The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 1, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 1, 1930
Page 5
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1, JjMO CLASSIFIED ADS Twy cents f. K~r& for first insertion niict one cent a word for each subscftulut insertion. No advertisement taken Uf less than OOc. Count the words anil send the cash. I'houc 308 AnnouiicaincHts The Courier News has b!cn uu- ll!;r:e?a to announce the following c:.r.uicl;cic5, subject to the- Democratic primary. For Shuirr W. W. SHAVER. For Cuunly Treasurer W. W. JIOLUPETER. IL^llil'- 1 !- 1 ^ 1 AL«LO_£OU_R tUKA'KWS OUK HOAKD1NG HOUSE PAGE 1930 £y NBA Service Inc. J& LAURA LOlI iiix-i* HICHK TODAY , upstairs and sea II you cam per- »I« i,n<l cojnirtcloi* rLoUen j£, 10 \ - ''' for '- 0 " ei1 "<> « EI .. HICHK TODAY Jl'lll I'll r.t3ti:il(>\. 1)|,l«l t Wvv Vork »iil,ll*bli:i: lioiuc, Purl*, unj n ll'liunl. A ttiu*tnl ,-'"<T, 'I.')M. IK. la iun, JL'NIOK, 1U. nl Fur C'oujily Court Clerk -MRS. JOHN LONG. For L'uuniy Assessor J. S. UILLAHUNTY. For Cily A(luru:y IV" W. CRAWfORO. I-ur City Cli-'rh H. L. MiKNIGJIT. OEORGK CROSS, y. C. CRAIG. ftmnrftiinoD In fltt- niii'In l« Itiu-rniiilrJ hj a caliU'- K>:u» that r l'«iny tn on brr ivny 10 Ain.TEt-n. Jn^tth nnd Arthur «nll tn IIII-L-I hi-r. Thr clrl iKnurr* lii-r Alrc.r.iiillji-r. Lnlrr «hr tflU Jy.JJlh wfir nurst Irnvr Ihr hnn«p. KjLlt-.Sl* nnJ i'^iuprli inri;i:v muck nt hrr mil ilrrp In [I Ulrrn- sl:r ,,,M In I'nrl-,. Mr !» Ir IK Hlfr llni, uhl, 'I',. l>rl »<•,-» Tnnj nnd Judllh. .1VIIY ftt.Mli. n young mnn li-cr. ,-:,:N ,,n Tuny, lie l.n.t hrrn In liMr n'.rl, EILT—r;i[l:i-r l,npple«»- if—ttir a lane nhlle. ] upstairs and see K you can t per- suads Tony to come down? 1 think I It would do bcr good to get out. I It'll bo much better for yon to talk lo bcr than to send Harriet 1 ." Judith Knight thought that she •ft being tactful. She overlooked the fact, clearly apparent to her husband, lliRt she was seeking to eliminate him from the scone. Knight hjokcd dor+'.fiiHy at Ju- tlitli. "You want me to go tuid lain to her?" "Please, Arthur!" "Very '.veil." taid (ho man, rising. "I'll ilo what 1 can but I don't promise she'll come." As he lurnoJ In Ihe doorway he caught a £l!mpse of his wife smiling radiantly, listening to whin Cinlg was sayiiiff. Two furrows formed In Arthur Knight's brow, lie placed a hand on tho raDJub' of the stairs and slowly ascended. n>ACil day nt Tony'i Tolunlary ^ withdrawal from the rest of tbe »I« hnd completely , u , fcull<?11 Andy CralR who was waiting downstairs to sco 11 Tony would RO ivltli him lo an cntCYliilnmout. Knlshl'6 only roiirein nnw was his d.iuxhler. It took coiislilernlilo wheedling before she succumbed. Flm Ihu girl's flnccrs curled ftround one of her father's hands and slieclmm to It Iriisllnsly. Then blio lunm! her head nnil ho saw that the brown eyes wero swollen with 7-™"!,..