The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 11, 1940 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1940
Page 2
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PAGE Did You Hear the One About— * Prominent Men To Address Osceola Gatheiing On Fiid^y OSCEOLA, Ark., Jan. 10—n. E. Short of Brlnkley, president of the Arkansas iFarm Bureau, Ray Miller cf St I/nils, sccretarj of the Production '(• Credit 'Corporation of that 'city; B. B, Wallace, representative of, 'the Federal Intermediate Baiik of St. t/olils; and P. P. i Jacobs of GrJder and Osceola-, member of the Board of Directors i of the production Credit Corporation of this city./will .be the principal speakers at;the annual coiin- looic 'Meeting to be held here on Friday. ' - - An-augeuitents r ;tor the meeting' which \yill Wing 'an attendance of over 5M fRYmers, Vegetable growers, an'd ^cattle V raisers, arc irt charge'of E, H. Burns, farm dem- ons'tration agent for South Missls- siDDl Ccunty, and Prank Bell, secretary-treasurer 'of the Osccolr. i Production Credit Corporation, and •Miss Inez Klncald, home demonstration agent ior South Mississippi County. Tile meeting, to be held at: the Osceola High School Audi- tcrium, will begin at nine forty- five A.M. Mr. Short 'will discuss "Agricultural Legislation and Parm Bureau Organization;" Mr. Miller's subject is "Live Stock Problems as They -Aifect Mississippi 'County Farmers", while Mr. Wallace will eX-plnin' the' "Cooperative Nature ana Growth 'of the Farm 'Credit 'System." Details of how the Production, Credit Corporation can lie used by Mississippi County Farmers will be explained by Mr. Jacobs, j .• The 1940 commodity and price outlook Information will be given ' by Jir. Burns' and Miss Kihc'aid. fwo 'directors of the Production Cre'dit Corporation Association are to be elected at the morning session to fill the terms of R. c. Bryan of Osceola and H. C. Kna'p- pen'bcrger of Blytheville, whose terms expire at this meeting, oth- erdircctors of the association arc P.'P. Jacobs of Griflcr, D. S. Lancy oC'Oscebla, and C. S. Stevens of BlythevlUe. R. C. Bryan, president of thc association of 424 members reports a total of $553,000 loaned in 1939. The financial statehicht to be given at. Friday's, meeting will show a considerable 'iCmotuil to be added to the reserves ;,jjii!!t to assure farmers in' this^arei of a permanent caoperalivc~i-ouitc of production credit, that- will endure for the future. •- • -i • ~ , . Committees appointed by Mr. Bryan and.Mr. Burns include: attendance, •E. • B.. Chiles, W. E. ' Haagan,'. G. A. Looney, J. W. S!a- to'n; reception, D. S. Laney, E. H. Burns, H.. C. Knappenberger; nominating, John A. Edrington, Eric \Vaddell and U 0. B. Young. Special entertainment, features "And ' thcti , there lyere hvo Irishmen— " 'Happy Jack Game Ihe "Boss" a' couple - SlCO-'a-platc. Jackson Gas And Disease Germs Hold Bugaboo Instead Of A Menace HAN FRANCISCO, tup) —Gas ami rliseaic germs in warfare sis a means of disabling the com-! balanl.s is much more of a bug's-i boo than a menace, according 0 to! I3i Philip J. Upsett, reserve army 1 colonel and instructor In surgery at the University o( California's! Mcdlral School. | Col. Upset! has made a 20-yeni'] study of Mils question both frorn! n military rind n medical point of view. i closest calculations' ,pos-' slble of the use of poison gas dm-' Inf? the World Wrir," he said, Hint it lakes some eight lens of gas producing materials to kill one man in ordinary wav- larc. Declared Too Cosiiy This virtually places gaseous warfare out of the reach, of most nations as an instrument of warfare." I Col. Lipsctt has found that out of more (han 