The Johnson City Comet from Johnson City, Tennessee on May 25, 1916 · 1
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The Johnson City Comet from Johnson City, Tennessee · 1

Johnson City, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1916
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Thirty-Third Year JPHNSON CITY TENNESSEE THURSDAY MAY 25 1916 Whole Number 1664 HINTS EUROPEAN NATipNS ABE WASTING EFFORTS AMERICA AS EXAMPLE OF BRINGING ALL WORLD TOGETHER CHARLOTTE N C( May 20-Pres-ideiit Wilson speaking on world peace before a crowd of 100000 persons at the anniversary celebration of the signing of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence here today' Intimated plainly that not much progress was being made by the warring nations of Europe and that the objects being sought could be achieved better through peaceful means "It is an interesting circumstance that the processes of the war stand still” he said He added that “these hot things that are in contact with each other do not make much progress against each other” and that “when you cannot overcome you must take counsel” The president spoke guardedly when mentioning peace in Europe — but most of his hearers saw a plain suggestion in his words His utterances on peace were given significance by his hearers in view of the recent discussion of the possibility of ending the European war He said that "here in America we have tried to set the example of bringing all the world together upon terms of liberty co-operation and peace and in that great experience that we have been going through America has been a sort of prophetic sample of mankind” Would Sound Call of Humanity to Nations "I would like” declared the president “to think that the spirit of this occasion could be expressed if we imagined ourselves lifting some sacred emblem of counsel and of peace of accommodation and righteous judgment before the nations of the worictoand remind them of that passage irtScripture: ‘After the wind after the earthquake after the fire the still small voice of humanity’ ’’ The president sketched 'briefly his idea of what will follow the European war which it is understood he will elaborate more at length in an address he will deliver next week in Washington before the League to Enforce Peace of which former President Taft is president He said "what you see taking place on the other side of the water is the tremendous — I had about said final — process by which a contest of elements may in God’s process be turned into a co-ordination and -©-operation of elements” The president’s address was enthusiastically applauded by a crowd gathered from several states Before speaking he reviewed a long military agricultural and preparedness parade and afterward was the guest of honor at a lunch and went by automobile to Davidson college twenty miles away where he once was a student He left tonight for Washington accompanied by Mrs Wilson Secretary Daniels Secretary Tumulty Dr Cary D Grayson his naval aide Senator Overman and Representative Webb The reception committee included Governors Craig of North Carolina and Manning of South Carolina and Mayor Kirkpatrick of Charlotte MEXICAN BANDITS MAKE RAIDS ON RANCHES OYER r THE BORDER IN TEXAS Former Villa Lieutenant at Head of Mexican Band— Both American and Mrican Properties Are Attacked by Raiders SHIPPING BILL A STRICTLY PARTY VOTE 211 TO 161 BEING COC XT The bandits are said to have been operating on both sides of the Rio Grande in the vicinity of OJinaga The total force is estimated at 500 men It is generally believed the bandits are stealing new mounts with which to compnit further raids on the Texas towns MARATHON Texas May 19— Another border bandit Placido Villanueva former villa lieutenant broke loose today across the international boundary line and raided ttoMsalated ranches of Buck Poole and Felipe Valdez both American citizens The bandits according to the first meager reports that were brought here from ‘Presidio this afternoon secured many horses and supplies Poole's ranch lost a score of cow ponies The raiders swooped down on the ling “Viva Villa” threatened the employes with admunslration s nppng bill appro-death if they resisted and ran off P'atinS 50 000000 for purchase the horses (merchant ships by FOR PURCHASE OF MERCHANT SHIPS BY GOVERNMENT WASHINGTON D C May 20— The o-of i Mil SELECT WILLIAM J BRYAN AS THE PROHIBITION CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT CHICAGO May 23— “If he will consent to make the race William Jennings Bryan may be selected as the candidate for President of the Prohibition party Recent statements of Mr Bryan before the general conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Saratoga Springs in which he was quoted as declaring that he had about reached the point where he could no longer follow a political party which' refused to endorse Na- FATHER AND SON MAY MEET IN JOINT DEBATE OYER TENNESSEE Alfred Taylor and Son Benjamin Harrison Taylor May Give Tennessee Another “War of the Roses” With the election of Benjamin Harrison Taylor of Johnson