The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 4, 1930
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR COUK1ER-NKWS TUESDAY, FKBRUAUY -1. THE BLYTHEVIU'R COUHIEU W'AVS THE COURIER NEWS CO.. PUBLISHERS O. R. BABCOCK, Edllor H. W. HAIXES, Advertising Sole National Advertising Rcpri-scnlallves: The Beckwlth Special Agency, Inc.. New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, Kansas (Jity, Atlanta, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Anaeles. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered as second elnss matter at the post office nt niythevillo, Arkansas, under act of October 9, 1'JlV. Sewed by the Unl'.crt l'r«ss. SUBSCKIF1ION IlATl-S By carrier In the city of Blyllicvllle. I5c per week or $«.SO ]»r year In advance. By mail u-ithin n radius of 50 miles. $100 per year, £1.60 for six months, 65c lor three months; by innil In postal r.ones two lo six. Inclusive, $0.50 per year, in zones seven nnd eight. $10.00 per year, payable in advance. Why Japan Wanis Battleships There nvc a lot of angles to the London naval conference thai are ;i bit com- N plicated. There is, for instance, the pro]X)sal to abolish battleships. Jap-.m objects to tliis; and until yon lool; into the mutter you may find the Japanese objection hard to iinderstniKt. -There is a simph explanation, however, which makes the Japanese; position quite logical. The explanation is this: Neither Britain nor the United Slnlcs possesses a naval base in the far easl, big enough to serve drcudnaughts. As ;i result, Japan knows that neither nation could ever force a big naval engagement in Japanese waters. Japan, in consequence, is secure from attack. But if all battleships weiv abolished, the 10,000-lou cruiser would be the line- of-bnttle sliip; and the British base at Hongkong mid the American bast at Jlanila are amply large enough for ships of this class. Under those circumstances, either nation could launch a naval »U«ck on Japan from a point close to Japanese waters'. Japan, therefore, wants to retain the battleship. Her position is not. hard lo understand. The Chemists Responsibility A London chemist predicts that newsprint paper may event ually be made out of ail', so that cxhim^tion of the pulpwood foivs'i- which now constitute the source of supply will not put all the newspapi'vs out (if business. Ills statement recalls, once again, the siipicm-.' importance to this modern world uf synthetic materials. We are using up iitir luiliii'iil rer-nurces at a terrific rate. Within a few decades some of our mn.-t t.^cnlial raw matoriiils will be in-aclk'ally KOW, wood pulp, out of which newsprint is mads, is only one ol them. If the chemists can find new ways n> make these lliiiitfs we shall not have to worry. If they can't, the world is K'>- h\i* to face some extremely lons<h prnb- Icms ilnriiiK the next, cciilui-y. MllSl Reduce Co! toil SIDE GLANCL1S By George Clark IV oti forming th A "Known Boolleggcr" One of those little idiosyiKTflsie.s of modern jwlicc methods popped up, tliu other day, in a cerlaiu middle western city during the investigation of a murder. '. ' 'A"man hud hsen .shot" to etaitli by some prowler as he s;it in tiic laving .vooin of liis homo. The prowler had used a slioljftm, firins througli the wiu- :iow, and had niiidc liis esciipc. H wasn't a very promising case for the police. The next day the polies announced thai the slain man had undoubtedly heen killed in some .sort of bootleggers' war; for he was, I hey said, a "known bootlegger"—a liquor seller of considerable pvomhisnco. Unsophisticated as we arc, we cannot for the life of us understand that. If the man was a "known bootlegger," why on earth was ho at large? How many other "known bootleggers" are plying their trade unhindered by the noliee? .iiir.i.uiKTiiii-ui of ;r (j-::per.dlvn col'.'JU 'ell : n- oiT:'.ii!:.a!i!ii. t!i,- f;.r.» b-ard has :u>- iWili'ci! llK'.l if any !.'