The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 4, 1930
Page 6
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PAGE SIX MUG MM Records Will Show McRae Knocked Out Carr But Audience not Pleased. The record books will show tha Stanley McHae, Luxora's hard punching light heavy, scored n knockout over Jack Can of Cleve land, Ohio, and more recently o Memphis, Temi., n the SCCOIK round of a scheduled cght rouu bout at Osfpolo Inst night—but n _bk majority of the fans prescn 'will strongly dispute the records- it you should ask ntoul the fluhi. It was on unfortunate hidden that marred another cnrd for Hnp- py Gus Foreman, this knochout But Referee Chester rianeliower i.cunted the visitor out of tho picture nnd the vfldlcl stood. Pandemonium broke loise on evcrj tide but Jeff Roland, state boxmt commissioner upheld Danehower's decision, the argument went on far Into the night— nnd if Promotci Foreman Is wljc he will remitter Carr and Mcllne and pack 'cm Ir the next time. The Incidents leading up to the end happened In this order Carr took a hnrd punch to the side of tile jaw while coming In 01 McRae In the second round and •promptly and abruptly iat down li the -middle of the ring. McRae walked Into a neutrnl corner and Referee Danehower began * the count. At the count of six Carr showed signs of coining up again but continued to stay down. Jtisl as timekeeper, called "nine," McRae was out o! his corner nnd almost over Carr who was nbout half way up. Referee Danehower, ns his actions appeared to the writer and apparently to the majority of the fans, seemed to momentarily halt (he count nnd motion McRae back to his corner while holding his hand over Carr In n manner suggesting "wait while I put this man back." Then suddenly Danehower Hun? his hand in the direction of Carr with the announcement • "you're outl" Fans Break Locse A hue and cry was raised on nil sides with Carr, suddenly showing signs of enthusiasm that belittled his efforts In Ihe. ring, taking a big part. Referee Danehower, In explaining his action slated that Carr was on the canvass between 10 and 12 - seconds, in which he was . substantiated by the timekeeper. He stated that he did not stop the count but simply motioned McHno back to his corner and proceeded with the count. Hr also stated he was not motioning Carr to wait but tolling off Ihe count on Cnrr's shoulder. The wrotcr believes that Danehower was a trifle hasty In counting Carr out—despite the fact that the Memphis battler was on the floor at least ten seconds, In view of the "interruption" of the count. It was very doubtful If Carr would have regained his feet hsd-Danehower waited a moment longer before the final ")0." However the entire incident was most unfortunate. The boys should meet again. McRae was enjoying a slight lead up to the "knockout" although the bull like rushes of the Memphis heavy were hard (or McRae to solve. He was clearly in better shape than Carr who wns overfat. Neirroes Btst Show Referee Danehower put Battling Henley of Memphis out of the ring when he failed to persuade the Memphis boy to mix wllh Jack Benny with any success. The two should never have gone into the ring together, Henley appearing to outweigh Be'nny about ten pounds, and the Osceola flyweight was In no condition for the battle, suffering from a strained muscle in his right leg. Kid Brown and Kid Black, 83 pound negro boys put on another one of their acts for the edification of the fans and it subsequently proved to be the longest bout of the evening, even though It con tisted of but four two minute rounds. The bout • was called a draw and then the big fight to grab the sprinkling of coins tossed. Into th ring begun. Kid Brown's read and height stood in good" stead in i-rcth scrambles. BRUSHING UP SPORTS - "i^xuE^yy *L RK - > By Laufei Teaches Fighting Cobb, Speaker and Ruth, Evans' Best Outfielders liy RIU.V EVANS T.v Cobb, Tris Speaker and B.ibc 3uth, to my way of thinking are he greatest outfielders of the last 25 years. Those three stars comprise an outfield that, simply couldn't be beat. Cobb.C Speaker nnd Ruth could tlo everything. They didn't have a slnrjle wenk- less. To* urn n close second lo Ihls premier trio it would be possible o select an oiitllclcl almost as strong 'from these seven; Fred Clarke, Happy Felscli, Willie Kcelcr, Joe Jackson. Etld Roii.ih. Al Simmons and Charley JnmlKon. Thus, the 10 greatest outfielders luring the Inst 25 years In base- mil, as seen by me. would consist f Ty Cobb. Babe Ruth, Tris ipcakcr. Fred Clarke, Al Simmons. Vllite Kecler, Jnr Jackson. Edd toush, Happy Fclsch nnd Charley ainleson. Ty Cobb, I would rate the grcat- ••st boll player of all time and Ihst, f course, qualifies him to be one of he three leading outfielders of the nst 25 years. Babe Ruth T would ate a close second to Ty Cobb. n fact. I feel that it is necessary o qualify lo a certain extent the