The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 9, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 9, 1952
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT (AKK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, AUGUST «, 1952 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dilly rite p*i line per consecutive SO MINUTE PHOTOSTAT10 SERVICE O'STEES'S STUOIO. 115 W. MAIN. | 12 4 ck tf For Sa/e, Misc. . FOR SAI.K — 1. 1 in 1 t o <1 Quantity of roiiKli bmlrtlne Jiimbor for , 5nl* as loii^ as It laMs. S^O p<T ilioi Minimum fharg* 5 flp . ,' n(1 j^rd f> ( .t In lots of I H'"N> 1^ I or 1 time pfr line . '* r f n . mp i tujll irr ni our limih-r \3T<1. o:\sl X limes per line per day V I <">"' Ol K:tttl Strr f 11 Hoii:i<* v. nr^r rm<l ]n jlilis , . . fr>f.'& vlitus and ^ray. - p] ion p 2277. ' baby grnncj piano fo 3 times per line por ri.iy 6 times per line ytr day *• 12 times per line pet day * r Moalh r" line ? flr Count five avftajjfr words to the ImA Ad ordered for ihrco or six tJmos and •topped b*fote espkration wjlL be ehirgrd for the 'number of (ImM the ad spprarecl and Adjustments r.f hill mide. ! -- -• All classified admtlslnj: ropy sun- ^ (t Mass-ry-HnrrH mitird by persons reddine nutsldr ol , mntr)r C~n two small Rales may tic easily be computed from ^ ml m> .«h ol Joi AdvcrtKLne ordrrrd for Irrre' In- •rrllnni lake ihr one 'line lahlo, Xn rff.juiiuibllliy lie tikfn for more thin one Inroirrrt in*eri l«»n ol any All ad* are rritrlrtrd <o thMr pro'-T cUssKfralion. stylr i ncl IVIIP. "tie Courier Nr«'\ reicrvM llii 1 richt tfl f' 111 or reject any »H, Coort v i in id bur«l:ir pi oof ^ Vaull doors. Krclalu pr 1 ( pnnlt .n-ick 6702 j4parfmcnt for Rcn< i ~ r 4!!' ni tl-™ [f H!j ttievlllc , CP." Hnt wa*'-. Firfil St. PbO 307 N' drcn. 4 room unfurnished npt. with ( bath. I'honc B345. S 4 vmfn Mid priv Franklin, , , te h^.th. CLnsc 1 R7 pV; H l room unf. Rfirapc ajit 101 K BOurl. Ph. -1R50. «fi 4-room unlurnlshrd npt. O'.n rhono C035. R -1 Nicely furn. downstairs npt Tflvnt entranre NPIV rcfrl^-crntor. T;i!1il1 r S!0. 300 W. Ky. S.5 T>*t 1 3 rm. Itirn. "npl., \itL]ltlcs furn. Con pie only. HW W. Ash. fi-! pk 1 2 rm. Turn. apt. with bath. ULliltlf paid. Ph. 4255. B 8 ck 1 3 rm. unfiirn. npt. pvt, brvlb, nuto matlc hot water heater Th 3325 Vila ck R.I room fur. npt, Ph. 2SS5 or 2;i4 ck tf nth, nfiw- K** equip- 921 ck tf Moder 4585. Modern apt, 3 rooms und ly decorated. noo<l furniture. ment. Ph. .1373. F, SLinon. Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. Bedrooms $4 up single. 114 West Ash Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck 1C Services EXPERT REFRIGERATION REPAIR SERVICE. Por qutcfc. expprt service on n1r con. ditioning relrlperatlrm . . . caB 6936 or 6001, nnrj, nppllftncc* . EROFF KBFKICfEIIATION CO. 81 It • Bob Malone. Ph. 2771. 7]17 ck 8[17 Laundry la my home. Ph. 5147. 7(15 pk Hug and wall to wall carpet clean- nff. Phone 2487. 7;30 pit 8,13 E. R. Alloy—n1r conditioning- rctrlR- erntfon Fen-Ice. Ph. 2478. 