Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 10, 1891 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 10, 1891
Page 3
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'CsTABD&HED fijRRlERS' In order to reduce our vast stock of Alaska Seal Skin Garments and Fur Shoulder Capes, we will, for a limited period, give a special GashOisoountoflSPerCeni off present reduced prices on every purchase. Correspondence solicited. Illustrated Fur Catalogue sent free to any address. Highest market prices paid icr Raw Fur Skins. Send for Price Current. Try Pryr's NEW SYRUP, CRUSHED VIOLETS! Finest Soda in the City. •NO CURE. NO FEE! Cured "myself. DR. HAMILTON, Vetheredville,(ElUi=3:e,)Mci BICYI CLES In All Styles and at All Prices. Boy's Safeties from S10 up to 300. Men's Saf e- ties from $45 up to S1S5. Wa handle the Victor, Creflenda, Giant and Crescent Cycles. Any wheel In the market furnished at lowest prlees. we are sole agents for the S15 and S20 Odell ana Merritt Typewriters and the $60 National and $100 International Writing Machines. Oxford Singer Sewlne Hacaln?s from $15 up to $49. Agents wanted. Liberal discount. LouisvilleCycle aadTypewriterCo. 231 Jefferson St., Louisville, Ky. Dally Journal. SATURDAY MORNING, MAY 9. Souvenir spoons; at Hank's. All goods engraved free at Taylor's. Beecham's Pills cures sick head ache. d6t Use J. B. L. Blood and Liver Tonic. eod&w Gent's new style silk fob chains, at Hank's. The Gondola cigar will always leave a pleasant taste. mayod6t Pins, charms and lappel huttons for all Orders, at Taylor's. If you want to ornament your face, smoke a Gondola cigar. may5d6t Do you want the best 5-cent cigar? If so, smoke the Gondola, at D. E. Pryor's. . may5d6t THAT HACKING- COUGH can be so quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We guarantee it. Sold by B. F. Kees ling 1 Wanted, every lady in Log-ansport to know that B. F. Keesling sells famous "Blush of Roses" for the complexion. 2 Another lot of new carpets at such low prices at the Trade Palace just opened. See the fine line of draperies and lace curtains. Short breath, palpitation, pain in chest, weak or faint spells, etc., cured by Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure. Sold at B. F. Keesling's .'5) Nervous debility, poor memory, diffidence, sexual weakness, pimples cured by Dr. Miles' Nervine. Samples free at B> F. Keesling's. (6) Why pay $3 and $3.50 for a readymade shoe when you can.get a first- class shoe made.to order, at E. Winter's for $3.50. All work warranted. Yes, "Blush of Roses" looks like water. Is it water? Ask B. F. Keesling, he can tell you more about it than any other drug-gist in Logansport. 9— George Lintdn has purchased a late improved well .machine for drilling in rock or surface, and is prepared to drill wells any shape or at any depth on short notice. Orders promptly attended to. Give him a call. may6d6tw4t Birthday rings, at Hauk's. Parasols at the Trade Palace. Moon flowers, at Kidd & Sons. Best fruit in the market at Rijh- ies. rnaySd-H Fine watch work and repairing, at Taylor's. v Wanted, live hogs ty \v! C. Routh the packer. mcb-24wtf Umbrellas in silk and glorias, at the Trade Palace. Best crystalled ice cream five cents a dish at Richies. rnay9d4t If you want a, cigar that will please you, try a Gondola. mayodGt For rent, house of live rooms. Inquire of C. M. McNitt. may9d2t Taylor the Jeweler, has an elegant line of souvenir spoons. Ladies walking shoes in great variety at Murdoek's shoe store. Richie will promptly fill all orders for ice cream, by the quart or gallon. rnay9d4t An elegant line of siverware foi wedding and birthday gifts, at Taylor's. Get your blouse waists for ladies and misses, also boys' waists. —Trade Palace. A good house, corner of Tenth and Broadway, to rent. Inquire of Jos, T. McNary. Men's patent leather, calf and Kangaroo shoes, at Murdoek's, No. 306 Fourth street. J. D. S. Neely of the natural gas company has returned from a business trip to West Virginia. P. E. Carson, station agent for the Pan Handle at Effner was in the city yesterday on business. Charles Dean of Minnesota, brother of Frank Dean, is visiting his uncle, T. C. Barnes and family. Peter Schneeberger- will not leave for Allegheny City, Pa., next week as stated in the evening's" Pharos. Leland, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Groves is recovering from a severe attack of the grip. Eugene Prager returned from Chicago on Friday and. will move his family to : that place to-morrow. SHILOH'S CURE will ^immediately relieve croup, whooping cough and bronchitis Sold by B. F. Kees- SLEEPLESS NIGHTS made mise-able by that terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure is the remedy for you. Sold by B., F Keesling. 