City to represent Tennessee democracy as elector for the state at large in th£ coming presidential campaign the Volunteer state seems destined to be treated to another "War of the Roses” which will be very similar to that of thirty years ago when the late United States Senator Boy Tay-HEARS THE lor and his brother Alfred were the opposing candidates for governor of Tennessee The two brothers stumped the state in joint discussions of the WASHINGTON D C May 20— The issues Bob Taylor as the standard state department was officially ad-1 bearer of the democracy and Alf as vised today that it might expect be nominee of the republican party soon a new note from General Car- Bob Taylor adopted the white rose All along the river for a distance of ernment with a view to pSvidtag'an I ttonal Prohibition were discussed by ranza regarding the border situation lathis emblem while Alf adopted the 10 miles on either 'side the raided adeJuate merchant marine passed Prohibition party leaders here today American and Mexican properties in- rhe house today by a paiiv ote It They expressed the belief that if the discriminately ' They were principal- tj5—Se-VL’ Wi—!e— -Democratic National convention at ly after horses ' “ measure GOVERNMENT RECEIPTS WILL EXCEED ESTIMATE To Be More Than Hundred Thousand Above Forecast Is Belief WASHINGTON D C May 20— Treasury Department officials estimate that the government’s receipts democrats and republi cans defeated a similar measure a®1 Louis declined to adopt a National year ago I prohibition plank in its platform Mr The house passed the bill 211 to Bryan might consent to become the 161 only two democrats voting ‘candidate of the prohibition party for against it Nine republicans three ' President The prohibition National progressives and one independent convention will be held at St Paul voted favorably and eleven members July 19 to 22 and will be preceded voted “present” Republican leaders ' by a rally-to the interest of the whq m&de more than a hundred fu-1 movement to obtain pledges from 5-tile effort to amend the measure and 000000 citizens to vote only for can-who delayed a vote yesterday by a fil- j didates for public office who favor ibuster offered no further resistance ! National prohibition today permitting a vote as soon as Other candidates for the house convened The bill proposes to appropriate $50000000 for the purchase charter or lease of ships by the government Vessels purchased under the bill during the current fiscal year ending and not re-sold leased or chartered June 30 will be from 190000000 to j to private interests would be ope r-$100000000 more than estimated ' ated by a shipping board until five when congress convened years after the close of the European Revised estimates today showed j war At the end of that time the the increases approximately as fol-l board would have to dispose of what-lows: Income tax from $85000000 to ' ever ships it might have on hand The $120000000 an increase of $35000000 i board itself would “continue in exist-over the original estimate ordinary j ence and discharge its duties of pre- internal revenue receipts from $272-000000 to $305000000 an increase of $33000000 customs receipts from $19Q000000 to $215000000 an increase of $25000000 With these three principal sources of revenue showing an indicated increase of $93000000 over the original estimates officials believe minor sources will help bring the total increase close to $100000000 Customs receipts show that the government already has collected duties aggregating $185446442 only venting discriminations against shippers maintaining fair rates and preventing combinations Provisions also are made for use of all vessels in the merchant marine President being considered by the party leaders are: Former Gov Sulzer of New York former Gov Foss of Massachusetts former Gov Hanley of Indiana General Miles of Washington D C and Richmond Pearson Hobson of Alabama The convention promises to be the most important in the history of the party in the opinion of the leaders One suggestion that may come before the convention involves the entire reorganization of the party under a new name A referendum vote of the executive committee is now being taken by mail to select a tmpoorary chairman for the convention The two candi- Indications are that it wilt propose red rose Their respective followers the framing of a definite understand- wfre roses at the political meetings ing along the line’s of the unwritten ' beld throughout the state and the agreement reached by the military dontesd was styled the “war of the conference at El Paso j roses” Should this forecast -b? borne out I Benjamin Harrison Taylor a young the delicate situation created by man is a sun of Alfred A Taylor and General Carranza's request for with- a nephew of the late Senator Bob drawal of the American expedition 1 Taylor He was voluntarily honored would be a closed incident by the democratic convention which Special Agent Rodgers at Mexico named him as elector for the party City reported today -that the attitude ih Ihc state at large It so