The Troy Record from Troy, New York on April 4, 1958 · Page 30
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The Troy Record from Troy, New York · Page 30

Troy, New York
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Friday, April 4, 1958
Page 30
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THE TROY RECORD, FRIDAY MORNING. APRIL 4, 1858 Obituary Deaths Funerals Funeral of Mr. Noonin The funeral of Thomas J. Noonan was held at 10 a.m. yesterday from the John H. Hcaley Funeral Home, Inc., 192 3rd SI. Absolution was given. The bearers were John T. Manning, Russell W. Williams. Edward F. Reeves Sr. and ishop Makes Views Clear n Red China {Bishop Frederick B. Newell, of the Methodist Church, New York Area, "misquoted," he slid, in a metropolitan newspaper recently in a statement that made ifsecm he favored recognition of ________ __ ..... ___ ________ ........ Red China, brought up the sub-| Rudolph F. Barsha. Interment ject today at the noonday union i l o ° k .P'»« in SI. Mary's Cemc -· . . . ,,.,,,. . ,, tl 'ry where Rev. Joseph J: Robi services in the Fifth Avenue Pros. ! t a j c ^.^ a , ,,,',, grav( , A byterian Church before a filled | R c q u i c m 1Iign Mass w jn D£ . tc | c . auditorium. j bralcd Wednesday at 9 a.m. from Speaking on the paradoxes of I St. Mary's Church. Wednesday, tHe Cross, he remarked thai;""'- P a " icl H Markham and ' · ... !Rov. James J. Vaughan visited Americans are not always obe.j ( h c , uncral home and s a j d j dient to their best knowledge." ; pra yers. "Actually we know that m u - j Funeral Of Mrs. Casey tiialily of understanding is t h c i T |, e funeral' of Mrs. Charlotte only basis on which we can work j S. Casey, mother of Francis M. cut world problems but do we Casey of Troy, was held Wcdncs- Ifre up to it?," he asked, adding: «"«y "'on, the Fred I.. Dascher! s .Solemn Kcquiem Mass was cele- Funeral Home, 152 Central Avc., Hits Isolationists 'Albany, at 8:30 a.m. and al 9 a.m. ;"You see there's a kind o f i f r o m St. Ann's Church, where a creeping isolationism that i coming to our country in it thinking about world problems, j Michacl H Kea[jngi John -"I made lhat remark recently i powers, Joseph Lochner and 1 --- f\ . 1 in an address in New York i C l y j William S. Hagadorn. Inlcrmcnt! J|J (^QgtlCtOll and a newspaperman reported:was in Our Lady Help of. Chris-: 'Bishop Newell wants recognition : tians Cemetery, Albany. of Red China.' j j| r . Maurinus' Funeral "I most certainly do not I a m , T|)| , f u n c r a l of J I a r ( j n H J | a u _ f o t a j J v oDDoscd lo il. mil ici inc \ . , ,. . n ,,,, * · v ,, . -,,,,,,,, innus was held at 2:30 p.m. ves-i l^SZ¥^T4^*r^»!r.'» i » HONOR STUDENTS--Miss I.oi Johnson,.left above, "will be valedictorian of the Schuylerville Central School Class of 1958. Miss Lois VanDew erker, center, has been named salutatorian, and John Conlcc, right, ranks third in the class. Miss Johnson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Johnson of Sehuylerville, lias an average of 94.03 per cent. Miss VanDewerker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clayton VanDewerker of RD 1, Sc huylerville, has an average of 90.94 per cent Loi has been a member of the band for four years. Conlee, son of Mr. and Mrs. VanWyck Conlce, of Schuylerville, has an average of 90.50 per cent.' e s ' ^^ pHPapers Filed jEstate More than $5,000 real property Book Burning (Continued from Page 1) which never before had any di rect Quotes from farmers answer ing questionnaires. This year the department's specialists compil- and more than $5,000 personal |j n g the-pamphlet tossed in '.125 in ua\ A I u t n i lit; j i i d M / i i r u i i c i a i · i · . i it. i i f ' Home 109lh SI snd 3rd -\ve 'property is listed as the estate of I quo t es out of 2,700 received, . . ' ,,_ ' . . _ . ' ' : f l / i r o n p o C V u n C a l i c h n r v nf Pac- TI IL '..