The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 3, 1930
Page 3
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^SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1930 Leaders Go into "Huddle" lEQUESCNTZj founty Agent in Talk at Wilson Emphasizes Value of Legume Crop. OSCEOLA, Ark,—County Agent E. Critz, of Blytheville, ad- ! \-fx\nr a farmer's meeting at I 'llson Saturday afternoon, stre5sed | if advantages of planting soy ans in the delta. b:th for hay \vi as a soil Improvement crop. The great, variety of uses to lilcli soy beans may be put will j time bring the crop to rank |ith that of corn or cotton for ils Eectlun of tlie country, Mr. ill?, believes. Sny bean glue, one the least known by-producls of ie crop, is belns; used now by at ait one Industry in Misshsippl, liawn' uses o" the "crop^fo^hnj j" WorrlorE for r " cc " ™d the heads of two delegations at (he l.on- ]id In soil improvement rotations " lmiU co »fercnce. Henry L. Stimson, left U S S^cre'an- of •e peculiarly adapted to Missis-! State, and Premier Ramsay MacUonaUl of Oren't Britain uru pictured ' C ° l " M> Mr CrlU recommends' -^ "" '"^ hC!d "' dr " n P° rlaw "•''"-liour conversation prior to Mr. C.IU recommends ,,,,,, opcn(llB of ,,. c p ., rl| , y T , |js Jcmartnblc ^^ ^ Qf ^ ^ diplomats--leaders in the flve-|Wv,T-r movement for naval rcducllon- or redo arieties broadcast at the rate of one lid a half bushels to the acre, Ir soil Improvement proceeding ••tton lie fpeclficd tlie Mammoth rown variety and warned against Ie Mammoth Yellow because of Ie size of the stalk and the tcn- l-ncy to shell out. I Bel(*r Than Cow Peas [Harvesting and curing methods lire outlined and he pointed out Ie advantage of the soy bean ler cow peas in that the former In be cured much mere quickly, lid comparing the crop with al- lfa he stated that its. protein ntent was slightly higher than |[a!fa and that It could be suc- •sfully grown on poorer land. He •ommended the planting cf soy lans before alfalfa to put thc lid In good mechanical condition •id suggested Die wisdom cf In• culating soy bean seed for plant- I? on lands that had not previ- •sly grown the crop. iMr. Critz estimates that there •u a 6.000-acre increase in =oy • ans In Mississippi county last lar due to an almost continuous •mpalgn on, the subject conducted •rough his office, and .states that • number of farmers who kept a • :ord of cctton production )n • 29 on lands seeded to soy beans 1928 reported atound 300 pounds seed cott-n increase and In •me ewes a 10 per cent better Ira-out of lint at the gin. A lniia r campaign has been inauB- •ated for 1930 with the co-opera•<n of the Blytheville Chamber of I-mmerce. "ImaginaUon that soy beans may sympathy." was made scon after Secrel.iry stlmsoii lind arrived In London. be seeded In corn at a cost not to exceed 40 cents per acre mid alter furnishing an abundance of Iced. Hip crop Is worth approximately 89 |jcr acre as a fertilizer for the cotton crop that follows the next year. Makes Winter Pasture Many farmers in Mississippi county have pastured work stock en these stalk and bean fields with Scod results, he says. The stock are turned on the fields as soon as the corn is gatlieied In the fall nnd pastured until after Chrtst- ma«. The acreage is planted to spring oats In February'and when they are harvested in June, the-e * a volunteer crop of be.ins that nas already come up and that will be ready to cut in late August making two hay crops on the same land in one year. Saturday's meeting was the third of a series, twini; conducted weekly in the Wilson community uhde'r the co-operative supervision of E V. Fitch, teacher of vocational agriculture in HIP Wilson High school, and 'County Agent S. D Carpenter of Osceoia. The meetings will continue through the month of February, v.'lili a different pliase of profitable farming discussed at each meeting by a recognized authority on th" ™"r!!"ul'ir subject. ' ' the mn.iicr William Ko/clle, Life Long Rosa Resident, Dies LUXORA. Ark., Feb. 3.