The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 3, 1930
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COURIER NEWS liASr ARKANSAS AND S011T11RART Minanunr * **-S A ARKANSAS ANU SOUTHEAST MISSOURI C ° llrler .Blythcvllle Dally NewT UAC.S t.] » ., i . .....'• TELL OF HOLDUP HI PISTOL Raymond Hodge and Fre( Ellis of Half Moon Bourn Over to Jury. A story of "Hi-jacking highway men operating behind the pro l™"°. n ° f <>«<«•«' badges-was «™ folded by the slate at a nreliml Xnd'efth' bCf ° r ° J " St °™ suited in the binding over of Rav mond Hodge and Fred Ellis two young deputv constables of Hal Moon township, on charges o highway robbery, to await the action of the grand jury. Alvln Davis and Sanford Queen farmers of Rioley. Tenn.. who posi- tlvelv Identified Hodge and Ellis as the two "revenue officers" who stopped their truck on Highway 61 near here, took their money and ordered them to "beat it into Tennessee" at the point of guns, proved -•tor witnesses for the slate ^Prosecutor Neilt Reed offered only thc evidence of thc two Tennessee farmers and G. c. Hawks. local produce dealer, to the court. E E Alexander, counsel tar the defendants, did not cross-examine lhe three and offered no defense testimony. Justice Alexander placed ine bond of each of thc defendants Judge George W. Barham of the county court announced today ttiat he would order commissions of both the defendants withdrawn pendlnn their trial. ;H»d Sold Produce Hfre The two Rlpley farmers had bought, a , truckload of potatoes to this city and disposed oT their "reduce to a local merchant. G. c Hawks. Saturday night. The Blytheville produce man paid the men In cash and they started homeward. About, two miles south of Rils citv on Highway 61, both men testified, they were accosted by ;wo persons in a roadster who flashed a light In their faces and ordered them to pull over to the side of the road. '•They told us they were revenue men and had us for reckless driving, speeding and old numbers" Davis testified. The stalwart Ripley farmer said (Sal the two men wearing officers badges separated him from Queen a:iii relieved . the two Tennessee mm o! what money they could find. "They counted the money and It was J52.48. all together," Davis fa:d. "and I begged ihem to give me back some to get to Tennessee on. After a short time they gave me three dollars and said 'to get the hell Into Tennessee.'" The farmers got in their truck and started on. Davis told the court, but declared he knew there I.T.S something wrong. Phoned Alarm From Osctola Davis turned his car off the road Mississippi Sloon Flays LaborChief JACKSON, Miss., Feb 3 (UP) — The American Federation of Labor and William Green, its president were denounced un-American _ —......... «_, un-nmcncaii, In the Mississippi state Senate I here today. i The statement were made bv, Senator E. B. Barlow of Meridian m a speech in which he sucres* fully led a fight to defeat a res olutiou inviting Green to address i a joint session or the slate legls-1 lature. "William Green Is not a fit man to address (his body," Scualor Tiar low shouted during a heated de bate over the resolution. "He threw away the victory for carmen in New Orleans when he had It In '.he hollow of his hand." Vote on thc resolution was H to 14 and as Lieutenant Governor Adams was absent and could not cast the deciding vote it. was declared defeated. "Green's organization is for workmen's compensation acts which ! right of laborers i« settle their vould lake from lhe courts the difficulties in the traditional Amer- can manner," Senator Barlow said r ML Heroes Who Victimized Colored Demonstration Agent. Are Arrested. theatrical magnate, for n.OOO.NO dan^s IsThc "™ aTauS £ L y :r rr±i m ± ^ -.