treatment Him Hale Liquor e,y run , e ^i vc secretly in co[(re. Ipn or milt Bm l hn clone much In s to|> driinki-nnt-ss On "•Oman stO|i]>Ml n ilnmlinr.l at W r?tr ivllh ttrur box. The |irii-e ; K \-i QQ u is for snl? si KSrl»y llrolh^i: Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 5<10 CHOOSE THE RIGHT ROAD The desire for contentment- and security when it is no longer possible to work for a livelihood is felt alike by all people. Some, however, 'prefer to prepare for that day now, while they are able to earn. What are they doing? Regularly, they put away small amounts in a Savings Account. Why not start today to look ahead to the future? ' OPEN; A "SAVINGS ACCOUNT' WITH>TJS THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN BLYTHEVIULE MKHHRBR FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION J mis OF RFC-Fl Your Home (CONSTRUCTION-EQUIPMENT REMODELING )«ist .small In years, e.siH'dully homes wliei-i '"Is must ln> rcgnrdcd . Owners of ,si)>!))l home.s which contain luljolnlng living nnd dining rooms, both of insufficient sl/e. may find combining Ihe two dc.slruMo. Funds for this work may be ob- lalnixl from private lending Insti- \/!/\vtf,'.n*. /•> . xvi'll '-'"'iiK liwim-Dlmnit Hnuiu D 8 g r,, . C ? m P a »y Wl11 «* »<•"<' u™«l combined living Buy FHA-InsiirccI Low-™ 1 " 1 ,""" llllllnR room lms ln /•> , LI , aeuswl greatly In popuh-.Uy in Hie tosl Home Loans ' '""" ' A now mow deslxnecl lo sllnui- lale further t| U . construction and flnnncliiK of low-cost homes, In which the fnollllles of both the I''ederal Housing Administration nnd the liecoiistnictlon Finance Corporation will be engaged, hns Just becu iimimmml by Jesse •taies, Pedtrnl ixnn mlintnlstrntor. Stewart McUoimld, Wilernl Housing mimlnlstralor, hiul urcvioiish announced (he revision of PltA regulations, effective January 1 covering Insurance of Class '.f Title I loans un to $2,500 to be used In financing HIP eoustractlot of new homes. Mr. Jones stated that The Itt'G Mortgage Co. is now ready to purchase these loans from approved lending Institutions, thereby establishing n market outlet for this type of paper ami enabling a greater number ot Institutions to consider making bans of this kind Organizations Will<!ci[«t« Tlie establishment ol this .sccon- tutions i|im)ll|eil by Dm i-Weitil llonsliiii Administration under Us Modc'ini/nllun Credit l'|,m. Uei>son.s ndvuiu'i'il by architect); ntul builders for Uu- (rend nwny from separate dining rooms an 1 that us Mich they i\n> usv<l only three HI- four hours a day wlillc Ihc llvfnif IWJHI ts In imicllcally con- slanl me. Another point Is (ho fuel that living room nnd dining loom lire seldom. slmultaneoiL^ly. If ever, Compact Closet Is [ Needed In Homes As Ihn closet Is a purely ntill- iirlau jx»-i O f t| l(! house, (t 0 |, U utd in uoinpiiH nnd Hllclent rall'er Hum larne nnd space consuintni; iictorcllnu (o plnmilnir su^sUmis of the ijouslnjf Admljil.iV trillion. In turning over a large urea to n closet, the home planner -ullo- mullcnlly shuts oil' a iloor nren Iliiit could otherwise be given lo living-room or bedroom space. The clnsi'l door rrmnliis closed hiost of Ihf I line. S o (lint u closet too laixi' Is ii<-liinl]y spucc 'wasting. Tlit' Federal Housing AdinlniK- imtloii swggt'sis ilml eloseU Ije measured lo'sull Ihc ilcmamls of me home owner and that snfllclent •t uilnft needs dlctnle (lie sixes of HIP ureas lo bo floxck'd. - dary market is expected lo prove a big factor in the success of the Administration'!! small-home program. Many private fltinncltil and industrial organizations liavc'ul- ready niinomiced their Intention lo parllctpate energetically program. in Ihc Purchasing arrainjejiicnis slmllai to the new one. have, been in cx- Isiericc for some time Iti connection with mortgage loam insured by the FHA under Title II of the National Housing Act. This secondary outlet for Title II injured mortgages has proved invaluable In stimulating residential construe lion and has .'labled many banks and other lending Institutions to go into the long-term home financing field. The RFC Mortgage Co. has been buying Title II lonrn oil existing properties, and the Federal National Mortgage Association, another subsidiary of .the RFC purchases Title II loans covering new residential construction, " ' F,HA Program Morn Flexible The new provisions under Title I of the National Housing Act arc designed primarily to' make horte financing' under the FHA program more flexible. These-loans-'may rim', for terms P - to 15 years. Borrowers under :he plan need only own n lot free and.clear, representing at least five. OT cent of. the 'appraised yaiue of he; completed property as determined :by ;the lending institution; tr, RS imVRltcrii'nt'ive.'Ute house irtay Jc, "bliilt oh leased land, when the jorrowcr has nil 'investment of five )0r-cent.In the-completed- property or .puts'up-cash In im amount equal 0 five percent.. '•'.. ' '; iLoans .may be.; pblahicd lip -to 2,500, -or- in an'•'. amoiiiil : covering We. complete cost', of -construction whichever Is less". Maidmimi flna'nc. )g charges 'include 41.; per cent rterest,' 1 ah • annual- service charge f ..oiicrhiif-'of one'per cent, and a morteage^liuurancf..