The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 1, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 1, 1930
Page 6
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.PAGE SIX mini "Old Barney" in Lion Hunt Local Boys Win as Girls Lose Thrilling Contest to Visitors. The Blythovllle high boys' basketball team triumphed over tin: Oseeola Scmlnoles 30 to 18 whlh the local girls lost to the Osciola i vlsllrs 19 (o 10 In two hard fousht \ games at the local gym Inst night The Chicks, displaying a stubborn defense,-found a fust-moving team in the young Osccoh team but experience ana rugged condition gave the locals a decisive edge TJie Oscrob girls met the best girls' team that Blythevllle high lias started this season last nishi tmd managed to eke out a win only after a point for point light. Red Aces Lose LUXORA, Aik.—The local basketball fans were treated to a goo'.l quality of playing on the Luxora high school syin courl Insl night when the Memphis Unkiiows overcame the Bank of Liixora Red Aces 18 to H. The contest was fasl ant! furious from the start. At the end of the first, huff the score was 8 to 5 In favor of the visitors. Desperate attempt were mndi by the home team to overcome this lead but to no avail. GHlcsple. center for the local qtifniet, led Ills fellows In scoring while Tatiim was •high scorer for the Mcmphl -qnln- .The Dank of Luxora team has ai\ incomplete schedule nnd Is looking lor additional games with Independent aggregations. Cleveland Heavy Is Named Opponent For Stanley McRue Stanley McRae, Uixorn's light- heavyweight hope will meet. Jack Carr of Cleveland, Ohio, in an eight round bout headlining Haupp foreman's fight card tit Osccola Monday night. . The show will be the first staged In Foreman's new Indoor stadium on highway Si one bloci south on Hale avenue. McRne Is rcrortcd In the pink of • .condition and working, hard In preparation for the fray. Carr comes well recommended according to Promoter Foreman, especially by .Eddie Kid Wolfe, Memphis lightweight. Another eight round bout will bring together Jack Benny of Osceola and Jack Berry of Memphis. Benny scored a technical knockout r.vcr Kid Kelly, another BlufT city fighter last week. The boys are flyweights. Hayti 'i and Senath Teams Divide Two HAYTI, Mo.— The basketball teams of Haytl high divided a two game set with the boys and girls of Senalh high here last night. The Haytl girls -cored their sixth straight victory by a score of 40 to 12. The Benath boys were also easy victors 37 to 22 The giris game was hard played and fast but Hayti outclassed Senath and at the half led 22 to 7. The boys' game was very fast and hard fought despite the score. The Senath boys led 14 to 8 at the half. Uncaps Hayti Strelff, If Cunningham, If Burress. If Hall, rf Anderson, c Ball, c Barnes, rg Khourle, rg Gardner, Ig RoB e, IK Chlsem, Ig. Boys Senath Karnes, H Ross, It Hutchlns, rf Stirey, rf Hubbard c Mahan, c Bray,. )g Kranes. rg 'Ford, Ig Norman rg They Paswd u p Fcrrcll Wesley Ferrell was n pretty good pitcher fo r the Cleveland Indians last year, his .first season under the big tcp, winning 2) games, and most of them from different matter, Indeed. Klrchell went out to watch the One of ihe most enthusiastic of those cngased In the hunt for a 'lion" in Washington. D. C.. Is Walter Johnson, left, former big league aliening slar and present DI.-III.IGCI- of the Washington Senators. Rock," Johnson's hunting dog, also Is tjcltlui; a thrill out of the icaich for Hie marauder, which has nllnrkcil livestock nml (errorlm! unlives of Ihe capital. Wlnror Arlium, game warden and friend of John- ion's, Identified tracks left by Ihe animal as these of n mountain lion. Training for Shot at Jack Although it has been months since Max Schmellng returned to his native Germany, the Hurtful Hamburger'has not been Idle. A training camp near Berlin affords him an opportunity to condition himself for Ihe fight with Jnck sharkcy In Ne«- York in June. The above photo pictures Max working on the buck saw with Herse, a sparring partner. atiiCf arms. Naturally Mr. Krlchcll ns been kidded considerably about. 