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The Troy Record from Troy, New York • Page 4

The Troy Record from Troy, New York • Page 4

The Troy Recordi
Troy, New York
Issue Date:

THE TROY RECORD, TROY, N. SATURDAY MORNING, MARCH 9, IMS "THE HOUSE OF THE WEEK" Pleasant Ranch Has Convertible Area By ANDY LANG cost of extras in a hom Is Increased when additions an riide- long after the house is And yet we all like to sa we. can in the initial con sfruction by leaving an optiona item to a latter date. One way of having your sav ings now and allowing the lee way you will needdn the future Is shown in this ranch house de. signed by 'Architect Lester Cohen, The convertible area is seen as a po'fch behind the garage. But with very little change, it can be turned into a family room with a central fireplace, sliding glass doors to a rear terrace and ready access to and from the kitchen or living room. These are assets most persons want in a family room. In considering living area, the entry foyer must be taken into account. It's a modest luxury that pays for itself in helping to keep the living room "company fresh." Because this room is not needed for access to any area of the house, furniture selection placement can he as formal as you like. The view window overlooks the entrance porch, offering privacy along with a nice outlook. Access to the service lavatory is a practical idea for guest use. Whether the family room or porch is selected, it's nice to be able to reach the informal area from the living room. The dining room has just about the, same privacy features described for the living room. Sliding glass doors at the back- open to the outdoor dining porch in mild weather or present a lovely view at all times. The roofed porch can be used as an outdoor living area in the summer, or when finished as a family room, can add the pleasures of an informal living room all year The kitchen, with a corner dinette, is a square, compact and perfect area for all your needs. With the 1 addition of the pantry, lavatory, mudroom and laundry, the kitchen area becomes more than twice as big--yet with individual zones. Each section is easier to keep clean, there is better circulation of air, and each job gets done with a i i of fuss and with equipment intended just for it. The cellar entry is located with an eye to CONTEMPORARY HOME--The continuous roof enhances the contemporary long look of this three-bedroom ranch house. Its special feature is a porch behind the garage capable of later enclosure to make a family room. The stone and porch siding of board and batten add contrasting harmony. step-saving, work-saving con- You can get to the aundry from the garage, mud- room or porch. Here again a imall space set aside for a specific purpose preserves the valu- ible functions of the larger area round it. For example, no messy I a 11 or kitchen floor to when supplies are brought on a rainy day. The three-bedroom wing is to he left of the center hall, pro- ected against the activity noises )f the living areas. Bedroom 2 ould hold two active youngsters vithout crowding in a family of five. The master bedroom has he jear corner, and with its big closet area and private bath, of- ers real comfort to the parents, 'he family bathroom and master avatory are back to back, 'lumbing economy worth noting. Stone and board-and-batten iding are used as exterior ma- erials and are highlighted by wning-opening windows for a leasanl contemporary look. Z-31 Statistics Design Z-31 has a living room, kitchen, laundry-mud room, two baths and a lavatory, and three bedrooms, with a total habitable area of 1,516 square feet. Rear porch can be made into a family room which would add 220 square feet of living space. The two- car garage has a storage area for toys and tools. Over-all dimensions arc 7-T10" by which include the two-car garage and the front and rear porches. MORE DETAILED PLANS Full itudy 'plin Information on this architect-designed House of the Week is included In i 50-cent blueprint. With it in hand you cm obtain i contractor 1 eiti- mtte. HOUSE OF THE WEEK PLAN, The Record Newiripen, Troy, N. Y. 1Z181 Enclosed is 50 cents each for baby blueprints of Design No. Z-31 Enclosed is SI for RANCH HOMES booklet. Enclosed is $1 for YOUR HOME booklet fj Nume Street City Stite A jlliss doors I A A FLOOR PLAN I A I ROOM i i room a a A 1 5 a deors A 1 I By A. LEOKUM The Wood in your body is a nixture of liquids and. solid particles. Of all the particles in he blood, the most numerous re the red blood corpuscles. And it is because of them that he blood looks red. There are 300 million red blood corpuscles a single drop of blood! Each red corpuscle contains substance called hemoglobin. 