happened of Carranza officials had undergone a ' that his father Alfred Tayor had a decided change There were evi-! ew weeks earlier been chosen as dences he said of increasing friend- republican elector for the state at liness toward the United States ) larse Since it is customary for the Officials here attribute the change opposing electors to canvass the directly to General Obregon’s report state making joint discussions it is of his discussion with the American practically certain that Alf Taylor chief of staff and border commander aad 'is son meet each other upon Mr Rodgers reported that Mexican the stump in all counties of the state officials now felt that the critical stage resulting from the Columbus raid had passed The determination of the Carranztr government to reopen diplomatic negotiations for a formal protocol prob- MEETING OF THE U C T during the approaching national cam paign In this event Tennessee is destined to experience the “second war of the roses” as auxiliaries to the navy in time of J dates being considered are W P F war regardless of whether the government has sold them outright leased or chartered them Republicans voting for the bill were Dillon South Dakota Moss West Virginia Cary Wisconsin Martin Louisiana Nolan California and Schall Minnesota Two democrats $1000 less than the sum collected this Olney of Massachusetts and Slayden time last year and within $5500000 of Texas voted against the bill and of the sum originally estimated for j Kent of California independent for it the entire Secretary McAdoo of the treasury Customs- receipts have been stead-j issued a statement tonight character-ily rising since last December and izing the bill as "one of the most im-now have' passed $20000000 "Sffiohth7PhrranT'precSrbf' "constructive Tegisla- Continuance of present conditions for another year officials believe would result in the customs receipts nearly reaching the level attained before the war- - PREPAREDNESS MEET AT KNOXVILLE SATURDAY MAY 27 tion for the commerce and prosperity of this country that possibly could be enacted” CARRANZA CHIEF REACHES CHIHUAHUA CHIHUAHUA Mex — (via El Paso Junction) May 20— Gen Jacinto TYevino in supreme command of the trtmps delegated to wipe out the bandit menace of Chihuahua and Coahui-yesterday Gen Trevina AUSTRIAN ARTILLERY BEATING Bristol Ls Expected to Send Delegation to the Big Demonstration To Be Held Under Ansptees of National la arrived Security League and the Board of said he would be very careful not to Commerce occupy towns until after the Ameri- cans vacate so as to avoid all pos- ( Bristol Herald Courier) sible chance of friction He has es- The city of Knoxville is making tablishrd headquarters here preparations for a notable “prepar- edness" conference and demonstra- nirmru t tion which is to be on Saturday af-1 AUSTRIAN PRESS HEADQUARTERS (Via Berlin to London) May 20 — The army of the Austrian crown prince Archduke Charles Francis who was only recently intrusted with his first high command continues to force the Italians back toward the border in the southern extremity of Tyrol and has strengthened and extended its hold on the sections of Italian territory on Wednesday This newest offensive by the Austrians is declared to be like all the other offensive movements in this war a further exhibition of the efficiency of properly handled artillery The Austro-Hungarians began their operations after assembling adequate artillery which included numerous new guns of high efficiency The order for the commencement of a bom bardment of full intensity was given last Saturday with the result that the cannonading reached a degree of fierceness never heretofore expert enced on this front The Austro-Hungarian guns succeeded In smothering the Italian guns in the sectors where an offensive was planned and thus the infantry was able to begin work oh Monday in the mountains between the Brenta and Etsch (Adige) rivers Since then bitter mountain fighting has been continuous Picked troops under the crown prince succeeded on Wednes day in throwing their opponents back across the border directly to the east of Roverto and occupying the outermost of Italy's permanent frontier support points This position is es peclally important since it commands Arsieoo which is a communication and assembly point for the Italians Repeated attacks by the Italians from the Sugana valley against the Austro Hungarian left flank were beaten back and the Austrians captured Ca pomolon and Tabaro both part of Italy's defensive outpost frontier line and both highly important positions since they are situated on elevation of respectively 1865 and 1899 metres ternoon May 27 under the auspices of the National Security League and the Knoxville Board of Commerce Invitations have been issfled by the Pno vd of Tm flfl nn J wr x i uuUy cx tm dent Peters is invited to appoint a list of delegates This matter will be laid before President Peters today and it is expected that a list of delegates will be named The invitation from Knoxville is signed by John E McMillan mayor of Knoxville J Allen Smith