The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, February 6, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLmiEVlLLE COURIER NEWS "*•"*'*"•->< i» .NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST Misunnnr ^ AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL, XXVI—No. 2G5 Blythevlllc Courier, Blylhevlllc Daily News, Mississippi Valley Leader. IH.YTUKyil.I.K. ARKANSAS, TIH'llSDAY. FEHKUAKY C. ]»3U MAHAN JMLLNOT OPPOSE HOLLJPETER Memphis Police Suspect Revolutionary Plot; Injuries Not Thought Serious. Flaj>])er Menace To Manhood, Says College Leader MEXICO CITY, Feb. G made a determined rouncl- MEMPHIS, Feb. 6 (UP)— "The modern flapper 1$ a love pirate and .in (he natural course or events 01 '~: will ruin half a dozen good men tvillllrl- . . ... ° up of revolutionary suspects today after President Pascual Ortl* Rub!o had been sliot by an assassin within two hours of liis Inaugu-1 More than twenty suspects were reported in custody and the full resources of the government were concentrated against what was reported to. have been a general plot of assassination. The president, his jaw shattered! by a bullet, rested at his home, in thc opinion of Dr. J. M. Williams, president of Galloway Woman's college at Searcy, Ark. \yhcu Tuft, IN, Was Carried to His Home to eliminate the flapper and save and his physician said his recovery ] '.i..'"^'^'^'"^ "~, 1 : 1 ' would be rapid. His wife, their thc manhood of oul ' niece and the presidential chauffeur, also wounded when thc assassin fired on tlie president's cor us It left the palace after the inauguration yesterday, were not seriously hurt and were, reported in goccl condition. Seek to Implicate Others The assailant, a young intellectual whose name was given as Daniel Flores. was held in the city Karrison near the iialace. Officials hammered at him ctaslessly during the night in an effort to break down his stubborn refusal to confess and reveal whether hts act was inspired by personal fanaticism or was part of a more elaborate plot. Although the capital was intensely excited by the shooting perfect order prevailed last night and he One bullet entered the left side | forcement commission were charged of the presidents face, broke hls|u j lh dodging the "abuses' of pro- jawbone and lodged in the right ihlbiticn and "frittering away" con- Ross, and the chauffeur. Felix Gal- vln, were cut by flying glass. One bystander was struck by a glancing bullet and is receiving hospital treatment. Two .other hy- j forcing the dry laws and centered slanders were reported slightly in- his attack upon the commission's frl,!!" "' h ? me ?," ithollt Siv-I recommendation for elimination of _ i- ii— jury trial in minor prohibition Ing their names to police. Climax to Celebration The president was wounded by Check From Theodore Rechtin Boosts Fund to serve the man power of the na- rTOVrde luitlOll. lion," Dr. Williams urged in an address before the Methodist Edu- rllc scholarship fund which is cational association convention. \ bcll >K raiicd among business men "If I were to organize the think- of Blythenlle to help students at ing women of today for one great • tlle local nl Kh. school meet the tul- humanitariaa- achievement of their i" 0 " charge iiistlluted last fnontl sex I would band them together received a substantial boost toda> ™" llle receipt of a check for $100 from Theodore E. Rcchlin, of Evansvillc, Ind., owner nf extensive properties north of the city Exclusive of Mr. Rechtin!, gift which cnmc unsolicited, only aboul | 5500 in cash and pledges has been r.ilsed since Monday, when committees were named from civic organizations to make the canvass. Work of (he committees, however. is far from complete, and confidence is felt that the response will be adequate to make it unnecessary for any boy or girl to drop mil of school. Education Ewndal In making' his gift of $100 Mr. Rechtin also said that he would pay thc tuition fees of children of any-oj his tenants who were unable to meet them. In a letter to the Courier News accompanying his check, Mr. Rechlin explained that he was acting in the behalf that the future of any community rests upon the edu- caUon advance of its citizens. "I note in recent issues of your paper," he wrote, "that it Is necessary to charge tuition "as school funds are not availablf,-f0r fh/i *a£, keep of your excellent schools'. ' I regret very deeply that such is the case, but feel that it Is the duty of th'se with the best interests of your city at heart lo see that no child is deprived of the privilege of ail education. 