The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, January 12, 1940
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS T " E DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORMIBAST AUKANBAR AMn «ntP™««. ..TOO™,™ "** * ^^ * f ^ VOI-UMR XXXVI-NO. 2152. Russians Again Open Offensive Against Finnish "Thin Line" Mississippi Valley Loader nlyllicvlllc Daily News BlyUiovillc Herald BlylliovillK Courier FINNISH MID-FINLAN1' ARMY HEADQUARTERS, . ROVANIEMT, Jan, 12. (UP) —Picked troops of thc Russian secret police, the dreaded GPU, have been in jiction on the Siiomussalmi front in a vain attempt, (o retrieve tlie disaster to three Russian divisions, Finnish source'! said today. Finns believed that OPU men or other picked Rrsslan troops' had been thrown also into the Salla froiit, above the Arctic Circle where another big nusslnn force is reported in difficulties. On the Arctic Petsamo front according to fragmentary reports Russian troops took advantage of n sudden rise in temperature to try to regain some of the territory they had lost In recent fighting It was reported that all attacks so far had failed. Finnish officers who took part in the last phase of the battle which COPENHAGEN, Jan. 12. (UP)—The newspaper Ber- lingske Tidendc reported today Dial Kussiiin troops wore dropped in parachutes behind Finnish lines on f!>e Karelian isthmus. The newspaper said the nussir were trying new attacks in I Ealta .sector of central and. near 1'elsamo, Finland's Ai'clic port. Long range guns were reported to have resumed shelling Vilpuri Finland's .second city and H was reported thnt about 20 Russian divisions, eacli of 20,000 men and 2,000 guns, had been concentrated against Ihe Mnnnerheim defense AKKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI S, RK1DAY, JANUARY 12, 1 •)'!() Two Weeks Session Of Circuit Cowl Opens Here On Monday A heavy trial docket awaits the opening here Monday of a two weeks term of circuit civil conn, line, fin kl«*liolm the newspaper Tidtilngen reported from Helsinki lhat So Ru&sinns luid been dropped in parachutes behind the Finnish lines and that all had been killed by Finnish sharpshooters while their parachutes were descending. with personal ual, predominating, judge a E this city will preside. Actually set for hearing on Ihe tentative trlnl iJx'ket iirrani;cd several days ago are Si cases ami some 25 cases are subject to call. Hcwwcr, If the usual number of delays, continuances and technical obstacles develop Ihe number of cases which arc heard by juries during the term will be far below the tentative trial docket total. One of Ihe principal personal injury cases awaiting trial is the 'Convict Parade? Staged OiiNew Orkans StreetJi NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 12, .Oil') pur.ulo of trucks —A ml-hiilrnl mcsslali from (lift (lares slaviwi .,' .Strawberry belt last night E «v« stiwi' fro,,, and this city of parades its most dar- slppi ing exhibition—a mock "convict Orlrr parade" of cd by an He wns James H. youthful attorney ami feer who earned thu sobriquet of. Tolerant nollceii "Senator Jim" lit 'Ailane University jy to helji .,,,,1,,, law school In the heyday of Huey _ ratio. Long for mimicking Hie I/Hilslima' dictator. Morrison is one of four gnbcr- latorlal candidates seeking to overthrow , the political hclmvchy left avenue by Ihe slain dictator In the- state's Democratic primary election nox' Tuesday. parade ot weather-beater farmers from Iho rebellions parishes which defied even nll-powerful Huey Lonsr, toured Ihe state in their trucks with their touslcd- lialrcd mcsslali. Among them were the berry growers from ."bloody TiuiglpnUo.1"—Ihe parish (county) down by Iho Missis- All traffic Into New thoroughfares n nmntnrt nn v or „ ™ > ' r llu ' IW " -. above the street, from nn i'W'WMd platform jirotfWliiiK SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Wallace Says Trade Treaty Program Has SECTION Aided U. S. Farmers, German And Russian Supply Lines Hampered; Con! Strictly Rationed LONDON, Jan. 13 (UP)-Stoims nnd record cold In centra! , uu | lcni Eutopo have pnrnly/.nl ssin's black sen ports, as well us suit- of Mrs. J. A. Luckell, widow - which once hanged the Klngflsh of the lute Dr. Luckett of Dell,*'" effigy. against Ihc Arkmo Lumber Com-1 For months, Morrison had prom- resulted In the. destruction of the Russian airplanes were dropping 1>an - v ln which damages arc sought lsc 'l 'o bring his parade to New 44th Russian infantry division on Provisions for their troops on the r tllD r " ln! injury cf Dr. Hickclt Orleans; stronghold of thc ma- tlic Suomiissalmt front i " ' '" " - .. tliat GPU shock troops were into the fight, am forccmcnts, trying lo rescue tlie n . . reported S(>lla f""il. press dispatches re- '" " Hi Ghvvay 18 accident near Dell chine that Hucy left. For months thrown l' 01 ' le d. suggesting lhat the Finns a nllmlj cr of months ago. The case he told audiences he had been into the fight, among other rein-! had disrupted Russian comiminl- ls llle second trial case on tlic refused a permit to bring his pa Tlie GPU men, the Finns said, could be distinguished by their better outfits—for instance leather boots Instead of felt ones, and sheepskin coats-and also by better fighting spirit. The GPU units seemed much better trained and much higher spirited than ordinary Russian troops who, according to the Finns, in some instances seemed not to have their whole hearts in the fighting. "GPU men know how to move in the woods and use trees as cover " said one of the officers. "They also are much better shots than the ordinary Red army soldiers" .Finns said that the fact that the Russians Used their GPU men in the Suoinusralini fighting showed how much Importance they attached to it. Noting that the fire of Russian artillery:in the Salla front to thc north had/ been less ' inaccurate • W.55! c9JI ,-^ther.Af ron ts, 1 .arid "'Better than that in earlier fighting^ in the Salla area, the Finns belieyed that either .GPU men or troops corresponding to them were now in action there. Reports came that the men nojv on the Salla front seemed about the best trained and equipped seiuVagainst Finland. Tlie Salla situation differs from thatlof-Submussalml. At Salln the Russians, • still fighting ' strongly, ore on .roa'ds which lead direct to Hie;top of the Gulf of Bothnia, which the Russians want to reach In order to cut, communications on the.vital railroad supply line from cations as they had done on the <Iocl<et " for Monday, Jan. 22. II is ™de Into this city where Mayor that as much as two days Robert S. Mnvslrl is the louc re- consumed in the trial. , mainlng member of the trlnmvi Siiomussalmi front before their recent big victory. j Tho National Tidende dispatch ' The suit of Mrs. Maggie L. Dun- : mie nelrs to tllc Long political asserted thnt Josef Stalin was in >nire against Dr. E. G. Cope, Hor- <| y nnsl -y still untouched by the In- communication with his array stair nersville, Mo., physician, as the (l ' ctmcIlt -'>' of Hie Louisiana scnli- by telephone and was personally ™s«lt of a Highway No. 61 nccl- , (lnls directing some operations. dent south ot Dlylhevllle a mini-' Hc c ' cflccl slate troops or city A company of Danish infantry her of months ago is set for 'rues- l )ollcc to attempt to stop him. ' was formed at Helsinki yesterday, c 'ay, Jan, 23. Mrs. Dunmire was tlle V M ' ttAe horn- approached it was reported, from among thc a passenger in Dr. Cope's car. • ' as ^ night rumors t'l'cw Into volunteers who had arrived there. Other