Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 13, 1898 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 13, 1898
Page 21
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JOHN White Bed Spreads,Marseilles and Honey Comb Quilts, special prices during January On a very large stock which is thoroughly complete in particular prices to suit all. Come in and inspect the stock before it is picked over. A. S. Everett, A.M ,M.D. Practice limited to Dyspepsia and the rational treatment, of Chronic Gastric and Intestinal Disorders. Consultation and Prescriptions by mail. Flat E,, G],58, •reenwood, Ave, Chicago, Ills. DOCTORED Them When They Were Very Little Insurance and Loans. or' anoe uid Bonds written in first class companies. Money to loan S per cent, S. M. Closson,3l9 Pearl St. DR. C. D. BVEBSOLE'S DEI2TAL PALLORS Over Porter's New Drug Store, Corner of Fourth and Market Streets. New Undertajjiers. 308 Marketutreet, Hoppe Building-. Daniel Killian & Co. iromptly attended to, day or iilgtt. Mr. KilUan was for many years foreman for CnarleB L. Well. Telephone ola 281, uew 817 Dr- EL- S- Htitit, -DENTIST— All the latest liscoverles In medicine and appliances to relieve pain In extinction or filling of teeth. Modern methods, modern prices. AH work guaranteed. Office over John Gray's on Fourth iitreet. C XI Telephone No, 828. HcConnell & McConnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. And Says That They Were Mean From Their Childhood Up. Dr. Wilson, formerly of Young America, now located at Frankfort, Is disgusted wita the report that Amer Green was Innocent. Concerning his reelings tne feVanKfoi.'t News says: "Years ago, Dr. Wilson, of this city, resided near Youog America, Che Green home, and when she little Amer and Billle would tarry too long In the early summer In the orchard, or would go out In the winter without mittens or overshoes, It was always Dr. Wilson who was called to administer the proper medicines to keep tbe life In the little Greens and the doctor says never In all his experience did he see sucb naturally mean children as they were. As they grew older their evil spirit , increased correspondingly. Although he would mention no names. Dr. Wilson says he hae long known tbe leader of the Carroll county mob which chosed the life out of Amer years ago, and he Is a man of such sterling worth that without the best of assurance he would never have assisted In the hanging of Green. The noctor scoffs at the Idea of Amei's having been guiltless and believes the story was either concocted by an ambitious newspaper correspondent or by persons thinking it might bring the release of Bill, now dying In tbe Michigan City prison. MOTEL PARADE By tbe Elks Band to Boom tbe Korn Karniral. DAILY PHAROS THURSDAY, JAN. lit, 189S. OITY NRWS See our dried fruit dls Fresh oysters at Vface Third street. Choice raisins, prunes ancl peabhesf" 3c Ib—Traut. ^ Miss Mamie Kline, of 410 North street, la on the sick list. The fishing at Lake Italnkuckee is excellent. Col. Andrew Voorhees •ent in some fine bass yesterday. / At, time of going to press/ehe Trade Palaco muslin unneirweOT department was crowd edVjcrfh eager buyers. The Eastend Pleasure clab is mak/ Ing elaborate preparation!* for Jrtie kail to be given Monday njgnt at the G. A. R. hall. L/ Tha loe went out of Eel river last evening without doing anjr damage. The water today is no higher than common at this season of the year. Evaasvllle has a taxpayers union. Has the time arrived when, property •wners must organize M protect themselves from excessive, taxation? The funeral of the late Samuel Unzle, of Adamsboro, was held at. 1 o'clock this afternoon from the Dunkard church at Mes;lco. Interment was made in the cemetery at Mexico, Last evening a czowd of friends •ailed on Miss Lizzie Hoftuaan, at her borne on west WheaUand street, to remind her of her 19th birthday. Cards and dancing were the features of the evening. Refreshments were served. The Woman's Mental Culture club •f the Eastend, met this afternoon with Mrs, Cassidy, at her home on east Market street. The club has taken up the study of ancient history which. Is proving decidedly Interesting to the members. The Sterling Remedy company, a large concern at present in Detroit, Mich., wishes to change its location. Jf Logansport can offer Inducements •ver other cities, which the company lias now under consideration, it -may •ecure the enterprise. It will take .