'The flapper In our modern euu- and damnation of our young mati- Chavges Hoover With Failure to Correct "Abuse" of Prohibition. WASHINGTON, Feb. 6 (UP)— President Hoover and his law en- roommate of Alfred E. Smith in their Albany legislative days. He denounced the law enforcement commissions program for en- HP criticized the entire report one of six bullets fired by the; for its failure to suggest remedies youthful assailant who lay in wait j for thc abuses of prohibition en- at the honor Rate of the national ifn cement, he said President Hoo- palace. Rushed first to his home, i vcr had promised in his campaign and then to the Red Cross hos- \ speeches, pital. the president was given Im- mcdii • • • The H ,o, s rone out wmie an im-! t b. a t "Common sense compels us mense crowd was cheering the new j lo realiM that grave ahuscs !rave president who was enroute to his OCC urred-auuses that must be home after witnessing the Instnlla- i reme died " t»k "place 3 at^jnf nation" r pa, 0 ace' i ."*!, °& ««*««|« «*«*• ^ Immediately after the gala inaiig-i*;,: waener said, tne'prorj.em uratlon rites at the stadium where ' ?, ",, nearly 500.00 people had assem-i Will Give Other Help '.Therefore I am enclosing my .1. the president was given im-1 H e quoted President Hoover's' dr , s " mil be taken carc °' b y llate treatment for the injury. \ wrds in his sp€( , ch of acce pl a nce *" )0ut -recourse to any funds he shots rone out while nn im-j omt "Common sense compels us B1 J'"' e "", e . Mlzem m W rftlsc - check for $100 t-> be used in purchasing such tuition scholarship as it may; •! wish further to state that any of the tenants on my farms who may not be able to provide such tvition for their chil- me, that "In making this donation and offer to rny tenants, I am actuated by a firm belief that tlie future of rests wholly advance of its this can be accomplished ., « . '" Mr ' Hoovcrs «tlmalion." . «.v.*,o. iio vino \_ail uc lll.l*ul]l^!l;»ll^u " K | only by keeping the schools open I during the entire school year, any bled to see Ser.or Ortiz Hubio take i " And noR " the report of the com- j tacrifice we are called upon the oath of office and listen to his I miS5i °n 1ms arrived," Senora Wa?-1 make must be made." Inaugural address l nor said. "It has been before the| Police Grab Assailant i country since January 13 and l , The roar of shooting prompted a ! noth ' n B Definite has been done rush by motorcycle policemen who \ f - xltt "• ™* h ,, n , ofhlni ;. < 1etlnitc grabbed thc assailant and hurried : propos(:d itl "' hc 5a!d ' him into the 'presidential palace. I to The crowd surged forward but the » „ i m» •nr-n n fcot police and" troops on duty ji-OCal men Will Upen New Grocery Store .-, . . „, . ,, Davis and W ' A ' walt - were alert and held thc populace j in check. j The presidential chauffeur, with j presence of mind, kept his car go- Ing and shot between the lines of i ney win ? pen , a nfiw wards, disappearing toward th °e ' grocery and meat market Saturday Ortiz Rubio home before many of'" e b " ld 'n« formerly occupied thc witnesses of the near tragedy could comprehend what had happened. , b ;" ld 'n« formerly occupied , lhe " os f Fum'ture company on a - n strcct Tn e location has been remodeled New Haven Man 1 Held for Nine Days, Brought Back Dazed and Beaten. NEW HAVEN, Conn., Feb. B (UP) Police Docket Crowded. With Liquor Violators Both men are well known her, j Price, 62 estate operator and money lender, was reunited with his family to- Mr. Gwaltney having been engaged day, after he had been released in a similar business In an East incur Bridgeport, _, ._ , . ... .... —.