-^^!!^!! . of ne-nalf of i 'oer cciif on tlie orlg- wl principal/ Loahs arc repaidau qiml. monthly (nstallmcnl-s - ' New Plan Has Same Btheflls' ' Homes financed iunder. the neiv egxilations.will-havb the b'eiienl'bl he same minijnijm construction re-, uiremeiils nhd: pijoneity siandanb hich have-proved'suth a valuable afeguard in the case of hoincs ullt under Title II. They will also e .subjected to the same location eqtilrements. Tlie PHA will make at least three vspeclions during the course ot distraction of these homes in rder .to, assure'soiuid construction nd to provide a. further protection r the home buyer. , Announcement by Jones Tlie announcement by Federal onn Administrator Jones follows: "Tlie Federal Housing Admiuls- atlon has issued revised regula- ons covering insurance of Class 3 Itle I loans up to $z,MO, the pro- eecis of which are to be used to nance the erection of new homes. "The RFC Mortgage Co. will, 11111 further notice, purchase these lass 3, Title I loans bearing 4!-'. icr cent interest and a. service large of one-half of I per cent here the entire proceeds arc used 3 finance new homes the construe- on of which is started after Jaii- ary 1. 1910. • mortgages will only be Might from originators of the ,-ms uhich establish to the satis- ctlon of Tlie RFC Mortgage Co iffielcnt financial responsibility nd their qualifications to service le loans and which provide nn •HA insurance reserve equal lo 10 «r cent of the original principal i mount of the loan, and whose of-1 cc or a branch thereof satisfactory The RFC Mortgage Co. Is situ- cd within 100 miles of the mort- aged properly. "Loans will be purchased at par nd, upon execution of a contract purchase a loan, a fee of onc- alf of 1 per cent of the loan will churned. Originators and sellers the mortgages will be required service them and may retain tlie rvice fee of one-half of l per cent paid by the mortgagor, and, In addition, will be allowed another one- half ot i per cent." . i Pvoper Teamwork Necessary To Prodiiee Home, The clile; problem of (he biilld- inu industry is the construction of small homes for families of mocl- cst menus, and proper leiimwoik among nil ti lp | ncl ,i ||)|e,-e s i s engaged in residential bulicllng Is a major factor in solving this problem, declared Walter H. Lelmcrl. president of the Walter H. LclmcvL Co. of Los Angeles, in an artlcl; in the Insured Mortgage 1'ortfollo, official publication of (he Federal Housing Administration. "Wherever a trade, an industry, or n group l» our area enters the complex building picture, we have obtained teamwork," Mr. Lcimert have n thill prompts us lo look beyond our own Immediate Interests and to work 'Vllli one another in guilding Uie home buyer. We nrc cnger lo sec Ilml every family undertaking this Important step shall gel good value nnd terms wlilcli will enable 11 (o curry Ihc project through." Housing Act Hespnusible Pointing lo the fact that during tlie past few years Los Angeles has been among Ihe leading American cities in building activity, Mr. Leluicrl declared that the Nnltail Housing Act lias been primarily responsible lor tlie marked ite In lioiiie building. • "Before the National Housluj Act was passed ami the Federal Housing Administration established," he continues, "Ihe )jome Hie l-vdcrul HoiuliiK Admit builder usually had lo have at least Mes; $1,000 for a down payment on home costing' 55,000 or le.w. No sucli homes ure available here o nboul the same terms us an auto mobile. "Similarly convenient flnancli terms are available for hlglic priced homes and are Just as w fectlvc hi selling llu™. our loc building activity, || 1{ ,n. ,-csls fir of all ou the National Hoaslng A and Hie istraiion. Market Itcvt-loprd Under FHA "FHA figures show that the inn Jorlty of liome purchasers em $3,000 a year or less and arc nb to make monthly payments of i more limn $30. families, i tlie whole, have proved sound risk Until Hie FHA plan was dcveloyii llic market they represented w largely neglected. Now lhat th arc able to buy homes on tern suited (o their incomes, (hey ott< un almost unlimited market the subdivide!-, builder, and mor Hagc lender." Mr. Lclmeii declares thill I believes the. problem ha.s bci solved for his own community. "V nrc constantly laying out belt subdivisions and building belli, more livable, nml more attrncth houses," he says. "We believe ul Hint some of the lessons ive ha leaincd could be usefully nppllc by forward-looking element.i the indiislry In oilier comimin - • . - .