102 E. Mis- eourl, Blytncvlllc, Ark. 7,9 tr Watch and Jewelry Repair 1-Day service on Jrcvrlry—3 days on vtitches and clorfcs. Ounrantcrd work clone by expert repairmen. Lowest "PAT O'BRYANT JIain & Second USEDCOMBINES If you nood a ji<iod ust'd self- propc'lli'il combine . . . sec us first. Choose from MHSSP.V- ll.'ivris, Inteniiitioiiii! llui'vos- Irr, John DCITB ;i;id Ciiso. 61 IMPLEMENT CO. N. lliway 61 Phone 2112 71!) tf S:ivc Jloncv When Vdii Huy — Soil — Trade Used Furniture 01.IN JIAR1USON & SON FURNITURE CO. S17 W. Ash Ph. 2552 In Truck Trading, Your DOI1AR Goes Farther at Phillips! '•in CHKV $895 Sedan Dellvrry. This lale nujdel fruok lias a new light tray finish. Only S805 at l'liill[]is Mnlnr Co. MS ])OI)(iI<: $(ii)n An r\f r:i clean truck, [Ills 10IX l>nf)KC >;-T(in K-Vl>ross is a fine buy at $095. Come lo 300 Hrrjiidivjiy. M(i CIIKV $515 If you're looking for a rhcap '/j-Ton Plfkup. conic on iloivn Riid srr this 10IC Clu-vrolct. N'nw Just SRI5I '17 J-'OKl) $'1!(5 ICs n lilg 2-Ton fah .t Chassis Truck for SSO.'i! Corne lo J'hi!tips fnr .1 (jnotl ilc;\!—anil • ^no«l deal inure: MS INT'NAr $:i95 This 1318 Jntrrnallruial Cab & Chassis Truck is a heckuva liartain at only S3951 Drive it ymir.sHf. '51 KORI) Cl.UH CI'IC You'll really like Mils 19S1 l-'ord Ciisloin <'lLih COIIIIR: l-'iirtlnrruiUt: Transmission, radio, heater, new tires! '17 NASH $(M5 \Vc you in drive (his tar yourself. Vou'H ar.Tee that tills ir>17 Nnsli 2-door Sedan Is a IHIV at SG1.V 'HI CHIOV $205 Gm;d clieajt Irnnsportntiriri! If that's ultat yoit tvanl, ihrn tills l!)lf> fhrvrnlet s|)ccial deluxe Coach is 1LE 300 Broodway Phone 4453 TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 112 W. W.vlnvit Plenty of Parking Space Lucian Gaines Furmlure Co. Trade your old furniture for new. I will also buy your old furniture. Farmers terms i/o down, balance in (lie fall. Formerly Arnold & Gainns. WE HAVE IT! s. s. c. Jack Robinson Implement Co. niytheville, Arkansas — Phone 2371 Wanted Help Wonted Man 10 work In rot ton gin om<-& ExpcrlPnre hrlpful. Reply to Box Xfi ' ' f Courier News, 8,7 ck *.f He/p Wonted, woui.n YOU roprf-.settt us In pjjl County? This Is wliiu yon do. Answer the n Who want lii Co: i|j!"tr!y ii Mrdlcal ip.eiji from ppnplc niailon about nur type of Hospital nr 3 romn :ind b.ith. nr Pcruoiicd Iront linct bn 50 X ].10 ft K fruit trn-f= tmsllfi. $3000 Call 2470 l k . ; ifter 5 <Ifrrori\lf<!. orch. Lnl fV5 . 12 "ni.YTMEVIl.l.K REALTY SPECIALS. HOME S. LOTS. BUSINESSES — WANTKU Ol k FHA FINANCED HOMES. OFFICE 808 HEAR11 ST.. P.O. BOX 151. 8^ pk 16 2 room house. InrRe lot. close to new hlch school, will ft^crlllcp SHOO c-nsh lull price. Aljstrnct Dpcd. Bee Rt 1012 IlLxla Ave. Ftlone 6213. 8,6 pTC 13 Pll. 0357 4;i7 ck tf For Sale, Real Estate \Voll hti ill home in location on Kenwood choice Drive. Floor furnace, attic fnn, con- rj-otfl rlrivo. Pric e 97,500. $1,500 down, ?40 monthly. Ph. 2821. 88 ck ia Moving & Hauling Clofcd Van trucks. Bnfe -Drpcintable. Experienced help. W. W. Bccklinm. m West Rose. Phono R02S. T 9 pk 9,3 Guaranteed piano tunlnr uml repair. Call 2071 day, 2050 nights. 