president of the Board of Commerce and L D Tyson chairman of the committee The program will include the following features: The Governor of Tennessee will be DOLLARS RAISED IN TWO HOURS FOR CARNEGIE HALL Ferguson of Franklin Pa and Daniel A Poling of Boston The convention this year will consist of 1254 delegates and an equal number of alternates Bryan Treats Matter Lightly Washington May 23— Former Secretary Bryan here tonight to attend a dinner given in his honor said he never had heard of the possibility of his being nominated for President on the Prohibition ticket “and never expected to hear of it except through the newspapers” H? declined to freat “the question seriously enough to answer a direct question as to whether he would accept the nomination if it were tendered ably explains its delay in instructing Eliseo Arredondo its ambassador here in regard to negotiations over IN JOHNSON CITY The fourteenth annual convention the request for withdrawal which has of United Commercial Travelers of been handled as a separate question Tennessee was held in Johnson City The only step talftn toward a con- last week begiuning Thursday even-tinuation through diplomatic agen-j ing and closing Saturday evening cies of the discussions at El Paso as with a fare Well reception and dance suggested by the conferees has been in Elks Home Mr Arredondo’s request for rnstruc-1 The reception accorded the visitors tions The state department has was cordial in the highest degree made no move in that direction add i the city was never so prettily depor-so far as known has contemplated ated About four hundred delegates none State department officials are understood to have been confident that General Carranza would receive from General Obregon a clear impres- dent Gilbreath and Attorney Lee sion of the attitude of the United Miller and visitors were here Eloquent addresses of welcome were spoken by Mayor Miller Capt Milburn Presi- F BILL ADOPTED BY CONGRESS IS SENT TO PRESIDENT mOMM 1800 BILL ALSO CARRIES PROVISION FOR NITRATE PLANT WASHINGTON D C May 20— Congress today completed its part of the enactment of the first of the administration preparedness measures the army reorganization bill and sent the measure up to President Wilson for his approval it was approved with only 25 dissenting votes the conference report on the army measure already accepted by the Senate it provides tor a regular army with a peace strength of more than 200000 men backed by a federalized National Guard of more than "?0(r00b“ana tS’rrl many' reorganizing features worked put by War States Since General Scott’s return with a full report on the conference state department officials have expressed great satisfaction over the results he accomplished Apparently the whole basis of the Carranza request Mr withdrawal was the suspicion of Mexican officials as to the real purpose of the expedition sent after Villa and his followers Killarneys to Appear Here on Open ing Night of Chautauqua Program ( ty and it is freely predicted that the present and will deliver the address entre amount needed will be raised This AdVl to 5000 Subscribed By Faculty Leaves Only $9985 To Be Raised MARYVILLE Tenh May 22 — Despite the inclemency of the weather a great throng of people gathered here today to assist in the campaign u for raising money to rebuild Carnegie executive 1 of Maryville college which was burned a few weeks ago There is no dampening of the ardor of the people of Maryville and Blount coun- The banquet was given in the Windsor Hotel Thursday and several hundred attended The dining room was artistically and appropriately decorated with the colors of the organization Dancing was enjoyed till a late hour in the large ball room of the Windsor The Bagmen of Bagdad Parade formed at the Windsor hotel at 2:00 o’clock on Friday The parade was unique and it is needless to say that the fun was enjoyed by the participants and lookers-on The ceremonial session of Comus Guild Ancient and Mystic Order of Bagmen was held in the U C T council chamber on Spring street A class of 45 was initiated into the mysteries of the order Johnson City has the honor of furnishing a larger class than Nashville did last year All the officers of Comus Guild were re-elected except the Chief of Guides and E H Wine of Knoxville was elected to this station The convention closed Saturday with many social features and an automobile parade to the principal points of interest about the city Bristol Man Head State Joe D Taylor of Bristol is the of welcome Other distinguished gentlemen who will speak are: S Stanwood Menken chairman executive committee National Security league Henry A Wise Wood president Society of Aero Engineers and vice-1 president of Aero Club of America Robert R McCormick editor Chicago Tribune Eric Fisher Wood former military attache under Herrick at Paris and author of “A Notebook of an Attache” and “The Writing on the Wall” Gen E W Nichols superintendent Virginia Military Institute immediately Students from the college and pu pils of the city schools are marching through the streels and are