suits resulting from the ac- P° rls ' reports Into fearful . asscr- Following the example of 3wed- cidcnt. in which T. I. Seny and " ons °' truth—state troopers would ish factory workers who will work w - G. Heath secured Judgments rlclc <tow " tlle Morrison followers, on their Saturday holiday tomor- for several thousand dollars against j At ' )lc n PPo'"ler! hour the long land- the employers paying doubled'- Cope in federal court nt ! — ~ " row and give their wages to Fin- Joncsboro, are new before a U. S. rates—Swedish farmers started ti circuit court of appeals, movement to give for Finnish aid I Among other personal Injury suits one egg from each of their hens, are thc action brought by J w one day's milk from each cok and Purtle against the Union Baking one sack of flour lor each five, Company, Homer T. Tinkle against thc Joncsboro coca Ccla Bottling ,| lroll| , , „ toua tte •• not come down dilrt-Klecvcd mossiali (hparido wo.,1,1 shouted. <liil you can see for yourself. It come down Canal street. said I wouldn't spe.ik at coiner of On mil St. Charles. Jiimny Morrison did speak' nt tlie corner of canal and at Charles." While followers cheered (he parade —••- • • Ihc Baltic is threatened by lee, vcpcvls said today. More I'lfeclively any imval blockade, lhi> cold nnd storms arc Impelling Clormany's supply of raw materials, It was indicated, The Moscow radio, In n broadcast picked up lion; j n st night, repoilwl that a severe slorm in tlio Blnck Sen hud paralysed all navigation. No ship left n llusr.lnn lilack Sen port since Tiic.«lny, Ilia broadcast said; wtreli'ss stations were receiving distress signals and Iwo «Mi' Jn "-, 1 ?' (y p >-~Saeretary of Agrld&I- ...";,. , e .V icfomlin k' l . !l ° adw'm'sli-atton's re- 25 Bodies Removed From Mine . W, Vn,, Jim, 13 (UP) —Rescue crews laic today had nken Hie bodies of 25 men from a •oal mine where 01 miners were might in a terrific explosion lodny wo days ago. Officials of the mine agreed with wing inspcclors that Ihc remaln- "R Gli victim? „--.., — those ''of + 1022 and 1030." Wallace followed secretary" of Slate Coidell Hull who appenfe.1 before the house vnys and means committee as a witness for the second day in favor of the trade program. Hull incl n barrage of questions today from Republican committeemen who contended tho program has not broitBlit prosperity back' to '" Ho replied that the farmers nre better oit than they \vera n few ycais ogo and that it the trade, program expires "wo will »n)k ojf In a dmk corner and sit down, utterly helpless to solve :oiir economic problems." . Wallace followed is. I., clmtncld, a state mine in- fy lo vote the dead." tcicrmnn wireless newscasts nick- hoping thai somo of thc mliicri A sieni-mccd Uncle Sam looked cd up at New V'ovk said there were would be found alive. twwn upon a net entangled group numerous reports from all over 'ii another truck. A sign above European llnsslu of iicoplo [rcczluir Iliem read: "Uncle Sam will get lo death, lhat all rivers were Ir'on- 0111 ""• I "i nnd Hint Odessa harbor in tho Out of Ihi; croivd nt (ho corner Blnc>: Sl< "> «'ns In danger of bc- of Cnnnl nnd St. Charles a well- co 'ning Ice bound. Port traffic was aimed egg found its mark. TWO bcl "S kc l>t open by means of Ico convlcl-altlrcd fanners wiped their '"'dikerst It was said,) faces and necks. Hut that was all.! Nol »"in n. Dene), United Tress The farmers from "bloody Tnngl-' <:ol ' res P 0 'wl<mt wllh the Finnish pahoa" have nliout them.' a menacing acres of land they awn. Company, Mrs. Christine Webster against Lee Motor Sales, Inc.,, Par- ncll Mitchell against Bigely Electric company, Vanda Lcc Blythe against-; pr,iL;Lv.