The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 11, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1940
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 11, 1940 BLYTHEVn,LE.(AKK.)' COimrP.R JTOWS" U. S. Planes On Way To Britain Britain, France Able To Buy Oulrighi fn American Markets By .MII.TON liKONN'lvll KEA .Service Stilt Correspondent LONDON. Jan. 11.—England niul Prance are fighting tins war will) Nazi Germany not only with lead and slee), but also with golden bullets, Both Allies apparently are ;,o well .supplied with money tlmt the Am'crlctm cash-and-carry nvojrnm will not, hurt or delay them in sc'[> curing any kind of food, raw m<i- teriiils or manufactured arlieles that they wish to purchase In Uiiitcxl states markets for a very long period. It is estimated that Britain holds about $735,000.000 of marketable American securities. France holds about $185,00.000. The Allies are thought to have about $000.000.000 in balances in America arid about $1.000.000,000 in direct investments not so readily negotiable. Canada ho!ds about $1,000.- cao.OOO worth of assets In the U. S. Safe and secure here in London there is a gold supply nlso which exceeds, what Britain possessed in 1311. British gold stocks in 1914 were 35.4CO.OOO ounces; in September, 1939, they were GO million ounces. As gold has grown in price, this means that the gold is worth about SI.420,000.00. Fur thermore, in ian the flow of new gold from British mines per an[' mini was worlh $240.000.000. Non- it is $704.000.000. BATTLE IS FIERCEST IN THE BALKANS But It is not only in a friendly mnrket, like thai of the United States that the British and French are using golden bullets. There they meet with no enemy competition. The battle really rages fast and .furious in the Balkans where Gei• many, by barter arrangements' and threats, is trying to force the countries of southeastern Europe to supply her with goods and raw materials. There are British and French " purchasing agents throughout the Balkans. Their object is to buy for cash what the Germans want to secure by barter—timber, ore. grain, hides, fibres. When and if (lie deal is closed, the Allied bujei has the goods warehoused undci the pretext .that he is unable, at j present tp. obtain quick transport I, to Engltmcl or prance. The'raw > materials arc thus locked a«aj from the Nazi grasp. Tile Balkans in their turn get from the buyers either sterling or dollars. With this they buy American cotton which they badly need. And England "kindly" arranges to convoy their cotton for thein. The Allies have plenty of money to ranform to U. S. "cash-and-carry" laws. Their mnln trouble is finding enoimh ships to carry the material they »uy. The war planes oil Hie deck of this Urlllsli n-fleliler ni'fi but part, of the S18.GOO.OOO worth 01 war material Jammed In the Vtte Trade Zone at St:iten istaml. N. Y., awnlling siupnifiil to Fnuu-e or England. i fully llinc is 11 possibility thnt | the road mlijht be (jnwlc-d on tun Tim's Point a(, (ho juke ui ffl plncc. .'I'lie l.lmis ciiib uf Mnnlln Is nlso sponsoring n movement, wllh Die Icon hljjh school In swhlnij aid from W,1>.A. In the building mid orienittnt; of » kitchen to serve free lunches for Die itndei-- nourishi'd pupils in tlu; Mahllu school. H wus suld that, the Wl'A refused to iissume Ihe cost of the Klleheu's constrncllon and 0|H'ra- tlon bin did axreo ID fumfsh workers to conk and serve the fixxl. At the M-himrs request the county welfare department, hns promised to "id in Miiiplylnt; fowl. The kitchen HIII D« loentcd In (lie tiym where the Ma Bt . hu.i already been " . the kitchen" walls windows win be placed from which the inipils will receive thch 1 lunches. Tln> merchants of Manila have mreiuiy ccniiibuted SOT to the consinu-tlon of the kitchen, lle- linWe suitrrcs -ny ||'<< project will be omiplelrtl abciiit Jan. IB, Over one liiindied pupils