The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 13, 1940
Page 7
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SATUIUMY.' JA-is'U.AKV !$,,• W^' BLYTHtjyiLLE, (ARK,), COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION rate rjcr line tor consecu- IjiserUons; Ono time per line .............. 100 Pwo limes per line per day..,. otic riirec times per line per clay... Olio fiix limes per Jine per day ..... 05o Month rate per lino ............ 60c Harris of Thanks. . ....... 50c & 15c Minimum charge 50c Aiis ordered for three or six times and stopped before expiration will tie charged for the number of times the add appeared and cUjustiiient of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy V'lbinilted by persons residing out- <ide of the city must be nccom- I'anied by cash. 'Rates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions (akes ihe one time rate. No responsibility ivill 'be taken lor riiore than cue Incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Foi Complete fnrnlslilnns of 0 room a rccm unfurnished apartment wllli NifoqicoImV, house. Mrs. Bessie SIcrubfi-B. bath. Phone 125 or 540. Mrs. i " l&alilt >»'l' Diotic 804 oi 1 Via. 13-cfc-M Plant early bearing Pecan niul Vruil- trees not.: Catalog free. Bass !'e- cnu Company, Lumberlon, Mississippi. Cypress wood. 51.00 per Rick. At Walker and Harris Sawmill. Main St. 13-pk'M3 Bcnullful lot for Investment or home on Missouri .street. Cash or terms. Moore's Hotel. HolllEon, phone 750. O-pk-lQ I still make and sell Dr. Phillips' Atmlba Liniment. Mrs. O. 11. Chiirlcs Dunn. i,'| olc]lce , COUNTV, AUK- I'lulntllf, Comfortable bedroom convenient i 1 ) va - "o. '"" kith. ion Walnut. Phone 10'2. s - °- Wcldon. Defendant. 13-ck-ll Tho dcfciKliiiit, S. a. Weldon. Ls ........ .win-nod Ni"» yrvm. Slcnm heat, close hi.'days In tilt) Walnut. Phone 232. 13-cklf icuptloit room fmnlshed apartment. GOt> Clwta - I2cklf to appear wilhin thirty (he court named in the lieieof and tniswcr the °' "" "' ai " lUt ' P ""' C " ce paled this 3Qlh day ot December, Steam heated bedroom. All convert-, fences. 818 W. Walnut, la-ck-lt! HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk. (Claude !•». Co;per. Ally Ad Uicm UO-ti-13-20 Phillips, 21S No. Franklin. 9-pk-2-9 f Tvvo Registered Poland China pigs. 3J *'" months old. J. L. Pinkston. Hoi- j land. B-u)i-3l • unfurnished •1 room modern cottage, 513 l.u- meralv. E. I). Ferguson, phone 100. 12-ck-l(i room furnished apanmenl, i garage. H09 W. Ash. 12-pk-n apartment, 4 rooms £ : lciislon~gale leg table with two! , wil)l b * t ' ) " 508 W ' Cliltkasawba, „* !.,„„„, O,,IM .—i .... Phone- 728. 12-ck-tt Notice Bargains In USED TIRES AND RADIOS .Some Kciiossessed, Good as New. . SHOUSE-HENRY HAHUWARE CO. PHONE =5 extra leaves. Solid mahogany J1 '' lollc top. 'Price 520, Phone 930. 3-Dll 3" "jO^oTljlM^TllKl.'Wll A-- I'nllnn' with bilth Hand hot { farm. Wrile P. O. !io> - i Madrid, Mo. 12-ck-tt apartment. water. 412 -ck-ll Laud For Sale 22-pk-30 ^ Ncw 5 mom downstairs nptirlnienl "" ; al Oil W. Walnut. Equipped will! .' Butane 'gas heat, new Inriji ! raiiBC. Venetian blinds, live ..,.„. , MISSOUm~MNI)-8o"~a< WS " <»< ! £crccllccl V™^- ^'^ P1 J°'« DB : ! over on llightvny t>3. SI per acre ffl-cK-ll balnnfc over perioil of six j Desirable bedroom in private home, I with heat and private balh. '""" '.V. Walnut street, phone 881. I cash, 1 veal's. Farm Loans Conway & Kouchins IMytlicville, Ark. 12-ck-ll For Quick Sale \ve oiler 80 acres M3 .. line loam soil, 45 actes in crop, t| 4 room furnished apartment. 1003 Vacant Jan. Large or Small At Low Interest llafcs. We are equipped to handle large or small loans on any si?.ed tract of farm land, al low cost, and at,'"" a low interest rate. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut St. B)ythe\'i!le, Ark house and barn, located on road fi miles Southwest of Deeriiii;. Mo. 53C per acre, S800 cash, talnuce terms. W. M. Burns, Glencoe BIdg. Phone 243. 12-pk-15 For Sale or Trade W. Ash. 5-W. Furnished bedroom. 622 W. Main. Mrs. McMullin. 4-ck-tf ROOMS, furnished or unfurnished. One bedroom. 81-1 llearn. 3nU2-3 Room for employed woman. 1028 W. Main. Phone 230. 30-ck-lf is OV SA1-K hereby eivon that lulminlstriilor of the estate of man Hess, deceased, l will on January 1C, 19M. al 10 o'clock A. Mon snid date, oifor for sale ill public nticllon lo Die liiglicit b|(ldor lor cash, the slock of incrclinndt^c and llxlnrcs. except widow's dower villc. Avkunpus _,. . . iv;,,n j,i*w^i 01111151 V/lilll.VG 10 nio ws. inventory Illed wllix Hni-tllno squad here uml onussed 1'rotiile Clerk. ike Miller, Administrator. Frank C. Domjlas, Ally. ' ti-13j 'I'raffli! Toll .Sljjn In : SI'UKANK. Wivsli. I UP) — The city ot spoknni! hus a large' sign! siLsjii'iKleit In from, of police huiul- qmulers ivarnliiK tlioloilsls und .-licrtcslrluns of Dm mimucv of' Irufllc fatalities. Police Chief Iru M«itin said he believed It cou- tribulrd largely; lo holding thu ac- cldenl toll A ( u | ow PRESCRIPTIONS KrcKiii'st Slot'k (I'uaranlml Hcsl I'riws Kirby Drug Stores Welding ~EX! > ERT~Ei7ECfRI~<f AND ACETYLENE Drag line, ami heavy \velilins specialty, .. _ . _ , , , vot Delco Sj'stem, for sale or j Irade. New batteries, 2 motors, radio. Phone 214. -- Nice bedroom convenient to Ualli -.""-gWJcw Steam heal. Phone Our Service IS YOIJH Assurance Safe Driving! Safe motoring is Hie nlm ot ev- wy driver. 'Hicti, \v|iy not HS- stirc yourself of this safety |is far ns your uulomobllc IK concerned. Drive hi and let, our mechanics pttl your car In slitipo Wo arc forced to movo our very large stock of late model Ford V-8's — got to do it at once. Our prices "talk turkey". _ 0 «r allowances are "tops" — our terms so liberal. We'll moke you deal you con't refuse. You'll save money by feeing us at once, B«y now for a better buy. MULES • For Rale or TraUc istc floj'it Simpson at Delta Iiu- l)lcmcnfs> Inc. , ........ _ _________ _____ ___ t)-ck-15 Nice front bedroom. 1000 \V. Ash. Phone 445-W. Mrs. M. G. Oooil- wiu. ; 21cktf Repairiug 8 room house or part of house. Qn Chlckasawba near High School. Inquire 128 E. Main. Phone 176. 15-pk-l-l5 Expert gun repairing. See E. M. Damon at (lie Blyllievlllc Aim-) ory on Wednesdays and Thnrsilnys. or 3 room unfurnished liousc'or apartment, Phone 426 5-pk-l2 Poultry . PJioiie 19 or Res. 1019 Personal . Hiehest 'jirices paid for nil kinds ot ]•-'Poultry:''' Fisher 1 'aritl 'WorUi>%| Etcelc, Mo. l2-pk-2-12 Arouse Sluggish Live r, work ufT ihe bile to rid yourself of consli- nation, gas pains, and Hint sour, punk feeling. Take one box of KlitKY'S ACTIVE LIVER PILLS 25c al all Kirby Slores Business Directory """FULLER BRUSHES'" Call I)mi Mcl.Ciin, Vhonc 1050 Baby Chicks Custom Halc-hm,, Marilyn Hatchery nivllicvillc Wanted To Buy Wanted to buy. Government Cotton Loans. Blythcville' Gin Co. WARNING ORDER ' IN THE CHANCERY COURT OP CHICKrtSAWBA D 1ST RIOT MISSISSIPPI, COUNTY, ARKANSAS. John Bowles. PlaiiilifT, ifiwy. Gl North j' vs ' No - 7106 12-pk-2-ia M 3''tle Howies, Dcfeiidiint. I ! Tlie defendant, Myrtle Bowles, is An In P'li utility ]«»">«! to appear within thirty /VIHO IcUUUllg clays in the court named in the ca|)(ion hereof ami answer Ihe complaint, of the jjlninUil, Jhoi Special paint job, $12.50. Offer good until January loth. Joe At- Bowles. kins' enrage So. 2nd St. Phone 284 14-ck-l-H FEMININE NOVELIST HORIZO.NTAL l.SMotlcrn novelist. JO Dealer in 12 Birslle. 