The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, January 15, 1940
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VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 254. THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER f» NnivmttAST A,,,,,,,,,, „ *. ^ ^ -*~* * » k_/ For Belgium Prepares Worst As Rumors German Move Grow BRUSSELS? Belgium, Jan. 15. (UP)—King Leopold assumed supremo command of all (lie armed forces totlav its Jus lahier King Albert had done in Uie World War Ihe army slafi: took over the direction of all military operations and formed a general ' ' ' "»"i<"i .The calling up of new men to* — ihe army over ihe weekend hud brought, the country lo "Slags D", which precedes general mobilization. Selected auxiliary military services were removed from iho fortified Liege region and hundreds of civilians evacuated tlic Eupi-n Malmedy and St. vitli areas, oust and southeast of Liege on Ihe German frontier. Tho country had spent an anxious ' Sunday as soldiers hurriedly reported for duly and stair car's dashed through cities and the countryside with urgent orders. There wns a slight relaxation of tenseness today but there was no ARKANSAS ANB SOUTHEAST MISSOUIH Mississippi Valley Leader Blythevlllo nmiy Nnvs ~ r ' — — Herald Biythevmo courier HmTlRVJLLB, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, JANUARY'if, 10-10 First Of Jui-y Cases On Full Dockel Is Heard Today Indicnlioii either of' the The civil division or tircull court ^"^ lc " ay wWt tlle «"•••* ™.« Stl ", " mlcrw »i p when Hie afternoon for the x precaul,on s - lak^n o^r £& ^ S° t Vfnc ^-sor choirs «^"~ - - ;^r^ »r i^isi? '# ^; ^ It was recalled, however, that Crown Princess Marie Jose of Italy is Belgian and that there are other non-official "Italian circles' with close connections here. It wns estimated thai Belgium now had nearly 700,WO men undci arms, zatlon A call for yeneral mobilt- would swell number to more than 1,000,000 but there, was no sign that such a call was .HOW contemplated. The government and coffee houses during the hours ordered cafes closed exceyc- between 11:30 and Reid and ilanl. u-csents the plaintiff Evraid, the defen- a.m. and 2 p.m. and between 5 p.m. nnd 9 p.m. In Amsterdam an informant asserted that German frontier forces had special transportation calculated lo permit tiiem to advance even if Holland flooded the frontier, area. "Swamp buggies", large, loose- •jolntenl •• trucks.with wheels mon Oilier cases slated for today are: Dacus Lumber Co., vs. Joe Craig- Clarence Jones vs. Charlie Walker- Griffith Laboratories vs. Mrs Lnla Sellers; Roland Newbcrn vs Mrs Louise Chapman. Cases set for tomorrow are- Horace Walpole vs. Charles Corey Crittenden Agriculture Credit Co : vs. H. H. Hannon; Willie Pearson vs. Federal Compress nnd Ware- home Company; Dewcy Blake nnd 0 .Hewlett vs. w. E. Vines; A. B Martin and Home Insurance Co • Jy-.-jo than eight feet high and great rubber tires, were reported present in large numbers. These vehicles can move over swampy areas carrying machine guns, field pieces or soldiers. The frontier forces were alleged to have instructions lo be ready for an' advance at any time. Approves Nomination Of Murphy To Court WASHINGTON, Jan. 15. (UP)-The senate judiciary committe unanimously approved today th New York Cotton Visiting attorneys in Uie city today included Howard Muycs and Clarence Meadows of Loachvllle, J. O. Waskom of Marked Tree' E. L. Wcslbrookc Sr., and Claude. Bnnton of Jonosbpqr. Frank J "•,-• hanl of (SsccolR, and Mr ifanna- mon of the Jaw firm of Hannamon and Tital, of Memphis Swedish Nolc Hopes Mis- widerslaiulmg Will Be Cleared Up STOCKHOLM. Jan.'