an 1 expected to be led dally, 'Big Joe' Loses His Head Funeral Rites Held For Lura Williams Manila Lions Active In Road, Food Projects ItfANlLA, noiincement Ark., was --------- ............. made recently that Ihe county road leading from Manila to Ihe tower at, Big Lake would be grnveled soon. It, was said that Mclwln Downing. Kip Moore, and Bob David made a trip to Jonesboro to discuss the mtUler with Jesse who tokl them Musicians For Revival lion; Caruthcrsville Bank Announces Dividend MANILA, Ark.. Jan. 9—Funeral services were held for Luni Williams here Monday. He was' 57 years of age and had been in excellent health until a few days ago when he suffered a paralytic stroke. He died at 1)1.5 Iiome near Manila Saturday night. Mr. Williams was born on Big Lake Island Octoter 4, 1882 and had spent his entire lifetime, near , Manila. He liar) been a farmer for 'Of gleaming years and had been actively en- s t ar n bear gaged in his occupation until he \TQ-\- \vrHi suffered the first indication of his — —"— —--~—-. -"^ ~m., UU i. mu^um.), AIH: •, Worker". OIT comes Joe's thousand-pound bend as workmen begin • that tlie project, had teen allowed and work would'start on It about January 15. The expense •'account fcr Ihe project would be shared by the Lion's club -of . Mnmln, the, WPA and Mississippi comity wllli Uio blous furnishing Ihe trucks, Hie WPA furnishing the tjus and gravel and the' 1 county paying Die (freight, The grading 'of: the roudj.lias been; completed, for .-joine, (limb 1 ..during which ||piorc: than l'qQ| ! lfVjm wcni employed for several months. About 25 inqn, It,is said, wJll be employed ; |n ^llie work pf putting clown the .gravel'. If plans, which' me now incomplete; are developed KiDNEYT~ MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS Help IS Miles of Kidney fubci Flush Out Poisonous Waite •our 1 ?!? ''"? " ""l C k| CCi! °' ac!ll> '"'''"'" Uo °' 1 ' «orL«I.TIincUnyriilcraniul?ul>n'arewo°ki'w oij and niclil lo help NMIHO liii you: lyitnu of ciccxs acids nml iioiaonotu WMtc. • "lien ilijotiltr fl luiuey fain-lion ntnrrils • iwiionoua niultcr (o remain in your !jlo(xl, il I inay cause nacsinc backache, tticunialii- iiains lie pains, loss of pep anil cnerRy, RClliiii; llii ntjils, swclLinj;. ]iu[ritit-*5 unilcr Ihe eyes, licitit- actKi and iliitinrn. I'rcinirnl or sranly pas-' •i £cj with urnarting nml hurninc aometiiuea slji>i>5 IJ.CTU a somclhine nrenj «ith your I ] Intys or Ijlmlitcr. hi<lney3 may iieCil lie!i> llie aaluc as bowels in IUK yi'iir lirurcisl !or ((can's 1'ilb, iue.1 sue' Lraliilly hy inillions tut over W years. Tl,ty cue liaiipr relief anil will dcln Hit 15 mile, ,'f [ilticy InVi Husli out poisonous waste from jour Howl, tic! Dion's TiJls. .C. Mo., Jun. W —At llu' nniiunl MwMinliU'rs inrel- iny of Hi,' sink. n, n ,,k of tills city, all officns luul diicctms were re-elected without chuiign for (hi> iiisiiing yeur. Tlipy nrc: M, u. Kowlimil, \\ns\- tli-'iil; W. R Smith, vice jncslddif S. Cmvs Reynolds, J. I,. VnnAns- dull. Joe Kolni, Wnllor Hcnwnl mid ciins. a. HOSS, • illrecloi's, nml Mr. Itoss was lo-niuiu-d unsliler. Oilier iiersomicl of (lie bank re- tnlncrt Included lihlc Miisgmvo, Kuliy Kcllcy und Mnyinc llcrmlon iissl.slimi, cashiers; Joi; U. Henley bookkeeper, nml Mnry S. Green iisslstiiiit bookkeeper . , Out of Us net cnrnhifis for 10:13, the bank increased Its surplus fund from $20.000 (o $30,000, mid [inld a ten per cent cnsh dividend to the common stockholders. At Hie close of on Dec. 30, the Imuk lint! $I,<IGI,220.07 on deposit, tlmt being the unioiml of (leixwlls ever slimvn on (lie published stnlcincul of niiy bank In I'einlseol county. Clrcii/; wagon • wheels s<\iteaki Im- cfttisc they tillmct, more uttention that way. not be'cnuiiG worjiers me Careless nlioiit grease. Mr. mid Mrs. M. I,. PelMson of Omnlm, Neb.. nri> In cluivge of the sixrlul music bi'liiu presented ill Die 1'Viinnell.slii! iiuvlliiR it Hid I'llijilni Inbi'rnuiMe rncli nl||hl. IT'B cnsy la sot (jiticl: relief (rout I nnillKiunlrlln wllh Moilthulntum.. i ills <9ol]i)nn olnlnionl- radila'3 nm locni coiiuc.illoi]. linn liclti|"i! JO clfnrillio lircathlnii pnswigo Ml*illlloln\iini nlso checks snlnilitif, El)ec^h>U. sorvttcss illlo to collla It eoolltos Irrllnlcil iin.