- -«•«- >-»- «TS —-^ -M for the proposition and promptly raised the SBOO and put up her diamond ring for expense money incident to cashing in the securities with the ut . —.. —_^ ui_ Jul iu vin, I>L,[.-ILC j thiit & third of fV\p n „. the robbery, the state testl-! be hers racny showed, and. attempted to! Several weeks passed III" ^ ^^Wli 'I.™™! I ?«™ e , ™*«™ ™* in the incident to Aii.; Feb. 3.—Eight undred dollars in money and a lamond ring, which Mary J. Mcain, negro home demonstration -?ent of Mississippi county, cn- rustcd to two suave gentlemen of olor, come under the head ofi ocds obtained under fal'e pre- ense, or so the state will attempt o prove at the trial of Waverly i ackson and John Griffen. set for" I ru.v ebruary 4, In Justice G. L. Wad-! T «e wi ell's court here. Griffen and Jackson showed up Plunges to Deatli In Flight From Police Officers POMONA, Oal., Feb 3 (UPl— of six youths from - „ ... O ., v „, olv juuius irom motorcycle officers who sought to warn them off a bad highway curve ended in death today for five of the boys and probable fatal injuries for the other. A small automobile with three clinging to the running youths ---3 •*" "IX. three others In thp arried them over a 50 in Osceola along in November, ostensibly interested In the purchase of Osceola real estate. They had gone with Mary AfcCain to look at some residence property in thc nesro district of town. Leaving the property, one of the two picked up --..„.- ..... .„...„ „„..,„ over a 3D a wallet on a vacant lot contain- foot embankment when they were ing a sheaf of gilt edge bonds, and unable to negotiate a curve In n no mark of identification. The j winding read late vesterday bonds could be cashed in for five! The dead are Meivin Letter 17 housand dollars if only the S800 i William Brown. 10; Arthur Hub- IJ^T ld P remiu ™ could be raised! tard. ". and his brother. James according to the strangers, who 16, and Howard White 17 were also experienced bond sales- Charles Caldron, «', is near - ..j officers from whom lhe boys fled said they noticed the automobile traveling fairly fast down canon. When they speeded up ' ke the youths and warn bad curves the car went v, taped —. came in behind them and, brandishing guns, ordered them on. he related. J, Davis said he stopped the truck ** at Luxora and pul some water in the radiator of his machine, asking the garage man to nviteh close and see if he could catch the number of the roadster that had .. u .i<uv|- vn. vi jt i waM3i.t;i i Jittv ituu Ij llincr LirftVC stopped some distance behind the Bruce ivy of truck and turned his lights out. The Rlpley farmers drove full speed Into Osceola and telephoned Hawks, the dealer to whom he had sold the produce. "I told him to tell the law at Blythcvllle and then we got a deputy at Osceola and headed back this way." Davis said. Upon reaching this city the Tennessee farmers and Floyd Grimes, Osceola deputy sheriff, drove to! the Tiniirft pi n *i . _ .... i cers two City, Ark., from there to Memphis and to Jackson, Tenn., where Jackson officers apprehended the pair and held them for Mississippi county authorities. They were returned to thc Osceola jail and Griffen subsequently released on bond. The negroes are represented by Luther Graves of Memphis and American Oil Drillers Plane Plunges into River HARTFORD, Conn., Feb. 3 (UP) -Swooping for a landing here Care} 1 Prldham of Lexington, Mass., air mall pilot, slruck an observation tower and was drowned today when his plane plunged Into the nearby Connecticut river. Pridham. strapped to the pilot's feat, had no chance to escape j when the plane crashed into the --•--. His body was recovered when Windows Shattered „. : Block. Buildings Shaken 17,... 'I' vi-i Mil Jim Fowler, assessor of Mississippi county, today authorized the Courier News to make formal announcement of his candidacy for re-eection. subject to the Democratic primary next August. 