-15 (Ul>)_ Swedish foreicti mfnteter Qucnther In u note to Moscow said that (lie Swedish government lias no poll||I cal erlo'aacps against Russia, It w ns announced lodny. • The note expressing hope fol . early elimination of all mhunilcr- '•»i'Hii»s between Sweden and Uussta, was in' reply ( 0 u Sovid note delivered lo tho foreign ofllcc lust night' nnd protesting use oi Swedish amis and i-ojiiiileers in (lie aid of Fiulnnd. The note delivcre dlo Moscow (let)lored attacks against Sweden oarliiij in the linsslmi press and broadcast by Uie Russian radio and said (hat there was no reason for the Soviet romplumls against Swe- •len. The conlenls of the Soviet note of protest was broadcast from Mr, s . I cow before It was delivered to (he Swedish foreign office. '(Al Oslo Norway was disclosed to •are sent a note to Soviet Russia iintlnsf that Ihc government would nermil, transport of urms across Norwegian territory to Finland.) Helsinki Holocaust ™' Fire Destroys 8,500 Homes In Jap City TOKYO, Jan. 15 (UP) _ The Japanese news agency reported from Sliizoiika, southwest of Tokyo that 50,000 persons hnd been made ISontbiiig Attacks Continue _ HELSINKI, Jan. IS. (Vp)-fi, u . sinn airplanes swept over soutlir.rn „ 1 inland again today In whnt Finns 1,,, charged was a vnst campaign to cte- mornlizc the populace. The planes came from bases ir, Estonia half an how's f light across Ihe Gulf of Finland. Tile temperature was 10 decrees below zero, regarded ns favorable for bombing: This afternoon it was reiwtml that 20 of the Soviet planes flew over viipuri and dropped five bombs. The bombs fell In the cenl-r of the city nnd several houses were damaged nnd set afire. Finns reported thnfn new failure in the Russian raids a daily occurrence now, was the extensive 1 It had bee: Hie fact said that casualties nnd' remarkably ll?ht despite lhat Hie Russians are using from «0 lo 500 planes dailv Finns quoted Russian aviation prisoners as saving that they liatl orders lo bomb nny town which had a railroad station. Mammoth's Tooth Found, It's 125,000 Years Old WASHINGTON, Pa (UP)_ A tooth 125,000 years old has been unearthed by a construction crew, homeless by a fire, which destroyed 8,500 homes today. Tiic flames raged (lireuglt the city all day but casually figures nomination" of' Attorney* "General I T»L "nl ^^l"', to 1)e M &° b£1 -1 "ore" Frank Murphy to be an associate S»w C ° Ui in t1ay -' ™ c toolh . discovered about 15 justice of the supreme court. " feet below (he surface on the bank oi Cliartlers creek, lias been ijen- ! lined by Dr Homer c. Porter, Washington and Jef- prev. open high low close close Jan. .. 1101 1116 Mar .. 1092 1109 Slay .. 1067 1083 Jul. .. 1029 low Oct. .. 970 985 Dec. .. 931 07B 1098 1116 1099 1092 1103-9 1092 I06T 1083 10C5 1029 1014 1035 969 985 96G SOI 979 958 New Orleans Cotton open high Jan. .. 1093 Afar. .. HOG 1118 May .. 1070 .1093 1038 1053 . 974 989 . 965 979 low July Oct. Dec. prev. close close .... 1120 1091 UOS 1118 1103 1079 1093 1076 1038 1053 974 987 965 B79-SO 1GB 1-4 87 4 1-2 113 3-8 38 1-8 51 7-8 Stock Prices A. T. & T Am. Tobacco Anaconda ' Copper 23 1-4 Beth. Steel 73 3-4 Chrysler .' ..