>ml>ninc>' mill promoles lirotliiB. Ami lin vnnriiit te^s'^rSiJeT' Ma "' o steel— 79 feet from toe lo the tip of the 12-foot Ions-dominant «*«« of <"e New "Big ^," but offlclally. "The recent illness. . - as wormen eg Funeral services were conducted dismemberment of (he gigantic statue surmounting the Soviet Pa- with Ihe Rev. W. II. Horn and vilion. The parts will he shipped back to Russia, there lo he re- Rev. W. J. LeRoy in charge of I ,««o m wn,i the brief services. Howard Under- ' assembled. taking Compiiny was in charge oC the arrangements. Pallbearers Animals of the deer family, such were: Jim David, Eddie IJoyd, as elk, moose, and reindeer, have Lois Scott, Glenn Canada, George antlers, and shed them regularly. Brown, and Eual Choale. Services Cattle, buffalo, and antelope have were conducted in the First Melh- 1 -—-- odist church here and interment was in the Manila Cemetery. Mr. Williams is survived by his wife. Mrs. Lula Williams, two i daughters; Mrs. Aubry Scott, and. i Mrs. Lester Stiitts. and one son, 1 Herman Williams, all of Manila. horns. It is said that fcur-lcgged animals are much more easily killed , by lightning than are human be- | Still current in the West Indies —TRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fcwler Drug Co. Main & First Phone 141 are groats, or British foiir-ncnry pieces, which long since have hcfn out of use in the mother country. All thoroughbred horses must be descended from one of thren famous sires. REMEMBER LEFTY'S Service Station for Magnolia Mobiloil and Mobilffas Now Managed by Walter Cox, Jr. and E. M. Murray See Us For Anti-Freeze! IHOSE HOW -^ A > SENTRY COAL i Wdx«/;«rfx ./•'•• ',-•'?•• f^^^d: •--• -\-Jiyti-TKati • *•--" ^-">'JfeC->^? -•' V' •—•* —• fW&Y'iiC'li'r UVAL xiliAi \>MSjm!fi^' -j~ ' $7 GAV & BILLINGS, Inc ^ . Phone 76 ARKANSAS & MISSOURI IFarm & City LOANS LOW INTEREST RATES EASY PAYMENTS-LONG TERMS Fastest closing service of any mortgage loan company doing business in this state. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance Fi re Insurance Investment Securities Osceolaj Ark. RIGHT FROM OUR OWN STOCKS- REGULAR 1.98 SUEDES 27 7Ic on every pair! That's what you SAVE) Smart Jress shoes in oxfords, stcpins, gored pumps , . . sport shoes . . . up-to-the-minute styles you'llwear from now on right through Spring! Sizes for women —for growing girls, tool SALE! REGULAR 2.98 SUEDE SHOES I 47 Less than Half-Pricc! Sports and dress shocsl Nationally-famous arch shoes... PA<3E 'THREE, Kroger & Piggly Wiggly STORES FHIDAY & SATURDAY Roast FRIDAY & HATUKUAY K. 0. Thick ili I)). Mackerel 5rl7jc Bacon,;! u* 19c Roast Kolloil Hil), l,b. 2Sc Oysters K.vtra Slmiiliinl, I'i, 25c Sausage a ir 15c Salt Mackerel^ 5c CAULIFLOWER Head 15c COLLARDS Frcsh-Tindcr' Hunch TEMPLE ORANGES Dozen 29' POTATOES Ited-While nnc HI Us, <tv Carrots HERTS Fresh ;i Hchs. 10c Radishes IQc 1 A l''itni>y, Ivuch I I XV ORANGES Juicy 10' ONIONS r>0 Lbs. !)9c; 5 I-hs. ' 10 C CHUM SALMON Tnll dm 11 SHRIMP Wet or Dry Cnn 12' Peaches -SE? 121c Free 1 I'kg. C. Club Puncakc Flour Willi I'urchnse 1 I'uritiin Syrup. Hoth for 19c STRING BEANS Slaiidnrd 1 Cc 2 For 13 SPAGHETTI MBAT Arnioir ' s 10 C BAKING POWDER Rcecipe lf| c 25 ox. Can IU 40G W. Main Phone U7(i P & G SOAP 7 Bars 25 C Coffee Spotlight 1 II). 15c 3 Lh. Bag 43c Bread Clock Fresh LKC. Loaves 2 for 15c Humko 1 Jl> 10c 8 Ib. 80c •I Ib. Crt. 40c DON'T Majestic Waterless Cookvarc. Free Cook- FORGKT ing Demonstration . at Piggly' ..'

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