'You may simply say." Mr. Fowler said, "that I have always done my duty and will always do It as well ns I can, with favor to none I believe that my experience in ;hc office will help me to give the people of Mississippi county a air and equitable assessmenl, and f T am re-elected 1 will do all I can to do the job right" Mr. Fowler has lived in and near Blythcvllle for 37 years and most of the time has been actively engaged in farming. Minis of the United States coin arge numbers of coins for Latin American countries. CHICAGO, Feb. 3 fUPi-A terrific bomb cxnluslot! crumlili'il tlirroc stores intf- debris and rocked lhe enltie wcsl side early loday. climaxing :i rolun or terror dial hue lliled four gnnKlnnd murders In n. irmny days and another bombing that of a thronlcr crowded will wrmeii ami children. Thousands of residents within a radius of tiro miles werp ja:icc! h.v the early mr.rning bombing nm strccls (Hied with lerroi toil men women and children, many in (heir nleht dollies, JesiJltc the fury of (lie bhst no one wiu; reiwrtcd Injured, liulld- Ings a half mile away were shaken unlll pictures [ell from (he walls and -.dmlows were shattered for blocks in all directions from the brick buildings. Thc bomb exploded In a grocery operated by Sniu- ucl Donln. Ills stock was reduced to a smear of vegetables, anil olh- er goods and uMslcrcd all over Hie dli.lrict. A butcher :'hoj> and a tailor slrp were quartered In Hie other two divisions of the building. Police ascribed the bombing to :errorists who rescnlctl Donla's irerence in the neighborhood. Oklahoma Has New Cotton Picking Machine OHICKASHA. Okla. -W>>-Ptani for a cotton picking machine that the inventor J,f. D. Garner, believes will be much more effective and faslcr (linn others Introduced in recent years will soon be completed. The inventor, who already has patented a number cf his inventions, says that the machine will be operated by a small gasoline engine and will ride on a carrier to be drawn behind a cultivator. Early in (he year the machine can be used for cpraylng. Tait Butler Quits Crop Control Job MEMl'IIIS. Fch. U (UP)--Dr. Tall Duller In n statement to (he United Press loday, announced his resignation us chairman of the col- lon iicri-nKo reduction committee of the American Cotton Co-operallve Ills insinuation, tendered Allen lortliliiglon, president of thc association, becomes effective Wednesday when representatives of the- federal fnnii hoard meet In Jackson. Miss. Dr. Butler, who has been n cliarKv of thc farm board's campaign for tlii< reduction of acreage, will call Hie Jackson conference mid onlllneil an acreage reduction program for 15 Southern states. Dr. Uiillcr declined to discuss he rca.TOii for his resignation but let II be understooil (hat lie was dlssAdsrieii with delays of the fnrni lumrd In calling the acreage reduction committee Into action Escape Serious Injury In Three Cat Accident A Mr. Wischci t of Sullivan, Mo, and lits son of Stuttgart, Ark, were slightly injured in a three- car collision on Highway 61, near Ynrliro yesterday afternoon. The ascd mnn suffered, injuries lf> his ri B ht wrist ami n bruised chesl. After first aid treatment at Ihc Blylhevlllc hospilnl they were dischnrgrd. Three cars all traveling north featured In the accident. Out driver Is snftl to have attempted to across thc highway at Chll- woo<l5' plgstnnd wlien two - other CIUE crashed Into his. machine Two youths named Howcll and Acnriingham were occupants of Due of. the r*rs while the third tore n Carulhcrsvllle (Mo.) tng Mrs. Juresha Biscfi of Turrell Is Dead Mrs. Juresha Biscb, 81, of Turrell, Ark for many years a resl- d ™ ° f 'his city, died at her home <u Sunday morning, follow- in? a long Illness. Mrs. Blsch Is survived by three • 0 ^.w...... t in. ^ sons. William Blscli of this city ! ™" ln & millions oi dollars on Albert Btsch of Tur™n onn u.