- " 32 1-4 Cities Service Coca Cola Gen'l. Elect Geii'I. Motors Int. Harvester .. . Mont. Ward N. Y. Central North Am. Aviation Packard Phillips Radio Republic Steel IB 7-8 Socony Vacuum 11 7-_ Studebaker 03-8 Std. of N. J 433-4 Texas Corp 437-8 U. S. Steel 59 Museum Gels Shrunken Hi SPOKANE, Wash. (UP) -The geologist b'ule" JU ' 1S PC1 '''" 0 Z0 " e al)out MO vcars lasf.ta- Negress, Four Times Sold As Slave, Dies Near Deering At Age of 111 CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo., Jan. 15 Aunt Paul never wore glasses vet -Pauline Rice, negress and former did a great deal of Jwln^Snc P^'-^deT^ti"'" 0 ™ as " Aullt cn i°>' ctl IisWll S «nd even last'sum- Paul, is dead nt the rare «ge of mcr made regular trips 'over the 111 \vlnt-c llol- rlnntr. *...{ -.,.-..,. _.:-... . IM v>\.l kl U, 1035 m S' enrs - ller death being attrib- 970 utsd to grief over the ctealh of her %3 "baby" son. who was 80 years old. She died at Dccriiig, MO., in Ihis county where she had resided since | 1805. Born in Lake County, Twin., the year Andrew Jackson was elected, "Aunt Paul" frequently appeared on assembly programs hi the Deering high school to Icll of her early life as a slnve. She was nn unusually strong and healthy woman standing well over six 'feet and 51 5-8 10 5-3 23 1-4 welshing more than pounds nt vicinity near her home v.ith her pole and bait can. Her neighbors always marveled at her immense physical strength-last year slic raised and dug by hand a patch of sweet potatoes, and just recently she cntne Into Camthersville oil business and the courthouse and postoflice. explaining that she"had walked in" part of the way. A few years ago, when she was well past 100 years of age. she witli a one time. She wns sold h i *\w • as sow as a slave four limes, awl talked much of President Abraham Lincoln and her experiences during th c C [ VM - War Afler the end of ihe war nml the gaining -of freedom, she an J '-3 family moved lo Hickman J ; I where her husband a3-4 number of other negroes, were gathered at tixe Dcerin" Farms store one Christmas, waiting for foodstuffs which the store annually gives its farm hands for presents, niul ihe store manager, pointing to a barrel of flour wcigh- —- , in» about 200 pounds, laughingly n cr j told thc group any " | Paul calmly picked up the barrel Chicago Wheat open high low close May 971-21001-2 085-81001-4 July 061-2 981-4 DO 1-2 33 Chicago Corn open high . low close May 581-8 583-8 573-4 583-4 July 58 5-8 583-4 581-8 583-4 joining him the next year, 1905 She was the mother of three children, two of them dying while S?.?. n 5' '"?.?" "baby" Jw Imcl. ° ! ""« »'•"<* by Soviet bomb SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Federal Judge Trimble Denies Motion For Instruct" ed Verdict .I'lTU-: ItOCIC, Jnn, 15. (UP)— e Kovt'rnincm. rested today lu > Irlnl of Normim linker nml iiur iiKsocluk's. rluii'Kvd with mail mud In connection with opera- Ion or cancer hospitals at Eureka "inns. Ark., inul Muscnllne, la. Iimm-dlntcly ufier (.he govern- ucnl rested, shortly before noon. Weiise nlloriiuy.s made u motion or u directed verdict of ncniiltlnl or all defendiinls on grounds tlic ndlctmonts wne Insufnclcnl on nch comi I Tin- motion was ovcr- liled by I'Vdcrnl Jud(j« Tlioumn Trimble. \ second mollon, also overruled i«l!t a directed verdict of ac- ullliil for defendants Slntler, Msli- r and lically on grounds lhat Insufficient evidence, nyninst. them id been Introduced. Principal witness for the government Hits morning was Irn How, Members Of Group Deny Conspiracy Against Government YOUR, Jnn, ]f, linn ]<Yo)il plpmled court, Brooklyn, today and wore- 11 SfiO.OOO bail end). —» Their .arraignment, followed their members of .the for liejii'jjig- FeJj. 