!:•[ i- v/iiw-ti-d next year finmeis mii-,1 hiiul '!..v,n il;- ncr-aite and pro- duc'.lci-.. It was ]:olii!r:l . ui that •diirin:; 1929 save fur a. s!,i!ii]i nf s.-vnal million bales in the collcn crq> of TI-NH-. vi- v.MiHI have Ix-en l-.icci! wil'i a Inir.c Mini-"', and. lew as it «as this yev !!'( l pva'e v.ii'.ilii bri'.e Sii-en lower, sive f'-r Uio IwMorini cf the larm board. S=m-.' forty-six i-.-illUi'.i acres were planted in c;Uon JaM ;"r and a campaign Is to \x inaugurated imiiieiJi.iii-ty lu rut Ihal acreage by al least .--Is inililua ::i-i - 'Hint means lhat Arkansas' cm: rop rlvuM :.e nib by aboui iso.fico acre-:. We say In-:. 1 ai-.d HM- Ihal Arkansas -.hculil immediately take si.'iis lo bring about this reduction and io II Into some other producing crop. Taking il another way. if every farmer in Arkansas wruld s?! aside maiigli land to produce tl'.e family needs in foud and feed and plunl t!ie ti-fl (;> cotton, wo would have Ihc re- (Inctltni nnd iiitr.e. and we v;uuld he keening money nt home lhat now Goes out of (he slate for feed. This state can criMlv stand a million acres ot coy team; and we venture- that soy beans properly used vlil mere than replace In cash value the million ncirr, of cclton. Ko Eovoinmrnt In the world can a'-'lst the c.'ltcui ni:=.:i:('t if we continue la pyramid production nnd we may as wnll set lhat into cur heads right now. Plant your best land to cotton, land lhat will grow coltnu willioiit loo much cost and brin:: pood returns: plant corn, cow- poas, narclcn truck, melons nnd other items ior y:nr home nereis and with the possibility fit a few to spare. If you lake care of j-mir own r.reds you liave galnrd-lf you hnve a little surplus la sell yon we that much belter off. As wo fee It. we are suing iu !MVC to iludy vi-ry carefully the crops we produce Ihe ccinins year anil produce them firsl \vilh Ihc view lo supplying home demands uilh a lilllc surplus lo sell. That Is safe nml too much cotton for the Kouth another year menus just so much (lymiiui'.e..--Arkansas Farmer, Constellation's Victory On Feb. 4, 1797, the n8-gun frigate Cons'.cllallon captured the powerful French frlijatc L'lnsur- sente In (he Caribbean Sea. 'I his event i; Important in history In thai It avoided on almost Inevitable war between Prance and the United States. France, on- raged because the United Stales had made Hie Jay Treaty with Great Britain, began to attack our shipping and, by its actions, indicated that it was pointing for a war. When, for example. President Adams sent a commission to Pails to arrange mailers peacefully Hie government refused to rcccivi them. The commissions, on the other hand, were approached will 'the m-opcslllon ihal if they gave money to ceitain members of Hi' French government, all would be well. This news, made public In Con gross, gave rise to the popiila war ciy, '^filllons for defense and not one cent for tribute." An army was quickly raUed am a few warships built. One o these was the Constellation. Afte its victory in the Caribbean, th Constellation, under Captain Thorn as Truxton, defeated nnd captui ed the frigate La Vengeance. Af- icr these blows, the French government signified Its wish to avoid [war. v _.i;i!l ipJvorson challenges St. Patrick, [iilvcrbon stumbled upon a prairie og town infested with rattlc- nakcs. Like St. Patrick of Erin ame, the sheep herder decided to Id the little community of replies. He killed snakes uiHIl he was veary; then rested and killed more. Unable lo exterminate (he entire eplilian population, he ceased fm- .lly nr.d counted his kill. He had ilaln COO. Is catching rals with empty cans cut In a particular wny