- . ; . . .,.; Paint Stripes Make Novel Wall Designs Striping may be Ihe answer to :he housewife's complaint that ii ;)lain one-color interlor-wjill paint io^?, when finished, looks "all right" Suit'yet seems lo lack "soiuelhlns." Striping means running narrow lands of paint around the walls, a ew Inches from and parallel with he wood trim. The width of Ihe stripe, il.s color and the distance from the-wood Inni will usually depend on the slue of the room, Ihc amount of decoration required lo offset the objec- tlonal plainness, and also on Ihe boldness or prominence of the door "id window casings. •Funds for palming a room or the wJiole house may be obtained from private lending Institution,; ,., ml |. fled under the Federal Housing Administration's Modernization Credit Plan. There was no crown nt Ihe coro- jjation of King Henry in O f En K - Low Location Oi Thermostat Prope In homes where the furnace controlled by an automatic thermo slat, it, may lw found to he mor comfortable If the thermostat put, at n low position on the living room wall, nbotit, 30 Inches off Hi floor. Instead of al the nsnnl five fool height.- . With gas or oll-flred furnace this Men works particularly wel since tlie heat supply In these I cut oil promptly when the roon temperature goes up enough to pu the thermostat" to work, nnd Mi house may get uncomfortably coo before the heat is turned on tigaii and builds up to the comfort point On the other hand, even when a coal fire Is shut down Hie fuel Im continues to send up a ccrlali amount of heal, Nearly 20 per cent- of traffic ac- cidenl.s are due to cnrciessne.-w oi improper signals being given by motorists, or to complete failure ' Indicate Intention to Mop, turn or slow down. RENT RECEIPTS WILL NOT BUY YOU A HOME If you are paying $25 :i month rcnl, you can afford a new, modern home of your own. Under the ¥. H.-A. pliin, $25 or 530 per month will cover your payment on a home loan, interest chnr- pes, (axes and all service charges. Come in today nnd let us help you plan a home of your own. Complete Uniting Service THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 Quality Service New Invisible Door Hinges Suggested lire II0 '- r "\° lltM ," Uon ' l ' s wll ° 'rii Imnlivarc limy find r hlngM " mral>s of he beauty of the hite- Smoollilj' ojwnillni; hinges whlcli in-e entirely hidden when Ihe door « dated, permit- n close fll between door nml ; mmc . T)lcy „,.,, n|so nunntnblo for uso on cnsemciil windows imd ctipboiu-d doom, tu rc- I'liiclnif lintxlwnre In the home, Hose Invisible |,| ])KM mn ))0 , slulled with lunils oblnined (rom qtinlUlKl lendhiK ii«t!lutloiw under 11C Moilcrnajlloii Credit I'lim of he Kcdernl iloiislnif Aclmlnlstm- tian. Similar Design I $ Held No Assurance Two proposed homes or similar design, construction, anil cost mny receive widely different, treatment by U, e Pes ] m , noting Ad- inlnlslratlon. One may n 0 j, on iy |j c soum] ^ construction nnd design but may also be placed In a neighborhood niled hlglily by KHA underwriters. Hie oilier tuny bo situated in a iiclehborhood in which values may be expected lo decrense nt ton mpW ii rate. FHA Modernization Plan Recovery Aid Uccntiso -In 'jiiosf modernization and repnlr jobs the percentage ot tweet labor costs Is higher than In new construction, (lie large n mount' of work created by the TOlernl Housing Administration's Modernization credit Plan Is of considerable slgtiincwicc' us a recovery mi'iisinc. A substantial volume or Idle capital lias been put to work through repair nnd Improve- mcnt jobs, mid nn extensive nmaimt of (lit* went directly for wages to workers In the bulluing nnd allied Uncles. Read Courier News want ads. TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS REMODELING IN 1940? DON'T FORGET TO INCLUDE MODERN PLUMBING IN YOUR PLANS I'luns for: rcrtjndcHnjf or your homo thin spring shoii],) no t omit ui)-(o-dalc plumbing II-should ), e planned to Kive you the utmost service «ml convenience, and can ] )t - financed nlon ff with your other improvements with nn PHA injured morltfiiffe' loan. BLVTHEVILLE WATER CO. Bernard Allen, Mg r . "W»ltr Is Your Cheapest c«BimodHy" Convenient ^°" «"««»>• "PPrccfate (he comforts of living •n an E. C. Itobinwn Umber Co. home built according lo VUA plans. There i s no JX space l,nl pfcnly of room for real home life." thcmsdve! 6 "^ arC ^ C0nvcnienl as 1!« h0l "W $1000 borrowed includes the morfSclnsurallcc of Yi p«rcen[ nnd the interest of 4)4 percent. Come in and talk it over. See for yourself the advances of building a home the FHA way. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO PHONK JOO ;"

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