'fj Hock jjostul inspector, who Little was recalled to the slmxi nnd 'questioned regarding what employ, cs lit linker hospital In Kuickn Springs hnd (old him clm-lng' n | vlsll (hero about Ihclv (iiialincn- llons. At n Iicnrlnu lu chambers before today's .session opened ,/ittlrje Trlmblo refused Ihe tovcrnmciu permission lo Introduce evidence arc searched by « rescue party seeking victims concerning amount of money :i| of Ihe fled mldcrs. IS| nILLEfl Three Others Injured In Collision Near Wagoner, tikla. by Uie liosjiltal for radio mlvcr- Uslni;. The dcfonse opens ll« case Ibis nftcrnooit. WAGONER, Okln., Jan. IS. But Officers Still Ho avc Mopes Of Apprehending ' Holdup Pair Iratnma: wns killed nnd three' j,, others injured last collision of two if _ freight trains two miles north of Wagoner. Clarence Hogan, " Ark., engineer, was mndc -.. v..w .i.u.nji'y of ttic CEisU ilnsvcv in the ol tbe Dlythevllle Waler Comp.iny oi 5328 which occurred late Tuesday , lifter auc of two robbers had struck * iijronnc Whiltle, cashier, over To Send Congress Message On Finland WASHINGTON, Jan. IB (Ul')~ President Roosevelt decided lodny to scud congress a message dealing with proposals to extend nm- lerlal relief to Finland. Senalc Democratic Lender Alben W. Bnrklcy nnnounccd Mr. nolir^S VS , , , I --"•.T«.».t .iJi.LuiL., Kl.-nn;;!, UVUJ IJ1L I '„,!? scalllcd jhcad when he attempted to pro- Ills engine over- vc , lt tho hold-up. to death when turned. ,J. L. Pine, fireman on Hogan's engine, wns Injured critically. Also injured were William Hnmlllon, up. Officers have a definite clue upon which they are working but the case Is expected to take some lime Bnrkley declined lo disclose whclher Mr. Roosevelt's communication will make tiny specific recommendation for assistance lo Fln- Innd. dcclm-lng Hint (lie messngo will have to speak for Itself. brakeman. and L H HnWer""iirc- i ™ °"'™' " "'" 5 11 ' molmcetl man. The Injured were taken to n '*?,' c t , wo " le " cnlcr(!tl "' hospital nt Musko"ee on Bf 01 " 1 *'";' (Fourth street) shortly A "doubichcru.eVtala pulled ^.rJnflf!^ Tn7S c r by two engines, ran into Ihe .caboose •• mrcntcni No New Diphtheria Cases Are Reported old Snpi'cme Court M ______ They Must Pnss Tests In Basic Sciences Ll'lTLK ROCK, Jnn, ID. (UP)- iiie stale .supreme «>wt ruled to««y Hint chiropractors In Arkansas pass lesls In bnslo seienco over tlic week, end nnd 1 the charge by J. Edgni- Hoover, chief of Uie federal bureau of Investigation . that the pHsonen liad plotted ex; tensive terrorist , activities bombings nnd nmt-jewls)] outbursts; At the same time federal agents revealed that (he fantastic -plot I of the small ring to atnge an up' rising hgnlnst Ihe government, inlglit lead to nn Investigation or the New York national guard to determine if ihe band's small nr- scn:il hnd Iwen obtained from th'e mllltnry. Harold M. Kennedy, U. S. attorney In Brooklyn, said that those, nrreslcrt were onlj a pait of a „ - Heforc they may oblnln licenses to tlon - lamer group sllll iindci investlgn.