70,000 American casualties in '(he World War, bniy 1,400 could lie attributed directly to gas. "Tlie after effects of so-called gassing." lie said, "Were also greatly exaggerated, us it was show) tells in many instances through aulo'p- gcuns methods from ever being used on an extensive scale in future warfare. _ "The economic drain causcu by this particular kind of warfare alone would be sufficient to prevent Its use, but does not constitute (he principal objection to it fiii a purely war tlm'c basis, '''"Gas at least Is useless n'ga'fn&t present dc'fcnsc methods, While epidemic and. other germs could 'as easily do more damage to the." imnir-s setting them loose than I to Ihc objects of such an attack.".' King Henry Vtl of England established a law which dellned an avoirdupois jiouncl as "the weight of 7000 grains of wheat taken from the middle of the car and well dried." _^_T1IURSDAY, JANUARY 11,1940 Heart Ccurier News want ads. GOLDS For quick relief from the miser)' of colds, take' OQG Cause, Discomfort ;— .-••- -•••. — ii,.,.^ uiivN *j,ii[Lt:i i.*;ii.-> m many instances inraiign aulo'i- •of good 'ones off the record at Deiiiocratii pnVtys sy that KRS had nothing whatever i Day dinner in Washington. Note conservative to [ '° witl1 tllc cause of the death." JO'riil styles in olac'c-meni of hnwii.. . Hc . 1" otcs Co1 ' "»"'>' L - Gll- and liberal styles in placement of bow 'ties. Says Living On War Rations' Easy But Girls .Want U. S. Gosmclira J, Graham Sudbury • • Blythcvllle 'Courier Nc'i-s Blytheville. Ark., U. S A. My dear Mr. Sudbury; Yet, \\c Lit'e still holding the fort here.'in London,, despite the fact that 3453 business-firms have dusted _- .out of London for * fear of Nazi aerial bombardments. Knocking wood, the worst -tiling; that has happened to us has been complexion are to be had no more. Jn fuel, some of the shops established here by American firms have closed up for thc duration of the war. the answer is quite easy—Britain Is coing (o employ Us 'merchant mnrinc for thc necessities and not 'the 'hrairies. !\ieal and raw materials and nil-pintles and oilier such things are far more necessiny to this country engaged In n war than American shoes, beauty creams 'tmfl various other doodads. 'three a i r raid i The same applies here In Britain. scares. early in September. For thc capital world empire at war with the Nazi machine, changed as much as yon would expect. Of course .Milton n11 l »e loVcly broiincr parks i\rc scarred • • 'by trenches for shelters from air raids.-tons ami tons ot sandbags arc piled up in front-of business buildings, and In the hotels and restaurants you see increasing iwmljers uniformed throughout -the day include music i men. by-.a negro glee club; solos by Miss | -•••-. Jean Chiles; and numbers by the; For the civilians like ourselves, i-n Club Trio of Burdettc. The life begins to be lived within nar- Keiser High School Band under [ rower IlmiU direction of John P. Keise play throughout thc day. Coal for bin fires Ins been cut • - : •- -=-•- ...... *• ^»\•. I to 75 per cent of what we had last M. W. Muldrow. animal husband- ' year. Sugar has been cut to one man of Little Rock, was in the ' pound per person per week. When county yesterday and today for a ' you have nn American sweet tooth, series cf conferences with beef and that is an awful pimishniont-ol- s pimsnon dairy cattle owners, and 4-H club though it Is probably pretty members who are raising baby beef for the old waistline. ' good c ice,,-. C^U I s ASSUre SCnoO! Team* Nn T!o itams no ne c %, . , r i nui j>u "uii« ii-^tj mi ui ILV wnuuier Show m Memphis," in Britons or forei B ncrs, got a rut Ion j booklet filled with