•12,000 to 115,000 to secure the plant. The funeral of the late Otto Voss •was held at 2:30 p. m. today from the residence of his parents, Mr. arid Mrs. Henrj Voss, on. the North- •ide. The services were, conducted fer Rev Tlrmensteit;, pastor of the •trman Lutheran jhurch. Interment waii made la Mt. Hope •emetery, There vu * tery Urge attendance it thu funeral. The 01gftnMkej.il union marched in a body to th« residence. The attendance at the torn tfarnl- val last nlphr. was Indeed encouraging to the Elks' band. Tlae program was, as usual, highly entertaining. Fornoff's orcnestra rendered several selections. Cbar!e» Burke saog a solo and Willie Wilkin exhibited the wonders in the animal tent, The programme tonight will be on thfl order of a burlesque; circus in which the celebrated Splvans family will appear. The Electric Shock Brothers will also be on hand and give a n exhibition of "acrobatic feats" and trick riding on the back of a troupe of wild horses. There will also be a Roman chariot race, The parade of the band at noon to day was a good card. The costumes were very attractive. Major Whis kers (James McKague) appeared in parade driving his gray charger, Bag Picker." CHICAGO MARKETS Received Daily bj W. W. Mlluer, 0. A. B, Building. Chicago, Jan, 13, 1888. Wheat — May opened ait 90@90Jc Jlfgh, 90|@Jc; low, 89j@90c; closed. Wheat— For July opened, S closed, 81c. n — May, opened, 29c; high low, 28t@29c; closed at 29 Jc. Oats — For May opened, 23*c high, 23$c; low, 23}c; closed at 23fc, Pork — May opened, 19.50; high, $9. 50; low, $9,42; closed, «9.42. Hogs — Opened strong. Receipts of hogs 27,000; estimated receipts of hogs for tomorrow, 17,000 head. For mixed, »3.45@3.70; for heavy, «3.50@t3.70; rough, »3.40@3.45; light, I3.45@I3.£6. Cattle — Receipts, 9,000; sheep, 12,000. Cattle Strong: nheep strong. Curb, 90*c; Puts, 90c; Calls, 90Jc. BATTLE IX Badly Frightened by Bomb, u Great Big For some time past the colored boy known as Battle Ax has been In the habit of entering a certain doctor shop on Dead Row about S o'clock In the morning, planting himself in an easy chaiir near the stove and sleeping for an hour or two. He did this regardless of who happened to be present, naturally, became a nuisance. This raorning when the doctor reached his office and found Battle Ax sound asleep, he procured a giaat fire cracker and placing it beneath the chair, touched it off. The explosion was terrific,and when Battle reached th.9 floor again he ran out of the office, a badly frightened coon. It is sale to say that Battle will sleep no more in that big arm chair. Lenehiut Arrtsted. Ben F. Lenehan, a young printer, at one time employed bera by Wilson, Humphreys & Co., wasi arrested at Marlon Tuesday and taken to Wabash, where he will be required to answer to the cllmrge of having be- trryed a Miss Mollie Kisser of that town into a bogus marriage. Tk« ffMttier. Generally fair todigfct and Friday. RAILROAD BREVITIES. Short Items i»f Interest Gathered From Many Sources. The VantiaUa in December earned gross, 834,3flO more than in Decem ber, 1896. Owing to clever counterfeiting,tbe Erie lines have called In their mile age books. In the year 1897 there were 4£ per sons killed in Ohio at crossings of railroads and grades. Over 400,bOO nicycles were carried as baggage by the Pennsylvania lines east of Pitosburg and Erie during 1897. During December the receipts of the Pennsylvania and Vandalfa lines at Indianapolis were 114,538.49 larger than for the same month of 1896. There is said to be good foundation for the statement that tbe Wabash will construct a line connecting the Toledo wttih the Detroit-Chicago line. There were 279,662 carloads of live stock fcirought-to Chicago during the year 1897. This exceeds by 2,295 tbe number of carloads in the year 1896. The largest engines In the world have just been built for the Montana division of tbe Great Northern railroad. Each weighs 212,750 pounds and has eight driving wheels. A few years ago Lafayette was an mportant division point on the Wabash. Now trainmen do not receive orders there, neither are they required to register at the station. At a recent meeting cf the stockholders James McCrea, James J. Turner, W. R. McKeen and George E. Farriugton were elected directors of the Terre Haute & Logansport and Indiana & Lake Michigan railroad companies. The Vasodalia received 90 carloads f freight from two boats Sunday at St. Joseph.' An extra train of 30 cars had no be run out and still everything was crowded with freight. It is the second biggest day In the history of that dock's receiving of shipments. D. T. Bacon, formerly of this city, has been re-elected manager of the Indiana car service association, with hecdquart/ers at Indianapolis. Twelve roacls