The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 15, 1940
Page 3
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MONDAY, JANUARY 15, 1940 IIIE1TS EOT BETTEH LIFE J FIRM Benefits From Extension Program Shown In Agents' Annual Report Mississippi County ir-sidouls including the JC.JO.V farm Omilio,. and olhera wlio make ui> its 80,000 poputiiiloii, hnve boiieniotl ureiUly from llic work of liie extension agileulUiriU ami home demonstration agents in the past year, Hush- unnunl report ijniii'iitra. While the county has inndi: rapid ijtrides In extension work since it was started here in Iflie. , no year 1ms seen such remurkublc development, as in 1339 under the leadership of r>. S, Lnutrlp mid E. H. Burns, agricultural agents; Miss Corn Leo Coleitnn nnd Mits Inez Kiiic.-iI'J, lioms demonslratlmi agents, ami R. w. Schi-occlov, assistant agricultural agent. The 1339 report, which shows that the fanners have Jiimlc- ninth progress in their farm and home life, discloses that the entire county profits from the tilling of the soil —the Invest business in (he county. While it is impossible lo point out, the most important, accomplishments, so interwoven arc many of the activities, perhaps none nrc more .significant than entries Iroin this county having won three honors hi the sweepstakes championship of the Plant to Prosper contest after having won most of the stale honors; cooperation .with (he Rural Electric Cooperative Association which heads the movement which lias already placed electricity in hundreds ol rural' homes; results obtained from the Uvc-at- Ilomc program; the increased enrollment in farm clubs, and improvement of physical equipment including farm building.; and yards. Mississippi County, which yearly carries off numerous honors in the Plant to Prosper contest, continued Its record this year by winning first place In the final contest of the farm operators' division; second place in the finals of the home improvement contest and first lion- 8T,YTHP!VILT,18 '('ATOf.Y COUniRU NEWS 'We']] TTang The'Wash On Tlic Siogfrir-d Lino 3 Hale, Driver Named Directors Again OSCHOUA. Ai-k.. Jan. Vi-ll J Half nnd w. J. Driver, Jr., were ] re-circled us directors nf the Mississippi vulii.y cnniilnrj Company "" » term of aim. years ut the Rc-Eiecl Bank Officers PAGF! THREE r or of mo „,,, I Ihe Arkansas stale contest which preceded the championship finals in which winning farmers Rank Of Stnolo from Arkansas, Missouri. Missis n " K U1 5tCele slp_pl and Tennessee entered, Mis wsippi County won most of the! u.-- >.. • . win fin: \ll| fVtUI LIIU due to tin- tact that lie Is iicllno CJiUntliei'svllIc, all olKlecrs ,, , I)-!IHIIIIH-| were retnliu-d lor anumrr slcckholdi'rs year. nZh.' 5 ',", 1 " 11 ' 0 " " V "'" ' l '' l " ct " 1 ' l '° ! l '°" 1 '"'' 0 ' »'''fV U 'president AW ' 1 m™ 1( ; men jeishl,, Ol , n, c Hoard of HI-[ lJoovl»«. Poplar n|,,n. V lw pvsl vim its^T'',' 1 " 1 -" WH ^' ^'"""B." 11 ' 1 "- A- II- "nodes, Cm-iithersvlilc «j,w KMtncii i lt(n , (1,^ (ilreetorulc cn.shier. Allirrt lloevinii. I'opinr I' 1 "'!', nnd K, l,. Urndsl'iaw c?n- ruUiersvlllo, me In n<mt- tlon (o the flist-niimeii offleers. Tlie persomiel Includes Lesll,' I ; Vrisusoii ami Jnhn KIH,. nssls'liini cilshlcrs; Miss Vestal Kssiuy. book- stenoBnipher. ' '' The bunk declared n ton . ner cent (Hvideiid „„ ,-011111.0,1 