The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 28, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 28, 1936
Page 2
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.t»AGfi TWO i! NEWS , DECEMBER 23, 153(5 Caleadu TUESDAY'S , EVENTS Mrs flojfi Vfllite having Tues day Bridge club <• >• Mrs Joe G. Trlcschman having Young Matrons Brldgo club, 2 30 p. M . .. "•-; ...... . • Sunday school, First Bands I church, having program, G 30 P M. WEDNFSDAY'S KVENTf Mrs Vf. j Pollard ha\ing Wed- lie'day Bridge club, Miss Betty Leo McCulchen having donee at country club Teachers and officers of Sunday school of nrst Baptist chinch Jiasing meeting, 7PM, followed by "Churph Nigr.t' program THURSDAY'S EVENTS Members and friends ot First Baptist church having \Vatch ' parlj, 8 30 to 12 30, at church > Mrs Caiiol Blakemoie having Thursday Conliaci club Country club having dnncc, JO P M ' PR tD AY'S EVENTS Mildicd and Doris Mull having dancing parly at hut SATURDAY'S EVENTS Children ot Confederacy meeting with; Nancy Jluijlics, 230 : P. M.- Duck Gives Cook Opportunity to Demonstrate H@jr Ability JBite of ]N[ew8 Mostly Ml ami Mrs. Ernest' Roe, of Memphis, spent Christinas .. herb with rchiUycs and: were among the ou(. of .town BLiesls at' ; il»e country club dance. '...', >.'".....• MlK. TliclniR WorthlnEtoii. had ii-i )icr B«<»>.t. fsJ'. ,£lu'fsJini>5.: : .'Miss. Olgn Hartman, .of. New Orleans'. They were AHisou-Vounj Tlie marriage of Miss. Jcttle Kcai.t pjick *)th Ojslcr Slurring Is jiut pnciyarjilign on (he duck- l)j NBA Serylce ROR.St Allison and Oranza Young, ol St Louis, took place Saturday at the home of the- bride's mother, Mrs Mlttlc AlliWIl Jus(ice T. \V. Cassidy read the ring service Members of the bride's f!\m- ily and sacral friends attended the ceremony Alter \lsjtmg relallies here foi a week they will go to St Louis •\yherc they Viill make their home, the bridegroom being connected B A Elcclrlo cofii- of several allalrs llicir honor Vias u Chmtmas dinner given by Mn> Allison •viilli the A pwiy The first planned In Chapman-Keith. ,Mr and Mrs W T Porter announce the marriage of Ehch daughter Vivian Clinpmnt), lo Dc,Witt ; L Keith,- son of 'Mr. and Mrs H O Keith, of Black Oak, Ark The v, odd ing was solemnized ghriblmas afternoon at the home of the bridegroom's parents with the Rev 'j l \V Sweet, 'pastor 0( the First Methodist church Iheic, perform ing 'the ring service , Mr and Mrs Kenneth AdUi)s "fterc their attendants ' The bride \vas a student of (lie city higl) school" Mr Keith Is connected with the Arkansas-Missouri Poyver company here \\heie they ~ mil ,makc their home with Mrs „ Keith's parents for the present ** • « » Cannon-Quiglcy. Announcements have been 10- ceivecl hpre of the maiiiago of Miss Kathrjii Cannon, daughter of Mr and Mrs R L Cannon of MiamJ, Qkla, and a nlccc of grand ealing Bui there" aio olhc; \vajs to enjoy It liy It, fricassee some lime with peanut butter in (he gravy, and nter on, \\hcn you BM feeling a jit Oijcn|al, seiye it vvllh lieibs ind rice 'I|)ls is a big season foi ducks, aiid'duckllng Bu^ alas, this fovyl i.s neyei \sry cheap because you cnij only eal bO pci cent, of Its dressed weight, nnd dressed weight is nhn(. you, pay for Hovv- cvpi, a duck lover overlooks surti n minoi mallei 05 cost—if he can nffoi d to i 119*14 !)ufk Hemqye tendons fro)i) JPJJB Cul llnough skin nboyo feel and USL skowcj- t,o pull out lomVons clean sluff with npplJ or pjsler stuffing Steam for l H houis. Then lonst, jn hp(, o\m 1^50 <leg f) 12 mln ule.s for each pom d Basle constantly, using Juice of 1 orange and dilppings J3cr\c on hot plat- lei, garnlshejl with orange sec tions and. vvtttercicss