* nnd tho cheeks tear-stained '-i l!:r limur frrfjuriill? nsd TnnjTi I household 116 had OrOllped l[t (0 in n i'linni •.! >]iiir. irir» in cnn- talk wttli her. (lenurally these talks - . ' i'0!i SAI.K FOR SAm-Setling eggs arid "baby cli:;;;s, Hiuron Eujlish strain I Ualurns. .Mrs. E. M. Ayrcs, Oiceoln.! KfAVV FRUITER-THREE BALES ! ACRE COTTON; heavy limer;! cheap ssed prices next 30 days. I Write for facts ai:cl proof. Vandi-1 vcr Seed Co.. Livonia, Ga. 30pk7 I'Cri y.-\L2—Go'd. gvcen, fiin^i aeanieil Alfalfa Hay. $24.00 a ton. D. J. Galla;hcr, Wyatt. Mo. Slpkii FOR SALE-102D Model Electric Alwater Kent P.culio. 550 Cash, i 1'. !f. Durham. Bo'.vers Store. 2sp!:3 B.-'.1?Y CHICKS s. from .n. roin urovcn flocks. Custom Hnlchir.g I fnl!t::cd. Mar.'iy.'i Hr.!c:iery, Bly-' nt: tnnn IM fnrr>lti^ mi :m tiflalr »'l[|i Jn~ dlili. Whrn Knl-M denlr* ttiU in s ri; r rmiy ITlrl:» Judllh nril .Miilj' t'rnlK tsitit n liir.chrnn rn^ irni:c-nirnt nnil Iirlni;H hrr fntlirt n[:i n tbr ^^[.tu'. 'l'..i re !* :in rKtr.^:i»riurnl nnd '.tl?r. a rrr«ni'IH.lllnii bflirrrn Ju- illth nnil ICnlKCil. Tun; nnd Mor- llnirr lir« nrcrBlcd for rrrk]c» ilrhlnu-. Knlckt lirlr.KH 111" <nn=h- Irr hiinif. Tor tiny* thr plrl !• nltllc-n IITIJ rM>?l[rau». llrr tallirr Miirinx. AiTntrx rtnrh iiucli B pllfli t!:nl JiiUllh nii|)C'nli in And) Critlrr. KiilulH srrn the imlr lu^rihrr tiut tnfrt JuiIilR drnlc* 4fiat »nt Mpriit llir nrirrnt:i>n In fowm Iviilfllil frlrj* lo ovrrcnnir V.i mifililrlttn^. He lirln^^ Judllh llnuorx ::n'l Ilifj »|ifinl :m i-vrnlii^ tuilniilj ln^vlhrr ilnlll An-J>- frnte bad cinlcM In angry IAII'II bides. Tonighl. fully expecting another lemtiestuoiiB Eccne, ho thrvlllc, Ark. Dc'^-tf IE-.D TOR SALE-Corn. hay. rats", w.-:al p:ice c-,\ car loads. Phone fi.>. Ira Crawford. IBcktf. SED GARS FOR SALE 18J9 Lair . Model A Coupe; Bend rnhlrer, g(xm up- iKlstrry. 1B30 lirrmc; a rral liuy for, only ........ ;!35 1929 Lste SIoilcl A Uoailsfer; 5 wliilc niie jvhcels. COH| lislilr and Rumble seal. Driven only 5,000 miles. A hargain at ............. $130 WJ Moilcl I 1-J-Ton Truck. Jlcltr A-l • coiiilUion; S.7C(I tires; driven only 1,200 miles, only ......... J505 1029 l.ale Med:'l A Touring; mclov runs gco;l; gooil mMcr, only ............. 5^55 On display nt corner 5lli and Main 1'Hll.Ul'S A10TOK CO. AnlhoriH'cI Fon] Dealers 1'IlONli 811 FOR SALE -Sheepskin lined leather co:u. bizc? 42, worn otic week. Ca: nrv.. ss-I.CO. will take sn.OO Phone 131. Ick3 FOR RJiNT front TOR REST-Cun>forlah!i: iieilrccni. modern co:uc for one cr nvo yc-ntlcinen. Phone M:s. Wi-so:i Henry, s«. 28nk4 FOR RENT—TO or coi)|)lr. a l arg( , Juniifhctl bc:l- rt;c:n <-.:th adjoining batii in pri- \-•.:•;• home. Call C3. 