- _ _ : . , i- - , t Florence S. VanSalisbury of Cas- under the barbed wire. iv. Norton, are listed as pctition-JiaTionTAnds" William Daley, 76. a native of ; C rs. Mrs. Van Salisbury died in! while some comments were tommenis weie One minute they were in Hpng!Q ue bec who lived in Troy andiAlbanv, March 24.' Kong and the next in Red China. Ipleasantdale all , - - , - . j - ------------- -·-- ---- --.-, u --The ducks seemed not to recog- (yesterday after a long illness.. He nize the difference. |is sl , rviYcd bv scvcral cousins.i life, died' Life" use of the estate is given h u s b a n d and the remainder- man's residue is left to the daugh- j cording to the terms o "enlightening," he said, "there was concern that the misleading quotations, being the most strik- Urges Love, Nol Hale I The funcral will be held : !'I believe Ihere is a voice in!row at 8:30 p.m. from the Johni v -j|] The attorney America stronger than barbed |H. Lodge Funeral Home. 2243 5th : R o s c n b ] u m of Alban V. ' j Ifghta^hT'p'u'b'lic"'^^'trend's -vire. There is a look of love and Avc., and from SI. Peters Church; Tnree charitable bequests are|farm population." Hyman serve to confuse rather than en- in the book f a r : "here absolution will be givcn,; Iislcd in t n e will ot Mary L . Fitz .i paarlber" figured al 9 a.m. Jnlermcnt will be in St:; gerald . aC eording to petition for! burning cost S50.78. _ IRc fl ul fTMrprobatc o£ her will. They include] "Forced auction sales the last the compassion that is far, stronger than hate." ' In a lalk wilh (his newspaper'Peter's Cemetery. A shortly before the service, Bishop: Mass will be celebrated Newell said thai he had always Church at 8:15 a.m. .Monday, been inclined "to let such u n f o r - i ' lunate things as a misquote passiT) with as little excitement as pos-!i CrtCC sible:" However, in this case, Dr. j ^ « Norman Vincent Peale in his col-j A I*!*!\Tf* In IV "V uron in the current Look Maga^ tine, answered a letter from a writer who had commented, "I am shocked by a statement in the New York New York (UP)--Three groups lhe Rcnsselaer County Heart! two weeks in March (1957) have Assn.. 11 Stale St., Troy, ?200;jbeen terrific," was one of the Albany Assn. for (he Blind, Inc., farmers' comments that went up Albany, S100; and Sacred Heart in the trashpile smoke. Another, from an unidentified farmer from Warren County, was: "Our town has many abandoned farms, the land fasl going back in the wilderness." Church. Pawling and Spring avenues, Troy, $100. The remainder of the estate is valued at more than $5,000 real property and less than $5,000 personal property. It is left to a On the other hand, t Dewej Ed-1 Count}', S. D., farmer wrote tha'l 'n St.! "many new farms and ranches Sir Winston Flies Home London (UP) -- Sir Winston Churchill flew back to London yesterday after winning two bouts with pneumonia on the Hiviera. He apparently still was delermined against the advice of his physicians to visit his wartime comrade, President Eisenhower, in Washington late this month. The plane crew said Churchill played solitaire with a whisky and soda at his elbow and a big cigar clenched in his teeth all the way back. Crowds on th'e roof garden and terrace of the airport cheered the 83-year-old .former prime minister as he stepped unaided Defense (Continued from Page 1) have some "heavy" responsibilities. He conceded the secretaries no longer would have any operational authority. But he said they still would have such duties as procurement, research and. development, personnel, recruiting and training. Expressing one of the biggest congressional fears, Sen. Styles Bridge's (N.H.), : top GOP member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, said the plan would pretty much rob Congress of the "power of the purse*. . . one of the few assets that we have around here." "I know this is a sensitive point and the President knows that it is," McElroy replied. He said he thought the President was willing to do whatever Congress thought was right if it would accomplish lives. Eisenhower's objec- from the plane. 