Fricabso of Duckling (4 to G servings lor very ipeclnl guests) One"•.duckling, r small •onion, icd pcppci, 1-8 teaspoon casennc 1 teaspoon salt, 2 tablespoons pea nut ;bulter.' • Clean duckling and. cut into pieces Just cover with \valci, d not diown Simmer until tcndei Drain, dust lightly vvllli Hour an theme, lien fiy In butlej to vv"l°h VI . chopped onion has fjcei ddcd 'lo jho djicjsllng stock|adc lie'penpal bullei, lljen JJic svvcc pi which lyyt -been s^cd coaisely chopped,'the cay snnu''mid salt Slmmei logcther ey jnjnutcs lljen pour oypr 5 Hi Fled tluckjlijg Siinijier nfc'ahi un 11 (he dish Is thoroughly ho iVJtli Mill dish, Mdbi} toast aijd n bowl of v^alcrciees, oiange jrccn peppe " and salad vyd*uld ' he Ills.': Herbert Hughes, of Proclor,.Ark,, s pnciullng the Ghrlstmas hoil- thy Russian, ays wltji Mrs. Hugi)es,"and they young rnan ave a.s (Heir gucfits Mr. and Mrs. Waller Scott Tcagctrdcu, of V/ll: oil, who also visited Mr. and Mfs. i3ll|y Injjram. , Mr. qujj Mrs. P. n.. Cumberland and two daiiBhlcis arc Epcndlng Ihe hoJWays hi Columbia, .Tciip., with relatiyes of Mr. Cumberland, Miss Myrna Jean Lewis, 1 .of Hnyll, is a pallcut at the Mcm- ilil.s hospital. Mr. and Mis. T. L. McH.aney nnil spii f of Pnrngouid,. who' are spcndjiiif the, holidays sit tuxora, were in Ihe 'city Saturday. J. S- Ashley and J. T. Ashley tpcn^ yesterday In Memphis. . -: Miss Nell llnrrls; Mr. and Mia. Whit Qoodman of Memphis, arid Miss Ellen Goodman of Washington, D. C., aiid Memphis, will attend the Sugar Bowl game ill New Orleans Friday. >.''.: Miss Betty Lee McCutchcn spent the week-end In rorte^evllle, Mo., the liousegucst of Byron Dc_ ,.,, „„„ .fPHB .serf,-of the Ukraine, some I Soulhvycstem Univ'c;-slly, Mem- * 100 years ago, used to sing n.ev; • songs of humor and tragedy that soon cauBht the fnncy ol a weal- He sought out the who 'wroie these FI-APPiR FANNY By Sylvia Vt MCA, W. T. M. (CC. U. 3. P»T. OFF.- 'quiic Bulk \V|th «"P)} (8 to 10 scivin/s) pnc duc}(, J-i Jb fat fjetli poik, onion, 2 slalks cclerVj 1-2 clove garlic, gialcd)'. |ind of 1 jemon, '2 ' '" i'oy sauce, 1 clomi mushrooms, 2 tablespoons .,-,_., 2 lcas]K)Oiis chopped ley and these apices mixed' lo- gether 1-4 teaspoon ground clgves, l-!4. teaspoon- cinnamon, .-1-8 'tea- srjoon allspice, 1-8 teaspoon mit- mcg. Clean cluck and cut in serving pieces Chop the fresh and very fpt pork Place in flying pan with chopped onion chopped garlic, cejcry and gialed rind of• Jemon Add spices, soy sauce and 1 cut hot vvnlcr Sth well, Ihcn.'add Iho duck Govci and -slinmei \ciy slovvly for 2 1-4'hours Th?n add sliced fresh mushrooms, mix well dust on the floui Stir and cook Lisle and his mother. Mr. De Lisle accompanied her home for u.brief yldl. : • Farrjs McCalla spent Clii'islmas 'In Memphis, with relatives. ; , Mr. ami Mrs. Oscar Ilardavyay and son, Oscar, sjxml Christmas Hi nnbthci 12 minutes .Serve hot with steamed^ ike very the late Mis J V I E Parkhuist. lo The bride., who had visited hcie secern! times, Is j\ graduate of Oklahoma Unlvcisity, Norman Mi Qulgley is a melalhirglst vvilh Iho Minerals ^epnralion Company of San Francisco. • I f BYJ'U Names (Officers The Junior B Y. P. U. of Hie Second Baptist chuicli organised In a meeting last night Tin group was named "Busy Bees" \vlth these officers Pauline Heath, president, Juanlta White, vice president, Lmmaleo Barker, sccrc- fjir}, Geialdme Fisher, treasurer, Gene Normin, captain group 1, • Earl White, captain group 2, Pauline Brogdon, pianist, Geral- dme Iishcr, chorister, ~Miss Ellen Mooic, leaBcr. * • * DiLghtcr Rom A daughter was boni jcslcrday afternoon to Mr and Mrs, Jess Horner at the Bl)tlie\IHc