Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 13, 1898 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 13, 1898
Page 19
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Figures Changed. The 1=4 Off Sale AT THE HUB Starts Today and will continue until our 25 THOUSAND DOLLAR STOCK ' is Reduced to its normal size,, Remember % off on everything house. Nothing Reserved. in the THE HUB Harry Frank's Old Stand, 313 Fourth St. HENRY WEBER, The Merchant Tailor, •does first class work. Stylish and well fitting elot'nea made. Cleaning and repair- tag neatly done. See him. 324 PEARL STREET. JJDl LEISURE Physician, Office in House, Cor. Thirteenth and North streets, Professional calls answered promrtly. Ikogansport Messenger Service. H A MOORBhasput unon the streets a larcel delivery wa«on and respecttully sol- IffltatJie public patronwre. Parcels and Hgrflt .fajwre promptly delivered to any part ol the «*T. Lea ^6 orders at Eel River Livery Barn, 1MB Phone No 88 New No 91 Private Money to Loan No Delay- C 0- HEFFLEY, Insurance and Loans. StOS Fourth Street. GITY NRWQ V Remnant sale.—Be L, C. Freshour has bond as constable in Harrison township. You nesd linens! Why no now and save 25 per cent—Bee The Logansport dancing c'.u Kroeger & Strain. IUNDRRTAKJ&R8 or Night, TKLBPHONB - Office. flKftin. M. Kroeger, M SETH M-VELSEY loans Money at 6 per cent. ICakea Abstracts and Writes Fire. Te.rnsdo and Plate Glass Insurance. W. J. Barnett, 8 Undertaker, Embalmer aad Funeral Director. Phones me. Office 16. Residence-Mutual' when You Keed an ABSTRACT OT a LOAN -GOTO— F H. Wipperman, t Opp. Court House Entrance. GEORGE W. IIODEFER. «eal Estate, Tolas. rod of Market street DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over City National Bank Corner of Fourth imd Bro»d-w»T Oeain* *etopl»one No OfJJce S6S, residence MS E.H. GRACE, D.D.S. DENTAL PARLORS, SI6 Market Street. New Alaminite Bubber Plates. g^NLEY^JHANAHAN. Boy and Sell Second Hand Goods. :S096th«treet D. E. DELZELL, Dentist, 416 MARKET STREET <Upitaln OTW Bruggemin'a Millinery 8tor». The will of Margaret Bhunes", deceased, has been admitted to probate, Otto Korschel, of Laporte, has been committed to Longcllff hospital for treatment. The Misses Murray, of Soutb Bend, are the guests of the Missea Howe and Knowlton, of this city. / Found, poeketbook ! contaj money and tin tags. Owner c#o have same by calling at 617 Bnja<Iway. Miss Theresa Garrett, of Linden avenue, will leave tomorrow for Chicago to resume her musical studies. Earl Barker, who has been visiting his sister, Mrs. Fred McDermott, has returned to his home at Matioon, Ills. , / Delightful time Is assured all who attend the Esstend Pfeasure clnb dance at Dolan & Mp^ale's hall Monday night. ^—^ Theodore Minneman, the Panhandle freight conductor, has been off duty for several days on account Of sickness. James Murphy, sr., of the West^ side, who has been stok for some time is again able to ba out, having fully recovered from his illness. Samuel Smith, leader of the Eltei' 38.nd, Is laid up on account of a fall, sustained yesterday while at work, at the rink. He is, however, assisting at the carnival. Hiram Uhl, brother of the late Joseph Uhl, died yesterday at his home in Dixon, Ills. The funeral will be held tomorrow. The deceased was 96 years of age. The funeral ot the late Miss Ida Radabaugh will be held Saturday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock from the Broadway M. E. church, Rev. E. L. Semans officiating. Interment in Mt. Hope cemetery. The Misses Stella Brixius and Lizzie Fobrer entertained the Fleur de Lls clubi last evening at the home of the former, 806 High street. Cards and dancing were the chief amusements of the evening, after which elegant refreshments were served. The honor pr!j;e was won by Miss Anna Wal.rath and the booby prise by Miss Clara Bauer. Cards have been received in this city announcing the marriage at the home of Judge L. D. Thoman, Evanston, Ilia., of hi?! sister, Miss Mallssa Thoman, to Mr. Edward Culver Sara- ner. Miss Thoman is well and favorably known in Logansport, where she resided for several years sad took an active interest in church and sociial affairs. Mr. anil Hrs. Stunner will TEE ESTATE Of the Late Samael Panabaker—Hew [it Was Divided. The will of the late Samuel Panabaker, divides his estate as follows: To his daughter, Mrs. Oliver Kessllng.a farm in Tlpton township valued at »3,2QQ, together with a note for «5SO, given by her husband to the deceased, and lot 'No. 9 in WmSon Wright's addition to the city of Logansport. To Ms daughter, Mary A. Woll, wife of 0. L. Wool, a farm In Tipton township vaiujd at $4,000. To h'ls son, Samuel