'that R\iy Ferrell, with the lame arm who won 21 panics for Cleve- iid last year." He would enjoy adtiiff this. Glvlnir Thrm the Bhrk Rills Bill Carrlcan. who turns over he mnnnwnjr-nt of (he Hosron Red Sox to Heinle Wagner this year, made a little socech after a bantiuet the other nlcht In nean- tfwn. coinmenlhuj on Ihe changes of the game, "Evervbrdy sees ui> and tries to bust that ball now- aways." said Bill. "The craze for home-run hitting has distorted values. Our old scheme was to get lead of one run and hold onto at. But then they did the same thins nil over the circuit. There are tricks In all trades. "In those four pitchers were all thai the club used regularly. There were no tremendous I bnttlnit feats, cither. But (he slugger Is having his inning now ami the pitchers have to suffer. WARNING ORDER Chancery Court, Chlckasawba District, Mississippi County Arkansas Edward Splccr. PlnljitllT vs. No. 4017 Mamie Splcer, Defendant The defendant, Mamie Splcer Is warned to appear within thirty days In the court named jn the cnptlon t f?r dear life. "In the old days w<- used | n have a man sitting on the bench ing the balls as fast as they returned from the gr«nds!nnd. I "•> ^"^"^ tn those days a dozen balls were I w - D - Qravette. llw number ordinarily used In a A 'ty ad Lltcm eaine. We used to shave off the feathers and put them back Into circulation. Tiicv rtldn't throw- them -— .-.,..., ..,,„,i tnriii back into clrculaticn. They didn't throw them out very often'in those times. White Ones In nil "As soon as we got 3 load and the teams ir. the league lha'l !nc K amc wns tlv e or six innings ,, -..v «» oi .\ LIUILll^b ve tlje blackmtd balls all ready to short into the battle were hard to beat. And bul for ., slight error on the part of Yankee Scout Pat — Ferrell might ,,.~.,,.u ,,,„ games In a New York uniform and 1L"" J •"^"^ •«"} u.uimi; records, the story of the American League "" l if wc wfre brhlnd. ii lr Red rate of 1S29 might have been a S"* EQ' "" the while b.ilk to hit pr. Inrfpivl ~ -• — tr on me pan. ol Yan- *vm*j ^ .-.uu. i. i:nci me battle Paul Krichell, this same tt ' hm thc clhcr tcril '> went lo bit ight have pitched those ?, rjcd . lc 5 s lo W lh ^ "her follows i New York uniform and ™ n . brcnk "">' fcMlini: records. NOTICE learn, ttrreU ™r^^ "rli h , ^'sm^'rX', "' Hpltf Wo .horf h*»r, ci m ,,T. „_ TV. - p - Smii'i, rcdiicins field. He had been struck on the throwing arm a few days before, .and because of his hitting ability was placed in the outfield for the time. Krfchell saw Ferrell catch several files la the outer garden and noticed that the young fellon- ran In with the ball and lobbed it to the second baseman, rather than throwing it from his position ""••--Vs the matter with tiat — arm?" be asked a man! In the stands. "He hurt it the other day and can't throw," was the reply. Mr. Krichell packed up and pc'ltlon of . , v?.fl'< Third Addition to the City of Blvllic- ville, Arkansas, to acrcase Notice is hereby given ' that a petition has been filed in the County Court asking thai Vail's Third Addition to the cilv of Blythevllle, Arkansas, b" reduced to acreage. Said petition slates that J F '' S ' ls th(1 " and that of went back to New York that night. f» (Mdn'l tnmt »»f' plwhn with Said petlllon will be hocird on the 22nd day of Frbru.m- 19.10 Dated tills the 1st riny" 0 I February, 1930. GBO. W. BARHAM. County Juciec. hereof nnd answer the complaint of the plaintiff. Edward Spicer Dated Jan. 10. 1930. W. W. HOLLIPETER. Clerk By Elizabeth Blylhe, D. C. Jan. 11-18-25. Feb. 1. ^.-.-.^,-ili^r.y^ Herb Penuock's Pitching MosP Courageous Evans Witnessed KIHTOK'S NOTE: Thl, |, the sixth of a utltt of ten article In which Billy j;,. anj ,„„,,,, ihrllllnj dted* h« ha« wltntssed In his 22 years » s an American i.caKuc umpire, By BIM/y EVAN'S (Copyright. 