stuck niu | iinnouiK-ed depiisiis totaled approx- ' " ' " if _____ _ — ••••> ,1 -.m wi ifiv *l«> Am) .Wl.,, n n: ,' I -J r , M01CT " 's movlnj! to Maiden, rttiu ueclare Uivmend 1 wnw omws mo A. n. ni'mucs ——- jCanidici'sviiie, vice president; J. It! Mo., Jan. 15 Ol ' ltlmln ' s'-crclnry & treasurer annual im>etln K O f ntotx-1 1 "" 1 J ' "• Moremi, D. I. Clark, T. ir llic Niillomd linnk oi] A - ""W'd mid Fred Kdlcy c om- >'lc Hie Hoard of Directors. They i'ie nil re-elected. Mr. Wnrkmnn Mates (lint the. -' / - n.woclntlon hai mano better pro- IMCS* in DID past year than In many years, Otlior (lirivturs nrc li. c. Bryan, Leon Siililviin, sriTctnry-tiVRsurer, o. A. l.o.-ni'.v, Frank wheeler, J. K. Culliiiii of Wilson. A. 1.. Ki/liis, Hvrotnry of the SI, Louis Hunk lor Cooperatives, was the inlndpul speaker at Ihe Hindu-Oil miTtii Inti-rpriillni; lhe| . . .. niinncliil saaleim-nl bus-oil iinon the 1 '" mou " ml depiMis lolali-d upprox «"<»l. or ),,r. ai, 193(1 S'om ho -' i " )llll ' 1 > 1 57al) ' UI ' 0 < «'"»' '« «<'vphi.s o s«m| dulhrs-l,, now ...mlpmmt ,„«( '"°'* ''"'• *».WO ,m Imnd ,.t I h buildings was au,io(| i 0 th c nhysl- of llu> J ' ul " ; b «' s l'i«K. cnl rr.^cnii'r'i; .it n..^ ,^i.>,.t *ii.. . I —-—• . •' '•••-..-: .':• : ?'''- s V''i« : Cv ; :'fis~* .i! An impromptu "march past the colors" ;is British troops "somewhere in England. swing by gaily colored wash on a clolhc.s- sawba'district and 13 clubs with' an enrolment of 7fl7 in tlie Osceola district. Tliere two junior- adult clubs in each dislrict with G5 members in the Chlckasswba district and 83 in the Osceola district. The 28 home demonstration clubs in this district, had 1032 members and the 25 clubs in the Osceola district had 575 members. An example of miles traveled in many activities of the complete program is shown in the report Dial 307 demonstratiotis for -I-H clubs were held in the Chicknsawbn tioned ,-i.s in the past several years. • with regular nice-lings held." Thc I county farm organization became a working force during the past year and held meetings quarterly with'an average attendance of 5D. Approximately 2500 attended the county farm bureau picnic. During tlie year there were 21 Boys and Girls 4-K clubs with an enrolment of. 1038 in llic Chtcka- Half Moon 4-1! Club 4-H Club News Notes kansas Farm Outlook tor IQ40 lincl J. J. Pickrcii, county agent, uave a brief preview of Ihe next year's •1-H club activities. Visitors present were A. C C'.v- ens, and Stanley Frantz. j Caruihersville High Cagrers Win A Pair Forty-one members and thsec leaders of the Half Moon 4-H club it-tikLi:io ui UIC fill]! 1V1UUII -i-M tlllUi were present at tlie nieeti'iijf of lliej C ARUTHERSVII ' Lli: - Mo - Jfin. 15 club Wednesday morning. Maggie Decker and Lois Port led —The Caruthersville high school went by |)hy:i :it tin? plant, the past year, wlileh | s now iipprulsed nt, 5JO.721.8C. 'I'eii thousand dollnrs was paid out for labor tin.