-\Villiara C. Razell?. n highly respected resl- ncnt nf the Rosa coiinnuntty, died "I 1:45 p. m. Sunday at the residence rf Hewett Rogers here aftcr r- fingering illness extending over several months. Mr. Hop.elle was taken to a Mcm- pnii hcspltal tome weeks ngo for treatment uul later returned here for treatment by Dr. Hudson. He wa; b.rn near nosa CO years ago and spent all his life in that community as a farmer. He was married in 1894 to Mrs. Ida Coleman cf Ripley, Tenn., by whom he is survived. He also leaves one brotiicr. Shoemaker B. R-zelle. of Rcsa and two sisters. Mrs Elliott Williams of Luxora and Mrs. List Bdmfslon of Louise, Miss. Interment t'ok place Oils after- neon at Blytheville. the Rev. Arthur I,. Ri<. B «. pa-tor of the Luxora Methodist church, officiating. Funeral arrangements were in charge of the Swift Undertaking company of Cscccla. Seme of the giant squids an^ entile fish living deep in tlie ocean have eyes as large as seven by !i inches. (ARK.) COURIER-NEWS . (Continued Fi-nn Page 1) break." Davis related' In Justice Scon the men In n,o car looked back, the fanner tald, and as ihev turned oif Chlckasawba onto o'l r.orlh sinned at full S|>ecd. Officers In a n>.:ck joined the; "hnsc on 01 and as the three fl \,<\ •:we;>i out of tho city limits ; ,'-i! *ere K olns at full lilt, police .say ! UriniKj .succeeded in seeding nhi^ I •Jl tln> roadster and us a aUeiiip:- •d to le-pass "hunn a biiinper" •iirov;ltie H:I. roaihtcr off the ; affluent and bringing 11 ID a One of the men got out. askinr • we didn't kiw.v tliat they were, 'lie law. Din-is .« a |,|. |,,,t i'|iiiei,.,| I l:vvn when Oriincs covered him Belli of the men were brouplu! '•ack !3 touji and .swrdicd. ,\i- • •lost lialf of thc money, except • lltlle chnnue. was found on K!-' 'V Dn'vls told the coiirl. Find Money nil Criniml Tlie farmer said that he sup• i.strii to officers they go L'.ick up oil the read where they 'topped the car to look for the -"•si of the money. On the ground 1 here Ilotlire had stepped Irom his .-ar the oilier lialf of thc mtr.sini; :i!D)ie.\' was fniind. D.n-is said. A five dollar hi]!, different from •'ic r!'iicrs in colcr and printing ml fltthii; the description of one i the seven of that denomination 'lavis said was liken from him was found on the ground, officer!, •iv. Davis and Queen were both asked if they ccuJd make positive iden- •'Jicatir.ii of H'dge and Ellis at •he preliminary hearing this morn- '.ng. Both replied without, hesitation, 'I know they arc the ones." Heycnd denying that they had ever seen (he two Tennessee farmer? the deputies refused to comment on their aresl. officers say. Police say thai (he occupants of laundry truck, who reported during the night that (wo men In a red roadster hail attempted to halt them, picked Hedge and Ellis out cf a group of men as, (he two in the machine. Barnsdall People Plan Station at Cardwell CAHDWELL, Nio.-8!ie BnrnsdtiU Oil company lins purchased from Hie East Arknmas Lumber com- pnny a lot seventy-five feet de«p mid one hundred and sixty left froiittiBe at the corner or Main find I';ol streets. They will erect a modern filling Minlou m foon as I'osslt.'e. Jim Vjugernld li»s a contract to move (he dwelling now •.innriliiR on (lie lot. The station «-iil fiice the slme highway which runes Into (own on pool sircel. I.rllrrs (liven Out Tlw Cnrdwcll hliili school letters «-on for proficiency In ruiilclle nnd literary work. wou> R ive« out this «rfk. They cover 11 period of two VOID'S, us no Inters «ere given during the school years 27-28 and 'J8-20. Thm 1 ' were several Idlers won In Hie \fMl football season (hat were " awarded. Letters were given in football, iKukcikull, track, debating, (Icdanuition and reading, l-'ann IIUUM Hums A farm home belonging to II D. Walls Ijnriicd with K total loss lait Wednesday nlelil. The house wus located on the farm belonging to Mr. Walh. and was unoccupied. Crtme o! UK- lire is unkinwn. Canlnrll News Notes Troy WiiH'maii mill Miss Enrllne Mwre, both of nenr c»ril*«ll ; w«* mnrried Tuesday, Jsnuiry 21, by Judge Hirrlion In his ofllc*. The "A ntui B. Better En»lUh Club" of (lie pending school l«re a very interesting program Ptld»jr afternoon. Morn Sunday, Jamury It, to Mr. nnd Mrs.