Johnson City Chronicle from Johnson City, Tennessee on December 18, 1942 · 11
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Johnson City Chronicle from Johnson City, Tennessee · 11

Johnson City, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1942
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r 15s3 for Woii® ry Smec djoining‘ s tumbled ‘ii a w§ Friday Morning December 18 1912 JOHNSON CITY CHRONICLE Page Eleven Cinderella ‘Planned It That Way’ Page Four Johnson City Chronicle Friday Dec 18 1942 Service Men’s Corner Students’ Aid Secured F6r Yule Rush Work Service Edition JOHNSON CITY CHRONICLE News on the Home Front Vol 1 No 10 Johnson City Tenn Dec 18 1942 By RAT PEACOCK Wide World Features Writer NEW YORK— The new theatrical season on Broadway wasn’t far along before the first “Cinderella girl” the thousand-to-one shot turned up in the person of shy Gwen Anderson not long ago of Des Moines in the state where the tall com grows Gwen ohly 21 stepped into the title role of Brock Pemberton’s new family comedy “Jame" m her first venture on Broadway Pemberton was the first producer she saw and he gave her a job two weeks after hearing her read a Part Anderson seems to be a lucky name on Broadway Judith Anderson scored a smash hit last geason in “Macbeth" and Mary Andersoh of 'Birmingham made a sensational debut a year ago as the five-letter-fetfiale in “Guest In The House” Now it’s Gwen She’s only a slip of a girl five feet four and 110 in her nylons with big brown eyes a sharp little chin and slightly unruly brown hair which she de-ambes as “dulL” Planned Luck She thinks her background is dull too but when you go into it you discover that her instant success was neither accident nor luck Talk about your five year plans— Gwen has been emoting for 14 years! She was born in Des Moines of French German and Pennsylvania Dutch stock Her father died waen he was 27 a year after her btth and she is an only child “My mother” she says “has bien the one who gave me all my ctances It would have been easier ftr her to send me to college and lave me settle down but she did very thing she could for my career she had wanted a career as I pianist but hod to give it up for family reasons” I It wasn’t a case of mother doing Washings however Gwen’s family owns a lot of farm land in Grundy county Iowa and there always was a decent income She “adores” farm life and spent 11 summers in Grundy county I To get back to the career how-I ever Gwen went to Juanita Taylor Shaw’s Children’s Theater at Drake University when she was seven and starting with a role in ‘ “Little Red Riding Hood” progres sivcly worked her way up through Shakespeare While she was in high school she did radio work and when she finished the prep course she went to the Pasadena-Playhousethat famous college-theater where for i three and a half years she studied under Gilmore Brown supervise ing director Year In Stock A year ago she got into stock around Del Monte Calif and appeared with Judith Barrett Vincent Price Helen Gahagan and ethers “Mr Brown wouldn’t let me come to New York until this season” says Gwen “I had to wait unUl he said I was ready” The play “Jame” by Josephine Bentham and Herschel Williams is about the growing pains of a high school guL Gwen plays the part admirably and with restraint She has an engaging way of let ting her sentences trail off indecisively onstage but offstage she speaks with decision “Life is very complicated to Janie” says Gwen “She’s a girl j who could be found anywhere in 4 the midwest living the type of life I loved That life is the back-I bone of America with so much i security and time to enjoy the simple things— not at all like the hectic strain of the big cities" Gwen’s mother is with her in New York Already there have been movie offers but she is anxious to stay here and establish herself The movies can come later if at alL 3 Five Miners Rescued After $late Fall SHINNSTON W Va Dec 17 UP)— Five miners trapped in the Consolidation Coal Company’s No 32 mine at nearby Owings were rescued tonight approximately 12 ovrs after they wcia-ceught fee- ' hind a huge slate fall - - F E Bedale safety director for the company