- . pnsl s'ensoii to iipproxfiniilely wo cm- ployees, Tlfp \va.e scnle ol !2!i cents per limn- U1 igjo Wlls , a | se <| to 25 tents in (In.. sprini> of last yeiir, mid dused at 30 ci.'nl.s in Hie foil. I'lmis are now being nnule lo milled equipment to hike care o( oilier truck crops ihls sprint'. Ciiceks were ulso issued al hist, week's meetly lo t|, c growers of spinach wlileh brought the loliil amount received for Hie crop to $15 ]icr Ion. Mr. Young staled (lint all growers this year would receive live dollars pur t ojl uvolt delivery of the spinach nt Ihe plniil, with the balance paid later In (.lie year Sixty cars of .splmicli, ti,.nl|> «ti(i mustard urcens were processed last .vciir. Seventy cars were shipped lo markets extending from Detroit to Boston and Mliunl, Fiorina, the. ail- dltlcnnl fifteen cars lielnu of the previous year's crop. One .shipment ore in enrolling contestants In tlie chlbs worc llcld lu tlle Chickosawba .I-;™ contests with 1770 farm families dlstricl whlle I 87 were held in the » Ie entered. Osceola district, all of which were; -f., T»i *l*n A _l _ _ . , , !1 I rPllflo/l l-H' fl-,/1 r, rvr,., J ^. ^ *^ cagers won two close, fast games New Orleans and llicn to Miami from the Haytl leniiis here. l)ic| .'Hip compniiy. poultry, and j. J. Plckrcn, county game with 15 points agricultural agent, gave sloh oh "\Vhat 4-H Club Meant to attended by thc agents. Re-elects Officers - - farm operators 1 division; Jirst iti the home .Irnproyc- inont'lllvisioil; st'co'na'in the land : f owners' division and second in the tenant division. Enrolment of mD families in following chili captains gave reports: Lurverl Onines, cotton captain; Francis Buck, pig captain; Joe Dilldine, dairy calf; Jinimic Decker, gardening and cunning captain; Oenice Widner, clothing captain; Carl Ed Widner, poultiy ' ' and Dorothy \fac Baker, STEELB < Mo " ^' 13 '-P- s -pan an or Pay|ls , haj . beeu rc . e , ecte(| by tj)C cooking captain board or 'directors of llic Bank of - " * Steele as president and J. L. Van Lost C;lllc ' | - H Cl«b. Ausdall of Carutlier.sville was re named vice president. Continuing The Lost Cane 4-H Club met Friday, Jan. 12, with Lorcne Mur- these contests in the county pre-L- Col , lllwilllg on lhe boari1 of i ray Prestding. Sixty-seven inciu- liminary gave Hieiii an added !m- !^"? c V >frs '" acldltion to Mr. Payne bers were present. Tlie p.ronp - petus to carry out tlie Livc-at-Home program, which is one of tlie most outstanding aims cf the extension project. Farm families ol the county were highly praised by all ivlio viewed the exhibits at the comity fair, b'ept. 29-Oct. •], which equaled many state fairs in size and interest. Already 650 farm residences are ready for thc electricity which is being turned on in the last hundred of these homes and surveys have been started for another project which will. serve hundreds of more families. Plans arc underway lo complete Ihe county with ni ra l power lines so as lo have electric power available in every farm , house. Tangiblc results from the Live- tll e snake charmer's music. at-Home program' were many. A survey snowed that at least 92 per cent of the. 10,015 farm homes underwent changes in practices which definitely resulted from the home (lemoiistralion and agricultural programs. Many of these modernized tlieir houses in many ways; store houses were filled with all kinds of foods; more hogs, cattle nnd chickens were placed on farms and farm families were definitely "better off" in 1939 than they were several years ago. That they realize the government wants lo help them is shown by their interest during the past year in organizations which assist them to become better farmers and home makers. Memberships In all