-l,.Hubener, S. H. iMaiullgp against' 'the "BlythevliTe Compress company, Will Berry [against the Federal Compress and Warehouse Company, Mildred Eng- Cmi, Left Alone In Room, Burned .Before Mother, Retur ns OSCEOLA, Art., Jnn, 12.—Gaso- way n ™y '" Ihc Km-ollim peninsula, \\, , |reported tlmt Hie cold had abated Woulc: there and that It was mowing. ' However, pavlous Scandinavian reports had .said lhat Russia was so anxious about tlie Ice situation I In the Gulf of Finland Hint slio Iliad removed most of her rfiinn from Kronstadt naval base, In the night and today tho major slinre of tlie booty''. ' "' " '"" "The position of the department ol agilcuUure," Wallace snid/'ils (hat Ihe Inteu'sU of agriculture would be best dervctl by a program which combined tho trade ngfea- niCMitiir special International agreements lo nsniie our fall sharp.of Iho world market far .such cpjii- inoditlcs as collon and wheat, and Boinc |)lan like the fanners' Income certificate plan which without Interfering with foreign trade would give the farnlcrs Income ctiuallly In the domestic market:" Wallace denied that fanners had suffeicd fioin the 22 reciprocal treaties now in effect and said lhat tholr discontinuance•'. would Arm Them Wild 14-Inch Guns To Outshoot Others WASHINGTON, Jan. 12. (UP)— Admiral Harojd R. stark, chief of Roosevelt Urges Question Not Be : MaMe.A Political One Hsh against the'Sco'u Count? MiTl-'»M 'eft within reach ol u small ing company, Charley jclvnsoru<*M claimed another victim Wed- Dv. G. S. Adklson and'"^ay night when little Marie Leningrad area, ami sent "them n" V i nl i' 0|JClftllolK ' revealed today around the corner of Hie Baltic to " llvy mn y "* Esthonla. lu Copenhagen I next week for authority to build reported that mi-i !^,, t ^ s T!'r cru !! iOI ' s ' cupublo ot , ....e,,,,, ivjrji^vu ULUb ml- | ,v,nnH.* I II ., ........... ui mcrous Danish watorwayK leadlifa • • . - """'even tciTns In Hln r-,.nft[ T> 11 e • "",1110 InmPll rinl>nlfl»\ , I 111- ip uie Ciroril Belt were froMii qvcr. :1)OCkcl baU! °.. Stark, said, IheinaVJi was considering nnning ! Ihe '. •suiioi'-criilScrs Chicago Cancer Specialist against DV. G. s. Adkison" nna' 1|lesdti y SdVS Mpfhorl I!«;prl Rvi)y mie Fcarson against the Federal vJayi iviLinoa Used Uy, Compress and Warehouse Com- Defendant "Impossible" SM « ™^£ntS y^^S'^A ^^™=»*» j Inch and, thc pockcC battlesiiliis' r,- n,,,\ . sl.Mccn months-old daugh- ngrMmont oa nrn, ter of Mr. and Mrs. Horace H »M frr M^ i. 5 l"°B™'n J '""""' " e LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 12 (UP) — Jr. Max Cutler, noted medical au- Otto Kochler and others ihi Keiser. , suits against the trustees l n , T !,'= •*"?. SulTcrlnK Incrcascil BERLIN, Jan. 12 (UP)—Severn ccld 12 (UP)_ suggest- j strict ra'tlonTng' of7on'r i ice that 1 supplies of coal were dwindling I Cnrry °" ly 11 - 1 " £ "' leaders because canal boats were ice-1 bound. At first only poorer people suffered, but today big apartment houses In the prosperous west end ^ t . »,I«.A ^utici, tiutcu meaica !UI- , ., ..o""'J^ v»i,- tmaicra ' nt ,, .. f thority cf Chicago and author of '» «« Frisco railroad await dls- '. ^,/ «« °' .wo books on cancer testified in ' Swede,,. ' •'• ' ''" Ule « cnn " c ; r " C ure""mail 'VrnuVnrlal'i a " olher ^' Mrs. A. H. Wilson. ..AI fauomnssalmi, the Riissiat«|of Norman Baker today'tlmt the | The Western Union one by Bob Summers and il" OUg ,'H t0 Imvc spl " 0cl |llne into the flre< or satui Un^ «nt i , V **"o-«».<.> «J 'lutumll OiVNCI tLUity UIH h^d not yet reached, when they I hospital operators' nso of a were beaten, thc main highway ' " I cloth Ing with It and , which leads westward from Suo- mussalml to Kajani. . The Russians are operating in small groups on the Kuusamo front between Siiomussalmi and Salla, according to reports. But their communications are meager and the Finnish fortifications are strong Hence, reports say, they are cautious. New York Cotton Jan. . Mar. May July Oct. . Dec. close 1037 open high low 1101 1100 1007 . 