hospital Tlie baby, who weighs eight pounds, has been named Lorna Ethel Horner ' * • » To Have Dancins Tarlj Doris and Mildred Mulr, daughters of Mr and Mrs George Muir will haye a dancing parti at the hut Friday night Reiser News Mi and Mrs WftUon Polk of Fayctlevlllc are spending Ihe Chilstmas holidays vylth Dr and Mrs J '1 Polk Mr. and Mrs. \VnlItice Loring of Dyess Colony - spent Christmas vvilh Ml and Mrs \V W Tayloi Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Polk left Thursday for Slultgnrl; spend (he hojidays with Mis Folk's parents Judge and Mrs J E Ray Thej will remain several da>s afl er the holidays Mi aiid Mrs W \V Wall -spent Ihe week end vvilh Mrs. Wall's mother, N}rs..Ali.ce Klrby, in G" Mrs. Irene Chllds nnd Mr. and Mrs Hariy \yecdimn nnd famil) pent the Chrlstmns season \vilh their parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. L Nichols. Mrs. Sue clay Coleman niu Nnncy Sue came up Saturday ti spend the week end' with Ihcl parents Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Dunn vanl. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Grcshau of \yilsqn and Mr and Mrs Otli Kochlcr of Dell were guests hi th Dunnvniit hbnie. Joe Brown Owynn of Ho Springs spcnl the vvcek end wit his parents Mr and Mis. r. O Spotlight Again Baby Marie Demonstration Club News Notes Mr and Mrs J \y Wird Kenncll, Mo., and Mrs. D. E. Hub baid of Jackson, lenii wcr guests of Mr. arid Mra.' W, \V \Valson Jr. the latter part of the \veck Mrs. E. W: Pigg entertained the,' tv\o table bridge club on Tuesday I with an extra table. Among 'Hip isllors were Mrs. W. W. \Valj. Mrs. Williams. Mrs. Merrill Polk and .Mrs. E. C. Cook. High score | vas vvon by Mrs. B. H. Robinson guest prize by Mrs. \Y.~ W. Wall i DoKHcod cjub ^The Dogwood Home Deniorstra- l_. U°n club jhas_a_njeeling at the school Thursday afternoon when there were 40-members and several guests present "These included, Mrs Howard Pioctor, Mrs J D. Booker, Miss tutcs, and" Miss Cora Lee Coleman. A prog ran), "Christmas Around the World/ vj-as given yilh Mrs Marvin Lane giving the Introduction Mrs.' Freemont Scrape, Mrs Charles Lutes, Mrs Ira Koonce Mrs Charles Bagwell and Miss Ruth Burks look part Mrs Albert Payne led Ihe. devotional .Bags of rlut5 and candy n_._ gl>«rby,Mrs Hugh Harbcrt and , other glfto exchanged The next meeting will be held January' 13 at, the home of Mrs 3. Smart <Jr Ja\jl Js the vvorta's most hcavil 1 s populate^ Island its population^!! " estimated to~excced QSflOi^WO, al, s ' ( though the* island'has ai'j area 01 " . oray 13,501 square miles Braggadocio News Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hamlet and son spent Chrlstims day with Mr. "Mr. and Mrs. Lfiy Welch-will ; 'rc- liirn [otlay frpin Hazelhurst, Mls-s., w'iiere : Ihey spent Christinas with rcluttves. •'•..' , '•"•' Mr. and Mrs.' Jim B.ass, formcrr ly of here and np\y of Lltlle Rock, visited reinlfves liprc during ohrisj.- Mr. and Mrs. Elstncr Benll, of ^yilsbn, spent pliristuias vvlth Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Coolcy. Mr.. Be all returned home loduybut Mrs. Be all remaliictl for several niore days wllh her parenls. The Rev. and'Mrs.'W. P. 1 Coolcy,. pi! Joiner, are spending Ihe hol.i- dayo vvlth Mr. aiicl : Mrs. P. E..COO-ley BHd Mr. aiul Mrs, M. .-•p.; .Moon. Mrs. B. P. .'• Potter iias gone • lo Pine Bluff- to s|>ci'id- two weeks with relnlivcs. She! was accompanied there by her daughlcr, jMrs', 1 - Eddie p. David, hcv son, pick, and Miss Emma Jo Toler vv^io spent (he \Veekencl. ' • - .-. Howard M°orc, of dljntoin, Miss., s tile guest of Miss Virginia Huff- nan. ' / Molllo Guard is Yl'MIPB friends n Meniphfs. ...