Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 27, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 27, 1895
Page 3
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Just Received! Some Beaut's in AND •FOR STREET - WEAR Tans, made to sell for $1.50 iour .price 89c Tans or black, silk Coring made •to sell for $2.00 our prioe $1.88 • One lot Ladies' tan congress shoes, silk goring-, large buttoas, 'hand turned, vary flne and nobby Made to sell for $3.58. Our .price $3.43 Also Some Bargains in Children's Slioes And lots of other things. Come and see 'em. OUft GUARANTEE : Your Money's Worth or Your Money Back! Dr. E. H. Grace, DENTAL PARLORS, 316 Market St. New Ideas In Gold Crown .ind Bridge Work. DAILY JOURNAL. SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 27 ™ Girl wanted at 22-1 Sal River avenue. Now beans, asparagus and new peas, at Traut'e. Chicken pot plo free to all, at the "Old Homes toad" this evening. Bed springs and mattreeeea in stock and made to order, at Foglesong Bros 1 , Men'e all wool sweaters, all colors tor 98 cents, others ask $2—Harry Frank. Tho father of A B. Stanton of this city died Thursday at Liberty, Ind., . aged 85 years. You can sava 20 per cent, on any. thing In the clothing lino by attending Harry Frank's discount aalo. Charles Boyer has come to Logansport from Plymouth to take a position with Wilson, Humphreys & Co. White shirts, 8 cents; cuffs, per pair, 4 cents; collars, 2 cente. Cut prices—Lee Wah Sing. Wanted—Experienced nurse to take oharfo ot small child. Reference re. quired. Inquire for Mrs. Payne at Johnston's Hotel. Hood's Swsaparilla gives great bodily^ nerve, mental and digestive strength, simply because it purifies, vitalizes and enriches the blood. Tho school of Eva Schumann in Jet- ferton township was ^closed yesterday. Hiss Schumann will attend the Statt Normal school atTerro Haute this sum- er. The Boston Dental association whoao main office is in Chicago is considering opening a branch office In Logansport in rooms over the Bee Hive. Dr. C. S. Payne, who will be In charge, ia here looking the ground over and arranging details. TORTURED FOR YEARS; FIREMAN'S BATTLE WITH RHEUMATISM. Bow He Conquered Ilie Dlieaxe Alter Year* of MUeiy. Henry Wagner, assistant engineer at flre itfttion No. 5, Cleveland, 0., saye: ' 'For the past nine years I hare had rheumatism at Intervals and §uf- fered greatly. I would be off duty from ten days to two week* each time, and although I tried many different 80-called remedies, could not obtain any relief. When I first heard of the remarkable oures Munyon'b Rheumatism Remedy was making I was very skeptical, but just about then I had a very bad attack and concluded to give them a trial. The first bottle relieved me very much, and by the time I had taken the second bottle I was completely cured. I have not had a rhen- matio pain since, although I have been wet many times. Now I use Munyon'i Remedies in my home and find them, most excellent." Munyon's Rheumatism Cure is guaranteed to cure rheumatism In any part of the body. Acuie or muscular rheumatism ie cured in from one to five dajs. It never fuila to cure sharp, shooting pains in the arms, legs, sides, back or breast, or sorenesa in any part of the body in Irom one to throe hours. It is truarantoed to promptly cure lameness, stiff nod swollen joints, stiff back and all pains in the hips and loins. Chronic rheumatism, sciatica, lumbago or pain in the back nVe speedily cured. Those who are in doubt as to the nature of their disease should address Professor Munyon, 1505 Arch street, Philadelphia, giving full symptoms of their disease. Professor Munvon will carefully diagnose the case and give you the benefit of his advice absolutely free of charge. The remedies will be sent to any address on receipt of retail price. _ A REPORTED HOLDUP. The Walter Moore or WliontUuA Htr«et *i».V» He Kucouutered • Foot Pad Yewterrtny Morning. An alleged highwayman met Walter Moore at the Dawes property early yesterday morning, and according to Walter threatened to hold him up for the contents of his pockets. Mr.Moore was on his way to his home on Wheatland street, and the Interruption was not a pleasant one. He decided to make a Qght for his personal property, and when his hand closed around the neck of a quart bottle of beer he car. ried ioJhlBpocket.his courage wasjaway up. He struck his would be assailant a terrible blow with the heavy bottle and then the two ran in opposite directions. It was an exciting time for both Mr. Moore and Mr. Moore's foot pad. The latter has not since been heard from. A Krlond'i AJrlco. MONTAGUE, Mich., Nov. 13, '93. William Wlndeokneck, a wealthy farmer of Muekegon county, personally appear before me, a Notary Public, this day, and deposes and says: "That for the past year or BO he was afflicted with weakness, trembling, heart failure, extreme nervousness, headaoho and general debility; that he has consulted with physicians