28pk3 ! ln °re yearly. Wo Experience mine XOW CO ON IVJTM THE STIHIY CllAl'TEK XXVII YV/ri'H obvious eagerness hurried (o greet ihe visitor. "Andy—how nlco ot you to cc:no!" Arthur Kiilglit Kaihcreil ];ls ilan B li. ler into Ills nnns, rested I,IT liwnl against his shoulder, BlroliM m»l imlleil her as ho Imil yoaia nnd years bpforo when chlldlsli trnee- dies had befallen. * + » r FONY had ceawil crylnf HI-IK. She A nililictl lier eyes with a »lf;> of roso chiffon sui>i'ciscil to IIK a hanil- kerclilel. Klie hM her face nfahiRC lic-r father'^ arm anil then tho lookeil up at hlcn. "Oh, I'm so nils crablo!" chviki-il Tony T uttier." "Who U It;" Tony »med sweetly. 'Ainly Craig'!" Her father wus nunnlaed. "Hoiv'il fan kmiiv (t was Atiilyl" "Oh. l:ittni"o he telephoned I his Homing ami nsluvl If ho could come. Tlmi lie telephoned later, 00— to .'llililli 1 , Illllll 1 . Tlio Mill's ivorila Kcen:c-il to un- leasli Iliemselvi's nil of H *uili1ru. j They came Inillslinclly. half-Eulilicil. found out w!i,i the call w«n for." * 4 • ^UTllL'U KNIlillT inndi no dn- i pnyoiy iMiU'h strove not In seem 'rained. "Well, shr.ll I go iliiwii nnil toll tho yoniiK man you'll ho with him shortly?" Tony hung her |i P nil. "1 dnii't «:iut tn ;;,), d.uldy." film ! al,l alter a iiiimn nfti \anw. "1 wiuil in slay lipro with yiuil" Klilfjhl Hiislk-^ "Oh, IHIH-, i-nine. ronn,' 1 . Von •atrt L-XI^V-I vmiv ,,!il father to bo- lii-ve 11 i|ihi K inn tli;,i_-" | "Hut I moan it. daddy. Heady I You-ilu! l'lia<o |,-I1 Andy I'm not feel- Or:,!ffi,'ll til |;,l clli{. tj ram.ied:|in]f. sl iokcn. ll| S'- | "I can't help it, daddy!" Bhc There was n muffled sound which; \vniled. "i rau'l heln II. Oil. I've eanic from within. "It's 1, Tony—your father." Knight"said as he.opened the door. Then he stopped hauk tu auiaie- menl. The room he had about to enler was nl(ch black. "Tony!" tho man called. "Wli-n-ot?" bcLMi lylnj; here. In the dark want- Inn (o d-die anil end cvcrylhlim. I d don't want lo &o on living any longer. You-you'ro so KOod to me. daddy, and I've been 50 cross and hateful anil overyllitnn'3 ROI:C wrong! I'm so ashamed of nil the ilrwulfnl things I've done and no- lx>dy loves me or anything. "' ^L>." She 1tltlTlll(ftC<l. "Qltl'f iiiire. T, II him. daddy, and ili.-n come l.ii'lf ii|istnlij ,-nid milt to i»>'." Arthur Knlclit carried" out nis daii(:h:.--;'s rrqucfi. He went ili.wn- stairs \\hire Jinlilli and And; woro """'"' nouy loves me or anyuniiR. ^ti- H was a very small, very illsmnli body Cllros anythiiiR uhout me—" voice which answered. The voice "ilush, Tony! Yon mustn't say came from somewhere In the right- hand corner of the room. "What In the world—what are things like that. Why, you know that f love you—love you with all my henrt! And your brother loves So does Jinlllh. We nil lovc|\vent upjlulrs ngaln to lib you doinfi In here in tho dark?' There was no answer at all to Ibis. Knight brushed his hand along the wall near the ilonrway.. ulll al , He had forgotten where the electric K O