„..! 1 worthless plan to control the Mts- rlver and Ignoring (ho more i F| nun Missouri Senator Addresses Onenmg HearinR o St. Francis Relief Bill ^v r AS^^SGTO^'. Feb. 3. tupj—A demand that lhe federal government "recognize lhe rights of people Ivllng In thc St. Francis valley" was made by Senator Hawcs of Nfl.'sourl at a flood control hearing today. "Thc federal government Is "*" i>iaLN uj mis city i i Blsch of Tllml l "id Henry Bisch of St. Louis. Groundhog Gives Confusing Reports on Weather The body has been shipped to • '".""ediate mid pressing problem of t>t. Louis for burial, by the cobb I sti Francis valley,," Senator Undertaking company. Hawcs said. Senator Hawes made thc address Arouse Ire in Alberta tSM ™f *£$"£&?. .__. The pilot, who was 30 I.ETHBRIDGE, Alta. (UP)—Tm ported American oil drillers arc "in bad" here. They are charged with beating up" Canadian steam en" L " the latter insist on old and left n widow and child in Lexington, had been flying thc New York-Hnrtford-Boston mall route for about six months. the car, a n. "'i.V,', 1 '" 1 lllm der.omlna- cer" stated ' akei1 ." one offl- ,«£ ri T S ' w" h the tffo Tennessee men, In his car and -local officers in other cars began a search of this vicinity white anothot report of an attempted hold-tio of a truck on Highway 61 nor th of town was reported. Force RoMster Into Turning onto Chlckasawba avenue. Davis caught sight of a red roadster In front. "He told us to take our time and be sure-thai they would make thc (Continued On Page Three) The charges are being Investigated by thc Alberta federation of labor. Cold Storage Stocks Show Fluctuation WASHINGTON (UP)-Cold sto-- age stocks of butler, cheese froz en poultry and frozen beef on January 1 wt-re larger than on the same date last year, whereas ho!d- Ings of apples, frozen pork, and eggs were smaller. Butter stocks on January I totaled 81,837.000 pounds _ ^ Trip to Florida Keys WASHINGTON. Feb. 3 (UP)— Thc White House announced today that President Hoover hopes to spend four or five days fishing at '-ong Key, Fla. some time soon, although an exact date has not been determined for the trip. Long Key Is south of Miami. Missouri Farmer Drops Dead Today Claude Lampley, 85-year-old Missouri farmer dropped dead at Hermondale, Mo., at 11 o'clock this morning. His death was attributed to heart failure. For those who believe ncllon of the lowly groundhog on February 2 prophetic most anything may happen in the line of weather during Ihe next six weeks. Here In BlytheviJlc Mr. Ground- nog saw no shadow to frighten him back Into his hole yesterday morninc. but late in thc afternoon [he sun appeared for a few minutes. In New York Mr. Ground'ion refused to emerge from his warm den In the Bronx Zoo, even for a gathering of distinguished visitors including Boy Scouls and newspaper camera men. Even when his keeper, John Toomcy. reached in and pulled him from his hole to be photographed, he refused to slay out long enough for a good, likeness to be obtained for front pases of dally papers. In Chicago the great number of machine killings and bombings might have had something to do with Mr. Groundhog's actions. Anyway he came out and saw his shadow In some sections of the city. In others he remained securely out of sight of gangsters Failures to find their shadows were chalked against all ground- ncgs in cast Missouri In the vl- cmlty of St. Louis. Even a crowd of city folk who gathered at the zoo were disappointed for nary a sign did they see of the little animal which comes in for publicity cnce a year. Deports from Dixie were confusing. Mr. Groundhog, if w emerged from his winter quarters, saw his shadow In Atlanta, at a hearing before (he Iw.ise con- I trol committee on the Driver bill (o c hear delegates from t!:c St. Francis ' valley '-• — • ... kansas and Missouri cite and is sponsored by the St, Francis Control association. Tills measure would authorize appropriation of $13.465,690 for control of thc St. Francis river. Senator Caraway of Arknnsas spoke briefly, outlining the scr- | lousness of the present situation • from recent fio-ds In lhe valley and promised his aid In obtaining good | relief legislation. The hearing was attended by about 50 representatives from Ar( kansas and Missouri and will conj tlnue for several tiiys. The re- i suit of the mecling wiil be cd to congress when [he floo trol question ccnies before a few Agricultural Experts anc Plain Dirt Farmers Gather al Jackson. JACKSON, Miss., I-cb. 3 Farmers from IB Soiifchprr, „„„-. gathered here today for the open. Ing season of thc 31st annual convention of Southern ngrlcultuiai workers. County agents, college pro.' and research workers began arriving last night for preliminary discussions of scientific, farming. More than 1,000 farmers are expected by Wednesday for opening of the convention proper. An official welcome will h? given lhe visitors by Oov. Theo Ullbo and thc principal opening address will be by J. G. Holton, Mississippi commissioner of agriculture. What and how much to raise was the paramount question lo be discussed today. Co-opcrativi JNKUL POST Former President of the United States Will Seek Rest, Son Says. . cb. , J . (UP)1 resident Hoover late today aWi '•rpfrd rrsimution nf CVttrf J|B . A« C I"/' ?" d "P" 0 ' 11 '" 1 fanner Associate Imtkc Chjrles Kvara . • llUjtll-S to ^wt O f (;h| r f Justly WASFHNGTON, ~Feb 3 (UP) — Chief Justice Wlllinm Howard T afi resigned as chief Justice of the United States Supreme court today nud thus brought to a close "olio cf the most brilliant careers in the country's history. Broken In health the man who rose to the pinnacle of political accomplishment as president of the Willed Stales and then become heart of the nation's highest tribunal submitled his reslfintflon to President Hoover through Ills son Robert Taft. ' Will R«( at Home ' Taft Is in Ashovlllc, N. c., where ho went for a rest when forced to Klve ui> his work on the supremo court bench from overwork and grief caused by the death of his brother. Charles P. Tatt. This con: riltlon was accentuated by n recur, rcncc of an old bladder nllment • The chief Justice, who Is 72 years old, will leave Asheville for Ills home today. President Hoover htm not acted ' on the resignation, it Is said at the White. House that the retired chief. justice will confer with the president soon after his return here. 1 Health Unimproved The aged chief Justice was ap- [»lnted June 30, 1931, by President Elarding, succeeding Edward Douglas White, a Confederate war vet- : eran of Louisiana, . ana was the tenth chief justice in the country's Tares son/m'iiiibmTflimj the'resi'* gnallon to Hoover today 1 , said his' ather's hcnlfh had not been Im-"' >roved by his stay at Ashevllie and ie Ls expected to return here where ils family believe he will bo more . -iw ra vo i,. buying and marketing problems In thac hc lood Waters Recede : From Highway No. 18 Highway 18, covered by Hood waters from the Elk Chute the Dig Lake levee since the middle of January, was reported clear of the muddy flow early this morning;. A rapid drop In the waters that i,. ave various states will be considered. Carl Williams, cotlon member of thc federal farm board, Is sched- * J «F ° r 8 ° uled to address the Wednesday. convention Sr. Carlos G. Davila, Chilean ambassador to thc Untied States, will *~c another speaker. Virtually every state in the South and Southwest will be represented by dirt farmers and agricultural experts in one of the nest important meetings of t:ic •iar. J. E. Crltz, county agricultural 'gent, has gone to Jackson, Miss., for the 31st annual meeting