said that Louie Mazfa a timberman was the only one in the group requiring hospitalization Mazza was taken to St Marys Hospital at Clarksburg suffering from shock The other four men entombed behind a 90 feet wall of debris since 7:30 a m today crawled to the surface through an 'opening cut by bulldozers and rescue work ers ’ They were identified as George Dorsey and Henry M Ullinae cutting machine operators and 1 Walter Watson and Carl De Barr timbermen Contact with the miners who were freed from the wreckage at 7:25' p m was made about two hours before they were rescued Bedale reported Shelby Gets 5-Million Air Forces Installation WASHINGTON Dec 17 OP — ' Construction of an ait forces installation in Shelby county Tenn at s cost of $5000000 was authorized today by the War Department Construction will be supervised by the Mobile Ala district Army engineer First Lieut Jack W Hyder His training will lead to the i has graduated from an Air Navy’s “Wings of Gold” and a Forces Officer Training School commissToq as ensign in the U at Miami Beach Fla He is a S Naval Reserve or second graduate of the University of lieutenant in the U S Marine Tennessee dental college at Corps Reserve He is a Science Memphis and of Science Hill Hill graduate and attended High School- His mother Mrs State Teachers College A Annie G Hyder lives' at 102 brother Nelson is in the Navy West Locust street r ’ rvi r n hlrs Catherine Noffsinger of between school authorities and w E‘ 9lrter’ s°n No- 8 Reed apartments has two business firms -Mr and i Mrs Raymond E sons in the U S Navy both of The plan was worked out to er°i whom survived uninjured the prevent a large number of fail- Hilicrest drive attack on Pearl Harbor ures which in the past have re- I s arnveu Carlos Edward Noffsinger suited from students dropping jsaieiy at a 21 who enlisted in the U S out of school to woik Some of ' I Ior7?n T1"' Navy about two years ago now these students provoked discip- :v !La 1 1 0 a e is recuperating from a tonsil linary problems To be eligible t f ar j operation at Seattle Wash-The for full or pait-time work y J11601 notified y0Unger son Clarence Earl 19 students must have a grade of bjects ' ' to obtain release from school Navy Names Three Upslale Men Wounded his parents last week Young Car-ter an air mechanic en-Carter listed in the Army Air Corps last January 15 He is a graduate of Science Hill High School J5H’ r "L S i ’ r -“ - j VIOLATES BLACKOUT Carl Phillips 44 - year - old Negro janitor of Montrose M Court apartments was fined $5 5 1 plus tax at police court on a 1 charge of failure to comply 1 wt with blackout regulations last week when this area experi- t enced its second surprise alert Aviation Cadet Murrell A Eggers son of Mr and Mrs R E Eggers of route 1 Watauga has graduated from Mmter Field Army Basic Flving School near Bakersfield Calif When he completes training at an advanced school he will be awarded a lieutenant’s silver battleship California in Pearl augment an air raid warning Harbor o 5 s? I I ! wings Now stationed somewhere in Pacific area Pvt William P b B 1 e v i n s 25 i v has been i n f a -U S Army “ service sm c Sep tember 1941 and took basic training at Camp Wol-ters Tex He is a son of Mr and Mrs W P Blevins route 4 Johnson City and at- Twenty-one year-old James B McKamey this week receiv- system which had been pronounced insufficient I tended Johnson City schools ed the silver H Cooper Jr arrived in India wings of an December 2 He enlisted in tho Army Air air service July 28 Forces pilot at Ensign Robert Leslie of Bristol formerly of Johnson City now ie at a new post of duty after he returned from North Africa He entered naval serv-who complet- at a year ago - f ed a stream- Cpl Robert N Grubbs son hned expen- 0f Mrs Frank Grubbs 209 Ta- course COma avenue has been station-McKamey which cut 1 n ed in New Caledonia for almost half the time required for flignt ten months Boards Register More Than 70 tn Youth Call Washington county and Johnson City draft boards have registered more than 71 youths in the sixth Selective Service call since listing began last Fn-dav December 11 Early this week Board No 1 covering Johnson City had