literally “taking the town” in their youthful exuberance and enthusiasm Business men have left their office and workmen have closed their shops all joining in one happy throng Dinner was served for the assembled host today and with appetites whetted by the marching and walking of the morning they did full justice to the splendid repast It was announced by the committee which made its report at the annual banquet at noon that $10015 had a! ready been raised today and this The conference is held for the pur- added t0 the $5000 subscribed by the pose of arousing the people of thislfaculy a few dftys a&°- leaves only section to a — realization of our post- 19'985 to be raised This amount tion of National insecurity and to'thc committee said they felt very stimulate greater interest in such confident of getting Ribbons with measures as are calculated to bring tbe words “Carnegie Hall" printed about a condition of greater security 011 thehl were Pned on the donors throughout the nation “Preparedness for Defense— not Offense” will be the slogan of the con-rerepce VILLA’S DOG IS OWNED BY CLEVELAND WOMAN If you fear hot weather and bad bowels Dr J'ahrney’s Teething Syrup U your friend and the baby's comfort CLEVELAND Ohio May 22— Vil as they subscribed to the fund Lemonade stands were placed on the main street and the beverage was dispensed free The managers of the local picture shows gave free shows Gen Charles T Cafes and Hope Bros of Knoxville - made handsome gifts At the banquet which was given to about forty or fifty of the business qtHB KILLARNEY GIRLS appear on the opening night of Chautauqua week 1 in Irish costumes and with an appropriate setting present a program of Instrumental music and singing with emphasis on the latter There are Irish aongs that range from simple folklore to the Irish classics all of which are rendered by a company of real artists The company is beaded by Miss Rita Rich who is widely known as a reader entertainer and impersonator This excellent company has been on the Lyceum and Chautauqua platform for four years and is therefore no experiment Iney Ben H Taylor who in a brief I but fitting manner presented Mr Bryan who was given a rousing reception from the audience Mr Bryan in beginning bis remarks stated that he was and always had been In favor of letting the people have a voice in matters in which they were interested and that upon this occasion he was going to give them a chance to vote upon the subject which they wished to hear him discuss He presented for their consideration three subjects and when the vote was taken the audience voted for the subject as first mentioned by the speaker “The European War and Its Lessons for Us” la's whereabouts may be unknown men and officials of the college Dr but his dog has been found It’s in Wilson president of the college Fred Cleveland the pet of Mrs Martin Proffitt secretary Jas C -Hedge Jr Banders He’s a Chihuahua bred pup- president of the Board of Trade and py named Chlqulta Spanish for others John Webb of Knoxville Is small (hove helping to raise the money When Villa left Juarez he left the Rev J S Jones who is known to purp with his brother wW gave him 'his many friends as “Jimmie" Jones to a horse exhibitor at the races who doing excellent work in leading the old the dog to Mrs Sanders t committee In raising money MiAT SUITE SUBJECT OF LECTURE WAS “THE EUROPEAN WAR AND ITS LESSONS FOR US” At the East Tennessee State Normal auditorium Wednesday evening Hon William Jennings Bryan one-of the world’s greatest leaders delivered his lecture “The European War and Its Lessons For Us” to a large and appreciative audience which filled both the lower floor and galleries being present and listening with keen interest to him throughout Mr Bryan arrived in Johnson City from Abingdon Va where he spoke in the afternoon he having made the trip from that- place in an automobile He arrived at the state normal about 9:20 o’clock and upon his arrival he was given an ovation which was led by the “Normal yells" given by several hundred normal students President S G Gilbreath in a few (well chosen words Introduced Attor- NO DATE FIXED FOR RE-OPENING THE CANAL boss man of the U C T in Tennessee the coming year At the final session of the grand council the following officers were chosen: Grand Counselor — Joe D Taylor of Bristol Grand Junior Counselor— Harry L Eskew of Nashville Grand Secretary — J D Hardin Chattanooga Grand Treasurer— Joseph B Carver Nashville 7 r - Grand Conductor — J L Hines Memphis Grand Pago— E B Cartwright Memphis Grand Sentinel— O E Mahoney Johnson City — Representatives to supreme council which meets in Columbus O — Geo K Preston Knoxville and R B Krepps Chattanooga Alternates A W Collins Morristown Frank May Knoxville The grand councilor named the following committees: Jurisprudence — George E Preston Frank May A W Collins Legislation— C V Holderman J B Carver P S Miles Auditing— R L Gaut Hugo Each Atex! Patterson Railroad— Harvey Hogg E 0 Mahoney H McMillan Hotel— C B Baker E B Cartwright J A Goodpasture Chattanooga was selected as the