„, j-nctii xJi luj^ir^vi v. Mne polfce cmirt fines were as- Mal » street store for some time. Unable to talk coherently of his Numbers of the realtor's family tcarcely recognized him os he sesscd Wednesday morning (clth . Mr - Davis is the son of Mrs. Clyde! experiences Price was assisted' into them majority of the violations'Davis of this city. his home and placed in bed checked up against the liuqor laws. ] Fines of $15 each were meted I n__ i j Ci j' n- out to the Miowing on charges of!« aragould Mudies Plan nubile drunkenness: Sam Bucna-l han. Bryan Hill, G. T. Hughes, C. i C. Kelly and Maurella Guy. j Ester Lane and Babel Lambert for City Electric Plant n vcrv dck- n » mint " 'e-is shown in this remarkable Courier News- iKlon residence U|KIU his arrival from Aslievllle, i friendly arms from the automobile Difficulty in Administering Nourishment Has Developed, However. WASHINGTON. Feb. 0 <UP)_ Condition of William Howard Taft remained unchanged today with his pulse satisfactory and no fever, though difficulty has developed 1 ' Pale and worn and pronounced by physicians ., ,.-,, , lt citizen asain after relinquishing his post as Chief Jusllce-i NEA Service picture as he was carried into his N. C. Tlie former president is pit-lured here as he ..... OTlll( . which conveyed him from the railroad station to Ills home. Serve Notices of Suit on Paving Tax Delinquents The sheriff.'!; office Is busy this week serving notices en approximately 200 owners of properly in Paving Districts two and three who Metlindkf Pmnnc-il T,™ nr ,° ^ in ' J SL1C!l by tllc tilslricl com- mcillUUlSt I loposaj Lon- mi.ssloners for failure to pay 1829 demned as Pointing To- taxc3 on tllc "' ''""' estalc ward Parochial System. MEMPHIS, Tenn., Feb. & (UP) — A- proposal to unify the entire educational progrinV bf'-the' Methodist Episcopal Church, south, was before tl.c annual conference of the church's educational association here today. Several hour's of debate late yes- ferday ami last night between heads of thc clcnoaitnation's schools failed to rcneli an agreement on plans to merge the Sunday school board, the Epworth league board and the board of education, Into one board. The plan advanced by the general conference education commlt- :ee and defended by Dr. Paul B. Kern. San Antonio, Tex., was assailed on the ground It would result In complete control of the education of Methodist youth by .. .. — . the church. | as Clayton early today found Taft j T. T. Belole. The central board proposal pro-1 maintaining the gains he had marie | G G Hiibbard vice president vides for four departments—one m tnc previous 48 hours. An hour: 0 f the organization was also for Sunday schools, one for edi-1 »' l ? Dr. Clayton's visit Mr. Taft mmca chairman of'tho member- Committee Appointed for Membership, Finance and Advertising, The Independent Business Association will be Die name of the new commercial organization formed here Tuesday night, It was decider! at a meeting of thc officers and board of directors at itlic city hall last night, Thc session iras presided over by the liev. Paul Marsh, chairman of the board of directors, who named committees to formulate a constitution and by-laws, secure memberships, apportion a budget and arrange for advertising ami publicity. Policies and a program for the organization will he set forth by administering nourishment, his phy-1 the constitutional committee com- slcians said In a bulletin Issued at pcsed of Floyd While, chairman, "™ n ; Hob Barnes. H. D. Hughes, Aaron A five minute visit by Dr. Tliom- Hoscnthnl, Zal n. Harrison and :orial work, one for leadership "Si'n returned to his bed ami training, and one for schools and i vvas sleeping. ship and attendance committee, which has already commenced its ,, ,, . i ,, T , iiuii.ii uua uucuuv luijiiiicutt-u its colleges-all under one active dl- j J see no Immediate danger nn- ft - ork of canvassing- the city for reefing head I ess complications set, in or unless; mcrc members. Others of this group Dr. H. H. Sherman, general sec- there Is a sudden relapse, Dr. aTC : Leslie Moore, R. J. Dodson, relary of thc board of education • Clayton said, as lie left the Tafl j H Fisher Gordon Wright and of the church, opposed