registered 37 youths who were born between July 1 1924 and August 31 1924 Board No 2 for county men had listed 34 in the age group which was to register between December 11 and December 17 Beginning today those who reached their 18th birthdays between October 31 w through December 24 Youth LOSES BEER UCENSE egates to the National Forensic who became 18 between No- After Minnie Jackson of the Convention the date and place vember 1 and December 31 reg- duc)c Inn Buffalo street was of which is to be set They at-ister December -8 through De- atTested following a raid by tended the Appalachian dis-cember 31 - cinef of Police Tom Carriger trict congress at Asheville N and Patrolman Roosevelt Bid- C Friday Other Science Hill INJURED IN FALL dix Saturday afternoon her boys attending were Norman Carl L Marshall Jr and beer license was revoked on Huddle and Dan Moore Lewis Young both local men charges of violating the city were injured last week when beer ordinance Arresting of-a scaffolding from which they ficers reported they had found were working on a roof repair whisky at the Jackson woman's job at Boones Creek collapsed place of business Young suffered a broken back HEADS SOCIETY and Marshall's lesser injuries judge St c Williams promi- The Navy Department’s 18th jwhile serving casualty list covering the pe-j aboard the U riod from November 18 through 30 listed three upstate men wounded In action They are First Lieut James E Blessing U S M C son of John W Blessing of Kingsport Cpl John B Ellison U S M 4 j 3 2 3 Catawba C sorf of Mr Hester Ellison - street Erwin of Newport and Pvt Clarence w mLa ' received a A Lambert U S M C grand-Turnr n telegram tell- son of Mrs Laura Carrier of brother Billy Joeing them of Bristol their son’s death December 3 and last Saturday received a letter from Secretary of the September 1 and RkKT'codolS g£ 11 register ftom lor them X SjS? SvRiSSw d"! ENTER WASHINGTON U Edgar N Lockett of 105 Boyd street and Robert J Donnell of 1114 Southwest avenue entered this term’s classes at Washington University St Louis Mo Lockett is registered in the School of Medicine and Don- were chiefly shock and bruises nent Johnson City writer and — historian has been renamed RESERVISTS TAKEN vice-president of the Tennessee nell is a sophomore in chemical Twenty -six Naval Reserve Historical Society- engineeiing personnel— one of the largest Burley Marts Continue Paying High duction center last week A yera£re SaleS RaiSCtl To $1177 large number of State Teachers College and Tusculum College students were included in the group Lee Bernard Andrews 18 son of Mr and Mrs L F- Andrews 907 Oak street has been selected for tiainmg as a naval aviation cadet and will be ordered to active duty soon training McKamey is a son of Mr and Mrs T I- McKamey 1015 North Baxter street Mr and Mrs S H Cooper of 308 Highland avenue have Edward Buell Feathers recently promoted to the rank of first lieutenant in the Army Air Corps now is stationed as a bomber pilot instructor at Johnson City tobacco markets whole had marked up about opened the second week of $3000000 for glowers during ESb’sr&?sstoiS3' “ during the first four days last December 9 Unofficial tabula-week The growers were receiv- lions place money receipts for this year at about twice those learned their son Lieut- Samuel Tarrant Field Fort Worth Tex Clip and mall to a Soldier Sailor or Marina - — — DIXIE CHAMPION Hardin McCown son of Mr and Mrs L W McCown 512 mg an average of $43 67 per East Unaka avenue has been hundredweight top figure In for the corresponding period acclaimed “Dixie Champion” in East Tennessee and early this h speech tournament for south- week had stepped the average ern colleges held at Charlotte up to $4477 jj C Th upstate section as a Air Crash Laid To Pilot’s Failure To ‘Stay On Beam’ WASHINGTON Dec 17 m —A United Air Lines plane crash at the Salt Lake City Utah airport last Mav 1 in which 17 persons were killed was blamed today by a special congressional t committee on “failure of the flight crew to stay on the (radio) beam" while approaching the airport The committee said the accident was a “needless” one which might have been prevented bad the Civil