13 Foreign matter forced under the skin 14 Ovum. 16 Perches. 18 Papa. 10 Bone. 21 Novel. 22 Indefinile articlc. 23 Humor. 25 Loud merrymaking 28 Dance step. 31 Vessel. 33 Wrinkles. 3'1 Currency. *J;> Adhesive substance 37 To prowl. 3D Measure of arcs. 41 Debt, 43 Frigid. •14 Credit. ' -15 Soft cap. 47 Maxim. Answer lo I'rcviou.'i $'n;^le S(l Willicism. 51 To stop up. 53 Reasons food. 51 Eccenlric • ^vhcel. 55 Vampire 57 Measure. 5S Atornitig prayer. 00 Her novels have made popular motion s 61 Her unlive land. VERTICAL 2 Animal. M Point. 2GTo emulalc. 21 Limh. 28 Chum While. 30 She ;ilso wriics -stories. 3 Insects' ejTfis. dinme'.cvs. 4 Bitter drug. 42 Asiatic tree. 5 France. 44 Funny. fi Organ of .sight. •>(> Pressnt 7 Sack. SVnpc ,-!;ins. 4R Comfort. '"O Hoating !> Gypsy. ) 1 Tu conic in. ^'0 Chinev;e 13 Her hook so<.l[;c. "— '• —" nuuie -\ ^'2 Encfunitcrod, splendid play. 5-J Auto. 15 Donated. ^5 Sp ( Thj. 17 Oppresses SG Chaos. \vilh hcnt. 58 My?plf, It! VoRClablcs. 59Wov|h 20 Courtesy tillc. America. for any driving. Tlio reasonable mid the tuilccd. Wcrt Optometrist "HK AlAKKS 'KM SKE" Over Joe Isaacs' Slorc hone EXPERT MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT FliKiJ »KI,1VK(IV 100 \V. iHnln St.. AUTHORIZED FORD DEALER ALL WORK GUARANTEED PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. l-UCKY DBAKE AK1D .'SHARK STAV IW JAIL PLEWry LOMG TIME FOR ROBBWG MISTER WITHERS, «ED RVDER. YES, LITTLE BEAVER. AMP IT ALL CAME ABCOT. BECAME VOU AMD YOUR "MID V1GJLAWT6S 1 'FOJJND THE EVIDENCE/ OF COURSE ILL KEEPLITTLG , lOST \" TEM MOf^E Y EAR ) KOSSE?, LAT.T S NIGHT/TH'SAMt) WAV . t ET A JOB BUSTIM'OUT "- S5ROWCS ON TH 1 Y BAP, BLTT WHERE ARS VCO 601MQ, RED , HO53 OUTFIT, MISS JO ' RVDERS NEXT AD- EMrOREfTKEIMVl lai&MORSS THIEF/' No Thfinky, Circe AS GUESTS OF CIRCE, THE ENCHANTRESS (RMS Keep. ULVSSES...ONE OF THE MOST , lfj& TO£ PEACE UNPER ALLEY /- - -N AH, MISTER OOP.., CAN (OF COURSE T THING IS \WOWDERFUL \JMPQ5SlpLEj, •WINES- REMARKABLE INCIDENTS IN HOMEFfS ACCOUNT Of- VDUR ARE RKTIMG FROM TMEIF? LONG S&. - vttilLY CIRCE **<f INDEED R ^^I»-"T'V-^^ f^^.\ju^ i wi- ifuuv* THAT \VteA RE?VttT\W*S...A>Np NOwNLOKie VOVASE HOME WAS FIT FOR THE eODS/ 60 ^. WHAT SAV ClfJCE'S TOWER TO TURN OLYMPUS ';-< WE FINISH IT OFF ... FALUN'FOR MY Of VOUR TOICK5! IF ANVBOOYS GONNA MAKE APIGOUTA ' ME, I'LL po rr BOOTS AND HEU BUDDIES Typical Customer 'I'lic Same i.ittl . N&SOLOTtW A ,\'Q WASH TUKBS BY ROY CEANU BUT HOW DO VA) KNOW THE OIL WELL Mc A, DRV HOLE? HOW, UJVteu A, WELL'S VOU SCREW OW A BWL-PLUS SO A COW WM'T FALL IU AMD BREAK HER LE6. IT 1SWT NECESSAEW TO Wti.0 , WOR TO EMPLOV AW ACMEO 6UARB TO PROTECT A WEIL m c I MALL PLUME OF OIL CAVAE OUT TOW WAS PpOOF'.eHOUSH FOR ME? SO J PLUfifiED. TH& HOLE. AMD I'M IV) A POSITION TO RU1M TH\<, OIL CROWD..-ONLY —( I UOMT PARE! j-'eW-Q.o^ciuto.iV ,'X£l ni. /-P/ftiftV •BY-aiERRILL BLOSSEK X'JEU, , IVB DECIDED MOT To LEAVE TOWN ' L MY RESERVATION THE crry ' i-iV?D, PUT AT TINFOIL .REFLECTOR WHERE ITi.L i SAID i CANCELLED SAY R&ILROAD RESERVATIONS' SMOULDNfT HAVE" oowe THAT—--HEV, LARD — Move IT OVER. ABOUT TvVo FEET—AMD GET SUE &MO THE GANG .' WE'RE TD SHOOT' JT WORKED, FRECK .' SHE'S NOT GOING To THE CITV I MOW CAN r BE SO HAPPY, AMD 6£ SO.M2AN! Dated this 22 -clay of December, 1939. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. Ally, lor Pltf. Claude P. Cooper Ally. Ad Lilem, Percy A. Wright Named America' Here's looking across (he counter in solcsc-lerli's eye vievv of Mrs. Roy Fleming, Hoi Springs Ark., chosen Mrs. Typical Customer for 1940 by National Retail Dry Goods Association. She's buying things for New York trio lhal comes with title,

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