'Good old Winston," shouted. they Churchill, pale and unsmiling, descended the landing sleps with McElroy said that in drafting he plan the administration'tried not to take any "extreme" positions and to settle on "moderate" ones. He might have been referring to the fact that it did not ask for establishment of a general staff system as some had urged. Bridges and Stennis served no:ice that the President's proposal rranting greater financial "flexi- Jility" to McElroy would have to M spelled out when legislation o carry out the reorganization plan is sent to Congress in about 10 days Congress Has Own Plan A bipartisan group of congressional leaders already has introduced in the Senate and House a reorganization plan which, would eliminate many of thejstate spent $78,900,000 Navy Group Nominates Candidates Frank, Mallnoski and Donald Fields were nominated for captain of the Navy Officers Club last night at a meeting conducted by Thomas Griffiths, current captain, in the club room at Jackson and 2nd streets. ' Mr. Malinoski and Mr. Fields headed a slate of nominees who will come up for election April 12. Balloting will be conducted from noon to 7 p.m. John Wade and Samuel Pen- niss were nominated for paymaster, Charles Simpson, Thomas Casey and Fred Casey for ship's clerks; Eugene McNerney and Frank Kclley, judge advocate; James Agnew and Earl Bailey, master-at-arms; John J. Pender, Henry Bushcr and William Jones, trustees for one years; Mr. Griffiths, trustee for six months, and Joseph Warlick, Walter Shannon and Nelson Darling, tellers. The officers will be installed at a dinner scheduled for Fay's Musical Bar May 6, according to McNerney, installation ; program chairman. Pender, president of the Troy Common Council, wi\l be toast- Eternal City (Continued from Pa|f 1 ceremony throughout the worli. Immediately- a f t e r w a r d , Pope's words will be broaden! in English, Russian and Arabic on four dilfcrcnUwave lengths. Millions of European television viewers will watch him speaking from the central balcony of St. Peter's Basilica over an international "Eurovision" network. Holy Week rites throughout the Roman Catholic world will take place for the third year in a row under the new tiinetablf established by the Pope in November, 1955. The reform moved the Good Friday mass from the morning to about 3 p.m.. the hour of Christ's death, and the postponement of the Easter vigil until after dark. Jerusalem's Hotels Filled To Capacity Jerusalem, Jordan Section, (AP)--For the first time in lhre« years, Good Friday finds Old Jerusalem's hotels filled to capacity and bustling with tourist business. Riot, war and rumor frightened tourists and pilgrims ..away from the Holy Land at both Easters since 1955. The abscnct of tourists spelled hunger for lha inhabitants of Jerusalem, 75 per master for the installation dinner cent of whom depend {or a liv . and Comdr. John E. Calhoun, ex- ing on visitors and pilgrims, ecutive officer for the Navy 1 ROTC unit at RPI, will deliver the installation address. State Reports Deficit Albany . (AP)--New York civilian assistant 'secretaries l n i t h a n it took in during the 1957- lar, the Harriman ad- dent's plan would enhance the position of the Army, Navy and Air secretaries instead of con- cenlraling power in the defense secrelary's hands. In his message to Congress, the President said the present chain of command through the Army, Good Friday 1958 will dawn on Jerusalem living in apparent stability and calm. Jordan's long- troubled frontier with Israel il relatively quiet and .inside th» country there is no open opposition to King Hussein's regime. There have been no political riots here for nearly a year. It may be a temporary calm, but nevertheless