- !!ractlcc - Kennedy said thnt his point m- 'I'lie ruling cnmc wlicn Ihc court ?," lry "''"' lh ° PlB[ «vealed that • , reversed n Pulnskl county clmnccry '«""ers hnd threatened ' Imme- TOiirt ncllon in rcfiislim lo cr-uil ., ° nclltm " fl s ^ result of which mi Injiincllon to (lie Aikansns Mod-: " le nms(s «wc made carhcr than cal Soclely which lind OTiijjUt tin;' , bce " I |!fl » llc 'l "o said ovl- Injuncllon lo prevent grnntinit of co 3 lne " lln <l collected indl- Ilccnscs by (he stale board of chho- |c , ™ liml thc - nll!; eed terrorists proctor oxnmliieix hnd been [>assed , ml| , „,,, (( , sl Tim supreme court ordered that Hie Injunction 1 10 gmntcd. Tlio medical society contended hut such test,s In anatomy, cliemls- ry nnd olher basic sciences musl be niiaicd by chli-opmctors tinder Ad No. H7 of Ihe 1030 Icglslnliirc. to lion's 10 Largest'Manu- facturers Are Indicted Al Chicago P.'HpAap,; Jnn,* 15,- (UP)-The .federal grand Jury, "'/hVesUjhtliiu , Ihe building trades, today relumed mi Imllclmcnl naming <12 persons and corpnrnllons nil coinieclctl wllli the tllo Industry. The len largest 1 manufacturers of tile in (he milled "stales were Included In l) )0 Indictment ' vchleli clmrged violation of the Shernmn anti-trust, laws, II wns announced. NMV Orleans Gro»|> Nitrnctl have nu\e Several box cars caught fire i „,' i bucllln, when tests were mnde after A. L. Rice, engineer on the first . moncy wns scao I'Mi a\A of, tliey became ill of throat ailments engine of the "doubelhcjider" was , <lrBW ' cr nml lhc "»cn, both of recovered without developing the unhurt. Both trains were uoine " n l ) l :lcaretl to be about 30 years disease nfler treatment was started k * of ngc and unmasked, left by lhc soulh. Rice said railroad .-iflctals from fronl Vnn Buren, Ark., and Coffeyville, Kan., had been notified of the accident and were en roule here. Fire Damage Slight Slot Machines Set Up For Students to Play NEW BRITAIN, Conn. <UPJ— „„ , ., Students nt New Britain Teachers ",' e ', tiie A flue fire caused slight damage lo Ihe residence of Ike Goodwin, Sycamore nml Lilly streets. Into Sunday afternoon. i Damages were confined to the (UP) todny NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 15. —Labor's long war here broiisht 11 Slieimnn niitl-tncsl in- diclmcnl against Uie Diilldlns nnd Construction Trnde Council of New Orleans nnd 21 locnl affiliated American Federation of Labor unions, rlnrs Mclcil Owl NEW OELEA»S. Jan. 15. (UP) —Ilia fcdernl government's long Investigation Into work on the city's $14,000,000 cbnrlty hospital lodny resulted in tines of $200 each lo Collet-e can slot machines as hl|rnc(1 floor Milk Trices Cut for Needy SACRAMENTO, Cnl. (UP)—An fourteen contractors and n"$2000 experiment Is underway in Die fine to lhc locnl chapter of the Sacramento milk producing nren Associated General Contractors of wmcli permits thc unemployed America. reduction under rclali lo charges of conspiracy to^d'e- le slnle department of f rnU( i t| 1( . government in diversion ordered the price -llf- of Public Works In cooperation with f,m<i s (n (lic ncr f L ' reta retail of a foun- dnlion contract nl the hospital. v^u,.^ b ^ ^ ull | J1U y Kll}li macnc.i as _ __ j ' - -- — • — - - — --- - ---- . much ns they want, nnd police ' ~ T> 1 T 1 i -n ^TfaTX * the ««„,*,! Warren Billings Bank Installs Equipment For from the police department— as ,- ,-, . <?m 1 1 notograpliic Bookkeeping part of a mathematical mcnt to determine n cxpcri- plnyer's chance of hitting the jackpot. School Band Adopts Swiss Flag Swinging Art OAKLEY, Kas. (UP)—Tlic Oakley high school band has ndiled the old Swiss art of "fia<5 awinj- 'tig" to Its repertoire. While lhc band plays, a :;roup of 12 (rained (lag swingers go through their rmiltne. Flag swinging was Introduced into Uie United Slates nt Uie Unl- vei.sity of Wisconsin In 1037. .