thc plan.' home. j Snm Orlmcs ' en the ground colleges under the Mr. Tufts condition, however,' proposed centralized system would | mus ^ still be considered serious." no longer have any direct contact 1 • with local churches. S. H. Babcock. Oklahoma denounced the plan and cl the report envisioned 'Ve c; of parochial schools patterned aftc, the Roman Catholic system ami! resulting in control of education by h" church. . | The debate was a clear-cut con-1 ! llct between, the individualism of he educators and the desire of the Sunday school executives to cen- rallze. That thc plan would make Sunday school methods paramount n all the churchs educational ac- Ivltles. was the tenor of the opposition. a'MJESFflllL Tfl JULIE ,,,„,„, „ ,„ , , , b " dgct "mmlltcc b head- were fined $10 each for the peace. Mrs. Letta Hughes $10 for the same i£* ! l* ( ?.9 u ! : ' I l A , rk ~ A repreent- j Detectives restlessly Dormitory at Natchez College Leveled by Fire shuffled up"the steps to his "home", i T! tf destroyed a dormitory a- 1 Natchez college early today. Fifty students in the residence escaped Jodie Nabers and Homer Davis. It will arrange thc expenditures of the association when a rejwrt Is made at thc end of the week on the membership and dues collected. An advertising committee of S. E. Vail, chairman. Eilgar Herrlck. Lute Hubbard, Harvey Stewart nnd .T. G. Johnson, was also named by Well KllOWn lonl Cotton Mr - Mnrsn - Th <™ win manage the »/i ". '• OC '' 1 ^O" 011 publicity and advertising program ' for the organization. Reports on the various groups will be heard at another meeting of thc officers and board of directors scheduled for Friday night. IT FIRST 1 IS Order Follows Bandit Kcign and Shooting ol Policeman Today. MEMPHIS, Tenn., Ffb G (UP)— Onleu to "shoot firsl and investigate Inter." were Riven a spccla patrol of fifty policemen here today in an effort to curb a crime wave Hint has swept the city In recent weeks. The special squads will be armed with sub-machine and riot guns and will form n flying patrol to cover the entire city In automobiles beginning tonight, Inspector Mike Kelioe, acting chief of po lice, tnld. Bandit jjlilcb, have run rampant through Memphis street^ killing one policeman and wounding another the latter lodiiy, are to be haltei immediately. Kchoo snld. More Hum 100 robberies here in two weeks were climaxed when Policeman K. w. Ledbclter was shot and seriously wounded early today by n bamllt by a negro. . . Police forces already have been niHjmenletl by additional men this week and may again be Increases lo cope with HID present situation liolke officials said. nine days growth of beard on his face and one eye nearly closed Ot »' , A ; ° r St ' awaited In Tilsht clothes without Inlur.. firemen were unable to quench the blaze -' this week Ir T the 'intent ' mpany, en-1 Prices awakening to obtain the , e Dlazc VMien tnc w »'« supply ras present I full story of his confinement. Hist-J'™ ant) lne bll| l d| nK burned to of the city story was expected to be the basis I ground. Origin of the fire tws >t« f.*4«..-_i '«/ * - - * _*..._— ..—a*....* .. not hp.^n fJpt/rmlnpH liquor and was fined «»« Small Fire at Home of Chester furnish electricity for street )i&hb, jtn the various homes and other i uses and also pump water fn 'the city wells to the hcmes charges against seven here and two In New t every effort to find the men who bundled Price Into an automobile lost night, drovt him to his home, handed him his i watch and a one dollar bill, and ! threw him out of the car. Mayor J. T. Craig appointed I ----j— -• -. v.«, & cayijvimeu » if t | »t • n* PM. Firemen were called lo the res- Committee of three councllmen, i Hold Negro I0r riff Theft idencc of Chester Caldwell 919 " commlsslonm ! "" 11 *~ • — •-- •---• Hearn street early this afternoon where sparks from a faulty flue had Ignited (he celling Up ° n prelim- 1 The alarm was turned in wV^^^XJ"*'* >«™* Sam er to await the action of the grand by Justice R. L. McKhlght on a charge of grand sE«? w s£,rr, JI=L.