are represented in the association, and it expects to broaden its territory. During last year 8,430 more care were reported than in the previous year. General Manager Turner, General Passenger Agent Brunner and Superintendents Miller, McKeen and Hatch, of the Vandalla, passed through the city at 10:40 this morning in Mr. Turner's private car, No. 28, attached to the regular train, en route north over the Michigan division, on an Inspection tour. The "Pennsylvania Limited!" which left Chicago over the Fort Wayne road for New York yesterday afternoon is said to be tbe finest train In the world. No expense has been spared In Its equipment and the Pullman company was Instructed to build a train which should contain everything that money could provide in the way of comfort, convenience and safety. Three trains have been built for the Chicago-New York service and the first of them went out yesterday. Grand Master Sargent of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen said In an interview that he regarded A WARRANT Out for t&e Arrest Everett, of C. E. He Whit Proposed to BuM an Electric Llii;e Suuih From Logansport Charles E. Everett, chairman of the Allen county Bepu'otican committee, he who, with J. T. McNary, proposed to build an electric line south from Logansoort to Indian apolis, is wanted in Adams county to answer to the charge of obtaining money under false pretenses, but the accused cannot be found. Lately be has been engaged In some enterprises in Chicago, and tha sheriff of Aclama county had Pinkerton detectives looking for him there. The warrant issued from Adams county alleges that Everett secured 12,000 by inducing Dr. H. M. Aspy and Geiorge Bolds, of Decatur, to endorse a note for him and giving them as security mortgages on land in Allen county. A dispatch from Decatur says that investigation has shown that the mortgages were forgeries and that the persons whose nairnes appeared on them owned no such lund as described. The Fort Wayue Sentinel states that Everett is charged with swind- ing parties there out of- $700, and that an effort will be made to indict him. LIFE POLICIES NOT TAXABLE. FAYOIUBLT REPORTED. McKeons Will Likely be Confirmed as Judge of the Supreme Court. Special to the PbsJos. Washington, D. C., Jan. 13.—The senate committee on judiciary today decided to report gavorably on the nomination of Attorney General Me- Eenna to be a justice of the supreme court. ADDITIOSAL ITEMS. Supreme Conrt of Indiana So Decides Bat an Appeal May be Taken. Tho Supreme court of Indiana de- dlded yesterday that life insurance wllcles were not taxtbla under the jreseut constitution and laws of the itate. Justice McCabe, who wrote .he opinion, was supported by Justices Hackney find Jordan. Justices Howard and Monks dissent. In support of the argument that the eglslature of 1891 did not intend o provide for the taxation of Ife Insurance policies it was pointed ut that tbe tax law passed that ear did not provide any regulation or the valuation of policies. In that and nub-sequent statuet the leglsla- ure, It Is recalled, provided special egulations for the valuation of all ither classes of property that are iifflcult to value. Justice Howard In 1ihe dissenting ipinlon took to the view that insur- ,nce policies had a "property" value ,nd that under the constitution and he general terms oi the tax law all kinfiis of property must be assessed unless It be specifically exempted by be constitution. The sase may be taken to the supreme court of the United States. The board of tax commissioners will meet this week to decide. MUTUAL INSURANCE. Meeting of the TrI-County Association in This City Today. The Tri-County Mutual Protective association is holding a meeting to day at the court house to elect officers for the ensuing year and to hear the reports of last year's work. The business of the association is confined to the counties of Cass, M'nmt and Howard, The insurance mrupany was organized In October, 1895, and now has 923 policies in ot»ii« iu uh* Akiuu^ • iv r* uuuw iJij A&eaiui*u i the consummation of the federation force > aod tne amoutlt ° r insurance of the five rail way brotherhoods as a I aggregates 81,210,000. Tbe mem- foregone conclusion. Mr. Sargent says he has word from. Grand Master Morrissey teat the trainmen have voted almost unanimously for federation: from Chief Clark, of the conductors, that they have voted for federation; from Chief Powell, of the telegraphers, that of the 525 lodges 300 have voted and are solid for it. Chief Arthur, of the engineers, sends word that his organization, in all probability, will endorse the scheme at the coming meeting at St. Louis. Woman's Relief Corps So. 3» In joint Installation with Post 14, of the G. A. R., has Installed the following officers: Pros.