w nermlls the rate to enter the cai] but not lo leave it. Corn sprinkled 'Inside (lie can the bait. SIOUX CITY, la. (UP)—Oeorgs Reed, professional rat exterminator, does not pose as a young Edison '.or does lie believe that the world will beat a path to the door of the world's best mouse 'trap builder. But flecd docs believe in doing .hings as easily as possible. Now instead of using traps and having lo talt and clean them IK Have Your /-* r\ Car Doors FT "Kif;nt now we're shipping loads »r anthrncile <i week." four hundred c-ar- WASHINGTON LETTER r.y noi)Xi:y WASIIINCiTQS-Mosl of rentiers who arc sick nwl .he Old Gunrd. the I' ST. I'ATKICK'S RIVAL FOliSYIH. Mont. (UP)— Toil! Iclal:o. Capper of Kansas. of Miciii'jnn! Dcnccn of Illinois, Gilleit of MassnclAsclts. Gruncly of lh« Youiii; G'.ir.ul.' Pciiiislyvania, Goif of Wcsi Vir- Ihc Drniccrni'. or'; s'.iila, Onuld ot Maine. Kcycs oi any lesser faction in the v.'ill have an opyorlnnity i ihs l> sock somebody er. Just be patient. First iherc will be Ihc p::::i-i.i.^. bcginnln- early in April a:ul er.'iii 1 ring thiei: nnd fasl i!ui-:altcr. rrhna-.lcs. as most people an 1 un- nwnre. are proliuilnary clr.-f.r.a. in v.hich the parties rhoosr i!i,-ir didntcs ior olfice by pupnl.'.r wif. In at least half the -1C si.iir- i!ie result of a senatorial prin'.iiy of one parly may be consiclctcd c'l"i- vnlnr.t lo elaciion. Fnr in t- .mrc. i" nearly ail Ihe southern .'i.-.trs the DeinocialU 1 ui.'mLi\L'C never IKIS any wr.rthwhik 1 cuulcit from lican anil in many Ri-uiiulir.-.u !•!."- c-i such as Pcnnslyvar.iu. M,ci\-.v.r.\ llhncis, td.i'iio. M.iini-. N'.'w li.nnii- ?hlrc. X'evmc.nt. Kp.n^i., ami ihc Dakotas th-.- llcpnblicin r.indidntc 1 Is rcnso:ip.bly cerlain i't electiun. New Hampshire, Haslings of Delas ; i iew ware. McCiillce-h of Ohio. McMas- iir oth-ltc-r cf Soulh Dakota. McN'iiry of j Oregon, Metealf of Rhode Island. :...,.,, I Korris of Nebraska. Vlvipps of C:leradc, Pine of Oklahoma, noh- sion of Kentucky. Schiill of ilin- nesola. Sullivan of Wyolning. IS llcmccrats lip There only 13 Democrats upt I Blease of S'juth Carolina, Bratlon : cf New Mexico, Brock of Tennessee.: 'ark a™! Glass of Virgluia, Harris of Gcor-| H 7 [r ^'," gin. Hnrrison of Mississippi. Hetlin rf Alihamn. Htmsdell of Louisiana, licbzinson of Arkansas. Sheppard of Texas. Simmons of North Carolina. Steck of Iowa, Walsh of Montana. Hefiin ;in I«dei\eTident Mcst of Ihe 34 probably will be rencnuir.ited and re-elected. All the Democrats will run again, it is be- who was IN 3 WEEKS KIDNEY, BLADDER, STOMACH TROUBLESDISAPPEAR Tanlac Only Medicine To Reach > .This Stubborn Case Ilic • v.-ny Tan lac lakes hold of yo'Jr In.'.M^s MtuE eruU lluni vvauM FN/II al- nii-1 i]nbcJitv*^b!€ v-ore it nol for the ex- ]v;ii.*iu~05 ot ll'.uu:anjj of ir.eii and ivo- rt:<-n v.Y.u Invc i-ul H »t> tV.e t*sl ar.d II.IVQ fn!i::»l thcit:selvw rcetoretl to health, freed Iroin co-ca!lcil T»fi:AiaU#m, ttoninch, kiJ- tiey, liver anil li]ad<!or tro'.iblca by thtf use of tin* i/r;per medicine. Here's or.c msn, Air. Charlrs L, S'.uUs, n c.trprnler «nd cnl inel maker who fuflcred nichl ami <i;iy fur ycara until Tanla? p'Jl an curt to hij troubtw nnd made* Sir.; a man. "I «uCfrr«] from n rninlovni cor.tlitioii tjr 3 <>r •) ytart. I n]-*o hail pyrr.e VEJney MtiiJ ^'a<Iritis nr.t] |i.-iiiu in steniRch anil sldt?, dnit nml FlKXjli!er«. 1 lost coTmiUr- , able r,uit;lil and my ill op was (iUlurb<sl i 4 or . r > liiiiw a ntuht. I often had tried I other Ctiir.i-j wlijch fallcJ to h?lp rr.o Ijfil ufter'1 hnd (akon 3 Itotllo^ of Tnnlac my kidney. blaJder trouble ami pains d[!3n- VP'.ml ar.J never rciurr-cJ. 1 now sleep well ar.