The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1936
Page 6
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„ PAGE-SIX ' BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.); COURIER NEWS Harr) Gniyson Football,Season of 1936 1 Topsy-Turvy: Ties Mar *L. S. U., Alabama 1 I1Y OEOROE KIRKbtV 1 Uu'lert Prcfb SUfl Correspondent NEW YORK, DCC. 23 (UP)—'WO history of the 1936 football season is o topsy-turvy tnle of arrmjlng victories and shocking defeats of li'S'ln? cqinetacks and bitter failures It was qn utterly unpredlcl- "nble year on the gridiron and (it lie end not ••a single major leim * v,f) left unbeaten and untied. Horn early Octobci until mid ncrrmlicr, the gridiron great top- jjled in an endless succession of unit-Is Texas started the uplieav- n\ by, tlelng Louisiana State on 'Oct. 3 In Austin 0-C By Into No only one fenm Nfis left nnd untied, IHlle StnUi CInva on Hie Pacific Coast And In mid-December Sinln Clara' 1 !' lemplc 'of triumph col- ' !p'K»d before Texas Clirtsllnn, 9-0, wi'nng clean the entiic slate of >]'iajor teams wllh pcifect recoids In bcUcen. ninny pthei gnd|roli ]>ov, cis^bowed to Inspired teiins, „ Mighty Tilt Tell , . Before the end of November Hie 'frolbnll fans vveie frantic Tliero wis no v,ny of feeling HIL pulse rf n tcairi from Saturday to Saturday, One week a team would be >*up, and the next down Pillsbuisli ^fuftled ,l!ie Iiielily-toiitcd OIilo State team, 6-0. and the cilltas 'beg 1 "! b"alfiiif Ibe drums foi Pitt ns the top contender for the m- tlonal title Then Duqucsne smnsh- sons lit nine games, tlie higliest total attracted by anj one'team The Ijoulslana Stite-TulniiQ game at nalon Rouge nttrncled n ciosul of SO.OOO, ,i new record foi the South...... ' ' Piss Hillings Delated Pass : Interference prompted most of lha hue nnd oiy from the fans, . Severn! big games hinged on puss NCW YORK. Dec 22-l'ieccd-| Interference 'decisions. Two olhcr cnt rules glaringly negative against ccntiovorslal plajs In Important Jack Tonance going anjwlicrc in sanies were Ed Wldseth's foul in Hie biak busting bigness tin, Miime£otn-Noilhv,eslcrn gam? ' 1|1P W-Pound blond wlio losv No Smiles In June I<m> Kelley'i O f a cd Ihe 15-pound shot, to a new 'f<\ Pill the ne\t Saturdaj, then mounted ,fl«one, but sU days later the the free bull In'the Navy-Yale game. wo >' ld word, and played plenly Wtdsoth,. Minnesota's all-America ° f football and basketball while a tfckle, vat charge! wllli hitting stiiium at Louisiana State Unl- 1 NoithViCSlern pla>cr, and the ^f' si >> launched his Jlng caren Oophers pennllMd to the 1-yard '" New Orleans the other night line, from 'where they were scored lvlll > " sudden-death knockout of, on. Kellcy's "kick'''of n loose ball °" t ' Owc '" p| i' n »' | "'Bbled Yale lo' triumph over Should Torrance so on lo cut Navy, 12-7. himself ft piece of change and ,',.„ . ,. .... fame in hosing hell accomplish ,^,TA^. ""L 8 ™" wnidhlm, that nilghU lev; olhc, Yd rt o 23 t n,phov ™'« « *• l»°l>«'"<^ "«« been n e l Pitaceloii Inhlch Old Fit came ™'« back to \lclory after tiall- n e l In? 10 0, in the second pcilod An- /lrli<! ' JC<! -' > wlllal(1 6 f "t 6 and 'thei Rfeat comeback ^as staged Baling ^30 pounds and Pilmo t)V Biylor, tthlcli scoied llirce Cinncia, heaviei but not miltc as 'ouchdowns In the final period to l(l11 lls tllc Potm nloml 1'oiuidei, '••nl TCTOS, 21-ia nftei lialllng iJccnmc woiUI champions >« n, (joins li'to the fliml period 1)llt Wtllaid won the title when One of Ihc finest- team comebacks' lllcrc werc no other hcavywetghU ms bv CleoiBia, which loU foui of nollh lo uu n " ciu y nlul dh gimcs In n low nnd then finished s! l" tc<1 Jllck J°'»>son to a le- >«Ilh a nish winning three games cIllli «K posllloii on a soft spot on <»>rt ticlng roidlnm, which was lllc cttmBS Ulcrc thc Onlvcrton "II «ct fo) n tup lo the Rose '' ltlck coul(l kMM l)l!> °y es f'om Bowl Aftei being tied by Geoieto , ™ ljlnzln B Havana sun Foidhain then icachcd lock boltom MIC next Saluulay by loslne And Cnineia, who possessed amn/inir sjecd foi one of hLs bl^e, New Yoik u, 7-c " "j pushed Instead of punched and ' -Tratcdv'at Punliii> ' llls chln WI1S ns frn 8 llc ns n One of the Teal's tragedies eomo' lllM(1 of Duwlcn clllli " llle Jftck dining the (.mining seieial niembeis '<l>md weie tiapped In n shower ' tmwii« c»mo'5 ; k ;; -, —• '- WM| - 0 ; V1 ',;i of » Pmduo tlle ^ntian.LeMallian birely «i °, ..'' l .