—Maria S. Schlater. Senior Vice Pres.—Emma Johnston. Junior Vice Pres.—Emma chanan. Chaplain—Martha Thompson. Secetary—Lizzie Brown. Treasurer—Emma Trick. Conductor—Carrie Stufcey. Ass't. Conductor—Minnie Higbee. Guard—Mary Harris. Ass't. Guard—Belle Nash, Mc- Bu- of at of Is the the the no In Case of Fire. There has been some talk danger of fire breaking out rink. during the progress Korn Karoival. There more danger than at any other time, ba& to Insure perfect safety three fire extinguishers have been placed In the rink mud a line of hose stretched. Chief Sellers la also on hand each evening. T&e three large doors could be opened at a moment's notice and a crowd could Mcape in three mlnatet. bers of the association have through this mutual method of insurance obtained protection for their property at a very small outlay. Death of Mrs. Keeport. Mrs. Susanna Keeport, widow of the late David Keeport, died at 11 o'clock last night at her home near the lime kilns of general debility, aged 75 years. The funeral will be held Saturday morning at 10:30 from the Dnnkard church at Adamsboro. The cortege will leave the house at 10 o'clock. Rev, D. P. Shively will officiate. Interment will be made at Adamsboro. Killed by a Tree. John Myers.i residing in Tipton townrhlp, near the county line, was killed Monday by a falling tree. He was cutting the tree down and when it started to fall he ran beneath It and was instantly killed. Hoiv to >lai.c Sari line Sandwiches. Open a small box of sardines and after removing the fish allow cold water to gently now over them to remove the oil, •which is invariably poor. Remove the skin irom the fish and ponnd or chop fine, -with a hard boiled egjf for every 4 fish. Work into a paste with 1J£ tahle- spooniuls of salad dressing tc every egg used. Season with salt and pepper, spread over thin slices of bread from which the cmsi has been trimmed and form into sandwiches. Anchovies maybe used instead of sardines. How to DerU T«rrtl« Steak. Mb: s teaspoonfal of oommeal and half a, teaspoonfnl of dry mustard -with half ft gill of orange juice. Spread this paste over » turtle steak, grease the chafing d'<ah mud cook the steak in it for 5 .'minutes on Moh nfo. Berrv hot with 'currant jell/. Who ever heard of dried irui ing for 3c Ib— Traut; 25 to 50 per cent discou' loaks.—Trade Palace. Frank Beamer has resigned his position at Wandrei's restaurant. His health is not good. Thousands are taking adv: our great muslin sale and s at the Trade Palace. Why shouldn't we tie busy? 18's a clear saving of from 25 to 50 percen on linens and remnants.—Bee HI Oar linen sale of white goods.ioed preads, napkins, towels and crashes/ 8 the talk of tbe town. Trade Pa/lajxL A horse belonging to John W. Izor, of 705 Helm street, became en tangled in the halter strap Friday night and hung; Itself. The Maxinkuckee Lake Ice company has harvested but 3 000 tone, when its houses have a capacity for 25.000 tons. Mrs. Sarah A. Brown, residing on Michigan avenue, who has traveled extensively, says she will visit the Yukon gold fields in the spring. Division No. 1, Ancient Order of Hibernians, will give a ball and supper at; Dolan & McHale's hall on the night of February 22d, Washington's birthday. The wate rln the Wabash river has risen about five feet since yesterday and the surface is covered with a coat of oil. The oil somes from the waste at Peru. | There will be an important meeting of the Sexennial league on Friday evening, -January 14th. Every member should be present.—D. E. Delzell, secretary. Henry Voss and family and Gustave Geyer and familyj, of Lafayette, are in tne city. They came to attend the funeral of Mr.Voss' brother, the late Otto Voss. j Miss Feen Dunn, nprse in a hospital at Portland, Oregon, is here on a visit with relatives} She is stopping with her sister, Mrs. Andy Hubler, on North ftrjeet. The rash increases!dally. No lady, when she sees our dress goods, remnants and patterns, also silks, cannot help to buy at the low prices made to close all out In a few days.