-jlnco then several other schools nave taken it up. Enters Business planned to start their nctlvltlcs about Jnn. 20. ' An Investigation Into a possible lleup between tho group and Uie outlruyod Irish- Republican nr»V also v/ns underway ±L" Gus L. Marr, 53, Of |t Promised Land Di§j" Funeral services ucie liela f*-H r morning for Gus L i\Tarr, for 55^ years a farmer in thc promt^S Land section, who died lute Sn day .at Blythevllle howltil wns 63. Ill for n short time, he was,' moved to the hospital Tuesday I treatment. "••- Thc Rov. Alfred Carpcnlcr , lor of (he First Baptist church,'„_, assisted, by the Rev A W Harris, IHStor of the Lake Street Methodist church. .conducting rites nt the Hanna Funeral Home Burial was tnndfi. : lrrf!Mj,)lo Grove cemc- 'cry. • Pnllbcdrers ivere Cnrl afntdiews Alien Hcirdy, J. N Vensos, Wesley Fulgliam, Horace OBnnnon and Hoy O'Dniinoii. Born In Magnolia, Ark, Mr Marr moved to Mississippi courtly In ItW-l nnel resided on the C P Tucker fnrm. He Is survived by his \vlfe, Mrs Agnes Mnrr; three' soirs, Durwnrd Venion and H.. T Mnrr two (laughters, Murl and Lois, all of here; his mother, Mrs. Jano Marr of Magnolia; five skiers Mrs B Goodson and Mrs little Hopkins of Magazine, Mrs. L. R. Freeman of LHlie UocJc and Mrs. Bdrtha Thomas nnd Mrs. Hobert White of San Benlto, Cnllf., and one brother Carl Marr of Jonesboro. She attended ihe negro May Day celebration in Caruthcrsville an' nually until last year, this belli" Originally, China cultivated cotton ns a purely decorallvc plant - j It was used in thc ceremonial drnplnas of Buddhist Images. Livestock living until 80, succumbln.- siiorlly! thc " rs ' snc nad Missed in ten before his mother's grief D -siricken! ycius ' Sllc smok °tl a pljic nil her death. Her husband died in 1913 life illld . her fric »* say she liked and her .son came to live wit h her an Occa5lon!il ™»*. m rlC "he S lr W °l^t Cred " l th ° diffcr(;n « A \ mt Paul fl ""»cd her own nlco i i -""nies— hers being prophesy of her death oUen she S,,fr. Pi , EOn>s Israe1 ' " Aunl lol(i il " e( S ll few, leacher In '• nil . amays Inu 2hl»gly explained > Dccrlng negro school, she would Z,™ *^-5 a /5 llorn d "«»8 slave! in Uie la tier's home, and I) davs name he ,» <Bl9m *S homc - an hour •«« S ° n " J °° cilcd ' » EAST ST. LOUIS. 111.. Jan. IS, UP>—Hogs: 12,000 170-230 Ibs., 5.83-0.00 140-160 Ibs., 5.10-5.35 Bulk sows, 4.35-4.90 Cnltlc: 2.BCO Steers, 7.85-9.50 Slaughter slcers, 6.75-11.25 Mixed yearlings, heifers. 7.M-9.35 Slaughter heifers, 5,50-10.50 Cutlers and tow cutters, -1.00-5.00 The Farmers Bank and Trust , company has gone in for photography. Nol Ihe Sunday afternoon \ailety of snapshooting llial has tntrijucd amnteiir.? for so jnany years, but photography of a more practical nature. ) The bank recently installed equipment known ns a Recordiik which makes a photographic record of nil checks nnd statements handled by Ihe Institution ami wliich replaces the old double-entry ledger system of bookkeeping form- i trly used. 