Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 9, 1957 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 9, 1957
Page 24
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Ten Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Josephine Lowmon Beauty Salons Do Help But Actual Work Is Up to You Scientists Discover Element 102 CHICAGO fUP>—A team of scientists from three countries today announced ment 102. the discovery of ele- The joint international research team included scientists from the (United States, Great Britain and Tills IH a flood Jiip-sIlmmlnK exercise. Hegardless of all of ths valuable help a woman can get from the beauty salons, in tho last analysis, her hoalth and appearance are up to her. Nobody else can exercise for her, nobody else can eat fir her, nobody else can create her moods or control her thoughts. We have to pay the price for good looks ju.st as we do everything el.ve. Fortunately, everyone has the price! The essentials of health and beauty are free. Fresh air in free, sleep is free, laughter is free. Sunshine Is free. Happy thoughts are free. Exercise is controlled by our own voluntary muscles. Vital food is simple food and procurable by most folks. Far too many women allow the belief that they do not have c- Tioutih money to become lovely or •to stay youthful lull them inlo Inactivity and early atjinj;. Today I want to give you exercises for cllmmlnk! your hips. .Stand with your Jeft side toward the wall and place your left hand on Ihc wall. Swing your rlRht luK forward and backward with a Miff knee. Miiadi w, far in fuel) direction as pos.siblo and make it n smooth K'vuinj;. This Is also reducing to the .abdomen, After (I while turn the ri^ht side toward the wall, place Ihc rluhl hand on tho wall and mvinn your loft leg forward and backward. Miikn f.'lrclo Another: Take the sumo pool- Old-Fashioned Loveliness! lion. This time raise the ri^ht leg forward, move It sideward, then backward, 'making a large circle. Continue making the circles smooth and as large as possible. Turn the rigiht side toward the wall and circle with the 'eft leg. The following exercise Is slimming to the hips and also to the I thighs. Lie on the floor on your back. Raise the right leg up as jfar as comfortable. Lower leg and place it on the floor as far to the right as possible, Now swing the right leg across the left and touch the floor-on the left side of the body. Keep swinging the lug across the body from right to left, touching the floor on each side. After a while do the same thing with the left leg. liegin by lowering it outward and touching the floor on the left Bide, Ann Landers Landers' Advice Receives Praise From Clergyman Dear Ann Landers: I am a clergyman of a Protestant congregation. I-was so'moved by your fine advice to the woman with the alco- ing the meetings and then slips along the way, she should by all means help him get up. Sometimes an alcoholic will backslide four or holic brother, that I felt compelled .[\ve times, but so long as he keeps trying and returns 'to the A. A. to write to you. I've always found your advice to be morally sound as well as sym- Sweden. The new element was discov-: ful sense of humor adds just ered by bombarding cirium, ele- proper amount of levity. The •mont 96, with carbon ions. Scientists' from Argonnc Nation' al Laboratory United States project. Other represented the in the research members of the pathelic and human. Your delight- the reply to*this troubled woman was a masterpiece. Your reference to Father Flanagan's calendar, struck just the right chord. May God meetings, he should not be abandoned by his family. I do not condone unlimited handouts for good-for-nothing bums who refuse to help themselves. CONFIDENTIAL: ROBERT This cannot, be discussed in Tlilfl iMiliullflil ci'odmU.'d Iwi.'iltul with iln I'lbbon-oiilwlniMl linndlii-wll! iidd Unit tmicli a! uld-fimliluri lovii- HmtiiH to tho room. It iiii'iiHuroif up- pruxIniflMy IB" In liiil/jlil, mid Mm iimii) In wide viuuiKli to hold ft wit- lor ItmiWor lur fre/di tlnwurn, ruttern No. WW ciitilnliix crocliol <lli'ccll»mi; nut{t:rhtl w/iiliv.'iiicntn; Hi Itcli Illunl.niUiiiiii, .Send 2.1(.'