and received no benefit. He was persuad od by a friend to try a sample bottle Of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizes and he says that the trembling and nervous feeling was immediately stopped by Its use. Afterwards he used two bottle of the same medicine and says he is entirely cured' and free from that trembling sensation; his heart gives him no trouble and he sleeps well. He further says that his general health is much better, and that he ia calling the attention of his neighbors and friends to the remarkable value of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizer." Signed, W. WENDECKNECK. Sworn to and eubsorlbed before me, a Notary Public for Muskegon county, State of Michigan. JAMES MORKISON. For sale by Ben Fisher, Druggist. She w«s Indlipoaed. Mary Streuve wai not able to ap^ pear in the mayor's court yesterday. She has not been disposed to leave the quiet of her cell since she was looked in, after demolishing furniture and smashing the west window of the fe» male department of the jail Thursday night alter her incarceration for being intoxicated. Bncklen's Arnica Salve. •/he beat salve in the world for cuts bruises sores, ulcers, salt rheum lever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin erup^ tions, and positively cures piles, or DO pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money re. funded. Price 25^cents per boy. For sale by B. F. Kaesling. A new line of trouserings just re- ceived—Pleroo, the Tailor. PUBLISHING THE ACTS- Secretary \ of Stale Will WI* hold Senate Bill Xo. *O7. Indianapolis Journal: Deputy S«o retary of State Wright was asked ye« terday when the ^legislative acts wi! be published. Said he: "We are frequently asked when th acts will be published. I delivered to day to the public printer the last o the copy duly compared with the en rolled acts, I have thus far re»* th first proof on about one hundred an fifty pages and Qsve side-noted aai completed about seventy-five page* After the printing i» completed, Index must be prepared and the whele be printed and bound for dlstributio to the counties. When the last count clerk baa receipted for his county' quota the Governor's proclamation li Issued and th^ lawa cot having a emergency clause are in force. W have used the office force authorize* by law and have performed our dut; faithfully, leaving entirely out of con sideratlon the conflicting Interest favoring u»due haste or unnecessary delay. • •The fee and salary law cover forty«one pages of the acts and make that much additional work over tha two years ago. Then there has been much complaint about the indexing and an effort will be made to Improv on previous work. The acts two years ago received the Governor's pro olamatlon May 20, and four years ago June 10. The proclamation has been delayed as 'late as Aug. 25. We are making commendable progress and will have the acts distributed early in June. "In preparing the copy we have followed strictly. the punctuation and wording of the enrolled acts. In the haste of the last days of ' the session many errors crept in and 1 find thit heretofore much license has been taken where the sense seemed plain This seems to be a dangerous precedent to let the public attention be called to some of the defects In our legislative methods rather than follow a dangerous precedent. An investi gatlon of the facts and records will show that the clerical force of the last legislature was an unusually efficient one, but when the Governor, himself, vetoes a bill as "vicious" which is simply a re-enactment of an old and tried law, to correct a slight ambiguity of title, what can be expected of a clerical force having to enroll and compare fifty or sixty bills in the last forty-eight hours of the session. "Tha Journal's suggestion that there be two sessions of the legislature is an admirable one and will cor root most of the evils. There should bo an addition to the clerical force also that the phraseology and punctuation of every bill be passed upon by experts before final passage and that the enrolled bills follow the engroabed copy. '•The custodian bill suggests another weakness. Suppose », Governor should simply withhold a' bill without signing It or vetoing U? It would become a law by limitation; but if he refused to file it with the Secretary of State or some one interested should kindly remove It Irom his desk and conceal It, how can the Secretary of State in. elude it in his certificate of publioa-' tlon which declares that he has compared the printed acts with the enrolled copy in his office. And how can the proof of the existence of the law be made? "The fish law presents another question. If the Secretary of State must abide by his records then a clerk can defeat a bill by making aa error in recording the vote. If the records can bo appealed to. then why not the members themselves to correct the record? Thus the sanctity of the law is lost in the fallibility of memory. "On