it is calm. This means a relatively .pros^ per,pus and normal Easter for the 80,000 inhabitants of Arab s c k n o n e hand and v a . " ° " " d ' * avy and Alr F « e the railing firmly gripped in the other. When he reached . the ground he raised his gray hat to acknowledge the greeting. Then, with Lady Churchill, he enlered !iis limousine and drove to his iome, Chartwell, al Weslberham in Kent. Tweed Hits recognize Red China would pleting be i day hike from New Haven. Six to give tacit approval to murder,! others arrived from Long Island, theft, lying, degradation of hu: Among thc Philadelphia group! man values, Godlessness and s were "" " ' every immorality." Letler Prompts Remarks tfhe letter in the national magazine, led Bishop Newell to his remarks today. Rev. Elmer N. Haley, pastor of SI', Mark's Methodist Church presided al lhe service. Bishop Newell said lhat he be-1 l n g iieves onp of the grealesl faulls in America loday is lhat we are . . not. obedient to our best knowl-i 510 "' edge. He said: j . "Today Ihey tell us, gel enough ! State Announces Kiencc and you will save your-1 § , ] ] Qf p · self. W e possess the power o f i lifgtic missiles, although he declined to say whether an 1CBM --^ blind man, 15 teenagers I " ose cone had bcc "- re TM v f ued 1 CStS Needed, two youngsters 10 ,,,/ip^'oni "" cr 5 P acc - Hc sald thl " ' minislralion reported yesterday.! Jerusalem, 30,000 of whom ara The deficit is a bookkeeping refugecs trom t h e , sracli !idi one, however, rather than an; o £ , hc divided Holy Land . actual deficit. | The biggest even ' t of Good Fri . The state drew on its capital ! da y will be the procession along conslruclion reserve fund to!the Way of the Cross. About balance income againsl outgo. ! 5,000 pilgrims from a dozen na- The deficit was 12 million lessi (ions will carry a heavy crosi !lhan Gov. Harriman predicted in;along the 14 stations of fh« cum-1 January. But il was almost 30! route Chrisl followed from Hia ) l e m time of | million greater than he looked i trial to the Crucifixion. bersoine and unrelia peace and not useable in time of! for a" year "ago." "Strategic and tactical planning must be completely unified, combat, forces organized into uni- Long Lines Of Poles One of the reasons for the deficit was a slump in tax collec- iions. Stale Comptroller Arthur [Wait To Attend Mass Levitt reported collections) Warsaw (UP)--Poland, which Times bv Methodist; Manhattan yesterday for a I · problm for intercontinental bal- fled commands, each equipped totaled $1,452,772,000 in the Nuclear Weapons and two youngsters 10 and 1 2 1 , " . " , " .. . . , . , , - · vears old lwo lnt « !rmedla )- e ra "8 e ballistic " The "walkers for peace" will missiles carrying -nose cones complete their hike lodav with a i n a v e bcc " f i r c d ; Nb '-»»TMpt was stroll from the Association f o r i m a d c . to TM°TM lhe first one ; World Travel Exchange Building; 1 ' 0 sa ' d ' 1hc ° ther was recovered j down Broadway and across 42ndi»nd shown to lhe nation on Norslad Reports Paris (AP)-- Gen. Lauris Nor- cently adjourned legislature were|"neither Ihe intent nor the desire "against 1 court reorganizationjto merge or abolish Ihe tradilional from form T h e court re.for version vote in the Assembly March 25. 473,000,000. They were more: lion of Christ, than 20 million dollars below! Long lines of Poles stood be| this estimate. j f or e (he nation's thousands of i At the same time. expendi-Xhurchcs waiting lo altend the lures increased slightly over ex-'mass marking the day of the Last '·'peclalions. The lines were symbolic of lhe slrange truce between communism and Roman Catholicism here. The state has officially ignored (Continued from Page 15) slarl to finish in any!services." But he quickly added;the city and scvcral churrhrs l h ' 5 celebration like all religioui I that operational commands in ihe! participated in union