^"° tlie bcit of a medloc.e cbss, mid On The Outside Looking In O> r ; WEDNESDAY, DECRMBBli' 23| 1936. ' 'A 'cat's wli'lskcrs" 'iiormally', arc Just Ihe width of Its.body. )tup«'!> Suspension I Suspension of Hope, along with DC Queen and ' Prescott by I he executive committee of the Arkansas Athletic Association of course means that Blytheville and Hope will not meet in the first game of the 1931 football season. We had not been able to get any definite statement from school officials here ns to whether the Hope-Blythevillc game was "on" or "off/ But if Blytheville did not-want to. play Hope at. Hope In the first game of Ihe year the suspension of Hojje solved , the' problem for Iccal school officials. The toss of the coin at Little Rock by Coach Foy Hammoris of Hope and Fred (Rock) Saliba, unofficial representative of Blytheville as jou recall, was subject to approval of Blylheville school authorities. M,. ' . not have Ihellgible boys 1 on fqiiads, : • Somehow we Imagine that Mam- mons' face took nt least a : hue of delicate ' pink when th'e executive committee also decided tlmt Ha'nii nions 1 own team should b'c suspended for the .same reason it nii|)«ided the others/., . ..• : .V Rucker Klne Prnspcct The St. Louis Browns acquired one of the finest 'prospects in lass :D baseball when they 'purchased Paul Rucker, catcher for he Qsceola Indians of the Norlh- ast ^'Arkansas league last year explosion and H\o Carl elos ?, °^ ( ; 1 / cls looked upon the James J Bradilock, left, arid *Mas Scluneling- were alt smiles when UahlWckamr Tommy McOannon " S " U ° ( '"",»>«: C \ 0llll " llCl5 died bums fiom which Ihey Gianls Have Too Much (o Protect anil Carry thp Pacific, Coast -title, nicked to repicsenl the West In lire rarely attain the heights in Pudge Hcftelfinger of Ihe Hie nose Bo«l game Pittsburgh , Yn !" ° f 40 yem ' > a «° mlellt be _.•»._ ... r 1 _ *w«i«»s,ii In^lllrlnfl f»»nnntr nY«.-.iMnn(? c/\ fnu Pukes succumbedi to tiny West Virginia Weslejan, 2-0 Tlien Pitt V.reckcd Nolle Dniue, 26 0 '^Mighty Jtflnnesola, unbeaten in thre? jears nnd with n winning fJlieak of 21 straight games, crashed In Die mud and ran at E\ans!on Ocl, 31 before an In- FKlred ^Northwestern team 6-0 The Gophers had puyiously beaf- en~Washmgton, which went on to ,U'in ( the Pacific Coast title. Northwestern kept up the pace, won* the Bis Ten title and came down to its final game against Nbtfe Dame with the national title 'in As graso The Irish licked by Pitt and Navy, reached their peak in late November and srmsh- ed the -Wildcats, ^6-G ', In tlie South, Ixjutslann State, after .its lie with Te\ns, catne Ihrbueh the remainder of a lough schedule without n blemish, nnd 'Alabama, aftci an carlj tie with Tennessee, won the 'rest of Its games } Those l\\o, L S U and Alabama, , were tlie only major teanis' to complete their regular J fchedules without' a loss and both were tied. ' Op;nlons varied over the strong- esV (cam in the land Some favored Minnesota, despite its de- leaf 'by Northwestern, as national champions Others ranked Louisiana ..State, southeastern champions 'with only, the Texas tie to mar its record, as the nation's top team ^ t The year's largest crowd, 101,- OT3 jammed into Philadelphia's Municipal Bowl to see the Army- Navy game, won by the Middles G-0., Navy's touchdown march In the final period was aided by two pass Inteifeierice.plajs called on the Cadets v 'Notre Dame drew 500,000 per- although beaten by Duqucsne anil Med by roidhain, iccehed the Eastern, bid. Olhci Bo\\l games follow Sugar f,, , „ , Bowl nt how QUeans-Loulslana h .SL'" U ,! c ™" L^' 0 ™.^".f"! 1 : among 1' could booth be placed In a without, ciowd- State Uowl Sanln Miami Claia Oinngo Fla —Mississippi bersome to. go places. There Is loo much of them lo protect and carry Sfiile w Duquesne, Bncardi Boil nr . 