easily. Jnditli switch wns. | -you hate me!" Tony Inslsled. "Tony," he went on. "Where the -vnii hale me hecausc I've been n devil's that light switch?" "On tho 1-lcft." licfuri' ihe llii>|il:ii'C. tare was urnvi! as ho run- fromcil them and reported tlmt Tony ikoliiicd to leave her rnom, "I'm MUR i:p tu slay with hc-r a while." he tolil Judith. "Poor kill's been having ;i li;ul i-vciihiK. Ymi won't mind, \\lll JIHI?" "(Hi. ii'il" Hfii wlte nrsnrM lilm graciously. "Anjlinw I'm RoliiK In malic Amly slay nnd enleitnln Arthur Knight norlitcd. Tlii-n By Ahern TRICK M& FOR -iXe LAST -riMe ;-.-rbuJikJa A SMASH -UP LIKC PROFESSOR HIM A FAMOUS A»JP (Uv/liJc, HIM STAY AS VOUR Guest" ~~--r t (eM j; 1>ISCOV/!=R HIM -To BB A , StSLLlMa A DG-,llCK£Y FOR - -THe vUpRtp rixy ITS H6ROES Trie. M6Ki WHO \ CRUSOE! -THAT A6AH4 Mt2, The tall young man in tlie ili.-or-' . More groping. Suddenly ho fonnrt Ihe electric billion, pressed It. The v.-ay Ills coppery ! room nllci1 wil1 ' dazzling electric '• radiance. Art , nlr Knlght you anil want yon to forget all the- things that are past and gone." lint sho could not ho comforted had. wirlicd girl and 1 deserve it . anrl iloji'l want lo so on llrlng!" \Yords syemed to hp useless. Hy way of varying his arEtnuont Knight lifted the Girlish face. placed a !:i: ; :; on each eyelid and one more (Inlemlcil (or tho cluck) h.-ir seeinctl brighter In contrast j wit:, his sober dark blue suit.] hli'ii^d" ThcrThb "vision dea^dJ^m^vhn-c'cn a've"}-'"^^"^" Aadj's fiu-G was ruddy, too. because He slunccd toward the right j "You dua't mean a word nf thai," yon whence Tony's voice had come and | h there he saw her. The tiny, huddled figure face down among the cushions of the chaibe lonsue was clad In something rink. U was soft stuff, clinging and ruffled, and it made the ..„ ^ tion't. Come 0:1 now—[ml some cold ivalcr on your oyps and smooth your hair ami Ihen we'll sli uiul " the night miteide was cold. Breast Ing the wind had put him la fine la el tic. Andy Craig came into the room bringing with him an air of out-ot- dcora and'youthful energy. "(Jood evening. Good evening. ^^ .Jv. Knight:" usually coiled and pulied Into a tmv | [ 1KC t. Evidently .--he shock of what "Clad to see you. Andy." said ! knot on her neck, bung loose. All j ti, c iiiirror showed had been enough Arthur Knight. "Take this chair | " iat . rol;l11 I)e KCCI1 "' i" 01 " l««<i wns - • • .... j-.-fj | )} . t] , c firc .. :'he mo]i of dltarrayeil hair and she "". ,''..'. , seemed to he using her arms fis a Andy Craig 3 six feet of bone and I pillow, she wore flopping rdnk sinuous muscle Etcojied and ad-, tatin inuks on her bare feet. Obetiiently Tony aro?c and wlth- ^w on the chiUovini;, ridiculous, the room with her hair still hanging but combed ami tied back with n pink ribbon. lei-'s . Tony tijiik his liand and him down lo the cushions l:c-.UIo her. "IJslcn. ihclily," she «hl--vi>reil. "1 want you to [ironiiFo me h-;iuc- HOOTS AJNJ3 HER BUDDl ES JUST UNKA LONKSOSIK By Martin "/iKytliliiK f.t all tinit I can. .. What Is Itv ''J waul to i;;> jtway." "Why. TCI . : 1 ihunsht yon k.1-1 me you »-rn< i'olnj; lo Lo ,',cr(i':lly content lo slay hnine this v.inur." "I know, iliiilily. lint ilinl w.