The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 3, 1930
Page 6
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PAGE SIX (AUK.) COim[RH-XK\V8 Will Hold Meet at Osceola, April 25-26 District Group Organizes For Year at Marked Tree; Program Outlined. The 1930 literal tw* meet ot'g?"" 1 p " chers ot lhe - lasl ;,i_.t_." l o-.,_ • _i.__,_.. »tuijiii».}*-** 1 *' Evans Selects List of Ten Greatest Pitchesr r XR\ Srrvlrr (EDITOR'S NOTE' Hilly} Evans, Amrrlran League umpire for 22 y«n, ha« written a series of 10 article* rfcalHng hrr«s of the diamond and thf Ir dffds. This is tlir Mventh article of the «ri«). By RII.LY FVANS Whom do I regard as the 25 District Four, Arkansas Athletic Association, comprising 25 schools, was awarded to Osceola high school at a meeting of the officers of the district In Marked Tree Saturday, .and will be held at the new Osceola high school plant, April 25 and Without «'<v hesitation I reply by starling out with the first five and place them in the order I rate them ns to greatness: Walter Johnson, Christy Mathewson, Gro- vcr Alexander, Rube Waildel) and Cy Youns. ivullownuf closely In at his belt and I would say "Lefty" Grove of the present day Athletics comes closest to resembling! him In native ability. Yet of the three greul left-lumdcd pitchers who have worked under Connie Mack, namely Waddell, Plank mid Grove, the lender of the Athletics says he regards Plank as the best of the Itio, team value considered. Cy Young's record of 500 major lengue victories, covering more than 20 years, certainly entitles him place among the first five to a Young was a fast-ball pitcher and labored longer than any other Mar pitcher In the history of tho name. Can- Is Test For McRae At Osceola Tonite OSCEOLA, Ark—Ardent tupporl- | ers of Stanley McHac, the dynr.- mitc puncher from Lnxoia, aie ! backing him lo win out over the Sultan of Swat Says He'll Quit Baseball If Not Paid $85,000. NEW YORK, Feb. 3 CUp>~Babo Huth has returned unsigned a contract sent him In Florida by [lie New York Yankees with a reiteration that lie win be a hold- Luxora miailc-r battles J'.ek Corr of Cleveland. Ohio, here conlghl. Hnppy Ous Foreman, tight, un- tnoicr, stated this morning that carr had Aired thai lie is In UK- r» k ol condition and expects lo lake McRae. J^ck Bet.ny. Osceola favor: 1 .;, i-jiti Jack Barry of Memphis, lly- --- .... 'Arights. will meet in an ci^ht- opposition he ins ciicoun-' rruml Ecml-u'lmlup. The main ci icrcd In sonic lime, when tlie'k flatcd fui eight rounds. 26. Officers of the association also & 'rating *cf the flr.lflv*. I •designated the date and pace for| wou)d name MmaK!ll " Tllrcu . P i n . other track and basketball events t'< b* held this year. Crawford Orecne, superintendent of .the Blythevlllc schools, was Selected president of lhe District Four association. Marvin Bird of Earle was elected vice president nnd gcrcd" Brown, Chief Bender, Ed Wnlsh, Edi'le Plflnk and "D:my" Vance. •. If pressed for five more truly great pitchers, I would list Addle Joss, Burllgh Grimes, Babe Ruth, Herb Pennoct and Walte Hoyt. Mrs. C. L. Moote of Osceola, sccre-1 pitchers who have stood out In Ury and treasurer. Besides Mr. Greene, Miss Rosa Hardy, principal of the local school ''arid retiring secretary of the association, and Henry Hudson, athletic ilrectT of the local school, were In attendance at the meeting. Decision by officials of the association to give the big meet to Otceola this year marked a departure Irotn the precedent that has been followed for a number of yeais with the meet swinging on a circuit of the three largest cities In the association, Blythevllle, Jone.i- the last live years would be "Lefty" Grove, George Earmhaw, Tommy Thomas, Charley lone. Ted Lyons, boro and Paragould. The splendid new plant and Root,. Pat Mn- and perhaps listed In the first five. 1 nin surf'; would agree that Ed entitled to that clLs- mlf dozen more. However, these > pitchers to achieve all-time grcnt- ress, must continue their winning career over a long period of years, as have the first 15 that I have named. cverybody Walsh wa Unction. There h;ivu been moist- ball pitchers with n more deceptive delivery than Ed Walsh but certainly no splttaller met with Breater success. Picking the five or 10 greatest pitchers is merely a mutlcr of opinion. I think any big league nwiiager would be content to have n pitching staff made up of tlie first three llsls I named. Memphis Grid Player Enters Local School Waller Johnson, greatest pitcher of I .rate. the last equipment of the Osceola school which was opened late In the fall Is understood to have weighed heavily in favor of the lower Mis ttfsSpp! county capital. 