'Hie equipment consists of a single compact unit which can be op- crated by one person and which results In greater speed and accuracy as well ns providing a complete pliotoslallc record of each | (lays business. The operator slm- ,' ply turns a switch on lhc machine and feeds the checks, statements or oilier material through a slot. Inside the machine Is .1 camera loaded with a roll of movie film on which phostntlc copies of everything passing through (he machine are made. All out-of-town checks arc pho- Itojwmhcd on both sides In onu Warren K. Billings, above, fa- automatic operallon. In addition mous bombing prisoner, is living the margin of tlic film bears Ihe by a craft ho learned during date, name of the bank and city. needed. All local checks are photographed on (lie fncc, together with a copy of Ihe customer's monthly statement. Tlic Rccordnk Is highly efficient, handling a total of 140 checks per minute and making it possible lo accomplish In 25 or 30 minutes what it formerly required several hours lo do by the old system. Bookkeepers now need to make only a single entry. B. A. Lynch, president of the tank, Is particularly enlhusiasttc over the Recorciak which he estimate saves about one-third of Ihe former time nnd labor. He pointed out lhat one out of every 1 «,,_ h , , ., ... , ' -' I u. r-iLuii-iLj iviiiuuiiuv, as ^ e ±" tC l,,'L' 1C ...,V 1nlt "L S(ates '^r a tot- oV Reid's herbaria, Police Deduction Wrong But Suspects Are Caught GREEN BAY, Wis. (DP)—Three youths fleeing from a stolen cor on foot outdistanced the officers pursuing them. Officer Jerome Keehan turned lo his companion, Officer Arthur Kosnnr. "That lost man was carrying a bowling ball. Let's check the bowl- Ing alleys." This tlic officers did nnd found Ihe names of the suspects record- on a score sheet. The youths were soon nrrsted. In court, Keehan told the boys: "It was easy tracing "you afler we say you carrying lhat bowling ball." - . . "Bowling ball?" said one of the youths. "Thnt wns my hat!" •;'•'• Botanical Data Safe From European Wars CHICAGO (UP)—Records of the world's botanical research are safe from the dangers of war, the Haiti Museum of Natural History has announced. I Tho museum has conducted a 10-yenr project in which si?ntfi- canl botanical records in European herbaria have bean photographed and the reproductions are In possession of (lie museum. J. Francis Mncbride, assistant are now equipped with these machines and of the first 100 banks in the country 91 nrc using the photographic method of keeping records. It is possible to record three or four days business on a single 2M>- foot roll of film, he said, since cue roll will make several thousand the photographs in Paris, Madrid, Vienna, Copenhagen, London and Geneva. WEATHER Arkansas—Patr and continued copies. When completed the ex- co!d ' hard freejc ' Onl 3 nt ; Tuesday posed roll is returned to 'the man-i Sn ( rr col ?f '" T^f^ ^l™' , ufacturer for developing and when 1 Memphis and vicinity-Pair and It Is returned to the bank any c ° ldetr * on ^' «°™rt< temperature portion of It may be viewed on « . Bbout w > falr and continued cold large ground glass by projection.. toma ' :tow in the event that n regular, pho- The maximum temperature here two decades in Folsom prison, forming an imdlsputablc record Ini to»raphic print He hns opened a watchmaking a convenient nnd compact form nn y jjorllon of the film It shop in San Francisco- since which may be Hied away to ret- made just as nny other photo- night VccordinTto SamucfpYor'- hfc release. lerence at any lime It may bo| eraph i,. • enlargement Is made rls ofncir^the^Mv-fr

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