-i.i Iw- fore—all tliis scandal! Oh. vuu don't know—you really Onn'i li:i»\v how terribly I feel!" She was K|[I|HB at her eyes as.i with the rose handkerchief. Arthur Knlsbt snrri'iidei cil. "There, there. Tony. Of i-uurse ynu ran ;;o nivay it ymi Ilko. how would lhat do? Mlinnl —r' Tony looked up, her face wreathed in nimclle snillrs. "Oh, It wnnld be woiiilerful! Just wonderful. Florida — but not Miami. I'ahn llrach. 1'leasc let 1110 co!" "Certainly. Of course, ilcar. lint -' - - " • i ~- " - " - " vt - i The chccl.-j n-fiich had hcnn tear- i on oao contliti<,!i! Judiih iini^l juMeil itself lo the low, overstuffed | ^° sllcl1 detailed Imjireision of: martcil v:m fmn-Mi and powdored. I with you." Suddenly Knlalii s|mk trat. ' i llLS naiiglitcr'.s ajijiearanee was 1-011-1 Her lips, still ivisiful, were llntnl :i with ileleraiii.uloii "f think .-=11"I just dropncd in," ho said, "to ]' lcr « al ° fba't "be'^lo^ked " C | E:I } V 1 vll ! 1:ilt '""" c ' 1 '' rom tllc lln: " "! ct<ls tho rllE "' :0 t0 "- Vn >'-*- Vc: ere it Ton;- felt like running Into > and miserable, and smldcnlv foil ...i , 'i'._. t ",,' »f!_ * JC ."' C1 ' J > -..,',".'.'*.!'"" _,' • lou ; , ,. town to sec a play or something of ^io s^rt. Telephoned this n'.orni:i£ mm r.lie said I might call—" "Ob," raid Knight rather abrniit- I>, "you wanted to see Tony? Sorry. She isn't feeling well." "You Oon't think she'd care to go out?" Craig turned Knisht. toward Arthur "Listen, Arthur," interrupted Judith before eiUier man had (line, to speak further. "Why don't you go , very much to blame. o 1() " y ' ho repcntcil In a gentler j as ); ei |. . volc °. "1'leasc ilon't feel so badly." | "ji,^], telcr , cry s . In answer !ho girl's shoulders, ,i cc) ]i Tony, ilo yon kno lioiguanl. haunting fragrance. , A sullen iilram rdmwi-il In Tc.iiy "Ilo J ]OL*'.I better now?", she! Knighl's ryes hut it p.-i.-scd. "It's a bargain," c!ic said f " Very sweet. In- "Shake!" shook with passionate, sobs. "You mustn't lake on this way, Pet," ho said. "You'll maUe yourself sick. Tel! daddy what's the matter." The pink shoulders shuddered once again, then lay qulcU Still Tony refused to look up. "Tell daddy cverylhlng." Arthur Knight coaxed. "Come on, Tony. Sit up and tell me all about ii," , ,i cc) ]i Tony, ilo yon know I had j An hour later Arthur was telling completely forgotten what it was I .Indllh all ahnnl it, Unt neither came ui' lo mik to yon about?" Knlsht nor his your,! wife ...... The sirl F".ve him a shrewd, seen the brief jiar.TBrajih nmom; i!:e ^n-ir^i.i,,.. ..10^^^ TI,^.. i,«^ ^^^^ ~r nmrninir ,n r ,^i--^ .