of these groups steadily increased and attendance at the meetings \vas consistently better. Local fann' organizations func-] and Mr. Van Ausdall arc W. N. Holly and Isaac McKay, Cooler flint A. B. Rhodes, Cariilhcrsville. Officers ccnliniiing al llieir post are Mr. Payne, president,, Mr. Vnn Ausdall, vice president; L D Payiw. cashier; D. c. Pafford, assistant casliier; Willis KearscyV bookkeeper; Hazel DC Bakey assistant bookkeeper. A very satisfactory year was reported nnd n dividend of 10 per cent was paid stockholders According (o Mr. Payne tlie board voted lo charge off $1000 on furniture and fixtures and anclher S1CCO. From their bank buildhij; valuation. Thirteen hundred ilol- lavs was added (o the surplus fund. Couras nre deaf, and cannot hear DO FALSE "TEETH Rnck, Slide or Slip? FASTEETH, an Improved powder to be sprinkled on upper or lower plates, liolils false teelli more nrm- Relief for HEADACHE BUY Pcmier New Head Of Steele Loah Group STEKI.E, Ma, .Inn. ):i.~l>. B . 'wider IIIIK been elected lo succeed J. H. MOI-HIUI as president of the fJleele liulldinu and Uan As- FREE BOOK EXPLAINS ALL ABOUT PILES A npiv edition at „,, (llnstraled book 1ms' Just been published uy Hie TlmrnUin & M1 , 10| . citnlc-tlie world's oldest liUitldlllon siiecldllz- »IB in the iRMitmcnt of piles mitt other reclal iiflllcllon;;. 'fills book ex)iliilns why rectnl disorders fre- •liienlly caiise such common iill- mcivts us headaches iievvolisiiess, stomach mid liver IroiiWi-s Jt points out llie danger of nctik'ct- liit' even rt minor cnso of piles . . . .shows how miillgnnnL nnd Incurable conditions iniiy result. Tlio mild trentmcnt at Thornton &, Minor Ollnlc, by which move than men and women have uecn relieved 'during the past tK years, and which requires no ho;i- pitiilrzallon or the use or radical -surgery, Is fully explained. If you are afflicted, send tor 'a copy of this frnnk nnd Informative book ivhlch will be tent yon In plain wrapper absolutely free. Address Thornton fc Minor Clinic, Suite 21D .120 McOec ,91., Kansas City Missouri Farm Lands for Sale 'ID nrrrs -I lulli-s west or Klcck-, •>1». mi iiruvcl roiul, fli-clrki line, H-linnl bus. i\ m \st. ,<t i ):lr i,, ,.„„,. Diiliu (oiil-i iiiul team, [mmc- 1 li-rnis. 81) amw <-ii(. brrr himl, r, litres in fii.llvallrni. New IIBUSO mill linrn, S miles soiilliwrsl nf Slcch'. Imnii'- ilJnle inw.scMlini, $20 IKT acre, snmll Oil) iirirs cul-Dvcr liinil, 8;,'j miles Wrsl of Sleek-, for r/ulik Mle, $111 lion'. WILGE CURTNER Ons l>eiiti'r In Iteal Kslnte SleclP, Aln. lloeillni; ^i|| fc curliHT fire$*' STANDARD TIRES »OTI!ER SIZES fBOPOUTiONATELV lOW AT TODAY'S LOW PRICES! As Low As CAc Per Week On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. GOOD DEMAND FOR GOVERNMENT LOAN COTTON Phone or Write Us Now Gei>. //. McFadden & lira's A geittij. E. C. PATTON, Agent P.O. I!ox 218 Gnuul Lciulcr Bltlfr. Phone 2'IX opened Ihe club meeting by singing "Arkansas." ' Club captain reporU were Given by the following captains: Clarence Reid, cotton captain; Acie Weaks. pig captain; Hassell Lawson, calf captain;' Lillian Larrcns, gardening and canning captain; Ethel Owens, clothing captain; Thelma Statler, poultry captain; nnd Maxlne Bachuss, room improvement captain. Miss Cora Lee Coleman. home ] demonstration agent, gave the Ar- | A Three Days' Cough is Your