'Last year the meet was held with the Jonesboro Hurricane copping its third consecutive sweepstakes The Blythevllle Chlckasaws were clew runner-ups, but lost iintr bl£ chance in a thrilling finish when the' Hurricane swept through to victory in. the relay, traditionally •'^.Blythevllle win. 'The' officers voted to hold the boys' .and 'girls' junior basketball tournament at Jonesboro February 34.' years. What is more, I seriously doubt If there was ever a greater hurler since the beginning of baseball. Johnson -had every physical advantage, was the fastest pitcher of all time, had great control, vois the last word as to courage- and hurt the Ideal competitive temperament. Over a period of 20 years he pitched marvelous ball, despite the (net he wns n member of a second division club during, the >r;aler part, of his career. I don't jcllevc there will ever be another Wa'ttr Johnson. There arc some no doubt who will lean to Ohrlsty Mathewson as the greatest of pitchers. Malty did not have the physical assets of Walter Johnson; In other words the burning speed. However, he did have one of the mott decep- Jonesboro was also selected as the scene of the senior high hoys' basketball tournament to be held Irom Feb. 28 to March 1 while the girls' senior meet will be hel:l at Shiwnte. near Jqtner on Highway 41 .March 7 and'8. ..The Junior hl«a Invitation track meet will ,be held under the auspices, of lhe association at Pirn- gouid April 19."' , .Members' of the Association agreed that all officials for the tenter literary, ind, trick meet should be secured from outside the district. ;'.'The. following schools are memoirs of the ; association: Blythevllle,'.Bono, Crawfordsvllle, Corning, B»r!e, Egypt, Harrisburg. Hulbut. Jonesboro, Luxcra, Lake City. Marked Tree, Marlon, Me- tiewe, psceola, Rector, Wilson, Turrill, Tyronra, Truman, Shawnee, Locust: Grove, Plggott, Paragould, Manila, Weltter, Greenway'i Leachville,' Jonesboro A. The. following schools did not refWer: . . •Leiianto, Cash, Fisher, Greene County! High School. Ritz Theatre Monday and Tuesday e New Versions of th Very Smart Ensemble If a spltbnll pitcher should be out unless'lib demand for a three ""• "- -•-'•yrar contract at SSS.OOO a ycai Is met. a statement sent by Until to [lie United Press said todny Huth declared he . would quit baseball nnd live on the dividends rro:n his investments If Ms demands were not met. "If Colonel Icupert (owner of the Yankees) won't pay me jg^. 000." the statement said,' "i will get along on my assured dividends which will amount to $25000 In 1930. plus whatever I .can pick lln on the side. "If the Yankees reject my request, for an increase I will remain idle—which at my a G e means retirement from baseball" Cuddle-Up! Romance Football ilock of the lUythcrllle high school Chlckasaws for 1930 was boosted upward today with the nnnounccincnt that Bernard MacFee, letter rjuorterback of the Central high football squed of Memphis, Tcnn., entered the local school tills morning. MncFce will be eligible for the Maroon nnd White machine next fall nn<I the addition is expected to prove of material aid to the Chicks who are looking forward to another splendid seosn live deliveries In the baseball, his famous history of "fadeaway" ball, which literally seemed to do that very tlvlns as It approached the batter. Trud, he was craftier than Johnson because he lacked the power of Walter. There was little to choose between their control, . .-, - Orover Alexander rarfc not far behind the two I have mentioned. He had great stuff, a master 'mind, plenty of courage and uncanny control. Onl'ke Johnson and Mathewson, the great Alexander was rather lax as tq.his.condition. He didn't fake the. excellent care of himself as did the first' two named, but at that lie' went a • long way In the game. • ' .