'he hemoglobin units readily with oxygen. This enables the ed corpuscles to do their work, which is to carry oxygen from le lungs to the tissues and ells throughout the body. In the lungs, the hemoglobin icks up oxygen, and circulates through the arteries of the I I 1 i i I i FLOOR PLANS--The r.areful room arrangement makes practical use of available space with main living areas grouped around the center hall. Note the optional porch or family room behind the garage, and the economical rectangular shape with plumbing in two concentrations. FAMILY ROOM If the owner, initially or later on, decides to enclose the porch and make a family room it would look like this. The fireplace at right would back up against the garage and glass doors lead to the terrace. Tenants Turn Court Case Into Protest By LIVINGSTON JONES I 'cause of their grievances. What was listed on the court sno-SIBO calendar as a a The rents range from S110 to ceeding for eviction of a tenant S160 a n1onth 5 55 cxtra tor from Riverview Apartments wa lo carpeting), it was non-payment of rent, turned into: rc at cd by two spokesmen for a protest by other tenants who group. Thomas Danahy of sympathized with her and supported her complaint about conditions there. Twenty-three young men and women, Several carrying babies in their arms, appeared in court, but they 's'aid 84 tenants refused to pay-their February rent 148C Delaware Avc. and Sam ucl Valcnte of 170B Delaware Avp. But Miss Sonia Coyne of 1SSA Delaware it seems, didn't pay her rent for a a cither, and was directed to appear in court in the eviction proceeding Gntjlon Mrs. Helen Ellelt Bit 9-3706 MADDEN LUMBER COMPANY 116th St. ond First Troy--Phone 235-0023 SAVE--BUY NOW, CEILING TILE White, 1st grade Sq. ft. .08 (Room 10'xlZ' only $18.67) Textured White, 1st grade Armstrong White, 1st grade PREFINISHED HARDBOARD PANELS Light Walnut 4x8 Dark Walnut 4x8 5.98 5.98 PREFINISHED PLYWOOD PANELS Light Lauan Mahogany 4x8 3.74 Light Wolnut Louon 4x8 4.95 Dork Walnut Lauan 4x8 4.95 FULL LINE OF BUILDING MATERIALS WE DELIVER brought by a Hoscn and Edward Aldman as operators of the privately-owned apartments They were represented by William M. Burke, Troy attorney. City Court Judge Matthew M. Dunne listened to the complaints in what he emphasized was a "strictly unofficial" session but was thanked afterward for his attempt to "try to clear the air." He also informed the tenants of the rights under the law. Cite Complaints Complaints related to such things as inadequate removal, inadequate lighting for parking area, inadequate garbage facilities, needed repairs, inadequate heating during zero insufficient maintenance personnel, unclcancd hallways. "Isn't the City of Troy interested in the well-being of occupants of the 126 one person asked. Judge Dunne said the complainants could be absolutely right, but he had no authority to answer for the city. One protester raised an unanswered question that the owners were trying to get all the tenants to move so Ihey could sell the property to the city. The protesters indicated they withheld their February rent to make up for conditions dating back for months, hut since they stayed this was not legal. Miss Coyne apparently will pay her January Judge Dunne indicated a "satisfactory adjustment" was made in her case and she will stay. Mr. Burke promised com- plaints of the others will lie in- TCEtigalcd and corrected possible adjustments in February rent made after apparent lack of communication between (he building superintendent and ithe owners is remedied. The recourse for tenants still unsatisfied is to move out, it appeared. The Grafton Youth Committee met recently and planned the following: Friday' March 15 a teen-age dance will be held at the Grafton Elementary School. Friday March 22 a roller skating party will be held at Guplil's Arena. Those who made reservations for the March 1 skating party, which: was cancelled due to the snow storm, will he placed on the reservation list for the March 22 party. Church notes are as follows: Worship service will be held at the Methodist Church at 9:30 What Makes The Blood Red? Win The New Book of Knowledge (20 volumes). Send your questions, name, age, to "Tell Me Why!" ore of this paper. You must include your Zip Code. In use of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: Jeff YeYger, 14, Cleveland. Ohio. Hold Funeral Of Marine War Victim The "funeral of Lance Cpl: Thomas E. Faik, USMC, killed action Feb. 22 at Hue, Viet- am, was held yesterday with ull military honors from the Daniel D. Purcell and Son Fu- leral Home and from Sacred Jeart Church where a Concele- jrated Mass was celebrated by Rev. Clement J. Handron, as- isted by Rev. Ignatius E. Rossi, 3.F.M., of St. Anthony's Church, s'ew York City, and Rev. Wiliam F. Jillisky, editor of the Evangelist. The Epistle Reading was by 'riar Anthony Francis, O.F.M., of St. Anthony's of lenssclaer. The bearers were 1st Sgt. larold Hoerning, S.Sgt. Richard Vander, Sgt. Earl Stress, S.Sgt. )aniel Keating, S.Sgt. Cameron rccnhagcn and Sgt. Robert Becker, all members of the JSMC Detachment from Albany. The interment was in St. Mary's Cemetery where Offi- crs of the Mass officiated. The military escort was in charge Sgt. Anthony K. Rossi of the 'hiladelphia Marine Detachment. The firing squad, also members of the Albany