next place of meeting in May of 1917 All reports made to the grand council showed the order to be in a prosperous condition itiations was shown and a decrease in suspensions The subjects of 43 hours free storage of baggage interchangeable mileage pure foods hotel Inspection and other subjects affecting commercial travelers In particular and the state in general were discussed and appropriate action taken The representatives of the supreme council were requested to use all honorable means for the election of Department officials to make the Nation’s fighting arm more efficient Naval BUI Yet to Pass To complete the mail elements of the program of preparedness on which the administration plans to spend more than a billion dollars within the next five years Congress still has to perfect and pass the naval bill embodying the’ navy increase and the fortifications bill which includes provision for most of equipment for the increased army Estimates vary as to the actual number of men the army will provide the maximum to be enlisted under it depending on the interpretation placed on some sections by War Department officials As construed by Chairman Chamberlain of the Senate military committee it provides for a regular establishment of 211000 at peace strength and 236000 at war strength with a National Guard of 457000 The peace strength of the regulars under an interpretation given the House today by Chairman Hay of the House military committee would be 206000 Besides the personnel increases the measure provides fqr a government nitrate plant to cost not more than $20000 for establishment of a system of military training camps for civilians paid for out of the Federal Treasury for a board to investigate the advisability of establishing a government munitions plant and for vocational education in the army To Federalize the National Guard would be accomplished through Federal pay and through a requirement making the Guardsmen subject to the orders of the President Opposition Yote Eighteen Republicans five Democrats one Progressive and one Socialist voted against adoption of the conference report Republican Leader Mann who believes the measure inadequate was one of those voting in the negative The adoption of the conference report was urged by Chairman Hay of the military committee who told the House the bill was not intended as an emergency measure but simply as a peace measure of preparedness He assailed “ignorant newspaper editors” for criticism of the bill Representative Coady of Maryland asked Mr Hay if there was any truth in the published report that a proviso in the bill had been inserted for the specific purpose of providing a place for Judge A C Carson of the Supreme Court of the Philippine Islands and a native of Virginia as civilian judge advocate in the army and asked if Judge Carson was not the only person who could qualify for that office under the bill “Yes” retorted Mr Hay “if that will give you any satisfaction” RESOLUTIONS BY THE KNOXVILLE BOARD OF TRADE WASHINGTON D C May 21 O'""-'" ' “ is unable to fix a date for reopening j sentinel an liorthr that has never the canal He has advised the war I come south of Mason and Dixon's department that although the slide line but twice in the thirty years of has been removed sufficiently to per- the order's existence mit the passage of vessels drawing! The attendance at this session has twenty feet he has decided to post-1 been unusually large and the meet lne the formal opening until 30-fnOt ing haa been from every standpoint a Vessels can be passed complete success Recognizing as contributing factors toward the unqualified success of Knoxville’s first trade trip the services rendered: 1 By the University of Tennessee Band undgr the able leadership of William H Crouch 2 By the splendid co-operation of each city visited made manifest through their respective reception and entertainment committees 3 By the advance trip over the route of the trade trip by O F Whittle -4 By both the counsel and presence of C C Gilbert secretary of the Tennessee Manufacturers’ association 5 By the unequalled co-operation of the press both prior to and’ during the trip 6 By the incomparable transportation and dining car services of the railroads Be it resolved that the cordial and sincere thanks of the trade trip party he extended to the University of Tennessee and to each member of the An increase in In-1 band and their leader to the enter-tainment and reception committees in each city visited to Mr 0 F Whittle to the Tennessee Manufacturers’ association and Mr Gilbert to the press and to the Southern L & N and V & S W railroads believing that tbe indispensable services rendered call for an expression of appreciation from those who were served Be it further rasoived that a copy of these resolutions be sent to all parties named and that the papers be requested to print same Tickets for the Chautauqua series June 2 to 9 are now on sale at the office of the Tennessee Eastern Electric Company Price of full course tickets is $250 each

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