2 Biliousness, constipatioa, torpid liver, etc., cured by Miles' Nerve and Liver Pills. Free samples at B. F- Keesling's. (3) Elmer E. Rogers of Lake Cicott, left yesterday to attend the Central Normal school at Danville, and take a course of engineering. Mrs. John Blassingham is entertaining her sisters Mrs. C. C. Wolf and Mrs. E. W. Chaffyn, of Rochester, at her home on 20th street. Taking effect to-day noon the Wabash changes time. Train No. due to leave at 4:06 is changed to 4:14 p. m.,No. 45 due at 3:45 changed to 3:47. It is announced that Mi'. Burtram Wright, the Vandalia fireman will be married on next Wednesday evening to Miss Pearl Hoffman, daughter of the late Jacob Hoffman. Probably the present is the first time in the history of this county that the court house has been used for so truly good a purpose as a place of divine worship. During the erection of the new Wheatlanci street M. E. church, the congregation will use the court room for a place of worship. When the time conies that all court houses are turned into churches the millen- ium will certainly be nigh at hand. Not since Barnum was last here have the streets of the city been so thronged as they were last night. Being the first really perfect Saturday night of the season everybody turned out on dress parade and the down town thoroughfares were crowded. Under the glare of the elactric lights the crowd presented a gala appearance. There is one thing sure there is no ity in the State that can turn out so great a number of handsome women.as can be seen here on an occasion which ;alls them all out. Strangers often attest to this pleasing fact. Yesterday in 'Squire Smith's court Wm. Stout was arraigned for provoking an assault on the complaint of Mrs. Harriett Cunningham. Stout plead guilty and was fined one cent. Se then turned around and had Mrs. unningham arrested on. the same charge. She also plead guilty and was fined the same sum. Both parties stayed their fines. They both hail from the South Side, and the ,auses resulted from a discrepency concerning a load of wood. Stout is about fifty years of age. and was recently granted a pension. This sudden acquisition of wealth filled the pensioner with a laudable desire to add to his store of book learning and took a term at the Valparaiso Normal, and is even now prepared to take iis second term. A VERDICT ARRIVED AT. THc Jury III tlic Case 01' AVolcott V.M. The Fcnuixylvania Railroad CompaH} Find-4 for tlic VhiintHf. A .Special Verdict Awards Wolcolt $12,352 Damages on the Facts. Friday night at,11 o'clock the jury in the damage case of Anson Wolcott against the Pennsylvania railroad company returned a special verdict on the facts, awarding the plaintiff dam ages in the sum of §12,532.77 if the court finds that the law is with the plaintiff. Judge McConnell will probably render Ms decision this week. If he also finds for the plaintiff the case will be carried to the supreme court. The jury retired Thursday evening at 6 o'clock and remained out until the hour stated above. Their finding is probably the most volumninous that was ever returned by a jury in this court and Court Clerk Jacks had an all day job yesterday placing it on record. Thi: finding makes 25 pages of record. This case is familar to most Journal readers, having occupied the court since .April 20. Mr. Wolcott's demand against the railway compeny was $250,000, being $50,000 on each of the five paragraphs of the complaint. Mr. Wolcott's complaint alleged that the company discriminated against him in distributing cars for the shipment of grain; that he was unable to procure cars at the time when the delay was damaging to his business, while competing points along the company's line received all the cars demanded. The railway company claims that Mr. Wolcott received as good service as was in their power to bestow. The case was well contested, the plaintiff being- represented by M. Winfield, Nelson & Myers, and McConnell & Jenkines, while the company's interests were looked after by Koss & Ross of this city and Judge Frazer of Warsaw. It was Ben Johnson, we believe, who, when asked Malloch's question. '•Is life worth living?" replied, "That depends on the liver." And Ben Johnson doubtless saw the double point to the pun. The liver active— quick—life rosy, everything bright, mountains of trouble melt like mountains of snow. The liver sluggish- life dull, everything blue, molehills of worry rise into mountains of anxiety, and a result—sick headache, dizziness, constipation. Two ways are open. Cure permanently, or relieve temporarily. Take a pill and suffer, or take a pill and get well. Shock the system by an overdose, or coax it by a mild, pleasant way. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are the mild means. They work effectively, without pain, and leave the system strong. One, little, sugar-coated pellet is enough, although a whole vial costs but 25 cents. Mild, gentle, soothing and healing is Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy. Only 50 cents; by druggists. The young men who have been bav- their dimes and quarters cut up into bangles, and the young ladies who wear them on their wrists, will at once discourage the fad when they learn that the custom is a criminal offense and subjects- them to two years' imprisonment and a fine of not more than $2,000. Some of the sweetest society blossoms in this city have enough bangles dangling from their bracelets to shut them up in the pen for the balance of their days and wipe