Aeronautics Administration established specific approach procedures controlling take-offs and landings and for night flights over dangerous terrain It suggested that the CAA increase the visibility requirements for night landings in adverse weather that legislation be enacted giving the CAA authority to rone air space In the vicinity of airports and that the Salt Lake range station be “moved as far away from the mountains as possible” While the range station “did not cause the accident" the committee said its location is such “that any serious deviation from the north leg by any pilot may result in another air crash” MOTHER-DAUGHTER COMBINATION FOR THE WAACS— There are fathers and sons aplenty serving in the armed forces together — and now there’s a mother - daughter combination in the WAACs Miss Mary June Livingston (right) of Chattanooga Tenn had long talked of joining the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps When time came to enlist her mother Mrs Helen C Livingston (center) decided to go right along with her Lieut Kathleen McClure (left) is swearing them into the service Iieut McClure thinks th s was the first time a mother and daughter have joined together Miss Livingston has been secretary of Aif Mynders editor of the Chattanooga Times Her father is doing his share too He woiks in an ordnance plant ir-' w r v t-S" 1 jj Cosmetics $ 8 For Her Christmas Gift Packages by: m COTV EVENING IN PARIS g u OLD SPICE OLD SOUTH S KJ g( the nd many othr a$ S J MARKET STREET I DRUG cor I U 134 WZ Mr(t (t H M rrwi 1 4 f s&i ' - 77T—U ±t x- - 4rrr--- --r y ft Tr a 1 ROOSEVELT'S SPELLING TROUBLES OVVi— Here’s a copy of the letter President Roosevelt wrote for radiophoto transmission Generahssimo Chiang Kai-Shek at Chungking China with generalissimo incorrectly spelled “generallissimo'1 — with two bold looping L’s instead o£ one The Office of War Information detected the error and hurndly fixed ft 'With ink eradicators before making the transmission PROPERTIES EXCHANGED NASHVILLE Dec 17 Off1) — Dr W O Baird commisisoner of Institutions announced today the exchange of Eastern State Hospital propeities which will be inundated by Fort Loudon Dam waters for other farm and dairy lands nearby The acquired acreage will be approximately the same as that which will be lost to the hospital by flooding Baird said West Afnca was Inhabited in prehistoric times Allies Vow Nazis Will Be Punished For Persecutions WASHINGTON Dec 17 W — The United States and other Unit-cd Nations governments joined today in condemning Germany’s policy of exterminating the Jews and pledged themselves to visit retribution on those responsible Emphasis was added to this pledge by Secretary of State Hull who told his press conference that practical steps were being taken to identify apprehend and punish the guilty persons Hull recalled that President Roosevelt and other heads of government In recent months had announced plans to discover and assemble all facts relating to inhuman acts in war areas All pertinent facts and names were being collected he said with the aim of apprehending and punishing war criminals at the earliest possible opportunity — not later than the end of the war In announcing the joint pledge of retribution for crimes against the Jew's the State Department said reports from Europe Indicated the Germans have gone beyond ordinary persecution and “now are carrying into effect Hitler's oft-repeated Intention to exterminate the Jewish people in Europe” In Poland “the principal Nazi slaughterhouse” the announcement said ghettos established by the Germans when they invaded the country now are being systematically emptied of all Jews except a few skilled workers valuable to the war industries and “none of those taken away are ever heard of again” They Want To Be Mr And Mrs Tajlor LOS ANGELES Dec 17 W-Robert Taylor and Barbara Stanwyck aren’t thinking of parting— but they no longer desire to be known as Mr and Mrs Spangler Arlington Brugh Because they have acquired property and other legal rights under their stage names the Hollywood movie couple petitioned the superior court to make the change He grew up answering to Brugh in Filley