1930, NEA Service Inc I Coin ate, as relating to baseball Is a peculiar ihlng to define' H Is my thought that many bas"- bnll players classed as ••ycllov" sporldom's Icrm for lackiiv i'n courage, are anything but that i Perhaps no player In baseball Is put to as severe a as lo course than ihe pitcher. During a (jail Kiiine he faces any number of <itu-' atlons that call for the best "llm is In him. Courage I,, „ ,,nchi,i 3 SMISC may be likened to to pols-. When a hurler has pitching pois- he elves his best, under all conditions and accepts the bitter with the sweet. Ordinarily, one. would suppose dial it would require a pitcher's ly, can stand Just so much work lie had been used In the third gome, beating the Giaius, 4-2 after McGraw's club had taken the first two. In the fourth game, he had been rushed to the relief o; Shawkey with ihe bases filled stooping a big rally. ' Despite the fact that Pennock had worked U'lce | n three days Muggins selected him to pitch the sixth contest. The Glanis had lo win It to stay in ihe series, while victory meant the world championship for the Yankees. The Giants scored a run in th» first, fourth, fifth and sixth Innings. During (hai time Pcnnock had been batted hard In every in- ahvays two or three runners on the bases, but Pennock never weakened ami despise ihe haltering he was being subjected (o, put thought and courage back of every bnll h» Ditched. Never once did he falter. It was early apparent to him that IK • . , ,• , •' •>• game on the nose but alwavs iiin-riiv ii „, when few men are on ihe l, nw j some fielder. McG aw's cub nnd "hroi i )'" doinllmlc the El""!' made only four runs, whereas! a nlngs, would have resulted In 'HUT- times as many. In the meantime, a home run by BRUSHING UP SPORTS ------==.-^=^--.---.=s===^^ l/KTIuyAUV 1, IB; ' — Ity Lauf It Is un easy matter to pitch when H has always seemed to me that everything Is breaking your way when your delivery Is such thai' ihe opposition can do but little with It. On the contrary, it is my thought, that the pitcher who keeps plugging away, giving everything he has, when all the breaks nr- n«altisl him, is the fellow who shows the real courage. • « * Khmlce : an Example Iii the 1823 world series, Howard Ehmfce, decried by many critics as lacking courage, gavu a most re- maikaule exhibition In the open- , ., „„,„,.. ,„„ uy Ruth in the first inning had been the only rim scored on" Nchr pitching for the Giants. The break that Pennock had been pltchln; and hoping for, came In the eighth Nelif lost control, allowed two hits then passed two men on eight straight balls. He was derrlcked by .McGraw and Ryan sent to the rescue. Before the Inning was over the Ynnks had scored fire rims, enough to win the game und series. That game will always stand out ii<iim«ui^ t:.M IIW1LIU11 II] H1R OlJCll- »l Ing game. In half dozen trying sit- [ J S .." l ° I)'? 5 ' c °" raBcolls W™ I nations, he always managed ,„ i 1 - 11 " «'er seen, work his way out. Lnt[>r in the Tories "Lefty" Grove nnd Rube Wai- berg, called upon as relief plicli- crs, hurled magnificently. Gn.V Bush, of the Cubs, showed real courage in slopping the Athletics In the third game, after hod dropped the first two. These arc the more recent exhibitions o! courageous pitching. However, for the most course-' ous game 1 ever saw pitched, during the 22 years I spent in the American League as umpire, mv memory goes back to the world series of 1023. The game was anything but a pitchers' tattle ljul no game I have ever seen wade the impression on me that tills one did. courage alone considered. . Herb Pennock plumed the ga:m\ It wns the sixth and final, one of Ihe 1023 scries. It \vns a victory fur (he Yankees, carrying with it ihe championship. Pcnnock was fijunrt for ten lilts, including n triple am! a home run. Ycl so cour.iscouslv did the slim southpaw pitch under fire that the New York Giants made only four runs. Tennock .Not Strong Penuock, not too strong physical- often get a chance to