out their pa's fortune should he have to pay their fines. German BaptlxtN, Hagcr*town, Bid., May 28 to June 5. From May 20 to June 1, inclusive, the Wabash Railway will sell tickets to Hagerstown, Md., r on account of the national meeting of German Baptists at $17.16 for the round trip. Tickets good returning June SO inclusive, 1891. Remember that the Wabash is the direct route, Elegant free reclining chair cars. tojunel. Delicious Mince Pie in 20 Minutes TIME OP THE YEAH. DOUGHERTY'S NEW ENGLAND mmm MiXCE MEAT. In paper "boxes; enough for two lurgQ p!ea. , Always ready; easily prepared. CLEAN/WHOLESOME, CONVENIENT. SOLD BY ALL GROCERS. A Foot Race lor Office. Last Monday in the city election at Waynetown,Montgomery county, Wm. Simmons and Frank Hollowell, tied for the office of treasurer, each gentleman receiving- 323 votes. To decide the question as to which one should hold the office a foot-race was held Wednesday between the men. The race was a 200 yard dash and several thousand people were on the ground betting on the outcome. 'Simmons seemed a sure winner 1 until he tripped and fell when within three yards of the goal. Hollowell fell over him,but crawling- over the line, won the race amid the howls and cheers of the crowd. Hollowell was duly sworn in Wednesday evening. There Is more Catarrh In this section of the country thin ;iU other diseases put together, and until the last lew years was supposed to be Incurable. For a great many doctors pronounced It a local dlsease.and prescribed local remedles,and by constantly falling to cure with local treatment, pronouncedlt Incurable. Science has proven catarrh to be a constitutional disease, and therefore requires constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo. Ohio, Is the only constitutional cure on the market. It Is taken Internally In doses from 10 drops to a teaspoonful. It acts directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. They offer one hundred dollars for any rase It falls.to cure. Send for circulars and testimonials. Address, tf. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. 0. S3?"So!d by Druggists, 75c. At a meeting of the Bakers union last evening- the only remaining nonunion journeyman baker was taken into the union and all the bread baked in the city is now union made. The union decided to put the union label on every loaf turned out by union labor, and consumers of ttie staff of life will hereafter notice the labels on their bread. F. A. VanDeman of the Camden Expositor was in the city yesterday. Frank is probably the youngest newspaper proprietor in the State, having not yet attained his majority. Messrs Armstrong & VanDeman are making a good paper of the Expositor. i-tt.nrv- iHTMiar [•^•i miiantr mamm^f tLm^tf woman may sev/^and a Woman may spin, Ad a Woman may WorK all day, Lv/y §4*TA(L4uS5°/»p comes into her louse Then v&nisli all troubles aWay. A POSITIVE CURE FOR ALL FEMALE DISEASES. ^YMPTflM?' A tired, limffuia-eeling, low spirited and despondent, with ho appa- 0 ! Utl i l/'lilOi rentcau6G. ludig»stion, headache, puius in the back, pains across the lower part of bowels. Gren.t soreness in region f.f ovaries, Bladder difficulty, Frequent urina- tions, Lpucorrhoea. Constipation of bowels, and with a,H these symptoms a terrible nervou* feelingIs experienced by tbe patient. IKE CHANGE BLOgSO.tl TIUSATMJENT removes all these by a thorough process of absorption. A I flfMI ADDI IPATH1M Perfectly harmless, whieb every lady can use, herself. Med- LUUMU rtrrLIUHIIull ieines taken internally will never relieve the many forms at iemale weakness. The remedy must bo applied to the parts to Obtain permanent relief. . A DI AIM TAI If Tfl I AniC? inouroirculllr - Ask your druggist for one, or send tTTO I Ln III I nLn. ill LHUILO cent stamp to home office for sample box and circular. EVERY LADY CAN TREAT HERSELF. 0. B. Pile Remedy. 0. B. Catarrh Cure. S1.00 FOR ONE MONTH'S TREATMENT. 0. B. StomachFowderm, —PREPARED BY— O. B. Kidney Cone«. J. A. McGILL, M. D., & CO., 2 & 4 PANORAMA PLACE, CHI8AGO, ILL. FOR SALE BY B . F . KEESia.VG and JOHCXSTON BROS. feblOdiwJy ALL ABOARD! HARRY FRANK'S EXCURSION! Our Business Bazoo Must not be permitted to get rusty for want of exercise, so Here She G-oes! WE WILL EXPLAIN: Every -ourchaser of 50c and uDward is entitled to a guess on the number of beans in the jar in our show window. The t)erson guessine the nearest to the exact number of beans, will be presented with a First-Class Round-Trip Ticket With SleeDing- Car Accommodation, to any -ooint in the STATES BORDERING INDIANA. Here is a grand chance to visit Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, !hicago, Louisville, Mammoth Cave, A euees for each 50c allowed. Desirinp- to show our ar>nreciation of the great Brotherhood ot: Engineers, we will also give a handsome suit of clothes to the Most Popular Engineer, With headquarters in Logansport. You can vote as you choose. All guesses and votes deposited in locked casket. Come at once to the enterprising clothier. HARRY FRANK, "To Be Sure," Who Says "He Is In It."

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