-l/i COINS, your ninnui mldreiiH anil Iho I'ATTKKN NUM- JIKU In ANNIC (,'AHOT, 1'iuiron- Tribune, OT, W. CJiilnuy Kti'tiul. ChL CllKO I), lllllll/l«. It'll reiulyl The IWJ7 Ndudluwwlc /I/HUM — /Ifly-nlx colorful P«KC«| liliuwlnti miiiiy prolly (lunl^im; plu« <llra:t|imx for rmiklnjt ;i croc)i(-'t llwiin and n (|ulll. Only ZfiK n nipyl If you would like lo have my tented hip-sllmmint 1 exorcises, send a stamped, Hclf-iiddriuised envelope with your rc<im:tit for luuflel "N". II to .InHophine Lowman In cure of this newspaper. Tomorrow: "Helpful llmtn Ke- gtirdlnx n Woman's Make-Up." (Ui'l';;ifK>d by The Register and Trlbuno .Syndicate, 1(157) Woman Injures Hip In Fall at Legion A fall Monday night at tho A- murlcun Legion lm:no on Iflgli slrool resulted In a pnsni'blo fracture nf the hip for Mrs. Myrl Moyor, l!!i, of Manchester, Conniti!- •licut, a fnrmor locnl rcAldeul. Mr«, Mfiycr him hccii vl.illlng here, the ijHral of Mr, nnil 'Mm. f;i«n Ti.'nik'.i'mlLh, Shn wan taken to Memorial ho«- pltnl by fisher arnhulance, wluii'i! hospital atl.iu.'lii'ii repoj'l her condl- lion o.<r mill.'ifaclnry. Hospital Notes MKMORIAL Adinllliid: fii'oi'KC! Diincnn, 111211 Kiiiit Market iitr'cirl; Mm,' I lira UiiKfidulit, roiiln I; Dr. Harry Slmllx. 4\n KoiiiMh ntri!«t: Mlii'n Aiinii finiiin, Star Cliy; Mln» Mary f.'lcmonii, l''lnni; Mni. Jennie Mor- i-ln, 1:1:1:1 Collegia ulriM-l; Mm. Myrl Mnyer, Munchivilci', Conn. DinmliiMi'd: Ml.'in Muriel Crock- I'll. VK, Wi'iil Hninilwny. ST. .lOSKI'll'S Admlttwl; Miiyniird Union, Ml."] Smead Htroot; MI'B. I'lrma 'Hlnck, routn I, f.'mndiin: Hank (,'ol.ncr, route I, lloyiil Center; jVliiHlm' .lanii!« Hollur, Hoyal Conlitr; Mrn. Hidfiii Oduiii, r,l)0 llnrllell. iitredl; Kdwiiril (itirlliiK, I'Viinceiivllld. JJliiinlniKid: MiuiliM' Garry lloov- '•r, routn <l, Wlaniniic; Victor Holland, ;«M Wdiil. llniailwny. KH(,'AI'K)> YOIITIW (MI'TI/'KICI) 'KVANSVI.LI.I'! (Ill 1 )—Kvtiniivlllo nulhofltlB, today pruparecl lu ru- turn two Ml yciir-old boyn who wtiro (:ii.|)turc(l hwo .Sunday aftin 1 niicapliig I'nuii l.ln> Indlann linyn School nt l'lnlnflr ; |il July 4. Tlio yoiitlm, who mild they ilutl from tliu Hiiliool jn Hiclr piijnmnii and lalitr obtiiliu!il clolJicii, told aulhnr- Itlcn tlioy wnllcod biirofmid'd fi'oin liidlannpollii lo KvitiiMVlllo, n din. (mice of Kid nilliM. Tlmy tui'iiod Iheiimelviw In whvn oan of thuin liiH'Hini! Ill m (he conult of « foot Infc-ctlon. group were from Britain's atomic energy research establishment at Harwell, and the Nobel Institute for Physics in Stockholm. Winston M. Manning, director of Argonne's chemistry division, said this was the first lime any of the artificially - created elements had been discovered by an international research team. American and British scientists proposed that the new e'.ument be named Nobelium, a/lor the Swedish institute where tho actual work was performed. The institute is named in honor of the Swudinh chemist, the late Alfred Nobel, Argonne provided the rare" isotopes of curium used in the experiments. The cirium was .si;nt lo Harwell where British scientists prepared the material for the experiments. Harwell also provided a rare isotope of carbon — carbon J.'J— which was used to bombard the cirium particles. Tho Nobel In-slitulc provided the cyclotron in which the discovery wns made, in addition lo some special equipment and a stuff of physicists, chemists and technicians. The research team said discovery of the i.'lcmenl and u study' of its properties luis extonded science's fundamental knowledge <if matter. X; the column. There IS help for you, grant his blessings on you .and the •however, and your doctor is the remarkable job that you do.