•••'.:' Mr. and Mrs. LOU.IS, Applebailm vyilj leave,Wednesday. for New'Or- leans', to attc.iid the Sugnr Bowl game New 1 ' Year's Day. Eddie B. David has rolurned from Little Rock, where he attemled to business. Mr. and Mrs. Dayld Barton, of levy Madrid, have returned home after spending Christmas with Mrs. Barlon's parenls, Mr. and Mrs! "' M. Burns. B.Irs. Lcroj- VYpod and Miss Nell homely legends and bought his freedom. "•T)ic poetic serf was Taras Scheylschcnko. li vyas 1838 and he was 24.' He continued to'write, mostly tragic lales in verse of cruellies visited upon his people. He '"joined a secret socicly, and conlinucd lo harass tl)C czar's officials' with his revolutionary poetry. He' was arrested in 1847 nml sentenced to serve in the army al Orenburg, on the .Siberian frontier. Praciically in exile for 10 years, he conlinucd sending;back to his people verses : describing his experiences and his thoughts. Finally Count Febdore Tolstoi, the greal ,'iuthor, gained the pool's freedom In 1857. Schevlschenko died four", years later, aged 47. During Ihe. five years in which Ukrainia was independent, the country issued ils own .stamps. Among these were two lypes portraying Schevt- schenlto, the poet. "Don't yon (eel sorry for ilic store clerks Iliis \vcck, Fanny? 1 ' "SHrcilo. U would be sivcjlfor them it the only lliins/s ex North and South hands al'iii'diiyj' tables, Bernie ' sat West. His 'partner played the ten of clubs on 'his opening lead of liie ^s"VCl^. Soulh win with the klngj marking! East with the jack. The que^n of diamonds was led by declarer, JFol- ovyed by a low one, and Bcrnie saiv that he had lo make four iiscai'ds. . : He fcnsoncd lhat South liwst :iave one and perhaps both missing spade honors, and that to defeat Ihe contract he and ills partner must lake four club tricks and one other trick. Upon this vvjse decision, he dropped lijs four spades on (the diamond suit, and South then l)iul to lead n spade, ricrnie's prirlnci' Vfrn). rigjit up with the ace and relumed a ,club, and tjie .contract was oije trick, ••, ":'•'• California. Second In Tax.cs Af^ PftANCisco. (UP)— California tax authorities have been notiflcd by the Treasury Department that the state has the second argest tax load In the Union, being exceeded only by New .York. Ils eight primary revenues are laxes .on gasoline, estates,' individual incomes, corporation income, tobacco, Ijquor, general sales and motor vehicle registration. :. • ren's Colds . . . Best treated h&Sk wilhpuj "dosing. 1 ' '^/\f '-" -' -'"' Good Reasoning Wins Top , Score for tile Old Maestro (CoiVyrlglil, 1037, NUA Service, Inc.) Property Transfers BY.'-WM. E. McKENNEY i Sccictary, American Bridcrc League | Ben; Bcrnie, vvhosc name Is al T i modt a ^household vyord froni coast | to" coast, has long been a loyer of" bridge.-'When at home, he .drpps into - the Cavendish Club, where he enjoys many a liardfought rubber.-.'• ' . : • . ' Recently a professional cngagc- •L, Dccils siiovv -and wife lo Mrs. Harris spent SaUirday in Memphis. '.: -Clark Hcllierhigton, of Joiies- boro, vvns the guest of Miss Irene Tinker Saturday. Mr. and Mrs.' i^. A. Beard siMiil the wcek'erid'hi Memi>hls : and Hul- bcrl. while at Hulbeit- yesterday they attended a reunion of the Beard family when 25 vycrc present. State Forces Mother To Quit Job as Miner COLUMBIA, Mo. (UP) — Mrs. Efflc Toruovv was n coal miner who wielded a pick and. shovel with the best of them—until the law stepped in nnd made her go iptiic lo her children. Evan Jones, deputy : stale .mine inspector, .discovered.