1092 109G 1090 1093-4 1066 1069 106G 1024 1029 1024 . 970 974 970 . 965 967 SG2 1067 102G-7 970 -SCO New Orleans Cotton open high low close Jan nil Mar 1102 11W HOB May 1078 1079 1076 July 1035 1037 1035 C* 1 " 977 978 974 Dcc 973 973 968 bollc acid-alcohol-glycerine compound was an "impossible" method of curing the disease. Company is defendant In a suit, beco. brought by Mark Grl for trial on Wednesday, Jan. 17, ecoming ignited set burned by he tbne Baker, operator of cancer hcs-i" 16 . in which damages are sought for pltals at Eureka Springs and j' Miiscatine, la., and four others | are charged with mail fraud in advertising their treatment ns a "cancer cure." Carbolic ncid, itself, would destroy normal tissue and possibly lose its strength before reaching the cancer infected tissue" Dr Cutler testified. He said the-medical profession negligence of the com- turned to the room. moher lhat since and a ments. to build small f fireplaces In their aptirl- Beer hnlls nnd similar places, In some Instances, closed (iown for tlie only child of the in dellvcry-of . telegram,- K^^^^ Still another group of cases, In- i her legs, Is In a good condition at volving damages allegedly result- -a Memphis hospital ing from construction of the new Funeral services were held yes- levees along Big Lake and Llltle terday at Bnssett Cetnclerv bv thc Ril/Pl- if clntnr] r~.. l-l_l I On.. r* l»r T^ , . J Bethel- on (lie Mr. Rcosevclt said Finland has been attai great many people arc destitute lack"^ of''"filcf' " '— -""-' hardly should , market* form tiiiciics in tho below outside the small Outdoor River, is slated for trial. Rev. E. w. Faulkner, pastor of the Drainage District No. n is de- , Celltr! il Avenue Methodist Church fendant In suits brought by W. A. Whistle, Louis Baugher, W. R. Overtoil, James Edward Kelley, ,„„..»„„. F ™ nkr , Kc ! lcy ""I Alonzo Watson recognized only three methods cfl\™" e Uril » la 8e District No. 16 is 1104 1103 1076 1037 974 968 Stock Prices successfully treating cancer-surgery. X-rays and radium. Dr. Cutler said medical authori-. tics believed that cancer always 1 starts as a local infection and could not start from an improper diet, use of improper cooking utensils or from taking castor oil. _ "It is preposterous to claim I that a balanced diet could cure .•cancer," he said referring to such alleged claims made by Baker in hospital pamphlets. U. S. District Attorney Sam Rorex announced that the government witness this afternoon would defendant, in a suit brought by R. G. Costncr. A. T. & T. 169 5-8 Am. Tobacco 873-4 Anaconda Copper , 27 1-2 Beth. Steel 74 1-8 Chrysler 82 7 _ e Cities Service 4 5_8 Coca Cola 1193-4 Gen'l. Elect 38 3-4 Gen'l. Motors 51 S-J Int. Harvester 56 1-8 Mont. Ward 51 N. Y. Central 165-8 North Am. Aviation 231-2 Packard 3 j-4 Phillips 39 3-4 Radio 5 3.8 Republic Steel 20 1-4 Socony Vacuum 117-8 atudebaker 93-8 Std. Of N. J 43 1-2 Texas Corp 44 1-1 U. S. Steel 60 1-8 ously be another noted cancer authority 1 10 ° miles sout h of Mexico City Dr. Francis Carter Wood of New whore lle is visitl "g following his Vork. marriage Dec. 27 to Miss Miriam Jflss rrma Baker, one of three l 1 ^"' 50 Mil 5' cr cf Dallas, Texas, defendants freed of t),e federal I ~~ charges yesterday, said she would testify for the defense later in the in Batcsviilc, Ark. The Rev. Mr. Faulkner was formerly paster at Wilson. Travis Funeral Home of Osceola was in charge of arrangements. Dateless Auto License Office But Outmoded DATELESS AUTO LICBN3E-14 CORFU, N. Y. (UP)-If Claude b. Tyler takes a notion to tour In his IflOT-model horseless carriage, he w 11 chug-chiig