—REV. H. C. Dear Reverend; Thank you for One of the great one to direct you. Good luck. rewards of this work is receiving letters such as yours. And one of the most interesting aspects nf writing tliis column is the differences nf opinion I encounter from the readers. Will you plense read Uhe following letters? — Ann Landers," Dear Ann: I just rend your advice to the woman with the boozing brother. You mentioned Father Flanagan's calendar with tho tender inscription—"He's not heavy- he's my brother." May 1 give you my own personal version of this beautiful sentiment? I'm a woman who has carried a younger brother on my buck all my life. 1 am just plain tired. I'm 57 years of age mid my pnnr back is almost broken. The "baby brother" weights 250 pounds. 1 tip the scales lit 117. There were times when I cnme to tho rescue of this overgrown moose with money J. worked hard to save. I know now 'I could have used that money to better advnn- Uvge. But i.hc feeling of obligation wns so heavy 1 couldn't let him down noil. make any effort to defend yourself. Your record is good enough to speak FOB you, Hoosier Given Life Sentence for Murder INDLANMSOUS (IU J >—Criminal Court Judge John H. Daily late Monday s e i» t o n c e d Lawrence Smith, 20, indiaiiapcli.s. to life Imprisonment on h'milih's plea of guilty to first degree murder. . Sniil-ii signed a written confession thai lie shot mid killed Will Burks, 40, Indianapolis, fa'.lier ot 12, on a vacant lot here Oct. 2 or HO I always told my- KIKE DAMAOKS 'HUH.OINd SOUTH, BI3NIJ (IH 1 )—A block- long abandoned factory . building used f«.-' storage cauc,IH fire MOII- d»y night/, causing an estimated $5,000 damage to contents. Look Wonderfully Slim 1 don't want any nf those calendars, Ann, hut If somebody ever puts one out picturing the younger brother cnrryinK tho OLDISH one, let me know.—"HAD IT". Dear Ann; f never miss your column. Up imlll 1,-isl. Tuesdiiy I.JJUVB you credit for having n fine set of bruins. Tlmii yon Inlil .Hint woman with the drunken brother that sho WAS hl.i Itoeptr, You really lost me. Hero's why; T Imvc a very ro- IlKlouH Hltiler anil^ n no-nnod-biim brothoi 1 . My »l,ilur mid I nnver Haw l.o oyo on what to do wllh this K"i>d-f»r-i>Mili)ntf Ininip. Thou .vmi come along wllh Unit "Rrolhor's .stuff. My .'iister . It in (Ann Landers will be happy to help you with your problems. Send them lo her in care of. this newspaper and enclose a stamped self- addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. Three Hurt Fleeing From Irate Farmer ROCHESTER, Ind. — Sheriff Lniu-enee Norris today was seeking tho identity of a farmer who fired two shotgun blasts at a car containing four teenagers and chased them until their car Washed into a parked auto in the front yard of the Oran St. Clair residence near Grass Creek at 10 p.m. Saturday. Injured in the crash were Larry Joe Good, 1C, of Kewanna, who suffered a fractured skull and chest and back injuries; Miss Sandy Teeter, H, South Bend, dislocated left ankle, left eye injury and cuts; and Larry Murhling, 20, Kewanna, facial cuts. Miss Karen Whileman, 14, of Kewanna, fourth occupant of- the car, which was driven by Murh- ling, was