%J H* =«™ s quickly enough slight damage. to prevent but wllh favor at the council meet- Ing. Sam was accused by his neighbor. Lon Mo-re, well kno^n negro farmer of Hlckman, of stealing a 1 big porker, the property of Moore. determined, Habit Correction Urged To End Headaches CHICAGO (UP)-The "mornlns after" headache Is not the only symptom of bad habits. According t-> Dr. C. O. Sapplniiton. Director of Industrial Health. National Safety Council, the easiest way to cure any headache Is to make a correction In your habits. While the doctor finds over IM causes, thc most common arc: Fatigue, bad air. hunger, minor physical defects, constipation and Inciigestlon; alcolrl. and demille organic diseases. Man Die? in Memphis Hospital Early Today. Allie Slsk. well known local cot- ten man and real estate owner, succumbed at thc Baptist hospital in Memphis early this morning following a long illnesv He w« taken lo the Memphis hosplta_ several .^ays ago but his condition grew steadily worse. r>fr. Slsk lived In this city for more than Ifl years and had been engaged In here for ms He is'd by his widow, Mrs. Ltllle olr-k, and two brothers. Funeral arrangements are Incomplete arcordin-r to the Cobb Undertaking company. uie cotton iy years. business Katherine Jans Worth Succumbs Early Today Katherine Jane Worth. 22-month- old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Worth, and granddaughter of Justice ond Mrs. R. L. Mc- Knlght, died at (he family home in the Pride Addition at 10 o'clock this morning. The baby had been III only three nays. Death was attributed to co- lltl*. Her father Is an employe of 'he postal service here. I^ineral arrangements are Incomplete, according to tiic Cobb Undertaking Co. George Terry, Pine Bluff Robber, Nabbed iii Peru LITTLE ROCK. Feb. 6 (UP) — George Terry, convicted Pine Bluff bank robber, who escaped from the state prison farm last Oclcbcr, has been captured in Lima. Pc-ru. and will be returned l>.r a reward of SIO.OOO, Peru am/wrlilcs have notified Warden S. L. Todhuntcr. Narcotic Informer Called Murder Victim AKRON, O., Feb. G (UP)—Mrs, Ruth Murray, federal narcotic Informer who died early today In a city hospital here. wa - . murdered, Coroner M. B. Crafts, declared. The cornier said (he woman's death had been caused by a fractured skidl, Federal nuti state nu- torlltes arc Invc-trgatlug. CLARKSVILT.E-Durlng the past few weeks, the 4-H membership in Jolinsunn county has been Increased bv thc enrollment of 155 boys and girls. Northeast Arkansas Society in Annual Convention Today. ( The latest styles in false teeth and all other phases of denistry arc being displayed today at the Hotel Noble', where 35 leading dentist* from all parls of northeast Arkansas and southeast Missouri arc attending the semi-annual meeting of thc Northeast Arkansas Dental society. Opening the program at 10:30 o'clock this morning, the day has been filled with Interesting addresses, table clinics and informal discussions by nationally known visitors and prominent members of the organization. A banquet at 1 o'clock will close the one day meeting. Following the address of welcome y Mayor Nelll Reed, Dr. O. C. : Toward of Jonesboro. president of the state society, made the response. Dr. p. p. Travis of Osceola, secretary of the state board, also spoke In the morning session. After luncheon, displays of dent- stry were shown In table clinics which occupied tlie dentists' attention until 2 o'clock, when Dr. J. A. Sallba lectured on "Oral Lessons as Related to Vincent's Angina." Dr. L. H. Moore Is to be toastmaster of the banouet which will be featured with Impromptu speeches of things of Interest only to denllsts. J At 8 o'clock, Dr. J. W. Cohl- meycr. of Ihc I,. D. Caulk company of Milford. Del., will make an address. Members present arc from Jones- boTo, Parasould, Osceoln, Rector and Monette, and Walnut Ridge. Ark., and there are a number of visitors from C.nuthersvllle. Ken- „„,„,,,„ „, .,,„ ;-,~Y nett. Maiden. Bloomfleld and 1 ?.,., ™ M L £ • P™-"^ 1 '„, Stc.ele. Mo ! could be obtained by produc- rt,,,' ' , .. , , i lr| S crops of soy beans and corn. Officers of the society are: Dr. The "llve-at-home" campaign was H. A. Taylor, president: Dr. L. W. discussed by Mr. Cherry