the other hand, to declare a law in force that, according to the records, and the memory of the clerks and members, failed to pass Is to put in the hands Of a clerk the power to resuscitate any defeated measure. Mr. Owen has instructed me to withhold Senate Bill 297 that the courts may pass upon this particular oaee and disclose the neoeiilty for legislation on the subject if there be that need." Mr. Owen was asked about the decision and said: "The opinion of the Attorney- general la advisory, no t mandatory. In the very able opinion of the Attorney- general on Senate Bill 297 emphasis IB given to the decisions of the supreme court, but the phraseology la such as to suggest that he has a doubt as to the appllcatisn of the decisions in a matter similar to the one in question. The idea ol a bill, however insignificant, becoming a law in spite of the negative vote ol one of the legislative bodioa, is anyhow so repugnant to the public mind that I have chosen to seek, if necessary, a decision, of the court on this case and will withhold the bill Irom the published acts and decline to certify it as one of the lawa enacted by the legislature of 1895. Should the correctness of my position be questioned! would be pleased, to bare mandate proceedings brought in any of the courts that the 'question may be paaied upon judicially. Shoult my position be sustained I shall hav rid the session laws of a burlesque on legislation aod In any event will have called public attention to an evil requiring legislative en actment at tho earliest poesibli moment and for this I am wllllig to be found in error. My reason* fo taking this poiition are these: Sac tion 5593 says: -He (the Secretary 0 State)shaU deliver to the State printe: at the earliest day practicable, copie of all the acts, joint resolutions and memorials, as they are passed by the General Assembly etc. What is an act? The Constitution says, Article 4 Section 25: -A majority of all th members elected to each bouse shal be neoesiary to pass every bill or join resolution; and all bills and joint reso lutions ao passed shall be signed by the presiding officers of the respective houses.' The journal of the house filed In this office shows that the bil In question was defeated and IB there fore not an act within the provifiioni ol the Constitution. "This clearly Is not an act. If i must be treated as such the quicker public attention Is called to the defeo in our legislative methods the better and I am willing to be instrumental in securing that decision at once." THE PHYSICIANS MEET. C«w» County Medical Society Holdn« .llonthly (Session. TheCaU County Medical Society met at Dr. W. H. Bell's office. Dr. Cady reported a very rare case of amaloid degeneration of the stom aob. Dr Thomas spoks of the dangers following the use of cocaine. The evening was spent pleasantly In the discussion of these subjects and Other topics incidentally brought out. Drs. Bradfield, Cady. Rogers and Powell were selected as delegates to the State Medical society, and Drs. Bell and Coleman to the American Medical association. The American Medical association meets in Baltimore May 7th to 10th, and the state society at Indianapolis on June 6th and 7th. Railroad rates will be reduced to both of these meet* ings, to one full fare, and one-third fare returning on the certificate plan. Drs. Bell, Coleman and Powell were appointed a committee to arrange for a banquet to be held on the anniver aary of the organization of the Cass County Medical society in June. "Conservative Surgery" will be the subject considered in a p&por by Dr. Thomas at the next meeting to beheld Vtay 30th, to which time the society adjourned. J. Z. POWELL, Sec. Tlio Indiana Cliiiiitanqna. Peru Chronicle: Col. Farrar returned from Fort Wayne this morning where ho went yesterday to attend a meeting of the Indiana Chautauqva association to represent tha advantages of Lake Maxlokuckee as a location should Bass Lake be abandoned. No meeting was held last night, as announced, but one will be held at rVarsaw today. Lakes Eagle, Turkey 'Syracuse) and Maxlnkuckee, he informs us, will only be considered in ihe change from Bass Lake, and a re- ocatlon at one or the other is cer- 'aln." Did Yon Ever Cry Electric Bitters as a remedy for 'our troubles? 