- mil Orndy, Jr., t ion. The Methodist Women 1 ! Uttolon- ary society met Tlitusdsy, Jujunrjf 13lh nl Hie home of Mrj, Dl B4cl( Marlon Mason and Mlu Uertlt Shearer, both of new Cardwull, were married January 2« by Judc« UIIK lu his olllee here. Ttic Y. \v. ,\. met Tuesdny «r«- nlnir at llio liomo of Mrs. Joe RI|C<. Miss Flossie Flcemnn had ch«r«« of the progrnm.\ Circulars have been printed »nd dlstrlbiiiecl to parents of 11* Cardwell school cliiirlets Hint the com- liulsvry wliool nueiiilance l»w will bt strictly cnlorqul. PAGR THRRE In Clitiia nnd Japan connor»nU nre trained to nsh for tlielr HIM ti'rs. Read Courier News Wmit Ads. the foyer its FASHION A THREE DAYS' COUGH IS YOUR DANGER SIGNAL Couglis fiora «!Js imy IcaJ to K- TWUS iiaublc. You can iiDn tHtru iw»' wilb Creuiimlsien, nn cmul.iM crcosoie t| ult is pK.j,,,,, , 0 , lkt> Lrriiiiuilsion is n mi.lical iliscovtry With IWil-fulJ Kliftu; j[ RKllJn,, , n j )iral« ihc inlhuu'd incinLiaiK-s and In- iilliils tteriu eroulli. Of all lino,,-;, J,, lg , cr< . OM)1 . j, rtc . osmied l,y high radical audinritin ns one of ilie B ,«tcst healing agtncici lor cough) fiom colds anil lirouckj'I linialinns. Crconiulsion contain! In odiliiion to creosote, oilier jlcoKntj IntUmtd mcmbnnti jaj «t op tlw b> ijntiun. while tlie cr to »le ion M to the •lomich, i. aUorbtd into tb« blood ,ii,cV, ,|, e , rl , of , h< |fouUl •nd clitci, the growth of tt)e jtraui t-rcoraulimn !i giut.ntwi uiii| K - tory in tlw licinutm of rough* fion coliJi, lioiicliitl. im) minor iotni o'i f i li'J. illil -" I<>1 ". «"J '• cw«ll««t lor building uplho i r u«n «fi««ld. or «u. Mont, rt(und«J if ml re- I cvnl ificr l,tin B iccotdinj tlon». Aik oddiiion to creosote, other Wllng ilVn. A,k ,„", dr, fit (TT" CREOMULSION FOR THE COUGH FROM COLDS THAruZL££ On tlie Broadway of America Kingsway Hotel and Baths Hot Springs, Ark. Rend Courier News Want Ads. eadache often relieved without "dosing" Moderate Rates Coffee Shop New IpO-Car Garage New Fireproof Hotel For State People At Your Service OVCR ff MILLION JARS USED YEARLY New Orleans Cotton HEW ORLEANS. Feb. 3. (UP)Cotton futures closed tteidy >t a decline of 42 ( 0 44 point*. Own Hljli LOW Clow M«r 1COO 1KB ::»! i67S-7« *uy .... 1630 1082 1687 1M1-OS July .... 1B53 l«5S 1013 1685-21 D*< 1616 iei5 1641 1C58 Spots closed quiet at a decline o! 44 points, New York Cotton NEW YORK, Ptb. 3. (UP)-Cotton futures clowd itetdy »t t de- line of 39 to 4» point*. Open Rlfh towdott M»X ., 1644 1«« 1801 1920-22 July .. ieeo I«TO iesi i«4i-« oct, .. >c«e iM«.i8M I«M-K> Dtc. ., »X I«M 1M5 1(13 J»n. ., 1702 1704 IMS 1«5 fipoli closed it«tdy »t c decline of <0 points, middling U10. HOW BIG Is Your Town POPULATION figure, have loft their A significance as a mcasutCnwut of the importance of communities. Today, towns art valued not so much by thc number of inhabitants they' house but rather by the productive power of the' community as a whole. The productivity of a community U large|y determined by the available power sUpplyi --...' Oh this basis, the communities In die territory served by this corripany may compete favorably with the large metropolitan centers, for ;hese communities today are equipped with improved transportation facilities and an ample and economical electric power supply. Interconnection of the electric generating and transmitting equipment of t^us company provides, a broad, ample poo! of power for industrial, commercial, and domestic use. On the firm base of th(s power pool the future growth and development of these communities is based, ARKANSAS-MlSSOURI POWER COMPANY ,*". Pta;^' ^K'f"'' i n a (^i^t.^1 "T ^ ^ Nf. . ASHIONS in dress may change in a day, but Chesterfield "comes into fashion," and slays there, for its un- hilinp; good taste. Mild. ., not strong or harsh ... and yet they "satisfy.'' A cigarette with character ... not insipid or tasteless, but rich, spicy, fragrant. It is no fid, this swing to Chesterfield, but a sound and growing appreciation of good tobaccos, good blending ... in short, good taste— " TASTE above everything " SUCH POPULARITY MUST BE DESERVED !"> 1°30, Lro;rrT A MVEHS TOBACCO Co, MILD, yes ... and yetTHEXSATrSIV

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