Neb She was Ruby Stevens in Brooklyn Throw Your Scrap Into The Fight1 MANNA WAITSBURG Wash— A gasoline transport truck overturned dumping 15000 gallons on a city street But ration - ridden residents didn’t cry over the spilled gasoline They carried off 200 gallons — in oil cans buckets and tubs Guards Set To Occupy Big New Armory CHATTANOOGA Dec 17 AV-Tennessee State Guard tioops here will begin their occupation of the new $450000 national guard armory “sometime this week” Col Ken G Whitaker Sixth regiment commander announced today Colonel Whitaker said the three guard companies would first occupy the north locker room of the armory and that as soon as the big drill hall flooring had time to “set” properly the guard would be able to hold all diilis indoors Original plans called for occupation of the armory by the first of the year but colder weather combined with the fact that many guardsmen still are outfitted m summer uniforms hastened the date More than 200 products now made from peanuts are IIow To Make Your Son Into A Real Hero Wide Wbrld Features SAN FRANCISCO — If you had a seaworthy boat and the Navy's permission to cruise tropical waters you could make big money right now collecting tropical fish for public aquariums and individual hobbyists Even in peace times a Hollywood dealer was selling butterfly fish for $300 apeice and such stranja creatures as the lungfish and ijifefish were so rare that a price was seldom assigned to them Today importation is at a atand-still and there are all the makings of a boom market in fish But the Navy doesn’t want collectors cruising around “The best we can do now Is to keep our tropical fish alive as long as possible” says Robert Lanier director of the big Stelnhart aquarium “We are successfully breeding some of them notably the little sea horses but others such as the turkey fish butterfly fish and angel fish seem Impossible to propagate” By starting a war the Japanese lost a considerable amount of revenue from ornamental fish Ichthyologists credit the Chinese with breeding the elaborate fan-tails but the Japanese controlled the market For anyone who can manage to go in search of strange creatures of tiie deep Lanier will obligingly point out the best place It is Clarion Island 750 miles off the west coast of Mexico- Willkic Accepts Jewish ‘Unity’ Medal NEW York Dec 17 WB— Wendell L Willkle today accepted the American Hebrew medal for outstanding achievement in promoting unity between Christians and Jews and urged that the word “tolerance" be discarded in connection with group relationships “No man has the right tn America to treat any other man ‘tolerantly’ for tolerance Is the assumption of superiority” he said in accepting the award "Our liberties arc the equal rights of every citizen ” The annual award was presented by Joseph H Biben editor and publisher of the American Hebrew Weekly President Roosevelt and Mayor F H LnGunrdia were members of the committee which chose Willkle for the 1942 medal A pie-of-the-month club recently formed at Milwaukee provides 300 pies a month for servicemen at USO canteens WEEK - END SPECIALS COFFEE 1 “Good Cup’ lb 1 qc 15c FAT BACK Pound CORN Stokley’s “ No 303 can 11c GREEN BEANS Sloats No 24 can 15c PEAS Little Sailor 2 cans 25c MACARONI 2-lb box 15c Pie PEACHES No 2 lt can — 15c SUPER SUDS Package 10c and 25c PALMOLIVE 4 I-SOAP 2 bars jC ( WE SELL WATT’S THIN SLICED BREAD SALES LIMITED LMPflRDUE 301 W Market Phone 1IG0-L in wirsASPARflGUS 2-:-25 SALT -SODA 3-pkss 1 0' CLABBER GIRL BAKING POWDERS 2m 15 Cream Style Ivory Soap Largo Medium 2 for 15c Oxydot Large Medium 10c P & G Soap j-mL Sc Camay Soap 3 for 22e Duz OC Large ZOC Medium 10c Chipso Large Medium 10c SLICED HOSTESS CRITES CORN 223c TEA 15c BENNETT SPECIAL FL0URibbag90c NEW CROP PECAHSr29c IMITATION EXT VAmLLAwl Oc LITTLE SAILOR -PEAS 2i25f CHOPPED Kraut 2ifite27c IIONEYSWEET Pearswi hh25c 5c SIZE MACARONI fits 5c BOLOGNA ib LB CTS LARD EXTRA THICK FAT MEAT lb MARKET R W BENNETT Owner “Jolly” Worley Mgr Meat Dept “ITS ALWAYS BARGAIN DY AT BENNETTS’ Comer of Boone and Market St We Reserve the Right to IJnilt Quantities V I

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