Hr.inrmn o f Pi££0tt vice cresl- I IT- L "~ of the Northeast _ Society attending a meeting here today were guests of the Rotarians, Including Dr. L. .O. Newport. Maiden, Mo.; Dr. L. S. Johnson. Jonesboro; Dr. A. W. Sclcord. Walnut Ridge and Dr. Floyd Travis of Osccolft. Prank FOR Twine ;ETI De . \ scision Leaves Circuit Court Clerk Sole Candidate for Post. T. J. Mahau, pioneer resident nd business man of Blythevlllc stated today lhat ho would not ipposc w. w. Hollipcter for tlie iJcinociallc nomination for county treasurer. ' Mr. Malmn:, who In a llfctlmo of activity and interest in civic and community affairs has never been a candidate for political office, made Informal announcement last summer of his Inlenllon to : seek the county trcasureshlu for tlie Icrni beginning next January, . Until recently It, had been assumed lhat, hh definite entry In tins race would be forthcoming shortly, and his wide acquaintance and the respect with which • lie Is held throughout the county, made It certain that hc would bo a strong candidate. A feiv dayi ago. however, It became known a'mong his frlentls that hc was considering d change In his decision, and yesterday' he let It be known definitely that he was not a candidate for the office. '• '•'•> Mr. Mahan totd the Courier News today that he had no statement to make concerning the change Irl his plans other than that.he had : decided that he would not be a candidate against Mr. Holllpeter. Tlwy ore friends of long stand- Ing. . . . ....;. Mr. Mahuh's decision leaves Mr. Hollipeter, now clerk' of the circuit, the only candidate for ^the : : treisurershlp, although w. W. Cox' of Leachvllle has been sounding out sentiment «j to possible support for his candidacy. .'•'. ••'.'• Heath _ r Fouows Brief IDriess Era Wright, 26 years nU t 'd!MJ~' at tile home of her mother.- Mrs": Ellen Wright on North Railroad street nt 6 o'clock this morning fol- Inwlng a brief Illness. Death re- sidled from complications following an attack of tonsllltls. Funeral services will be seld to-. morrow afternoon at the North Sawba cemetery. The Cobb Under- faking company Is In charge of funeral arrangements. . | The deceased Is survived by. bs'L sides her mother, two brothers Harold and Willis. Deadlock Holds in Trial of Texas Judge for Murder AUSTIN. Tex., Feb. 6 (UP)—Discord prevailing among jurors' de- Iberatlng the case of Jo'.in B, 3rady, charged with the murder of !*hlla Hlghsmlth, court stcnor' rnpher, today seemed destined to proceed endlessly to n dismissal. A deadlock of more than 30 hours duration was resumed today when he Jury returned to Its chamber on the third floor of the court icuse. It was reliably reported the. pill is ten for conviction and two or acquittal. Rotarians Hear Talks on Diversified Farming Rotarans at their regular weekly uncheon at the Hotel Noble today icard short speeches by Jesse Tayor. president of the Lions Club, and Louis Cherry, member of their- own club, on the advantages to thc farmer of raising varied crops," Mr. Taylor, speaking of his experiences as a dirt farmer, told the it: Dr. L. ar.d treasurer. Mr$. Hal« Succumbs at Home on East Ash Funeral serlvecs were held thhs a Corning at 10:30 o'clock for Mrs. Kill Hale. R5. who succumbed at her home, on Enst Ash street, at noon yesterday, after a lor? illness. (The Rev. Perry P. Webb, pastor of the First Baotist church officiat- . Bruner of' Marked Tree was also ed Ht the services Interement was made at the Maple Grove cemetery. Funeral arrangements were In charge of the Cobs Undertaking company. The deceased ts survived by a daughter, Mrs. Beatrice Halpln of this city and three brothers. S. W. Miller of Sardis, Miss. Carey Miller "'id B. H. Miller of Hernando, Miss. Arkansas—Fair and slightly warmer tonight and Friday. According to the official- weather observer, Brax Smith, the minimum temperature here yesterday was 38 degrees and the maximum, 57 degrees: cloudy with north winds and .47 inchM of rain. On thvs same day a year ago the minimum temperature was 21 decrees; cloudy with northeast winds and .01 Inches of rain,

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