services a{! holidays, bul it has not inter- · · ' " " · n ; f e r e d « ' i t h lhe practice of devo- s Tweed Commission's| M A must be. made into "truly! t n c Fifth Avenue Presbyterian' f c r e d ' lvilh thc 1 e.form plan, in a modified!» n "TM ; efficient military instru-: a nd the Millis Memorial Baptist: t l o n , was defeated by a 90-54i m *"^- Churches ycslerday. j UnolTicially, i stad said yesterday lhat allied ex-! The commission consider continuance oil?' 3 , 1 " 0 ] 1 , 31 a f l E r ..,, , .. ''"'J '- pass a bill extending . . expired;"^- "yat m " sl clear c "mmand chan- ilself the . Assembly! street lo lhe United Nations Build-1 vision last winter by President _nuclcar weaporMesls helpful injj ...,, where they will meet wilh!Eisenhower. Henri Cornil, staff member o f i Gavin said the ICBM reentry lhe U.N. Disarmament Commis-TM a greater problem because I il comes back inlet the almos- , | pherc al 25 limes the speed of : sound (Mach 25), while thc J I R B M recnters al mach 12 lo 16. j B u l he said thai Ihe "mechanics extending "the family of weapons" and desirable so lhat these weapons can be cleaned up. ailed lo Is tenure for--anolher year. The Senate had approved measures. from the commandcr-in-chief and .secretary of defense," he said. for ichairman of thc Joint Chiefs o f j a t lhc Fifih Avcn " e Prcsbylcrian 1 service lo adopt the Cross as t has recognized 5 . n .,. .religion to the extent t h a t pub- seisiaiicrn ! lie services are geared to church Bishop Frederick B. Newell,! sen-ices. And as many shops, of- D.D. of the Methodies Church, i fjccs and factories in Ihis so- New York Area, sel lhe, pattern jeialist state will be closed or on Ipr the proper Holy Week al- shorl shifts over the weekend as titune when he lold worshippers · in any capilalisl counlry. Referring to the court reform ; s t a f r The c h a i r m a n wou , d Commenting on Russia's an-! P' a n. Tweed said ' since Demo-! g j ven author! nouncement il was suspending! cl ' atic votes in lhe Assembly j the present Ji nuclear tests, NATO's supreme! could defeat the resolution, alii However, Ihe Joint Chiefs of v ~ : - commander t o l d - a news confer- of the Democrats voted againstjstaff would serve as a "staff 35 j Preached today, Bishop , i , . , . .... . . .. , .. ... .. . . . . ^--..i....... 1 J l o l - a n r n a r l o , . o f f i , . n t , n , , » . . , u - - _ f i c l l l . i lit t j l a l l m d l l \ V U U J Q D C - . i ^ ? -- -jgiven aulhority lo assign tasks lo, n ° enlcr 0[ Cn , rlsllan livi "8' ' t h e present Joint Staff | Denouncing Crosslcss Chris- 1 ,. .. _ . ! I ] f l n i I V U h l r i h V i n c i t r l i r V . n : « « he said is being Newellj Bv Choral Work it, whereas the affirmative vote'sistin : a u t : o f the reentry problem have been * · .:_,,.. _ ,, , ., ,, said, that the Russians were rea- pos: and is obedient to il. I Schaghticokc, Aug. 29-Sept. 3. Bishop Newell remarked thai j Other area fairs dates arc'. Al"too many preachers are preach-ibany, Schcncclady. Greene Coiin- Ing a Cross--less Christianily." hy at Allamont. Aug. 18-23; Sara- He said. ! toga County al Ballston Spa, "Today they preach about posi-1 Aug. 25-29, and Cambridge Valley live thinking and how to pi'ac-| a t Greenwich, Aug. 19-23. lice it. There are not many who ! preach aboul the Cross as the center of Christian living. There were those at Ihe fool of the Crbss who, when Christ was dying, drew straws lor his possessions. |Bridegroom Finds ^Lovc A Painkiller · . : _ ,. , ,,. , , ,, , ,.:,,, ! Burlington, VI. (AP)-Could They also disregarded Ihe Cross."