Panabaker, jr., a farm In Tlpton township valued at •3,500, together with §500 in cash and a note for $1,000 given him by the said Samuel Panabaker. To his daughter, Rachel Williamson, wife of J. S. Williamsoa,a farm In Bethlehem township, valued at 15,000, to keep and hold until her death when the same shall go to her children. To h:ls daughter, Sarah Thomas, wife of S. G. Thomas, a quarter section of land in Tipton towaship. Having advanced $2,500 to his son, John Panabaker, the latter was not further remembered. It Is provided in the will that in the event that aay of the sibove beneficiaries die without issue, their portion of the estate shall he divided equally between the surviving heirs named in the will. To his wife the deceased left his home property in this city to keep and to hold during her life and at her death it is to go to his son John, provided the latter shall occupy said property within a year thereafter, and if he does not, the same shall go to the granddaughter of the deceased, Georgle Panabaker. All (;he personal property of the deceased Is left to the widow. Samuel Panabaker, jr., and S. E. Mulholland, son and grandson of the deceased, were named and have qual ified aa executors ot the will. MBS. EXVA 60LDY. [Contributed ] She has crossed the river. She is irlth the angels now. She has laid aside earth's crosses, .And the crown is on her brow. She is clothed in clean whits linen. And she waits the streets of gold, Ob' loved one safe forever. Within the Savior's fold. No Borrowing thoughts can reach thee, No grief is thine today. Sod gives the joy for mourn'ng. Thy tears arc wiped away. They are waitin? in that city, Where the saints aod angle; wait. And we will know the dearest sister. When we reach the pearly gate. ASOrflJER HOSPITAL. Secretary Batler be Says One Needed. Will Soon LETTEBS CAME BACK After Lying io the Georgetown office Several Yenrs. Post- The postoffice at Georgetown, "ten miles down the Wabash river, is receiving considerable newspaper notice at present. It seems there was a change in the office some time ago, a>na the new postmaster found letters addressed to supposed patrons of the e 'that had been lying there uncalled for for years. The patrons were either dead, had removed to itber scenes or had never resided here at all. The new official upon making tho discovery, seat the old letters back to the writers in every case where tneir address was printod on the envelopes. One of such letters came back this week to the Logansport State bank that had been written nearly four years ago The Indianapolis .News of last evening contains the following references to other similar letters: A letter addressed to Keed & Hancock, Georgetown, Ind., on De cember 12, 1889, oy the Udell works, North Indianapolis, was returned unopened to the firm in the subnrb this morning. It is said that so far this is thei oldest found among the piles of undelivered mail matter found in the Georgetown postofficce." Secretary Amos Butler, of the board yf state charities, stated to the Indianapolis News that If the state is to continue its policy of caring for the insane, it is approaching the time when another hospital will have to be erected. He says that the aospitals have all the patients they can take care of, and that there are 150 insane persons in jslls and county poor asylums awaiting their turn to jet treatment at the state Institutions. The central hospital, he says, has 1,700 patients. The Eastern hospital has 500 patients, and there are enrolled at the latter 165 names of men and women who are waiting for patients to be discharged so that they may enter. Mr. Butler hail made a visit to the eastern hospital and he thinks the buildings and arrangements there for caring for the insane are the best that the state has provided. He says the results there show that the cottage plan is the best, although It may be somewhat more expensive than those followed in the construction and operation of other hospitals of the same character. He thinks that ways should be provided for caring for the insane in jails and county asylums as a movement toward economy on the part of the state. POSTPOXED. Election of the City Officers. National Bank The directors c,f the City National bank held a meeting yesterday after noon for the purpose of electing officers, but as several of the directors were absent, the election •*as postponed until tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. SEAL ESTATE Reported for the Pharos 07 Seth Velser, Atstraetor. John Brennan to A, J. Robinson— —Swj: of swj of sec 36: 40 aeres $200. Wm. Winn and wife to Dennis North—Lot 11 in Rose Backus' add to Altoner. $500 Seorge H. Davis to Wm. Lytle