Detachment, vas under the direction of S.Sgt. Ruben Santos. They were: Sgl. body. This is why the blood in the arteries (called arterial is bright red. As the red blood moves on from arteries to capillaries (smaller blood vessels) the corpuscles give up some of their oxygen. When this happens, the blood turns darker. This is why veins look blue when seen through the skin. The blood in them has actually become darker. When 1 blood from veins is exposed to the air, it sometimes looks red because the hemoglobin on the surface turns to oxyhetnoglobin, a combination of oxygen and hemoglobin. Red blood corpuscles are produced in the red marrow of the bones. When fhey enter the blood steam they last about 120 days. Then they break up.when they are worn out. This happens as they pass the spleen. The iron in the corpuscles is carried to the liver and stored there. When the bone marrow needs iron fbr making new red corpuscles it draws it from the liver. About 10 million red cells are born and 10 million destroyed during each second of man's life! The red corpuscles, as well as other cells and substances vital to life, are all suspended in a liquid called plasma. About 90 per cent of this plasma is water. The materials dissolved in or carried by the plasma include calcium, potassium, sugar, fat, a salt and proteins. FUN TIME The Chuckle Box Jane: Docs the new florist in town have any children? Jack: Yes, two. A daughter that's a budding genius, and a son that's a blooming nuisance. Billy: What did the astronaut see over "his campfire? Sue: I don't know. Billy: Unidentified Frying Objects. WHY WE SAY IT! The word "yacht" has an interesting origin. It comes from I a Middle Dutch word "jacht" which originally was "jagen." Now "jagen" meant to "hunt," and in the old days pirates used these fast boats to "hunt" their prey. So a "yacht" at-one time meant a pirate's ship! Joseph Cclcstinc, Cpl. i "crone, Cpl. John Wccst. I.ancc Answer to yesterday's Puzzle Irish Show Plans Near Completion Final preparations are being made for the Irish Show to he sponsored by Division 8, AOH, on March 15 and 16 St. Patrick's Hall. The program will start at 8 p.m. John O'Lcary is general chairman and Mrs. James Leathern, cochairman. James Leathern and Mrs. Kathleen Willis are cochairmen of the advertising committee. The committee includes Raymond Quinn, Mrs. Ann Quinn, Henry Nielson, Thomas Taylor, Mrs. Julia Washock, Sigmund Washock, Albert Glynn and Richard Boland. J. Thomas Greelcy, director, has announced that the final rehearsal will be held Wednesday. Tire program will includi group numbers under the direction of. Mrs. Eleanor Miller, choreographer, solos, dancing and a comedy skit. Dermot McCarthy and Mrs. Mary O'Leary, ticket chairmen, are in charge of reserved seats. Information may be obtained by calling the QAH Hall. LOW WINTER PRICES NOW! Customcroft hat the belt buy for your home. GARAGE ADDITION KITCHEN DORMER SIDING ATTIC OR BASEMENT REMODELING CALL 465-1594 CUSTOMCRAFT MFG. CORP. 1489 BROADWAY, RENSSELAER Cpl. John LaCross, Pfc. Charles Peck and Pvt. David LcBlanc. pi. Dominic J. Famubaro was buglar and sounded taps. The full military detachment was under the direction of Maj. Andrew E. who presented the Flag that draped the casket to Mr. and Mrs. Albert Falk, the parents. Box: Worcester, a fiocheslcr. Win The New Book ot Knowledge Yearbook. Send your riddles, jokes, to: "Rid. dies, Tell Me Why!" Give Zip Code. Today's winner Is: Michael Kmery, El Paso, Texas. INDOOR ond OUTDOOR WROUGHT IRON KAMI ItAlLINGS Raally Rugged t'xl' Back Yard UTILITY BUILDINGS Dallvtrtd and Irictiri PRE-SEASON PRICES! IMPERIAL Phone 283-0642 THE N1W AP1X STAINLiSS ITIIL TKACK ALUMINUM COMIINATION WINDOWS AS LOW AS APEX iMrco If! RlY.r Troy AS 1-47H a.m., Church School at 10:31 a.m. The Youth Feliowshi; will meet at 6:30 p.m. Th Union Lcnton Service will bi held at the Hancock Baptis Church at 6:30 p.m. At the Baptist Church Worship service will be held at 11 a.m. and church school at 10 a.m. Mass will be held at SI, John Francis Regis Church at 9:30 and 11 a.m. Mr. and Mrs. Andy Crandall and family have moved into the Jesse Crandall apartments. ARMSTRONG CEILING TILE FOR 10x12 ROOM -AS LOW AS V.S. GCORfilA IMCIFIC PREFINISHED PLYWOOD 4x8 SHEET AS LOW AS $O96 ALL ESTIMATING FREE All Quality Materials At POLLOCK LUMBER CO. 2431 6th TROY 2.74-1431 Do You NEED A NEW KITCHEN? CALL MID-STATE KITCHENS for complete kitchen, service WE DO THE COMPLETE JOB WITH OUR OWN MECHANICS Design, construction ond installation of new and remodeled kitchens is our business. Come in and talk it get estimates, too, at no obligation, of course. CALL FOR FREE ESTIMATE NO DOWN PAYMENT NECESSARY cabinets counter tops Retries WHIRLPOOL Dishwashers Garbage Disposal WHIRLPOOL Built-in Ovens gas or electric MID-STATE KITCHENS DESIGNERS AND REMODELERS, INC. BROADWAY, WATERVLIET TEL. BR 1-7222 EVES. BY APPOINTMENT Op Wttk Days 3:30 M. Til S.t. t. 4 9 COMPLETE KITCHENS ON DISPLAY

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