coupons good for • ^ a month. If you keep house, you j have to register with n specific j grocer or butcher of your own 1 choosing and 'continue lo deal with him. Every time you buy your al.,.,_,,„ - . loted amount of thc rationed avtl- AUST1K. Tex. (UP)-The .col- c lcs. he clips a coupon icgc rule makers might take a tip But .seemingly nobody is goinr lo from the. football regulations ot be seriomly hungry, Iwcausc, there L . TeMS Interscholastic League, is evidently, plenty' ot meat, pnul- Tnis school boy league, spoil- try, tisli, vegetables and fruit sored .by the University of Texas, 1 .,', - • • V • . nn"™^ 6 ",° Ile if 8 ", 1 "' f l " cre fer °i Voitr woiliMifolk probably' will be i no dispues about which of its; interested. In thc finding ot my «I enrolled teams is entitled to-wire, she went into a w'z dop.irl- Any Inctory tliat can Ise convortp:! into doing iiseiul war work is bcin? so converted. Even .when they nre makhVB useful things like woolen cloth for men's suits, the product Is apt to be eannaikcd for thc army. Thc-'war .boinci_/firs.t. .,; .. i. II Is goinjj to bb ho iiViiuiial tiling to see women going about In last year's dresses and hats and men In suits that wear has made shiny. * * . * Maybe there Is no big profiteering In war contracts, but my wife finds many cases of little profiteering with .which the government would have a hard lime to cope. For Instance, a merchant has cans of corn or asparagus. It's a cinch he slocked these before the war and bought them at prc-wnr prices. He no longer sells them at prewar prices. Hc has hiked the price anywhere from 4 to 15 cents. But you sort of get used to it. Good-bye (or now. It k 4:20 p.m. —blackout hour. 1 must draw all the curtains in my office so that not n bit of electric light will show oii Ihc outside. If I don't, an Air Raid Warden will be pounding on my door. Sincerely yours. nu Christ of the U. S. army, who beaded a commission to Investigate ens damage and reactions, and who reported that many of the so-called pulmonary and respiratory conditions attributed to gassing were due to other causes. KurUier Keasciis Cited Col. Lipsclt has ascertained that two other reasons also are calculated to keep poison gas or disease FALSE TEETH That Loosen Need Not Kmh.irfa&'s Many ivcarcrs of false teeth have Miltcrcd real e'mbniTassinent !bc> ratise their plate dropped,' slipped or wabbled at just thc wrong tlriiW Do not live in fcav of this happening to you. Just .sprinkle a little PASTEETH, the alkaline (noil- acid) powder, on your plates. Holds false teeth more firmly, so they feol more comfortable. Does not sow. Checks "plate odor" (denture breath). Get PASTEBTH at anj drug store. Adv. 2 :mJHLCUARi);;Ji Optometrist Only Graduate Optometrist in lilylhevillc. Glasses Fitted Correctly Call (Is For Prices Before Selling Yopr S " 0V J Lee Wilson & Co, Wilson, Ark. honors. , If . the score Is tied at the end of the CO minutes of play. (Ire inciil slorc thc oilier day and wanted to buy some safety pins. None in stock. Sold out. She wanted game is awarded lo whichever i to buy some'woolly coalers or what- team penetrated the enemy's 20-1 ever you cr.ll ths-m. Sold out. Her yard line most frequently, if they I American feet are used to Amerrtm are still .lied after this., test is! shore. The shops she ir.tronizus applied;. the game goes to Ihc I hnd only a few pairs left, am team with the most-total..yardage! they doublet! whclh;r llicy would •gained. ., . . ,penetration rule _.*..