—Trade Palace. Mrs. Rlchason, wife of the Wabash passenger conductor, returned today to her home in Detroit. She was accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Spitznagle, who will reside with her in the future. Hon. Patrick Keefe. of Kentland, was in the city today en route to Tlptoti, where he will deliver an ad- dreas eonight. Mr. Keefe feels confident that Indiana will go Democratic ney: fall. Two veterans of the late war, both strangers, were before the mayor this morning, charged with having been Intoxicated. They promised to leave the city if discharged, and His Honor took them at their word. Archie, the 2-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs, Harry Calvert died at 2:30 yesterday afternoon at the family residence, 1603 Smead street, of spasms. The funeral whl be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock from the residence, Kev. Stewart officiating. Interment la Mt. Hope cemetery. Martin Hughes, the plumber, called at A. W. Stevens' plumbing establishment this afternoon to collect house rent from Harry Wlckwlre. The men got into a controversy, end- Ing in a fight, in which Wickwire's superior strength and size won the victory. No one much hurt and no arrests. 'NO PAINING DANGER! Teeth extracted without pain or after effects, such as sore mouth, syrk gums, etc..Absolutely safe and ^slnles. How an Egre Should Be Boiled. There is no better way to boil an egg tihan not to pnj ic on the fire at all. Instead of this the boiling water should be ponred upon the eggs, and they then should be covered and set aside for ten nntei Cooks who try this recipe complain of its uncertainty. If the eggs are clone ''just right," they are perfection, the -white a chick castard and the yolk smooth and; rich. But sometimes, at the end of the ten rainntes, they are scarcely "set" :at all, and sometimes they are too hard. The reason for this occasional failmre is that a proper arjaoiint; of v»at^r has not been allowed. This varies according to the contents of the saucepan, ilhere should be a half pint of water—and it should have boll- sd hard for several moments before ns- ing—for each egg. Bow to Make Savory Butter. found to a j paste 4 ounces of rich cheese -with » small piece of butter (this varies •with the dryne« at tire cheese), a couple of spoonfuls of vixiegnr from pickled walnuts, a good dash of cayenne, a dessertspoonful of eatence of anchovy and the same of xaostazd. TtU mixture, by thV bye, if heated over the fire makes a AriiouKia, iwmjr tout, A fireat Slaughter SALE OF FIXE WINTER SHOES Which nuist be closed out at one-third their value to make room for our large Purchase of Spring Goods. These shoes are n'rst class and must sell. Come while the sizes are here and get your choice. WINTER. 510 Broadway, Shoe Store, The most natural-looking artificial Teeth on new method PLATES, guaranteed to fit. The finest and best method ofCEOWK and Wort. No charge for extracting without paia when new teeth are to be supplied. ^ Dr. W. T. Hurtt, )'ni7XTT'TQT! 311 1-2 Fourth St. JJCLL\ L 10 i jQver Fisher's Drug-Star AMUSEMENTS. •pjOLAN'8 OPERA. HOUdB. LJ YTM. DOLAN, MANACIKB. Saturday, January 15th ? '98. The Natural Irish Character Comedian, TOM NAWN In the Laughing Success. Shanty "AN OLD HOMESTEAD- IN IRISH" By OPIE READ. BIG STAR CAST Two oar loads of Special Scenery. A Perfect Natural Play. Magnificent Production. See the Funny Goat*. See the Beautiful! Stajre JSffeots. See the Grand ryrotechnieal Display. PRICES ....... 25c, 35c, 50c and 75c. (Established 1887). (Incorporated MM). Employs mere persons than any other similar Institution In this part of the country. Hall's Business College Has secured more positions for worthy younr men and women during the pftgt year th-JU WL other comnwruial schools In t&fs part of tbe State combined. Hail's Business College Has better rooms and is better equipped thai. any of Its competitors. Hall's Business College Enrolled more student* during- the year J897, than during any previous year. If you want to secure a position attend— Cor. Broadway and Cth Street. C F. MOORE Prest THE First National Bank Indiana. CAPITAL J250,000 A. J. MURDOCH, PBESEDBST, W. W. ROSS, CABHTJBB, J. F, BROOKMEYER, ASST. CAJSHXISBU DIRECTOBS: A. J. Murdoclt, W. H, Brin^bum, Deanl* TJil. B. S. Bice, B. f, YanHa. I Ji. Jarwood. W, T. Wilson. In all ita Department* promptly and carefully done. Safety to Customers and stockholder Strong Beierve fund Maintained. When doctors fall try Burdock'i Blood Bitters. Cures dyspepsia, constipation; invigorates the whole system. 100 Doses in a Is peculiar to and true cnjy of Hood's Sarsaparilla, and is proof of its superior and economy. Tnsre n more cormtiv* power in a bottle of Hood's SorHrmrfll* than in My other. This f»ct, with fU unequalled record of core*, provw UM hart medicio* for all blood disetiw'to «* Sarea- -"• S parilla The One Trno Blood Purifier. AH 4n«tMa. H.

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