tntement that Ty Cobb Is the ;rcatest ball player o! all time. Ty Cobb came lo the American League in 1G05 nnd for 15 years. Or until 1920. was in a class by nimsclf. Unquestionably he was the greatest batter of that period, for ear after year he led the American League in that department as concrete proof of the fact. He ,ras the speed merchant- of' thai lime nnd on the bares was a constant source of danger because 01 his daring. He had a good arm and could field splendidly. There was nothing he couldn't do. However, during the lime (hat Cobb shone lo greatest advantage. Ihe majors used what might be best termed the "dead ball" Instead of the lively ball that has been In vogue for about 10 years. About 1920 there came to the front another great figure In baseball. Babe Ruth, who proceeded to shove Cobb into the background. Ruth since 1820 was a far more valuable player than Cobb. The lively ball and Ruth's ability to hit it farther than any o',hc r hu- His judgment of fly balk, Ills knowledge of the batters, his nbil- lly to handle ground balls like an Inflfldcr nnd his accurate nrm mule him n super outfielder. Tn ddltion he was n great bntler nnd nr from slow. The other seven outfielders seeded, nil had their outstanding entures. llfco Ruth's slugging nbll- ly. Kecler was the master burner \ncl place hitter, anil so on down lie line. Of the 10 outfielders mined, eight nrc left-handers, only wo right-handed batters Happy p elsch and Al Simmons. Some niny differ with me on he selection of Charley Jamleson, lit after watching him for years s an umpire nnd (hen having ilm imtler me, us general manager f tile Cleveland club, for two ears f feel that he is deserving f such honor. While far from a lugger, ho has every a«et nnd, est of nil, the ideal temperament. n the Chancery C'-urt for the Chlckasawbn District of Mississippi county, Arkansas union Savings Building. & Loan Association, PJalntlff. vs. -uln Watson, ct al. Defendants WARNING ORDER The defendants, Lula Watson fancy E. White. W. I. Donniley nil Willie O'IMnnlley are warned o appear In the Chancery Court or lire .Chicknsnwbn District of Mississippi County Arkansas, wllh- n thirty flays from this date, and :iswcr the complaint of the plaln- itT, Union Savings Building & Loan Association. Wilne:s my hand as clerk of said ourt. and the seal thereof, on his 2lst day of January, 1930 W. W. HOLLIPETER. Clerk. By Harvey ^forrls. D. C. Reid. Evrard & Henderson. Attorneys for Plaintiff. Jan. 21-28. Feb. 4-11 man being li Ruth the His business Is to make scrappers of the young men In training at the Naval Academy to become greatest player In baseball over a period t)f 10 years, or from 1920 to 1930. The last 10 years have been an era -of swat, in which force has proved to be a far greater factor than strategy and brain power. Wlih the lively ball. Cobb takes a seat In the background in comparison with Ruth bec.we the lively ball has eliminated the value of many of the great asset* that made Cobb famous, such a: his great speed, remarkable basi stealing ability and his lubit o stretching his hits lor an extra base. His daring and the fear the opposition had any time Cobb cam to bat made them hurry thel plays because ot his known gren speed. One run no longer mean much In baseball. In Cobb's bl days that was usually the decidin factor. However, all tilings considered Cobb Is entitled (o be classed a COMMISSIONER'S SALE Notice Is hereby given that-the undersigned commissioner, in compliance with the terms of a decree rendered by the Chancery Coint for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on (he 7th clay of December, 1929, wherein Dan G. Stout was plaintiff, No. *534 and Jane Holloman, et al. were defendants, will soil at public auction to the highest and best bidder, on a credit of three I3i months, at the front door of Ihe courthouse, between the hours prescribed by law, In the City of Blythevlllc, Arkansas, on the asuil day of February. 1030, the following real estate, to-wit: Lot Four W. Block Thirty- two . (32). Blylhc addition'-to Blythevllle, Arkansas. Said sale will bo had to satisfy said decree In the sum of SI73.C7. with 8 |x>r cent interest from April 30, 1S27. The purchaser at said sale will be miuirwl to execute bond wllh approved security, to secure the payment of the purchase money, pnrt a lien will be retained upon said property as additional security for the payment, of such purchase money. Witness my ham) and tlie sea! of said court, on .this, the 58th day of January^ 1Q30. W. W. HOLLIPCTER. Commissioner In Chancery Jan. 28-Feb. 4 HOME THEATRE Last Time Today WARNING ORDER Chancery Court, Chlckasawba District. Mississippi County, Arkansas. : lrowne ft Billings. Inc., Plaintiffs vs. No. 4MI Wm. H. Hall ct nl, Defendant The defendants. Wm.'H. Hall and Elhel Nunn Hall are warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in me caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Browne & Billings luc Dated Jan. 20, 1930. W. W. HOLLIPETER Cleik. By Harvey Morris. D. c. C. M. Duck, alty. for plaintiff Ufarcus EvrarS. ntty ad [,11cm. Jan. 21-28. Feb. 4-11 officers In Uncle Sam's navy. George H. Moffett, above, son of Admiral William A. Moffett. chief of the Navy Bureau of Aeronautics, has been appointed assistant box- al the Annapolis Tn the Mississippi County Chancery Court, Chickasawba Di,v, r !ct American Building and Loan Association and W. L. Dclor.ey, as Trustee, Plaintiffs. vs. 4662 W, A. Hutchlnson. et al. Defendants WARNING ORDER The defendants Frank s. Pin'.ey and Wllll»m R. Moore Dry Goods Company are warned to appear In this court within thirty days from this date ond answer the complaint of the Plaintiffs, American Building and Loan Association, and W. L. Deloney, as Trustee. In witness w:icreor. I have hereunto set my hand and the seal of HI tfr The loves, tri uni])hs n n d tragedies o f Flaming . Youth in a great successor to "Our Dancing Daughters" E1E BUTTLE Cleveland Rosenblums To Appear Against Arkansas Team at Memphis. MEMPHIS. Tenn. _ Arkansas' pmnicr cagcrs, the Earlc Cardinals, will attempt to throw n monkey wrench Into the tamous wheel piny of the Cleveland Ituscnbluins, In (he. Chanrtrv Court for The <-hlckasaw(ji District of Mississippi County, Arkansas E. C. Robinson Lumber Company Inc., Plaintiff vs. ft. -KJM Church of God, et nl Defendants WARNIN'O OISIJKR The defendants. E. I'. Wright and Hauisey ^Ypptewh.'j'c, as Tnislpe^ for the Church (if God, Hlyihcvillc. Arkansas, and E. P. Wright and Ollie Wright, are warned to appear In this cowl within thirty days to iinwer the complaint of the plaintiff. Wlliiess my hand n.s clerk nf .said court and Ihe seal thereof, this 13th day of January. 1930. W. W. HOLLIPETER. Clerk By Eli/abeth niythe. D. C. Jan. 14-21-28. Feb. 4. In (he Mississippi County Chancery Court. Chlckasasvba District. American BulMInf? nnd Loan Association and W. L. Delony, as Trustee, Plaintiffs. vs. No. 4663 C. II. Gainer, et al Defendants. WARNING ORDER The defendant, Klng-Haase Furniture Company (6 warned to appear In this court within thirty days from this date and answer the complaint of the plaintiffs, Am- BuiUlbij,' and Loan Association and W. 11. neloney ns Trustee. In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and the seal of the above court this 20th day of January, 1930. W. W. HOLLIl'ETER. Clerk. By Harvey Morris, U. C. Nelll Reed Ally ad Lltem. Jan. 21-28, Feb. 4-11 the greatest player ot all time. For, the above court th'j 10 dav of I Supported bv Rod I aRociue wilh the exception of being able January. 1930. ' ' -muiim. RIT7 all/4 Last Time Today "» r e r jiff [arm! Perfect (New Rogers I h r obs nnd thrills. SEE!. HEAR! "Young America's Boy-Friend" _4CHARLES'(BUDDY> ROGERS 'Half "Way ; to Heaven 1 All Talking Comedy ;md "Trip Through Spain" Travelogue Admission, Matinee 10-35 Admission, .Night 25-50 world's champions of the professional sports, here tonight, The largest crowd to ever wllneu a basketball game In this city is expected to turn out tonight. The Cardinals beast one of the greatest machines In the history of the Sarle team but Ihe odds are heavily In favor of the champions, who ijjvu already won Ihe first half race iu the American League schedule. The Cards' array of stars includes Capt. Slick Vincent of the University of Alabama, Potts Johnson TUKSDAVJFCTKUARY J_, J930 , ot Ole Miss, forwards; Jiute Baseman from the University of Ohio center; .Marvin Bird from Hendrlx and, Buslicy from the Kansas Ag- gies at guards. Read Courier News Want Ads. They're New! Stetson Hats Yes, new ;is the spring sca.son itself and ;IK cheerful as (lie first robin's note. Here you will find every desirable .shape pnd shade;'every wanted color from the light grays to the darker tones--and at moderate prices. Homburgs iWelt Edges Snap Brims Crushers All the New Spring Shades The New Mead Clothing Company •^^^^^^^^•••^•••^^^•^•H Simmons Beautyrest Mattresses are recommended and used by the best people in the United States. Have you tried one? We handle the full Simmons line and will give you terms to suit you on any article in this line . . . why not try one? If other people think they are wonderful, there must he a difference. Beautyrest Mattresses Deep Sleep Mattresses Ace Springs $39.50 $19.75 $19.50 to get distance to his hit?, he undoubtedly had an edge over tiulh ' partmcnts of play. Tris Speaker, f rale a better fielder th»n either Cobb Pr Ruth. W. W. HOLUPETER. Clerk. of the about Cowrt. By Harvey Nforrls. u c Neill Reed, Ally ad Utem. Jan, 21-28. Feb. 4-11 Also Comedy and News Admission, Mnlinct' ;uid Night, 10 and 2uc • I Only 85 Down and §1 Per Week on any of the above articles at the same price. Hubbard Furniture Company m_ .1 'ii . . . • ^ Blythevillc, Ark.

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