5,26 t( Plans-Estimates For new construction, re mod ell (iff or repairs. F.HA. OR G. r. LOANS NO OBLIGATION Phone 2065 Frank Wagner Builders Supply Co. REAL ESTATE Farms—City Property LOANS INSURANCE II Interested In Buying or KclHnR er.e Noble Gill Agency Glencoe R!dg. Ph. G8G8 C.30 ck Modern 3 bedroom house & IjiUh at 905 Pecan Ave. Hurcl- wood floors, floor furnace, 50 j?al. elec. hot water heater. Extra Inrfto lot. This house is in Rood condition. $18UO cash will handle nnd assumption of loan balance at $52.50 per month. Possession July 28th, owner leaving town. Mr. house G.I. — I have a 4 rm. & biilh, screened in back porch, 30 gal. hot water heater. Close in on Vine St. Price $5250. Closing cost about $160. See or c.-xl] JOHNNY MARR -~ r . Realtor 112 So. 2nd I'hone '1111 Residence Phone 2598 7124 tf Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Plannnd Prolection OLENCOE HOTEL BUILDINCI 124 W. Ash St. 4!3 cX tt Lost & found Write ihrir AppliraSlotis for HOSPITAI.I X ATI OH -MKDK^AL- SUEKHCAI. Or A''Cr[)K>;T ^. HEAI/t'H INSURANCE This 1s what yon ^ft: FHKE TRAINING «fl GS lo JI3.VI corn in iKslon on p^rh injillrntlfni — IS'; bonus rvpry tlircc nonrlK — proniotlDii In snLnrlrd po--l- ' -•-"-; us supervisors Then to stnte ninn- \VHAT YOU MUST BE Over 21 :ind have rnr "i,\f Is v,-Nfr*> ynu src Turtlier Itifor- tlon•-write about yourself to G. N. ALlsop—SupervlKor PyrnmLtl Life ot Kansaji 406 IlHptLst Medical Arts BUs. LHtle Rock, Arkansas »;B ck 12 ?75 Weekly Reliable rnnn lor special route 7,'ork Car nece.ssary, <Jiiaranle»? and trnlnlm mull you hre earning $75 weekly or iieiu-r. See Mr. Thomas Hi U.S. Emuloy- nioilt office. Wrtl. August 13-8 to 10 P^ 88 pk 13 Italy Now Ranks 4th In Growing Sugar Beets nOMri llPi — Italy Is the fourth larriest su:;ar-bcct iirctluclng nation in the world, accordine to the Italian central statistics Institute. Only three oilier nations, the United Stales, France ami Poland, produced more suRctr-bcet than Italy, the institute said. The United States produced 9,144,000 tnns; Franre. 8876000: Poland B,9(K).OOC. and Italy 5,800,000. INVITATION' TO BID The Board o( Education of Cooler Consolidated School District No. R-4. of Cooler, Peniiscot County Missouri, hereby extend an invitation lo Interested Building Contractors to place a bid for the construction of an addition lo the present school building at Cooler, Missouri, which proposed addition provides oflire space and fireproof vault. Plans tnul specifications may be secured at the office of the Architect. Mr. Pleas E. Hyatt, 219 South Main Street, Kennett, Missouri, or j from the olfice of the Superiutend- A Irfl-hnnr]prf rirst basemins m!tt, Phone 2256. Dnvld Holt. fl fl pk 12 Notice Carpentry and pointing K«nney. Ph. 8327. wort. C. D. 7|30 ph 8;30 Fishermen! \Ve have porkmeltjs ftnrl nhrlmp. Luttrell'a Mkt. 600 ChlcX. S;l ck 911 Private Rooms Frcxnt roam. FrlTMa entrance. Hot water. i|» block Kro^ers 307 N, First. Meats available for iwo. Phone -J660. 87 nk 14 Farm Loans Wanted far Loana M y modern 3 bedroom home, near Catholic school. Has rental house on rear. Will trade for farm land. One six room house near Walker Park, cheap at ?2500.00. CRO. M. LEE 120 \V. Jlain, Ph. GOfil 7'29 ck S',12! Wanted \Vp «tr now rriiresniuatlvcs for MUTUAL I.TFF. INSURANCE CO. of Npu- YorJc nnrt i\bl« to make npw lo^ns or rc-dtmnre your old loans on R in rear term tu ft low rntr or Intere^c and not t -halite your present (late ot yaynipnt wltti no ttpiiratsn! fee. Rlnlr.T t.nnd Co. niythevlHe. Ark. Office Phone 3323 w T Bnrneit Russell E. filnlc." 