!love be a painkiller? dieted yesterday lhal U.S. For- I'oreign Trade Droji Washington (UP)--The Bu- sona'bly well caught up with their reau of Foreign Commerce pre- testing. Norslad remarked thai Ihe Rus- cign trade (his year would be | s ja n s had said nothing aboul stop- heavy but would not equal w h a t ! p j n g production of nuclear weap unprecedented ons , nor suggested any ------ it called "thc boom of 1957." The bureau said this country's trade with mosU areas of t h e ' O u t world this year probably would equal pre-1957 highs. But it made clear foreign countries should expect lo earn fewer established means for checkin, er their declaration was carried budgetary supervision. Noisy Russian Plane Barred From Field Paris A . P -french authori- Episcopa , Director To Be Speaker The Church Counseling Sen-ice, a member of the National New Coastline for Youth, iam B. Spofford speak on "Social Work -- built twin jel Tupolev-104 airliner is loo noisy lo use Paris' Orly Field. The clccission was based on j at a luncheon Thursday, at 12:30 Presbylerian Church union serv-|Army of Northern Virginia" in ice loday. The service will begin at 12:10 p.m. The attitude of lhe Apbsllcs al the Last Supper--joy at the the narralive work. How -lid lander happen to pick a clima'clic portions of thu native New Eng. -,, ..... -_ institution of the Holy Eucharist! event in the life of the South'i but sorrow at the prophecy ofigi'ealcst hero? betrayal--prevailed in Troy yes-! "Mrs. Manlon as born in Ap- terday as Christians found joyjP n r n a l 'ox and her grandfather h rh h . ,h r ~ '" lhe rec(lplion of lhe Eucharist was the Church and the Community," b u t experienced sorrow as they'staff," Vests niade Feb. 12 as a prelude For Females, Science Pales Before Males . It imi«t have been for Airman ! clolial ' s from l h c i r exports to this rence Seaway, expec: Elmer Hooks of Ethan Allen ! Air counlry. II noted a reduced de-j will open a new coaslline for 'Force Base. Hooks fell on lhe ice mand in this country for foreign|ocean commerce along the St. i while he and Miss Lorraine Par-! raw malerials and weakening of, Lawrence River and lhe Great The completion of the St. Law-,| 0 (he Prague-Paris service of lhe : |ed in 1959, Czechoslovak Airline. jrizo were on lhcir way lo City -"' orl(l market prices. I Hall to apply for a marriage l i - i i cense. He laughed, brushed him- East Lansing. Mich UN'S) --!self and went on lo City Hall. A Michigan State University cdu-i '^l", he fell a pain in his leg. catbr says girls could be just as'TM 0 d ° c ' or adviscd Postponing . . r , .the wedding. Reason: Hooks, leg good scientists as boys - if they was broken "in two places, didn I prefer to gel married. ' Dr. Elizabeth Monroe Drews _. - .. ,-»/./.. m made a study in Lansing, Mich.,1 JrUO/IC (JfllCCS 1 ft of 150 eighth and n i n t h grade 1 A r ^ · i n · i pupils who had IQs of 130 o r ' A o f C ifOOtt F ri(l(l\ higher. j · She gave Ihem tests and f o u n d ; they were nearly (our years! ahead of their classmates in! math, language, critical thinking; and reading. j Dr. Drews declares the girls! ·cored as well as lhe boys bul Lakes. There was no immediate word on whether the plane might use Le Bourgel, the other big Paris I field. Good Friday will he observed in various ways loday al city and county offices. Troy Cily Hall will close at noon today, Mayor John J. Purccll announced. Hut their aims arc lhe same as Ihosc. nicipal offices, will be open »» of girls of average abiliiy. They want lo get married. She adds: "Often girls do' not study for icientific c a r e e r s and there items to be very little encouragement for them lo work in lhal area." Calf Born Under Water Broughlon Gilford, E n g l a n d (UP)--A calf wai born underwater y««t«rdiy to a cow that had ftlltn Into a pond near here. The Mlf mi named Mermaid, Both r and calf wert reported do- usual Saturday morning. At the Rensselaer County Court House, offices of record will remain open as usual hut with reduced staffs, to permit county workers lo attend religious services. Thc Probation Department will close at noon. Thc temporary Stale Income Tax Office will remain open, as will thc Motor Vehicle Bureau. Thc County