-^^.i«i ..^.. •- ...,,<^>. .rching glance. Then her pose of Innocence returned. She shook her Knight smiled. R paper's ^nr-lnl news which Tony Knight at that very moment was re-reading, 'Mr. Frederick K. Mortimer," the chronicle, "has desiarled "Weil, the fact is lliQro'3 a young p ald the chronicle, "has desiarled man down stairs and he's been | f° r t'alm llearh where lie will spend wailiug nil this tlmo to know if j several weeks." you'd go i U Mrl>r::|..- . Tlnvo ro7:iiE. cr u:i[niiiUheJ. f 0] HOO W-il- FO-! R7CNT--TK-0 mmis fnrnlshetf \:v lish! 113 w. , .~* ,..„ <,^«.vu MiJ-o-ii-i avcnisr. ! pi:5 i nionlhl)-. Write today. Carter Prcd- — nets Corp.. 001 Prom St.. Clcvc- 131G Ohio Corporation seeks manager for open territory. Opportunity to earn $3.500. S5.0CO and lurnisli everything, perience unnecessary. Fyr-Fyter B YCOWAN Co., 1050 Fyr-Fyter Bids. Dayton. O. CARTRR WIN'nOW WASHER. Cleans, dries, polishes. Approved by Good Housekeeping Institute. 10 sales daily net "you S42Q.OO V/ANTED >' WAKTCD-Wc have set o for five jc.uf. Marilyn B!.vt!:rvil!3. 3d: Feb. 10 Imr.f .-.dli-ossin"': stamp. Uni- l-'-M'-'I n.rnrv (: 'vil ]>.-.=: " .... : > J -y I 1 . 1 .-,"Jc'.i' ?( Ailvcr:i-:r.K c. thus Hotel Corp., land. Ohio. 13EAL-ERS WANTEO—REAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. We can place several livr wide awake men in n profitable hnsiness selling dint; to consumers in your Iwme ci.-iiiily. Write- quickly for free catalogue. G. C. HEBERLINO COMPANY, D.-'f;;. 27 Blooillillgloil. III. • Ick5 Aihnqiierqiie. N". M. Ipk3| ^/,', > ' ": :1; -Wliitr girl «atils uork •" l>riv.T» !]cmi'. L vej cliiirireti. npl)ly nt,7 Walnut. 30pk3 1'RKSONAI, VT. J. KKOX repairs shoes good. No. 204 West Main. Splinters '•' * '.M lo-e.s ii:.". i«r!;lng sjiace." cfnvs and JfOKK IIK.VS mean JfORR MON'- KY lo -.,„>,„] j',,,. ]. ET TKU I10JIKS and HKTTER l-'AKJl JiL'll.DiXGS. L-JHILP C. ROBINSON town witli him lo sec (To lie Continued) OFF ON ft LITTLE 100ft Of TOE : PMjK.see.YOo , M E.V1T C OF YOUR WOVJ VOU'D BREMt Up THIS SECOND CHILDHOOD X)6l1M-ICt 1 StE THAT THE OLD COLONtL W.L MOTlEl tHOOMFOTl \ LEMLTHIS tOO UOUG.fJOLQNtL tMBtft VOOV) THE. SWITCH. Wt Bf.EN OUT GLTTlUCi •wose TWO (»M) IHT OLD I to ne tXt (\NS5tW FULL Of WHt\T VOUO TWS COl-ONtL BOWDY t\ND WE. FOUND OUT PLENTY! .. V.'lLL CC;-itB\CK 'MTM «t'_ P.'J!i7 f.MVS IIOtlEV c, UP 11 L1KL AH OVtRDUC HOBTChCE li^.3 *^>X WS. u. 5. PAT. OTT.X, Ql FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS STRIKING l:P A iAHT.NKIiSHt' Yoo VIOOUOMT CARC TO LOO-x AT N>V FAMOUS , WOULD VoO, WCH VcO Cf. Ws.THAT SJtok UA; P?&SiOe,1T.,TO PtOPu&j "M.- CCXU;<;T --me MO, -rue FOR vou-S£e? IT THAT'S 'ot.o - STUpp M _ 10 S6G IT t^CM --VSR-- FCfi TEM CSSSTS I C'-ASS MAUrJlD'eER TO UMD -mis

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