0 '", u! , Tllc 5' n °P ' 1! ! ld , nml ua al Havana-Aubuin vs Vlllnnova mlgh > °" 8 ttlx> ^ olllln B f " ui B ni pitiable as a largo fellow in tlie icsin dust of Ihe pil/c ilng He'has so m\ich to assemble. Outelde of Wlllard and Camera, Ihcie never wns ti hea\jwclght prizeflghlcr of unusual : size , who amounted to anything, nnd they didn't amount to much: Kid Mc- |Coj, who came In at 102 pounds, Hv HOWARD CANrf New \ork Unncrsit) Coach YORK—In Ihls out-of- from the side of llio coint not fai from the back line. Phser X-2, planted at approxl- mpl"ly the smne spot on the opposite side of Ihc court, from X-l, who throws thp ball In, cuts dlag onallj ncioss court and at i point directly In front of the hoop: X 2 takes the pass fiom X-l pivots slmiplr, shakes his guaul momentnrllj (the guard normally overruns, on. tbls : maneuver),' and tosses in a, las up shot with ellhei hand A man who shoots eqinlly well wllh right 01 left hind Is particularly dangerous The pilme requisite for successful completion Is a lightning-fast plasei. adept at a quick stop and spin.. If ^ :tch'm has an athlete with these qualities, the plaj can Hies met nt n Brcndway night club, where they called to felicitate Bill Robinson, the tap dancer, on having spent 50 vears in the bho v business. It will be a different slor> In Queens June 3 the Sunken Garden of flnllcncd the "behemoth;• • Herr Plackc, '«lio .supposedly \vas en do\vcd \\ith builal stiength The hii(je Carl Morris was .belted out, so often bj coinparatuc midgets llml his back bccaino 'calloused from contact, wllh: canvas. The Ideal' athlete in all' sports tips the sciilcs In the. vlctnlly.i'ot 1BO pounds niuUi stands about 0 feel ,' * * • Cin'l Gjugi> Athlete h\ Weight and Height Without such material in loot- ball nnd basketball u coach mijht as well go back lo the days when' hoopeis ttoie hip pndi and cut foi Ihc basket like Ihc fullback of 1890 j With due icgard lo the excep lions that piovc the rule, the bet tei co.iches CIH pick out the reil football and basketball plpyers the first, time they hold practice! Put the neifoimer undei exam Illation in informal scimimagc nhd Ihoul knowing it he'll disclose .desired Information. ' Tho stai-lo-bo ^111 be cnlm and deliberate. He'll hold the ball well. He'll move with co-ordination. He'll grasp situations. He'll go ahead ahead to aid leaiiiinatcs. He'll show combative fire. In basketball and in lugging a football, he'll : pivot on a dime. Athletes ranging from 100 to 100 pounds ordliiarjly- are the more durable. They combine speed and dependability The bigger fel- '01*s' stienglh' seems to sap eaily nno the tlnv ones aie bumped about loo much. You neiei can gauge an athlete just by his weight and height bounds piny, the bill Ls put In plas I be us=d repeatedly ; lt is amazing that a whiskey priced so sensibly as Glenmore can be offered at f ult v -100 proof strength. -Most whiskies in ' this price class are from 7 to 10 per cent lower in proof. i Gteomore Dtftitleries CA., Incorponted f t "" Lootmlle—Owcaiboro, Ke TO ancE Save Money and Your Car! Get These Cold Weather Services We'll put your Car in the proper condition for winter driving. Everything you'll need for comfort and safety arc here for you. 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In fact we wouldn't be .surprised If they're not re-instated wlth- fn a short time, the suspension being given that vague designation of "Indefinite which alv.a>s provides plenty of outs It may Ije that the AAA mil keep the schools on the blacklist, during the basketball season met agiin It may not Appaiently otner schools already haiing scheduled grid grimes with Hope for next fall are in no great lush to oblain othfi opponents to nil their dates with Hope Which is i;, good an Indication as any that Ihe Bobcats will be back In the good graces of the AAA bv next fall » y Himmom* 1'robe THckflres Probably the most unusual occurrence- in, the action of 'AAA evecuUve committee the blacklisting of Hope It was Haminons, Hope coach who prosecuted the whole investigation, asking tha; AAA conduct " probe of the Preifott and DC Queen^tcains to see if th e \ u WANT TO BUY CORN SOY BEANS CRAWFORD & COPPEDGE GIN CO. 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