of lhe Southern Extension Workeis and association of Southern Agricultural Workers. - of basirt ap- „.,„ uubiiun Hi >ii£imuy uu- proxlmately one-fourth of a mile long near Krseland bridge, dry for the first time since the over/low. This Hen Does Triple Duty in Egg Laying j EAST ORANGE, N. J. (UP)— | Omnlhus Eggs arc the usual thin? with a hen owned by Mrs. George Fyre here. Thc hen lays eggs three Indies long and almost two Inches In dlamelcr wilh two and three yolks. One egg hatched Siamcsa twin chicks that soon died. Detroit Deports All Shady Record Aliens Cocky Quits Flying Stunts at Age of 105 AMERSHAM, Eng. (UP)-"Cockr the oldest inhabitant of Amersham doesn't care for tall spins, nose dlv «. Power dives or barrel rolls DETROIT. (UP)-A new war on | n^tTv^ faCt ' h ° hasn ' t for th * Detroit's underworld Is la progress I «rnrVv" ir „ i. . ,. ' in*™ >,.in, -.,.-. _ . . . r B a i <^ock> is a cockatoo who has . — ••*".* iviiu u in i/.VKicaS] ''(Vii here with police and federal agents 1 UVPH cooperating In deportation of alii fl"ens whose reputations were sha- ' dy. J n the last 18 months federal have questioned and depart- nearly 1.000 aliens arrcste dby police "on suspicion." Police unable rji -•-" ""«- !<«»>.<. uu suspicion, ponce unable me open session loday was prc- to gather evidence enough to con- XlCd bV nn Informal TV™HTICT vnc- vlrt n r., Pn —i „« „;_ 6 _ . 100 years at he „— updfm- He now contents llls losth „.,--, gerous flying. onens himself with strutting about, and only flies in and out of windows. OWATONNA. Minn. (UP)-As a o^ojiun imjuj *S<K» pit- , iv banner evidence cnoueh to rrm '-A...... \.ut-i —/vj A ceded by an informal meeting yes- vict n S «Wo'crime aw rep"-" [TM f ? ™ mi tubercuj " r «»'= terday between delegates and con- < larly call federal agents who In ' tt ' „ tcele C0llnly was P Iaccd '" gressmen from the district, in which I quire Into thc suspect's nationality i r l ¥, Mlnnesotn tuberculosis the purpose- of the l-.or.rlng was and his entrv Into!?,* f rce . cou . n ««- ™* »«t revealed "ie purpose outlined. film Seeks to Stop Burning of Woods , WASHINGTON" (UP)-A new ed- lucallonal film, showing (he disastrous effects of woods burning has J«st been Issued by thc U. S. Agriculture Department. r« film, cn- 1im.,i ..rv. of Man .. |s part of Orl< Sm ) i *°«s-burnlng overcast r, burning ofl'tre- MCS a i dav i « n i^* —••»•••* «• m^ w^n. «i Those ^'i ^ , / IP™ 1 - 5 °'" tiiat trees will grow for -Li . il viewed rtporls from the farmer or other landourrr a<i • er tnp (^nimi^.. ^.1.1 ,, '_ .... ^. *- 1 ul uLuti laiJuuxM.i.r as ov«'the cr,n. C , rfp0rS r <™ e farmer or o«i« landowner as tion nredffi ? *'T ! !V "* rs ":!? ProHtablc crop on otherwise idle Dog Follows Spoken Order to Get Doctor I-OVELL. Wyo. (UP)-A child of a Mrs. Dempsey was 111. Medical care was imperative. There was no telephone and the mother could not leave her child. Mrs. Dcmpse called the famllv dog, a cross between B collie and a shepherd, attached a r.ole to his collar and commanded him to Hurt Dempsey. The canine understood —he seemed to sense the fact that «... WRS an emergency.—dashed off through Ihe snow and inside of 15 minutes a physician was en- route to the Dempsey home. — _„„..^.VM, * nc itau rcvc&l?rt two-hundredths of one-percent Infection. NEW ROAD OIL XISEL' c< •" GENEVA, N. Y. (UP)—A MW road oil, said to be made from asphalt and reputed not to splatter will be used in Ontario county ttib year, according to announcement by George w. Powell, highway superintendent. The preparation a said to be more durable and wilt oe spread this year, Powell said. WEATHER ARKANSAS with occasional Cloudy „_. rains: Tu«d»jr cloudy with occasional' r»tns In, southeast portion; colder weather Is predicted /or the west portion.

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