into trouble unless he gets a new set of license plates. Tlie plates now carried on the venerable vehicle bear the numsr- , als o74G2 and letter? N v In mjured yesterday while white, on n red background. There in thc ocean at a resort is no date. The license, Harold Stenibei-g Seriously Injured At Mexican Resort Harold Sternberg, well known cotton buyer -and ginner was seri- vertebrae in his back trial. Chicago Wheat open high May 69 3-8 99 3-4 July 96 3-4 < Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III Jnn r (UP)—Hoas: 8,000 " ' " Top, 5.DO 110-230 Ibs., 5.10-585 140-160 Ibs., 5.00-5.50 Bulk sows, 4.30-490 Cattle: 650 Steers, 850-10.50 Slaughter steers, 6.75-U25 Mixed yearlings, heifers' 7.50-9.25 was Issued some time before 1S11, when licenses were for duration of the car's life. Slate police, however, looked askance recently ,,-hen Tyler drove were fractured when a heavy wave t1lc S^ollne propelled buggy in a threw him against the sea wall at J " the vacation spot. A specialist from Mexico City went to the isolated resort by plane and accompanied Mr Stern- 1 ,, berg to Mexico City where 'he was 1 placed in a hospital. distance P arndc "It's all right for this occasion." Tyl " wns told - " But <*om go drlv- J 1 , nrOU , n(1 thc °l )en highways. , , mak<! R Long telephone calls case of f'Ml Office Building Tenancy Highest in Past Decade CHICAGO (UP) _ The Mortgage Bankers Association of America has announced the occupancv of office buildings in 64 principal ---o-.- •- - 1 «•« b u*i>un^ttt;uii^ »,,, .,„*. *L. i i . HWy WilS ot-O are expected to result and his ** ' " l sh<st tenancy ratio j Cutters and lowTuttcrs. 4.0D-5.00 u,u"cHy^'wl" ^emawliere"nnm " '^ uth " n ' cltl « led the list with' !>.._ -__,..., .... - r - ..' <• "•"", 8s,s per cent occupancy, while i I middle western Slaughter heifers, 6.50-1050 ' Beef cows ,5.25-6.25 between a Memphis specialist and the Mexico Cily physician revealed that he will remain in that city for several days and after being placed in a cast will be removed to Memphis. While thc injury is nn exceedingly painful one, no complications Total iimount of debts of all kinds Is estimated at $300,000,000,- i 000.000,000; total wealth ot all kinds of estimated at $300,090000000. stalls. cold closed-market. Prince Has Plan To Free Austria Chicago Corn his arrival in Memphis. With Mr. Sternberg and bride are his sister, Mrs. Ktempercr of Chicago, and Klcnipcrer, who • met them -2 57 1-4 Mexico City for an automobile 57 5-8 his .trailed at 84.3 C*o spcctivcly, The ar west reported It was Indicated thc further restriction of passenger service on railroads was due partly to lack of fuel, not solely to rolling stock shortage. Newspapers appealed to the public to abandon "superfluous and iion-iir(jenl" railroad journeys. Aside from thc fuel problem, potatoes, the staple food commodity, could not be shipped because of Die danger of freezing. Any potato shortage probably would be met by an increased bread ration it was snld. Among other cold victims, the I mayor of Frledland In German Silesia was reported to have frozen to death on a ski trip and the ^ ! mayor of Klein Luebblchau, nn- 1 other Sileslnn lown, had tailed to return from a hunting trip. A large number of German In- dustrialisls arrived here for a con- .fcrencc called by Field Marshal Hermann Gocring, economic dic- ttator. Goering may give the lead- 1 crs directions about future activities, and a reorganization of some Important firms may result. Power Company Group To Meet Tomorrow Tlie Arkansas-Missouri Power Company will have all of Its local I managers and sales representatives In Blythcvlllc, providing weather conditions permit, at the Noble hotel tomorrow for a pre-view of , the 1940 line of electrical oppli- ;anccs