SeJ- of se} of 4 Boone tp. »20o". Elizabeth and Wm. H. Rldenour to Wlllard W. Rtdenour— 2 acres In nwj-of sec 23, Noble tp. $500. Patrick Moayhan to Thomas and Dora Barrett—Frl pt of Brown's res, Noble tp. S325. Anna E. and John E. Irwin to Julius and Amelia Wandri—Lot 6 J. B. Shultz' 3d add. 8)75. Sarah Allen Richardson to Henry J Wolf—Lots 10, 11 and 12 in block C, Dykeman's 3rd add, nw cor of loth and Toledo sts. 11,200. John Watts et al, to Wm. H. Watts—The sw } of sec 19 and the n \ of nw \ of aeo 20, Noble township. IS,000. John C. Brophy aod wife to Andrew J. Robinson—The w * of the s e J- of the n i of sw J of sec 22. Harrison township. $8,000. Wm. H. Sturken and wife to Zach ary Taylor, trustee—The w 35 feet Of ot 16, In Wm. S. Brown's add, on west Broadway. $5. Zachary Taylor, trustee, to Wm, H. Sturken and wife—The above property. 15. SINCE THE FiRST 1SSUB. 'TWAS MAJOR'S TREAT, So Ee Cigars reside at 3325 Indians a venae Chicago. Bought Some Bryan From the Boy. "That Major McFadtn never forgets Billy Bryan," says the Peru Journal, "was evidenced yesterday afternoon while he was seated in a Wabush passenger coach, returning homo from the district convention. He was busily engaged telling funny stories and the men in the coach were laughing when the newsboy entered, crying: 'Cigars!' 'cigars'.' Here, young man,' said the Major, •are those Bryan cigars?' 'They're not Bryan's brand, but I'm a Brya.nman.' There were just six cigars in the box and the Major dug into his jeans pockets and produced quarter. This he paid for the tobacco roils and then asked for Bryan matches. The 'peanut' handed over a doizen red headed sticks and left satlSified. The six cigars were not enough to go around the whole crowd, so the Major passed five of them to near-by friends and enjoyed the other himself. The others In the coach were permitted to smell the smoke between here and Logansport, and when the train left Peru all seemed to be well pleased with the way the Major 'set' 'em up, " • Attention, L*gaa Company No. 26, D. E. £.-P. Thursday nights, Jan. 13th,is regular meeting night and election of officers. All Sir Knights are ordered to be present.—W. 3. Ueff, Captain- S. ]P. Anderson, recorder. Forty fears of Harmony. The first pipe organ ever In Peru seot its strains echoing among the rafters of the Presbyterian church of that city in 1859 and is still giving satisfaction. For more than forty years the choir of the same church ha,s been under the personal diraction of John W. Shields, to whom an expression of thanks was extended Monday night afc the annual meeting of the congregation. Closely Contested. The Mclntosh murder case, now on trial in the Circuit court, is exciting great interest, the attendance each day being very large. The attorneys, Prosecutor George S. Kistler, F. M. Klstler and John S. Lairy for the state, and Lairy & Mahoney and McConnell A Jenklnes for the defendant, are handling the case skillfully, losely contesting each and every point raised. Grandfather Wlrwaihn, of Boral Center, Renews His Subscription. Henry Wirwahn, one of the oldest and most respected citizens of the county, sent to the Pharos yesterday the price of a year's subscription. In his letter he says: "Please find enclosed money order 'or $1,25 for which please send the Pharos another year. As I am get- ing old, I thick it will be as long a time as I can be with you. I have not missed taking the Pharos since j first Issue and. I intend to take it as long as I am with you." This rather pathetic letter recalls be fact that within the past few ears many of the pioneer patrons of he paper have passed to their reward. Grandfather Wirwahn is now more than 80 years old—a survivor of that noble band of pioneers who endured privations and hardships that their posterity might be happy and prosperous. He has been and is now a model citizen, a Christian and aniiDfalterlng Democrat --THE — New Fnrnitnre Store. Special Sale Of this serviceable and useful STANDING BOOK CASE. ONLY bright oak 52 inches and orna- are worth - .