- Ihe vvoman working alongside her husband! in newly opened drift' in Booiic tormty. He'explained' to her that Missouri lows did not permit wo- iien lo vvovk as miners. . "AH right, if Uml's the law, I'll go," she said. Zcna E. Fritz, northeast quarter of jiorthenst quarter of section 20, township 15 north, range 8 cost. Dr. V.-R,. F.ox to William G. Fox, part. of north half of northeast )iiarler and part of southeast p.uar- [er of-northeast quarter, all in sec'-' 'Ion 21, :tovv'nshlp H 1101 th.'-rahgc ciisi. .Mrs. M. E. Buchanan lo W. S. Jnckson]"lots 23 and 24, Block C, Smith addjlloif to Leachyil.le. J.M. Neeclham and vvife to J. L. Necdham', jot 201 and west half of lot 208, Block 1G, original survey of Manila. ,j Guy Burks and wife to Ira nnd Freddie Koonce, norili 18 1-4 acres or.:northwest qmiVtcr of northeast quarter of scctioii 4, township 14 north,- range '11 east. XR. S. Hudson and vvife lo.Joe Thoinpson, northeast nu.srtci- of j;orth\vcsl quarter of section 27, t,bvvnshjp 15 noriii, roiigc" 8 east^ .Leslie isioore and u. w'. Moore an<( wives lo Adrian M. and Eva Church, west half o'fnofth half of southwest quarter of section' 18, township 15 north, range n east. . .Lcndcnnic Fowler and wife to po'rolhy' Diw Is,' n or thea'st qu ar t er of Eouthwest quarter of section' 14, township 14 north, range 11'cast. .Prank C. Douglas"'and wife to C. W. and Hattle Mac Moore, part of noilliwest quarter'of section 20, lownshlp 15 north, rniigp 9 cast. Tiill Johnson" and 'vyl.fc'to \V.' T. and Myrtle Barneil,'cast' Half of northeast quarter and sojtthwest ciijnrter of northeast quarter of section 1, township 15 north, range 11 east. , H. M. Hulsman and wife to John L. Lewis, part of west half of northwest quarter of section 11, township 14 north, range 9 east. '.'—.. _-,—.... AK974 4 A 100.04 N V E S Dealer A A 5.32 t 1(163 4J1Q86 VAK95. • Q J R 2 *K52 : .Duplicate—All yul. Sou(h W.est North \East 1N.T. Pass 2> ' Pass' Pass [2N.T., Pass .3N.T. ,'Piiss ..' Pass, • Opcnmt' lend—# 7. 28 Today's Contract Problem nient called him to Hollyvvood He 'stopped' off hv Chicago and attended the national .championship tournament of the American Bridge League. There, in one of the amateur games, he' played his first hand of duplicate. Whether is playing the contract at sixvfjo trump. East ta)ies ihq opening trick "with ,t)ie. nee of h'earls.'arid returns 'the jack of 'spades. South can count 11 tricks, but what plan cf play gives him the best chance to make the tvyelftji? " "*.T ' : ' ' '" - ; . V J 3 2 • A Y4 3 " (Blind) (Blind) > KQ7 * «! 7 6 . All yu]'. Opener— ^i 10. Solulion .in next issiie. 28 Everything For your Eutcrtiiii- nient u|id Comfort Last Time Today William Powell anil ' ftlyrna Loy in "After the Thin Man" With Klissa Landi and James Stewart Also • Comedy and News —Admission— SJalinee—19 & 2Gc Night—J6 t 1 3^o it was "beginner's luck," or whether Bcrnie is!more than the "dub" bridge player which he claims tp be, on his very Brat hand'hc scored a. top. In comment on the bidding, it might be said that i.Eiouth .unwisely -"concealed his heart suit, qs fqur hearts,could have been made against any defense;' but it might be added that four and' flve no trump actually vyere . made on the TUESDAY IS $150 BANK NIGHT "Sinner Take Air With ilirucc Cabot; : and Margaret IJ.n.d^ Also .Selected Shorts Hamlet's parents at Cooler. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lewis of Cooler sp.cnt Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. M. B .Lewis. The two families took Christina;; dinner with Mr and Mrs Luther Curtner and family Mr and Mrs. Jack Wllkcpson and daughter, Betty Gene, of Memphis spent Christmas day with Mr and Mrs P "c Holt Dclno Holt, Who Is emplo>cd a,t Helena, armed home on Christmas daj Mrs. Lois Baker and daughter, Carmen, of carutlicrsvllle. spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. L. E Bin^ehc[mer Dr pnd Mrs Levy Jlie comcdj she poiliajcd as •Haby.Manc" Osboinc in mov ic a!ins-;years ngo'vv.