Danger Signal Creomulston relieves promptly be- r cause it goes right to the scat of tho trouble to loosen germ laden phlegm, increase secretion and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes, No matter how many medicines you have tried, tell your druggist to sell ly In place. Do not siirfc ilin or have '" ed ' tel1 >' our druggist to sell rock. No eimiinv >!oocv mstv 1 J'oua bottle of Crcomulslon with the taste or ^^^^ f * i ^SS^S^^^c^ kalmc <non-acicl>. Does n <non- Checks "plate r breath). Get PASTEETH at any c s not sour. I or you arc to h&vc your money back. odor" (denture rug .store. a Adv. 3 , for Coughs, Chest Colds. Bronchiti W HEN colds cause snimitig.sncp?,- mg, soreness, nnd stumnrss in thc nostrils use McnUiolntum. It gives quick relict from UIGEO discomforts and promotes healing of the irritated membrnnea In thc nostrils. Its vapors also reach deep Into thc nlr passages, bringing gratefttl comfort, AiEO nil) some Mentholatum on your chest -uiil bnc^c to improve tlio locfvl bUxitl clrctUatlon. Rub it on your rorchcacl and temples In (\Jlay headache nnd ncurntgi.itluc to colds. ARKANSAS & MISSOURI Farm&jCity* ANS LOW INTEREST RATES EASY PAYMENTS —LONG TERMS Fastest closing service of any mortgage loan company doing business in this state. FLORSBA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance Fire Insurance Investment Securities Osceola, Ark, SMOKE SLOW-BURNING CAMELS r READY TO "HIGHBALL," ns they say in railroading! Engineer Walter I. Branson (above) swings up into thc cab of Number 5«9, one of the big Hudson type-locomotives which flush at 80 miles nn hour across llic landscape between New York nnd Chicago in n day-in, .lay-out epic of modern railroad speed irifl lir.rnV .. / i- i ~t~" * """* ' V *** ^ IS V° llr ClUC tO trUC Cl &ul vn.u ti^uviUUlU— Thcv !, ,1, . r ! nr Y' 0wcr - bllrni "S. the "extras" of mildness, coolness, flavor-^ tliroui FiJ^ore'S qU ? Cy ' 8l1 " nd ~"" • S " )0ki " e '" CV " y '*"'"'• Cam<;ls used, in the first place. Ami these choice tobaccos arc combined into a matchless blend. recent tests (lull t'.e'iath below). You'H always rejoice over tlie day you switched to Camels! SAVE ON THE COST OF THE STATE CIGARETTE TAX Smokcn who Jive in nmm m <lia where cc,,M ,n, o ci s »t, re "° m'" " I" "H '"I."" C °" °' '^ I "->'" 1 - in '««< I'"' / r' 0 "" <m °J ln * C"" 1 ' 1 '- <f" "Sl><-} you nrc d smokct, you j;ct thu unique cconom|-an,l oil ,hc crua tn,o,™.™ of cooler, miMcr .n.okins-.hc f r ,i ran « a "d Jet"' c Casic of finer, more conlr lobaccBi. TAKING IT EASY, Engineer Bronson says: "No speed for me in my cigarette. That slower- burning feature makes sense to me. I've been a Camel smoker for years. I know Camels arc milder and always tastcS«c!I. And I don'tobjcct a bit to getting those extra smokes per pack," amels fflST BURNING -creates hotflat taste in smoke... ruins delic.ite flavor, aroma._ SlOW BURNING —protects natu- talqualiticstliat mean mildness, thrilling tattt, In recent laboratory tests, CAMELS burned 25% sioiver than the average of the 15 other of the largest- selling brands tested—slower than any of them. That means, on the overage, a smoking plus equal to g GHrVfe^ SMOKES TfR PACK/ lth!. 15ta, B. J. RtmoHi ToblPCOCC \Y ImLori-Stic ta. NcrthCir»Un i 0fCesfwer Tvlacces

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