unhurt. Miss 'feeler was a weekend guest in the WhiUimon home. Sheriff Xorris said the four young people to!d him they lind attendee a movie in Kewanna, after which 'they went for a drive and became lost on a rural road five mile; northeast of Grass Creek. Murh ling mistook tho unidentified farm cr's driveway us a road and turn cd inlo it. As the youth realized his erroi and stnrlcd to turn around the lw< sholKun blasts were fired and flu chn.se began. Norris said Murh Hag turned off Ihc lights of his cm in an effort, lo elude Ihc pur.sno and failed to see a deadend 'I inler.sccUon as ho approached i The car skidded 1115 feel, off I'!' •oail and into the St. Clair fan JD50. Ho said he killed lUi-rksi after ' y . lr( , Mflrc n , lshin) ; ,;„„' J hn '.„.,, a previous fi^hl with the victim In • • • • • which Smith suffered knife wounds, fie said he obtained the Sim during a .service station holdup. ' Kuphonla Landers, III, Indianapolis, pleaded not guilty l:> chargu of being an accessory before Aug. fact. Her trial wiis set !«,•• l.be piipnr and called mti before I iml ii dimu'ii lo j;«l. mil. of bwl tills morning, She ciuiHldors llils a great victory, I could write a book on tliii lousy .ilmilff this brother has pulled on all of im. Ile HUI.H n ponnlon of $110 a inonlli and ilrinkN up every cent of It, Then wu linvir lo food him, l'"or ton yearn we've had thin leech mi our hacks and acciii'illng in YOU wi! miKhl, to keep him foruvor. Thin letter In anonymous, so yon can go ahead ami throw II. lit'tlit! wimtii liiiHkot.— I'.H, There ni'onui in in; noinn nci-d for clai'lllcaliiiu of the nilvlrc l.o Llli- wiiiiiiin wllh tin) idciiholic lirollior, I don't liiillovii- ii fninlly hi nlill- gal.ed to Hiippoi't, forevur, mi able- hodlril, adult man who will iiiakii nn ('ll'orl to help liliniii'.lf, My IIIIK- Kn.ll.lOII Wll« I Illll tin: MlNll'l 1 Hlllllllll, IN UI'lTHIlN fin' hiir niiHlnliiniio, Inidiil that tho hrotlmr ntl.ead A, A. moiitliift!! l.o pi'ovo dial bo wmiln to got back on thu rl|-;hl. track, If ho HhdWH yooil faith by iitl.oml- Washington Bureau Holds Annual Party A guest speakoi' will he on hand when -tlii! Washington towivsliip Fiirm Biirmui holds its iiiiiinni ice croniTi .social at II o'clock Tuesday ill Klit ivl. Ihc WiiHhlnglmi township school. Pllins will be shown at the affnir. Pel, ami Hobby club mumheivi will inuot with their leader. All members are Invllcil anil those ntleiidlni: are to take rai-d tnblo, table service, mid I'lliu.v [ile, cookies or cake. ' Conimllteft MKiiJiliw.i lire: Mr. and Mrs, Cicoi'HK Ain'.liaiicr, Mr. . I m-i "iii,j itfi ; in• j i.vtiii; ^ll D i,\vi7>i ••» L nijjhjiiii blai.'k bird wllh a brawn brad In'on U.S. :>l norlli of .li-ricrsmivilli- Ihc Inltiiil Htiites; the female Isi Krldii.v, AiilliorllJrs said Mrs. I!,-- iniiuio d " '""'^''"y (: " 1 '"'' volt and two wouii'ii coiiipjinions • Kill/, y mid Mrs, Uo-licrl |t.l« Mr.i. Chni'los Hush, ri.ron, Mr. and Mr. and Mi's. Wlllitim Ki.ephiMison. .Ion Splly.ni>. Hie, Mr, mid Mrs. Oscar Ridmson. Till) "l/risl Ttnllnlliiii" nf World Wnr I friine was lilt! l''lrnl. lintliillcin of thu iioillli .Infantry and pai'!s 01 the .Will niul mill Iiifnnl.r.v Machine Gun BnlliilloiiH of this 771 h I,/. S. IJIvliiliin. Read the Classified Ads IIU'/WAUDS HAY, Mint*. -IVI'l — Army oiiKliiuww miiko tiwilJmr utltsmpt today to fi'uo Um II.IIOD- Um frolKhloi" Afrwrlomi I'lickor which run nxi'mmd In thu (.'apo C<i<l (/'mm!, blackliifi tli<i wnU;i'- wny In nil honvy shipping, s 5one! ers Coffee A liuniillfiilly fllUiiM iiiiunl-li tliul. you Unit iilbn (iiiinrl. look of l-liu wiill di'iuiHwl winnaii. UIIP i:on- li'iuil fi))' biindii ill. wnliit lop, llolw'o