-is missing for iHrs^Mtirie :Dempsey,;t6p .photo, »«','slw : -Jbtd'in-Lbs-''Angeles court that'her husband, a steel \vork- *,<sia>ed r out late, shoved up tor-breakfast ivith hpslick on ,!•: face, and claimed the lip- .tn-k v\as hers, \Uien she 'knew e'lcr" 'She won 'a duoice m>,ver,pliolo shows^ici as she «ppearcd,uhen slie was the firsV ' baby slar of the fil.ns. '-- It lias been estimated lhat the rat population of the United Stntcs is equal to Us human population. Read Courier News Want Ads Indians in Wisconsin Expect Snowy Winter KESHENA, Wis, <UP>—The Mc- nominec Indians are palching their snow^hocs because their, own snow barometer—a slender berry bush—Indicates a long, hard whir tcr on thctr reservation heic. The Great .Spirit, the Indians say, makes the bush-gro'vv so that Its berries": will be just above the snow, providing feed for birds and rabbits. The bush is more than is inciics tall. Thcvtao families spent the afternoon, with-Mr > and Mrs 'W Curtner, of aicclc < Mildred Bruce of Caruth.-» I . i • , . .-. — - UIL^} , i^inviivi.! ui u\,\; vi viii tin i- Pcn(on and daughter, Roberta, crsylllc spent, Christ was with Miss ^ere phrlstrpas dhmei guests of f\ma. Kcirsev ' the Blngenhclmcrs j KC Sc> Mr. and Mrs.. Ray.moud Long! Tl\c electric motors of modern and small son were dinner guests -taltleshlps have the energy of a of .Mr. and Mrs. Herb Gallaher.nil'.llon men. Sea Lion Tints Away DENVER (UP)—Commodore, the sea lio.ii at city Park zoo. Is lonc- EOIHC and lovesick. Commodore hasn't been the same since l)ls mate,- Betty, died recently, while his appetite Is good, his •'mental attitude" is salt! to bj bad, and he has lost 25 pounds. Read Courier News Want Ads Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On ' many niedlclnca yoti have tried for your cough, chest cold or bronchial irritation, you can get .relief now with Creomulslpn. Serious trouble may bo brewlns and yoii cannot afford to take a'chanco with anything less than Creomul- sion, which goes right to the "scat of the trouble to nld nature to soothe and heal the Inflamed menx- brah'e's r iiis the germ'-laderi pWegm Is loosened and expeiled. -' ^ '" Even if oilier • remedies have failed, don't be discouraged, your drugelst is authoriiea to guarantee Creomulslbn and "to" refund your money If you are no$ satisfied With results from the very' first "bottle. Get Creomulslori rlghfc now. {Adv.) 1 DANCING •Evqry •: Night SILVER MOON NIGHT CLUB 2 Miles North Missouri Line The Edythe Shoppe ANNOUNCES ITS AFTER CHRISTMAS CLEARANCE SALE We are closing out all HOW > Dresses, Coats and Hats in order to make \vt\y for .our 1937 spring clothes. These prices are very low "'for this merchandise, wliicli is all nejv and good for the remainder of the winter season. DRESSES $16.95 to §19.95 Values for ' $12,95 2Cc T?- N O T I C E — .' Friday Is : NOT Pal Night- Admission • On " 1C &'36c;— R-OXf Adm.—Always 10 & 25c—le Tax Show Every Night . Matinee; Friday, Saturday, Sunday Friday & Sunday alalinees^tilS Salurday Malincc — Continuous Showing — 1;DO Till 11:60.F. M Last Time Today Katharine Ilcphurn - and Hcrhcrt Marshall in "Woman Rebels" With KlizahUh Allan, Donald Ciibp and Doris Dudley Also Pomcdy and Fox News Adm.-rlO & 26c Tlie.-Wed.-Thur. PAL NIGHTS! ?. Adults AdmHlcS for Price-of J Alt Children—10c BLASTED' from todqy's , front pages! I* COLUMBIA P Te Also Selected Shorts

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