<J my rep or.d wcfiihL h.ivi* all Uen rcroTfral." Tiiulac cl"S roulls il irirrj Ihitn r.uick fnr every herb. t'i it ii a fclron^ [X>Vp all yoo>l thing:* il Kai Klawinc promises Tnnlr- is ronl mrtlicin<- lhat bicka Hi claims . KuniJintcc of money r. funded H it ;o'. help you. l)o r.ot accept a •. At ycur drticifbt. Hinges and Locks STANDARD HOUSEHOLD LUBRICANT Hung On Ever Since the Fill Wife Worried About It, Too IMI'LK HOME KKMEDY QUICKLY STOI'l'E!) I r .| "After that attack of Flu I haj bad persistent cough cling til no in spite of everything an attuj while even Mrs. Waller we ibout me lint soon as I got to takll ng Lin-O-Nine Emiilslcn il waj •oiulerful to sec She way il helncil nc. Right away the cough bcgail cosenlng up and disam.x?aiing, T| s such wonderful medicine I glad) reccnnnend it for people troujl b!ed with a cough," writes JacoJI Walter, well known farmer o>] Carpenter, S. D. In the Dakoias where it siiro.\J gets cold, people can't, lie hot with weak, ordinary cough i dies, It takes a real strcngthc'ir] ing. fortifying, upbuilding EmuiT sicn like Lin-O-Ninc to knock. ou| a bad cold or cough duo to Lin-O-Nine is a nice tasting, snow:] white emulsion of Flaxseed, Eiical iyptns. Cassia. Belula. Irish Mosl and Glycerine. Children, elderlj folks wllli weak stomachs or jusl getting over lingering illness fiml II esneclnlly nice to take and quickJ ly effective. Now being inln ' here, if your druggist hasn't il. ill either We or SI siwi. jn:t- senj dollar bill with na:nc and ndrtrcsl to Kcrr Chemical Co., Brcnlwoba Md., for large 15-oz. bottle by re] turn mail. Call E. F. FRY at Wonder City Coal Yard When you want good coal Genuine MONTEVALLO And Other High Pf, nfl p A77 Grade Coal t lUlIM; ^ I t Sometimes nn in-law makes a man eo to law. Some siice05::fti] men take advnnta^ii not only ot tltcir own cpporliuii'.ies but cvwytely vise's. Zero stands for nothini; ii: en a tiieimonu'.t'r it :ucr.ns maihenntics. b;i{ a '.e-t. Our biith r,it<- Is nhm:.-,t. a.s '.iiw :;s that- cf Fraua-. according to ic-ccn'.ly rJinr.i'.od stalia- lits. The old rate of one a miiiuu' persists, however. OUT OUR WAY liy William. licvfrt. including Hcriin. i '"•rhm"ihc'"pi : i'inwlr.s arc ot svc-at | rcsrt out or his |>aiiy and will cam- luiiiortar.Ci.-. luv Ihcy ulso tnaWi': paign us nn iiulcuomlcnl. Uiil nolil'cliUjs ar.i! v.lvrs c! one I AmoiiB the Rcimblicniis, Gould, iiiirly to bcGi cut :m incumbent i iJillctt mid Sullivan hnvc said lliey end init aiiullKr in !iis plncc. Many wouldn't be candidates to succceil cmcthclilers vivj liad tw worry themselves. about (Dr November eliTlioni have There will be new senatorial licen rtiini]!'.-(i ovi'i-biiard by their j f- irc ,, tn Hie next Congress hut the purlics l:i :!iesp primaries. I |. c ]i S iral lineup probably will nol te The consiT.-sicniil Hrcii-ns tin., yie;itly changed. The Democrats vcav 'nvrtvlnn Hi? Fen"; ot si «' 11 - t'i--in ucl bly will lose Sleek of rowa. i-,tor3 and the whole 435 members i b'.n may gain from one ot three or nf tl-c HOU---J fall on Nov. 4. I fern -ents in such stales as Massa- Thcre are '^l Kep'iWirans wlinse chn?e::s. Kentucky. Rhode Island. ie:it<> will be filled, as follows: I Oklahcinn, Delaware and Wesl Vir- B.iivil of New Jersey. Uorah of' ginia. A la mode Inhaling of Dust by Worker Is Growine Pf-ril in Industry thiM.i are frequently inhaled which hrivv.e tiie lungs, producing serious changes. In a survey of occupational dusts, mcdlrn! hi- l)v l)«. JlOUltlS riSHBKIN Editor Jom-iul nf llir Anwriran reb. the llrnllli Jlapi/lnt. As'life becomes men lit. Jcini C. Bridges. •„,-!;'mere »ncl c.v.eenincl with : speetor of factories for preal^Bnt- 1 ihe coiiili'.lB"^ tl\al in «'•: diislvy nnd whirl) m:iy interfere wi;h ';:c:\llh. One fl tin- ehief nues- tlial IKIS been raised nsnin '.ami :i-;ain lias to di> wish the et- Uccv, of tl««t on human life. I IV,:M ecnsiM? of i-.irlli or othe:- l«r!ld mutter In a fir.o s'.atc of sub- clivi^ion S3 tlut tlv- uartlelcs are in. p.