which they will sell and fcr a sales and service training course. IS FDJHI OFF Driven From Thames Estuary; British Steamet Stink By Planes LONDON, Jan. 12. (UP)—Roya Air Force Hglilcr patrols and an'I aircraft bullcrlcs drove a Clermai nlrplnne—believed to ue a Hein- Vel bomber—out to sea from the Thames estuary shortly after 11 a.m. today the air ministry announced. The announcement was made nf- tcr rcpofb of nnll-nlrcralt gunfire at numerous points on the msl coast. British planes were reportcci particularly active In the Yorkshire area. War In tho air co-tncldcd with disclosure tlmt the British steamer Keyncs, l,70(i tons, was bombed and sunk by German planes In tl'c ?Jnrlh Sea yesterday and that, the British steamer Qranln, 2,719 loirs, was sunk by n mine off the east coast of England today. Crews of both ships were rescued. Ue "unfoitunale." Franco Trance Senator Caraway To Be Active By Feb. 1 WASHtNGTON, Jan. 12. (UP)— Senator Hattle Caraway (Dem., Ark.) will return to her senatorial past by Feb. 1, her office announced today. She recently underwent an operation In a hospital here. Lands 'Sleeper' Plane Safely On Ice-Boimd River MOLINE, I!!., Jan. 12 (UP) — Five passengers aboard a United Announces Plan To ;^ Complete Parity Pay >VA3HINQTON, Jan, 12. (UP)— Ohahmnn Olnrcnce Cannon (Dem, Mo.),,of the house subcommittee on agricultural appropriations, today announced plans to 'aid farm- cis who failed (o receive paiity payments undor tho •'• administration's I93C farm prograrh. Cannon said he would Introduce a resolution next week to authorize deduction of "not more'than $11,000,000" fiom the $225,000,000 appropriated foi the 1940 program to be paid to farmers who have hot received payments on their 193D croi>s because of lack of funds. Of lhat amount about $2,000,<WO would be paid to cotton growers, he said, Dr. Frank G. Smith Talks To Rotarians Tlie essence of vocational service was discussed, by the Rev. Frank a. Smith, D.-D., of Omaha, Neb, at Ihe weekly luncheon meeting of the Rctary club ai the Hotel'No- ble yesterday. Dr. Smith, vyho .has n number, of times, is visiting his daughter, Mrs. : R. F, Klrshncr, nnd family. Guests at- the, meeting were Hartsll! Banks of Osceola, Dr. L; E. Cooper, J. W. B'erifro, J. Holly and Marshall Cameron, all of Steele, Norrls Brett of New -Orleans, and B.- E. Workman of Joncsboro. . Soviets Drop Many :: Bombs, Kill-Woman AABO, Finland, Jan. 12. (UP)— Russian airplanes today raided Aabo for an hour. Thc air alarm blasted until four pra. One' woman was injured but no dead were reported. . '.•'•' ~ ' Air raids also were reported sit flango. Telephone service between- Helsinki nnd Stockholm was dlsV- rupted for hours and It was beloved air raids were general all over Finland. Gave Governor Yacht, V Now He Goes To Prison NEW ORfjEANS, Jan. 12. (UP)'— William-G. Rankln, state conserva- lon commtssloner, who resigned in ho heat of the • Louisiana scandals, was sentenced to a year and a. day ly Federal District Judge Wayne G. BOrnh today for using the mails to defraud in giving former GoV. "fop j Airlines sleeper plane bound,"" for P'^ard W. Lechc "a- $u,00,00()0 Relations With Soviet I tllc - west coast wcre 5l)nlten and y^ 6 bought with department , 't Jan. 12. (UP)—Philippe r WEATHER «»W Uw signatures of ' said Arkansas—Fair and colder in extreme east slid extreme south por? ii«v i?rnn/./< —,,,v°"."" -.--"-"•• lions, freezing hi north portion the Franco- wheeler was praised for his skill assistance _ treaty. i n landing on the Ice on the nar- ' • row river in the darkness. The i piano was badly, damaged when H «.. U . WJUC1 wu ,,,,i, OT wnmy,r tt n Into, the bank o(. (he river, .with slowly tlsln? tcmpcratur6. -

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