The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 24, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 24, 1936
Page 3
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' f -lt •,.->X--t3 SQ \&9ii' > i 'AT/^*1 THURSDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1936 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS f< Work Relief Funds Will Be Exhausted Before the End of Januaiy By KICHARI) L. HARKNKSS United Press Staff Correspondent WASHING'TON; (UP)—President Roosevelt faiics the necessity today of seeking a new work-relief appropriation almost immediately: after emigres convenes Jim.: 5. Tlic Works; Progress Administration will be without funds by Jan, 20, its $1.425,030.000' ftirid :«x- I Isausled in just half the tliiieVthe! senate and house expected ,^ | The new appropriation' \\l\\ 'finance unemployment '-aid • until July 1, 1937, the start of, the new fiscal year. Later .In the. session, Mr. Roosevelt will ask for more money of Congress to continue the progrum Into 1937-1938. WPA . Administrator Harry L. Hopkins steadfastly refused to rc- vcal the administration's futme re- plans, except'to predict tlmt costs could be cut 20 pci cent because of rising pilvate employ- incut. Half Billion l.ikelv Indlcatlohi were, however, tliat Mr. Rooseielt would seek at least $500,090,000 to meet work proj"cl costf, during the next six months, and from $750,000,000 to $1,000,000,001) for the 12 months after July 1. If those figures are correct, they will represent drastic reductions in Mork relief spending Although relief rolls declinedVdiirihg 193G by approximately 10 pei cent, costs went up. Between July 1, 1936, and Dec 11, the government spent $1;127,486725 under the v.ork program During the same period ofr 1935, relief expenditures amounted to $899,162,502, or $228,324,223 less. The difference'Is'-explained,- officials said, in the fact that the work program, more expensive than the dolft system, was just getting.un- derway in (935 and operated full force In 1936. • Lumping relief expenditures with money spent for recovery activities bi the government, U B Treasury figilres show that 193G cosls were below 193D, $1.259927,728 as compared to $1,524;845,890. , Twehe Recoiery Agencies Relief and recovery agencies included Adjustment Administration, Farm Credit As. sociation, Federal Emergency Re- fc-^ef Administration; Civilian Con. serration <>'Corps, Public Works, Administration, Works,' Progress Adniiru$1j|ttoh, Rural Electilfica- licn AdnjtniStration, Home Owners Loin Corporation, Fcrtera' Housing Administration, Resettlement Administration; Heconstruc- Fcr Reliei' and Recovery A treasury recapitulation of relief mid recovery the period between July l and Dec, 11 In bolli 193(i expenditures for mill 1935 .shows: AgrlruKui-JI Aiil •Agency • AAA Comino'JIty Credit Corp. . Farm Credit Adm. Federal Land Batiks . PERA Civil' Works A£m. • Emergency Conservation . DsiKinirijiH o! Ajnuiltur: Boulder . Cinyon Loans nncl grants Loans to railroads Pubiic Highway.} River and harbor work .. Rural Electrification WPA . . . All oilier , Aid Home loan system Emergency housing FHA . Resettlement Subsistence homesteads Export-import bank For Industrial Recovery R1C . ... .... '1VA ... Totals IS::G .$ •36I2.IH4 <J(i,3GO,2!2 .... 12,053,022' 27,154,113 Mrtlrf 8,697,215 169,855 .. . . 50,014,304 . .. 203,001 'uliltc Works 5,734,0(54 97,233,605 3,237,109 11(5,130,080 .. .. 64.080,520 2.003,724 .. 897,431,835 . . 180.91G.999 to Home Owners . . 13,383,015 .. .. 15,207.818 7.GS3.7C5 08 099 806 IB Miscellaneous 223.493 . . . . 10.088 209,010,722 $1,259.927,723 1935 5 56,525,417 153,801,744 25,893,845 24.3CO.30i 444,239.519 338,353 -232,245,710 1,852.380 7.H70.535 13,751,308 22,305,408 1 30,303,5 M 69.870,972 234,915 131,210.788 iQD.on.un 29,074,010 15,889,624 5.821.0CO 17 COS 147 413i212 6,353.984 4.451.664' 5.086.618 23,025,372 $1,524,845,890 Manila cly — Personal •PAGE THREE W. Cowans from Mnnltii mnde reports. v, John Harrison, wns the •»s(or In ehnvge. nofitny from Little Rock, ArK. to B|»jicl th« liolidays with hor hro- liipi', Itciiry SniKli. Mrs. Olurcncc Ashnljrntmcf Tho Epwoi'lh Leagua of tho Ir^i _ MtUiodlsL church presented, cn'ndlc light service In the ilmrcli Sunday evening portraying i pictures of Ihe world, one before Christ and one after Christ, ^un 'I'licnms was director of the iircgrum and Anlla Cownns and L Ldn Beriy were leaders of Ihe ,vo parts. Immediately following IhLs pv«- ..mauun l?ev. I'otter, presiding elder of the JonesljorO district, preached a sermon approprwve After tho service the quarterly jomerwicc wns hejd In the uvidt- lorlnin. The officers from .St. Johns as well as those from Manila made reports. Jim David nml Mrs. Clarence R. David from St. joi.iiK made rcport-s. Preddlc, Powell anil Jflnies Coals and Mrs. B. Tline will be n Christmas Tree leilalncd hei Sundny Sehobl clnsj, i'.uly nl\en bj the Metlio<Hsl, wllh a. On Minns Irte and l>»ity Chiueli membeis Thunday night lodny in the Community center, in Ihe local church. U Is n vol-| Mr. imd Mis Clcve McMnhan uiilcci inoKrnin S|»cli\l cafols announce tliu With of i\ son. He liavc been arranged. * * : # Sam Lane of CrossoU, Ark,, [oimeily of Manila, .spent llio weekend here visiting friends. He M( Monday to visit lib mother l In Niishvlllo, Term. Li'e Carter and family left'Tile's- I day morning to visit Mr. and Mrs, S. T. llatncld and family of Uql- Ivor, Tcnii. Mr, and Mrs, nodd and daxigli- ti 1 : 1 . Miss Mury Florence, : Mls.