'if not. get a bottle now and get relief. This medicine has been found to be peculiarly adapted to he relief and cure of all female com. plaints, exerting a wonderful direct nfluence in giving strength and tone o the organs. If you have loss of .ppetlte, constipation, headache, faint- ng ipells, or are nervous, sleepless, ixcitable, melancholy or troubled with [izzy spoils, Electric Bitters is the medicine you need. Health and trength are guaranteed by its use. ,arge bottles only 50 cents at B. F. leesling's drug store. A- *ttlt to Eojoln T««S. The suit of Herman. Schoonfiald of he New York Bankrupt store vs. the ity of Loganeport and the county of lasa to recover about $100 paid by he oompa-iy as "transient taxes," ) in progress yesterday before Fudge Lalry. The argument was con- luded last evening, and the Judge's eoision will probably be made today. Frank Shepardson, an engineer oa he Southern Pacific Ry., who resides t LOB Angeles, Cal., was troubled with heumatism foe., a long time. He was reated by several physician, also via- ted the Hot Springs, but received DO ermanent relief until he used Cham erlain's Pain Balm. He says it is the est'medicice in the world for rheuraa- ism". For sale by B. F. Keesling, Now is the time to buy summer nderwear in balbriggan, merino'and epperrill jeans, from 25 cents up. at Isber's, the Hatter and Furnisher. Paine's Celery Compound. Best Spring Remedy in the World—-It Makes People Well. There is one true specific for diseases arising from a debilitated ner- %'ous system, and that is Paine's Celery Compound, so generally P'e scribed by physicians. It is probably tho most remarkable remedy that the scientific research of this country has produced. Prof. Edward E. Phelps, M. D., LL. D., of Dartmouth college first prescribed what ig known the world over as Paine's Celery Compound, a pbiitive cnre for dyspepsia, biliousness, liver complaint, neuralgia, rheumatism, all nervous diseases and kidney troubles. For the latter Paine's Celery Compound has succeeded again and again where everything else has failed. The medical journals of this country have given more space In th« last few years to the many remarkable eases Trhere the use of Paine's Celery Compound has made people well than to any other one subject. What. IN the Work of the Kidney*t To remove from tba blood its impurities. The products of cell wastes which have been burned up in sustaining life and giving strength to the system. Every particle of blood in the body goes through the kidneys every three minutes, and if these organs are unable to perform their work fully, sooner or later the system is poisoned. Therefore, "San Jak" is the Indicated blood remedy. JfervottH Debility, E^ery peraon having nervous debility, organic weakness, or failing memory, is entitled to sympathy of every honest person, and should have ex. tended medical aid such ae is found in San Jak." Sold by Ben Fisher, druggist. Ton Don't JI»Te to S«o»r Off says the St. Louis Journal of Agriculture in an editorial about No-To-Bac the famous tobacco habit cure. "We know of many oases cured by No-To- Bac, one, a prominent St. Louis architect. smoked and chewed for twenty years; two boxes cured him 80 that even, tho smell of tobacco makes him sick." No-to-Bac sold and guaranteed by B. F. Keesllng, druggist. No cure no pay. Book free. Sterling Remedy Co., New York or Chicago. A Valuable A German chemist has discovered a new remedy for Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Lanienesg,Stiff Joints, Headache, Sore Throat, and every severe pain, and hundreds are «ured with it daily. It is sold as Dr. Bayer's Penetrating Oil in 25c and COo bottles. For sale at John M. Johnston's drug store. Maxtnknckce Cottage for Eleven room cottage, 100 feet lake front; will piva a bargain. See diagram at the Journal office. W. B. BURFOHD, Indianapolis. Insurance, loans—S. M. Closson, 319 Pearl street. $500 000 OFFERED. Remarkable Success [of a Foreigner.— The History of Vcno's Wonderful Bcniedics.—-Make Him n Millionaire in. Seven Years. Tlifly iiro .Prescribed >>y Hundreds of riiyxlclaimlii thin Country, and Uecommeiitled front tbe I'ulplt. Since Veno cam« to this country some two imd a balf yenrx'aKO, tils remedies Dave found a home at every fireside. Tbe fact, alone, that they have been adopted by hundreds of physicians la their every day practice, 1*. perhaps tlie KTeatcst guarantee M w their merit. Many reverend gentlemen have commonded highly Irom the pulpit notably amonc them betnt the Rev. <ieo. PrU- lean. of the M. E. church, Xnnia, 0., and the Bw. A. F. lIcNutt, Bradner, 0., also-a Motbodlst clergyman. Befor« Veno left Europe, a syndicate of wealthy gentlemen, seeluethe creat possibilities In the*i remedies, made him an offer ot $500,000.10 for his eotire business, The Veno Remedies are gold by SO.OOO'.droffitotB In thu Unltfld States, with full Instructions lor uomwasaas follows: VENO'SCDRATITO SYRUP (50c a bottle), Is a positive cure for weak stomach, dyspepsia, llwr, kidney, blood and urln;iry troubles, sleeplesunew. poor appetite and general weakness, and when used with VESO'S ELECTING FUJID (50c a bottle) will cure tbe worst and mosl. desperate fornui o£ rheumatism, sciatica, ImnbaKO, paraljals, gtlff Joints, nenralffla and all acliefl and piilna. VEXO'S 1,1'Sfl TOXIC (50c a bottle), a qiU* ' and i>ermanent cure for throat nnd lune troubles asthma, bronchitis, hoarseness, and coughs and colds. Sold by Johnston, Koosllng and Ben Xlsber, Drnsslsts and gu&tantew is cure or jnoaej refunded. OVER A MILLION EST- LINENUUUU NOW IN USE

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