•<, , i/viJtti o nui i I (lit: rt US It' quired.last fall to, decide one of the quarter-final games. Austin high school and Stephen F. AUS-" tin high 'school of Houston had a H~lo 14 score. The 'Houston team won ths .game on most 20-yard .line penetrations, and went into the semi-finals. The league permits no aflcr- fcason games, so the Winner ot Oie'.Texas; high school till" cannot cqrtipcte 'with leaders In other Stales. any more. And oh. how the s;u!s are .suffering when they go lo thc shops where they handle American beauly preparations! All fancy U. s. A. lotions and dry creams and skin TERMITES . cleansers and (or the NU-WA Laundry-Gleaners For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service ^ *-».. uuvonu u^ iui i\onn secono ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU ' DON EDWARDS,,Proprietor All Makes of Kebullt Tjperritei,, Adfllng ; iuchtoe.' , C«cul»tor»—Repa^rtag—Parfj—Hlbhons'- WK looked tliem all over. We compared and we investigated and we reached the same conclusion you will reach i( you compare. A Goitkh Automatic Water System dies You thc Mostjor Your Dollar You can depend upon it to give trouble-free service year alter year. Its efficient design makes it low in upkeep. Its extra sirong parts prevent breakdowns. Its exclusive features make it outstanding. Come in and let us show you why the men who want the most (or their money buy the Goulds. Stouse-Menry Hardware Co. "The 1'riigrcsbive Store" J. \V. Shuibc |>honc 35 \\tkon llciuv For digestible, laslier fried foods HuMKc COOKING r»t Announcement 'J'lic Rile Price Stores liavc been condensed into one {treat l>ig food cenler located ut th c Original No I Store ill 111 E. iMiiin. Conic in, inspect this larger atiti more complclc slioppinp; confer where Quality is paramount and savings arc always outsjamlinp-. lielihv arc listed a few of our hundreds of values. 22! Chase & Sanborn-- O*S1 Deans, Ib. , Z.^' SMSAGE Genuine Pure Pork . Pound & EARS Yoilr S oirt cc K. C. Stamped Guaranteed Tender Ib. _^ Sliced Puritan or Black Hawk Ib. Fresh Selected Doz. I , Side Ib. lOc; Jowls, U). . Sugar Cureil Side '^9'V in Piece, Ib. tL'2 Red Triumpii 15 Ihs. 25 C Yellow,'4 His. lOc; QC« Sack ... 1 1'et or '/Carnation , , (>' slhiiTT or -3 lull. Cooking; or Eating 3 Us. CGRffi FLAKES 's, S oz. |Qc 3 Boxes Iw •TOMATOES Hand Packed .'i 20-07.. Cii Any' Weight ' 2 Gal. Can l/z Pi. Jars BELL PEPPERS or Ripc ™ OES C Full Cream 2<1 Lbs. Gold DoJInv Hotllc Steak 441 H). 12He I |^ Whole Hi. & A 2' 3(ft Kraft Rite 1'rite Sour or Dill . Q(s. J c 2 RSP, No. 2 C:ins Each Process Creamery Pound 29' 8 His fi!)c 2s His fz.ia 50 Ite '.... mm Pure Fine Cane 5 llw. 2fic; 10 !bs. 49 C Extra Qualify, Pure Kio Fresh nrounri. ll>. Old .Southern '/z Gal. fiallnt) Algood. Cluirncd in Cream Premium I'Vce with c;ich Ih. 15»y all your needs from us — -We guarantee to sell you evcrylhmtr of highest .qualify ;U lowest prices aiiy lime, advertised or -not. in BlythcviUc, Ark. Ill K. Main We Deliver Phone 234 For Your Cimventwice We Ale Opus Sunday Morn. , . . . ..,,.. iugs.lili 12. ' 1 •'^^^•^^^•^•••^••••••••••MH Liberty Cash Grocers PJUCES KOR KRIDAV AND SATURDAY Kosetiale Sour or Dill 22 w.. Jar lOc Niggrer Head, Can lOc Illinois Can Chase & Sanijoni 1 Ih. Pkg. Wincs-ap Dozen I2c Golden Ripe, Dox. 15c ILLSBURV FLOOR HARD WHEAT and SOFT WHEAT PANCAKE FLOUR fto 20 oz. Pkg'. 5J I-ge. Pk«- 176 Mcd. I'ksj QC ££• Tl »ck Rib* Lb. me Shoulder Clod Lb. 22c 1-b. ack Hawk Lb. Cudahy's Pui-ilan Lb. 18 Lb. PINT TIN QUART TIN HALF GALLON JEWEL J Shortening s 18c 35c 62c x Crt. lOc b. Crt. 40c J, Crt 80c Texas Navel, Dm: Gqt.20c I II). Crl. JOe .1 ]|, S 11). Crt. 80c Crt. C Loaf New Crop i/ 2 G»l :....l.|c Gallon 7:>c FLOUR I «u%r%9n> Little Geneva 21 Lb. Sack ROYAL GELATH 14 e Meditml Box Large Box . .yc For U Bars

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