-ies weighed 12, pounds nml lias licen cliilslciipd .Victor v Wylle. Mr. and Mr«.' Roland llnidley of Conwuy, Ail< , will Iho wny, Aik, was a business vlMtoi In Manila' Tuesday." Mrs Mai Urn Woijlmm, \\)>o has UP™ .seilomly 111, H lopgrlrtl improving. Mis Helen I/roeiy of Blylhcvillo was called to Manila- on account COLDS FEVER '"' (if tho «tealh of WiiriuW'Pddic U([M> Tftb , 0(S) ,$&£'* (Salve, Noss props, , mlnuiw I ijy >'Kub-My-'l Ism'—Worlds Read Courier News Wnnt Ads ' HMl liniment 666 H •i •"•' -- ' i.l '•:":!,! ,-v >1 •*",, Olnhlmns holidays v\lth Dr, mid Mri w. p. Hutching and family, nml Mi. and Mis. lilll Ainislroiig. Mis. Bindley Is the foimer UOsn Orlnc' Hiitchlns, Mr. mid MIS. J nines' cost ne r announce the With Dccemlier 18 of n Hill She weighed 0 pounds mid Ims not yet 'been •niniicd, und llclllo Uedwell uhdj Mr. and Mrs. Carl Uinitiert MI- AnltB cowan ipent Monday In'nouncc the iinlval of a yoiinlj .Memphis | son lie' weighed U pounds and Wcodion Smith, Tin Harris, and lias been named Jeiry Wayne. I Howard Smith returned Tuesday I JJev, Ira Ihumlcy, Olreclor of fioiu Yiima, Mi, where they Chilstlan Education In tho Noun have teen ' 'working for ..... - Noun 1 several Arkansas Conference, fiom Con- Mlss Mnrle. Sinltli arrived Wcd- tion Finance; Corpsralion; Tenncs- ;ee Valley Authority. The futme of the goverment's work-relief policy will bs revealeu • 'Vheii Mr. Roosevelt asks CoiiBressi for moic money foi the next sK I montliR. If he asks ft, sinaller sum,! the.action will mean a general paring of relief rolls' from thb current 3,450,000-person mark. i cut in the .number supported on \government-flnanccd. projects will bring immediate protests from two groups — the workers themselves who would'be forced to'look elsewhere for employment, and city mayors seeking to have the government continue its heavy spending to provide for their 'needy. Job Order liesdncled The administration sought to trim its job lists by 175,000 persons early this month, but uai forcad to rescind the .order'under a barrage of complaints from organized needy and municipal executives. Today . . . th LUTHERAN HOUR! K L C N Chi istmas Moining, 8:^15 ICvciy Sunday, 3'30 P. M. Speaker Dr. Walter A. Maier Concordia Seminaiy, St. Louis Music by the LUTHERAN HOUR CHORUS EVERY "SlfNDlSY SAME HOUR Other Church Services' Clmshnas Eve, 7:30 I'. M Clmslmas Morning, 6 A M. ORDER A CASE TODAY! MADE WITH ARKANSAS RICE Distributed by MIDWEST DISTRIBUTING CO^, Blyihcville, Ark. •'.; - - phone OS Merry Christmas Christmas would scarcely be complete without expressing our deep appreciation for your pn- tronapc and wish- In|T you and 'yours the most of Christmas Joy. JACKSON BEAUTY SHOP North Second St. Continued prosperity and {jrca^er happiness for everyone in l?lythe\illc is our sincere wish for the holiday seas-on. We also take this opportunity to thank >ou for vour business of the past year. PALACE CAFE 217 W. Main ' C. H. Kinn, Mgr. NOTICE AVe will not close our storage clept. on phristmas Day hut will remain open to serve you as usual. Our service station wijl close Christmas Day from 10 a. m. 'till 5 p. m. •',.'. • ' • - i " " Our staff of employes send their Greetings for the Holiday and Wish Everybody a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year JOYNER MOTOR SALES CO. HAND KNITTED SUITS for DOLLS i Skirt, Sweater and Hat 82 and $2,50 Ordcra Delivered for Chrislmni Sjicciiil I'Attorns fqr Shirley Temple Dolls MRS. LESLIE HOOPER Call 792 , '1109 Chickasawha PROM YOUItFIURND O. C. GANSKE "The Shoe Man" SOLVING Our Heartiest GREETINGS We cannot let the old year pass without a message of thanks to am- patrons We do not send the message as a matter of form, hut hec.iuse we sincerely appreciate our friends and want you to know tlmt you have meant much to us during the past year. ' FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY / , Phone 12 Clarence H. Wilson Harvey Morns HARRY BAILEY SAYS "MERRY CHRISTMAS" We thank you all for your business and hope you will continue to let us serve you as we have in the past. 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