$1.68 This Book Case is finish 54 inches high, wide, S inches deep, metal brass feet, they 3.50. our price only OUR NEW SPRING STOCK Will be selected at the January furniture exposition at Grand Rapids of tbemanu- "acturer, and every piece of it will .not only be chosen by our artistic buyer Mrs. Richardson, but also by the five Buyers, representing the Foster Syndicate, all of whom will spend ten days in. the selection of an enormous stock of the highest merit in beauty, originality, finish and workmanship. Cor. Market, 5th and Erie Sts, The Logansport Commercial High School, If you v(sh to oecure a position to work for Experience Only. I>OVT attend th» JLoKansport Commercial High Heho«l If you wish to secure a position that wfll pay •ou from $1 to 12 per week, Don't attend the Lojfansporc Commercial High School- If you wish to attend a School where you can have plenty of fun. do as you please, and have a"HotTimo"ln gonoral,I>-n't attend tho L,ojjanspoi't Commercial Blgh Mchool But, if you wish to attend an I ] n 4-n ftnf A School where you will receive V V lw «'«l c .he best instruction and the best preparation. for the reeponsibiH'ies of life; wueie you wlU receive a thorough mental and moral discipline and traiame that will develop yo"r intellect, arouse your urn til ion and equip you so that you may live worthily, that you may leixl a ife of usefulneBB and that your Ufa way bo crowned with the laurels of success, the esteem of your fellow men and the approba- ion of your own conscience, then, Attend The Logansport Connnercial HigJt School. M. W. MtTRPHY ( J. W. HOOKK Over 321,33J and 325 fourth Street. ADDITIONAL ITEMS. returned E. 8. Overshlner has from a visit ai& El wood. Wanted—Position In hotel or restaurant. Apply No. 819 Canal st. Misses Ella and Hannah Murphy are entertaining friends from Peru. Miss Theresa Garrett entertained the (5. A. B. club last evening at her home on Linden avenue. . Our 18th annual remnaqt a B. P. 0., Elks. Begul&r meeting tonight of Lo- nisport lodge No. 66, B. P. O. EllB. H. J. MCSHKKHT, E. B, O. A. MXAKS, Secretary. linen sale is eclipsing all our efforts. Come tomorrow—Be»<E[ive. Eobert MlDiolck, Will Navln, Aliett Mucker, Will 'Leahy, Margaret Pickett, Robert Williamsoa and Leo Schaninger are enrolled as new students at the Logansport Commercial High school. Tuesday evening last a large number of friendsi called at the home of Grandma Stemler, on Fifteenth street, nnexpectly, and made the hours pass very rapidly for all present. Refreshments were served. Peru Journal: Miss Lucy Krauss and Miss Gertrude Close, oJ Logansport, and their guest Miss Anna Thompson, of Chicago, are being entertained by Miss Jessie Coi—Misses Daisy Fsisnacht, Agnea Devine and Lucy MoGrady are In Logansport to attend a reception given in their honor tonight." KING'S Report of the Society From December '96 to December, '97. Following is the report of the so ciety of the King's Daughters o Trinity Episcopal church from De cember, 1896, to December, 1897: Christmas dinners among the poor 9; articles of clothing given out where they are moat needed and appreciated, 279; groceries amounting to $11.65: 5 pairs of shoes, besides those donated; medicine; 204 visits have been made "oy different members; 574 good papers and books given with these articles and other places; a number of boquets given to the sick; amount paid oat for clothing and other necessaries, 124.49. Any one who wishes to donate anything to this society for this much- needed work, will be gladly received and the donations will be placed where they will do the most good. MRS. EKMA STARLET, Prest. Miss NETTIE SELLKES, Sec'y. "SHANTY TOWN.' Hood's Stimulate the ftomach. roosa the liter, core biliousness, beadacbv dizziness. AOQT stomach* toutipasiom •Ic, Fri«« * o«nu. Said br » 7i. «U7 KUt * Mb Wilt B««l-> One of the Funniest of Comedies at ike Opera House Satnrdaj Night. The world never grows weary In contemplating the work of a real artlat. Aud no one gives more delight than the artist on the stage. ID drataa truth shines like a star. Horse play and burlesque amuse us for a moment, but real humor remains with UB long after] the lights have been turned ouc. One of the neatest bits of acting on the stage toda7 Is done by Tom Nawn in "ShanSy Town." It Is an Irish comedy and represents the Irishman of a certain typ« as he is In America today. His lines are fanny, but to watch him Is a delight. Everything he does is of the keenest Interest. It Is like peeping through a window and beholding a household play, not intended for the public. REMOVED Into the Block on Pearl street, formerly occupied by Harry Tucker where you are invited to call and see a fine line of Winter Woolens For Suitings coatings that beat. and Over- cannot be W. D. Craig, Merchant Tailor. Pearl St.Nest to Dr. Bell's Office. Electric Liffbt Bills Kedneed. We have a regulator that you can turn up or down incandescent lights the same as gasi. Saves current/For sale by Mutual Telephone cpmpany. Money to loan Ben Fisher. / on city property.— Smoke the Columbia cigar. Hie Detective Wins Tea, the detective ti« story of bow b« Ad K one of the mo«t ezckiag told. Yemeni M«d ft in column*. Iti««atrtt*d A Conflict of Evidence lit WM Actwt tat CrfcM,~ and tike " A* vt for this

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