chase a ball shouldn't chase ball players from coach. Is a cavalryman. He might get some pointers from Mr. Rrckne. however, on the development of WARNIN'G ORDER Chancery Court, Chickasawba District, Mississippi Comity, Arkansas. May Davis, Plalntift vs. Ko. 4612 Ed Davis, Defendant The defendant, Ed Davis, Is warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Mary Davis. Dated Jan. 24, 1830. W. W. HOLLIPETER, Clerk. By Harvey Morris, D. C. Claude P. Cooper, Atty. ad Lttem. E. E. Alexander, Atty. for Plaintiff. Jan. 25, Feb. 1-8-15 ., lr ""' stu "- sluck i!cr the most discouraging contll- - t:ons and finally got the break nec- he field for every sort of infrac- essary to win a world's tion. But then, judge, they don't WARNING ORDER Chancery Court, Chicknsawba District, Mississippi County. Arkansas. Ola Gunnells, Plaintiff vs. No. 4674 Sid Gunnells, Defendant. The defendant, Sid Gunnells. is warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the capllon hereof and answer the rran- plaint of the plalntiir. Oh Gunnells. Dated Jan. St. 1930. W. W. HOLLIPETF.n. o'.crk. By Harvey Morris, D C W. D. Gravctte, Atty. ad LItem. E. E. Alexander, Atty. for Plaintiff. Frank C. Douglas. Atty for Plaintiff 'Jan. 25. Feb. 1-8-15 WARNING ORDER Chancery Court, Chlckasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. BljCheville Lumber Company, Plaintiff vs. No. «7S Tom Glass, ct al. Defendants The defendants, H. L. Mercer, Trustee and J. L. ivferccr and Com- I pnny are warned to appear within ' thirty days In the court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Blythc- vlllc Lumber Company. Dated Jan. 24. 1930. W. W. HOLLIPETEE, Clerk. By Harvey Morris. D. C. Ivy W. Crawford, Atty. ad Litem Jan. 25, Feb. 1-8-15 Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax. BookKeepIng Systems, Phone 52 tngram Bldg. Blythovillp, Ark, On the Broadway of America Kingswag Hotel and Baths Hot Springs, Ark. New Fireproof Hotel For State People Moderate Rato-; Coffee Shop New 150-Car GaraRe 0- W._Kvcrctt, Managing Director '*v *'. J (greater ertormance Never has a Chevrolet car won greater praise for its appearance than the new Chevrolet Six. Its new Fisher bodies reveal in every detail the »rtistry that has made the Fisher name famous throughout the motor car world. In beauty of line and color, in balance and harmony of design, they represent one of the greatest style triumphs inFisherhistory. And thepromiseof this exterior beauty is more than fulfilled when you look inside the car. Upholsteries are richer and more durable. The instrument panel carries a new and more attractive grouping of the control instruments. Seats arc wider and deeper. In fact, not asingle feature has been overlooked that would add to the comfort and convenience of both driver and passengers. THE CHEMIST CHEfROLET •W fit HT» a i vt> **H»>«» CHETB01R HBTOBT In addition to its new beauty, the new Chevrolet Six represents a remarkable advance in every phase of performance. Its improved six- cylinder valve-in-head engine has been increased to 50 horsepower-giving faster acceleration, greater reserve energy and more comfortable high speeds. Steering has been made safer and easier by a new front axle assembly Four Lovejoy hydraulic shock absorbers provide exceptional riding comfort. Fully enclosed, internal-expanding, weather-proof brakes give positive braking control. And numerous stoic- tural improvements add to the car's dependability, endurance and long life. Come in today and see this car. And remember, it is now available— AT GREATLY XOADSTER *495 .......M95 '525 Tki Ti. SPORT ROADSTER Tt, COACH ............ REDUCED PRICES 565 SED.\N DELIVERY » 595 SPORTCOL'PE *{S>*i TAUGHT * »2/'c I. LULHt O^^ DELI VERY CHASSIS J65 i (i TOM CHASSIS 520 TirHATOM . !/-», CHASSIS WITH CAB 025 Tk CLUB SEDAN *625 Tt! ', "" SEDAN '675 Fii«. W. I. Denton Chevrolet Co. BIylheville, Auk. SIX IN THE PRICE RANGE OF THE F O U R :|

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