Incliidiiii, Nil. IMIII) will) I'ATT-O-HAIVIA 111- Clmlwl In In nb.1111 IH, M, III, IH, W); 40, VI. filxii H, y>, liilill, lll'ow, ,'I'A |yiii'd« iif lili'lni'.li; linloi'u, 1% yni'dn; (4 yiinl ewniriiHt, , l ( 'ui' thin patlni'ii, iiiind line In (JOINS, yimr iiiiinc, addrnm,, ,vl-/,o deidred, mid Um I'ATTKItN NUM- HKIt to .Suij HunioU, J'))lir»:i-Trll>- liiii!, 1172 W. (Julniiy Sli'uiil.. (Jli!yti)jo (I, 111, Incluilu 2fi cnnU niiiro with your IMillui'ii onlur for l.lio HprliiK & Hninitii'i' '117 liimiit of our paltuni l)iiok llfiiilc J''A,SJIION, It iM/iiliiliw d(i/,iiiiii ol' Hinart new nlylnn fin 1 nil !.iyi)Hi fill'l, paltoni nrliitoil liwldu Uio book, S)>ow Sturtt Af Duth Out«i Op«n Hull Hour lurllcr WL'DNKDAY "A Feico In tlU Crowd" (flr.l Kun) Andy Orllflltl — I'ulrlclli N»l TlltW3DAY-.|'KIDAY "Hoavon Kriow» Mr. AHyton" (Color) Dfthoruli K«fr»<ltol}i(ft Mltchum ROXY Now—2 Foafurut 35cTII& "GUN »Et,T" will, TAII IIUNTUII Fun At Night Opon 1 p. m, "Roturn To Troeuuro 1 wllh TAH MUNTHIt IIBrtr THE HUM IN A STATII SI!/U Opon 1 p. m. — 50c Til 6 Aclclocl Fun HELD OVER THRU WEDNESDAY HUM OfflCM O|>«n 7iOO—IDiDO CMIll>KtN Ailmlll.d I KDB FINAL TONIGHT Whoto car loud 1 Dollar LTHEIUSTMKCATOKSTMy DUCK Nll6 $ STARTS WEDNESDAY 2 Flrit'Run Foaturan 2 -r FlrH tlmo in th!« locality r«M««H Kimnh •wr , KIHK , LANDER DOOM P.JK.CORRAI. 2NO P6ATUWE 'FIVE STEPS TO DANGER" wllli Rtilh Romnn Sl»rllrt(| HoyiUn , cd auto which wiis knocked inlo the burn by ihn impart. Norn'.'! snld !x> had li.-ul reporl.s- nf Knsolino thi'fls In the Grass OiM-lr area arid Hie fanner may have- mistaken Ihrm for Milnvivi. Good Is rpporlml In fair condition lit Woodlnwn ho.spilal. The olhors wore iml haspi'lnll/cd. Tuesday Evening. July 9, ! Enchanted Evening Kours Youth Loses His Life in Pond VAU'ARALSO IUI 1 )-—Doiwiync K". Upper!, III, Kouts, drowiiod Monday njtfbi. in n pond nriir KfliiLs while swimming with n tfronp of frlrads. |)|.s |,, )( | y , V;K found nhniit an hour after lu> van- l.ilii'd Jrom Ihc sl;;h( of h|. s s «'|in. ming companions. BY TRACV ADRIAN .... mngmfir.oiil ball gown was tunned "Easy to hovi>" •'• by its rlcsiffiiur and one look will show that it wouU! certainly bo a creation with which any woman would full in love. The pown is made of yellow cotton orgamly ami is lined with yollow cotton. The front is muliliMi to the liody and impressive fullness starts nt Die .side snun.s and end's in n train in baclt. With it is a stole of white chiffon edged with an eight inch bund <if yellow. j appamitl; 1 wrrc uniiijuri'il anil look ; la\i itiniu 1 . Hut *'K' bi i ciii)i»i i ill '.;ili' Sunday and dli'il a few later al her luiitii 1 . An 1C IN.IUItlKS KOKOMO ll'l') — Tb<> li-.ilfir ' ili'iilh loll ilurliiK Indiana's fuur- j' day July -1 jioljdny cliinbi'd In I-I •'' MIC male cnwblrd with Ihi.' iTporl of llu 1 di'alh o! i Mrs. Hirli'ii Hi'Voll, -M, Kokonio. Is Um only ii.s ;|i|. ri'.snl! of a two-i'-n- nilh.sinii AiMist 1'aliln I'irassn was rhris- •i!i".l I'nblo Nrpiiniuci'iio Crispi- la S:inti.s,slii)ii Trinidiul Take your Newspaper WITH YOU and have i!)iiJ,lljffl.fc when you have your hometown newspaper with you on your vacation! Whatever your interest you'll find something about it in your newspaper . , . International affairs, local happenings, sports, comics, features for men and women—In fact, something for the whole family! Don't miss all this exciting and worthwhile reading material while you are away. Plan to have the Pharos-Tribune delivered to you on your vacation. Vacation delivery service will cpsf the same as having the paper delivered to your home. The Pharos-Tribune Phone 4141

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