-i:ils out that the preven- tmn o! diiMs which cause disease n-Ms no: with the n-.edlcal jirofes- - 1 -'' 1 :! bul Vi '" h tlle workers Mirm- relvcs and with their employers and wit'.i tl'.e government departments of inspection. However, before engineers ran undertake lo solve Iheso problems. ' For instance, it is . poisoned I:;.' lend dii--:. :( there is a snfllcncnt amount laV-on Into the hmits Thru- arc m.-:-rovev. some Mibstar.ce: in rinsl are pro- iii character nn:l in which the littman boi;i: hpccnv.; -cnslllve. re- acUns wi': 1 . il'.e .-:.T,inie:ns of ab- ihma. In the sar.'.e wa> r.ese, "-n'.;' a:ul otli- lo uc c: '^blc quaiilitic. 1 ' ot dust nf nsiykim 'u the air arc harmful !o iicailh ar.:l that means eouril promptly be adapted to suppress as much of the "A man is never In Ins right mind wiicn he is in love willi a girl.' John II. Uacl-.cs. the bcriy pivd'.n-.- ' ' Tn many iv.-tr.:: iTCini^ wl'.k'h i .:ul inlwVd into tl-.e 1 sc 1- a e .F cf rii>; Sjioref ot li'.r :.:; germ infects !!:•.• case Is nol ln!;,-f There are a' form on llvivi: i England there h.i~ lycn dcscrlhrd a (ccndilion knn\\:i .1, ,\,.urr's tonph. i which is r.iie \-* :•:« '.nhaltng of lincnlds nf the :y;v •: mildew. The | patient snlTn- •, .1 • headache. I thirst, some ir-v,.-. i.-.i-nncs! other symp'.oir.s •: :.:;. 0:10:1. | in worklnj ::-. i,,, • ...luses .In tea llaciories ar.d ;u '.cc.\cco factories, :.: .f ;itc. maga- ;•.-.•. tals may b.- . .r.hnlcd into • vmptoms of I • ..•.distances, j .in-.; will carry -: .-ihcrwise be -. \Vucd sorter's duo lo the !n. :\ carries tl'.e .IN i;erin. This > and the dis- - .::y fatal. r.::i;i!ds which and in FAT Has No Excuse! Tlicrc i) now an easy v.-.-.y to end it— by .1 c'.-nil food. It is c,s«l dio world over l»y t'oclors -ind otl'.crs wl;o kr.ow. its discovery excess fa! his largely dir^p pcarcd. Tlut ir.odcrn way is c:'.ibc[i:cd in Manno'.a prescription Isb'.ctssn.jiMopb linvc used it for 22 ycara —'.io^s of boxes of it. In ainiosl every circic [hero arc users wlio show the anuzir,^ results. Mannnb is not secret. l:nch box con- [ljns ti . e £„,„„,!., ;,„;) r ,-r:.>^ns f>>r ,i';l R0(ll i c f : ' cc i s . j t S.ii braui:i-t to :i-.i;l'.i- che. | lui i fs | WK j n y, ncwvim,rc«.-l-.-.u:i;\ Go ar.d i tr y ^ wa:elire?n!t.-. lie sIiTnU'rli^r- y-v.n eiiviivlfrii-ndj.wiiho-.iisiari'int'. ll-i.i-li yoi:r dnifrp;i>i ior a SI Iwx r.f .\:j;~;ci!a. ani read ir.c boo'.; in the box. PARIS sets the styles in women's dress for the world. London is the arbiter in matters of dress for men. But, New York and Chicago, Boston and San Fra-ncisco and hundreds of smaller cities and towns throughout the United States may know what are the latest styles even before they are shown in Paris. A seeming paradox, but true. Merchants maintain representatives in Paris, London, Vienna and other European style centers who cable the latest news of the modes, and ship samples long before they are sold abroad. In America, the news is translated into advertisements and printed by local newspapers throughout the Unitejd States. And so, American women are able to dress in the la-iest styles in dress more accurately than the women of any other country on the face of the globe. Advertising keeps you abreast of the times in other ways. It tells you of the newest and best in every line of merchandise. It keeps you posted on what other people ai'e doing and wearing and using. Read the advertisements. They are truthful and helpful. You can depend on their accuracy, for the reputations of the merchants sponsoring them guarantee their integrity. Read Ihc advertisements to know what is yoiny on in the world of merchandise.

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