7U2CH B22 nedroom. Ladies only. Inquire at south apt,, HH S. 6th after 5 p. in 6 pX 13 i Hedtoom, phone 2268. ITS pX. 12 Heel room with pvt bath. Ph. 2938. locfttcrJ. ph. 25M. Nice cool bedroom, ndJoining buth. Bedroom conrenlent K) bath Oil W- Rln. Ph. 333S. Ijll ck 8|I1 Jledioom conrctilcnt to hath. Prl- yatc. Men preferred. 601 Chlckasaw- bn. Ph. 3741 alter 3 p.m. 7,23 pk 6J12 Salesman Wanted For Sale HIG INCOME OPPORTUNITY Rrllnhle man over 30 with rnr lo represent Intrrnnttonnllv rccognl^rrl romp!\n; v rntert A-Al Dun *'trt Hraristreet. set vlclnijr customers with top-quality I line of oils .urcft^es and bpcclalUlrs, | Call on fiumers, tn<lti!;trLnl. llccts ami I municipalities. Avprnsie Bnlfsinan nrc j riiniLncr SJifW.OO H month to Ilfl.QOfl n 1 yr:ir. Thoronsih, trnlnlni; Klvi-n hi the I fk-Ul (o inn'n who tiunlLMes. pr,-vlous i o \perlrni-p dcslr.ibte hut not i-'or Information e. Ktar Rontc. G come to Gibbons cihlcr. Mo. a 1 pX 15 , irl- r cotitroU. Television & Radios REPAIRED Any Make or Model Set 1 DAY SERVICE FREE PICKUP & DELIVERY SERVICE 24 HOURS A DAY Day Phone: 2642 Night: 8858 No Extra Charge For Night Calls FRED CALLIHAN RADIO SERVICE 110 S. 1st Rlytheville YOU WILL Bb HAPPY WITH A K J C RECONDITIONED USED TRUCK 1050 CHKVKOl-KT '/,-T<m Pickup Truck — ? come to the big paved lot on Walnut Street . . 19SO FOKIJ V-8 !/2-Tim 1'ickup Truck— save $ on upkeep with a reconditioned truck ....... lill'J CHKVKOLKT !/,-Ton 1'ickup /1'ruck — SO here's Hnolher money-maker now only ...... O 19-19 FORD V-8 i/i-foiri'ickup Truck — they ?O trade right at Sullivan-Nelson ......... ; . . . . 0 19-18 CIIKVKOI.KT '/ 2 -Ton 1'ickup Truck — a §7 real buy in a good used pickup .............. I 1916 FO HI) V-8 '/2 -Ton 1'ickup Track— how S« can you go wrong on this bargain price 1918 CHEVROLET 1-Ton 1'ickup Truck — a S7QE lu'nvy-dufy (ruck that will make money ...... ' Gw 19l(i CHKVHOLKT long wheelbar.e Truck — Sflglf; for an "OK" truck come lo our lot ......... 't'C-tf 19-Ki CHEVROLET short wheelbase Truck — SflfiS now it's priced at a low, low ............... frijisj 1915 CHEVROLET long wheelbase Truck — Sfl/BK you get ii lietler deal at Sullivan-Nelson ..... *irV'J 1912 CHEVROLET long wheelhasc Truck with S*I$S 12 foot body. . .a bargain at ................ tv?w 1912 FORD V-8 1-Ton 1'anel Truck. A dandy ?<*$!£ for hauling labor, it's in good shape ........ £*»J?J These trucks are ready to go lo work for you. Many Others to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, yo* can always make a good deal at SULLIVAN- CHEVROLET COMPAMY 301 "Tht Fir Used Car Lot on Walnut Street" West Walnut Phone 4578 cnt of Schools, Cooter. Missouri, on deposit of SHKOO, which shall be refunded when plans arc secured or returned seven days after receipt of bids. Bids will he opened for consideration on Friday Evening August 22nd 1952 at 8 o'clock. Bids shall be accompanied by cashier's or certified check, or bid Bond in amount of 5% of bid The Board of Education reservea the right to reject any and nil bids, 8,7-8-9' the Peach Cro Is Short! It's New Half Gathered We now havs Freestone Peaches Wholesale or Retail BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Main Street Ulytheville FOR SALE Concrete cnlYerts, 12 Inch to 43 Inch, plain or re«nforce<J. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken henscs, pamp houses, tenant hnu«», tool sheds. We deliver. Call •• (or fret estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 601 int Rdviinri-d i 7Uylf'.e-.'!l>. Ark. Incnnic. ! ,-ommlR- > d rnnir-st rreal. If 2i» hi A r^ (o:n. 1'honc 2T7S, nil n 1, >io«trtwpll. Hr>t*-l 85 pic 11 for Rent or Lease . Snt- pk H Wanted to Buy !HIGHEST PRICES PAID i £ Nn nuUcr kind oT car ynu rtrhc. ( li.nnMin's will bf b^ppy to ^ivr .vou th\s saffly clicikup before voa KO. \Ye'H rlierk the inolor, tlic engine, the hrahes. tile lires ... all (he things lliat are most likely to cive you trouble on a Irmg trip. It'i A cood Irin. Then you ean head for the fur-au^y hills with the knowledge that your car Mill Ret you there. FOR RENT OR LEASE \\>sl" M;"in Strc">l.''n<nv om." : l> '° r Un - wil ;° iiml "" kil!(ls of i piod by Lilicrty Cash Stove, j sa ' :l l> mfita1 will lie fur vent Sept. 1st. For i infornmtinii see ! O X A _ i_ _ 1 /^ i G. G. HUBBARDJ Iltihbiird Furniture Co. 8 o ck 0 r, N". Kdwav & Moiillrie Drive Phnne 89(»2 •1 15 ck tf For Rent \Vc will [i,\v CASH for your nld Ko!«>;«. r^inrTii Riul 1rn«.r.<: for imts .tSTt:KN.S STUDIO. 115 Wt-st M.itn Authorized Service • 2 Big Lots at Railroad & Ash Streets. • CHAMBLIN SALES CO, Your Friendly Studcbaker Dealer ^ ,Ask .Call 6SSS Inquire 503 K >;n'.i«*. 1 mile? out. (Ml M\. NO bath, MS per ni •1 ro.irn furnlslird tioifsp nT1 r( hnth Vi:n v]:i^ t -<l In uorch, 51,1 North First itrrrt Thonr -1ti7;i a 2 rk !> 1 tl'ii'lrx 3 toorn Mul h.ith npt ivttli '].-. IT!: )mT -.\ A tor hpatf r. Phi HIP ?:>.',* >r x'r: i. ]in K. fiycnmnrc- S 2 ck tf and «-hi!f truck fn o prr.'nit rt^tr. Plionr rn ^ 1916 rw;.i ntiL 83 pK 72 Pictures Of Your Vacation Do You Think She's Pretty? RENT A CAMlvRA AU Typrs of Cameras and Supplies at Rarncj'i Barney's Drug CAMFR.V HEADQUARTERS !0«« \V. Main Phone 2647 flirt Fsst Miln. 320ft ?n- f<*<**' In m>ln building. Hoft^onnble rent OIL 1612 otti linu.**'. Modern ronvr'nlrncrs lin-;i:jrii I. 0. Thompson. o71 N lltK ph. 21M. 6,27 cX IT ft room niifurnlsliftl houst lr. iu loi'allon. Ci\H 27S'S. 7.30 etc t[ Pcrsono/ •anlci) for*l . ,, S-;nr Mi;.= lc Mnstcrs. 3H Beacon Boston. Masa. 8,9 FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell That Staff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land We doubt that that .question will provoke an argument even though men hav« very definite ideas about licauty in the opposite sex. Blondes, brunettes, redheads—which? But in the beauty of an automobile, almost everyone agrees that Horncr-Wilson does the best paint work in niytheville. Like a factory finish! And If you're interested, we'd like, to in- vile you to get the paint job done on convenient budget, terms. Almost Everyone Knows Horner-Wilson Gives Good Car Service HORNER-WlLSON

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