llcallh Center will close at noon. County and Supreme Courts arc In recess until Monday. All county offices are closed on Saturday. AIDING FUND CAMPAIGN -- Thc four girls above sre shown at Vanderheydcn Hall where Ihcy arc helping In arrangements for lhe 1958 "Lights On" campaign of thc American Cancer Society. Thc girls are preparing campaign workers kils. The county campaign is scheduled for April 22. Left to right are Patricia Blakcborotigh, Karen Slichko, RIU Palmer and Grace Fuller. p.m. at lhe Holcl Van Curler, Schcnectady. Mr. Spofford is director of the Institute of Pastoral Care at Massachusetts General Hospita 1 and an inslruclor in paslora] Iheology at lhe Episcopal Theo logical School and the Boslon University School of Theology. member of Gen. he explained. Gamma Ray Detector Taken From Auto An electrical Instrument used in prospecting to detect gamma rays and valued at $700 was stolen last night from a box trailer attached to the rear of 1956 station wagon in Ferry street, between Fourth street and Fifth avenue. John H. Greene of Gassville; N. H., reported the Ihcft lo police. He said that he, his wife and daughter slopped in Troy to eat and that the theft occurred between t and 9:05 p.m. The instrument wa* in a wooden box and covered with a blanket. The box and It's content! weighs about twenty p«unds. A bull dox remained In the ilallon wagon while Ihe Greene family had gone lo * restaurant. The Detective Bureau ii investigating. recounted lhe events of the pas-1 sion and death of Christ. !50 Manhole Covers That sorrow will be climaxed I R i ' . | ,. day from noon to 3 p.m.--lhe ** lo " n Jlllo Air today period which Chrisl spenl on (he New York (AP)--A series of Cross, hrealhing out his Seven I sewer flash fires sent aboul 50 Last Words. Spiritual Trips Prior to and after the s o l e m n j . . iriod, Catholics Will continue to Jn . heavy manhole covers popping Jnlo thc air like l i d d l y w i n k s jthe Red Hook section of Brookpc: adore before the Blessed Sacrament and they will make spiritual trips lo Calvary by participation in Stalions of the Cross this afle r noon and tonight. Catholics, previously not allowed to receive Holy Communion on Good Friday except when in danger of yesterday. Authorities said the firci apparently were caused by the dumping of a large amount of i gasoline-lypc f l u i d -- probably p.ainl thinner--into the scwagt system. Something *el (he liquid afire in thc sewer, and explosions rcsulled. , .. .. ,, Some of the Iron lids were death may receive lhe Sacra-|, )Imvn ,, ,,, h ,, 2 nf ' ' *TM ment today at Mass in accord-! a j r ° me ance with regulations liberalized by Pope Pius XII. The blessing of the Pascal Can die and thc Baptismal Font and the renewal of Baptismal Vows will mark thc Easier Saturday observance in Catholic Churches where vigil will be kept until the celebration of the Solemn of Resurrection at midnight. Holy Baptism and services for :hc light of thc New Fire and Pascal Candle will be conducted n Episcopal Churches tomorrow. Shark Kills Diver Durban, South Africa (AP)-A shark killed a skin diver at 'ort Edward yesterday. Thc vie- im. vacationing Nlcholaas Francois Bidcnhorst of Johnnncshvirg, was fishing under water when he shark attacked. Only one Injury was reported. Twclve-.vcar-oW Leroy Karlcy of Brooklyn suffered minor face burns when a cover blew into the air near him and a flash of flamt touched him. Bitrher Fireman GnlH 3-W«y Clip TliomtJ, Okla, , (AP)-Frank Self 'almost dldn'l HKI h|j haircut. 1 A volunlecr llrcmnn, Self sit ' himself down In lhe burlier chair for K Mm, Half wny through, thc fire uliirm sounded »nd Self dashed out of tho dulr to the blaze. .. Ilc returned Idler, and Jim » thc clipping ntnrlod ««nli|, l " ' * n() u . i . , The lliirt, ilmn ho «ot Into tht chilr, hn KO| rinhM licfort Iht alarm sounded,

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