• . No live greatest- pvUhers would be complete without an outstand- ng southpaw.'I think "Rube" Waddell Is entitled to the. honor. I umpired back of him when he was WARNING ORDER Chancery Court. Chickasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. J. L. Morris. Plaintiff vs. No. 4649 Efllo Arthur Morris. Defendant The defendant, Effle Arthur Morris Is warned to appear within thirty days in the court named In the caption hereof and answer tho complaint of the plaintiff, J. L Morris. Dated Jan. 13, 1830. W. W. HOLLIPETER, Clerk. By Elizabeth Blythe, D. c. W. D. Gruvette, Atty. ad Lltem. Jan. 13-20-27, Fef. 3. NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATOR'S • PETITION TO SELL REAI, ESTATE Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned administrator of the Estate of G. W. Bradley deceased, will after four weeks from the publication of this Notice ]>etltlon 'rebate Court of Mississippi Cc-un;y, Arkansas, Chickasawba District for an order to sell the follmv described Real Estate In Mississippi County. Arkansas, to-wlt:. An undivided one-half Interest In and to all of Lot 12i the Norlh 21 feet, of Lot 13: and the Siuth 20 feet of Lot It; all In Block "C" Morris Addition to the City of Blythc- ville, Arkansas. Properly of said decedents Estate. . This sale Is for the purpose of 1 raising funds to pay debts bj said Estate. : J. NICK THOMAS, Administrator. Virgil Greene, Attorney. ; Jan. 13-20-27, Fcby 3. CHARLES(BUDDY) ROGERS .Half Way to Heaven' Ci (paramount (picture .-i. JEAN Arvmurx All .Talking Comedy and "A Trip Thm Spain" Travelogue Admission Matinee 10 nnd 35c Night 20 ami 50c Coming, "The Broadway Melody Wednesday and Thursday WARNING ORDER Chancery Court. Chickasawba District, Mississippi County. Arkansu. Effle Mansell. Plaintiff vs. NO. 4650 Newton Mansell, Defendant .The defendant, Newton Mansell Is .named lo appear within thirty days In the court named In the cap tlno hereof and aiwwer tVio com plaint of the plaintiff Efflc Mansel Dated Jan. 13, 1930. W. W. HOIMPETER, Clerk. By.Elizabeth Blythe, U. C. Claude F. Cooper, Atty. for Pltf. Jan. 13-20-27, Fef. 3. HOME THEATRE Monday and Tuesday In the Probate Court for Uic Chickuawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. In the Matter ot the Estate ot Jewel Stick, Minor. CORA BL1CK; Guardian. • ' NOTICE OF SALE Notice la hereby given that the undersigned, Cora Bllck. as Guardian of the Estate of Jewel Bllick minor, will on the 25th day of February, 1830, offer for sale at the South door of the Court House In BljthevtHe, Arkansas, between the hours of 10 o'clock a. m. and p. m, at public auction to the high est bidder upon a credit ot thre moaths. the following described real estate located In the City of Blythevllle.' Chickasawba District. Vluiuippl County, Arkansas, to '"'LOU 8 MM 9 of Block 2: the W«rt 9 tet ol Lot 1; .the North TI fcet 05 Block 10, a\l n the Beckman Addition to the Town ot Blyth*7ll>, Arkansas. Bald sale is made for the purpose of paying the detata of the esta and for the purpose ot educatin the said Jewel BUck, minor, and I the Interest of the estate. ' The purchaser at said sale will required to live not* with approv security for the purchase price satd lands, «ai t vendors lt?n •»• b* retained on said land for the payment of the purchase money. Tills the 1st day of February, 1930. CORA BLICK, Guardian. Fsb, 3-10-17. The loves, tri-l umplis a n i :rngedies o Flaming Youth in a great su cessor to "Ov Dancing Daughters" f V Supported by Rod I-aRoque Also Comedy and News Admission, Matinee ;mci Night, 10 and 25c Important Announcement To INDEPENDENT RETAIL MERCHANTS There will be a general meeting of all independent merchants of Blytheville at the CITY HALL AUDITORIUM Tuesday Night, Feb. 4th 7:30 P. M. For the purpose of perfecting a permanent independent retailers association. The first Spring costume you buy must be in ensemble . . . Futlon his already settled thatl But the particuhr Jtyle depends on your preference . . , whether you choose the seven-eighths jacket (that really can be worn as t separate coat) ... the practical finger-lip length ... or the jaunty n«w Eton effect ... in tweed, basket weave or covert . . . in a light Spring shade or a more practical «Jar. The most 'jucccsiful new modet are assembled tun ... it prices that prove «h^ economy of quantity buying. $-|C|'75and$OA- 75 -L*7 Ai t The First COAT MODES for Spring Are On Display Now! You will find e«r 10 many com around which to build your own ensemble . . . with a printed drc« and one in pUin color, one coat can be used to complete two costumts. Here lie very smart modes . . .' with slightly flaring skirts, capckt collars ind scarf effectt . . . straight line morMi, too. Styles for a diversity of needs . , •• in hi^h shades and practical colors. All of them attractively low priced. $<Y90 to $O A .75 J.CPENNEY 220-222 W. Main St. Blytheville, Ark.

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